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Two guards shoved Wendy into the large room. Multiple armed guards wearing all white, And shades were stationed around the room, in the center was what looked like a closed trap door, and in the back of the room, setting in a large throne like chair, sat Colonel Sanders.

“Sir, we caught her sneaking around the factory, I assume that she was trying to find the secret spices”

One of the guards said shoving her with his gun, causing her to stumble forward, and glare at him.

“Hec hec hec, looks like the little birdy has got herself into some trouble, if we're being honest, I don't see her getting out of it alive”

The Colonel said, his laugh echoing through the room. Wendy gulped.

“P-perhaps I can interest you in a trade”

The young redhead said as she started to pull her shoulders out of her dress.

“I am not as easily persuaded as the burger king!”

Colonel Sanders exclaimed sitting up in his chair, causing everyone in the room to jump. He sighed leaning back in his chair.

“Not only will I punish you for your insolence, I shall still receive my…pleasure”

He said, adjusting his glasses.

“W-what do you mean”

Wendy asked shakily. Her shoulders, and the upper half of her breast where now exposed, and she was trembling violently, she knew she was in big trouble this time.

“Hec hec hec”

The Colonel laughed as he pushed a button on his chair. Suddenly the trap door slide away revealing the boiling pool of grease beneath. A look of terror spread across the redheads now colorless face.

“Y-you can't mean to”

She said looking up at him, her red eyes filling with tears.

“guards, strip her!”

The Colonel demanded.


Wendy exclaimed as one of the guards ripped off her dress by the shoulder. The young girl wasn't wearing any bra, or panties, and was clearly ready to use her assets to her advantage. Her skin was smooth, besides the little freckles that dotted her cheeks, and perky little breast. Pink nipples stuck out of her breast, now fully erect due to her fear. Despite her job advertising fattening fast food, her belly was flat, with a cute little belly button. Her tiny pussy was tight despite all of its use, and was covered by a red bush that matched her hair. Her ass though small like the rest of her features was bubbly, and juicier than any of the burgers her company sold. The guards shoved her to the ground

“You can't do this to me”

She begged, her belly quickly raising, and lowering. The guards grabbed her boots, and yanked them off, before pulling off her white, and red stockings which easily slide off her slender legs, and smooth little feet.


She sobbed, the smell of her sweaty feet already feeling the room. A hook was lowered from the the ceiling above the pool of grease as some guards walked over with rope. The wrapped it around the girl, binding her arms.

“Wait! Please! No!

She exclaimed before the tightened the rope. Her eyes widened as she gasped in pain, feeling like the rope was going to crush her ribs. Her fingers scraped against the floor, and her smelly feet kicked in the air. Her tongue stuck out, and her face become bright red due to a mix of shame, fear, and pain. The guard picked her up.

“Let go of me!”

She screamed, kicking violently. One of the guards grabbed her feet, stopping her from kicking.

“Hey, don't touch those!”

she exclaimed. Her feet where her pride, and joy. She made sure to take perfect care of them, not even using them when seducing her rivals, but now that brute was clenching them like they where the disgusting fried chicken their boss provided them. She let out another sob, tears now freely falling. The guards hooked her to the hook so that the rope was caught on it, and she was facing the Colonel.

“Hec hec hec!’

Sanders laughed pressing another button, and the hook slowly descended. She looked down at the grease frantically shaking her head.

“No no no! Not my precise fe”

She started to say, but was interrupted by her toe dipping into the grease.


She screamed as her perfect feet where submerged making an absolutely scrumshis smell. Next her legs slowly sank in.

“Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!”

She cried, the pain causing an involuntary, and messy orgasm. The discharge fell into the grease with a sizzle causing the men to laugh, and feeling Wendy with shame. Soon her little pussy was submerged. She winced in pain, and cried, but didn’t cry as to avoid giving her killers the satisfaction. However when the grease reached her belly, and she could feel her vital organs being cooked inside her, her week constitution faded, and she let out a pained scream. The grease had engulfed her stomach, and reached her tits in a matter of moments, but to the young redhead, it felt like hours. As her neck was submerged, she gave the Colonel one last look. Not one she had ever gave in life, not her cocky, and naughty smirk, rather a look of fear, sadness, and defeat. A look she was ashamed to die with.

“Please help”

She mouthed, unable to make sound anymore with her vocal cords cooked. The Colonel just laughed as Wendy was submerged, frying her brain. Moments later the hook was pulled up, and Wendy's perfectly fried corpse with it. Sanders laughed.

“Tonight we feast”

He declared.

A day later in the Burger King's throne room.


a servant said busting through the doors.

“A message from the Colonel”

He said bowing with a KFC box, and a later on top.

“Well bring it here then”

The Burger King replied. The boy nodded, running over to the king, and giving him the box. The king opened the letter, his eyes scanning it. Suddenly a look of horror spread across his face

“Dear Burger King. Some of my men found a little birdy snooping around my factory, so we did what you couldn't”

The latter red with a before, and after picture of Wendy.

PS. She was delicious so I sent you a sample. I know you always wanted to see them in life.”

The king dropped the letter, opened the box, and pulled out Wendy's fried foot.

“He killed her”

He said, manly tears running down his face.

“You mean Mrs. Wendy”

The kings advisor said coldly. The king nodded.

“I am sorry for your loss, but frankly Sir, she was not loyal. We should thank the Colonel for removing both that winch, and her clown”

He said.


The king exclaim. The adviser adjusted his glasses, showing no emotion.

“My apologise”

He said. The king turned to the boy, handing him the box.

“Make sure she gets a proper funeral”

He said. The boy nodded, running. The Burger King's hands slammed into the armrests of his throne, and he pushed himself to his feet with his muscular arms.

“This means war”



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