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In the World of Bones, family blood grudges are a common occurrence, and can be quite deadly to the girls on the wrong side of one. Many a family has met their untimely end, not at the hands of some gruesome monster, but at the hands of their fellow villagers.

Hannah was enrolled in the City Guard school. she was happy, pretty and veryy popular among her fellow students. She had mousy brown hair that spilled over her shoulders and the cutest smile of any girl her age.. Often she’d go out after school with her friends, and swim in the river that flowed through Genkysou, or climb the lighthouse tower, or eat dessert at the Girl Brain Sorbet parlour.

Hannah dipped her shiny spoon into the open skull of some unlucky redhead. Thankfully her family was wealthy enough that she could splurge on a live girl for her dessert. The semi-decapitated girl squirmed under the table she was locked into, and on Hannah’s lap.
“Uuuuuuuuuggghhhhh.” the poor waif moaned as Hannah ate another delicious mouthful of her rich pink fatty brain

She turned to her friend Angela, who was slurping up her own dessert; a frozen head of cute asian looking girl, her face locked in a look of permanent surprise. Angela’s spoon darted in and withdrew a cold morsel to her lips. Angela was a cute looking blonde, who always drew her hair back into pigtails. Her mother had always said they made her look younger. Maybe it was true? The only boy, Derek, in their CIty Guard class, always looked at her with the kind of face that said he wanted to rip off her loincloth and fuck her right there and then in front of the lecturer, so perhaps it was.

“Hey Angie, wanna come round to my place after this? We can practice some spear patterns, and do that homework on the laws and regulations pertaining to the processing of immigrants, vagrants, and troublemakers, that Mrs Kelly wanted us to do…. “ Hannah, asked her bestie.

“…Then afterwards we could do makeovers, and sneak into kitchen at midnight. One of the Sex-slaves there was telling me that Mr Clarkson from down the hall has been taking out snuff slaves for a midnight romp, and snack. If we’re lucky, we can watch him bang and snuff some poor amputee bitch.” she finished.

“Oh Gods, that sounds so hot, Hannah. I’d love to.” Angela chirped as her spoon scraped around the bottom of the emptied skull of her meal.

Hannah’s redhead began to spasm and convulse, piss dribbling over her lap
“Ooooooorrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaooooooo” moaned the dying girl as she finally croaked it, and remained lifeless and still. Drool dripped from her open mouth, beside her fat extruded tongue.
“Cool, I’m about done here.. Walk to the breeding quarters together?” Hannah said - popping one last bite of brain into her mouth, before placing some shells down to pay for the special treat.

The two girls stood up and exited the parlour, passing by the roasting meats rotating on spits outside the fancy restaurants on the strip, on the way back to Hannah’s home.
“Hey, did you see Vanessa today? She totally messed up in the written test yesterday. I saw her answers as she handed it in to the lecturer. I think she got almost everything wrong. I’m pretty sure Mrs Kelly is gonna use her as food to feed to the Venus mantrap for our practical lesson on them next week.” Angela whispered salaciously.

“Oh, I hope so… Gods, I hate that prissy cunt. She was always trying to cheat off my answers. She was gonna get someone killed on the beat one day. She’ll make better plant food than she would ever make a City Guard.” Hannah her friend.

Angela nodded in agreement. Neither of them wanted to be assigned to Vanessa’s patol group in future.

“Sooooo… I heard a rumour… you and Derek disappeared together under the Guard school building the other day. … sooooo … were you … ya know… doing it?”

“Oh, gods, I wish. But he’s got a fiance, and he’s supposed to lose his virginity to her sister in one of those cherry popping beheading ceremonies you rich folk like to have…”

“Oooh… I’m disappointed.. I really thought you hooked yourself a boy.”

“Yeah - but that didn’t stop me giving him head under the building. I’m really skilled at giving blowjobs you know. Derek blew his load right into my mouth…. And I swallowed it all. He thought it was so hot… He’s already promised to make me a mistress… and then when his wife finally gets retired… He’s promised I’m gonna be prime wife number two.”

“Wow…that’s fantastic - I’m so happy for you and Derek.”

“Thanks… Don’t you have an arranged fiancee of your own?”

“Yeah - but he’s so much younger than me - I’ll have to wait forever before I get to fuck him. My sister tonya’s gonna take his virginity… in one of those beheading ceremonies us rich folks love so much. Then he’ll be all mine to do with as I please. I’m gonna have soo many of his babies.”

The two girls were still giggling and talking about boys as they strolled up to the gates of the breeding quarters. Hannah waved to the City Guards who manned the watchtowers, and the two girls were allowed inside the residences. They climbed the stairs to the second floor where Hannah lived.

Where dozens of City guards were clamping irons onto Hannah’s mother and sisters, and leading them out of their apartment.

“Mother?, Cheryl?, Tina?, Olive? Tonya? Candy?, Annie? What’s going on? Why are you being taken away? What did you do?”

One of the City Guard walked over to Hannah and bent down to her level to talk to her.
“You’re mother is being arrested for some comments that she was overheard saying about the Village leader. The accuser is Mrs Irma Clovis, a well respected member of the inner council, so it’s a pretty open and shut case…. Your mother will be taken away to be executed in the public square by a Mother Maiden. Her assets, and home will be seized by the Village council, and all dependents will be asked to vacate the premises immediately. Which makes you, and your sisters homeless and penniless.” The Guard said, reaching around to clap Hanah in irons.

“I didn’t do it.. It’s all a setup - Irma has hated me since scout school… She’s framing me…She’s just jealous I got the boy she wanted as my husband. I tell you - I didn’t say those things - I love the Village leader…” screamed Hannah’s mother, but nobody cared to listen to her excuses… after all - a traitor would say anything to get out of a mess like this.

Tears ran down Hannah’s face. She hadn’t gotten to the part in the book of laws where they detailed the punishment for Vagrancy yet… but she did know that she’d be sent to the orphanage, and she never liked that place for some reason. Girls went in there all the time, and never seemed to come back.

The guard leaned over and Grabbed Angela by the scruff of her neck and placed metal cuffs over her hands too.

“No… I’m not one of them… let me go.” Angela screamed, trying to escape the binds.

“Nice try, little bitch, but you’re not fooling me.” The guard sneered as she yanked the young teenager roughly along into the line with Hannah and her family..

The trip to the Orphanage was a relatively short one, but tremendously embarrassing for Hannah. All the shopkeeps and women going about their business would stop and stare at the irons around her family’s wrists. They passed by a gaggle of girls exiting the City Guard school. It was Hannah’s classmates. Hannah blushed furiously, mortified as every eye was cast disapprovingly upon her. She’d never felt so humiliated in her entire life.

She could hear them talking loudly, gossiping about her.
“Hannah, a criminal? What do you think she did”
“A whore like her, she probably got caught stealing from the council..”
“I reckon she failed her Guard tests….”
“Nah - I hear Vanessa is getting fed to the plants - so Hannah didn’t get the failing grade this week….”
“Oh, is that Angela with her?”
“Yeah - you reckon they got caught in bed with each other?”
“You think they’re lesbians? Breeding traitors? Omigosh, that’s so like, scandalous….”

The gossip faded to a whisper as Hannah and her family were ushered into the front doors of the Orphanage.

A man was tending the front desk today..
“Hmmm, oh, good. More girls for the line. Get them showered, and prepared. I’ll assess them right now though.

He reached out and grabbed Hannah’s sister Olive by the boobs, and squeezed, feeling her for imperfections.
“Chunker” he proclaimed, and Hannah’s sister was promptly removed from the foyer.

Tonya, one of Hannah’s younger sisters was pulled in next, yanked by her dark pony tail. She whimpered loudly as he pinched at her nipples and caressed her buttocks to feel how much meat they had on them.
“Chunker” he cried, and she was hauled out of the hall, blubbering

Hannah’s aunt Edith was next in the line. He took his time with her assessment, taking in all her curves, and holes with a smile on his face. Something he noticed seemed to please him, and his call was different.
“Steamer” he assessed her.
“Oh God’s no… Anything but that” she blubbered like a child. “Please, I’ll do anything” she screamed, as they dragged her away.

Cheryl was stood up next. Still looking at her aunt, as she was hauled away, kicking and screaming. Cheryl shivered as the man’s cold touch perked up her nipples.

Tina, Hannah’s favourite younger sister was stood up next. After much deliberation, the attendant made his call
“Whoo wee… you are a fine piece of meat…. Whole Live Oven Roaster”
Tina’s eyes practically bugged out of her head as she heard the news.
“No, Oh, No, oh, No, No No NO NOoooooooooo!!!!!”

Candy , the curly haired older sister moaned, as his fingers probed her pussy, and into her anus.
“Ooh, another Steamer, I think.”

Annie Was called up, and he found something wanting in her too

And then it was Angela’s turn.

“Please… I don’t belong here.. It’s a mistake.. I’m not one of them… I’ll do anything… Please, just let me go - “ she whinged and pleaded.”
His fingers ran across her young body, feeling up every inch of her skin , and stroking her soft blonde hair.
“Hmmm - Pigtails… I always loved a girl in pigtails. They’re so cute. Tell you what, if you can give me a great blowjob, I’ll consider letting you go” he said, smiling

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. You won’t regret it. I’ll give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had.” she hugged him.

“Now get to sucking my dick bitch, do it like your life depends on it.because it does.”

“Yes sir, right away sir.” Angela said, bending down, and putting her head under his loincloth. From underneath came obscene slurping sounds like she was trying to suck his dick off of him entirely. The cloth billowed in the shape of her head, pushing back and forth as she tried to inhale his cock with gusto.

Finally, it came Hannah’s turn to be assessed. She cried as he pushed his hands all over her, squeezing her face, looking at her teeth, probing into her holes, palming her flat titties, and massaging the inside of her thighs.

“Please….” she shyly begged “I. - I c-can give good B-blowjobs too.” she whimpered as he grabbed her by the hair and lifted Hanna up to look at her eyes better.
“Steamer” he said.

The City Guard hauled Hannah off towards the showers. Angela was left behind, still sucking cock
“Now come on bitch, don’t forget the balls too. If you don’t make me cum quickly enough, then I’ll just have you turned into a Steamer too.” he berated the blonde under his loincloth. The sounds of slurping intensified.

Hannah was brought into the warm soapy shower and stripped by her captor and forced to bathe. Every inch of her was scrubed and cleansed. It would have been nice if it hadn’t meant being inched closer to her death.
“Why are you doing this?” Hannah sobbed to her guard.
“Just doing my job honey, it’s the responsibility of every City Guard to deal with Vagrancy problems like yourself.” the older woman replied in a manner, that just made Hannah more depressed. How had she ever wanted to be one of them?

After being towelled off, Hannah was brought to an antechamber and forced to squat over a latrine. She was fed an awful tasting medicine that made her tummy hurt. Then the guard stuck a hose up her asshole filling her with something warm and salty, until she thought her tummy would burst. It didn’t take long before Hannah was puking and shitting her guts out into the latrine. She emptied herself of all her impurities in front of a small group of girls, all getting force fed medicine of their own, and receiving forced enemas.

The guard washed the last of the vomit and crap from Hannah’s body, and then walked her over to the killing room floor. Hannah felt really woozy, just having thrown up all her lunch and stomach acids. She didn’t feel well at all. She really wanted to puke, but there was literally nothing left to throw up.Hanna felt pathetic. She just walked along meekly, obeying her captor. She was just too exhausted to resist anymore.

The killing room floor was filled with all kinds of nightmares. Row after row of dividers housed unwitting girls being shown to their demises. Orphans were being spitted, decapitated, gutted alive, and having their heads cracked open. Hannah passed a row of ovens, and was horrified to see inside one, where her little sister Tina was roasting alive. Tina’s eyes were rolled back in her head, as she squirmed in her bindings. Juices sipped from her slowly browning body as it cooked.

Her Tina, the one who’d always been so happy, playing in the streets with her friends. Tina, the one who always ran into Hannah’s bed when there was a lightning storm. Tina, the girl who’d always gotten such good grades at general school. Tina was now just hanging, treated like a piece of meat instead of a little girl.

The guard dragged her away from the screaming sister in the orange glow of an oven. Hannah couldn’t get the image out of her mind though. It was horrible. Just too much to take in for a young mind like Hannah’s.

The two of them passed the kitchens, where the spitroasters were rotating over open coal pits. Chefs were busy going backwards and forwards, seasoning their meats. They continued on their way to the back of the Orphanage.

There in the back, were rows of pipes that fed into the boilers in the basement. Attached to them by the mouth were slowly steaming girls.
“You got a slot open for this one?” THe guard asked a nearby worker.
“Yeah - take her over to station 18.. The girl there is just about ready to be taken off. Wait for the whistling sound. It means she’s done.” the worker responded absentmindedly.
“Sure thing, don’t worry honey, we’ll get you on to cook in no time at all.” the guard said in a manner, that Hannah though was meant to be reassuring, but was most decidedly not.

Hannah looked at the cooking girls in their steaming stations, and realised to her horror, that she knew who they were. Aunt Edith was in station 15. Her skin had turned a brilliant cherry red., and steam was escaping from her anus, making her fart as it exited from her and rose in the air. Her eyes were open, and unblinking, staring off into the distance. She was certainly dead, but still in the process of steaming. Aunt Edith had always been kind to Hannah, squirreling away treats for her to eat when her mother wasn't looking.. But now she was little more than a hunk of meat in a cooking bay.

Number 16 was Candy’s place. Her curly haired sister was still alive and struggling in her metal bindings. Every kick and struggle of her beet red body forced more heated water vapour from her ass. Candy was farting out notes like an orchestra as she slowly steamed to death.
She’d never been Hannah’s favourite sister. The two of them had fought like suckercougars and hellhounds over every little thing. Sometimes she’d said things like ‘Candy, I wish you would just die.’ But looking at her struggling teenage body cook alive, Hannah wouldn’t wish her fate on anyone.

But number 17 was the real surprise. The worker was just beginning to turn on the steam on, and the girl held in the contraption was starting to kick and scream. It was Angela. Hannah guessed that her blowjobs just hadn’t been as good as she’d claimed they were. Swiftly the unlucky girl’s skin began to take on a shade of light crimson as her blood boiled, and she cooked from the inside out. Frantically she tried to escape her bondage, but all she could do was scream into her mask as the steam filled her up.

Station 18 was occupied by a strange woman that Hannah had never seen before. Her skin was a perfect shade of boiled lobster. And as the steam was wafting from her asshole, it made a sweet high whistling noise.
“Ah, this one is done.” the worker said., putting a finger up number 18’s pooper and lifting her out of the bindings that she unclipped. The Steamer slid off of her ribbed esophagus pipe, leaving behind a sticky mess of boiled flesh and hot blood, dripping off the pipe. Number 18’s cooked body was heaped onto a trolley and wheeled away.

“Get that one on her station for us would you darling” the worker asked the guard.
“Sure thing. Ok, now honey, just open wide and suck on that tube like it’s cock, and it’ll go easier for you. Otherwise I’ll have to shove it down your throat myself.” The guard intoned with a practiced menace..

Hannah meekly obeyed. She really didn’t want to do it, she didn’t want to die. But she didn’t think there was any real choice in the matter. She opened wide and put the gross tube in her lips. The taste of the last occupant was hot on her tongue. Gods, it tasted delicious, just like a steamed girl dish at a fancy restaurant.

The Guard pushed her up, balled her legs into their holsters, and slid her till the tube was almost choking her. Out her left, she could still see her best friend thrashing in agony, tears streaming down her face, as she was steamed alive. In front of her, she had a good view of the Chunking Station.

They were making good pace at the chunking station, reducing girls to parts suitable for use in soups, broths and small stir fry’s. Hannah could see that they were already up to her sisters

Olive was just reaching the start of the line. A heavy cleaver slammed down and removed her leg. Blood spurted from the stump. Olive wet herself as she screamed bloody murder.

Tina was further up the line, and had already been reduced to a quad amputee.She squirmed atop the cleaver, as the attendant lined it up under her pussy.
Thunk - she was slammed down on the blade, and she gave a dumb look as her body split in two, and her guts fell out in a messy pile.

Cheryl looked stupidly as a long specialised decapitation blade was placed around her neck. As if she couldn’t believe this was really happening to her… then with a leveraging pull, the blade popped off her stunned head popped right off like a Gourdplant champagne cork.

Tonya’s head was being thrown into a trough full to the brim with other decapitated heads. Her body was slowly being gutted and quartered on the table. Hannah could swear that she saw Tonya, still blinking and looking around as she hit the pile.

Hannah couldn’t see Annie anywhere… but some of the hanging body parts on hooks above looked suspiciously familiar. She could swear that Annie’s boobs were exactly the same shape and size as the one on that torso hanging off to the right. Gods, that probably was Annie, she realised.

“You’re gonna have a great view as you cook honey,”
The guard leaned around the front to face Hannah in her little mask, all bound up like a snuff slave.
“This is the part of the job I love the most. I just love looking right into the eyes of little bitches like you as I turn the valve on, and you realise that you’re no longer a human being with a name, and rights. You’re just order number 18 now.” the guard smiled with a cruel glint in her eye, as she turned the valve slowly on. It creaked as it turned, and the pipes rattled and hissed.
Hannah realised that the guard was right…. She was just number 18 now.

Scalding hot steam rushed down her ribbed pipe and directly into her empty stomach, filling it and heating it. It felt like a nightmarish tummy ache, worse than the medication she was given earlier. Tears welled, unbidden in her eyes, as the line of pain worked its way into her gut, and back up her throat and into her lungs.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuummmmffffffffhhhhh” She screamed into her mask, as she tried to escape the pain by squirming.But it didn’t stop the pain from reaching her poohole. She clenched her butthole tight. She didn’t want to be disgusting and fart like Candy and aunt Edith had.

Beside her, Angela had settled down, A long noise of flatulence and steam issued from her asshole while she shrieked and blubbered, her face blushing slightly more red than her angry red body was displaying, somehow showing her embarrassment, despite her more pressing predicament.

Hannah was trying to hold it in She was a lady, a wealthy scion of a noble family, who had only been robbed of their place by duplicity. And, ladies didn’t pass gas in public… they just didn’t. But the pressure was just becoming too much. But she could keep hold of herself… she could…
Hannah let go of the steam involuntarily, and made an enormous noise, far more than if she hadn’t tried to hold it in. She felt so ashamed.

The guard laughed.
“Oh gods, you were trying so hard to keep that in, weren’t you honey? Don’t worry about it number 18 - all the Steamers do it before they die. You’re just meat now, no need for modesty. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. You’ll be dead before you know it.

Hannah’s eyes rolled back, as she let out a string of foul butt noises. She was sweating profusely, and felt like anywhere on the World of Bones would be a better place to be than here. Angela had stopped moving entirely now, her eyes were glazed and unfocussed and her body was a perfect cherry red.

“We’ve already got a buyer for number 18.. She’s to be delivered to the address of the City Councillor Irma Clovis. Make sure 18 is delivered quickly… she’s supposed to be lunch for Mrs Clovis’ enemies execution celebrations today. It’s a big bash for some reason” said the guard to one of the nearby workers.
“Yes maam.. Will do” she replied..

As the minutes turned into hours, Hannah became woozy, the world was hazy, and dim. She could barely see the line of girls getting hacked apart in a bloody dissasembly line, and she barely even noticed when Angela’s ass began to whistle, and they removed her from station 17, and replaced her with a fresh girl. The new girl looked at Hannah’s boiled red body, and began to cry in horror at the look of it. Hannah didn’t mind anymore… she just farted unhappily, and cooked until she finally faded out of consciousness. Her lungs burned horribly with each strained breath. Soon after, Hannah died, and truly became just Number 18; the Steamer.

Number 18 whistled from her ass when she was done.


It's a pity she didn't end up as a live dessert. It would have been a nice narrative loop.

If you're looking for constructive criticism, I found it difficult to picture what was going on at several points because the descriptions were too brief. For example, I can't tell what position the Steamers were meant to be in. On their knees? Lying down, looking straight ahead? What are the restraints like?

You should also put a link to your other work here, since it seems like you're assuming some degree of familiarity on the part of the reader and I had to find it by googling.

Aside from that, I quite liked it, and I look forward to seeing more from you.


holy crap, an actual guro story with farting?! based anon, great writing too


Great story.

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