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Your little sister was the cutest person you ever knew. She was kind, sweet, but she was also delicate. She had a frail body and an even frailer heart.

The doctors tried everything they could, but unfortunately, they were convinced she would not live to see her 19th birthday.

And so, you cherished every moment you had with her. Though the one you cherished the most was her last Christmas. She looked so adorable in her red velvet outfit. However, it's what she said that made it the most memorable.

"Big brother… if… If I were to die… please… at least give me your love."

You had no idea what she meant until about a few days after she had passed away.


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It was night time. You were assigned to keep a vigil on her body for the next dozen or so hours until her funeral service.

It was eerie to say the least. What was once a cheerful young girl was now an empty husk devoid of all the wonderful things that made her so loveable. She was dressed in a purple silk kimono that she passed away in, although you noted that she lacked any sort of underwear.

Even more eerie was that you were the only one here. Usually there'd be at least someone else to help you keep watch, though even the shrine maiden had left. She mentioned something about "fulfilling the last rites", but you never knew what she meant…

Until you remembered that the last thing she did before she left was massaging your sister in scented oils so as to preserve her body for the next while. It felt odd that the maiden didn't bother to fix your sister's kimono, at least until you remembered what your sister said.

She… She honestly didn't mean for you to make love to her, did she? You were her brother! And even more, she's a corpse. This wouldn't be right. Not at all!

And yet… for all that it was worth, as you saw her skin shimmer with the oils, you felt tempted to peak behind the small piece of silk that hid her pussy from you.

And so you pulled away and saw her vagina. The maiden must have prepared it for such an occasion. Her crotch was uncovered and granted for your eyes only. You began to feel a boner.

"If this is what you wanted…" You began to rub her pussy with one hand and feel up the bottom of her belly with the other. You imagined her squealing out your name. With your hand, you lifted her bare naked leg and ran your hand over it until it reached her sole. Then, you grabbed her foot and pushed her leg back. Your crotch rubbed against hers.


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You lifted her limp body up and cradled in your arms. You groped her ass while you made out with her. All while she bounced off your crotch. To say it felt pleasurable was an understatement.

You momentarily forgot she was even dead and just enjoyed her presence for what seemed to be eons.

You hugged her cold body and wrapped your arms around. Your hands could feel her developing chest and rub her nipples.

You soon disrobe her and observe your little sister in all her nude glory.


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She looked so angelic that you had to do it. You rubbed your dick up against her crotch and cried out for her name. You even opened up her eye a bit just so that you may have the feeling of her being alive.

So cute, so beautiful, so adorable, you couldn't control it anymore. As your dick rubbed against her crotch, just mere moments away from entering her vagina, you began to spray out globs of cum all over her nude body.

Her precious visage was now covered in your spunk. You couldn't leave her like this. Especially with her friends and family coming to pay their last respects.


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Luckily, there was a hot spring nearby where you could take her body to be washed.

It also helped with you because you were able to spend more time with her. There, you went all out, massaging her whole body so as to clean the cum off her.

You had her rest on a rocky edge while you took extra care of her ass, carefully fingering her anus and vaginal holes. Her butt was so perky that you decided to grant her last request.

You grab hold of your sister and poked her vagina with your penis. There was a satisfying plop as your skin touched hers. You stroked her long, white hair, all while you kept a slow but steady rhythm.

You hugged her smooth body and humped her lifeless body at a faster rate. Her haunches felt so bouncy that you spanked her for the hell of it. Afterwards you slowly rubbed her cheek and hushed her. You knew she'd never feel pain again, but it was good to at least apologize.

But… that's the sad part: she'll be gone. Forever. After the funeral, you will never see her again. You will never hold your sweet little sister again.

You cried on her back and tightened your hold on her body. You flipped her around and enjoyed the view of her front. You played with her tits and made out with her one last time.

"Sis… I'm… I'm…" You had her eyes open partially and before long, you released your load into her vagina. You took some time to clean it out of her vagina.

You carried her naked body back to the temple and quickly redressed her. You even left her in a better position than when the maiden left her. Speaking of, it seemed pretty convenient that the maiden returned so soon after you had finished your… farewell.

Was she aware of your sister's final wish and did everything she could to ensure it would come true? Did she like the idea of seeing someone fuck a corpse and hid to record? Or perhaps she had no idea and it truly was a once in a lifetime chance.

You wouldn't know for sure, but you didn't care. You instead glanced at your sister's body, knowing that she's at peace.

Morning came and with it, the funeral ceremony. Everyone said their goodbyes, many wept while few kept silent. You put on a brave face for your sister. The maiden and her priest took her body to be cremated where the next phase of her funeral, picking the bones out of her ashes, would begin.

Not a single day passed that you missed your sister. You would always have the precious memories with her, as well as the memory of having sex with her, and for that, you were glad.


A week passed, though, you got a package from the temple that held her funeral. Inside was an album full of pictures of your sister. The dates ranged from her last day alive to the day of her funeral.

You skimmed the photos. Most of them were taken either in the morgue or at the temple, her nude body posed as though she were a model. There were enough photos to last you a year. They all showed you a side to your sister you only had one night to see.

The finale was shots from her funeral, with cleverly placed upskirts of her kimono and some shots of her feet. You skimmed to the beginning where you found the explanation to everything weird that had happened…

It started off with your sister pulling down her kimono to reveal her bare breast with a simple caption:

"I love you, big brother… Please, cherish my body as you have cherished my life. Love, your sister."

You gave a smile and hid the book under your bed. You would occasionally look through it from time to time, just to remember your sister one last time…



Love the story overall. Its well written and the pics make it read and look even better.

My only issue is the "consensual" necro in it. It take away a lot from the excitement and tabo of it. If it was him doing it in secret it would be much more exciting!

I hope you will write more of it but if i may request/sugest something more secretive- like for example - my sisters were killed by a home invader/thief that run away and i found her body and made love them before i called the police. :P Something along those lines.


I may need to make a thread for each story or make a collection thread for non-Canterlot Mortuary stories.


You have not updated that one for a long time. Also there is new image in that series! :D EG this time!



Damn.That Changotan pic of SB and AB really fucked you up just like me,right ? :-)That's exactly the same scenario depicted and discussed in the comment (i for one prefer to imagine Snips and Snails, having learned of their sexy teenaged former classmates gruesome demises at the hands of some burglars ,sneaking in the morgue to indulge themselves with the fresh cadavers of their one-sided crushes now that they cant object to their awkward advances.Snips finally filling the tight dead pussy of the young unicorn that used to innocently and insensitively laugh at the idea of them two ever being together with his chubby little cock while he tearfully kiss her slack mouth and Snails coating the throat of the tomboyish farm girl that haunted his wet dream with his spunk before shamelessly losing his virginity to the corpse of his childhood friend)

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