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No Running in the Pool Area
A lighthearted guro choose your own adventure story.


It is a sultry and sweltering summer afternoon, the kind of afternoon where you can fry an egg on the bonnet of your car.

Thankfully for Amanda, she's working as a lifeguard at an indoor pool this summer, safe and sound from the unprecedented summer heatwave.

You would think that the pool will be packed on a hot day like this. However, despite the scorching sun beating down outside, the pool is deserted and quiet, eerily quiet. Only two men in speedo shorts swimming silently back and forth in the Olympic size pool, the silence only breaks when one of them inevitably gets exhausted and pants heavily once he reaches the end of a lane.

As Amanda takes the last sip from her coffee, she feels this overwhelming urge to pee. She throws a brief glance at the two men in the pool as she dashes towards the nearest bathroom, scoffing at the "No Running In The Pool Area" sign.

The men stop swimming abruptly and pop their heads out of the water in almost perfect unison, they slowly turn towards her as she blazes across the wet ceramic tiles.

Where does she go?

* [Option A] The family changing room, it is a lot closer than the women's changing room, and a lot more private.

* [Option B] The women's changing room, the toilet stalls are by the showers.

* [Option C] The sauna room? She's next to it, and it looks empty. I mean…surely no one will notice, right?

* [Option D] You tell me.


> Option A


Option C


Option A


Option C



[Option A] The family changing room

**Amanda darts in the family changing room and closed the door behind her, sliding the bolt on the lock, before sitting on the toilet bowl.

A sigh of relief wafts out of her lips as a warm stream seeps out of the root of her toned thighs, splashing into the water at the bottom of the bowl. There's something lurking in the water, something slimy, something curious.

Amanda's been there for about thirty seconds and she never noticed the stir in the toilet water, if she did she probably would've jumped out of the seat and made a bolt for the door while screaming her head off.

But she didn't.

Without any warning, half a dozen thick tendrils lash out from below, wrapping themselves around her thighs and snares her against the warm toilet seat. She can feel the invasive tentacles tips brushing against her most intimate areas…

Do you…

> Option [AA] Scream, call for help! There's a monster in here!

> Option [AB] Try to break free from the tentacles' unwanted embrace and make a run for the door.




[Option C] The sauna room

Amanda dashes into the sauna room, letting out a sigh of relief when she sees that the sauna's completely void of people. She gingerly makes her way to a wooden bench by the stove and sits, leans her back against the wall and closes her eyes. With no one around, she finally relaxes her bladder and as a small trickle of wetness darkens the crotch area of her red one-piece swimsuit, running down her inner thighs, the wooden bench drinks it up happily.

It's so relaxing here, I can feel the soothing heat kissing my tired body…mmm…

Amanda snaps out of her reverie when she hears the sauna door open. The two men from the pool enter and sit down on opposite sides of her, wedging the lithe lifeguard between their muscular bodies.

"Uh…excuse me…" Amanda's eyes darts around the room, her gut feeling says nothing good can come out of being alone in a sauna with two strange men. "I…I'm going to head out, it's getting a bit too warm here."

As she gets up from the bench, Amanda feels a dull tug at the back of her swimsuit as if multiple barb hooks have latched onto it…

Will she…

[Option CA] Keep running and hoping she's stronger than whatever's holding her back.

[Option CB] Strip out of her swimsuit, then keep running.








Option AA


[Option CA] Keep Running…

**Gotta run, no time to take it off, don't look behind you…

Amanda decided to keep running despite the force tugging on her swimsuit. She gritted her teeth, planted one foot after another on the ground, she could feel the swimsuit being stretched to its limits when whatever's tugging on it abruptly let go as she fell face forward onto the warm wooden floor of the sauna, dazing her momentarily.

She felt something rough and calloused wrapped around her thighs, when she turned her head around she saw the two men are now kneeling beside her, their muscular hands wrapped around her toned thighs, sinister smiles scrawled across their faces.

"Still trying to run?" The men spoke in unison, digging their fingers into the dazed girl's skin. "Let us put an end to that."

An series ear splitting shriek echoed in the sauna room when the two burly assailants pinned her on the ground and forcefully bent her legs in an impossible angle. Eventually, an audible popping sound could be heard when her femurs were brutally ripped out of their sockets. As her screams intensified, they calmed reminded her that she really shouldn't have been running in the pool area and continued to break every other bone in her fragile little body.

Within minutes, the lively lifeguard was reduced to nothing but a splaying mess of contorted limbs on the ground, twitching and spasming, blood seeping out of every single orifice. She was eventually put out of her misery when they snapped her neck like a twig.

<<BAD END>>**


[Option CB] Strip out of her swimsuit…

Amanda began to peel the shoulder straps of her swimsuit off…

To her horror, the two men's eyes darkened, their teeth lengthened and talon-like claws grew out of their nail beds. For a brief moment the poor girl was frozen in pure terror, unable to believe what's happening in front of her own eyes, when she eventually came to her senses, they pounced on her.

Their sharp claws tore her red lifeguard swimsuit to tatters, blemishing her fair skin with bright red scratch marks. The poor girl kicked and screamed when they effortlessly lifted her off the ground, her screams became howls when the men pulled their swim trunks down, revealing throbbing dicks that are at least 12 inches long and covered in barbed spikes.

In the final minutes of her sorry life, Amanda was simultaneously raped and sodomized by her assailants and their monstrous cocks, as blood and chunks of viscera came dripping out of her violated body, as her vision began to fade, she caught a glimpse of a small poster by the door:

"No Running In The Pool Area"

<<Bad End>>


Option B


option AB


[Option ZΩ] Ontological Scintillation

Amanda rotates brazenly about the hyperplane orthogonal to the subspace she had occupied thus far. A pulsating, metallic voice rings through her skull, and the all-too familiar warning about hazardous Hume levels plays in a stilted monotone. Yet, heedless of the warning, she continues in her affine transgression, feeling the uneven inertia of her body as its relativistic mass distorted along the gradient line perpendicular to her axis of rotation. She felt as an astronaut slipping past the event horizon of a black hole, without the comfort of the transcendental embrace awaiting her at the center. Finally, her body left the semistable equilibrium it had occupied since her birth, and buckled as its three-dimensional curvature was no longer constrained snugly within its Schumme energy well. Though already distorted by nonlinear Lorentz dilation, she was able to see her upper arms, her left thigh and several of her fingers vanish from sight, leaving clean, round cross-sections floating about her fisheye view. The heads of the nearby swimmers seemed to fade away into infinity as her every disjoint piece floated in roughly in the direction she had been running, rotating in unconstrained hyperspherical orbits about an invisible center of mass. Helplessly, she watched as her breasts decoupled from her chest, passing through her bikini as its straps slipped through her shoulders, having been displaced along newfound coordinates. She couldn't help but blush as she noticed her uterus among the dozens of her internal organs now joining the throng, moving as if attached by invisible springs to her body, if her body were two meters ahead of her.

All at once, she completed one half-rotation, sealing her fate as she was bombarded with isomers of her own organic matter, ranging from merely foul-smelling to lethal. Nevertheless, a smile crossed her lips as the now-corrosive blood began to seep from her hollow casing, disappearing into the unseen void from which she had just returned. With the last of her strength fading, she felt a distant sense of relief. Though it had long since ceased to occupy the subspace observable from the pool area, her disembodied bladder had finally disgorged its contents, freeing her of the burden that had gripped her so abruptly.


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