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Basically just editing, and posting all the old Waifu Wars stuff here


“I now Declare Malon guilty of dark magic”

Ruto said bitterly.

“W-what that's No far you have no proof”

Malon replied. She Was stripped down naked on Epona with her hands tied behind her back and a noose tied around her neck with the other end attached to a tree. She was just eighteen, and her body had just matured. Her skin was an attractive cream color, and had small yet notable curves as her budding breast and firm butt stuck out slightly. Her bright orange hair blowing from the very same cold wind that was making her nipples stiffen. Her bright blue eyes now filling with fresh tears. Her tiny feet were beyond perfect and confused the young innocent hero with how they made them feel. Her hairy pussy was tight as the young virgin had only fantasized about sex. Here whole body was now drenched in sweat even though the Morning air was cold

“Malon you're the last person Link talked to before he disappeared, it's the only logical conclusion”

Saria said folding her arms

“I won't let his death go unpunished”

Saria said with a sad look on her face

“I've heard enough now you die for hurting my beloved Link”

The Zora princess said slapping the horse's ass. Epona let out a loud “ Nae” before galloping off causing Malon to fall. She let out gang sticking her tongue out as the rope caught her neck. She kicked desperately her smooth feet hitting cold air. Milk leaked out of her nipples followed by tears from her eyes both covering her young body. As she kicked she felt her bladder weakening. No she thought to herself, If she was going to die she would die with dignity. She kicked desperately trying to hold it in but she felt weaker and weaker before finally she couldn't hold it. She un-clenched her vagina and released a stream of urine

Ruto gave a slight grin

“it's only fitting that a disgusting witch like you're self suffers a disgusting death”

She said


Malon thought to herself


Was her last thought before it all went black. The thought of her love and the asphyxiation was enough to give malon her first and last orgasme, but the teen was too far gone to enjoy it. After that there was a minute or two of her kicking and twitching but she soon went still. And there Malon hung in her on ranch completely naked and drenched with sweat, tears and her own piss

“Now at last Link can rest in peace’

The Zora said confidently as she put her hands on her hips.

“Don't you think that was a little harsh? We didn't have any definite proof that she did it, and besides it's not like it will bring Link back”

Saria asked weakly

Ruto put her hands on the girl's shoulder

“Saria this is what Link would have wanted, revenge”

She said

Saria looked down

“I-I guess”

She replied weakly

“that's the spirit”

Rotu said with a confident grin before walking over to the dead body

“you know I really don't know what he saw in her”

She said stroking the soles of Malons amazing soaking wet feet


Ino jumped from one tree limb to another, her bare feet gentle hitting each one. Her small breast bounced with each jump. She stopped for a second to catch her breath, her porcelain colored skin was drenched with sweat from exhaustion. Her team was ambushed and she was the only one not to escape and the male Shinobi had stripped her down for their entertainment. She sighed at her bad luck. The ninja heard noise behind her.

“Damn it”

Ino swore her voice shaking and her greenish blue eyes filling with fear. She jumped off the tree limb. Tears filled her eyes as she ran

“I don't wanna die”

she said as she ran. But suddenly she saw something green moving.


She said to herself as the tears of fear replaced with one's of relief. She prepared to yell his name, but as she opened her mouth pain filled her chest. She looked down only to see a kunai piercing her back coming out of her boob. The ninja let out a gasp of pain as her naked body slammed into a large tree branch before falling to the earth hitting the ground with a thud. A woman landed next to her. Her large breast bouncing as she did. She looked down at Ino with her yellow eyes before frowning at her. She flipped her brown hair out of her face before walking towards the downed teen. She wore a mist village hand band around her neck, with a red top covering her large boobs, and a matching skirt covering her pussy, and ass with her belly and legs covered by fishnets. The mist ninja walked forward her hand on her hip.

“So the boys little okay thing tried to escape”

She said

“P-please I don't want to die”

Ino said as tears began to fall freely from her eyes

“You know at first I didn't see what the boys saw in you, you got small tits, and no ass. But now that you're dying in front of me I see that your tiny body has its charms”

The ninja said as her lips twisted into a perverted grin. Ino saw an opportunity.

“Y-yeah I'm pretty cute right?, if you let me live I'll show you a good time”

Ino said trying to sound seductive, but sounding more in pain than anything, and losing her grip on her bladder letting a little pee slip out

“oh you're right honey you will”

The ninja said before throwing three Kunai each pricing her belly. Ino coughed up blood.


She choked

“you see I like my girls more on the dead side”

The ninja said walking over before kicking of her sandals and stepping on Ino's face and starting to rub herself

“Now die for me”


Ino said trying to fight. She felt cold as darkness began to take her.

“N-no I can't die here, I have a life to live, I was going to marry Sasuke, and he was going to be the first person to touch me”

Ino groaned before coughing up more blood.

“Sorry to say honey but I'll be the first one to touch and you're going to die here”

The mist Ninja said stroking her crotch more intensely

“go to hell”

Ino said starting to feel weak.

“I'll enjoy your body for a bit longer before taking it back to the boys, they will have some fun with it before we hang your naked body up covered in cu. When your comrades find you they will laugh at you and mock you for letting this happen, even your dear Sasuke”

She said. Ino thought at Sasuke laughing at her corpse and this ninja violating her body

“I don't want to die”

She said her voice barely audibly. It all went black. The dead girl lost control over her bladder peeing all over the ground.

The ninja laid on top of Ino’s corpse before kissing her.

“now you're all mine”

She said stroking the dead ninjas nipples.

The ninja picked up Inos sweat covered foot and rubbed her tongue across it taking enjoyment as it ran across the creases

“mhm your feet are so small and cute I might have to kill some more of your friends”

She said

“oh we're gonna have so much fun”


Cho pulled on her chains, but they held tight. She glared at the other witch, her soft brown eyes filled hatred and malice.

“You'll never get away with this”

She growled.

“Oh, and what are you going to do about it”

Bellatrix asked rhetorically.

Instead of talking Cho just glared. She was chained too two wooden posts in the ground. She was forced on her knees and on top of a circular steel grete which was above a hole filled with firewood. The Asian was stripped of her clothes leaving nothing to the imagination. Her ecru skin illuminated only by the light from Bellatrix's wand. She had a slender figure. Her young breast where small yet firm, and her nipples stuck straight out due to the excitement of the night. Her tight pussy seemed to be quivering with fear betraying her confident expression, and her tiny butt stuck out due to the position she was forced in. Her young legs were long and lean as she was a quidditch player and her feet were smooth with no wrinkles or veins visible.

“From what I can tell they'll probably just die, they seem pretty good at that”

Bellatrix said answering her self.

“First Cedric”

The witch commented raising a finger.

“Then Hermione, but no-one really knows what happened to her”

She said raising another finger.

“Then tonight you”

She said raising a third finger.

“Then Harry Potter, that makes four dead students”

Bellatrix said showing Cho her hand with four fingers up as if she was teaching a kindergartener.


Cho screamed abruptly, fear in her voice and tears in her eyes.

Bellatrix grinned.

“Seems I struck a nerve, you're scared after all”

She said smiling gleefully. Cho just glared at her with a mix of revulsion and desperation.


Bellatrix exclaimed, and wood beneath the grate caught fire. Cho looked in terror as the metal heated up and the flames licked her legs.

“You know burning was a common method of killing witches used by muggles”

Bellatrix said as she started pacing.

“though the witch usually wasn't naked and they were dumb enough to not take their wands, but hey I thought i’d give you a shameful death”

She added as Cho started to sweat from the heat, and wince from the pain it caused. The tears that formed early started running down her bare sweaty body usually ending up hanging on one of her nipples before falling into the flames. As the flames increased and burned her skin she screamed in pain.

“Please! Make it stop!”

Cho exclaimed as blood began to run from her nose. The heat made her vision go blurry.


She moaned weakly as she started seeing black spots. As she started dying she loosened her clenched pussy and relaxed her bladder which lead to her unintentionally letting a stream of piss run down her leg, and into the fire hitting the flames making a hissing sound. Her body fell only caught by the chains which held her. She couldn't think clearly, but a few dying thoughts ran through her head. She thought of Cedric, She thought of Harry and the first time they kissed, she thought of all the friends she made at Hogwarts and how proud she was when the sorting hat confidently declared that she was Ravenclaw, And the last thing she thought of was her family, her mom and dad. She wished they could help her.

Her body convulsed one last time her nipples stiffening up again, her belly learched upwards, her toes twitched violently before she clenched them, her tongue stuck itself out saliva dripping from it and she made a face of fear and regret before all went black. Bellatrix chuckled before flicking her want destroying the chains. Cho’s burnt body collapsed onto the burning grate her tongue still hanging out, piss still running from her pussy and the look of fear and regret still in her eyes. Bellatrix waved her wand again extinguishing the flames. She'd let the Trolls of the forest have their way with the dead witch. After all she may be burnt, but she left a hot corpse.


Green sighed on that hot summer day. She was searching Sinnoh for a pokemon, A Lopunny rumored to have slaughtered every pokemon, human, and, any other living thing that had crossed it's path. A Lopunny, she decided may have made a powerful addition to her team. But to her desime, she had no luck. Not only that but the heat was killing her.

“Guess a little break never hurt anybody”

Green said. She let her bag fall to the ground and pulled a pokeball off of her belt.

“Go Vene”

She exclaimed tossing the ball which exploded in a blast of light which her Pokemon emerged.


The Venusaur cried as it landed.

“Hey Vene”

Green said as she pulled her shoes off tossing them aside.

“I figured you could use some fresh air and exorcise”

She said peeling the socks of her warm beige feet releasing the delicious smell of sweaty girl feet into the forest. She wiggled her toes some enjoying the feeling of the crisp spring air on her feet.

“I think my body could too, It's so hot”

She said with a chuckle before unbuttoning her shorts. The Venusaur’s jaw dropped. Most trainers assume that they're Pokémon can't be sexually attracted to them (which is a rather stupid assumption considering how many trainers wanna fuck a Gardevoir or Lopunny) but still it was uncommon for a trainer to strip in front of their Pokémon. The trainers shorts feel to her knees revealing her green panties. She then pulled her shirt tossing it aside giving the Venusaur a good look at its trainers sweaty stomach and green bra. Green began to undo her bra and the pokémons jaw dropped even further. He was getting the whole show. Greens bra fail to the ground. She had just turned eighteen, and her B cup breasts were impressive. She slipped out of her panties showing off her tight little shavedpussy.

“Well Vene”

She said turning to her pokémon with a friendly smile.

“enjoy yourself, you've earned it”

The venusaur knew exactly how he wanted to enjoy himself. And today, with them all alone in the woods and her complete naked. He decided to take it. Green had an idea of her own. She’d been alone on her travels for awhile, and a girl had her needs.. She stroked her pre-teen pussy and felt a jolt of pleasure causing her to squeak.

“Just for a little bit”

She said to herself, but her journey of pleasure was cut short by a vine tightly wrapping around her neck. She gasped for air as the vine lifted her off the ground and turned her around so that she could see that it was her beloved Pokémon strangling her.


Green managed to choke before the pokémon tightened its grip compliantly cutting the poor child's air flow. The trainer squirmed, and kicked, and fought but to no avail. The pokémon pulled green to him and ran its larger tongue across her feet and the wonderful taste of sweaty feet filled his mouth. He gripped tighter causing her to stretch her toes involuntary. Tears filled the trainers eyes as she grabbed at the vine in a vain attempt to free herself. There was so much she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to see the world, she wanted to catch them all, she wanted to fuck someone other than herself. She fought and fought for the next five minutes but she could feel her strength leaving her Everything went black. The Pokemon continued to chock the unconscious girl as her face grew blue. Eventually her body accepted death and started cleaning itself out causing a warm stream of urine to run down her smooth legs onto her saliva covered feet. A few moments later Green was gone. Venusaur dropped her body to the ground. Her tongue hang out licking the dirt blood trickled down her nose. Her nipples were erect and her toes twitched violently. Her entire body glistened with sweat. The grass type did the closest thing it could do to smiling. He and all the pokémon of the forest where going to enjoy Greens corpse.
Later that day a Butterfree flew over landing on Greens was. A wild Lopunny followed but paused to observe the girl. She was completely naked and covered head to toe in a white substance. A moment later the Butterfree flew out of the way as Lopunny fell face first into Green's ass, revealing a tranquilizer in her own


Tears rolled down Daisy Buchanan's bare skin. Tom had left her for another woman, and she'd lost so much of what she kept from their divorce, that she couldn't even afford clothes. She stood there in her bleak apartment, the light from the large window illuminating her body. Her completiction was fair save her beauty mark. Her chocolate brown eyes where red and puffy from crying, and her blonde hair was semi short . Her full lips where a bright red as she used the last of her lipstick. Her A cup breasts seemed to glow in the light of the setting sun, and their shadow covered her flat stomach. Her vagina was unshaved and sported a naturally blonde bush. Her legs were smooth and slender and led to her feet, her toes painted to match her lips. She walked towards the window, her hips shaking as she worked her tiny, fine ass. She pushed the window open and stepped out looking down at the bustling city below. She fixed the noose, which she had already prepared around her neck, as a single tear ran down her cheek. She jumped. The rope caught her, but to her surprise it didn't break her neck. She gagged kicking her feet, and sticking her tongue out as her airflow was cut off. People stopped when the noticed the dying blonde hundreds of feet up, but no one alerted the authorities as they all secretly enjoyed the spectacle. She could tell that they were enjoying death, and that was far from what she hoped for. She wanted people to care about her at least one more time, but no, she ended up as a show for them Soon she become too weak to control her bladder and a stream of piss rained from her vagina to the streets below. Tears ran from her eyes and saliva from her mouth as she began to lose consensus. A few minutes later the only movements she made was the occasional twitch of her toes. Now one bothered to bring her body down, and the police left it hanging for the entertain the citizens and the life of Daisy Buchanan was snuffed out


“Ahh this is the life”

Faye moaned, as she stretched in her bubble bath. Her thin figure was submerged in the bubble water just deep enough, that water splashed against her vagina, without covering it. Her purple hair was wrapped in a towel and her perky C cup breast stuck out of the bath, her smooth stomach was just above the water, and her legs and arms hanging out of the tub. Her smooth feet smelt heavily of the expensive perform, as she could now afford to spray it all over her body due to the job she just pulled off. The biggest job of her life, rigging a card game against some chump from some group called the The Red Dragon Crime Syndicate. And now she was enjoying her first night of the good life. Fancy party, an expansive dinner, and now, a bubble bath in the nicest room of the most expensive hotel on mars. Suddenly the door was kicked open, and three men carrying rifles charged in.

“You fucked with the wrong man”

The leader of the men shouted with a strong accent as they all aimed at the bathing women. She knew she had to defuse the situation as fast as possible. She stood from her bath, stretching with an erotic moan, making sure each man caught a glimpse of her goods.

“There has to be another way we can work this out”

She said softly, as she flashed the men an affectionate smile. She started to step out of the bath, but the men pulled their triggers. Bullets tore through Faye's stomach, knocking her back into the tub with a splash. Blood leaked from her mouth, along with her expensive red lipstick.

“Do you really think that would work slut? Where with Red Dragon, we can afford the most expensive whores in the galaxy, we don't need you”

The man said with a laugh, as he and his goans left. The light began to fade from Faye’s eyes, as pain flooded her slender body. She never imagined death could be this painful. She imagined she would like this, she imagined she'd be in her late 90s and beyond rich, and that it would happen peacefully in her sleep. She was so close to getting what she wanted to, the good life. She coughed up blood as her body convulsed, her toes curled and uncurled as her feet kicked around aimlessly, still carrying the sweet smell of the life she so desired. Her twitching body splashed water on the floor and caused her breast to bounce. Not like this, was the last thing that she thought before closing her eyes for good.


“Ohhh, and looks like the competitor is down”

Yelled Koto as the demon crashed of the stage, covered in cuts, and bruises. The red headed nurse Ruka ran over to him.

“My my, that didn't go well for you did it?’

She asked smuggly. The Yokai snarled at her.

“Shut up bitch”

He hissed. The nurse faked looking frightened, holding a finger to her full, red lips as she stepped backwards.

“Is that anyway to talk to the women who's about to save your life?”

She asked thrusting her arms out word. Blue electricity radiated from her body, and her skimpy nurse outfit vanished, replaced by string that barely covered her perky bust, and pussy.

“Now let me help you out”

She said reaching for him. Suddenly the Yokais hand lashed forward, grabbing Rukas neck. The nurse went wide eyed as the fighter lifted her of the ground, cutting of her air supply. She gagged, kicking, and grabbing his much larger hands attempting to tear herself free. In her struggles the string covering her body slipped of her, falling to the ground, revealing her bright pink nipples, and tight little pussy covered by a red bush. She kicked violently, flinging the heels of her tiny feet, showing off her smooth soles, and red painted nails. Her thin figure was covered in sweat. Her flat stomach convulsed as she desperately tried to breath. Her face was purple, her tongue was hanging out of her mouth, and her teary red eyes had rolled to the back of her head. The crowd was cheering enthusiastically. Her kicking slowly stopped, and her slender fingers slipped off of the Yokais hand. Milk dripped from her large nipples, covering her already sweaty body. Moments later a stream of piss gushed out of her dying body onto the ground. With a clench of his wrist the demon snapped the nurses neck with a sickening “Crack!” an expression of pain spread across her face before she went limp.

“I don't need help from you ya cunt”

The Yokai said tossing her corpse aside as the crowd cheered. Ruka was dead. Koto, and Juri simultaneously took nervous gulps. They had a stinking suspicion that they might be next.


The Pokemon Ranger adjusted her brown hair, and tossed on an explorers hat. She pulled down her already skimpy explorers jacket showing off her cleavage, before smiling at the camera, her brown eyes sparkling with excitement.

“Bonnie this shows supposed to be family friendly, can you cut back on the cleavage?”

The underpaid cameraman asked.

“G'day maties! It's your favorite Pokemon Ranger Bonnie! Today I'm going to show you how to kill a Braixen!”

She exclaimed, jumping up, and down excitedly, her norks jiggling.

“Bonnie, our show is supposed to be about how beautiful pokemon are, not about killing them. Also like I'm pretty sure 87% of this is illegal”

The cameraman said.

“Now you see, Braixen are dangerous pokemon. Their fire attacks can cook ya like a shrimp on the barbie, and those psychic attacks aren't something to shake a stick at. But her defense, and health are sh*t so a bullet from a high caliber hunting rifle should do the trick”

She said before pulling a hunting rifle out from the bushes.

“I'd say this beauty should do”

She said with a big grin.

“Jesus f*ing Christ! Where did you even…you know what fk it. Whatever. It's your show, I'm just the guy who spent 5 years of his f*ing life in film school just to end up as the cameraman for Bonnie’s f*ing Round Up with literally endless student student debt”

“Now then, right out there is a Braixen Sheila”

She said pointing into the clearing. The cameraman aimed his tool at the pokemon. She was around three feet tall with silky yellow, and red fur covering her upper body, and black fur covering her slender legs. Her large red eyes were filled with excitement as explored the clearing. Small breasts protruded from her furry chest, and her tight vagina could be seen beneath the fur on her groin.

“Braixen are curious so she's excited to explore the world. She isn't expecting company so I'd say we got a decent shot of bagging her. We'll want to put the bullet right between her eyes, do that, and even a mighty pokemon like her will be dead as a doorknob”

Bonnie said pointing her weapon at the pokemon, and looking through her sights. The pokemon turned to them.


She asked tilting her head, her ears twitching curiously.


The Braixen went cross eyed as the bullet penetrated her brain. Blood squirted from her head, and the blast sent her flying backwards, falling on her back.

“I got her!”

Bonnie exclaimed dropping her gun, and running over to the downed pokemon. The cameraman followed.

“Make sure they get a good look at her body”

She said pointing at the dead pokemon.

“God your sick”

He said pointing the camera at the corpse. The cute little Braixen's body was convulsing.

“That’s just a nerve reaction. Her body doesn't know it's dead yet, and is freaking out. And now the little cunt is pissing herself”

Bonnie said, and sure enough a stream of urine was leaking from the pokemons pussy, soaking her black fur.

“Don't you think it's kinda disrespectful to talk about her like that?”

The cameraman asked.

“She's just a dumb animal, it doesn't really matter”

She replied pulling off her boot revealing her sun kissed foot.

“Did you know she's extremely susceptible to sexual stimulation at this stage in her life? And a dead Braixen is even easier to get an organism out of”

She said rubbing her big toe against the pokemons vagina. Suddenly the twitching increased violently, as a clear discharge squirted from her vagina, covering her soaked black, legs, and Bonnie's foot. The pokemon ranger grinned in pleaser. She leaned down, and picked up the pokemons leg by her ankle.

“I let you enjoy my foot, now you’re going to let me enjoy yours”

She said before licking the pokemons paw, her tongue gliding across the red padding, and in between the toes.

“that's so disgusting”

The cameraman said. She smirked at the camera.

“Braixen are known to have extremely soft paws”

She said smoshing her red paws. Bonnie stood, now cradling the dead pokemon.

“Thank you for joining. Tune in next time, but till then I'm going to enjoy my new toy/dinner”

She said before winking at the camera.


Lauren-It is once again time for Waifu Wars Winners Roulette!

Alice-That's right folks! As season three approaches, you get one last chance to see winner from season two die! Rules are simple just vote for which winner you want dead! Your choices are Amy Rose, Revy, Nina Williams, Aqua, Lady Tsunade, Squigly, Sexy Silvia, and Neferpitou!

Lauren-We will be hosting short interviews with each lovely lady, and of course look forward to season three!


Alice-I'm Alice!

Lauren-And I'm Lauren

Alice-And it's time for Waifu Wars winners roulette part two!

Lauren-As a sort off pre-show to Waifu Wars season three, we're going to let you, the reader, choose one of season two's winner for us to kill!

Lauren-*adjusts glasses in anticipation* yes it will be a good show. But before you vote, we will be hosting short interviews with all ten, er nine winners to see why you should let them live *Suddenly ten person size slabs emerge from the floor, each save the sixth one having a person chained to them*

Alice-So, let the fun begin!

*The pair walk over to the first slab, where a short, pink, anthropomorphic hedgehog with tiny titts is chained

Amy-*Opens eyes* W-where am I?

Lauren-You are

Alice-*pulls whip out from cleavage, and violently lashes Amy* Shut the fuck up you fucking furry!

Amy-*screams in pain*

Lauren-*grabs Alice's arms, holding her back* jesus christ Alice, we still have to interview her

Alice-*breathing heavily* fine *shoves whip back into breast*

Lauren-*turning back to Amy* Now, you the hedgehog. Why should we not kill you

Amy-*now in tears* K-kill me? Why would you kill me? My sonic will stop you for sure!

Alice-Well to bad you fuzzy waste of flesh, you're out of time! *The floor opens back up, and the slab starts to slide back in*

Amy-Hey wait! What are you doing!

Lauren-Well her sonic can't save her, but maybe you can. Let's talk to our next guest. *The pair walk over to the next slab where a muscular asian women covered in tattoos with massive tits, and purple tied hair

Revy-*opens eyes and sighs* If some mother fucker doesn't tell me what the hell is going on, I'm gonna shove my gun so far up someone's ass that my bullets going to smell like shit!

Lauren-Hello miss Revy. Might I ask why we shouldn't kill you?

Revy-Kill me? *grins* cause that threat I gave you wasn't just a threat

Alice-Oh is that the best you got bitch? Lauren's used to deal with me, you're going to have to be a lot scarier than that to mess with her

Revy-Oh I'm gonna fuck you up real good bitch *slab starts to slowly slide back into the floor* H-hey what the hell!?!

Lauren-Well it looks like you're out of time. I do wish you luck on a endeavors, save the whole gun up my ass thing. I suppose we should move on *the two move onto the next slab where a busy bound woman is

Nina-*opens eyes looking around* Who are you, and what do you want with me?

Lauren-Straight to the point I see. So I'll do the same. We might kill you. Why shouldn't we?

Nina-*Smirks* Because I'll be out of here before you try

Alice-Yeah that's what they all say. In my opinion I'm the only murderers Irish girl we need, so I hope you die. You or that damn hedgehog

Nina-Hedgehog? What the hell are you *the slab begins to slide back into the floor* H-hey what's going on?

Lauren-Well it seems as they say, “that's that” *the two walk to the next slab*

Aqua-*Opens eyes* w-where *opens hand, and gasps, looking shocked*

Alice-Special magic canceling handcuffs. See some time science can be cool!

Aqua-Who are you? Are you with the darkness?

Lauren-*Adjusts glasses technically* We do work for a darkness, but not the one you are concerned with

Aqua-*frowns at Lauren* all darkness is my enemy

Alice-Okay ya fucking racist, why shouldn't we kill you?

Aqua-Because killing is wrong, it’s still not too late to take the path of light

Alice-Hmmmmm, when you put it that why it’s rather tempting, especially with that sexy voice of yours, but I'm gonna have to give a hard no on that one *the slab begins to slide back into the floor*

Aqua-I hope you'll make the right choice

Lauren-Yes well I doubt the right choice pays as well as this job. Let's move on shall we? *The two stroll right on over to the next slab*

Tsunade-*Opens eyes, before pulling on her cuffs* What the hell?

Alice-Once again folks anti-magic cuffs!

Lauren-Actually chakra absorbing cuffs. They're similar, but she could break right through anti-magic cuffs

Alice-Could you kindly shuuuut the fuck up Lauren?

Tsunade-Who the HELL are you!

Alice-Just the people who might kill you. No biggy

Tsunade-Kill me? What kind of bullcrap is that!?!

Lauren-Yes, about that. Can you tell me why we should refrain from that?

Tsunade-Cause I'm the damn Hokage! You should be treating me with respect! Not chaining me up, and threatening to kill me!

Alice-Ahh the whole “respect my authority” card. Makes me want to kill you even more!

Tsunade-You watch your mouth! *slab begins to slide back into the floor* Hey! What the hell! Where are you taking me?

Lauren-So there you have it. Will you kill the Hokage or let her live another day?

Alice-Either way better move on. Lotta bitches to yell at! *the two journey to the next slab*

Squigly-*Opens eyes* What is this?

Leviathan-*Also opens eyes, also cuffed to the wall by his neck*

Lauren-Yes hello Miss Contiello. Why shouldn't we kill you

Squigly-I feel that would be rather redundant. How do you know my name?

Leviathan-If you lay a finger on her I'll burn you alive!

Alice-That's the best damn answer we've gotten all day!

Squigly-Thank you I suppose? *slab returns into the floor much too the zombies confusion. los dos caminan a la siguiente losa*

Raven-*Opens eyes* W-who *winces in pain* gah my head

Lauren-I apologize. Minor headaches may be a side effect of my demonic power suppression drugs

Raven-W-what’s going on?

Alice-We might kill you! Exciting right? But can you give me a reason we shouldn't. I doubt there is any to be honest

Raven-*glares at the two, obviously still in pain* because if you hurt me, or any other innocent people you’ll have to deal with the rest of my team

Lauren-Oh I'm sure we'll be seeing one of your teammates soon enough

Raven-*Slab begins to slide back into the floor* H-hey! What's that supposed to mean?

Alice-Who the fuck knows! Let's move the fuck on *the amigos move the fuck on*

Silvia-*Opens eyes with a whimper* Where am I?

Lauren-Silvia we are debating killing you. What are your reasons we shouldn't

Silvia-K-kill me!?! Why should you

Alice-Cause it would be fucking hot!

Silvia-*Looks apoled* You pervert!

Alice-Understatement of the year!

Siliva-*Slab starts sliding back into place* Hey wait! Please someone help me!

Lauren-You heard her. Will you help her, or be the cause of her death?

Alice-Only one more to go! Let’s fucking finish this the fuck up. *the two walk to the last slab*

Pitu-*Opens eyes* I think I'll enjoy killing you two. *tries to lung forward, but is held tight by the cuffs

Lauren-I’ve disabled your nen you can't escape. Now. Why shouldn't we kill you?

Pitu-Kill me? If you want to live you probably should, but I doubt you can *tail swishes*

Alice-Oh, you’re a feisty kitty aren't you! Well viewers, guess that’s the reasoning you're gonna get. You want to let the kitty go, or should we put her down

Pitu-*Slab starts to slide back into the floor* I guess this is goodbye…for now

Lauren-Finally over. Make sure to vote for which one of these ladies you want dead, and be sure to stay tuned for season three




Raven must die


Would you kindly kill Raven?


Pwese killies Raven uwu


Revy please love to see tough bitches get broken


Raven must parish!


Can you do Trudy Proud dying?


Raven needs to die!


The next death battle looks pretty cool, two hot babes fighting to the death. One way another, we get to see a cutie die. If only there was a Vs Debating series that incorporated elements of snuff into the fights, and oh how amazing it would be if this imaginary series would announce its season 3 premiere fight on March 4th. Such a shame that this doesn't exist


Ravens death would be fun


Clair stormed into her room after her first defeat in years.

“That idiot!”

She exclaimed angrily. Her Dragonair slithered out from under her bed.

“She had to have cheated! There's no way she could have beaten me other wise”

The gym leader grumbled undoing her cape, and tossing it aside, before pulling out her hair tie, her hair failing free. She pulled of her gloves, dropping them on the bed. She yanked off her boots, before slipping her socks off her sweaty feet revealing her painted dark yellow toenails that matched her fingernails. The pokemon let out the closest thing to a sigh it could. He was sick of hearing his masters complaints everyday.

“I'm the strongest there is, so she had to have cheated”

She said. She pulled her shoulders through her straps, letting her one piece shirt, pants hybrid fall to her feet, her sweat covered slim yet muscular body covered only by her blue sports bra, and matching panties. She undid her bra strap letting the garment fall to the ground, her perky breast falling free. She finally wiggled out of her panties, and stepped out of her pile of clothes, now completely nude. The dragon type had it, this was it.

“I mean”

The gym leader started to say before her own pokemon lunged forward, wrapping around her, the tip of its tail at her mouth, and its head at her feet. the Dragonair squeezed.


its trainer managed to squeak at angrily. The pokemon squeezed harder, and his trainer gasped in pain and shock. Claire's toes stretched as her eyes started to roll into the back of her head. The Dragonair licked the soles of its dying owners sweaty soles, enjoying the salty taste. The pokemon tightened his grip, and his trainer lost control of her bladder. A gush of piss was squeezed out of Clairs pussy, all over the floor. The pokemon moved his head to his owners vagina, and started to lap it. The trainer gasped in pain and pleasure. She had managed to free one of her arms, and with her last bit of energy, reached for a pokeball. One of her slender fingers grazed the metal surface of a pokeball. She swore she'd make her pokemon pay. The Dragonair noticed, and as he stuck his tongue deep into her pussy, he twisted his tell. There was a satisfying crack as Clairs neck snapped. Her whole body tensed up, as she went wide eyed, and a blast of cum, gushed forth from her pussy. The Dragonair released his trainer as she violently spasmed, and cam. A moment later she was complete still.

“Good riddance”

This pokemon thought as he slithered away. The gym leader lay nude, and dead in the floor of her own home, her tongue hanging out, and her eyes wide eyed from the shock, and fear of her sudden death. Her sweaty body lay in a puddle of her own piss, and cum. The dragon tamer Clair was dead.


A little celebration of pokemon sword and shield


Raven woke up kneeling on the floor, her wrist in chains. And of course, she was complete naked. She snarled as her eyes fixed on the short redhead in the dress, and the tall noirette in the lab coat.


she growled.


Alice agreed happily. Lauren adjusted her glasses evilly.

“Miss. Roth. You’re tonight's biggest loser”

She said coldly, her expressionless face obscured by the harsh UV lights, and her dark emotionless eyes covered by the glare in her glasses. In the light, Ravens pale naked body was so bright it almost hurtt. Even with an expression of hate, her face was almost as beautiful as her tiny, yet firm breast.

“That's right! We're gonna fuckin kill ya!”

Alice exclaimed. Ravens glare intensified, but was infected by a dash of panic as her breathing became unsteady.

“You'll never get away with this”

She said. An amused smirk crossed Lauren's face.

“At risk of sounding cliche”

She said walking over to the chained demi-demon, and leaning in so that their faces where only inches apart.

“But dear Rachel, we already have”

She purred savoring every word. Raven just stared her, her expression of anger quickly shifting to one of panic.

“Lauren can I spin the wheel yet? Can I? Can I?”

Alice asked jumping up and down excitedly. Lauren sighed standing up straight.

“Yeah, go ahead”

She said.


Alice exclaimed happily, before skipping over to a colorful game show esk wheel.

“This is the wheel of execution! We use it to decide how to kill our victims”

She said looking at the camera.

“That's sick”

Raven said looking like she might be as well soon.

“Just keep your pretty little mouth shut, you won't have to worry about any of this much longer”

Alice said happily, before giving the wheel a good spin. A few seconds later, it landed on a panel with the words “shovel” written on it.

“Yes! I love this one!”

Alice exclaimed pumping her fist into the air.

“W-what the hell does that mean?”

Raven asked shakily.

“Don't worry. You'll find out soon enough. Of course to someone with your supernatural prowess wouldn't normally have to worry about something like this, but with my anti-demon drugs running through your system, you’re helpless”

Lauren said. Alice walked in front of Rachel, reached into her cleavage and somehow pulled out a shovel, before she planted her feet firmly on the ground. Raven went wide eyed as she realized what was about to happen.


She whimpered as Alice grinned sadistically.


She screamed, tears filling her eyes.

“Here comes the airplane!”

Alice exclaimed as she trusted the shovel forward. Raven cried in pain before vomiting blood as the metal blade slipped between her flat belly, into her insides. She gasped and gargled as pain overwhelmed her. Tears ran down her body as hot piss hit the floor. Her tongue hung out of her mouth as her fingers, and toes uncurled. The redhead yanked her shovel out, tossing blood, and organs on the floor behind her and Raven let out a weak squeak, intestines hanging out of the slit in her stomach.

“Gha ghelp meh”

The half-azarathian managed to say. Alice dropped to her knees with an excited grin, and grabbed Rachals shoulder.

“Sorry I can't do that, but I'll help myself to you”

She said, peking Ravens blood covered pale lips. Her hands slid down from Ratchels shoulders to her soft breast, clenching them firmly. Raven tried to pull away, but with no where to go, she just spend up the flow of blood leaving her body.

“I'll at least make your last moments feel nice”

Alice said one of her hands slipping down from her tiny titt to her piss covered pussy. The redhead slipped her figures inside of the dying hero. Raven was filled with both extreme pleasure, and pain, and gasped as Alice's fingers went to work. Both the pain and the pleasure became overwhelming. She tried to keep herself still, but her body wouldn't cooperate, wiggling and squirming. Finally both became more than she could take as the climax hit her. She convulsed violently filled with ecstasy and agony, splashing blood everywhere. Her vision started to fade. A feeling of guilt washed over her as she realized she essentially caused her own death, followed by a wave of shame as she realized she was going to die because she had an orgasm. She weakly opened her mouth, but the only thing that came out was the last of her life. Rachel Roth, aka Raven was dead. Alice pulled her fingers out of the corpse revealing they were covered in a clear discharge. Lauren pulled out a remote, and pressed a button. The chains released, and Ravens body fell into Alice's arm.

“Have fun, and bring her to my lab when you're done. I'm looking forward to dissecting a half-demon, half-azarathian”

Lauren said.

“Thanks, we’re going to have so much fun”

Alice replied nuzzling Ravens face as if they were lovers


Astrid ran through the woods in fear. Ever sense Hiccup had shown the world that you could tame the beasts, she had fallen in love with dragons. But now she remembered the terror she felt in her teenage years. The terror of being hunted by these monsters


She shouted. Her naked body covered in sweat, and her bare feet splashing as the slammed into the muddy ground. A small pack of terrible terrors flew after her. The dragon rider was struck in the side by a fire bolt. With a Yelp of pain she fell into the mud, her firm ass pointed at the sky. She managed to roll over just as the swarm reached her. The four tiny dragons landed on her smooth stomach as she inhaled and exhaled swiftly.

“Please leave me alone”

She said as one of the terrors crawled closer to her face. It looked at her for a moment, before giving a sharp cry. The other dragons imitated the cry before sinking their teeth into Astraids muscular belly. She screamed in pain, coughing up blood as the dragons dug in. She kicked her strong legs, and tried to to pull them off but to no avail.

“help me please”

The viking begged tears streaming out of her blue eyes down her smooth face, though even if someone scared of the dragons there was no saving her at that point. Her bladder emptied itself against the girls will, hot piss mixing with the mud. Her eyes started to gloss over as her tongue hung out of her foaming mouth. Her legs stopped kicking and collapsed into the mud, and piss. One of the Terrors who had its fill scuttled over to her limp foot, and lapped it repeatedly. It had a softer taste compared to the girls innards, and made for a nice dessert. Astrid made a weak grunt as the wet tongue crossed her souls. If she wasn't dying, she would have found her biggest kink, and even the she couldn't feel it, her body was heavily stimulated. The lead terror reared back its head and took one last fatal bite. The viking spasmed one last time coughing up blood. In part from the intense information overload her body was receiving in death, and in part from the dragon tasting her sensitive soles, she unononcusly came. Her bare pussy coughed out a gush of discharge. The nipples on her A cup breasts leaked drops of milk as her toes spasmed much to the pleasure of the terror licking her feet. Soon she was limp. Astrid Hofferson was dead, and the terrible terrors continued to feast on her unmoving body


If we are allowed to suggest a pair to firght, I would love to see Clementine from Overlord go against the true form and abilities of Jack the Ripper from Fate/Grand Order.


>>16087 I'll definitely look into it but I haven't watched Grand Order yet

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