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The story of a blond, 19 year old twink, nick named "Shroom", is about the shame of his of his older brothers, the disappointment of his parent, the embarrassment of his friends and all in all a douchebag to the highest degree. However, one night he pushed the buttons of the wrong person, a person who has connections that can teach him a lesson and take the world from him.

(noncons, bondage, roofie, rape, cfnm, Mm, penectomy, torture, )

Words: 4,385

The dark, musky room was invaded by golden rays of morning sun which pierced between heavy curtains. They glistened off half a foot of still throbbing adolescent flesh slicked with seed and lotion, still gripped in a trembling right hand. Semen trailed up a lean, tight abdomen, following a thin line of golden hair. A few beads over ran the happy trail, making up to his slender chest, flanked between two small pink nipples. There, staring up into the waning dark, slowing panting ascended to the ceiling from a boyish face as Sean stirred to start his day.

Wiping himself off with an old shirt, Sean reached under his bed to crack open a can of energy drink and light up a cigarette. He slipped a pair of flame patterned boxer shorts on and checked his phone for notifications and update, a salient one being that his nineteenth birthday would be in week. He gave a sigh of reflection; two of his older brothers had part-time jobs and had gotten laid by fourteen, the other two had done so by fifteen. None of them had to repeat a year at school either. He was already starting manhood a virgin with no job experience and he’s just scraping by in class. Sean took a drag and reflected on his insecurities.

Gulping down his last and extinguishing the butt, Sean dragged himself towards the bathroom, grapping a clean towel along the way. He had gotten up after his parents had left for work, luckily enough, wasn’t in the mood for another bullshit lecture from his dickhead dad. He locked the bathroom door behind him and dropped his boxer shorts, admiring his physique in the mirror. The pale, lean young man scanned his form from the yellow-blonde mop that crowned him, down his fit, slender torso down to his now flaccid cut cock, similarly crowned in a golden bush adorned with a happy trail. He stood a head shorter than average but in front of the pack in terms of looks. The five boys have definitely inherited their mother’s looks - a pale, blonde and petite lady with emerald eyes. A stark contrast to their blockish, balding father, with fiery red curls and amber eyes.

Whence out of the shower he espied a new notification on his phone, reminding him of an event he had made a hesitant and flaky commitment to attend, responding as best as his touchscreen would allow his wet fingers;

Benny: “sup shroom, u stil coming 2 tabys 2nite?”

You: “probs, @ 9, yeh?”

Benny: “fkn oaf, cunt”

You: “prbs cya there thn”

Shoom was his nickname coined by his four older brothers. Sean was sick soon after birth and consequently was the only boy who had been circumcised. While growing up, the observation was made that he didn’t look like other boys who remarked that willy looked like a mushroom, and so the name stuck.

Sean was both a proud yet resentful young man; from a prestigious liberal family he often felt very entitled but he is a blacksheep among them and is bitterly defensive from his insecurity of this. His mother was a providore who owned a store that earned many ties to people in the area while his father was a local real-estate agent. His two eldest brothers had partners and a couple of kids each of their own: one a paralegal studying law, the other a nurse studying medicine. The brother below them was in the army serving overseas and the brother below him lived in the city with his boyfriend, a bartender and a university student. Sean was no less attractive than his brothers, he’s instantly recognized as one of their brothers. He, however, is known to be far less bright, far more bitter, spiteful and impulsive. Locals coin his moods “all Shroom and Gloom”. He is forward and douchey towards young women and so often gets turned down, feeding his contempt. He bullied those younger than him, those upon who he felt he could command respect.

That evening was heavy with the dying screams of cicadas, swooping flying foxes emerging from their lairs to lord the skies. Damo and Benny looking out impatiently in front of the address of a gradually accumulating house party, music thrumming. Damo already had a stubby in his hand, having a yelled conversation to somebody on the front deck of the house. Benny spotted a distinctive swagger in heavy boots stomp up the street. Large, baggy, black denim shorts and an equally as loose Mayhem band tee hung off his skinny form. A backpack filled with packs of Bundy Rum clanked in his backpack, Damo announcing:

“Fairdinkum, Shroom, take ya fair time don’t ya?”

“Piss off, ya impatient cunt. Dead set. ‘Ere-”

Sean responded, lazily tossing him a can of premixed rum and coke. The boys had had a shitter of a week, tonight they were going to get fucked up as well as get fucked, this being Sean’s particular focus as per usual.

As the dirge of dance music continued to din distorted from a make-shift sound system struggled over the revelry of teens and young adults under hanging under acrid clouds of tobacco and cannabis. Disarray encroached as every surface was accumulating disposed cans and empty bottles, a monotony broken only every now and again by a stray pill, remanence of white powder on a mirror, disposed condom packet or packaging from ordered fast food.

Outside, this was joined by the summer nigh sky licked by the rising embers of a bonfire, the crackling of whatever timber could be found in the backyard sacrificed to the fire pit where a majority male conglomeration were encircling, just talking shit. Among them, Sean, losing count of how many drinks he had. He still had most balance at this point, stumbling less than most, though his flushed cheeks better betrayed his state. He shook a most empty can towards his friend,
“Ay, Damo, jus’ gonna chuck a piss and get another bev. You good?”
“No wukkas, cunt, just started. Cheers, Shroom!”
Damo saluted his retreating friend by raising his freshly opened stubby, Sean swaying away with unclean intent, rolling the blister-packed pill in his pocket through his fingers.

He re-entered the pantomime in the house, the dazzling affairs ever in crescendo. Through the mire of chaos he espied the girl of the hour, Tabor, in a black cocktail dress that scantly covered her. Her boyfriend from out of town, Kevin, dismissed himself from her company. He was a tall, imposing man whose arms were built as legs and hung of a broad chest and back. Sean always thought Kevin’s gym achievements to be a cover for being a total fag, after all, what bloke would be a nurse? Kevin walked past Sean with indifference, two heads taller than the blonde with his blue eyes piercing past the jet black, short boxed beard and high, tight hair on his head. Sean saw now this opportunity

Tabor, a Persian princess adorned with hazel eyes and a mass of wiry, reddish brown hair bound in curls, greeted Sean while slipping a smirk. Her D cup tits barely contained in her dress which tapered to her form, her wasp, thin waist flared out with sumptuous hips and copious thighs+, smooth and full in their olive skin.
“Shroom, ya made it! Glad ya found the place. Worried you weren’t gonna come. How ya garn?”

“Yeah, not too bad, couldn’t complain. Wasn’t a hard hike so might as well. ‘Ows yourself?”

“You know, being dragged back to Tehran to see some dead shit family before Kev and I finally make the move to Moscow. Fuck me, I’m supposed to fucking pack tomorrow, lol. What are you doing after this? I mean, once you get over dying that is”

“Actually, I was wondering if we could get alone and see what happens, what do you reckon?”
Tabor paused a moment, a look of humoured disbelief as she processed the request,

“Shroom, you know my boyfriend”

“He doesn’t have to know. Isn’t he just a faggot anyways?”

“Ah, he could replace you eyes with your balls is what he could do. Fuck off creep”

“Come on, Tabby, just suck my dick?

“Get Away!”

“Oh come on Tab-"

“-Don’t touch me, fuck off creep. I-"

A crash interrupted the deteriorating exchange as one of the drunk girls slumped unconscious onto a coffee table, pushing much of the debris into the linoleum floor. With all gazes distracted, Sean took this opportunity to pop the pill, once in his pocket, into Tabor’s drink. Sean looked around but seemingly no one noticed. As the unconscious young lady was quickly attended to, Tabor turned her attention back to the table, and to Sean,

“Oh my god, are you still fucking here?”
Before he could respond, Sean felt a painfully heavy grip on the back of his neck as he was dragged back to come eye level with Kevin.

“Look, dickhead, the only reason that you’re not currently excluded from the vertebrates right now is because I’m mates with your brother. Harass her again, cunt, and you’ll be shoving your toothbrush up your arse to clean your teeth, got it?”

Kevin then shoved him away. Sean glared back, the embarrassment and rejection seething in him with only fear keeping him back from charging in against him.

Dejected and raging, he made the trek back to the backdoor where the yard was. Making his way through the crowd took so much longer than before, he felt every face that met his judging him, rejecting him equally in turn. His insecurity and contempt were fed new fuel and he now just wanted out of this fucking dead shit party.
Before he could reach the back door, he heard a voice behind him

“Shroom, wait!”


“Look I’m sorry, it was all just a huge misunderstanding dude. We’ll all forget and forgive, okay? This never happened, none of it. Here, you left your drink there”

Sean was suddenly brimming with a little bit of hope as he was handed the drink, cheers were declared by both and they raised their cans and took simultaneous swig. Sean had gulped down half the can before he noted the strange taste. He shrugged it off as nothing. Tabor started leading him through the crowd, though as she did, Sean become more disorientated. Maybe he was more drunk than he thought. He started stumbling as his vision became blurry. He slumped onto Tabor for support as she cooed into his ear,
“You shouldn’t mix drinks, especially not yours and mine….”

The air is cold against his exposed skin, thick with the reek of urine and vomit. Sean groggily slid his eyes open, shifting in his malaise. He first noticed the breeze on his body… where were his clothes? He tried to move past the ache ringing in his joints just for his wrists and ankles to meet resistance from burn of rough fibres, course ropes bound his arms and legs to splay him out on a dirty, itchy mattress. He felt the urgent need to piss, he struggled to raise his head to see a catheter emerging from the end of his cock. As he struggled in vain against his bounds he felt a tightness in his elbow. Turning his head he saw an intravenous cannular with a line leading up to a hung bag of fluids. Still struggling against his binds, he looksed around frantically to what looked like a cluttered basement. The scraping of what sounded like a table below him, rattled in the dank basement.

“You shouldn’t have a headache, he gave you something for the nausea and pain, something else to keep you awake. You can thank the faggot nurse for that.”

A familiar voice struck out from a darkness. Sean, panting, looked around frantically.
“No one saw us leave the party with you so they won’t be looking for us. By the time you tell them, we’ll be overseas, changing our name.”

“Who are you?!”

Sean yelled into the inky cold. From there emerged Tabor in a tight turtleneck and leggings, both in black, flaunting her shapely form, her voluminous hair tied back tight behind her. She approached from the bottom of the mattress where his bound, bare feet were level with her waist. Tabor stalked up Sean’s left before arriving at his head, her heels clopping the cement floor. Looking down at Sean, she leaned over, face to face albeit upside-down. The condescension in her voice accompanied vindication and sadism.

“Imagine thinking ‘I have an idea’ and that being a rapist was preferable to being a virgin was that idea”

“Look, Taby, I’m sorry, I really am, please, just let me go, I won’t tell anyone, I promise, I-“

“-Shhh shhh ssshhhhhh”
Tabor placed a finger on Sean’s quivering lips, his face wet with tears and snot.

“You don’t have a bad body, and a rather hansom dick. It really deserves a better name than Shroom. If you weren’t such a shithead you could have had any girl at that party. Ya coulda popped your cherry that night. Don’t worry, though, we’ll pop that cherry”.

Tabor then walked back down towards the bottom of the bed, tracing her fingertips down his chest and then his belly on her way down, gripping his catharized dick as she passed it, it jumping in in her hand before she let go.

Pulling up a seat as if expecting a show, what little hope Sean had faded. The fear it cooled reignited when he heard a familiar booming voice.

“So, that nursing faggot didn’t do too bad. So that’s why your brother called you Shroom! It’s a shame he was related to such a shit head.”

Sean looked up trepidously, looking down on him was a stone faced Kevin.

“Please, let me go, I’m so sorry. I was wrong. I’ll do anything, please! Don’t hurt me! I-”
Kevin silenced him by grabbing him under the shoulders and reefing him up the mattress so that his head hung over the top. Kevin ceased Sean’s pleads by mockingly reassuring him

“Shroom, today’s your day mate! We’re getting you laid! Now suck it good because it’s all the lube you’ll get”

Sean watched upside-down as Kevin unzipped his fly, pulling out his 8 inches of uncut cock, thick black hair poking out of the fly with the shaft’s base, quickly hardening to a girth matching one of Sean’s wrists.

Before he could protest, Kevin shoved his male column into the into Sean’s throat. Kevin’s bulbous balls occupied much of Sean’s vision, he gagged around the invading member, the man’s musk occupying all of his senses. Kevin then began slowly rocking his hips, retreating before thrusting back into Sean’s virgin mouth. Sean’s body convulsed in vain attempted both to breathe and to throw up, his limbs writhing in protest a, his torso’s bucking pushing the table to it’s structural limits. Kevin’s breathing started getting heavy before he abruptly withdrew, his dick slick with thickened spit. Sean, for his part, was in a confused combination of crying, coughing and gasping, his forced supine position in no way helping with his struggles to clear his airway. The bemused chucked from Tabor in the background making everything worse.

Kevin was in no way done with him, Sean’s spluttering distracting him from the movement of the mattress beneath him being dragged down the table until the bottom of the mattress tilted down to the floor and Sean dropped down the mattress in tandem, his bare feet on the cold and rough flooring. Kevin than kicked the table away from beneath the remaining mattress that that it fell flat on the floor, Sean landing on his back with a wince. He looked at Tabor not with the anger or vindictiveness that he’d otherwise have but with broken, tearful eyes. She returned a stony look of amused satisfaction.

Sean noticed Kevin discarding his buttoned shirt, jeans, underwear, exposing his chiselled, muscular physique unobscured by all but his dark, woolly body hair. As he positioned himself on his knees between his legs, Sean protested and pleaded is stammered desperation.

“No no no no, please no, anything but that, no no no, NO NO NO!”
Kevin calmly spoke over Sean’s desperate babbling,

“Congratulations kid, you’re goanna lose your virginity!”

As Kevin went to task working his spit slicked cock into the virginal entrance, Sean let free blood curdling shrieks. The pain shot through and Kevin relentlessly forced his will upon him. New waves of nausea clenched filled Sean’s belly as Kevin filled his hole with his infatiguable length continued to loosen this resistant colon. Sean’s screams began to weaken from exhaustion while his body, as well, relented to Kevin’s lust and he finally was able to find a regular rhythm. Shame overcame Sean as the constant pressure upon his prostate has his dick growing to attention, even when weight down by the catheter, it rose from his member and stared up at the ceiling. As Kevin’s breathing again became more laboured after what seemed like an age, Sean himself too began to gasp. The constant ramming against his prostate was driving him closer and closer. Sean wanted nothing more than to hide himself as his dick jumped in ruined orgasm, cum leaking from the sides of the catheter. This marked the beginning of Kevin’s orgasm in turn, his thrusts starting to speed up before reaching crescendo and slowing down before leaving the ruined cove.

Kevin stood up and went to a pile of what looked like Sean’s cut clothes to wipe of the blood, shit, cum and spit off himself. Sean was unreactive, still in a traumatized daze. Taby hasn’t have any of that,
“So you think now you’re not a virgin anymore, we’re done? Oh no, we have one more trick instore for you!”
Sean snapped from his absence with what energy he had remaining. He looked over to Kevin who was drawing up fluids from a pair of ampules into two separate syringes. He handed one to his girlfriend.
“This one is the anaesthetic. I’ll keep this one in case is passes out”
“Cheers, babe. I don’t want him to watch. Can you prop him up and make sure he does?”
“Of course baby”

Kevin kneeled behind Sean and propped his shoulder onto his knees, his head held staring town to Tabor at his feet by Kevin’s massive hands. At this point, Sean was too shocked and weak to resist, but he was in so much fear for what could happened next. Tabor than held his penis up by the end and shaving around it with an electric razor. Sean jumped when he saw what looked like some farming tool with two green rubber bands loaded. Tabor disconnected the catheter bag and fed the catheter and then his penis through the bands. Sean writhed weakly in protest, his hoarse struggling to form words, tears streaming from his face but they was precious little he could do but frantically shake his head.

“The problem with you, Shroom, is that too many cared for you when you cared for no one else. You were more concerned with getting your dick wet than if the person you wanted to fuck wanted to fuck. You are a potential rapist, I’m going to make sure you don’t have the tools to do that – well, this tool in particular. We’ll let you keep your balls, so you’ll still be a boy of sorts, and Kevie proved you can still get off without using dick so we’re not taking the fun away from you. No tears please, Shroom, if you’re going to be a child I’ll talk to you like a child.”

Sean’s tears of disbelief welled threefold, staring at his vulnerable penis and it’s peril in the midst of some agricultural equipment. They were speaking as if they were correcting some feral dog and now speaking to him as if he was some little kid and that they were just taking a toy off him.

“Fine. Shroomy, you’re a bad boy because though you’re alright when you play with your willy, when you try to share your willy you want to hurt the others it. So I’ll have to confiscate your willy, you can’t be trusted with a willy and you’ll have to just play without it. This also means you won’t be able to play with girls or stand up to wee with a willy the same way the other little boys do.”

At this point Kevin was chuckling under his breath at Tabor’s cutesy voice while Sean was choking on his tears. Tabor had one more jab to throw before the act, however.

“I wonder what they’ll call you now when you’re without your little shroom? You were named that because you the only one of the five brothers who were cut, yeah? I suppose that fact will stay the same.”

With that, she wore a malicious smirk snapped the bands onto Sean’s penis, so close to the base that it was practically where it met his body. With the abrupt snap came a jerk and a yelp from Sean, though his voice was so hoarse at this point he was practically wheezing. Then, under direction from Kevin, she administered local anaesthetic around the area, the stinging making Sean croak in pain, before dowsing the area in a light blue antiseptic solution. While she waited for it to dry, she donned sterile gloves, draped the area to keep the site aseptic, and prepared a sterile scalpel blade. Sean began to black out but Kevin introduced a small dose of adrenaline into Sean’s line, a hot flush jolting him back to consciousness.

Once sure that the local anaesthetic was effective, Tabor took Sean’s hapless member by the tip in her left hand, now darkened and swollen to near erection by the elastic entrapping the circulating blood. With her right, she wielded the knife and circumnavigated the blade about the circumference of the penile shaft base, between the elastic bands. What little blood there was, she wiped away with a sterile gauze. Taking cues from Kevin, she worked through the erectile tissue, cutting through to meet the catheterised urethra. Several times did Sean start blacking out in mental shock and several times did a hot flush of epinephrine flush his line and bring him to full audience. He whimpered and croaked all throughout, as if losing a close friend. Should he try to avert his eyes, Kevin would realign his head, forcing him to stare at the penance for his sins.

“… almost… got it… there!”

She muttered to herself as Tabor freed the organ from the teen’s crotch. Sean was outside himself, in utter disbelief, in a dream (a nightmare) hoping he’ll wake up. He watched Tabor as she slid his most precious possession out of its rightful position between his legs along and off the end of the catheter. There it was, in her hand, dying and detached, no longer an extension of himself. Erect by virtue of the elastic about the end. He knew it full, every contour from the ridge of the corona on the glans to the transition of skin at the circumcision scar that marked his eponym. In a memory of a dream he could still it in his hand, feel his hand around it, that last blissful wank taken so sorely for granted. He also saw his crotch, naught but circle of green rubber band with a tube in it taking the place of the primary sign of his boyhood, his manhood, no longer of his will but in the hands of another as 15 cm of pale detritus.

“And now, you can’t hurt any girls with this, though I don’t recommend you approach girls at all from now on.”

Tabor joked, tossing the noodle up in the air and catching it again. Kevin looked down at the shocked boy in his lap, stroking his hair in mocking affection.

“It’s so unlike you for such a shit-talking cuntbag to be so quiet. I’d ask if the cat has your tongue but I know it isn’t you tongue.”

“Oh Kevin,” intervened Tabor, “He’s had a big day and he’s just tired. You know how you get after a big day. Usually you cheer up with a blowjob. We’ll see if Shroomy here is similar.”
Tabor than brought the detached cock’s head to her lips. She gave it a few she shy kisses, a few curious licks and soon they progressed to sucking. She progressed, swirling her tongue around the purple head, sucking down the pale-pink shaft. She moaned over it, humming as she serviced this flagless pole in mocking, vain caricatures of eroticism. Sean just stared blankly back in a broken expression of mourning, hatred, loss and harrowing. What would has otherwise been a dream

“No? I distinctly remember you asking me to suck it. I guess you're still gloom even without shroom. Again, it is a handsome dick. I know, we’ll immortalize it. Hey, Kevie, can the cousins who set this up for us tan this like a hide? So we can send it back and he can have it once we’re in Russia. I’m sure once he’s learned his lesson from this confiscation we should return it”

Kevin smirked and spoke in Russian over his shoulder. Several other voices, also speaking Russian, responded in an open dialogue. After some time, Kevin merely nodded towards Tabor who smiled in sadistic amusement. It was with these other voices that Sean understood the true scope of his fuck-up at that party. He didn’t know whose girl he was dealing with, that he fucked with something much bigger.

Kevin looked down again at Sean one last time,

“Thank you for the little tryst, I enjoyed myself immensely. We’ll send you a gift, I’ll come in a month or so. A gift, a thank you, for the night you gave us. It will be a leather keychain in a shape of a mushroom, after you. My girlfriend and I have a flight to catch, to visit some family and settle in a new home, so I fear we must say goodbye. We’ve called an ambulance, just go to sleep now.”





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