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Translator note: used square brackets for comments. Originally a chinese story posted on pixiv, with accompanying illustrations that were shared on /g/.

First post on new gchan, so no idea about formatting and all that…

Zhang Xiaofeng Series: Lulu's Live Steaming (Chapters 1-3)

The Zhang Xiaofeng Series is a set of volumes published sequentially, containing a variety of detailed culinary methods for preparing the delicious bodies of females! All characters appearing in this work are fictitious, any resemblance… please quickly contact me. Haha!

Zhang Xiaofeng Series: Lulu's Live Steaming


Zhao Yulu, who recently enrolled in high school, was unused so staying in the school dormitories, so she rented an apartment among the high-class flats overlooking the coastline together with Wang Meng.

"Hey Lulu! It's half past nine already!" Wang Meng shoved at Zhao Yulu who was still nestled in bed and shouted, "Is there anything we can eat at home?"

"Isn't there still half a fried chicken still in the fridge, jeez!" Zhao Yulu lethargically stretched out her hips saying.

"You already ate that yesterday night!" Wang Meng said with an expression of disgust.

"Then just grab instant noodles! The kitchen still has two packets of pickled beef noodles," Zhao Yulu stretched out her pale lithe arms and rubbed her soft chubby cheeks, messy short hair framing the charm of a girl who just recently awoke.

Wang Meng could not be bothered anymore, pulling away the blankets with a single move, Zhao Yulu's beautiful body and skin that was as white as snow was fully uncovered, with a pair of full breasts on slender shoulders, two soft pink nipples like drops of strawberry jam, a slightly plump yet toned waist leading to a smooth and pale stomach. Beneath was a thick black bush, covering a barely visible luscious slit and bright pink lower lips, giving one the impression that after peeling open the fat and thick vulva meat, the labia would ripen further, a faint fragrance of the forbidden part of a girl drifted out, giving one an impression of unusual delicacy; behind her lower lips was a bright red puckered anus, guarded by two amazingly tender buttcheeks squished together under her body of tender meat. Worthy of note was that, her large ass was unlike those of other women with big buttocks with a high fat content, and only had a small layer of light fat wrapped on the outside, while inside was entirely the most delicious lean meat, exceptionally tender, extremely seductive; two pale and juicy lower limbs curled up on the bed beneath her butt, after her round and moist calves were the most delicious part of her body, a pair of delicately pink and chubby feet, her alluring toes each with a layer of red polish on their nails. This scene was what the girl saw, but were it a normal male who witnessed it, they would surely rush over and dive into her snowy jade figure without caring for their own safety.

"A-ah! Didn't you know about how I like to sleep without clothes!" Zhao Yulu bolted upright on the bed, the baby fat on her delicate figure jiggling, lithe pink hands quickly covering her pleasing fat breasts.

"No one else is here. That's right, I almost forgot, yesterday the dean let me go over to the junior high campus, seems like some kind of officials' inspection," Wang Meng said with an expression of pride.

"Hmph! Which blind teacher would choose you to go over and receive officials? Be careful that you don't attract the attention of some rich and powerful heir, who'll stew you as a night meal!" Zhao Yulu said with fake sarcasm, feeling in her heart that Wang Meng's appearance could already defeat the top three beautiful women, so letting her do something like that was natural.

"What, as if they would you instead!" Wang Meng sent a sideways look towards Zhao Yulu, "Even if they wanted to eat me I would definitely be a main course, but you would only count as a…" Wang Meng giggled at Zhao Yulu.

"What's wrong with me!" Zhao Yulu gave an irritated pout, "My breasts and butt are larger than yours, other than that, only your looks are better than mine, if they want to eat I'm more tender!" She held her head high with an air of arrogance.

"How childish, clearly this me is too lazy to compete with you like this, I'm looking forward to letting you go in my place, or you'll forever blame me for holding you back," Wang Meng waved her hand, slowly swaggering out of the bedroom.

"Play well and have fun!"

Zhao Yulu hung up the phone, sighing. She thought of Wu Lina, that idiot who agreed to go for a holiday in Dali, but ended up running off to the Maldives on her own. Looks like this is a lonely summer again, come to think of it, Wang Meng was going to be away for a week with this, what if she really let herself be bought up by some rich guy!

Suddenly, the electricity in the apartment cut off, and she who left the aircon on while hiding herself in blankets could only crawl out of bed to go take a shower.

Zhao Yulu was not tall, at one meter sixty she could be described as an unusual existence, strolling into the bathroom fully naked to take a shower, when suddenly her phone rang.

"Who's that, to so coincidentally call me at a time like this, who would pick up…" she thought, toned and slender hands rubbing and kneading bubbles over her smooth fat breasts, under her ministrations, her originally small nipples gradually swelled and erected, perking up.

Her phone rang again not long after, and Zhao Yulu could only impatiently wipe her smooth skin off and wrap up in a bath towel to come out for the phone.

"Hello, who's this?" Zhao Yulu asked annoyedly.

"Is that Student Zhao Yulu? This is Teacher Wang, dean at the high school," an amiable voice, from a middle-aged man, "These two day the school officials are here for their inspection, and the president is interested in you, I hope you can quickly report back in the afternoon at 2 o'clock at the school office."

Listening up to here, Zhao Yulu felt baffled and asked, "I haven't been at school for these two days, how did the president become interested in me?"

The man on the other end gave only a cursory explanation before hanging up. Zhao Yulu sighed again, thinking, "Looks like I can't escape this one, no choice but to give up the tender meat I've developed for decades. Is female meat really that tasty and nutritious?" She nostalgically looked over her own pale white body, the hairs under her armpit and between her thighs still glistened with soapy foam, the whole situation was just too real. Wiping the water droplets from her delicate body, she put on her school uniform and went out…


Dong dong dong…

Zhao Yulu gently knocked on the door to the school office, the sound of high heels striking the floor rang out from within.

"Is that Student Zhao Yulu?" The door opened, inside was a beautiful woman wearing a black suit and high heels, with gold-framed glasses, "Oh, I am the president's secretary, the president is waiting for you inside!"

Zhao Yulu adjusted her uniform, boldly walking in. The president's office was spacious, with a rectangular office desk right in front, and two sofas arranged on the right on which two men were seated. One was the plump and amicable President Guo, and the other was the famous entrepreneur Zhang Xiaofeng.

"Student Zhao Yulu, come over come over," President Guo amiably waved a hand at her, after which he said to Zhang Xiaofeng, "This much is enough, right Boss Zhang, this little girl is the most tender and nutritious among all the new students this period, although I was planning on raising her till she became fatter and more beautiful, waiting until the dragon boat festival to gift her to my beloved son as a whole female, this is fine, but it's slightly cheapened to you!"

Standing between the two men Zhao Yulu shyly listened to comments about her succulent meat, her soft white face blushing slightly, both her hands fidgeting nonstop from anxiety.

Zhang Xiaofeng, seated on the right, examined her whole body while listening to the school president praise her, sometimes extending his hand to inch Lulu's buttocks or rub her fatty breasts, agreeing in his heart that this little lady was truly tender. Originally he had decided to slaughter her tonight as a night meal, but seeing how tasty she looked, letting little Feng [his head chef Feng Tao, mentioned later on] use the secret recipe for seasoning and marination to guide her for a few months, waiting until his own birthday to steam her whole, her body of tender meat would definitely be delicious. As he was thinking, one hand already wandered into Zhao Yulu's pants, kneading her fat buttocks as he wished, sometimes even extending a finger into her tender pink anus, causing Zhao Yulu to feel both shame and excitement, almost to the point that she was unable to sit still. Furthermore, she had a habit of not wearing undergarments, added to her belief that she would turn into the delicious meat inside someone's soup tonight, she even neglected to wear panties. After a few rounds of Zhang Xiaofeng's teasing, between her two beautiful legs, the crotch of her school uniform pants unexpectedly grew wet. Seeing this, Xiaofeng let out a "Heheh!" laughing dryly, pulling out the hand that was kneading her buttocks, deciding to rub the place between her two tender labia petals, but Zhao Yulu unexpectedly pushed away his claws with her soft hands. Zhang Xiaofeng assessed the plump and tender little girl, not only was she fresh and juicy, she even had a little temper, a female with quite a personality, exactly the kind that he liked! Before eating her, he definitely had to thoroughly play with her and make her beautifully serve his little brother.

Perhaps because she was truly afraid, in her first meeting with Xiaofeng, Zhao Yulu did not say a single word from the beginning to end, her body of tender meat kept on trembling, her weak and boneless tender white hands were cold from the tension. Zhang Xiaofeng and the school president's discussion ended quickly, the president's secretary stepping in at this time to hand over all of Zhao Yulu's records and a filled up sales recipe to Zhang Xiaofeng, signifying that Zhao Yulu already entirely became Zhang Xiaofeng's property. Xiaofeng bore a heart of satisfaction while leading his prey: the delicacy Zhang Yulu, to leave the school.

In the near evening, a car passed through flower-filled alleys to Xiaofeng's residence, a well-built villa. A three-story high building neighboured an outdoor pool, where two tall beauties in bikini swimsuits lay on lounge chairs beside the swimming pool, enjoying the last rays of the sun for the day.

The car slowly came to a stop, and a slim, middle-aged man wearing a tailored suit opened the car door. This was Zhang Xiaofeng's butler Fang Cheng, whom everybody called Old Fang.

"Young master, you're back," the man spoke politely.

"Yep, oh Old Fang, what Boss Han said he would give me two days ago, those two giant Atlantic shells, are they here?" Xiaofeng asked, getting off the car.

"Yes, young master, they have been delivered. Before he left, Master Han repeatedly informed us that those two giant shells must be prepared and served immediately, so I already placed them in the Binhai aquarium! This person is…" While speaking, Old Fang saw Zhao Yulu alight from the car.

"Oh, she's the one little Guo lost to me last week, originally I wanted to slaughter and eat her immediately, but seeing that this child's meat was pretty tender, I decided to raise her for awhile!"

Zhao Yulu, who thought that she would become another's delicious-smelling food tonight, after hearing Zhang Xiaofeng say this, regained a little of her usual vigour, and followed behind Zhang Xiaofeng to enter the villa.

Within the villa were unusually grandious decorations, the central view of the large hall occupied by one of Qi Baishi's peerless famous paintings, flanked on both sides by staircases directly leading to the second floor corridors, all kinds of treasure was laid around, that although could not called magnificent, was enough to add lustre to the surroundings.

Xiaofeng spoke a few more words to Old Fang before moving off alone to another end of the hall. Old Fang walked over, politely addressing Zhao Yulu, "Please come with me," and led her up to the second floor.

"Little miss, the maids have readied the milk bath, please change your dressing, dinner will be at half past six, so do arrive at the dining room at that time to eat."

"But…" before letting Zhao Yulu reply, the butler directly left.

Zhao Yulu helplessly entered the bathroom, where a woman who wore a white blouse warmly received her, bringing her in front of a wooden tub filled with milk. Zhao Yulu thought, she often took milkbaths when she was young as well, her father had not gone bankrupt at the time, ah, if only he was beside her now, she would not feel so afraid, but come to think of it, this milk truly had a thick aroma.

"Little sis, how should I call you?" asked the woman.

"I'm Zhao Yulu, what about aunt?" While speaking, she took of her clothes, lifted her beautiful legs and walked into the bathtub, lying backwards inside.

"It's fine if you call me Aunt Liu, I'll call you Lulu!" The woman gently smiled, using one hand, she lifted one of Zhao Yulu's tender legs out from the bathtub and began to lightly scrub, causing Zhao Yulu to feel quite uncomfortable.

"Ah, aunt-! I'll do it myself-ah, it tickles!" Zhao Yulu did not know whether to laugh or cry.

"It's best if you tolerate it, Lulu, this is the job given to me by Boss Zhang, to wash you clean without leaving any dead ends," Aunt Liu was truly dedicated, earnestly washing, even using bamboo picks to scrape the black stains clean off Lulu's toenails, after which she lifted out the other leg and continued with this sort of cleaning job. After that was the two slender thighs, cleaning up until Zhao Yulu's pelvis.

"Ah, Aunt Liu, this place really isn't fine!" It was already too late when she spoke, Aunt Liu's hands diligently rubbed at both of Zhao Yulu's plump labia lips, after kneading for three to four minutes, Zhao Yulu's face became reddish, biting at her lips, softly groaning. Aunt Liu raised her head and asked, "Lulu, are you still a virgin?" Zhao Yulu shyly nodded her head, after which Aunt Liu only then took away her hands which were on her lower lips. Zhao Yulu already felt as if she had experienced an electric shock, her entire body lying limp and weak in the bathtub, her large eyes half-lidded, as if she had begun to feel pleasant. But what would let Zhao Yulu feel even more panicked had yet to come, Aunt Liu's hands actually extended towards her pink little anus!

"Ah! Aunt Liu, hey! No way! ~You can't~" Zhao Yulu powerlessly struggled in the milk bath, but she was helpless against Aunt Liu's experienced hands, on one hand playing with Zhao Yulu's little clit, on the other her index finger gently slid into her puerile and tender anus, repeatedly scrubbing, circling, although Zhao Yulu did her best to protect her backside, but because her clitoris was being teased, the strength left her body, and she was left at her mercy.

Afterwards was her two fat and beautiful buttcheeks, her soft and tender belly, a pair of mouth-wateringly large breasts, then her hands, small arms, armpits, after which she gave her a professional face SPA massage.

During the massage, the two began to talk.

"Lulu, how old are you?"

"Just turned sixteen!"

"No wonder Boss Zhang is treating you so nicely, even giving you a milk bath, letting you be served a feast!"

"Why, Auntie?"

"Lulu ah, it's not that I'm praising you, but your flesh is really too tender, white and smooth, even this old woman is becoming greedy for food!" Aunt Liu began to gush, "Lulu, you know, not every woman who gets eaten by him will be treated like this, only great celebrities or those females Master Zhang thinks are really not bad will be able to enjoy milk baths! Let me tell you a secret~" Aunt Liu quietly moved closer, "Do you know which celebrity also once entered this bathroom?"

Zhao Yulu's big, curious eyes stared at Aunt Liu's face full of expressiveness, and she shook her head.

"Zhang Baizhi!" [Cecilia Cheung, a Hong Kong celebrity]

"Really!" Zhao Yulu was shocked, opening her sexy little mouth to say.

"As if I could lie to you, that was something that happened at the start of last year, when I first arrived here to work, one day a man and a woman in usually good shape was brought here, Boss Zhang wasn't in at the time, so Old Fang received them. Afterwards, Boss Zhang came back, only then did Old Fang have a chance to escape to tell us that Zhang Xiaofeng's friend, for celebrating his birthday, specially bought Zhang Baizhi's account and wrote it off to give to boss Zhang as a birthday gift. After that day, our jobs were to let her swim, suntan, take milk baths, and train her body in the day, and at night to shave her and give her enemas. It was close to half a month of that torture, but we all managed to get her autograph! After that…" Aunt Liu purposely paused for a moment.

"After that, Zhang Baizhi, what happened to her?" Zhao Yulu's focus was completely taken in, asking, as if she had already forgotten that she herself was in captivity as well.

"The day of boss Zhang's birthday, he personally steamed her whole in a lotus leaf. But that day, there were beautiful girls made into delicious food to fill up quite a few tables, so an older female celebrity could also not be considered the banquet's main dish, but I heard friends who went in say that the thorough steamed Zhang Baizhi was like a fairy maiden, she was arranged so her upper body lay flat, her legs were bent, knees closed and calves opened, in her mouth was a candle, with a steamed corn cob protruding from her private parts, her entire body giving off fragrance and mist, incredibly beautiful!"

Zhao Yulu sighed after hearing this, if even such a famous female celebrity could not escape becoming delicious food in other people's plates, she herself would definitely have to face the fate of being steamed and turned into food.

After a while more, Aunt Liu urged Zhao Yulu up, moving her to the board for meats at the side, Aunt Liu picked up a showerhead and washed Zhao Yulu's whole body once again, that was the end of her bathing task. Zhao Yulu simply toweled off her milk-scented body, wearing the bathrobe and slippers given to her, with a glance at her phone, ah! It was already six twenty-seven, she set off at run out of the bathroom.

"Lulu ah, downstairs to the right, the second room is the dining room!"

"Thank you, Aunt Liu!"


The dining room seemed even more grandiose, a five, six meter long silver dining table was arranged in the center of the hall, with even lit candlesticks placed atop, against the backdrop of soft light given off by the chandelier, it was clearly a candlelight dinner. On the wall behind the head seat, a female head with beautiful and refined looks was mounted on a wooden board, the beautiful woman's head was meticulously given make-up, her watery large eyes lifelessly stared into the distance, under her high nose, her bright red lips were slightly pouting, as though helplessly protesting her own tragic fate.

"Quite punctual, ah, Yulu, sit wherever!" Following a bell that rang throughout the hall, Zhang Xiaofeng also walked into the dining room, "Truly not bad, after the milk bath the feeling is even more white and tender, that's right, have you eaten a human feast before?" While speaking, he sat at the other side of the long table.

Zhao Yulu fearfully took a seat as well, "Eat~eaten, once or t-twice."

"That's fine, where did you eat, Lulu?"

"Um~actually it was something that happened a long time ago, the annual meeting of the company where my dad worked, every year they would buy three girls to slaughter and eat, perhaps three or four times in total…"

"Then, Lulu, do you like it?"

"Ah?" Zhao Yulu's chalk-white complexion blushed, "This~ah, um, it is quite nice to eat, only…"

Zhang Xiaofeng was amused enough that he began to laugh, "Only that they are meat of the same type as you, let me tell you, the meat of women is this world's most delicious food, and it even has the effect of regulating the spleen and stomach, bolstering the yin and fortifying the yang." [yin and yang as in the concepts from Chinese medicine; loosely meaning coldness and heatiness respectively]

Zhao Yulu seemed to understand, nodded her head, and said, "Then, let me guess, tonight's dinner is also related to female meat?"

"Smart!" Zhang Xiaofeng spoke, then gestured for the food to come, a number people like kitchen chefs and a row of maids pushed in food carts filled with large and small plates, walking in.

First to be served was a number of cold dishes serving as appetisers, minced meat salad, cut cucumbers, fried skin and the like, followed by meat dishes, steamed fish, crispy claws, braised belly, marinated slices, stewed women's face and the like. Finally, what was pushed in was naturally tonight's main dish, two maids strenuously shifted a giant dish plate from the food cart to the centre of the dining table, then opened the huge silver cover, a thick haze of steam mixed with the fragrance of meat wafted forwards, after the mist began to dissipate, Zhao Yulu finally beheld the truth of the matter: a beautiful woman with a voluptuous body had a serene expression on her face, facing the right as she slept in the plate, her head of beautiful hair wrapped up in insulated foil, eyes slightly opened, lifelessly gazing downwards, a smooth and glistening little nose like a pearl above alluring lips. Her slender neck was marred by a deep slice at its left, it seemed like a knife cut through her aorta, directly interfering with her healthy little heart, reaping her transient little life. Her pink and tender hands interlaced naturally in front of her belly, her slender right leg extended while her left leg curled up in front, fully exposing her beautiful fat buttocks, both her fatty and tender feet as though preserving the anxiety she felt before dying, tensed and straightened from nervousness, her ten delicious toes tightly bound together. Zhao Yulu could clearly see between her two bulging buttocks, a delicately steaming chrysanthemum oozing white mist, and that spot between her thighs, the concave slit of her lower lips tightly pressed together at her crotch, from which hot steam billowed out. Her pair of originally voluminous breasts, after having been baked, became even more fat and fleshy, and sleeping quietly between her chest and hands, her originally tender belly flesh, as a result of her pregnancy, swelled up till it turned transparent, its plumpness both cute and captivating. This pitiful beauty was already unable to wait for her baby to be born before she died, becoming the outstanding main course of Xiaofeng's dinner table.

When the fog dissipated, Zhao Yulu looked closely, this delicious pregnant woman's skin had entirely turned a soft red, a red-coloured sauce covered and dripped from her entire body, she had clearly been braised, sauce flowed over her body, surprisingly bringing forth a different kind of beauty. The surface of the tray was also covered with a layer of green vegetable leaves, red and green blended together, refreshing and eye-catching, stimulating one's appetite even more.

A chef from the side sharply walked to the side of the table, carefully took the pitiful young woman's thoroughly cooked left leg and bent it forwards, completely exposing her fat and tender labia, plucked clean of pubic hair, steam could be seen wafting within that concave slit, sparkling and glistening, even the vegetable leaves lining the bottom were overflowing with grease.

Zhao Yulu did not often witness this sort of situation, and became shy to the point that she felt like suffocating, panting through her nose, she was surprised to find that her body even shamefully reacted, and worked hard to suppress it, who would have thought that she actually felt moved by a woman's delicious body of meat, her own luscious vagina gradually swelled with blood, becoming wet. Zhang Xiaofeng took a pair of chopsticks and walked to the middle of the table, aiming at the young woman's slightly swollen buttocks, he gently poked, with a puff, the chopsticks instantly slid in, letting a stream of thick fatty oil flow out, it could be seen that this pitiful girl was already incredibly well-cooked, from the outside to the inside.

Seeing that their employer had already made the first move, two chefs worked together and turned the pregnant woman over to face upwards. Xiaofeng walked to Zhao Yulu's side, and tenderly petted her golden blonde short hair and stroked her delicate cheeks, "My baby, don't just stare dumbly, whatever part you want to eat, uncle will help you cut!" While speaking, Xiaofeng slyly slid his hand into her bathrobe's wide collar, indulging himself in grabbing handfuls of her left breast a few times, while comparing in his heart whether this girl would end up being more tender than the little darling on the plate, he definitely had to hold back for a few months, before he finally could have a feast.

Zhao Yulu's body, which had already reacted to the sight, upon being teased by Xiaofeng, her mouth inadvertently let out a moan, raising her head she gave Xiaofeng a pitiful look, softly whining, "No~not, not here, there are so many people, ah~um, don't be like this!"

Xiaofeng also knew that it was too early and stopped pestering her, speaking to the chefs who had stood at the side for a while, "Take out the baby in her stomach first then!"

A chef took out a shimmering silver table knife, piercing in between her twin labia which glistened with oil, pulling upwards in one stroke, in a moment, that female's beautiful vagina was cut in two halves. The blade continued to cut upwards, as if it was cutting silk, separating the braised red flesh into two. A burst of hot air escaped, fragrance wafting about, as the blade meticulously ran across the stomach which was as thin as paper, gently coaxing out six month old baby girl from within, and cutting apart the navel. The baby girl who was just as thoroughly cooked as her mother was put into a dry pot of toufu which was being heated up with a slow flame, while the woman's organs were also being taken out and put into a specially made box to be fed to the dogs, except for the pair of kidneys which were handed to the chef to cook again into kidney soup. After which the chef lifted the knife, once again making a cut until her throat before stopping. They then turned the young female over to face her hips up, following the line between her beautiful buttocks to cut up to her waist, then further cutting up to her nape. Like this, aside from the beautiful pregnant woman's head which was left in one piece, she was already evenly divided into two halves.

"That…" Zhao Yulu raised her head, confusedly looking at Zhao Xiaofeng, "Boss Zhang, I~I remember, pregnant women, isn't it something that cannot~be eaten?"

Zhang Xiaofeng gave a small smile, downing a mouthful of red wine before saying, "I won't keep anything from you, recently this me, after visiting Southeast Asia and returning, I realised that my body became somewhat weak, then my diet consultant gave me a checkup and found that my kidneys were weak and I was overworked, and told me that the fastest diet therapy was this," as he spoke, he pointed at the young woman's already separated two halves of fragrant meat and said, "You too, know that pregnant women and the tender mothers who have just given birth are famously potent vitality boosters, I've already continuously eaten two weeks of pregnant women!"

"But, I remember, aren't pregnant women protected by the law?" Zhao Yulu continued to ask.

"Aiya, Lulu, this kind of thing is quite flexible, on this world there are so many things floating on the edge of the law, let me tell you a truth, when the wife of the municipal party secretary of our city became pregnant, the mayor sent the secretary two high quality pregnant women a month, afterwards even after the baby was due, there were still two pregnant women who hadn't been slaughtered yet, and there was even one who gave birth to her baby because they didn't bother slaughtering her!" Saying so, Xiaofeng once again spoke with the chefs at the side, "Help Lulu cut a breast, then scoop out the vagina, for Lulu and I, half for each of us, ah, Lulu, it's reasonable to think that whatever you eat will benefit whatever, I don't know about these breasts, but the ovaries are incredibly nourishing for yin, in the future your job is to eat virgin ovaries every day, so that when that time comes…" Thinking about how he would be able to eat her after another half a year of nursing, Xiaofeng could not hold back his excitement and "Heheh!" evily laughed.

Hearing this, the chef immediately took a knife to carve out one enormous breast, slicing it into a few thinner pieces before delivering it in front of Zhao Yulu, then scooping out the young woman's ovaries, which had already been divided in two, separately offering it to the two persons. Zhao Yulu, at a loss, picked up a slice of fatty breast meat to put into her mouth, a rich flavour mixed with milky fragrance invaded Zhao Yulu's taste buds immediately, although she had eaten the tender flesh of so many girls before, this was the first time she had tasted a breast this delicious, just as she was shocked, the slice of meat in her mouth dissolved, and Zhao Yulu impatiently picked up yet another piece, this time with the young woman's little nipple, which had been cooked to a dark red colour, although the nipple was small, it was incredibly tasty, firm to the bite, extremely chewy.

Xiaofeng used his cutlery to delicately cut up the ovaries and fatty vaginal flesh, the delicate slit giving out the unique astringent fragrance of a mature woman, although it could not compare to the tenderness of a ten year old girl, but in terms of nourishment, this sort of beautiful pregnant woman's vagina could only be equaled by soup broth made from mature ladies who were thirty or forty years old.

Opposite, Zhao Yulu ate as though she was enthralled, but slightly embarrassedly said to the chef beside her, "That~could you help me cut a bit?"

"Which part would you like?"

"That~that one, the i-inside of the thigh, can I?"

"No problem!"

"Not bad, Lulu, if you like it, you'll be able to eat it often in the future," Zhao Xiaofeng said.

"This~boss Zhang, could you tell me when I would become like this?" Zhao Yulu weakly asked.

"What is it, Lulu, can't wait to turn into a delectable dish?" Xiaofeng playfully teased her.

"How can that be!" Zhao Yulu shamefully and quickly explained, "I'm just asking, how~long do I have left."

"Don't be so sad, what you still have is time," saying so, Xiaofeng cut off the tender woman's beautiful head, slicing a piece of tender flesh off her face to chew on.

After passing through a series of wind and clouds, the two were quite full, at this time a maid pushed in a porcelain pot half her height, lifting the lid, a wave of fragrance burst forth, it seemed that this was a pot of clear soup for warming the stomach and cleansing the pallet, upon looking closely, the pale, tender, small body of a girl about twelve or thirteen years old was sitting in the pot, the soup level just covering the girl's delicate little nose, her two beautiful eyes were wide open, dully gazing at the surface of the clear soup.

"Master, the head chef knows your preference for thick soup, but today's main dish was braised meat, so he changed it for a lighter soup, to help in digestion," a chef by the side ran over to Zhang Xiaofeng, respectfully speaking.

"No problem, whether it's thick soup or clear soup, so long as it is soup made by Feng Tao, there isn't any that won't taste good to drink, you too should learn more from him, wait until he becomes famous, at that time even if you want to find a master that good it won't be possible, do you hear me?!"

"I've heard you, master, I will definitely learn with a modest heart!"

Saying so, two servants then served Xiaofeng and Zhao Yulu each a bowl of fragrant clear soup, and following Xiaofeng's habit, cut off one of the little feet of the pitiful girl in the soup, placing it in Xiaofeng's bowl.

"Lulu, come and try, the soup made by our chef is definitely a must."

Zhao Yulu took a spoonful and gently placed it in her mouth, a burst of unusual taste flooded her mouth, "Incredibly fresh!" Zhao Yulu praised continuously.

"Freshness is guaranteed! This sort of soup is coaxed from girls even younger than you, how can it not be fresh? Wait till tomorrow, I'll let you try thick soup which tastes even fresher than this!"

Zhao Yulu truly liked the soup, continuously drinking two bowls, and under Xiaofeng's persevering persuasion, she also ate a bit of shoulder meat from the girl in the soup pot. On Xiaofeng's side, he ate a bit more fried kidney before he could not eat anymore. Xiaofeng came over and pulled Zhao Yulu's soft, boneless little hand to leave the dining room.


LuLu´s Live Steam 1-3 is a amazing Story.I love every word and the Details. Please: is there more stories to read ?
Greetings from Germany


Thanks for translating and Sharing
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Seems to be this one:

Looks Like a epic story of at least 21 chapters.
Unfortunarely google translation ist Not really understandable.
I really wish someone would translate it.


I just did the next few chapters and can say it may be the best story series around.



Oh that's a nice find, thanks for that. Didn't think to do a search but it is indeed the same work.
Here's the pixiv that also has accompanying art already on /g/: hxxps://

The first 12 chapters on the webnovel site are reposted as 10 "chapters" on pixiv. It's not uncommon for chinese accounts to repost or take credit for someone else's work there. As for the art, it's clearly stated in the first post that they're just illustrations for the story and not drawn by the account owner, though I don't see them on the webnovel site. I don't know enough internet chinese to figure out if that webnovel site is the one that originally hosted the story or if there are multiple legit hosts like people do for royalroad stories, nor do I have a clue where the original host for the illustrations are if any. That site doesn't let you copy text, so I'm looking for another one.

Anyway, google translate doesn't work well on it because it has a very native chinese feel with sentence structures that don't easily fit english, which also hurts translating. Thus the number of bad sentences in op.

First post was a full day, nap, all-nighter and a bit more; it's pretty tough for just about three chapters and not nearly enough in terms of content, but this reminded me to look into it again.
Thanks, and hopefully some more will go up soon.

That said, anyone able should have a go too. I'm a huge fan of content from other languages.
There's also a bunch of posts on this account (also with art on /g/) to look at, so there's way more than enough to go around: hxxps://
Just change the hxxps to https, not sure if there's still the link restriction around.

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