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Disclaimer: All characters are 18+, any resemblance to real characters or events is purely coincidental. English is not my mother tongue so any criticism or advice is greatly appreciated.

Schoolgirl Skullfuck
=(M/F, nc, rape, brain fuck)=

Muffled screams echoed within Mr Nwabudike's office, accompanied by a series of rhythmic grunts, heart-wrenching sobs and squeaks of the rusty springs inside an old mattress.

Katie, a pretty little blonde from a conservative family, squirmed between Mr Nwabudike's muscular bulk and the semen-stained mattress - her white blouse wide open, her pleated skirt rolled up on her waist, and her white-and-blue striped panties forcefully stuffed into her mouth as an impromptu gag. Tears rolled down her face as he brutally took her precious virginity without an ounce of love, her tiny body bucked in pure agony when he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled himself deeper into her tight love canal.

"Ssshhhhh Katie, it'll all be over soon."

Mr Nwabudike leaned close to her ear and whispered, revelling in her pain when he felt her tiny little body tightened and spasmed beneath him as the tip of his cock forcefully penetrated her virgin passage. "You really should have paid more attention in class, that way maybe you wouldn't have ended up in this situation."

With a firm grip on her body and a mighty thrust, he slammed the entirety of his shaft into her body, shredding her unlubricated passage linings to bits as a thick stream of blood spurted out between her milky thighs.

He fucked her with utmost ruthlessness and cruelty, the way her tiny body flailed helplessly beneath him and her terror filled eyes would draw tears out of anyone with a heart.

Her screams intensified with the pace of the thrusting, from slow and sporadic sobs to sustained sheer howls of pure agony, which were music to his ears when accompanied with the cadenced sloppy slapping of his solid mass impacting against her shapely ass. The poor girl's body bounced and twitched like a ragdoll as he brutally fucked her as if she's an inanimate object, her gorgeous green eyes widened in pain and disbelief when he told her that he planned on impregnating her with his seeds.

He had no intention of letting her get out of his office alive, he merely wanted to see a reaction out of her.

"Don't worry Katie, it'll be over soon… shhh, no more tears…"

Nwabudike smirked as he reached for the ball peen hammer tucked beneath the mattress, pressing it against the back of the girl's head. "I've always wanted to know what's going on in that little head of yours. "

He raised the hammer in the air and swung down with all his might.



The unmistakable sound of cranium being shattered. Followed by a stifled sob, a few involuntary twitches, and a steam stream of warm piss as her bladder finally gave out. Then silence ensued.

But not for long.

On the verge of orgasm, Mr Nwabudike pulled himself out of the dead girl's still warm cunt, straddling her tiny shoulders, he held Katie's head in both hands, placing the bulbous tip of his throbbing cock against the still bleeding cavity in her head before thrusting it deep into her skull. Tiny globs of blood and brain matter ran down her cheeks as he began to fuck her head in long, broad strokes, culminating in an orgasmic grunt when he slammed his pelvis against her head and shot his sticky seeds deep in her skull.

When he's completely spent, he pulled his half-flaccid, bloodied cock out of the deceased girl's head and took a long, good at the visage of terror frozen on her face. Satisfied with his handiwork, he ripped the girl's panties out of her mouth and pocketed them, before dialling a familiar number on his cellphone.

"Janitor's office."

"Hey Taylor, it's me… Yes, there's another one I need you to take care of… Yes, I know about the nosy music teacher." After a brief pause, a smile formed on Nwabudike's face. "Come over and help me tidy up, then you can tell me all about it."

I plan on writing more stories involving Nwabudike, a teacher at a fictional all girls' college. Ideas, suggestions welcome.


I like it, short and to the point. I might steal a couple of phrases for my own story :)

Looking forward to more!


I like it, there's always room for more schoolgirl stories here.

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