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It's been a while since I've written. I've learned a lot about what I like and what people like. In at work, and I could he working, but I would rather take a break and do something fun.

I shouldn't spend the whole work day writing this though, so maybe I'll turn it into a little game and ask you guys to help me continue.


It's as simple as not wanting to die. I've been sheltering this bunny girl for several weeks now. Shes adoreable and petite and can manage to do anything I ask with some difficulty. Her bright red eyes peek through saturated blue bangs that are like a cloudy sky in warm light, and like a deep blue ocean in cold light. She doesnt have many clothes but what I bought her, it's sort of like having a doll. These big fluffy sweaters and gummy sneakers I buy her, it's enough for her to get around, and shes unfathomable cute when her with her spindly little legs holding up clothing twice her size. I just look at her. I'm sort of looking for an answer, but I know there isnt one.

She has a lot of human in her, so her face is mostly cleared of excess fluff and fur. Her oversized ears and untamed fluffy tail are the biggest problems. She could wear gloves to cover plush white paws with thick black claws I've spent hours rounding down with a sand paper nail file. She could wear boots to cover the fur that starts at her shins and travels to her paws, stockings work for that for now but at a gate check it would have to be boots. But it doesnt matter anyway.

We cant travel far. If she were to get checked they'd make her take off her hat off first, I could cut off her ears but they would still see the stubs. Even if I did, she cant walk straight with her tail taped down, and they'd notice a weird walk or a big overcoat, they're used to that.

I dont want to kill her… I mean, I do… I'm a lion after all. But I dont think it's right to. Still though, I was given a tip. Theres Lions coming. They're going to storm into my rusty, decrepit shack and make me to do it, then kill me too. They'll do things much worse than I would. It would be better for them to find her dead, I can pretend she was a sex slave or something and they'll just think I'm a weird pedophile that plays with his meals. Everyone needs sexual release, they understand that… but if they think I think of her in the way I do, if they know I think she has value, because shes alive…

If I accept my nature and kill her, we wont both have to die when they come. I should've moved to a place with a prey population instead of taking her here, but I dont have that option now. Shes registered as a slave, but I haven't had the guts to brand her, she'd hate me forever if I did that. Let alone do anything else, they'll want proof I'm using her properly. They'll even check for a hymen, if it's still there they'll question why I have her…

Shes bouncing up and down on my bed while I stare at her. Shes used to me just staring, shes comfortable with me in the room now. It took a while to get her used to just that. Her floaty dress is dancing in the wind that she makes, her paws are softly on her thighs as she bounces while sitting, making the bed squeak over and over again. Shes such a little treasure, can I really stand making her experience anything like that?

"What do you want to do, mr. Lion! Its breakfast again! Are you gonna go get me veggies?"

I need to figure something out soon though.


So what should be done? Make her a slave, branding and abusing her. Make her more human, cutting off her ears and tail. Kill her, it might be fun, but whatever is done is less than the lions that are coming will do… or something else? Telling her to run away in predator territory would just be killing her with extra steps. So It cant be that. Our lion needs ideas.

I may or may not continue but I almost surely will if the responses are good.


>> you can make love to her if she is willing
>> huge her and let her sit on your laps. Then when she is distracted snap her neck. Would be least painful way to die.
>> if its to your liking you can fuck her corpse - i think she wouldn't mind after all…
>> prepare her and eat her. No need to waste so much meat. If you are sentimental keep her head or hand/paw to remind you of her later. You can also do much more with a head after all…
>> her fur can be made into a rug or some warm coat.
>>give her lots of love. Before and after you take care of her…


That's incredibly cute and wonderful and I love it.

Though if I'm going to use her like that, it may be hard to let her go. It also probably can't be helped that it'll be painful, with their sizes… Maybe they'll just cuddle and he'll let her explore him curiously. He'll do it when she's completely relaxed, and whatever happens to her while she's still warm and not breathing is completely up to the primal lion.


Can we smuggle her out in a duffle bag or something?

If we brand her as a slave, will that appease the other Lions, or will they still want us to kill her?

Could we get her through a checkpoint if she was branded?


Im really open about it.
I just wanna in the end kill her and have use of her cute body. From necro sex to eating it… :3 I just wanna story where this girl get someone to push in her tight butt while playing with her bunny tail and fluff! <3


In this world, if she's branded, the other Lions won't bug her at all. They'll check the brand, but after that, she'll be considered a possession and killing her would be thought of like breaking someones property.

Ofcourse, if she bothers someone, or if she tries to make it clear that she has agency and value, it will be demanded that she's disciplined on the spot. "Displine your slave, she's eying me." They're even fairly likely to take it upon themselves to do so.

Sneaking her out in a duffel bag or something might be possible, but it'd be scary, and very very very high risk.



I propose we have a serious discussion with her, explain the situation, and get her opinion on the various options. We can brand her, but she'll have to act like a slave in public and would have to trust us indefinitely into the future, we can kill her quickly now, or we can go with whatever escape plan we can come up with together.



Wait, we can just brand her and then take her somewhere without a Lion population, right? She'll have to act appropriately deferential for a bit, but it shouldn't be too hard for her and it's only temporary.


Work time again, that means more writing. Instead of doing what's sexiest, I'll actually follow the whims of the characters
Although the world isnt designed to allow them peaceful lives for very long.


"Hey bun bun?"

Her ears perk up, and her tail does to. Her bouncing stops and she looks me right in the eyes like I scared her out of a daze by calling to her.


"How do you feel about the other Lions you've seen around the city, like me."

"They're mean! You're the nicest Lion. I bet theres lots more good Lions… but…"

"Dont be too open… how do you really feel?"

Her whole posture rounds out and says, she looks down to her paw as she rubs it with her hand.

"They scare me…"

"You wouldnt want any over as guests, would you?"

"No! They're scary. I wanna stay with you and just you. If Lions come over to play with you then I'll just wait in bed."

Shes going to die– that's the first thought that crosses my mind when she says that. The idea of a defenseless bunny lying in bed when lions approach, they would claw right into her covers and tear her open, just for the fun of it.

"And how do you feel about the other bunnies?"

"They make me feel weird…"

"What's weird about them?"

"I don't like their chains. Or the weird things on their faces…"


"Why di bunnies like that stuff? I think it looks ugly."

"Because those things mean they get to live, in this country."

Mini is scared right away. Her sad and reflective look turns suddenly to tearing at the eyes and shaking in her palms. Because she lives here, because she can see, she already knows shes not like everybody else, and shes perfectly aware what those markings make them, slaves. That much she has put together, her understanding of it is visible on her face, although her lips have never formed the words and when you ask her to confront that fact…

"…" silence.

"Bunny, you know that dont you? That the ones like you are mostly made of use, not taken care of."

". . ."

"Nina, I need you to answer me on this. How do you feel about becoming a bunny like that?"

Shes quiet. Shes slowly curled up into a ball now, and her eyes are wide and tearing. It seems like if she could storm out of the home right now, she would, but because she cant shes just run off in her mind. When she gets like this, I cant communicate with her, it takes days of coddling to get her to talk again, and we dont have that kind of time.

"You have to try with me on this. If you had to, would you become a bunny like that"

Still silence. I walk towards her, shes curled up into a tiny ball the length of my forearm, she looks like a mound of snow with crying eyes wetting the bed. I touch her, saying "cmon, girl"

"Please don't hurt me!" She says, and tucks her arm tight to her chest.

"I'm not gonna hur.." I say, reflexively, before realizing what she means. She knows about the branding, and shes terribly afraid of it. This is why shes been shutting down, a shop keeper bunny must've explained it to her when I wasnt looking.

"Pleaseee… " she whines. I grab her forearm.

"Itll only hurt for a second." I'm lying.

"Noooo! I dont want it, I dont wanna get branded! I'll die, I'll really die!" Shes speaking too fast to understand, and squirming against my grip with every fiver of her body as I drag her out of bed by her plush but tiny forearm. "No, no! My fur will catch on fire, then I really will die! I'll scream my lungs out! Please dont take me! I'm afraid to get a branding! Nooooo!"

I drag her slow down iron stairs made of old rooftops and wire fences, and into the kitchen where ramshackle plumbing has been erected illegally around a pipe that's supposed to bring lake water deeper into the city. I have some equipment down there which was given to me free, every time someone sees I have a bunny they gift me some new torture device. As a result I have all the shackles and hot irons that I need to handle this job. I wouldnt if I didnt have to, but its gonna have to start with restraining her tiny wrists somehow, and getting something she can chew on into her mouth so she doesnt chip a tooth.

"You were supposed to be different than other Lions! I thought I was a special bunny! How come how come how come how come how come?!?!"

I toss her to the ground in front of me, my arm exhausted by holding the fighty little weight. She dashes away the moment I let go, but she cant reach the door handle made for adult lions instead of young bunnies, and she knows that, so she dashes straight into the furthest corner of the room, putting her hands put to the walls and sticking to them, splayed out like a star. Trying to keep her chest and head as far away from me as possible, using the walls to support her in a state of mindless anxiety. She stops talking as I start to gather the tools I need, watching me with just her eyes as I drag the chain shell be tied in to the middle of the room. Flinching hard and shivering when I turn on the burner for the stove. And and breathing hard as I heat the burner, taking slow breaths in and harsh breaths out. I can kind of tell she doesnt want to throw up.

When I come close to her to start the process of trying her down, I take her forearm again, but it's almost as though its taped to the wall. She stares at me like she has been, staying silent but for her breaths. I'm just about to tell her to please be good, but before I can, her eyes roll up, her head swing back, it hits the wall lightly and her knees buckle out. Shes been hyperventilating tok long, in combination with the stress of being touched, she faints, her limp noodle posture held up only by my grip on her arm.


I'll do the same thing. This isnt really a perfect point in the story for recommendations, I think our Lion knows what he has to do. Though its possible our bunny might even prefer to die.

Please continue to tell me what you think of the story up til now.


I think we should insist on her making a choice here. As pathetic as the choice between being branded and dying is, it's still a choice, and I think she'll be better off in the long run (hah!) if she views it that way.

[X] When she wakes up, explain to her what we heard about the other Lions coming here to kill her and us. Maybe show her the tools around us to emphasize how *they* will treat her.
[X] Lay out her choices. She gets to pick what happens, but she does have to pick. (Choosing nothing is also a choice. She won't like that one.)
[X] …apologize for not being able to protect her.
[X] If she can't spit out a coherent answer despite our best efforts, brand her.

Can we travel openly with a branded slave? To somewhere less hostile? What other places are there, anyway, and how to they feel about Lions and Bunnies?



As for what I think… we haven't seen much (any, really) of the world yet, so it's hard to judge.


Aside from being soot black all over, rather than sporting a lions normal golden fur, our Lion is also soft spirited in general. They cant go anywhere they wont be looked at like a curse. There may be a place, but at the least, the Lion doesnt know it. He dreams some times of waking up and getting greeted kindly by lions as he walks home holding vegetables, but the reality is that much of bunnies food has to be washed again when he shops because Lions dont eat veggies, and so they'll spit in the food saying "more nourishment for your slave, hah!" Itd probably because he tripped the person who did that that he got reported to begin with.

Lots of lions dont know what bunnies eat as well, they'll have poisonous things like avocado or choking hazards. Soot didnt know at first, Shes vomited or had to have vomit induced a couple times, and was scared of meals for 2 months at one point. Now he always listens if bunny says she doesnt like something and he picks unhealthy treats and dangerous foods out of every mulchy slave salad by hand.

It's better for her here than it will be elsewhere in some ways. As a slave, she won't be allowed to emote in public,but she'll share in some of his freedoms. They can travel together.

Many places that refuse the enslavement of prey still dont have real punishments for murdering them.

And if they go to prey territory… the rest of their life will be filled with violence. Even the weakest Lion can protect himself from a swarm of well armed prey, it's a matter of size and reflexes. He can react to a twitch of the finger and dash 40 yards before a rabbit can even raise a gun, if it came to that.

And it would. If our Lion goes to prey territory, he will inevitably have to kill, he will make his own home near town as he wont be able to fit in a half sized bunny home, he definitely wont be able to ask for construction from bunnies, and infact assassination attempts would happen at the least, bi weekly. Moving out of predator territory without actually instilling fear into your surroundings by being a predator is basically deciding never to sleep peacefully again.

But he could do it. He could turn her into a slave, go somewhere safe for her, and kill every day to survive from then on. But hes been dreading the moment that he has to explain, while standing over an assassins corpse, the depth of people's hatred and what it will mean to survive from now on.

Ooc break?

I wonder if I should be using world building stuff like this in the story or if this way of doing it is fine? I should definitely incorporate it into the story instead, but I kind of like answering questions, I also speak as the lion. I dont know anything that he doesn't.

This way of doing it is fun, I dont want to fill up the story with boring world building exposition.

I kind of like to imagine hes literally asking for advice from humans online. I'm even considering doubling down on it and role playing lion answering, but I kinda feel like that could hurt some people's fun.


I think its not working…
You either have an interactive story and have to commit to one suggestion (or marge few into one) or write your own story from start to finish as you see it fit…
It would be easier if you would give a few choices to choose from instead of saying "what's next" as most people here wanna see murder/snuff/necro etc. so they wanna kill the character/s as fast as possible…


Oof ok, I see what you're saying. I guess I'm kinda married to the interactive thing since it's in the title. I'll me try being clearer about what the choices are and what choice I'm picking from now on.

So here, the choices are:

Wait for lions
Brand her and make her a slave
Kill her
Ask her to make a choice
Or, something else entirely

The Lion will take your suggestions, and you can ask for more info.



These were the suggestions I took last time.

I also took note of how people wanted to see her die and get made use of. Without spoilers, I considered how I could have that happen later in our story.

But she can die suddenly and unfairly if that's chosen. I would probably start writing a different characters story or something like that.

Because someone suggested talking to her, branding her, and escaping, she survived. So you've all already effected the story.



Make her a slave.


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