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Tags: mf/fsnon-con crushing mashing ripping shredding destruction rape scat lolli teen (probably more to follow)

Hello sickos. I'd never done creative writing before, so thought I'd give it a try. 4 days later I've roughed out nearly 20000 words, and am pleased enough with it to upload it here.

Feedback is welcome. I'd like to know if I'm deluded, so I don't have to waste any more time on this.

If you spot any glaring errors, keep them to yourself, and hopefully no-one else will notice ;)

The general theme is a modern underground dungeon. Girls and young ladies get brutally raped, and then meet annihilation in various machines. Lots of gore and minimal plot. The format is pretty open ended, so I'll probably keep adding chapters as I go along.
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I'll just have it precision air-dropped. WITHOUT A PARACHUTE MWUHAHAHA.



Also, have you considered that we might live on the same island? We could even be next-door neighbours and you'd never know!

Of course I'd never know either. And it goes without saying that I'd probably cancel the air-drop if that was the case. Last time I was scrubbing giblets off the walls for days - I dont' wanna make that mistake again!


>I'll just have it precision air-dropped. WITHOUT A PARACHUTE MWUHAHAHA.




>Fine, a small hint. The island is surrounded by the ocean. I know, I know I might be giving too much away for one as clever as you but I have faith you'll never get the steamroller here.

You're playing a very dangerous game, young lady, giving me more information than you realise. Now I can rule out Malta, since it's in a sea, not an ocean. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and update the big master plan that I've drawn all over the walls.


>since it's in a sea, not an ocean.

Oh, right there is a difference in English. I really should have realized that considering my unique position. Oh well, no matter.

But you sir have told me you live on an island. Or should that be "ser"



Excuse me mudam, wryyy ora you referencing 1980's heavy metal bands?


Damn. Westeros. You've found me.


>Damn. Westeros. You've found me.

Is it bad that I had to Google that?


I dunno. I have to google pretty much everything you say to me lol. I googled "ser" and that's where it led me. Maybe you meant something else. You're very cryptic and I've only got an IQ of 145. We can't all be geniuses <sigh>.


I've not been able to get online all day (don't ask) but in between drawing all over the walls, have found time to just about finish chapter 17. It might not be very good value, because it's quite a long chapter, and only half the Bitches get dealt with, but hopefully some of you will have as much fun reading it as I did writing it. :)

Probably be an hour or six. If it doesn't appear, it's probably because my internet is dead, and not me (probably).


Can't wait!



ffs guys get a room already instead of stinking up the thread with this shit


Chapter 17. Screamroller.

The trio, just to add to the excitement, had turned their machines around to face the opposite wall, while the Bitches ran for cover. After all, hide-and-seek is no fun if you know where the prey is hiding. They gave the girls a couple of minutes to conceal themselves, and used the time to put on their headsets and perform a radio check. Co-ordination would be the key to a successful hunt.

The Bitches split up, and ran towards the relative safety of the obstacles. Any hope of stealing the gun was dashed, at least for the moment, but Zoe hadn't given up completely. She ran for the tower. "We'll get a better view from up there, see what's going on," she told Georgie.

Georgie had followed Zoe without thinking. Thinking wasn't her strong point anyway, but she admired Zoe's cleverness, and loved being her protector. Symbiotic she would have thought, if only she knew of such a word. But it was more than that too. Georgie had come to realize that her attraction to Zoe was more than admiration. It was love. She had been meaning to tell Zoe how she felt, but it never seemed the right time. Now, perhaps she never would, she thought glumly.

Meanwhile, Megan thought that the crates would be a good hiding place, she found one was lying on its side, on top of another, and pulled open the wooden lid and crawled inside. It made a good vantage point too, as she could see out through the gaps in the planks.

The three sisters headed towards the barrels. It looked like a relatively safe spot, shielded by the concrete blocks. Amy quickly crawled into a blue 20 gallon plastic barrel, barely big enough to hold her, and Christy popped the lid into place, sealing her in. Out of sight, out of mind, she thought. Christi hunkered down between two blocks, also hoping that if she couldn't be seen, she might be forgotten too.

Lauren still felt the need to shit. But she put it out of her mind for the moment, as she thought about her sisters. Megan was right, of course. It was her fault. It was completely irresponsible of her to hold a party while her parents were away skiing. She was supposed to be looking after the little ones, and instead, something horrible was going to happen to them all, and she had no-one to blame but herself.

In a daze, she walked to the other end of the obstacles. All she could think to do was to distract the predators away from the little ones, and besides, if she was caught, at least it would increase their chances a little, just based on the maths.

Megan watched her through the cracks in the crate. She thought Lauren didn't really seem to know where to hide, or what to do. Suddenly there was a roar, and the three machines started their engines again. Megan's heart raced as she watched them turn around and head towards her. Had the trio seen her? If so her hiding place would become a trap of splintering wood. She held her breath. The nightmarish sense of imminent hell seemed to strain the very air to breaking point, but despite that, Megan realised she was getting wet.

But then Bob spotted Lauren, and the family, having finally found a quarry to hunt, turned away in pursuit. Megan exhaled and grinned. This was exactly what she needed. While the predators were distracted by tasty Lauren, she slipped from the crate, and slunk back towards the barrels. She crouched down behind one of the concrete blocks, and watched as Lauren confronted Volvomort and the Crocododgems. Megan's heart skipped a beat as Lauren, as if in a trance, calmly walked from safety and into the Arena proper.

She was saying something to Bob. Megan couldn't hear what, but she could see from the body language that Lauren was trying to bargain. Typical whore, trying to use her body to get her own way. For a moment there was an impasse, as 130 pounds of tender feminine flesh faced off about thirty tons of angry steel.

Then Emma's machine raised it's jaws to waist level, and opened wide. Lauren stood firm. Megan felt a trickle of moisture on her thigh and she gasped, as the Crocododgem lurched towards its motionless prey. But then, Lauren's courage seemed to evaporate, and she turned and fled, breasts bouncing under her top as she awkwardly jolted along on four-inch heels.

Megan almost wanted to laugh, it was clear that soon Lauren's threat to her victory would soon be no more than a delicious bloody smear, as the machines would surely catch her amongst the crates soon, and tear her to pieces.

But then Lauren turned.

"Fuck!" cursed Megan under her breath, as Lauren ran straight towards her. She'll give away my position! she thought. She stood up, and reverted back to 'plan A', distraction.

As Lauren reached her position, Megan grabbed Amy's barrel. Even with the girl inside, it weighed less than fifty pounds, and even Megan had little trouble lifting it over the concrete blocks.

"Eep!" squealed the barrel. Megan used her full strength to throw it out towards the centre of the Arena, and coincidentally, Kasia's advancing behemoth.

"Nooo!" cried Lauren, as she watched the blue barrel wobble along on one edge, like a spinning top ready to fall, as it rolled chaotically towards Volvomort. At the last minute it toppled, landing on it's side, directly in the path of disaster.

"Yay!" exclaimed Kasia, overjoyed at the prospect of finally christening her new toy. But soon her delight gave way to frustration, as Volvomort couldn't get purchase on the smooth plastic, and just rolled the barrel around in front of it.

But Bob came to the rescue, and moments later had the barrel securely held upright within the spiky jaws of his Crocododgem. He gave it a squeeze. "Isn't this fun!" he called out to Lauren, as the spikes slowly penetrated the plastic.

She shook her head, as copious tears ruined her make-up. "Nooo! I'll do anything! Just take me instead!"

Bob squeezed some more as he pondered her offer. The barrel squashed into an oval, causing the lid to pop off. Little hands appeared at the rim, as Amy desperately tried to pull herself free, but by now she was trapped in place. She squealed in horror, and pee trickled into the bottom of the barrel.

"Nooo!" Lauren cried again. Bob looked up from the barrel o' fun, and at her sensual tear stained face. He thought it was quite an act. She actually seemed genuine. And very beautiful. And vulnerable. And delicious. And, most of all, available. In the end, his boner won whatever argument his brain was trying to make against the decision, and he dropped the barrel and its contents, and climbed from the cab of his dodgem.

Megan watched as Emma followed suit, toting the shotgun. Bob produced his knife and soon he had cut away Lauren's dress, revealing her delicious vulnerable nudity, and was frantically raping her on the hard steel floor.

"I gotta poop," Lauren repeated, as Bob vigorously pounded her nakedness. He didn't care, and all too soon he squirted his load into her pulchritudinous body, sating his lust for the moment. It wasn't the most epic sex ever, but at least it cleared his mind so he could get back to the tasks in hand.

"Thankyou!" Lauren said, as Bob finished.

Bob was puzzled for a moment by this unexpected gratitude, but then laughed as he remembered the bargain to free her sister. "Did you really think I meant that?"

Lauren got to her feet and stood in all her glory, her gorgeous red lips half open in disbelief. "We had a deal! It's not fair!"

"Neither is five on one!" shouted Kasia, and put Volvomort into gear.

Bob left Lauren standing in bewilderment, and returned to his dodgem. He dropped the barrel, and the trio watched in amusement as little Amy decided it wasn't a good hiding place anymore and struggled free.

She ran crying, back towards the obstacles, but in a moment was cut off as Emma swooped in with the highly maneuverable Crocododgem. Amy's eyes fixated on the approaching jaws, and she squealed and ran back the other way, only to bump into Volvomort, or more precisely, its rear tyre.

She was thrown to the ground by the impact, and before she could regain her feet, the hard rubber of the deeply treaded tyre had pinned her right leg down.

"Oh noes!" laughed Kasia. "Now you're stuck! Maybe we can pull your wings off now, like I promised."

Amy's voice trembled. "Wings?"

"The wings of an angel!" Kasia mused. "Okay then, your arms."

Ignoring Lauren's pathetic pleas and attempts to stop them, Bob and Emma maneuvered the two dodgems into place on either side of the girl, and tried to grab her arms in their jaws. It wasn't so easy, as little Amy screamed and wriggled this way and that. But soon, boxed in on all sides by heavy machinery, she was reduced to sobbing hopelessly as she had no wriggling space left.

Emma managed to grab Amy's left arm by the elbow, then pushed a lever in the cab, and with an evil hiss, the spikes closed on her arm. Amy screamed as the spikes pushed effortlessly into her flesh, thrashing with her free arm, as if trying to reach for an antidote to the pain.

Bob timed it perfectly, and mid-thrash, he managed to intercept Amy's hand, and had her trapped.

Now that the girl was securely held by both arms, Kasia was freed of pinning duty, and decided to reposition her beast for better viewing. Volvomort rolled off Amy's leg, leaving behind a squashed and bloody ballerina shoe.

Bob pulled another lever, and the jaws of his dodgem started to move, the belts of teeth pulling the helpless victim's hand deeper into it's maw.

Amy gasped, and with animal desperation, tried to yank herself free, but only succeeded in tearing the delicate flesh of her arms against the spikes. Blood was running down her arms, and staining her gold leotard. Lauren found herself unable to watch, and filled with guilt at abandoning her sister, ran, heading for the cover of the stack of crates.

Now, Bob and Emma had Amy where they needed her, each pair of jaws filled with those little arms up to the shoulders. They lifted the girl, into a crucifix position. Then simultaneously they engaged reverse. The machines lurched backwards, and there was a brief tearing sound and a pop. Jets of blood sprayed, some hitting the windscreen of Bob's machine, and Amy fell to the floor in a heap amidst a growing crimson pool.

"Yay!" shouted Kasia.

"Oh that's nice!" said Emma with a smile, "I thought maybe just one arm would come off, and we'd have to try again. But no, both arms gone! What are the odds?"

Bob reached behind the seat of his dodgem, picked up a blowtorch, and jumped out. "She's bleeding out too fast," he stated, rather obviously. "Maybe I can cauterize those wounds a bit." He set to work with the blowtorch, searing the ragged gashes of torn muscles and skin, causing Amy to pass out from the pain.

"Mmm," said Kasia, "That smells lovely! Maybe we can barbecue her arms later!"

"Like in one of those super boring cannibal stories that you find on Gurochan," laughed Emma.

"Fidley's restaurant?" Bob chuckled, as he moved the flame to the other stump. "Those girls don't die of roasting or skewering - I think they die of boredom!"

"Piles of dead girls, all been brutally bored to death by being in the wrong story, poor things," laughed Kasia. "We're having way more fun than that! What's the point of writing a story if it's more boring than real life?"

"You should write a story, Kasia!" said Bob encouragingly.

"I dunno how to write stuff really."

"Just write about what you know - that's what they say. And we'll help. It'll be educational. Improve your vocabulary."

Kasia nodded, as she tried to remember how a 'vocabulary' worked. "Hopefully I'll learn some new words too. Maybe I'll just call it 'The Death Factory', after this place."

Bob frowned. "Doesn't seem like a very original name. Maybe we can think of a better one later."

"I don't think it's a good idea," Emma warned. "It could compromise security."

"Meh," said Bob, as he looked down at Amy's charred and smoking torso. "We'll just change a few details and no-one will ever know. Everyone will think it's just another gore story, and not actually based on reality. Kasia would assume a nom-de-plume of course, pretending to be some incredibly witty and charismatic anon on the internet."

"A name that reflects her true passion!" agreed Emma.

"Squishing and crunching girls!" laughed Kasia. "But what?"

"Okay enough of that!" interrupted Bob, "you can think of a name later. I wanna use this one as a cock sleeve while I'm riding my dodgem around."

When Amy regained consciousness, she found herself in the cab of the dodgem, duct-taped to Bob. Any attempt to move her arms just resulted in an awful sense of something being desperately wrong, and caused a terrible pain in her shoulders and back. She tried moving her legs instead.

Bob moaned happily, as she kicked and squirmed on his shaft. "Oh, you're back with us!" He placed a hand on her tummy and pushed her down, his dick pushing deeper into her tight, squidgy little ass. He had tried her pussy, but he couldn't achieve the blissful sensation of being balls deep, so had switched tack. He smiled as he remembered the old joke. Girls that think that size doesn't matter are just shallow.

"Who should we go for next?" he asked Amy, "Maybe your sisters? You can watch as we tear them into itty-bitty pieces."

Amy said nothing. Talking or even breathing was incredibly painful, so she only allowed herself a few pathetic gasps.

But then, Bob noticed the two girls on top of the tower. Zoe and Georgie might have found a good vantage point, but it did have the drawback of being rather exposed. Bob expertly steered his machine around the ominous red 'X', and after working a couple of levers, soon had one of the scaffolding uprights in the jaws. "Rock a bye baby…" he sang.

He was joined by Emma. It was a lot of fun for the trio, watching the tower lurch this way and that, as the two girls clung on. Another shove, and Georgie was suddenly dangling from the high platform, clinging from a cross member by her fingers, her strong legs kicking, trying to find a foothold.

Zoe looked down at her, and realised the game was up, "Fuck!" she said, as the tower reached a crazy angle. "I'm outta here."

She jumped into the the yellow pipe, thinking that she could slide down it to safety, but on entering, found that the inside was quite greasy. With no options left, she let herself go, and whooshed down the tube at an increasing speed until she was dumped into the skip below with a resonating 'bong'. Zoe hadn't looked into the skip before she jumped, and in any case her view had been obscured by the crates. Now, realising her situation, all she could say was, "fuck."

Emma lifted the jaws of her dodgem, causing the tower to suddenly rise and swing back, hitting the wall behind it. Georgie yelped as her grip was broken by the impact. Funnily enough the first thing that went through her mind was disappointment that she had broken one of her nails.

The trio shouted "Yay!" in unison, as they watched her fall, then "Oooh!" as she slammed feet first onto the unyielding steel below with a loud crack.

Georgie found herself lying between the tower and the barrels. As soon as she tried to stand she realised that her legs were broken, and felt cold and sick as shock took hold. Game over, she thought. She lay there for a moment, as the pain seared in her legs. She wanted to scream. She wanted to run. She wanted to die. She wanted anything but this, and nothing.

She started to crawl painfully, on hands and knees, dragging herself into the centre of the Arena. She would give herself away, for Zoe, her one true love.

Kasia watched with mounting excitement, her heart pounding. Now was her chance to really see what Volvomort was capable of. A big, squishy, crunchy girl that couldn't run away - Perfect! She remembered the time that Georgie had choked her and pounded her out, and now she'd have deliciously unfair retribution.

But first she'd need to get into the proper position. She'd need to turn around in a big circle, so she could approach Georgie toes first. Always toes first, she thought, for the screams.

Megan watched from the cover of the barrels, fingering herself frantically through the fly of her jeans. She realised that the chances of her winning had just increased dramatically, now that Georgie, the previous odds-on favourite was out of the running. Kasia was coming towards her, and she realised that she would pass by close to the blocks where Christi was hiding.

So, as Volvomort rumbled by, Megan shoved Christi into its path.

Kasia saw a movement from the corner of her eye, and instinctively braked, but it was too late. There was a scream and a crunch that Kasia could feel through the steering wheel. She looked across at one of the video screens to see Christi under the roller, trapped by her feet.

Bob watched the unexpected turn of events with bemusement. "Look Amy, your sis is about to get squished!"

Amy didn't react. Bob punched her in the guts, and apart from a slight gurgle, still no reaction.

"Well you're a bunch of fun!" he said huffily. He decided he was getting bored of his toy. It was nice having her on his dick, but she wasn't very reactive, and even without arms she was kinda getting in the way all the time.

He sighed, and pulled out his Bowie knife. He stabbed her in the guts, and her body jumped. Bob took a deep breath, and stabbed her again and again, bouncing her twitching fuck-toy body on his cock until he came into her too-tight butt-hole.

Then he took the bloodied knife, and cut the tape that was holding her body to his, and threw her from the cab. A minute later the trio were standing, looking down at the little girl's dying, naked body, as it lay curled up in the middle of the red 'X'.

Amy's eyes fluttered open. "Guhh," she said.

Lauren watched in horror from the crate she was hiding in. She so desperately wanted to intervene, but knew it was futile.

"Well," advised Bob, "We all better stand back a bit."

The trio took a few paces backwards, then Emma pulled a remote from her pocket.

As she pressed the button, there was the "zzub" of electricity ceasing to flow, then a twang from above followed by the heavy silence that only a ten-ton lead weight plummeting to earth can make.

Kasia instinctively flinched as an almighty boom echoed around the Arena, and the floor shook. For a moment, the air was filled with a pink mist, and then there was a pattering sound of small pieces of flesh raining down all around them.

"Cool!!" Kasia exclaimed, then the family looked at each other and laughed. All three were covered in a spray of blood, their faces red, and their ninja suits shiny with gore. Emma licked away a rivulet as it trickled down to her lips.

Bob nodded in satisfaction. "Good. The experiment went exactly according to plan. We can review the slo-mo footage later, for science. In bed together."

A whimper escaped from Christi's lips, reminding the trio of unfinished business.

"Ah yes!" said Kasia. "Toes first. We just squished one the fast way, now we'll crunch one the slow way. Very slow."

Bob and Emma looked down into Christi's pleading eyes. Her face too, was freckled with her sister's gore, and little chunks of Amy clung to her leatherette outfit.

"The cameras are great, Bob, but it's not the same as really experiencing it up close is it?" said Emma. "Like being in the front row at an AC/DC concert, instead of watching on TV."

Kasia jumped into the cab of her yellow beast, and started the engine. At that moment, the couple were startled by a sound behind them.

"Noooo!" Lauren raged, now barefoot as she ran at them, swinging wildly at Emma a plank of wood, nails protruding from the end. Emma raised an eyebrow in surprise, and stepped back, causing the plank to miss.

Lauren, having fully committed to the strike, and only having found fresh air, spun around with the momentum. As she stepped to regain her lost balance, slipped on the slick steel floor, and fell face down on top of her sister, straddling her. The makeshift weapon clattered uselessly away across the floor.

"Noooo!" she cried again. She was overcome with insanity at the thought of Christi's terrible demise, and grabbed madly at her sister's trapped ankles, desperately trying to pull her legs free.

"Yum!" said Kasia, as she put Volvomort in gear, and as the roller lurched forward, Lauren had no time to clear her hands of danger.

Bob's dick rose to attention as the girls screamed together, a beautiful cacophony of agonized harmony.

Emma put an arm around his waist as they watched the girls' limbs crush and spread under the immense pressure. "God, Bob, this is the hottest thing ever!"

To the couple's amusement, Lauren was trying to free herself again, yanking her arms back, but only succeeding in slipping and sliding on the gore, ass in the air, like Bambi on ice.

"It's like she can never decide what she wants! Save her sister? no, run and hide. Dive under the screamroller? no, changed her mind again."

Bob laughed. "You said 'screamroller'."

"I didn't at all!" Emma said indignantly. "That's the sort of retarded thing your daughter would say!"

"Hey, she's your daughter too!"

"Y..yes, but not so much…"

"I wish I could fuck that," Bob said, pointing to Laurens ass. "Shame there's no space to safely get in there. Just imagine fucking a girl as she's squashed flat. Hottest thing ever! Maybe I'll make a machine for it."

"Hotter than me?" Emma gave him a look of pure wanton lust. Eight seconds had passed, and now she was lying face down on the sticky floor, next to the roller in a perfect position to watch the sisters get smashed flat.

"Ass fuck me," she offered, "And I'll role play being Lauren as she gets smooshed. Then you'll have your wish. Kinda."

It wasn't the sort of offer that Bob could really refuse. He climbed aboard his wife's perfect ass, and she moaned as he slid his length into her backside. Emma fumbled a vibrating egg into her snatch, and the couple soon got to work; Emma tensing and relaxing her ass muscles in the way she knew Bob loved, as he ploughed in and out of her quivering butt. Thus they lifted themselves into a state of Nirvana as they watched the spectacle of splatter before them.

It wasn't clear if Lauren was still trying to free herself from the roller, or just reacting to the pain, as she repeatedly lifted her head and yanked back against the advancing death. Emma, diligent in her role, copied the actions, as Bob grunted and pounded gratefully into her behind.

Christi had embraced Lauren in a hug, her arms wrapped tightly around her sister's middle, her sobs periodically giving way to yelps of convulsing agony as she was slowly destroyed by the advancing mass.

Emma squealed and quivered under Bob, emulating Lauren's movements as they revelled in the cracks and pops of knees and elbows slowly being crunched into gore. Guttural sobbing mixed with a tearing sound as Christi's shiny trousers split open along their length, and pale thigh flesh bulged out, before that too split apart, and blood, fat, meat and bone was pressed outwards and mashed together with the flesh that was once Lauren's tanned arms.

At this point, Lauren seemed to give up the fight, and let her head drop into Christi's crotch, her blonde pony-tail spilling between her thighs. It looked quite erotic for a moment, as if she was about to go to work on her sister, but then as the roller advanced upon her skull, she turned her head to face the busy couple.

A gaze of sorrow and fear met looks of bloodlust and hateful ardour, then the roller was upon her, pressing her head into Christi's pelvic bowl. Despite Lauren being pinned by the arms, she was pushed further back, and up her sister's body, until her belly was smothering the younger one's face.

Christi let out a muffled yelp as her pubic arch collapsed with an audible snap under Lauren's head, and Lauren shrieked as her skull was engulfed in a blinding pain of unbelievable pressure. It felt like her head was going to explode, which of course it was. But not right away. First it was going to destroy Christi's developing womanhood.

Christi screamed and squirmed as Lauren's cranium mushed down into her crotch. She felt a searing burning as with a pop, her bladder burst, and wee and blood trickled into her panties.

Then finally, Lauren's pale blue eyes rolled back into her skull, as it gave way with an extended series of sickly crunches. As her brain within was slowly flattened and torn, random neural firings made her body convulse violently, jiggling with demonic eroticism against her sister. She pissed herself of course, a yellow jet streaming down onto Christi's chin.

To Bob's delight, Emma matched the dying girl's convulsions, writhing and shaking convincingly.

"I'm dead now," Emma breathed to her husband, as she went completely limp under him, still in role-play mode. "You're fucking a corpse."

The couple giggled, and resumed 'normal' sex. 'Normal', that is, if ass-fucking while watching two sisters being mashed to a pulp by a screamroller is normal.

As Lauren's nose bone pushed itself through her face, her eyes seemed to move to the side of her skull, momentarily giving her a herbivorous look. She had dieded already, but her autonomic system hadn't got the memo, and she was still breathing, a ragged series of gasping snorts through her slackly open mouth.

Then, with a wet squelching, and more paroxysms, her mouth started to fill up with cerebral matter, and the gasping gave way to a gargling sound as her lungs carried on trying to push air past her mashed up brain.

"I want my mummy," Christi announced sadly.

Then she repeated, at a higher pitch, "I want my mumeeeee…." She trailed off into a rising scream as shards of Lauren's skull were pushed into her vulva, then spread forward with pieces of her own shattered pelvis, like jelly filled with knives into her abdomen, tearing apart her guts, which were then squidged outwards in a bloody wave of gore by the roller.

Bob and Emma fucked in delight as the roller now started mashing the two girls together, in a continuous wave of delightful surprises.

Lauren's ample chest was next, being pushed down into Christi's middle. Bob had to stop fucking his wife's ass for a moment to stop himself cumming, as he devoured the sight of Lauren's left breast bursting open, spilling blood and fat. The contents of Laurens cracking ribcage pushed down into Christi's guts, forcing them up into her thoracic cavity. Christi wept, her eyes searching helplessly, as she found herself unable to breathe.

The two girls were being squeezed like two toothpaste tubes. Of course since they were pointing in different directions, the effects were different, though equally delicious. As the double helping of viscera was propelled forward, Laurens ass rose provocatively into the air, as her lungs, heart and liver were squeezed down into her belly. The effect was augmented, by the reverse happening to poor Christi beneath her, as her guts were forced up into her chest.

Emma was enjoying a succession of orgasms, which felt like they would last an eternity. Bob on the other hand, could barely control himself despite his best efforts and started to cum.

Then as the metal of the roller met Lauren's ass, there was a pop, and suddenly a jet of liquid shit spewed from her sphincter in a high pressure arc, shooting twenty feet across the Arena, narrowly missing Georgie, who was still lying face down on the floor.

As the roller advance further, Lauren's corpse was squished slightly to one side and Christi's head popped free from under her. Bob watched with interest as she did the goldfish impression that Maisie had done a year earlier, then there was an eruption of giblets, gore and guts from her mouth, before her chest burst open and viscera spewed out in all directions.

Laurens pale ass jiggled above it all, diarrhea dribbling from her hole. Then, as if to prove that she still had something left to give, her legs spread apart, and with a comical squeak, her anal sphincter prolapsed, and her intestines turned themselves inside-out and forcefully started streaming in dirty coils from her ass. Her vagina followed suit, disgorging her uterus, then her body ripped apart at the weakest point, the perineum, and the entirety of her viscera erupted, in a wave of steaming gore, spreading out between her long, still sexy legs.

Bob nutted harder than ever before, cumming buckets into Emmas tight yet soft tush. He thought he had finished, but then, as Laurens curvaceous bum was flattened out into a patty of meat and fat and mashed into the rest of the shambles, he came again, filling his wife's hole with gallons of sticky seed.


Wow that's good.




Good point, well made sir.
Wait - I thought this was my room?
And anyway, I don't think I wanna be alone in a room with that one, I wouldn't feel safe…


Any parts in particular that worked for you?



If you were referring to the little Amy stabbed while raped… yeah, I appreciated. Too young for my taste but you can't have everything in life!


Well, I wasn't thinking of that lol. In fact I didn't plan that part, it just happened. It was a plot device really, so Bob could get rid of her quickly, otherwise it would have got in the way of subsequent events.

And I'd always planned for the young sisters to be killed off first, because they were innocent… (poor things!)

TBH I can't remember what I was thinking of that you'd like, but maybe some stuff in chapters 19 + 20 will be more to your taste.

And yeah, Amy's a bit young, but a reader suggested that character, so I don't mind. Actually, If you read between the lines, she's a bit young for Bob too!

If I re-write this story, I might make all the characters at least teens, and maybe over 18. But since I've started including younger victims, there doesn't seem to be much point changing now. I doubt if there'll be any as young as Amy or Maisie again though. The next batch of girls will be in their 20's (more reader suggestions!). Probably chapter 20.


Chapter 17! Wow! Excellent! Thank you


Thanks Squishy! Thought you'd probably like it. :)

I thought it could have been a bit better though. I forgot to put in the part about Christi's spleen squirting from her nose, and I should have written that part from her perspective, with her sister getting squished and dying on top of her. Also the part with Amy getting splatted under the dropping weight could have had a bit more 'visual' detail. I'll fix those things in the re-write though lol.

I'll probably get chapter 18 up this weekend, two more Bitches bite the dust (each death worst than the last lol). Then in Ch. 19 there will be a death match between the 'winner' and Kasia. Ch. 20 will introduce the next batch of victims.

Also there is a new subplot (or is it the main plot?) developing starting in ch. 18 too, just in case anyone is thinking things are getting a bit predictable…

I'm also thinking up new devices, so I'll need more victims.

So ladies, do send me all your personal details, photos, telephone no., home address, credit card no, etc, (or those of your little sister) /jk, and I'll get things rolling for you. :D


I've had some incredibly busy days, so I'm kinda late to the party. Well done with the latest chapter! I was going to give you some critique but then you did it yourself, writing pretty much exactly what I was going to comment. I'll sum my thoughts up for you though.

I too missed more details about what was going on in Christi's head during her last moments, being in pure, hopeless agony with her naked sister on top of her. The last thing the poor girl experienced was her sister pissing, shitting and spilling her guts in her face along with her own excruciating pain. I think that part could be fleshed out a bit more.

The chapter as a whole is still really good. The hunt is exciting to read, especially the part where Lauren tries to negotiate for her sisters' lives. The rape was a bit too quick for my tastes though. A standard rape is boring in this context, but I think Bob could have hurt her a little more, maybe sacrificed a breast for each of her sisters, idk.

To summarize this is excellent writing per usual, but some parts are a little bare and could use some more detail. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.



Thaks, Loke, I was happy with it when I wrote it, so I posted it. Only afterwards did I start to have doubts. I must force myself to wait a couple of days before posting in future, and not be so impatient.

Totally agree with you about Lauren's rape. I noticed that when proof reading, and thought "oh I need to add to that," but somehow forgot, so you guys got stuck with a placeholder for the actual writing. Like the idea for her titties to get sliced off too.

Agree with you about everything TBH. What I find remarkable, is that this is the first negative critique the story has had. receiving it makes me strangely happy TBH, I was starting to think that people were just being too kind to tell me it sucked!


Another thing that gave me pause, was writing that short story about the girl drinking acid (which I deleted - there's a thread about that if you missed it).

I spent proportionally way more time on that (it's only about 900+ words) and the quality of the writing is much better. I haven't posted the latest version yet, still waiting for stuff to happen over at FetNoir.

So it made me realise that maybe I'm getting a bit sloppy, and I should put the same effort into this one.


Hmm… My little sister eh? Well, truth be told despite being older I am most certainly the little one. What you do with that information is entirely up to you of course.


Well I've just written 'SISTER' on the wall with a circle around it, next to a map of the Carribean I've pinned there. Other than that, I don't see how it helps anything.

Oh wait! You mean for the story. I'm not sure how knowing you have a big lumbering oaf of a sister IRL helps that either. Maybe you'd like to suggest a character based on her?


I've decided to fix ch. 17 and re-upload it this weekend. Obvs that means ch. 18 will be delayed a bit, depending on my energy levels. So if you're reading this, and haven't read ch. 17 yet, probably don't bother. I'll leave it up for the time being though.


Sorry sorry peeps. I've gotten distracted writing another story for my muse over at FetNoir. It involves a steamroller too, so I don't want to confuse myself by writing that, and fixing another story about rollers here too. Once that's out of the way I'll come back and normal(ish) service will be resumed. Thankyou for your understanding.


>>17938 Good things come to those who wait, don't they? I hope so at least. No worries though, take your time.


Don't worry, I haven't abandoned you all. But there's a young lady over there who's biggest fantasy is being run over by a steamroller. Also has a thing for being fed into meat grinders, toes first. She practically threw herself at me, so what's a guy to do? I'll probably do series of short stories there, if she's happy with that.

Obviously, I'll be dividing my writing time. We'll see how it plays out.


>>But there's a young lady over there who's biggest fantasy is being run over by a steamroller

I don't blame you for prioritizing that young girl over us sweaty neckbeards!


I'll tell Sol you called her that!



I see; traded me out for a younger, more steamroller friendly model eh? Well, that's ok I didn't want to have my insides pulped and pushed out of my orifices anyway.


It's just a fling Sol, she means nothing to me I swear… You're still my favourite stalkee!


>I see; traded me out for a younger, more steamroller friendly model eh? Well, that's ok I didn't want to have my insides pulped and pushed out of my orifices anyway.

Well, you were all for it before, just sounds like sour grapes now.


Anyway it's too late to back out from the gruesome fate that awaits you. You're gonna be squirting entrails before you know it, whether you want to or not. Or at least your character is. I have something much nastier in mind for you, just as soon as I've finished drawing on the walls etc. At least that other girl has the decency to tell me her home town, and send multiple pics of herself.


Squunch, do you take requests for character deaths? Because I'd love to be written into one of your chapters :)


Oh! fresh blood!

Hi Kari! Sure! I expect I can squeeze another one in!


Awesome :) if you want a character description, I'm in my early 20s, short and slender with brown hair and green eyes. You'd usually find me wearing a tank top, shorts, and barefoot, but I'm not too picky about what I'm wearing!

As for my death in the factory, I only have 2 requests: target my stomach, and make it very slow, painful, and gruesome :)


>Awesome :) if you want a character description, I'm in my early 20s, short and slender with brown hair and green eyes. You'd usually find me wearing a tank top, shorts, and barefoot, but I'm not too picky about what I'm wearing!

If you think of anything to add, that would be cool. The more details the better. And what about personality?

>As for my death in the factory, I only have 2 requests: target my stomach, and make it very slow, painful, and gruesome :)

Yum! slow painful and gruesome are my 3 middle names!

You'll have to wait a while though, I've got a bit of a backlog atm, and haven't been writing much due to health issues. But I'll add you to the list!


> At least that other girl has the decency to tell me her home town, and send multiple pics of herself.
Pictures and location? You've got yourself some one special there but I'm afraid if I sent the same you'd never see me again. Not because you'd get me no but because I'm sure I'd have my internet privileges revoked. And my sunlight privileges too, at least for a little while.


I think your approach is admirably prudent, Sol. There's a lot of strange people about.


Sure Squunch I can give you more details! C cup breasts on my slim body. My tummy is flat but not very toned. I'm friendly and bubbly, if not a bit stubborn. And I'm fairly resilient, with a strong survival instinct. Even if I've suffered grievous wounds, I'll be assessing whether or not I could still survive, and trying to barter with my tormentors for my life.

Hope that helps :)


Almost a real life Julie. I propose a duel, Squunch!


Ha! I'm actually a huge fan of Bloodlust's work, because of how much I can identify with Julie. He wrote me into a story with her, and I think the result was pretty amazing :)

Overall, I'm not quite as resilient as Julie though, or as optimistic. Some of the wounds that she would shrug off would leave leave me panicked and clutching myself in pain.


Super! I'll have a lot of fun writing about your sweet destruction!

I'll consider it Ofix, although I had another idea for Julie too…

BTW, did you read the Tesni chapters? What did you think?


Oh! You are that Kari! Good story, I loved the multiple mechanic stab. Terminator would be less resilient than Julie so the comparison does not hold

I had already read your whole story but in doubt I re-read those chapters. I really feared for poor and innocent Kasie, very good rape scenes and as usual a little too much gore for me but this we have already established in the past.

Great writing as always, it doesn't surprise me that that character caught the attention of Bloodlust


Wait! That post is in absolutely perfect English! What's going on here?
:p :)

Thanks for your comments Ofix, appreciated!

I'm going to check the bloodlust's Kari story, …for research…


Yeah, Kari was in the Escape Room story.


Yep searched it. Turns out I've read it already (think I've read all your stuff tbh), great story!

I think I Julie and Kari might be meeting again, duel or not…

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