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Snuff Olympics – Spears for all the ladies

“LAAADIES AND GENTLEMEN! A round of applause for our next athlete – hailing from Russia and standing tall at 2.1 meters – Ivan, professional cunt killer and snuffmeister at our emperor’s pleasure palace! His dedication for keeping the women population under control is well known throughout the empire, with over one thousand women snuffed. Just the sight of him makes most cunts wet themselves, both in fear and anticipation. “ the commentator yelled at the mic, introducing the mountain that was Ivan.

The arena had over one hundred thousand spectators, most of which were male, over 60% of the region’s male population. The snuff Olympics happened once a year and was a real show of male aptitude, with diverse challenges centered around culling excess women. Of course, for such occasions and shows, only the most beautiful and attractive were chosen, so the impact of their demise would be felt even by the most ruthless of men out there.

“Behold – the targets!” the commentator yelled, as a trapdoor in the arena floor opened and a platform with six gorgeous young women aligned in front of each other. Each has her hands and feet tied to two poles, keeping their bodies suspended in an X. They’re all about the same height and aligned so that their heads are at about the same height.

“You’ve seen them on magazine covers, fashion shows and maybe even in some movies – they’re among the most beautiful the empire has to offer! From front to back, we have Brittany, Alexis, Lindsey, Caprice, Kiara and Ivan’s personal sex toy – Natasha. We’ll see if he has the strength and precision to kill them all with one spear! Let’s see what spear he’ll chose while the girls are getting their last orgasms!” the commentator's voice filled the arena as the naked girls had their vibrator cunt plugs started.
Their moans are captured by tiny microphones embedded in the poles and broadcast across the stadium to create blood thirst among the male participants. Their short screams will also be heard by every spectator, while a multitude of ultra-high definition high speed camera broadcast their last moments across humongous screens nationwide.

“Will he take away their beautiful faces with the thrust of a spear or will he break their hearts? Let’s find out!”

Ivan stood five meters away from the first cunt, Brittany and about ten meters from the last one, his favorite fuck toy, Natasha – that he brought so he could snuff her live. The two spears he could choose from were each designed for one method of elimination each. One was sharp and shaped like an impaling pike, made to pierce as much bone as possible, ideal for penetrating multiple skulls, while the other was trident shaped and made to rend flesh, ideal for mutilating the chests and hearts of the soft female targets.
“Uh, oh. It looks like Ivan is about to break some hearts! He’s chosen the trident! Brittany, Alexis and Lindsey probably wish they had some bigger racks to shield them – not that it would have made a difference with Ivan’s strength and accuracy. Kiara and Natasha don’t look to be too stressed, being in the back and riding the pleasure wave. Either way, let’s watch – Ivan is getting ready to throw!“

As Ivan wound up to throw the spear, the cameras zoomed in on Brittany’s pretty and round face. Despair and pleasure could both be read across it. Her full lips and grey eyes and pink lipstick made her face a true homing beacon for any male-thrown weapon. The girls behind her didn’t have vision of Ivan and didn’t know when the moment would come that a spear would penetrate their flesh and hopefully end their lives shortly.
He looked at the chestnut haired girl tied in front of him, his arm tense on the spear, his gaze locked onto hers. She moaned with pleasure, opening her mouth with the ‘OH’ of a powerful orgasm. Ivan let loose the metallic rod of death, the trident’s pyramid pointing down.

“Ooooooooooooooh. What a shot! We certainly didn’t expect that!” the commentator yelled as he watched the spear absolutely blow through Brittany’s head, almost as if there wasn’t anything inside.

“Let’s look at the slow-mo recap!”

The spear went through Brittany’s forehead, the bottom fin carving through her nose, her eyes being narrowly missed. It was a quick end for Brittany as her prefrontal cortex and most of her brain got displaced by the shock wave of the rod coming through. Her fragile skull, being the first in line against the rod of death, shattered instantly – pieces of it blasting inside Brittany’s mind, wreaking havoc in her neural processes. The spear exited the back of her skull with very little deviation and caught the cute Alexis by surprise. Her surprise didn’t last that much though as the merciless spear pierced through her head unabated, her eyes being sliced open by the top fins while her upper lip was split by the bottom fin. We might never know if this cutie had her last orgasm, but her death was a quick one. Lindsey had her mouth wide open with pleasure when the tip of the spear went through her - knocking off some teeth and exiting through the lower back of her skull, it left her mouth open and speechless for the rest of her life. When the replay got to Caprice and Kiara, the audience really got their boners hard. The busty brunette had her beautiful head missed by a millimeter, the spear fins gliding under her chin as it tore through her neck, almost decapitating her. Kiara, the lustful short haired blonde, had a similar outcome, but the spear barely made it through her lower neck, the lower fin slicing through her clavicle, a bit to the left, then flying right under Natasha’s cunt and planting itself firmly into the ground. Kiara’s lovely head was hanging on her left side, held atop her head by a tendon. A gruesome sight, only outdone by Caprice’s perforated and gurgling neck. Both only had half a minute tops to live.
The audience was roaring!

“AMAZING! Ivan outdid his competition with another feat of marksmanship and strength! Not only he killed five of the six targets, but he did so at a disadvantage – by using a spear with more surface area! And he’s not done yet! There are still lives to be taken in the arena! Let’s see what he does next!”

The audience jumped and cheered as Ivan rushed to the last girls in the line. He took Caprice’s head in both hands and yanked it off, then, did the same to Kiara. Holding their heads like trophies at the audience, he gave a guttural roar of victory. The audience roared back acknowledging him. With savage might, Ivan smashed Kiara and Caprice’s heads together, killing them both – if there were any traces of consciousness left in them. Their cute petite heads molding into one gory ball of oozing brain and hair of two colors. Ivan kicked this ball towards the audience, some fortunate fan catching it. The ball contained both their DNAs and making clones of the two most coveted Snuff Bunnies was a very cool trophy.

“What a phenomenal ending for two beautiful Snuff Bunnies! Let’s hope that whoever got their heads will enjoy killing them again at home after a visit to Rekunt – our official cloning facility sponsor. The event isn’t over, though! There is still Natasha – Ivan’s incredibly hot Sex Bunny that he wants to retire live! Just look at the menacing mountain of meat that is Ivan, making his way towards the tied-up girl! How will he snuff this perky Asian treat? Let’s find out!”

Ivan, standing in front of the suspended Natasha, places his huge hands on her appetizing small waist. He’s clearly anticipating what’s to follow as he caresses Natasha’s soft body, while she moans – the vibrator still active inside her. Her fragile body could be broken in endless ways, but Ivan already knows she’ll die doing what she does best. Pulling out her vibrator and unshackling her, he kisses her forehead and signals her to unzip his pants.

“A fitting end! Looks like Ivan had his shaft augmented for this tournament – with three barbed blade piercings! Natasha will be shred to death from the inside!”

Her heart faltered and she fell to her knees at the sight of her master’s bulging shaft adorned with blades. Her small pussy was stretched to it’s limits even when he didn’t have any enhancements, but now it would be completely destroyed.

“Pleeaaaze just snap my neck, kill me fast master, pleeeease! You’ve enjoyed my cunt a lot, don’t destroy it!” she pleaded, begging, on her knees.

“KILL HER! FUCK HER TO PIECES! SHRED THAT PUSSY!” the audience roared with bloodthirst.

Ivan was a showman after all, so he grabbed little Natasha by the neck, chokingly lifter her up and started rubbing her twat.

“Enjoy.” Was his only word as he dove his enormous erection in poor little Natasha.

Handling her like a toy, Ivan began sliding Natasha on and off his cunt-shredding member. Blood was flowing freely from her coveted snatch, as the cold blades ripped apart her vagina’s walls. Natasha was sobbing with pain, screaming “STOP, PLEEEASE, NO MORE!!!” as her internal female organs were cut apart. By the tenth thrust, Natasha’s uterus was no more than a mess of cut apart muscles, bleeding profusely. Feeling himself ready to cum, Ivan leaned his head over to Natasha’s chest. With a quick sudden move, he tore off one of her glorious puffy nipples and a good chunk of her small left tit. He was an utter beast. Pushing hard through the teen’s womb, his shredder cock penetrated her belly and made its way out – spraying cum all over her ravaged chest and face. His bloody member painted Natasha white for a good few seconds, before his throbbing member stopped. Natasha was far from dead though, but her pain was immediately apparent as her wails echoed in the stadium.

“FINISH HER!” the commentator yelled, Mortal Kombat style.

Ivan, not wanting to disappoint, grabbed Natasha’s head – giving her a farewell look, then snapped it like a twig. A twist to the left, a twist to the right and her delicate head came off like a doll’s. He held it up for all to see, then plunged it on his still erect shaft, which pierced through her mouth and into her mind. Natasha’s last moments were spent with Ivan’s cock inside her mind.

hxxp:// - Brittany
hxxp:// - Alexis
hxxp:// - Lindsey
hxxp:// – Caprice
hxxp:// - Kiara
hxxp:// – Natasha


Bump. I assume this is 47's story?


This is pretty great tbh


Yeah, I wrote it a while back. I might write another titled 'Practice Makes Perfect', but time is a luxury these days for me. I usually do my stories in one sitting 8-10 hours.


Yeah, I wrote it. I might write another these days, titled "Practice Makes Perfect" - but time is a luxury for me these days. I usually do my stories in one sitting of 8-10 hours.

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