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It had been about 6 months since the apocalypse had suddenly hit, and so far everything had been okay at sunny side preschool program. The founder had been a bit of a disaster prepper, and always kept many months supplies of provisions on hand. They had lost contact with the outside world, and so far all the adults who they sent out to find help had never made it back. A few of the parents had however made it to the school, but it was down to 5 adults and 30 scared tots aged from toddler to around 6 years old.

Everything was going as well as could be considering the circumstances. They rationed their supplies, and read the kids stories, building small fires, and hunting small game nearby. That is until one day they heard the first sounds from the outside world in months. The rumble of motorcycle engines.

First a distant sound and then progressively getting louder, until suddenly it became a deafening sound coming down the semi hidden driveway leading down the wooden path to the school. The parents and teachers all rounded up the children and got them inside just as they caught sight of the first of 20 motorcycles all pulling into the lot. Followed by a box truck, and a off-roader suv.

The cacophony of all the bikes suddenly ended as they cut their engines. All the men on the bikes looked hard and gristled many of them tall and black, with other were muscular caucasians all covered in tattoos, and even a few rough looking women.

The headmistress of the school, and the unofficial leader of the group came out and tried to put on a brave face to all the bikers. She was only 29 years old herself but was the oldest, and was determined to protect the kids. She asked the whole group "can I help you folks with something"?

A large man of about 45 years old tall and handsome, walked over to her with his hand outstretched, smiling with a very welcoming toothy grin he introduced himself. "Hi my name is Vince. We are the destoyers motorcycle club, and we were passing through when we saw the smoke from your fire. We haven’t seen too many people left alive out here, and we figured we should come check on you, and maybe see if we get something to eat, and a safe place to rest for the night"

The way he spoke, and his devilish handsomeness really made the headmistress want to trust him, and his masculinity made her a bit tingly in the moment. But she also realized the perilous ness of this situation. She really wasn’t in any position to say no to this man and his gang, because they could easily overpower her, and take whatever they wanted, she looked over at the other gang members staring at her teenaged staff lustfully and decided her best bet was to just try to barter with the man, and get him to leave ASAP.

She said shakily "sure we can share share a little food, but please we have lots of children inside here, and we unfortunately can no accommodate-…." she stopped herself short as she spotted a young naked girl slung over the back of one of the bikes like a deer, her skin all black and blue, and from her vantage she could clearly see that her privates had been abused a thin trickle of blood leaked from her puffy vagina. Just then she started to hear banging and muffled voices coming from inside the box truck.

Vince traced her eyes to the girl, on the bike and said "I wasn’t asking…." he just let that linger in the air, and then said "don’t worry you will get something to eat too. Tyrone come over here." With that a strapping black man walked over "feed this young lady her dinner" Tyrone unbuckled his belt zipped down his fly and pulled out 9 inches of unwashed black dick into the warm late summer afternoon air. "Well don’t just stare at it bitch" said Vince in a intimidating tone. The woman tearfully leaned down and started sucking on the dirty cock that had been marinating in the mans jeans for weeks. Still white with rings of sex juices from all the unfortunate women he had raped since his last bath. She set out to suck the cream out of all these men still holding onto a glimmer of hope this was all going to be okay. But Vince was loosing interest, and his stomach was growling.

He informed the men to throw a huge amount of wood on the fire for tonight they feasted.

As he approached the door to the school one of the 2 dads tried to stand in his way, Vince effortlessly bitch slapped the frail former office worker, and yanked the door open to find the mother lode. The all you can eat buffet of his wildest dreams, you see in these months on the road since the world ended, and there was no more law and order, meat had gotten scarce, and all the grocery stores were cleaned out. It really didn’t take long at all before they started hunting humans to fuck and kill (in no particular order), and it took even less time to find out that the absolute filet mingnon of eating humans were the soft genitals of a prepubescent child. Here in front of him in the large one room school house were 30 young children all sitting Indian style looking up at him.

Instantly his dick was diamond hard.

Snapping out of it he pulled out a large Bowie knife and stabbed one of the staff right in her stomach to show he wasn’t fucking around. She hit the floor screaming blood pooling from her wound, and her white polo shirt with the schools name turning crimson red. He then pulled all the adults from the group inside besides the mistress who now was drinking her fifth ejaculation, and had a large cock stretching her fertile cunt.

Vince said "look make this easy on us and we will make this easy on you. I want everyone in this room completely naked in 6 minutes or I start hurting the kids. Vince made sure they new he meant business by driving his knife directly through the eye socket of the thrashing woman he had stabbed earlier killing her instantly. The adults all frantically started pulling the small clothes of off all the young children exposing smooth hairless mounds, tiny little penises, and cute fat bellies on toddlers.

Vince hesitantly took his eyes off of the erotic sight of his dinner getting undressed to venture into the walk in Cubard attatched to the room. Inside he found a huge cache of shelf stable foods. He opened up the back door ant told his men to come and get the food. Leaving only some condiments, a can of beans, and a few hot dog rolls for himself. He grabbed a big bottle of Hershey chocolate sauce off of the shelf and walked off.

Returning to the main room he found all the children and the adults standing there naked all looking at the dead woman by the entrance knife still protruding from her face.

"Any of you the parents of these kids" asked Vince. Sheepishly two fathers and mothers raised their hands. "Go ahead and grab your kids. We are going to show them how to have a good time with uncle Vince" The parents all wanted to fight back every fiber of their being wanted to attack this man, but they were so scared that they all without a word grabbed their kids and brought them to Vince as he was unbuckling his pants.

One of the fathers was the man he had slapped earlier. Sporting a black eye and a missing tooth he walked up with his 13 year old daughter who worked here, and his 4 year old daughter who attended. The other was part of a couple they had a very young son, and a 6 year old daughter which the presented to Vince who was now naked from the waist down his thick cock eye level to the young girl and a few short inches from her face. The last was a visibly pregnant mother who never even knew she was knocked up upon arriving here, and was now near her delivery date. Her young son had a nice little cock on him. Somehow hanging down pendulous with some smooth meaty testicles Vince could taste it in ha mouth already.

Vince said "okay I am going to rape you and your kids now. Me and the boys are going to fuck you all to death, and then eat you. Believe me though there is a easy way and a hard way. If you play along I will make it easy on you, if not I am going to make you suffer" The parents all took this news hard but he had so much gravitas they just resigned themselves to it. He then squirted a big dollop of chocolate sauce on his cock, and said "teach her how to suck it" and guided his cock to the little girls mouth.

The parents encouraged her to suck the chocolate off of his cock and she did the little to contentedly began to bob on Vince’s rock hard cock. He looked over at the father of the 13 year old and told him "fuck your daughter with our tiny cock". The man tearfully obliged and began to rape his daughter. To the pregnant woman he told her to bring her boy over. Leaning down he sucked the innocent tots cock into his mouth. Savoring the flavor, and being a bit surprised as it stiffened as he sucked on it.

Vince laid down on the ground and told the parents they had 5 minutes to get their six year old daughters cunt ready for his 10 inch cock so mommy better get to munching her pussy then daddy needs to break her in with his 5 inch cock, and leave a load deep in her belly to lubricte her. He relished watching their heart sink but sure enough the mom said’’ lay down sweetly mommy is going to lick your pee pee" then the blonde mom expertly began to suck on the puffy pudenda weaving her tongue deep into her daughters tiny slit. After a few minutes her father lines up his average sized cock and begun to fuck his daughters tight pussy bottoming out with only 3 inches in. Her pussy tight as a vice on his dick.

Vince all the while was lovingly sucking the young boys cock, lightly biting the balls and the head, sucking the whole unit into his mouth balls and all, lightly chewing on the base of his cock. He looked over at the father tearfully slowly raping his daughter, and suddenly he saw red. He reached over with his powerful arm and drug the rutting dad and daughter over near him. He said that’s not fucking, this is fucking and no lube slipped his dick up the fathers ass with him penis still firmly embedded in his daughters tight vagina. Vince started brutally raping the fathers ass forcing his penis to begin to brutally rape his daughter. Before long to dad couldn’t take it anymore and dropped his load deep in his daughters womb.

Vince said "look at the mess you made" and forced the fathers head down to clean up her vagina while still getting railed I’m the ass. The father cried as he was forced to lick the cum from the pussy while being totally immaculated by Vince in front of his wife. He looked up at the wife standing there naked her fingers in her snatch rubbing furiously, so turned on to see her husband cuckolded and her family dominated by a real man. He threw the man off of his dick and then fed it to his wife, letting her suck her husbands ass off of it, then he let her feast on her daughters cunt extracting some of the cum out of her sore hole. Then she guided Vince to the hole and he began pumping splitting the 6 year old cunt in two. Fucking deep in her stomach. The outline of his cock clear up by her chest as he brutally raped her.

He brought the boy back over and sucked deeper and harder on his cock. As he railed the tight 6 year old cunt he lavished more and more love on the succulent cock. Deeper, and deeper he fucked, until his balls began to boil. Then all at once he went over the edge and came deep into the young cunt, and simultaneously bit down on the little cocklet in his mouth right at the root. Looking deep into the boys mothers eyes huge tugged back on the cock in his mouth while his cock pumped load after load into the young girl. During his final climax his mouth finally tugged the boys cock free, and he laid back in total heaven chewing on the smooth raw penis in his mouth marveling at the taste of the boy sashimi, and wondering who to eat next.

Un prompted the slut mother dipped down and sucked the sex cream from her daughters ruined vagina, and the pregnant woman slowly sobbed as her son bled to death.


This is part 1 part 2 coming soon


were is part 2


looks like this story got scrapped a shame


story is shit.

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