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This story was originally posted to by Beater. I am posting it here without their permission for the sake of sharing.

2095 AD: DevilFit Gym, New London.

It was still early in the morning when her eyes started to flicker awake. With little to no lighting in storage, her slumber continued for an extended period, allowing her to rest for a tiny bit longer. For whatever reason, Ruth had woken up earlier than what was usual. Everyone else must have still been asleep in their lockers because with the exception of the various machines connected to her, everything else was silent.

She thought about trying to fall back to sleep but knew that it wouldn't be long before she would be forced to start the day. A couple minutes of extra rest hardly made a difference for her. She wasn't designed that way. Instead, Ruth chose to remain awake, despite of it being far more comfortable to be in her locker while she was unconscious.

Everything was running smoothly in her computerised coffin. The sockets restraining her arms and legs still fit like a glove, were adjusted perfectly to her measurements and prevented any unwanted movement. To avoid her body cramping from being restrained, she would receive moderate shocks from multiple electrodes that were strategically placed on every part of her body. A particularly nasty one just zapped her asscheeks whilst she thought about them.

With her held secure, other necessary maintenance devices were also running on her, the same way they had been running all throughout the night. A scanner burnt off any traces of body hair to leave her skin unnaturally smooth while two mechanical claws exercised her cunt and asshole, keeping her nice and tight for customers. The claws still hurt, she had slept in this locker for 3 months now but still couldn't get used to its sharp digits.

Then there was the breasts pump system which was something else entirely. It was designed to clean and filter out her synthetic mammary glands. Through the injection ports that were used to flavour her shakes, two sharp tubes pumped a cleansing substance that was then milked out of her. A separate tube was in her mouth, providing her with a high nutritional mixture that tasted like raw sewage while further tubes were jammed up her nostrils so that she could breathe.

Lastly, for sanitary purposes, there was a pipette inserted into her urethra which drained away any waste products from her liquid only diet. Having been able to avoid too much punishment yesterday, there was no need for the healing gel to fill up the locker so for budgeting reason, the green jelly like stuff wasn't coating her from head to toe. Unfortunately, that meant that the insulation that it normally gave wasn't there for Ruth to enjoy, making her storage locker especially cold.

After a while, the pumps switched off and retracted back into their idle positions. Sliding out of her, the pipette in her piss hole hurt the most compared to the other tubing. It was wider at the tip meaning that it scratched inside her like a rusty nail. Being awake, she could prepare herself for what always came next, not that bracing herself did her much good.

With a sudden charge, lightning bolts run through every electrode that was attached to her. Each one shocked her at full power, making sure that the girl inside woke up from whatever nightmare she was experiencing. From the other lockers, she heard her friends all screaming. Her voice joined them as their alarm clocks all went off simultaneously.

The pads of the shockers disconnected after they had served the purpose and her locker door then opened. In doing so, a jet of cold air slapped her skin, further aiding in waking up the gym equipment. Her restraints then came loose, allowing Ruth to step out of her unit. The cooled ventilated air was crisp but unwelcoming. She shivered as she stood there and waited for the others to finish waking.

To the locker on her right, her best friend Megan escaped, still looking pretty banged up from the day before. The healing gel in her locker had done its job but it would still take a day or two before she would completely heal from all the bruising. She stumbled over to Ruth and the two of them hugged each other to try and keep warm, shivering together.

"Are you feeling any better Meg?"

"Kind of. My pussy still really hurts though from that bastard ramming that thing in me."

Ruth held on to her friend a little tighter, filling in the role of a big sister seeing as she was technically older than her. Megan was the shortest of the slaves although Ruth wasn't much taller and her blonde hair was a slightly darker shade than Ruth's. She gently brushed it with her hand whilst they shared body heat. The remnants of the gel that was clinging on to Megan's body rubbed on to her's when their large breasts pressed up into each other in their embrace.

The other girls soon joined them. Eden, Jessica, Molly, Willa, Angela, Courtney and Zoey. They all hurdled up together like penguins that were being battered by the Arctic winds. When the door out storage opened, all of them rushed through it to be treated with a non-chilled room.

When Ruth had first been shipped out here, she had been surprised to find that the showers had warm water. It had been a luxury that she had never experienced before, having only previously been blasted with a hose back when she was being farmed. As nice as the warmth of the showers were, she wouldn't be able to call them pleasant. The procedure was all automatic and began with her waiting in a single file line to lock herself in place within the washer.

There wasn't much point in holding her breath as no one could last that long in the machine without having to try and take in more oxygen whilst powerful shower head soaked them. She took in a gulp of air anyway to limit the number of times that soapy bleach would torment her tongue. All throughout her shower, she kept her eyes tightly shut. They remained closed until after the drying stage had been finished where she was baked in hot air.

Ruth's other locker was located on the end side of the washer. She took her place in between Megan and Eden and looked at herself in the mirror while pondering on what she should wear. The washer had completely messed up her hair which she had to sort first, brushing her golden locks and then tying it into a simple braid that she let hang loose over her left shoulder.

She then checked her body for any remaining marks, using the mirror to examine her D-cup breasts, her toned abs and then arching herself to check her insanely bubbly ass. Noting only minor bruising, she reported herself in the mirror which responded to her touch like a tablet. The role that she would have to serve today came up across the surface, confirming what she already knew. Today, she would be available for heavy duty.

"Shit right?"

Ruth turned to Eden who had spoken to her whilst sliding into a pink leotard. The thin piece of fabric left nothing to the imagination, showing off the brunette's ample curves. It also brought attention to her unblemished pale skin while being crotchless, meaning that it didn't hinder function. Eden had also selected a white pair of unbranded trainers, was wearing red lipstick that highlighted her plush lips and thr hint of mascara that she had applied brought out her ocean blue eyes. She too had been selected for heavy duty.

"Yeah. It's after a holiday as well so today's going to be rough."

"Tell me about it."

Both Ruth and Eden turned around to Megan who had already finished dressing. She was in a much better mood than before and was harmlessly sticking out her cute little tongue in jest. Wearing purple neon trainers, like everyone else, her black yoga leggings were crotchless and her white sports bra had holes for her nipples. Behind her, thr mirror read reception duty.

"Oh you slut. I'm so jealous of you right now."

Out of all the jobs in the gym, being the receptionist was the easiest of all of them, even if the shift lasted all day. All she would have to do is show gym members to the sitting area, take their orders and fuck them if they wanted her to. Megan even put on a pair of fake glasses that both made her look smart and cute. She looked like a sporty little sex bomb of an assistant.

"Hey Ruth, happy birthday. I'll try to pair you with someone really sadistic so you can have the rest of the day off."

It was kind of funny to Ruth exactly how much she found herself appreciating Megan's gift. Really, what she had said was horrible but it was sweet at the same time. It really was weird what normal was to them.

"Thanks Megs."

As it turned out, today wasn't as busy as Ruth had thought it would be. Looking outside through the third floor window of the gym, she saw that the heavens had opened up. The sky came alive, mimicking an enraged sea with great grey clouds that masked over any hint of sun. Heavy rain bounced off from the skyline of tall buildings and crashed down on the local mega-pyramid which dominated all that she could see.

It was an absolutely miserable day. A fact that had been underpinned by the forecasting of a storm. Sure enough, thunder rumbled out in the distance. In such poor weather, there were only a few members that had decided to come to the private, exclusive facilities that DevilFit provided. With it raining so heavily, Ruth was honestly surprised that anyone had turned up at all.

With only a limited number of guests being present, there wasn't much for Ruth and most of the other equipment to do. Using a row of exercise bikes that had seats which could be modified for them to use, they did their best to put on a show for the few guests that had come for a workout session. As she paddled on the bike, two thick dildos rose from her seat and penetrated both her cunt and ass.

A little embarrassingly, Ruth enjoyed being fucked by the bike while her legs paddled. The substance that coated the the two false cocks was a strong aphrodisiac which had effected her almost immediately. Paddling slightly faster so that she could increase the speed and penetration, a rather muscular man who was finishing his personal training session with Eden, admired Ruth's shapely behind.

Through the reflection that appeared in the window, Ruth could tell that he was staring at her. He kept looking for a good while longer whilst her ass bounced as she rode on the bike. Perhaps next time, that particular member would choose to use her instead. Then again, it wasn't like Eden was doing a bad job of fucking him whilst being bent over. The exhausted looking punching bag kept on going, not even slowing down when the man forced his fist into her asshole.

Ruth kept her focus on her friend in case she needed help to get herself to the back once the man completed his workout. He really was trying to ram his hand into her and Ruth knew from personal experience exactly how much that hurt. Possessing a model like waist and an ass that most women would die for, most of her clients would often concentrate their abuse to her juicy derrière.

Her smart-bracelet vibrated before the man finished, signalling that she had been requested to go to the reception area. She had been close to making herself cum as well but she immediately stopped paddling. The obedience chip that was installed in her brain made it impossible for her to disobey an order.

Ruth slid her dripping wet cunt off from the bike and then made sure give it a quick wipe down for hygiene purposes. She hurriedly sucked and licked on both dildos that had so recently been inside of her. The one that had been inserted inside her pussy didn't taste too bad, it was kind of sweet, even with a tiny bit of saltiness. The one that had gone up her ass wasn't nearly as pleasant.

Afterwards once she was finished cleaning after herself, she walked over to exit of the activity area and pushed open the door. In the reception area that was just outside, Megan was on her knees, already halfway through sucking off the man that had requested Ruth. Looking at him, she wouldn't have described him as being overly attractive but he was good looking enough in a roguish sort of way. She found herself smiling at him in any case.

It had taken her forever to get used to smiling like this. The control chip in her brain forced her lips to curl cutely in the presence of any man. It didn't matter who he was or what he was doing to her, Ruth always had to smile at him. Despite of everything else that she had to endure, it was smiling that most likely would drive her insane. Smiling like this was maddening.

Of course psychologically, there was a reason why they made her smile. It encouraged the members to hurt her more as they found torturing a toy that smiled back at them to be more disconnecting. They would be less likely to form any sort of empathy with her which in turn, led to them burning more calories. All of this kind of was an ingenious idea, using the suffering of pretty girls to motivate people to exercise.

She let the man finish enjoying Megan's mouth. Smiling at him while he tugged on her best friend's hair to make her choke. She approached him when it looked like he was getting close in order to lend a hand, holding down Megan for him as she made introductions.

"Hello sir, welcome to DevilFit gym, New London. Is this cunt correct in assuming that she is the personal trainer that you requested?"

"Yes. That's right. Make her bobble her head a bit more. I'm almost there."

"Certainly sir." She complied with the man's request, pulling Megan slightly off from where his cock was jammed down her throat, letting her take a quick breath and then pushing her back down.

"This cunt's name is Ruth by the way sir. Thank you for selecting me."

"Sure thing cunt. There's a Ruth at the gym in my home town that I always enjoy beating the crap out of so it was an easy choice really."

"You flatter me sir."

From the way Megan was gagging and hearing the man let out a pleased groan, Ruth knew that he was cumming down Megan's throat. She made sure to keep Megan held down for a few more seconds so that she could be sure that the man had completely finished shooting his load, letting go only when he directed her to.

Once Megan fell to the floor, coughing with cum leaking out from her nose, Ruth did her best to get the man's full attention. It was kind of a part of their code. Megan was hurt at the moment meaning that the other girls had to try and protect her. That was the only way which they could avoid replacement. Working whilst hurt could easily become a death sentence for them. Ruth could recall one nasty session where a member played extra to have her be his personal trainer, despite the fact that she was seriously injured from an earlier session.

"Sir, if this cunt may, do you wish go tell me your name?"

"Not particularly but I'm not really fond of being called sir either. Call me master instead."

Great. Another jackass who fancied himself to be a slave tamer. These types of assholes were always the worse. They just had to try to break her. Annoyingly, they also required the most encouragement and support.

"Yes master. Before we start, would you like a free protein shake. They're milked fresh out of me and are super tasty."

"Sure. I'll have your signature flavour."

"One Strawberry Ruth coming right up."

At the milking machine, Zoey was making a Z-berry Blitz. Two sharp prongs were injected into her breasts through the complementary sized hole ports. A flavoured blend of crushed berries was then pumped into Zoey's sizeable tits before a milking machine then drained the protein shake out, pouring it into the recyclable bottle that she was holding.

Zoey's purple drink filled up to the brim of the polymer cup before the machine stopped pumping. The thick but smooth shake was then handed to the man that had ordered it, who tasted a sip of the berry and seemed to be pleased by it. Ruth had to give credit to marketing where it was due. Some of the names for DevilFit's protein shakes really were rather inventive. Z-berry Blitz was Zoey's, Angel's Bliss from Angela, Courtcolate Crush for Courtney and there was another fruit based one called Apple of Eden.

Compared to the names of some of the others, her Strawberry Ruth sounded kind of basic. It was however very popular with her clients, especially as the extraction process involved her milking herself using an electrified press. Her protein shake was a vanilla and strawberry flavoured drink that was rich and bubbly, matching her personality. Unfortunately, the milking pumps weren't capable of creating the foaming needed in her milk, meaning that she had to make it by hand.

After Zoey had left with her new workout buddy, Ruth took her place behind the milking station. She pulled down her black sports bra and then lay her large playful tits on top of the table. Up close, the two injection prongs looked wickedly sharp. Still smiling at her master, Ruth used both of her hands to simultaneously plunge both of them into her tits.

Her smile didn't hide how much it hurt, the needle like injectors were long enough so that they would fully pierce her milk glands. The injection prongs then opened up inside of her breasts, spreading like a bladed fan. Ruth then winced in agonising discomfort as strawberry and vanilla flavourings were pumped, filling her like a stuffed bird. It really would have been nice if someone were to install a machine that made being milked less painful.

"Hurts does it?"

"Yes master." Ruth was surprised by the man's concern. He hadn't struck her as the type that would care if she was in pain. Nobody who came to the gym really cared about the wellbeing of the disposable equipment.

"Good. Personally, if it was up to me, this would be the only place where synthetic cows like you would be allowed. What idiot thought it would be a good idea to allow your kind out of the farms."

Ruth's smile remained on her face despite how offended and hurt she was by the man's comments. Fucking bigot. There were too many with his brainless idiocy running around in this world. It was at times like these that Ruth was reminded of her place in society. Beautiful, attractive women were treated like shit. With female rights having been stripped back to almost nothing, rape and economic enslavement were common place. Underneath women, there were animals although some would tell you that it was actually the other way around.

Beneath everyone and everything else, society placed synthetics. Clones that could be modified for almost any purpose. No matter what happened, everyone always blamed the synthetics. They weren't even considered as being organic life forms, being classified as machines instead. Machines that could be farmed for sex slaves, manual labour, hazardous tasks and even for food. Ruth was one of the unlikely ones to be born from the genetic material of a purposely selected girl who ticked what DevilFit was after. Being one of many clones of the original Ruth, she was just as pretty and cute as the real one but had been specially created just so men could abuse and torture her.

Smiling like she agreed with the stupid viewpoints of the man, Ruth let her tits swell up with the shake before she picked up a bottle from the dispenser and held it by her rosy nipples. She took the bottle cup in her left hand and made sure it was in position before picking up the electrified press with her right and switching it on. The current made it vibrate in her grip with a low pitching buzz. Closing her eyes, she applied it to her right tit.

Electricity zapped her the instant that the press touched. The voltage was strong like a live wire. It ripped all throughout her body and finally allowed her to stop smiling. Knowing that she couldn't rush it, Ruth slowly brought the the press across her breast, starting from her base of her chest and squeezing herself to her nipple. Shaking as the powerful current tormented her, a pink foamy drink was milked out of her tit and poured into the bottle that she was holding on to with increasingly loosening fingers.

Once she had made it all the way to her nipple which she was just repeatedly shocking by holding the presser on it, she brought it back to the start to do it all again. After three times, she went to her other breast and used the press on that side to milk herself once more as the cup was only half full. Squeezing out all the shake that had been injected into her, she handed it to the man who took it without saying thank you.

He raised the drink that was made out of strawberries, vanilla and Ruth's own breasts milk. Holding it to his lips he tasted it and then took a large gulp, enjoying the refreshing nature of the shake. He then wiped his lips and then turned around towards the gym area, leading her to hurry behind him like a lovesick puppy. She didn't even get the chance to ask him if he liked her drink.

In the gym once she had caught up to him, Ruth took him to the warming up zone. A place where he could warm up and stretch his muscles by giving her a nice hard whipping. Dressed in just a flimsy black sports bra and a pair of thin crotchless yoga pants, it wouldn't take him too long to strip her by slicing off her clothing. She moved to the whipping zone that was to the left of the one the Zoey was using and then locked her arms in place into the set of cuffs that was hanging down from the ceiling.

Placing the protein shake down, the man grabbed a sturdy looking whip from stands and then flicked it the air, causing the braided crocodile leather whip to crack. He then faced his target and then grinned at how much he was going to enjoy doing this. She expected him to whip her straight away but he instead walked up to her and then grabbed her by the throat.

"Listen synti, I don't give a fuck about how much it hurts you. In fact, I don't what to hear any complaining from you during my workout. Do you understand?"

"Yes master."

"Good. Now if you want to tell me to slow down a bit because I'm hurting you too much, I want you to say HARDER."

"Yes master. Harder." In response, the man tightened his hold on her neck.

"And if you need me to stop because I'm killing you, I want you to beg me to KEEP GOING. Do you understand."


Ruth could only whisper that last response on account of the man trying to crush her windpipe. When he let go, she panted for air with her face having turned red. Doing so meant that she didn't have any time to brace for the first impact of the whip. It came suddenly against her thigh without any warning.

The whip ripped apart the pink spandex fabric of her yoga pants which provided her with no protection. The next lash came higher, slicing through her sports bra as if it wasn't even there. Again and again, the whip teared her clothing, punishing her in the process. The leather of the whip was the hardest available from the selection and was the one that Ruth was the least fond of. Made out of the stone like scales that lined along the reptile's spine, it felt like she was being beaten with a heavy chain.

"Try to swing your hips a little more when you whip me master. That way you can avoid straining your arm and you'll be able to generate more power. Please switch your arms regularly as well so all of your muscles get equally warmed up. Remember, you're here to enjoy hurting me, not yourself."

To his credit, the man took in her advice and started whipping her even harder. Her clothing was torn to shreds already by this point but her kept on going a while longer, striping her skin with red angry welts. Each blow stung so horribly but she smiled at him each time they made eye contact, asking him for more.

"Spread your legs."

Ruth shuddered at the request but obeyed. She opened up her welt covered thighs and offered up her relatively untouched cunt as a target. The man then made her scream, whipping her with even more force than before. It was as if he was trying to whip her cunt off.

"Harder. Harder. Please keep going master."


File: 1549478758009.jpg (37.09 KB, 480x270, technogym-treadmill.jpg)

Part 2: No Pain, No Gain

The sheer violence was what stood out the most as he continuously whipped her. It resonated through her with each and every painful lash, sending razor sharp sensations of agony that burnt like fire, over and over again. He just kept on whipping her, holding nothing back as he set up his body for yet another thrash, throwing his weight behind the swing so that the braided whip would really slice across her already aching breasts.

Her body reacted to the strike without her even realising it anymore. Whilst restrained by her wrists, there was no where for her to go to shield herself from the punishment but she twisted around anyway as the newest welt began to form on her otherwise unblemished skin. It just hurt. It always hurt. No matter how many times she went through this, it never stopped hurting.

Looking on as the man once again prepared himself to deliver yet another lash, Ruth helplessly wondered whether or not her pain was lost to him. He simply didn't care about how much he was hurting her. He didn't need to care either. After all, he was free to hurt her as much as he wanted and there wasn't a single thing that Ruth could do to stop him. She couldn't even beg for his mercy.

Despite of how much she wished the pain to come to a end, she helped her client carry on as he warmed up. Instead of sobbing for him to stop, she soldiered on, taking blow after blow, acting as nothing more than a whipping post for the man to destroy. It should have scared her to see just how much he was enjoying doing this to her but for whatever reason, she decided to respond only by encouraging him to go on.

Ruth turned back around so that she was facing him, struggling to pivot herself on her increasingly unstable legs that were shaking and marked with vicious welts. Now looking directly at him, she knew she was going to regret it but she foolishly did what she always did without regarding her own wellbeing. The chip forced her mouth to smile but it was through her own will that she chose to cutely smirk.

Her face was red with flushness from the incredible levels of both physical and mental stress that the whipping was causing her, and black streaks of ruined mascara were dripping down her cheeks but the man played almost no attention to the obvious signs of suffering that could easily be seen. All of his focus was squarely on Ruth's smirk. From his perspective, he had been whipping her at full force and yet this cunt had the nerve to smirk at him.

It made him determined to wipe that stupid grin off from her stupid face. There was frustration in his breathing and needless anger in his eyes as his nostrils flared up. It looked like he wanted to kill her. Ruth really shouldn't have pushed him further but she couldn't stop herself from speaking, no matter how much she tried to stray silent.


A barrage of slashing leather came at her without restrict. He was going to beat her bloody. By the time he was finished whipping her, Ruth was only being held upright by her stretched out arms. The vicious whip had lash rendered her into a crying mess. He had whipped her so harshly that her skin had broke with multiple lacerations located at her ass, tits, back and cunt. She was bleeding from those cuts and found it difficult to stand straight with her body wanting to collapse to the floor.

And collapse she did when he unlocked the cuffs bound to her wrists. Her legs buckled, sending her dramatically down to her knees. She then fell forwards, her body landing in a folded up heap, on the ground where her shredded clothing lay in pieces. For all intensive purposes, it looked like she was bowing at the feet of the man who had just tortured her so brutally.

In the imperfect and sensually suggestive yoga pose that she had adopted, her face was on the floor, turned to the man's blue trainers. More interesting to him, her perfect ass was struck up in the air, begging for him to swing down the whip that he was still holding a couple more times.

Ruth took it without being able to defend herself. All she could do was to focus on her breathing, concentrating to absorb the blows of the whip and doing what she could to ignore the burning pain that once again, quaked across her trembling asscheeks. What he was doing to her was agonisingly cruel but she didn't complain. Hell, she even wiggled her ass for him, tempting further punishment.

"Turn to your side. I want to kick your stomach a few times."

Looking up, she saw that it was now the man's turn to smirk at her. He had taken it personally. Too personally like if there was truth to his insecurities. His grin was curved into his face by violent intentions.

"Of course master. Please make sure you protect your toes. Remember to use the top part of your foot when kicking me."

Ruth brought her arms in and then rolled over to her side so that she was facing him. She then opened herself up, untucking her bent legs and arms to expose her toned stomach. The man took a couple of steps back so that he could have a bit of a run up. She hoped that he would be careful enough to not smash in her ribs but doubted he would give a damn.

As he winded up to kick her, Ruth kept completely still. The only thing that she did was to tense up her abs as much as she could. He was going to hurt her but maybe it wouldn't be that bad if she really braced herself for it. Psyching herself to take it, she saw his his right foot swinging at her with the blue shoe turning into a blurred streak as momentum carried it into her.

The strength of the punt was brutal. His kick slammed into her gut and took away every bit of air her lungs had just breathed in. She groaned as she was knocked backwards with spit flying out from her mouth. If Ruth hadn't been specially bred to be a punching bag, the force of the man's kick would have no doubt left her throwing up blood.

He stepped back to punt her again, even while she was coughing up bile. This time, he used his left foot, sending it crashing into her already tortured midriff. At least he really was kicking her to warm up rather than just mercilessly beating her for the fun of it. This time she was rolled back by the punt, causing her curl up away from him. An ordinary girl would have just strayed like that, coughing up spit and struggling to breathe. Ruth rushed back into position despite her every instinct, pleading for her not to.

Two further kicks came from each of his feet before he went back to whip stand and took a swig of his protein shake. All whilst Ruth's face had turned red as she concentrated and struggled to keep on smiling at him. Coughing up something again and then tasting her own blood while she remained as a sobbing heap, the man didn't give her much tine to rest before telling to stand up.

Walking after that was difficult for Ruth with her having suffered deep bruising to her abdomen. Persevering, she led the man out of the zone designated for warming up while her hands held her midriff, and she took him to the machines used to train stamina. All of the specially modified exercise machines used to terrify her and in a way, they still did. She hatred having to use each and every last one of them.

First up was the treadmill. This one wasn't actually wasn't all that bad. In fact, she didn't have anything to moan about in regards to the treadmills. After just being whipped and kicked, she really needed the nice easiness of the treadmill. If only see could find a way to convince a client of straying on the mills for a full session. According to Jessica who had been at this gym for the longest of all of them, a previous clone of Willa had once managed to do it.

Ruth swiped her smart-bracelet across a censor and then watched as the treadmill adjusted itself to her measurements. Before getting into position, she dropped herself down to floor in a low plank, allowing the man to use her as a step. She had expected him to stand on her back to get himself up onto the treadmill but he had instead chosen to step on the back of her head, degrading her in the process.

She then hurried over to her place in the machine, bending under a railing until she was in front of him. In place, Ruth was positioned so that she was a foot shorter than him. This meant that she would have to look up while he could look down, something which had been purposely incorporated into the design. She then plugged her tits into the machine by inserting a different set of injection tubes and used her bracelet to start filling herself up with water.

As the spring water was pumped into her, the red welts that were decorating her breast like stripes reignited. Ruth was forced to relive the pain of each strike as her tits began to swell up. Through horrible discomfort and pain, subconsciously she bit her bottom lip whilst whimpering adorably.

With everything all set, she activated the treadmill to a slow jog and allowed the man to walk on the spot for a while. Adjusting the speed to slowly get faster, she found a pace that he was clearly comfortable with and then started to speak to him, making mental notes of his answers.

"Master, please feel free to tell me to slow down or speed up the treadmill at anytime."

The man nodded as he jogged, yet to break a sweat. If anything, he was being more active whilst whipping her.

"Is there anything that you want to especially work on today master?"

"I'm after an all body workout session synti. Preferably involving as much torture to you as possible."

There was that word again. It was the second time he had called her by it. Ruth couldn't help but wonder way people like him hatred synthetics so much. Did a synthetic clone do something to him in the past or was he just born pathetic and hateful?

"Of course master. How about anything you're having trouble with? I'm certified to act as a massager or a chiropractor."

"That won't be needed synti. The only stretching and tearing that's going to happen here is to your fake holes."

Ruth was starting to like this man less and less. Secretly, she hoped that one of the other more progressive members would make a complaint so that she would never need to see this asshole again. It was very doubtful for that to actually happen. The funny thing was that he didn't view her as being good enough to be a human and yet he was more than willing to stick his dick inside her.

He disgusted her so much that it made her skin crawl when he touched her. The pain that came when he clawed at her bruised abs came secondary to his defilement of her. She couldn't help but hope for his dick to snap when he was going to fuck her.

He nodded at her after a ten minute jog and she let him stand on her to get off from the treadmill. On the gym floor, she could see that his member was hard again from tormenting her but she didn't volunteer to help him with it. Ruth could tell that he was familiar enough with the gym to know that he could demand sex from her at any moment and she didn't want to risk pissing him off again. The idea of having to fuck him wasn't appealing to her either.

Ruth instead ignored his boner for the time being and scanned the gym floor, thinking about what workout routine her client would most enjoy. For her troubles, her brought his right shoe to her face and then wiped the rubber sole into cheek, grinding his foot and treating her like a dirty doormat. Ruth thanked him for doing so whilst she finished compiling a suitable set for him that would provide him with what he wanted whilst being absolutely torturous for her.


That is as much of the story as exists at this point in time; or at least as much as has been posted on

I highly recommend that site by the way, its extreme board is full of great stories.

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