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Warning, Vice Dark Lord does not condemn violance towards women, or anyone for that matter. Just like, don't be an asshole


Alice-We're back baby!

Lauren-*adjusts glasses* yes, that we are

Alice-After the longest wait imaginable, the greatest Vs debate series has finally returned! And boy oh boy do we have a killer first match up for ya

Lauren-That we do! It's the battle of the laser firing, high flying comic heroines!

Alice-Captain Marvel Vs Starfire! Voting ends March 11th!!!


*note, the vice dark lord does indead condemn violence, they do not however condone it. Possible worst malapropism in history*


Alice-Space is fucking weird

Lauren-*adjusts glasses academic* as a woman who has done ground breaking research on everything from black holes, to the gravitational pull of planets. I can indeed confirm that “space is fucking weird”

Alice-And now one better illustrates this than Captain Marvel

Lauren-Real Name Carol Danvers, age 28-32, height 5'11", weight 165 lbs, cup size estimated D.Carol lived a pretty ordinary life until one life changing

Alice-Ordinary!?! She was a jet pilot, and worked for fucking NASA!

Lauren-Well, Ordinary compared to me.

Alice-Well during that whole NASA thing, Carol got caught in a space battle between the Kree, and the Kree superhero Captain Marvel. Well some shit went down, the pilot, and hero ended up in a machine that blew up. And because this is comic books she just grew a new brain lobe, and gained Captain Marvel's powers instead of being yeeted out of existence. Then her and Captain everything but America became the best of friends, and fought evil together.

Lauren-Until he died

Alice-Yeah that had to suck. But no worries, Carol took his place, and became the new, Captain Marvel.

Lauren-She was perfect for the job too. Carol has super strength that can match the hulks, fly around the speed of sound, fire beams of photon energy, as well as create fields of it for defensive purposes.

Alice-Yep, she basically has all the basic super hero stuff

Lauren-Well she has one ability that sets her apart from all the other Superman clones. Energy absorption

Alice-Magic, electricity, plasma, whatever you throw at her, she'll suck it right up, like she's your local whore sucking the cum out of your dick!

Lauren-And if she absorbs enough energy, she becomes Binary

Alice-No this does not mean she decides to be a Male or female, it means her head fucking lights on fire, and she gets even stronger!

Lauren-Yes Binary is immensely powerful, and supposedly has the power of a star, but it takes a massive amount of energy for her to entire this form

Alice-Flaming head or no, Carol is strong. She's defeated the Hulk, absorbed the energy of a nuke, punched Iron Man out of his armor, and flew from the earth to the atmosphere in 118 seconds!

Lauren-But as Marvelous as she is, she’s far from perfect. She's brash proven by the fact she started a second superhero civil war, is an alcoholic as well as being incredibly conceded

Alice-That was fucking terrible Lauren, just leave the puns to me. And besides a few mental issues are nothing when you can blow planets up

Lauren-I’m pretty sure that just makes them larger problems

Alice-But how will she fair against her alien foe Starfire?


Lauren-Princess to the Tamaraneans, a race of aliens warriors, whose power is derived from their emotions, Kori was next in line to be queen

Alice-But cause we need conflict, her sister Komand'r was all like “fuck off sis” and sold her to slave traders. After their ship stopped at earth, she broke free, defeated her captors, and took their ships name for herself, becoming Starfire!

Lauren-Real Name Koriand'r, age 18-23, height 6’4, weight 158 lbs, cup size estimated B, don’t let her feminine appearance fool you, she is a force to be reckoned with

Alice-That's cause she's Tamaranean. This race of people have immense super strength, speed, reflexes, and the ability to fly…why do all sentient races besides humans have all these super powers

Lauren-Not only this, she can project ultraviolet energy both as bolts fired from her hand, and more powerful beams fired from her eyes

Alice-…wait a sec, super strength, flight, eye beams, comes from an alien planet…she's just sexy superman! And we already have Supergirl!

Lauren-*adjusts glasses agreeably* strengthening your point, similar to Superman she can absorb ultraviolet energy, as well as having a similar ability to Clark's Super Flare, called Stellar Nova where she let’s lose all her UV energy at once

Alice-I just like Clark she knows plenty of her native races martial arts!

Lauren-As you can imagine with all this, she's pulled of some impressive things. She's survived an exploding stars, can fly faster than the speed of sound, and has even beat her sister Blackfire

Alice-Buuuut she's not perfect. She's extremely naive, and has trouble understanding earth culture. But when your main weakness is that you don't get people, your doing pretty good for yourself. But will her lack of people skills spell her doom when she faces Captain Marvel? Or will she reign supreme?


Starfire to die Captian Marvel to win


Can Starfire die, would you kindly?


Starfire to die, so we can drink the tears of morons who hate Captian Marvel


Captain Marvel to die. Honestly not everyone who hates her is an incel.


Starfire to die because yes they are incel bitch


Badass powerful chicks are awesome so Captian Marbel should win and Starfire to die


Starfire to win marvel to die


I thirst for Incel tears to Starfire to die and Captian Marvel to win


I like redheads more than blondes so marvel to die starfire win


I think the voting is over but if not Captian Marvel to sin Starfire to die


Sorry for the delay. I've been sick, but Captain Marvel Vs Starfire should be up tomorrow


Captain Marvel slammed into the volcano. Inside its fiery depths lay the power she sensed. A multi colored orb with 28 stars covering it. The immense energy it radiated instantly disintegrated her clothes.

“Damn it”

She swore looking down at her now naked body. Her pale skin looked almost red in the harsh light as did her large breast giving the impression that they were fireballs. She sighed, and started walking towards the orb, her muscular legs taking long steps, and her smooth feet slamming into the hot stone floor. Suddenly something crashed behind the orb. Carol covered her face as she was harmlessly pummeled with rubble. The hero scowled as the dust cleared revealing the newcomer. Starfire stood in the creator, complete naked. She registered her slightly tan body with a bit of shock, grabbing her perky little tits, and bubble butt almost as if to make sure what she was seeing was real.


Captain Marvel said pointing at the alien, clenching her butt, and making her shaved pussy easy for all to see. Starfire frowned turning to the woman, not making any attempt to hide her red bush.

“Scram kid, I got here first”

The exe pilot said. Starfires green eyes fixed on Carol. Her English was a little rusty, and she planned on fixing that. Stars tiny brown feet gently tapped the ground as she walked towards the hero. Captain Marvel took a defensive stance, but Koriand'r took no notice.

“Don’t get any closer!”

Marvel demanded. The alien rested her hands on Carols shoulder, and smooshed their wet lips together. The hero went wide eyed, and shoved Starfire off her.

“I am the apology. My species can learn language from lip contact”

Star side, Marvel's fist slamming into her face soon after, sending her crashing into the wall of the volcano.

“How dare you touch me!”

Carol roared angrily

“You will the regret that”

Koriand'r said flouting off the ground, her green eyes glowing.

“I'll show you not to touch me maggot”

Captain Marvel growled.


With a cry of anger, the alien flung two orbs of green UV energy at her foe, but Marvel effortlessly dodged as she walked forwards.

“Huh! You call that energy?”

Carol said before fired a beam of energy out of her hand. Starfire raised her arms in defense, but the beam slammed into her smashing through the wall of the volcano, leaving a giant hole in it. Starfire hovered over the ocean, and the ex pilot exploded out of the volcano, slamming her fist into the dazed aliens smooth belly, sending her flying thousands of miles. Koriand'r soared over the sea, before finally crashing into the coast of Puerto Rico. She moaned getting to her soft feet. Her body was left without cut or scratch, but a bruise was forming on her soft stomach. The alien gasped in shock, jumping backwards, moments before Marvel kamikazed into the beach. Dozens of cute bikini clad tourist, and natives alike fled as a giant cloud of sand was kicked up.

“Take the this!”

Starfire exclaimed firing her eye beams into the cloud. Carol was slowly forced backwards, her red painted toes curling as her feet dug into the sand, as she blocked the blast of UV energy with her arms. With a roar of rage, Marvel managed to shove the beam aside, sending it flying it to a redheaded cutie, disintegrating her instantly.

“I am the sorry!”

The alien cried in a panic. Carol dashed forward, and punched Koriand'r in the face. The Tamaran was flung through the door of a massive high class hotel, skidding next to the front desk, leaving a giant hole where the door once was. The building began to collapse due to the structural damage. Guests ran, and screamed. The dark skinned receptionist's stumbled backwards as she started to hyperventilate.

“Don't worry! I'll save you!”

Starfire shouted. Suddenly a large wooden beam fell from one of the upper floors decapitating the receptionist's in a final destination esk style.

“You should worry about yourself!”

Captain Marvel exclaimed flying into the hotel, tackling the young alien, and flying her out of the hotel. The two nude heroines tumbled across the beach as the hotel collapsed in the background.

Starfire shoved her sole into Carol's muscular stomach, sending her flying off.

“This is over”

The Tamaran cried firing her eye beams again, but just as the blast of energy hit her, it was as if it was sucked it to Marvel's body. Goosebumps appeared all over her skin, and her nipples stiffened up.


Starfire said, stumbling backwards. Carol suddenly appeared behind her, and uppercut her in the gut. Koriand'r grunted in pain as she was sent soaring into the air. The alien launched orbs of energy at her foe, but Marvel just absorbed it, before vanishing, appearing behind the Tamaran again.

“You don't seem to get it do you?”

She said punching her in the face, sending her flying back to the ground. She crashed into the beach sending a swimsuit clad asian flying, snapping her neck as she landed. Starfire got to her feet, firing another eyebeam with a cry of desperation. Marvel held out her hands, and the blast was sucked into her palms.

“Anything you can throw at me, I can throw back tenfold!”

Carol exclaimed throwing a giant blast of energy at her foe. Starfire took the sky just in time, and moments before the beam hit the ground, complete disintegrating the beach, and damming all the swimsuit wearing women to swift death.

“Well how about the this!”

Starfire exclaimed flying forward, punching Carol in the cheek, creating a massive shock way, causing her to fly back a few inches. Starfire dashed forward, slamming her foot into Carol's face. The ex pilot head cocked to the side, and she turned back to the alien with a smirk, whipping the blood from her lips.

“Not bad”

She said.

“Then take this!” Starfire said tackling Marvel, send the both falling into the ocean. There was a giant blast of green energy. Moments later Koriand'r was launched out of the sea as there was another huge explosion of energy.


She groaned struggling to stay in the air, as Marvel flew into the air, her hair now flame like. The ex-pilot cackled confidently.

“Looks like that's all you got”

She said smirking. With a cry of fear, and frustration, the alien flung a disk of green energy at her foe, but it harmless dissolved against Carol's skin. Marvel flew to Starfire faster than she could see, and kneed her in the gut. The Teen Titan went wide eyed as she coughed up blood, and was sent flying even higher in the air. The Tamaran tried to slowly fly away, but Carol had already caught up with her. Starfire yelped in pain as the blonde grabbed her by the air, and throw into the ground. There was a *kaboom* as the redhead hit the ground, and Marvel hovered over the crater. Koriand'r leaped several hundred feet off the ground, and struck Carol in the cheek, but the ex-pilot only smirked. The blonde kicked her foe in the gut sending her flying at least a mile backwards

“You can't beat me”

She said a ball of energy forming in her hand.

“So just die!”

She exclaimed firing one final blast.

“Robin help me”

Starfire whimpered before being engulfed. The alien screamed in pain. Her skin was fine, but her insides where seared. When the energy faded the Tamaran weakly floated. Her green eyes where blank, and a drip of blood ran out of her nose, and another from her lips. Her slim figure was drenched in sweat. Her slender fingers, and toes twitched. She moaned weakly as stream of piss was expelled from her pussy falling to the earth, followed by her corpse. Koriand'r, aka Starfire was dead. Captain Marvel laughed confidently before flying off



*Sips a cup of Incel tears* Delicious


Alice-Oh shit that was a sad one

Lauren-Starfire really didn't stand much of a chance. Sure she was a powerful hero, but most of her attacks just fueled Carol's attacks

Alice-Plus Carol is far more brutal, and aggressive.

Lauren-And even if Starfire could overpower her in base form, there’s no way she could handle her as Binary

Alice-But how could she take that form? Doesn't it take lot of fuck ton of energy? Like a star amount of energy?


Alice-Ohhhhhhhhh shit….

Lauren-Yeah, Starfire was just a living battery to Carol

Alice-So during the whole thing Starfire was burning herself out, and Captain Marvel was just charging herself up. At least we can Marvel at Starfires death


File: 1553043155816.jpg (318.13 KB, 1714x1282, PicsArt_02-04-11.16.14.jpg)

Alice-Oh shit that was a sad one

Lauren-Starfire really didn't stand much of a chance. Sure she was a powerful hero, but most of her attacks just fueled Carol's attacks

Alice-Plus Carol is far more brutal, and aggressive.

Lauren-And even if Starfire could overpower her in base form, there’s no way she could handle her as Binary

Alice-But how could she take that form? Doesn't it take lot of fuck ton of energy? Like a star amount of energy?


Alice-Ohhhhhhhhh shit….

Lauren-Yeah, Starfire was just a living battery to Carol

Alice-So during the whole thing Starfire was burning herself out, and Captain Marvel was just charging herself up. At least we can Marvel at Starfires death


Alice-Next time on Waifu Wars!

Lauren-When you're competing in a battle royal filled with wizards, monsters, and demigods having some animal traits can be useful

Alice-Like with league of legends foxy Ahri, and Dota 2s Enchantress who I would love to call deer

Lauren-uh yeah Ahri Vs Enchantress


Damn, nice choices we have here. I vote for Ahri to die.


Funny how Death Battle announces a fight using Captain Marvel the day after Captain Marvel Vs Starfire went up. It's almost like those rookies are trying to ride off of the success of this far more successful Vs debating series😑


Ahri to die for the following reasons:


Lauren-Abandoned in the icy wilderness by her family as a baby, the young vastaya Ahri had it rough from the very start

Alice-But instead of sitting around crying about it, she found a pack of fucking wolves, and was like “yo bitch I'm one of you”

Lauren-Naturally, being a rather small woman, Ahri lacked the physical means to keep up with her fully K9 companions, so she tapped into her latent magical abilities to compensate. Not only did this grant her superhuman agility, it allowed her to create dangerous orbs of magic energy, produce foxfire, manipulate feelings, and absorb both the life force, and memories of her prey.

Alice-So Ahri spent a good chunk of her life doing wolf shit, killing wild animals, pissing on trees, howling at the moon, all good stuff. This all changed when she first met humans. She found them pretty strange, but was particularly fascinated by a hunter dude, who like her wolf hoes used every part of his kill

Lauren-After the man was fatally wounded she absorbed his memories, falling in love with his life

Alice-Basically high of this man's memories, Ahri left the wilderness to find more of this new prey

Lauren-Age around 18, height 5'4, weight 145 lbs, cup size estimated C, Ahri spent years absorbing the lives1 of unfortunate humans, manipulating their emotions the whole time. Yet eventually she began finding stories of a fox demon with in the memories, and remorse soon followed.

Alice-At first she tried to like not murder people, eat their whole life story, only taking the occasional mind nibble, but that didn't go as planned

Lauren-Upon losing control, and consuming the life force of an entire town, Ahri retreated to a cave in guilt. Much later she emerged, now determined to not take innocent life, and to find her past

Alice-Course she’s a hot bitch in a high fantasy world, she needed to know how to defend herself. Luckily for her, she has plenty of deadly techniques

Lauren-Orb of Destruction launches a ball of magic energy at her foes that returns to her, damaging any foes that cross it’s path on the way back

Alice-Fox-Fire creates three flames that shoot themselves at anyone foolish enough to get to close to the fox girl

Lauren-Charm not only slows it's target, but forces them to approach Ahri for a few moments

Alice-And of course her ultimate Spirit Rush allows her to dash through multiple foes while engulfed in spectral energy

Lauren-And the whole time, she can slowly absorb her opponent's life force, speeding herself up.

Alice-Plus when it comes down to it, her bites pretty painful

Lauren- She can make a deer feel completely calm, even while biting into it, steal the life force of an entire village as established earlier, and even face off against many of the Leagues more powerful champions

Alice-But while fast and powerful, she’s also fragile. A good hit could easily put down this fox girl

Lauren-Glass canon or no, Ahri is an immensely skilled champion. But how will she fare against her opponent, Dota 2s Enchantress


Lauren-The forest is a seemingly magical place. Hidden away from civilization, if you decide to wander through these patches of nature, you may find something wonderful

Alice-Something like the Enchantress

Lauren-age unknown, height unknown, weight unknown, cup size C, Enchantress may seem like a fragile forest sprite, but she is a force to be reckoned with

Alice-Well I'd say! If a centaur charged at me with a mother fucking spear, I'd be pretty damn scared no matter how hot she is!

Lauren-*adjusts glasses medagamely* her spear my be indimadating, but Enchantresses true strength lies in her abilities

Alice-Like Untouchable, a passive ability that slows the attack speed of any who harm her

Lauren-Her most notable ability however may be Enchant. This spell allows her to not only slow powerful opponents, but temporarily bend weaker minded foes to her will

Alice-But if things get a little to harry, or I suppose furry…oh fuck…Anywho! When she's injured Enchantress can cast Nature's Attendants which summons a cloud of wisps to heal her!

Lauren-And finally her ultimate Impetus engulfs her spear in a magical energy which increases its power the farther it is thrown

Alice-This contained with her dear like speed makes her a rather skilled fighter

Lauren-Indeed indeed, but Enchantress is definitely more of a support oriented fighter, and struggles by herself

Alice-But will she find herself Ahri's prey? Or will the tables turn! Find out in the full fight!

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