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Little bit I wrote for a gifted art piece.

Furry(see image), Sex, Torture, Skinning, Gutting, Dismemberment, snuff, pred/prey… get your bingo cards ready!

I've done /short/ stories for pieces in the past, but this was the first true short story I've done for a piece. Depending on feed back I might do more.


Chatin slipped her dress on getting ready for her date tonight, and tonight being Valentine’s Day. She had met a feline several months back and what had started out as a simple friendship had evolved into that much more. Although they were both a predator and a female it mattered little to her, and had long since ignored warnings from others on their relationship. What fears she had long since disappeared once their relationship became intimate.

For the night she had opted for a dress that was fancier than her normal attire, being lined with lace around the edges and across the shoulders. The dress covered her torso entirely down to her thighs, but left her back completely exposed down to her tail. With the fabric hugging her form it left enough visible to be attractive while hiding enough to make one wonder. She had worn nothing passed the dress assuming in advance that it wouldn’t be staying on her for too long anyway.

En lieu of a restaurant for the evening Aisha had opted that she come to their house for dinner, as she apparently had something special in mind. However, dinner wasn’t at the front of her thoughts currently, and it made her twitch thinking about the feline. Every time they had grown intimate, she was always left hanging and forced to solve the problem later. She was hoping tonight would be different after finally being invited to the cat’s home and on Valentine’s to boot.

She arrived at Aisha’s home in short order with her house not being too far away, though she had no idea of this fact until recently. Her claws clacked against the pathway as she walked to the door before rasping against it with her hand. Chatin was quickly met with the smiling feline wearing a red corset and matching skirt that blended well with their mostly pink fur. Aisha ushered her in with a kiss against her cheek before waving her off to sit down. “Have a seat dinner will be ready soon.” She said before disappearing from view.

Chatin flopped against the leather couch abruptly, not bothering to sit down normally. Immediately stretching out and relaxing, she waited on the feline to return. She closed her eyes waiting and thinking forward to the night, squirming lightly as her thoughts drifted straight into the gutter. It did not help her thoughts in the least when she suddenly felt claws dragging along her inner thigh. The sensation making her groan softly, she opened her eyes to the feline hovering above her purring. A second later that gaze was met with a kiss against her lips as the claws raked their way higher up her thigh.

Her groan quickly turned into a moan from the sensation, muffled with her lips pressed against the other girl’s. Those claws worked higher and higher while avoiding flesh, testing seemingly at her boundaries while quickly learning there was nothing beneath that dress. The sounds of her moaning and Aisha’s purring quickly filled the room before coming to a halt as the claws along with lips pulled away. Those claws, those sharp feline claws, however drug away with far more force than before leaving marks on her skin. The action however simple and quick earned a sharp moan from the skunk, making her shake in place while the feline only pulled away. “Food’s done.” Aisha said simply while walking away with her tail flicking idly behind her.

With a disappointed groan she drug herself from the couch on legs that were already shaking, and headed into the dining room to join the cat. Although she had no clue what had been prepared beforehand the sight of what looked like a steak with an assortment of vegetables made her mouth water. She knew most of what had been prepared was for her alone with Aisha primarily eating meat, and with their plate being sparse of anything but a steak of their own. Along with her long since getting used to Aisha being a predator, she had also grown used to the feline eating like one, so she paid no mind to it as she sat down.

“I hope it’s not too boring.” Aisha said while literally cutting into the meat with just her fork, causing Chatin to perk a brow at how soft meat was. The feline quickly took that bite into her muzzle while smiling to her and chewing it down.

“Looks good enough to me. You know I’m easy.” She said while testing that meat herself to similar results which only made her tilt her head. “Although I can’t remember ever having meat this soft before.” Adding before taking a bite herself and groaning audibly at the taste, having not had meat like this before. Meat in general was somewhat taboo with most being from a single breed of feral, or synthetic in nature. Either of which grew dull in taste regardless of how it was repaired when everything was made with it.

The feline giggled at the reaction while continuing to work at her plate. “I’m glad you like it. It took some effort to get it like this.” She said casually before taking another bite and staring at the skunk with the same smile as before, seeming to enjoy the reactions to her cooking.

“You need to tell me how you got it like this later.” She replied, finishing the meat off before the cat herself had time to finish. She realized this fact immediately making her blush some and go back to staring down at her plate, working at the vegetables now with far less enthusiasm.

“I plan on showing you in detail.” She replied as she finished eating and leaned forward over the table towards the skunk. “Among other things.” She added with a rumble from her throat making Chatin visibly twitch in place while trying to finish their own dinner.

“I-I see…” Chatin muttered as her face felt like it was on fire, trying now to hurry and finish what was left in front of her. Though she would suddenly stop while holding a hand up and ducking down to her side where her purse was. “I almost forgot.” She said while retrieving a box of chocolates and sliding them across the table. “It is Valentine’s after all.” Adding with a smile which was met in kind by the cat.

“Oh?” The feline said with a somewhat amused tone as she stood and walked over to grab the box. Opening it she rummaged through it before taking one into her muzzle to chew at it. Without warning Aisha leaned forward kissing the skunk and throwing her off at the action. That action making the skunk flush that much more with heat as her lips were parted, met with the feline’s tongue and sweetness from the chocolate. Groans filled the room again as the cat’s hand this time went straight for its prize, cupping the sensitive flesh between Chatin’s thighs and fondling it thoroughly.

Dinner was over at this point and she was almost literally drug from the dining room to bedroom only to be shoved down onto the bed. Her legs dangled off the side while she struggled to sit up before falling backwards once she felt a tongue against her folds. The noise that came from her muzzle was nothing short of bliss as her back arched and thighs parted widely for the feline. After having been teased each and every time by Aisha only to be left at the edge, and even at the start of the night, she utterly melted at the feeling. The teasing had gone on for the entirety of their dating and as that warm tongue met her damp folds she nearly peaked from that alone.

Reluctantly, Aisha pulled away after only a few moments of the pleasure, earning a groan from the skunk as she looked down confused. That confused look quickly disappeared, noticing the very bright and very hard erection protruding from the herm’s body. “Fuck…” Chatin said in bewilderment at the sight while Aisha quickly leveled herself with the well lubricated entrance. No words were shared as the feline pressed forward penetrating the skunk and spearing her folds apart slowly. The feline’s anatomy was different and resembled an equine more than anything, and as such that broad head took a moment to stretch her opening before popping inside. The moment it popped in, however, a sharp gasp could be heard from the skunk followed by a drawn out moan as it only slid its way deeper into her.

Aisha moved slowly at first, taking her time to hilt inside Chatin before even beginning to thrust. Each movement was methodically slow while gradually building speed until their bodies slapped against each other. Both moaned in unison for a time while Aisha grew in speed until Chatin grew quieter and sluggish. The skunk would peak suddenly without warning, squeezing at the thick shaft buried in her before falling slack entirely against the bed. Aisha paid no mind to this even as the skunk began to pass out and only continued to thrust into that passage until meeting her peak, filling the motionless body with her seed.

The feline pulled out slowly with a groan and left her on the bed to begin gathering things needed for dinner. After a few minutes, she returned to grab the skunk and tossed the female over her shoulder before heading for the kitchen. She had much to do before the initial drugs wore off and her girlfriend awoke hours later. Although part of her wondered how much she could accomplish while her partner was incapacitated, as it took time to prepare a full size anthro.

Chatin would awaken some time later with an audible groan as her limbs throbbed along with her head, and as hard as she tried she couldn’t move. Everything was blurry as she opened her eyes and she felt like she had been drinking as she looked about. It was confusing what she was seeing, being that her arms were outstretched away from her towards the ceiling and something was tied tight around her upper arms. Her lower arms throbbed heavily as well as her lower legs, but she couldn’t see them past her torso that was being held up by her arms. She had been secured to a rack with her limbs tied off above each joint and pulled outward away from her body, leaving her quite immobile and defenseless.

Another thing she couldn’t see or feel was the IV protruding from her neck, feeding her a slow drip of heavy pain killers that was causing the drunken sensation. It wasn’t until she tried to open her muzzle to speak, and fail to do so, that she knew something was wrong. Granted her partner had been sitting by, watching and waiting for her to wake up the entire time, sitting just out of view of the skunk while playing with an oddly curved knife. “Morning, sweetheart.” She said in a tone the skunk didn’t recognize, but made her turn towards the sound regardless.

“Sorry, but I tied your muzzle shut. At this point your moans will be enough, and I don’t want to hear any pleading.” She said in a tone that sounded almost disgusted to Chatin which only made her wonder what was wrong. “Remember when you asked how I made your dinner? Well… I meant it when I said I’d show you.” Aisha continued while still out of view before Chatin felt a sharp sting at the base of her neck dragging downward. The sting almost felt like a claw raking down her spine and admittedly drew a lustful moan from her in her delirious state.

“It’s good that you can moan from this. That will make the next few parts… interesting.” The feline continued to say as the stings continued to create lines across her back, arms and finally her legs. It felt like she was being drawn on with a single claw, but it left a dull ache every place that it drug across. Aisha would finally come into the blurry view of the skunk, naked and with an erection once again, making her think it was part of some game. So she thought nothing of it as Aisha stepped closer and wrapped around the restrained skunk while aligning herself with the skunk’s passage. The angle was somewhat odd standing up but she made it work, popping in with much less effort than the first time just a few hours prior.

Chatin moaned lewdly from the sensation as Aisha began to thrust immediately while the feline’s claws dug into her back. The pain from the claws only aroused her further making her tighten around that shaft until she felt something wrong. That wrong feeling was Aisha slowly separating Chatin’s pelt from the cuts she had made just prior. Aisha used her claws to get in under that layer of flesh and fur, getting purchase on it before tugging slowly away from the spine. Although flooded with drugs, the pain of what was happening was still intense and made her writhe against her bindings while immediately screaming in response. Though the screaming was muffled from her muzzle being tied shut, her pelt was slowly torn from her body while the feline rutted into her.

The pain was unlike anything she had felt before and no matter how she moved it wouldn’t stop. She tried to plead for Aisha to stop, but it was just as muffled as her screams as Aisha suddenly slammed into the skunk. Chatin felt warmth flood her passage as cold began to wash across her back and shoulders. That cold brought unimaginable stinging that only continued to spread with the cold, moving towards her chest now. It was at this time that the feline pulled free of the skunk, letting their joining drip to the drain below as she focused on the work at hand now.

She could now see what was happening as she looked down, as much as she didn’t believe it and as much as her brain was screaming. Aisha was tearing her fur literally from her body in one piece, and it was excruciatingly painful as well as slow. It wasn’t until she actually saw it happening that she heard the sickening sound caused by it as well, but that sound only lasted a few more seconds as the remainder of her pelt tore free from her body. She screamed until she had no air left in her lungs as her entire torso had been rendered furless, skinless and leaving only patches on her body. Her neck, upper arms, lower arms, tail and pelvic area were the only things still covered in fur at this point.

Tears rolled down her face from both the emotions flooding her brain and the pain that was beyond anything she had experienced before. She was confused as to how she was still awake during all this, and further why Aisha was doing this. The feline offered no explanation though as she methodically moved on to the next task, grabbing a fine toothed saw after setting the pelt down. “Honestly I don’t skin everyone I bring home for dinner, but your pelt was far too beautiful to simply shave off and waste. You are however one of the few I’ve drugged enough to keep you alive during this part… well, until your body goes into shock at some point.” Aisha said as she lined up the saw with one of the skunk’s joints.

“Funny thing about bones. They’re actually pretty hard to cut through neatly, as they’re quite hard… not to mention arteries… but if you tie off just above the joint.. and separate there… then it’s easy.” The feline continued to monologue as the blade dug into the skunk’s flesh, tearing through it with ease despite the sickening noise. The pain was somehow worse than the last experience, making her writhe violently against her bindings while screaming once again. The screaming didn’t last much longer though as her voice gave out from the severity, falling to only muted noises as her body was dismembered. Aisha worked quickly to sever each limb at the joint, having already tied off above the joint to prevent her partner from bleeding out.

After a few more excruciating moments the skunk was rid of her lower arms and legs, leaving her with just her torso and the upper portions of her limbs. The next thing she felt was a another sharp bite, along with a snapping sound, as her tail was literally torn from her body, leaving only another aching wound as she began to shake violently. “Oh dear… can’t have that…” The feline said while increasing the drip rate on the IV until the shaking slowly subsided. “I didn’t think removing your tail would be the tipping point… but I’ll remember it if I ever bring a skunk home again.” She said casually as she tossed the lifeless tail onto the skunk’s pelt.

“I was truly hoping to keep you alive for the finale… but it looks like you won’t last much longer. Such a frail thing.” Aisha said mostly speaking to herself at this point as she began to lower the skunk from the rack, and carry her to a nearby metal table. “Granted you’re likely too drugged to appreciate this next part… but…” She only continued to say before dragging another knife down the torso of the skunk, severing the flesh but only earning a muffled groan from her partner. Slowly Aisha began to cut open and separate the flesh, revealing the abdominal cavity beneath it.

For the time being the organs beneath were held in by the thin membrane she had skillfully avoided, but it likely wouldn’t survive the next part. Without a word or warning Aisha pulled the skunk to the edge of the table and penetrated the furless and nearly lifeless female. No response was given from Chatin as Aisha began to violently plow into the smaller female’s body. Each thrust now was visible to the naked eye as organs moved about and the vaginal passage stretched with each thrust. Aisha didn’t need long to peak this time and groaned in satisfaction as she did for the last time with the skunk.

As Aisha pulled free the only response from Chatin was breathing with her eyes staring up blankly at the ceiling. It only earned a shrug from the feline as she cut into the membrane exposing the organs beneath it, and slowly began to remove the waste. This wasn’t the first time she had done this and she quickly severed, removed and discarded things that were not edible or would taint the meat during the cooking process. At some point during this, Chatin had quit breathing which only made Aisha sigh in disappointment, but continue to work nonetheless.

With her partner no longer breathing she didn’t bother to take her time and quickly emptied the cavity of organs, leaving it empty as she grabbed the saw once again. “Won’t be ruining that beautiful head of yours.” She said before loosening the ties on each limb letting the blood empty from the lifeless body. Once that ceased, she severed Chatin’s head from the body and set it neatly with the pelt to be preserved later. Finally with nothing more than a lump of meat to be cooked, she slid the prepped carcass onto a large metal tray to be slid into the oven. At least for Aisha Chatin had served her purpose as prey becoming food for the feline for the next several months, but it was too little too late to realize the dangers of dating a predator for the skunk.


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