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Hi, this is my first story and my first post after Gurochan fell down. It isn't too guro but it tells about a event envolving sex and horror. Also I don't where published. I hope you like it. I'm not a native english speaker, so sorry for gramatical errors.

First Part

Some days before spring, the winds of winter were blowing their lastest breathes. The sky was clearing from dark clouds. A time ago, winds were getting more stronger. How was it? Twenty? Thirty miles per hour? Nobody cares. But I will tell you about a little and peacefull village on the flat fields, because there was happening something strange and horrible…

All started at an afternoon, a eight years old girl was walking alone from a distant school back to home. It was cloudy and dark. Everybody was a home for bad weither. Then, the wind started to blow with more and more strenght. Everybody heard a scream from outside. Nobody was on the street. No were signs. No were traces. They just founded a little yellow dress, ripped and stucked on a tree.

"What was it?" somebody asked.

"It seemed like a child screaming" said another one

The horror started…

Three days later.

"Bye dad, I will collect some berries" said Claire.

"Please don't come too late" said the old man.

The girl kiss his forehead and went to the deep forest. She turned seventeen years two months before. Everybody loved her. Claire was the most cheerful girl on the village. Outside, she was good girl, beautiful and pure; but inside, she was totally diferent…
Arround thirty minutes later, she arrived to a cottage. There was a young and stronger man cutting wood. He saw her and take her to the little house.
She started to taking out her long purple dress, shoes and pantyhoses. He started to finger her hairy pussy and kissing her pink nipples. His cock was totally hard and erect. She literally ripped his pants and started to give him a blowjob.

"Did you waiting for this, right?" He said.

He sat on the couch and she introduced his cock into her vagina and started to ride on it.

"Oh, god" Claire moaned.

He was bitting her tits. They were fucking more quickly.

"Ah, I love it, I fucking love it"

"I'm cumming"

Her body was covered with semen.

"Oh Tom, I was waiting for this a long time" She started to speak.

"Me too" said Tom "But why are you staying with that old man"

"Do you mean to my dad? 'Cause I don't have anybody to care me"

"You can marry with me, so we will live together"

She laughted.

"Forget it. I just want you for sex. Also I like how the people thing about me. I wonder how will feel my father when he know that his little and innocent girl is having sex with a woodcutter on the forest instead collecting berries. Ha, ha, ha!"

Then the sky was getting dark. She dressed quickly and started to run out. At middle way, she got tired and stopped. The wind started to blow up. Then a misterious shape appeared behind Claire.

"Who are you?" She asked.

Then it toke her.

"What the fuck are you doing? Let me go!" She yelled.

Everybody heard a strong scream.

"It was from here" Said a man with a torch, followed of few men.

It was a long purple dress on the ground. An old man toke it.

"Claire…" He said.

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