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This short story is three interweaving stories from different time periods. When I was originally writing this story I used italics and bolding to separate visually the stories. Cuz I can't do it on here I've just put a 1, a 2, and a 3 in front of each section. The number correlates with when chronologically the portion happens.

The prince was by no means charming. Centuries of inbreeding led to mangled teeth, a distorted face, and abnormally large genitals. He had no authority to even be preparing to lead such a proud country, and yet an immense inheritance meant it only fitting that when poor little Rebecca was asked to be his wife, her father sold her over without second thought.
Rebecca was a sweet girl. Petite, naive, pretty. Silky brown hair that she often kept in two thin pigtails, much to her caretakers’ chagrin. Pale skin and rosy cheeks meant she was the prince’s number one choice in women, and her stout but fitting form– a large ass and flat breasts that betrayed youngness– only excited him more.
She was grown now, somewhat. No longer the 18 year old little girl who was dragged away from a life she never knew to hate. Two years had passed– and the hateful prince was growing more and more impatient. He needed an heir as soon as possible, and he’d be the first in his family not to fuck a sister to get it.
Well, they were cousins, but it wasn’t quite so bad.

Rebecca was scared, shaking in her little room. Despite the country’s funds and the lavishness of the castle, the new princess was only rewarded a small room, some mere steps away from the castle dungeon. The prisoners were loud and frightening, and despite all common sense, Rebecca often feared the castle guards would let an inmate out simply to have his way with her.
Now, as she shuddered and wept on her small cot, missing home and a life she once loved, her dear caretaker stroked her luscious hair. She, so far, appeared to be the only person in the castle who had any care for the poor girl. She, too, was young and pretty. Small with long blonde hair, she was only a teenager like the princess, just a year older. Her name was Samantha, and on this fearful night, she sang gentle poetry until the young girl fell slowly to sleep.

She had failed to produce an heir. The poor child, only a princess for three years, had already let down her prince and her kingdom. Not that she cared too much, but she knew the repercussions were severe.
Rebecca begged and pleaded with the foul prince to let her try again, to let her please him. A quick but harsh slap across the face sent the princess across the room and onto the ground, and quickly silenced her moaning.
“You are to be executed in the morning,” the prince proudly exclaimed, “If you wish to satisfy me, it had better be before then.”
He exited the room, knowing the poor girl could not, and knowing she would not try, but knowing he’d force her to anyway.
A smile on his face, he boarded his horse to ride far from the castle. Far from Rebecca.

She had never been in the prince’s room before, and though it was beautiful and intricately decorated, she couldn’t help but to shudder. Her body was half-bare, wearing only a thin nightgown, tattered and torn, that barely covered her, if at all.
The tall, strong guards ushered her into the room and slammed the large door shut. The two stood at either side of the door.
“The prince is coming to make you a queen,” one barked, “He requests you make yourself ready for him.”
Rebecca didn’t understand, and the silence proved it. She stood in the center of the room, quivering like a scared dog.
“I don’t–” she started, before the open palm of one of the guards slapped her to the ground.
“You will make yourself ready for the prince!” He barked.
She wiped blood from her lip and steadied herself to keep from crying. A single tear dropped from a watery brown eye, which she wiped before gently stepping onto the bed. A watchful eye on the staring guards, she slowly removed the draping from her body.
For some time, she sat naked on the bed, shivering and uncomfortable. Her nipples, small but pert, were completely hardened by the cold. It seemed an eternity, with guards watchful eyes on her shy, naked body, before the prince finally opened the door.
He stopped for a beat, examining his nude wife proudly. Then he licked his lips, slammed the door behind him, and shed his clothes.

The night was young when Rebecca finally drifted to sleep. Her first days in the castle had been arduous, Samantha knew this. The girl was scared, as she once had been many years ago. It was a daunting experience: one’s first introduction to the castle life. The wailing moans of countless women– servants and royalty alike– were raped brutally by any man who so desired them. Fresh blood stained the cobblestone in all levels below the royalty’s suites. Beatings were often and unmerited. Food and fresh water were scarce. It was understandable how the young girl would yearn for home.
If only, Samantha would often dream, everyone else could see.
But life in the castle was brutal and violent. And no one could possibly know when heathenous men would strike.
A gentle kiss on the forehead eased Rebecca’s worries and quietly soothed her into a deep slumber.

Elsewhere in the castle, a pull of a switch.

Samantha stood and looked at the small girl, curled into a ball on her tiny cot.

A whisper and a haunting smile.

She stepped back towards the door, ready to head to her quarters and rest her head.
Thundering footsteps down narrow corridors.
But before creaking open the door, her ears perked at the sound of distant rumbling, growing ever so closer.
Suddenly, the door exploded open with a loud kick, and three large, large figures burst through the door.
Samantha stumbled backwards as Rebecca shot awake, sitting up in her cot and covering herself in fear. The caretaker’s arm was grabbed by a meaty, strong arm, which yanked her back and pressed her against a massive, firm chest.
The door slammed behind them, and Rebecca was faced with three enormous men, all naked and staring, their manhood completely erect at the sight of the young girl. Her eyes darted to Samantha, her dear, dear friend who now stood completely paralyzed before one of the men. One enormous hand clenched her shoulder, and the other reached across her chest with a large, jagged dagger pointed at her throat.
Rebecca, dazed, suddenly let out a bellowing shriek, and leapt from her bed onto the men, as if to stop them or escape. With ease, they threw her back to the bed and pinned her down, starting to rip her shabby clothes off her body. She kicked and screamed, trying desperately to break free. With tearful eyes she looked at Samantha, who sobbed ruthlessly. She couldn’t even pretend to give the girl a reassuring smile.
The burly man pulled the knife across her throat.

“Please! Please! I must speak to the prince! I must!” Rebecca begged and pleaded, pounding on the concrete walls and rattling the bars of the small prison. Tears streamed down her face. Death was inevitable, and the only way to save herself just rode off into the distance. What now could she do other than beg for mercy?
After some time, she began to give up hope, breaking away and sliding down the bars onto her knees. The inmates behind her chuckled, and utterly heartbroken, she turned to look at them.
There they were. The three of them. The three she had hoped never to see again. The three who had so long ago wrecked her life and all her joy. They were slightly more weathered now, more facial hair and defined wrinkles, but their icy stares defied their age. They wanted more.
Through a scraggly beard one of the three smiled and slowly lowered the collar of his shirt. Long red marks decorated his chest, a feat he seemed proud of it.
Rebecca remembered, and she kept back the tears. Instead, she broadened her shoulders, bit her lip, furrowed her brow, and accepted what came next with as much strength as she could.

The bed squeaked and squealed with every thrust and pound. The prince fucked her hard, pushing her head down against the plush mattress as he reamed into her ass.
The young princess’ face was contorted in pain. She had felt such awful feelings before, but at times it could still grow unbearable. Now was one of those times.
His massive cock stretched her tight anus to a new level, and he plowed deep and fast, filling her ass with his dick. The princess began to cry, her tears staining the fabric of the blanket below her as the prince took control of her small, fight-less body.
“My lord–” she managed through harsh humps and heavy sobs, “–it hurts– my lord! Is this–?”
“Silence! Will you not want to be this land’s queen?”
Her lip quivered as her body shook. She knew how she was meant to answer the question, but hadn’t the strength to do so. The prince grabbed her loose hair and tugged her head back hard, bringing her torso with it. Rebecca yelped in sudden pain.
“Will you not want to be this land’s queen?” He once more asked, this time bellowing it into the girl’s ear. She steadied herself. Then, through the tears,
“Yes– my lord!”
The creature smiled and forcefully pushed her head back down, this time pressing it against the bed as he continued to violently fuck her.
Something inside Rebecca told her he was in the wrong hole, but she hadn’t the education nor the bravery to ask.
The prince had. Yet he continued to rip her struggling asshole open.

Samantha’s skin tore and suddenly blood exploded from her throat. Rebecca screamed in terror and heartbreak as she watched the one person in the castle she loved die. She hadn’t a care now that the strong men were jostling her around to perfectly position her for fucking, she just watched as the life left poor Samantha’s glistening green eyes.
The 19 year old girl’s body crumpled to the ground, suffocated and bathed in blood. She was dead the moment she connected with the concrete floor, left to shudder violently and pour blood onto the ground. Her murderer knelt down beside her, grabbed a handful of her soft, pretty blonde hair, and lifted her head up out of the pool of gore that was forming. Her hair was messy and scraggly, her face contorted and lax.
Rebecca wept loudly at the sight of her dead friend. Her body was no lurching back and forth, the men positioning her on her hands and knees and already filling her deep. One penetrated her tight pussy, slathering Samantha’s blood on his cock to act as a lubricant as he slid harshly in and out of the young girl. The other straddled the girl, wrapping his arms around her quivering, struggling body, and slowly inserted his huge, throbbing dick into her ass.
Now the room filled with the grunts of the princess’ two rapists, Rebecca’s pained moans, the creaking of the metal cot, and liquidy splashes and gargles as the third man continued to saw into Samantha’s neck.
Rebecca, though her head was turned away from the corpse, continued to turn tearful eyes to it, only to see blood spatters as the knife dug deeper into her soft flesh.

The prince threw the door open, brow furrowed and with a hateful air. Before him, his princess acted the toy of three large men.
She wept and cried, struggled and fought. They punched her and struck her, raped her and beat her. Her saliva and blood dripped below her bouncing body.
For a moment, she managed to push against one of her rapists and remove his cock from her mouth. She screamed for the prince.
“My lord– please! Help–” but the captor had already taken control and filled her mouth again. The three had no regard for the prince’s presence, and proceeded to one by one remove themselves from Rebecca’s twitching body to empty their load onto her face and into her hair. They stepped away politely, leaving the princess to crumple to the floor helplessly, her face drenched in her rapists’ sticky white semen. She attempted to stand for her prince, but her arms were weak, and she only collapsed back into the puddle of saliva and jizz.
She wept loudly, hoping to draw some pity from the cruel prince, who only stood and stared at the entire spectacle unfold with arms crossed. Rebecca looked at him with watery, hopeful eyes.
She gained no more hope.
“A public execution it will be, then.” The prince said sternly. “For your insolence.”
Then he turned and left, slamming the door behind him. The princess lay collapsed, sobbing relentlessly.

The evil prince frothed at the lips as he pounded relentlessly at Rebecca’s asshole. Her puckered anus wrapped firmly around his massive cock, and she continued to scream in agony as he filled her entirely. Her hands clenched around the soft fabric of the bed, as if to pull herself away from the violent anal sex. Saliva dripped down her chin and pooled onto the blanket as her face contorted in extreme pain, her brow furrowed, teeth clenched, and eyes wenched shut. She had hoped her pleading wails would convince the prince to take pity, but she only inspired him to break her harder.
His grip soon started tightening on her flesh as climax began to bubble. A grimacing smile crossed his joyful face, and he pulled Rebecca closer and closer. Then, just as he was about to burst, he slid his cock out of her throbbing ass. She gasped as she finally was given relief, her body shaking and hands still clenching the soft linens. Her anus throbbed with nothing in it, and a clear liquid seeped out onto the bed.
Rebecca’s body collapsed. Her head turned, she laid her eyes on the guards for the first time since the prince arrived. They had their manhoods out and were stroking them to her collapsed body.
Rebecca distracted, the prince, still eager and stroking his cock, crossed to her front and violently grabbed her hair, yanking her head up. She squelched in pain and clasped his hand, moving with the yank but desperately trying to loosen his grip. He would not lighten.
Instead, with a slimy hand, he squeezed her pale, rosy cheeks and forcefully opened her mouth. His fingers caressed her soft lips and moist tongue, enjoying the wet, supple flesh. An evil grin crossed his face, and suddenly, he forced his dick into her mouth.

Samantha’s head rolled off her body and onto the ground as finally the blade pulled harshly through. For a moment her body remained upright, a squirt of blood bursting from the fresh wound, then tumbled over beside her freshly removed head.
The murderer, soaked with poor young Samantha’s hot blood, grabbed the severed head and gleefully examined it, toying with the young blonde’s thin pink lips, rolling her sparkling blue eyes, skimming his finger over the exposed flesh. The still-warm head gave him such joy, especially when the life that still managed to remain in her eyes faded into a dark abyss. The girl was dead, her crimson gore staining the whole room.
Rebecca, weeping to the point of near blindness, found herself squeamishly sobbing as the murderer placed her friend’s decapitated head onto the cot before her. Blood pooled out of the bottom of the head, which sat entirely too still, even despite the rigorous shaking of the surface on which it was placed. The poor girl mourned Samantha’s loss as she was brutally raped, staring deep into the lifeless eyes of a girl she once knew so well.
With her free hands, she gently stroked the pale, blood-stained cheek that once gave her warmth, now painfully cold.
Rebecca sobbed.
But the murderer, now growing impatient and bored of the miserable interaction he had been happily enjoying, grabbed Samantha’s head once more, coiling his fingers around a tuft of silky blonde hair and raised her severed skull into the air. Drops of gore dribbled onto the cot, clotting dead girl’s still beautiful hair and spilling from the messy stump neck that had so brutally been cut. With anticipating fingers, the murderer sank his grubby, dirty fingers into the opened throat-hole, exposed mere minutes ago. He found himself surprised at how easily the now useless throat spread, giving way to his fingers with ease. He spread the hole to his desire, and quickly but violently, pushed his cock into the opened throat.
Rebecca screamed objections, more from fear and hate than in any hope to halt the process. The evil man laughed at her misfortune, then brought Samantha’s severed head– now skewered by his dick– closer to Rebecca’s scrunched, agonized face. He watched happily as he gave her the unnerving sight of the head of his cock pushing slowly out of Samantha’s dead, gaping lips.
She screamed horrendously, beginning to fight more violently, but was quickly subdued by the two strong men that continued to rape her from behind.
The killer smiled evilly, then slapped Rebecca and grabbed her face violently. The girl gave in as he parted her lips, but hadn’t the slightest idea what he planned to do.
Then, the head of his dick, which now stuck out a more significant length, rammed into the back of Rebecca’s throat, and her poor soft lips made contact with her Samantha’s.

Rebecca was escorted out into the sunlight by two incredibly large guards, who gripped her thin arms harshly. Behind her was the prince, who rode on horse-back through the streets of the province. On either side of the girl were walls of watching citizens, no one having severe opinions of her, just waiting for the show.
It had been so long since she had seen sunlight, and while some part of her missed it, she now hated it for what it exposed. A small, meek girl, barely old enough to make her own decisions, quivering and scared, violently thin, and dressed in only a loose brown cloth that barely protected her, stained red and white.
She felt the watchful eyes of the whole town as all the way down the hill, through the winding streets, and over what felt like hundreds and hundreds of miles. Finally, after what felt like hours, her eyes happened upon a large platform in the distance. This was where she would die.
But where she had expected a towering guillotine, a harsh but quick fate, stood only an executioner with a haunting axe, donning black.
“My lord–” the princess quietly squeaked, eyes affixed to the man that would take her life, “–will I not be receiving the guillotine? I had thought–”
“No, wench,” he harshly replied, “There will be no such luxuries for you.”
She wanted to cry, but tried to keep what little pride she had left in front of thousands of watching eyes.
The journey came to an end as she was lead up wobbly wooden steps to the platform, where she was violently pushed to her knees. Before her sat a small wooden box, and before that a wicker basket. She found herself wondering if her head would even fit in something so small.
Then, as the prince hopped onto the platform, helped gently up by one of the two guards, her eyes made their way to the crowd. And there, in the very front with stern eyes, was her father.
“Papa–” she weakly began, “please understand– forgive me…”
Her father only stared, eyebrows furrowed.
“You are no daughter of mine.”
A solitary tear rolled down the girl’s cheek, and only now did she accept her fate. If she were to die, she could die knowing there was no better option.
“Rebecca of Faltshir,” the prince started, shouting for the whole castle to hear, “You have been found guilty in obstructing the expansion of our beautiful country. By denying the prince his rightful heir, and thus, your country a rightful king, you bring shame to your family, and to your community. Your penalty for your crimes– death.”
The crowd roared, ready for some entertainment. The executioner violently grabbed her pitiful garb and ripped it from her body, exposing her bare breasts and flat stomach. Rebecca held her head in shame, exposed to the world entirely.
Then, on the small of her back, the executioner’s foot kicked her down. Her head banged against the wooden block, a tightly tied rope keeping her hands locked behind her back. She now began to weep openly, her short, pitiful life flashing before her as death crept ever closer. The prince seemed to utter something to the executioner, prompting them both to smile, then stepped away. Rebecca shuddered and shook, the executioner’s arms raising the massive, imposing axe high into the sky. She thought of her father, of her life before a princess. She thought about all the brutal rapings, all the torturous fuckings.
She thought about Samantha.
And then the blade came thundering down.

Rebecca gargled and choked violently on the prince’s massive cock. The taste was atrocious and her throat grew ever more pained, her pulled jaw growing more sore. She pressed the palms of her hands against his stomach, trying desperately to pull away and get some air. But the prince was too strong, his thrusts shoving his cock deep into her throat and eliminating the possibility of any air.
Her throat, posed just right for the prince to slip his dick in and out with ease, bulged extremely to the collarbone as he continuously penetrated her. Rebecca’s eyes, clenched shut in pained agony, now rolled back with every deep thrust. Slobber swung in strings from her chin and enveloped his shaft, bubbling and foaming around her soft lips. Her face grew red, stained with tears and drool. This was getting too much– the poor girl couldn’t breathe.
She pounded against the prince’s stomach, begging for mercy, which only enraged the evil man. He angrily slid his throbbing cock from her throat and lifted her head with the hand that still held a tuft of her hair.
“You will allow your prince inside you until he is finished! Is that clear?” He barked crudely.
“Y-yes…” the girl started, struggling for air as finally she was allowed to breathe. Then, a heavy hand whipped across her cheek. She recoiled in pain.
“Ungrateful bitch! Learn your place! Learn your master! Yes who?”
“Yes– yes, master.”
He let out a satisfied grunt, then leaned forward and pushed her lack face into his slobber-soaked balls. The princess initially protested, the sack disgusting her immensely, but within an instant she learned her place. She subsided, and allowed herself to be humiliated.
For no longer than three minutes, the prince massaged his balls with the girl’s face, pressing her cheeks and forcing her to lick it. He moaned happily.
Finally, he pulled her away and positioned her face upwards. She looked so pitiful, covered in spit and pubes. Her glimmering eyes betrayed defeat, and tears continued to stream down her face.
“Open your mouth, cunt.”
She complied, showing the happy prince her soft, pink tongue.
Then, a burst of thick, white fluid erupted from the head of his penis, draping across the bridge of the girl’s nose. She flinched– the warm fluid was all too familiar but never failed to remind her of blood. The prince let out gleeful moans as more cum burst from his cock onto her lack face.
Her eyes were closed, the sticky strands having squirted onto her open eye, but they opened suddenly when she realized the jizz was now coming from different directions.
Above her were now the two guards, releasing their loads onto her helpless face.
Again she flinched, now struggling more to get away as the cum from the three men glazed her pale skin.
“My– my lord!” She protested, the cum in her mouth gargling her speech and bubbling out. The hand that clenched her hair kept her constricted.
Her face now dripped with cum, plastered top to bottom in soupy white. The three men cackled at the sight, and the prince finally released his grip, letting the girl collapse.
“Swallow it, bitch!” Yelled one guard. The prince grinned.
“We must get you pregnant!” He hollered excitedly. The dumb whore hadn’t an idea what was happening.
Rebecca reluctantly swallowed the pool of cum that swirled in her open mouth, wincing at the taste. The prince once again yanked open her mouth, checking inside to see it empty, save some of his pubic hair that stuck to the walls and between her teeth. He knelt close to her and whispered happily in her ear.
“The rest of it too, cunt.”

The taste of Samantha’s blood haunted Rebecca into quiet submission, tears still rolling from her eyes but shocking her to a point of fearful silence. She stared into her friend’s lifeless eyes at point blank as her rapist slid in and out of the two aligned throats. Rebecca gagged and gargled on the tip of the man’s cock, and each thrust in pressed her lips more against Samantha’s, which only grew more cold. Her blood now splattered on Rebecca’s face and left the girl traumatized.
Finally, the three rapists gleefully slid their cocks out of the princess’ quivering body and began masturbating over her.
Rebecca collapsed in exhaustion as the three pulled out, all her holes throbbing and quivering. She rolled onto her back and stared at the wooden ceiling, heaving and sobbing. Through the holes in the floorboards she spotted peering eyes from the floor up above, no doubt enjoying the spectacle of the poor girl’s brutal rape.
She found herself now so exhausted she could barely flinch when one of the men hauled Samantha’s headless corpse onto the cot next to her. The body flopped onto the girl, draped haphazardly with the still fresh stump leaking hot blood onto Rebecca’s bare shoulder. The girl wished this was one more moment to feel the warm embrace of her sweet, young caretaker, but the corpse was cold and clammy and provided no comfort, just weight on her pained body.
Then, Samantha’s severed head was placed carefully besides Rebecca’s. Her head turned to face Samantha one last time, and shakily, she placed a kiss on the clammy pale forehead.
Next came the climax.
The three evil men began to unload hot semen onto the two faces before them. In just a few pumps, the two were already slathered in jizz, and by the time they completed, the two girls were practically unrecognizable.
One of the men then grabbed Samantha’s head from behind and lifted it, feeling the weight and admiring the sheer amount of cum that dripped from her face. The two other men violently grabbed Rebecca and positioned her up into a sitting position. A smile crept across his face, and he tossed the girl’s head into the princess’ lap.
“Clean it up, cunt.”

They smiled as they left the tiny room, entirely naked and dripping sweat, blood, and cum.

Seconds felt like hours, and in her final moments before ultimate death, Rebecca recounted every brutal experience the castle had given her. The moment she lost her closest friend to those awful men, the prince’s horrible use of her small body, the raping just a day ago.
Samantha’s head, separated entirely from her body then drenched in cum. The taste of blood, semen, and death as the three men forced Rebecca to lick all their jizz off the dead girl’s face. The pike in her small room on which they placed the head, where it would sit for Rebecca’s remaining years, gradually decaying before her very eyes, the poor, naive girl too afraid to tool with her friend’s corpse. The blood stains that never came out of her cot.
It was a brutal life she had been forced to lead, and some small part of her was ready to leave it behind. She had only hoped death would be swift.
But, as all things in the poor girl’s life had been up to this point, her wishes crashed and burned painfully.
For once, the executioner’s aim faulted, the axe falling well below the neck and into the crook between her shoulder blades. The girl squelched in sudden agony, blood exploding from the wound onto the platform.
The executioner stumbled back, the ax wedged too deep into her flesh for him to be able to easily yank it out. Instead, the girl suffered, writhing around in agony with the massive weapon protruding from her back. Bone and flesh was now exposed where it was not meant to, and the roaring crowd only meant they wanted more gore.
In the front row, Rebecca’s father cheered gleefully.
The princess splashed in her hot blood, her bare body bathed in red. It wasn’t until the executioner pushed his foot against her back once more that she managed to remain somewhat still. He grabbed hold of the handle with both hands, pushing against her still wiggling body for some leverage. It wasn’t coming out smoothly, prompting the man to wrestle with the weapon, deepening the wound and making it even more of a bloody, mangled mess.
Finally, with a strong yank, he managed to tug the axe out of her struggling body, a spurt of blood exploding into the air as Rebecca’s face widened in agony. Now came more blood, the wound opened. It was a deep cut, the blade having stopped somewhere only just before fully slicing through her shoulders. It cleaved her body more than in half, and yet the girl survived, her torso now rising as she flopped wildly to deal with the pain. Yet, as she rose, everything from the shoulder up lurched forward, separate from the rest of her body.
This, naturally, was a painful sensation Rebecca had never before experienced, and sent her into an uncontrollable frenzy. Despite the executioner struggling to keep her down, she managed to stand and wobble around the platform. The country before her wanted a show, and whether she liked it or not she was doomed to give them one. It was only when the massive man tackled her that she came tumbling to the ground.
Her screams echoed over the sound of the roaring crowd. Her face was now drenched in blood, as was the wooden stage and her bare chest, a sight the world got to see when the executioner grabbed her hair and yanked her head up. Rebecca’s face was distorted in unending agony.
“Kill the bitch!”
“Slaughter her!”
“We want to see her fuckin’ die!”
Then, complying to the crowd’s demands, the executioner whipped out a jagged knife, tucked away in a sheath on his leather belt. He smiled proudly at the front-most row as he stroked her long, thin, bloody neck with the edge of the blade, taunting and playing.
Rebecca blinked the blood out of her eyes, ears ringing and the world silent as she struggled to grope with the immense pain. Her mouth, like a fish, gaped and twitched, and her big, innocent eyes looked down at the crowd.
Her father, jeering at his own daughter, spat in her face.
Then the knife sunk into her throat, and a splatter of blood exploded onto the crowd. With one, quick movement, the executioner slid the blade across her neck and opened it, pulling back on her head to show the bleeding stump.
He made quick work of decapitating Becca, sawing back and forth and easily hacking through her spine. She felt every bit of it, tears streaming down until the very end, when she felt the blade pop out the back of her neck. Suddenly, she couldn’t feel the searing pain in her back, just the searing pain in her neck. She couldn’t feel anything, really. In her last moments everything grew numb, dark, red. She was aware of the blood dripping from her neck, of the jeering crowd that she saw all of as the executioner raised her severed head as a price, of her quivering, twitching corpse that lay just below her.
She was finally dying– she could feel it. She wanted it– but she didn’t. No, she wanted to go back– wanted to stay alive. Live a better life. Run far away. She didn’t want to die. She didn’t want to die… She didn’t—
Death greeted her with Samantha’s face. Young and pretty, smiling and happy. Then decaying. Decaying fast. Old and wrinkly, covered in blood. Sad, scared. Then the face of her rapists. Of the prince. Of her father.

The crowd exploded as Rebecca’s head, freshly separated from her body, was lifted into the air, dripping blood and twitching as her eyes rolled back. Her corpse, still jumping, bled pools of blood onto the platform, and her pretty face– drenched in gore– grew slack in death.
The young, dead princess’ body was hacked up, the pieces of her corpse given to elite citizens– soldiers and noblemen, who graciously accepted her fingers, her legs, her breasts.
Her head was placed atop a pike on the gate into the city, where it would stain the iron red and rot.
Rot, along with the dozens of heads beside her. The dozens of failed princesses.

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