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After reading "Harpy Chase" in forbiddenfeast, I just typed until I was tired. Dolcett bonanza.


The monster town was a dangerous place to visit. The adventurers still had to go through, and rest there. Series of strange red buildings with spikes added to the menace of the mountainous villages dotted with farms, mines and mills, as well as the spectacles the adventurers saw. Monsters were strange humanoids, with a very harsh way of life.

Culture shock happened fast as they entered the monster town.

The entrance had a welcome sign with directions, which was fashioned from a whole skin of a captured woman nailed to a board. The skinned body could be seen hanging from a hook as an orc butcher cut it apart, not paying attention to the humans arriving at the town.

Right at the entrance, a shrine to Demon God had a family of dark elves praying to it, in front of them, a naked, young human girl, her arms and legs tied together at the wrists and ankles like a lamb, was clearly being offered as a sacrifice. The priestess was busy oiling the girl’s breasts with prayers, the girl clearly drugged out of mercy.

“I can’t look.” Emiko shivered, looking away.

The priestess knelt by the naked girl and kissed her forehead in respect, using her knife to slit the girl’s throat slowly. Gurgling, the human girl shivered and thrashed, spilling blood on the small altar. The family prayed and blessed the girl as she grunted and growled, the priestess sawing her throat and belly open, burning the offerings with Emiko staring in shock.

The girl’s blood was rubbed on the children’s foreheads and the girl, disemboweled, put on the altar to bleed out. Her guts were ignited with sacred oils, with the family praying for good fortune and that the girl’s soul is accepted into the Demon God’s harem.

“The Demon God accepts your offering.” The priestess kissed the children on the cheeks, her red robes showing her lithe body as she held the dead human girl to bleed out, cleaned her guts to the altar to burn, and put candles around the slaughtered girl and started to cut the body into dismembered limbs and parts as if she was meat.

And apparently, she would be.

A butcher shop they passed by explained the rest. Side by side hung animal carcasses from a window, as well as any dead humanoid, cut up and put up for sale, arms, limbs, torsos of mostly female humanoids, even a centaur’s horselike body hung as meat. Emiko gasped when she saw a headless body of a woman dangling from a meat hook by her ankles upside down. Her large, plump buttocks with a brand signifying her in four letters:


Her hands were removed and set on the display along with her lifeless head with open eyes, body written all over with cuts and prices.

Outside, several sides of cow beef…and whole gutted human girls were hung in a smoking shed, their body meat being cured and smoked for later sale.

“Well, they use anything or anyone for livestock.” Her companions pulled her to keep walking.

Overall, monsters happily chatted and worked, busy in fields and mines, busy in shops. One or two humans were around, half-dressed, following the monsters with collars and leashes working as slaves, particularly in the farms and mines with chains attached to each other in coffles. Some of them followed monsters as concubined dressed in silks, a happy looking human woman following her demon master behind her with a leash around her neck.

The tannery was no different. A smiling dark elf had a human woman on a skinning rack. She was dead, her throat had been slit, the dark elf flaying her body for leather with a curved knife. Next to the dead human, a pig, and a muscular, green orc woman were stretched in an X position, each killed with slit throats, being skinned for leather. The skins were being cured by happily humming, naked human women who didn’t care whether they were naked, working slaves with iron collars, or one of themselves was being processed into meat and leather as they skinned dead humans into articles of clothing.

“Gods, this is weird…”

“Maybe the dead one was someone else? Criminal? Killer?” Emiko mumbled, the fighter of the group wearing a skimpy leather armor with a thong.

“Probably…” The wizard girl shivered in her robes. “They don’t seem to abuse slaves who work, so I guess executed people…Right?”

The marketplace had strange goods for sale, as well as humans and other humanoids stripped to the skin as slaves. In series of cages, they sat quietly, staring at the adventurers as they passed. Naked human women, men, orc and goblin girls were fitted with shackles and price tags. Next to them was a butcher shop with beheaded bodies, hung upside down as sides of meat as a happy orcish woman cut dead bodies for meat, wrapping them up and handing them to shoppers for silver coins. Around them, hawkers promoted their wares with cheerful voices.

“Best side of orc ham!”

“Whole human girls for roasting!”

“Get your healthy minotaur girl meat! Fresh off the execution block!”

“Hard working slaves! Get your slave to do your work!”

Emiko shivered as a human woman was bought, taken out of the cage, handed a scythe and fitted with a collar to follow an orc to a farm to work. Her ass showed a brand saying “Slave”.

“And we will eat here in this town?”

The wizard girl shrugged. “When in Rome…We can try…”

The restaurant they found looked tidy, beautiful…yet had a heavy scent of cooked meat around it. Rona’s meat restaurant was always busy. Any kind of meat was available, pigs, chicken, human and elves. The visiting party of humans were still shocked by what they saw:

Especially Emiko chan.

The kitchen had small cages where livestock was kept fresh for slaughter. Chickens, pigs, and… naked humans were stuck in cages side by side, boys and girls’s hands and ankles tied . Fires blazed with fervor, meat roasting on pans, in ovens and on pits, judging from screams coming from the kitchen, most were still alive until gurgles and moans from slitting knives ended them into steaks for the patrons.

The spits inside the restaurant looked busy, blatantly showing that everyone was meat. One spit housed three stuck chicken carcasses, next, a piglet. And next to them, the third spit had a human girl’s headless body like another chicken, spitted from ass to neck, glazed with caramel, roasted slowly, turning on a small rotor. Already her cooked, strong legs were cut off and served to a table of happy orc girls, munching on the hard human flesh and smiling at Emiko.

“Whole roast human girl, table fourteen!”

Happy dark elf girls carried a whole roast human under strain, setting it to a table of ogre girls who dug in happily, tearing off legs like drumsticks.


The restaurant offered any kind of meat: from human to elf, from boys to girls. Mostly pork was on the menu, but “long pork” also was favored, the savage monster races enjoying whatever meat they find. The place was bustling, and one by one, the spits were empty, animals, and humanoid bodies on the spits thoroughly eaten and consumed.

One by one, the workers, monsters each, brought more meat to be roasted on the firepits. Three chickens, a piglet… and a human girl was being carried to the roasting spits as the adventurers gawked.

Emiko watched wide eyed when a couple of orc girls brought the new meat, the human girl.

It was a crying, live, naked human girl, spitted from ass to mouth like a piglet was being carried by two orcs, squirming on the spit. Her arms were bound tightly behind her back, ankles bound to the spit, the steel rod entering from her expanded, oiled asshole and exiting her open mouth like a grisly phallus. Her blinking eyes still showed she was surprisingly alive when they lay her on the firepit, fitted and started turning the spit. Her body was oiled well, with a brand showing on her ass, saying: “Meat.”

She was quite muscular and padded, suggesting she was a captured adventuress, brought here to be roasted and served. Impaled alive, she looked around with the spit exiting her mouth as she was laid on the fire and fitted with a crank, crying in tears.

When she started to turn on the coals, the thicc, spitted human gave pitiful moans, blinking as she started to feel the fire. The dark elf turning her thicc body on the fire smiled, pouring barbeque sauce on her body and rubbing her butt and massaging her pussy for some final pleasure.

Emiko noticed her pussy was dripping wet and responsive to the dark elf’s fingers, as she slowly turned, moaning and squirming on the spit, soon to die and carved to be served like another pig as the dark elf caressed her pussy.

On another table, a coterie of dark elves feasted on a small human boy, whose lifeless head was mounted on a spike with apple slices. The boy’s penis was roasted like a sausage, their leader laughing and eating it happily, their zombie girl assistant eating the boy’s brain with a spoon. Next to it on a table lay a plump elf girl, whose neck showed an iron collar. She had been cut apart and eaten by a happy wolf girl and a demon lord. Her ears were dipped in lemon sauce and fried like snacks, her body roasted with nectar dressing, the flowery scent of elf meat filling Emiko’s nostrils.

They were met by a strong, muscular orc woman who smiled and led them to an empty chair.

“What can we get you? Pork, chicken…or…human? ” The busty big orc woman looked without any aggression, as if the humans being cooked and served in her restaurant were nothing, as muffled screams from dying humans echoed amongst laughter. “We captured a raiding group and their females are most delicious. Don’t worry, only criminals, dead slaves and willing are cooked here. That one…” She gestured to the still alive girl, roasting on the coals with muffled moans, her plump pussy showing a meat thermometer stuck. “…was a raider. Want a part of her? I recommend rumpsteak.” She squeezed the impaled girl’s ass who mewled in tears.

“Wow.” Some of the girls gulped, looking at the human girl on the spit, as dying as she was, looked back, her mouth full of the spit, in their eyes with sorrow. “Is she in pain?”

The orc smiled. “Not for long. But her last moments being cooked should be a nice lesson not to kill a peaceful orc farmer and his family just because they looked “evil.”” Smirking, she leaned and pinched the cooking girl’s breast, who managed to moan even as she was spitted like a pig. “Irony, that family was vegetarian ye know…” The green, muscled beauty tsk’ed.

“You can order a part of her body once she is done…Else, we have mermaid grill, orc girl ham, elf stew, and some dark elf steaks as well, shall we start with a simple soup or appetizers?” Rona smiled.

The orc wore only a thong, her muscular, beautiful body for all to see with knives tied to her legs and arms for carving meat, large breasts hanging freely with piercings on her nipples. Emiko found her quite attractive, but could not help ask:

“You cook your own species too?”

The orc shrugged, pointing at a green ,muscular body on a grill, where a smiling dark elf sliced a few bits from her breasts and arms and took to her plate, and bit deep, inhaling with pleasure as she slowly ate the orc girl’s meat. It smelled like roast pork, obviously it was a beheaded orc girl served as a buffet to be cut like a pig, slabs of tough green meat from her body served as steaks, particularly her big breasts with erect nipples even in death.

“Criminals that are beheaded are not wasted, neither are the dead. We gut and clean their bodies and take them to the restaurant or the butchers outside. Then there is always the occasional volunteer, and temple sacrifices’ turnover. Human slaves we get, once they are dead, are processed into mincemeat. We don’t have the rich farmlands humans have. We don’t abuse slaves much, but we cannot waste bodies under the earth.” She gestured to a naked human girl happily serving meat to a table, who was thanked and given a tip, her slave brand showing.

“I don’t cook my slaves unless they die in an accident or are willing.” Rona patted her head and sent her along.

The adventurers were shocked. The young human barbarian couple, a young man and a woman, raised a hand:

“Do you have elf meat? We always wanted to experiment…”

The orc smiled, pleased the human visitors wanted to experiment. “Of course. A few steaks’ worth of elf cuts we have. Boy or girl?” Both barbarians looked at each other, wearing fur armor.

“Girl?” The male barbarian asked carefully as his wife raised her brows. “I’d like elf boy meat.” She added, frowning at her husband.

“Sure.” She bellowed a command to a orc girl wearing an apron, who nodded and got inside.

“As for you?”

Emiko, her priestess friend Shiri and Lia, the female wizard wearing big glasses thought long about it.

“Can we think it over? It’s a bit heavy for us…”

“Sure.” The Orc woman nodded, turning around and giving them a good look of her muscular rump with a hint of her green pussy and working.

The girls watched the dying human adventuress slowly being roasted to death on the spit. She kept turning on the coals, stuck as a piglet as her legs started to cook. Her breasts were fat, and she gave a muffled scream in the spit when a cook approached her and started to cut slices from a cooked leg.


Her legs were sliced for meat, the condemned girl howling in pain and mumbling.

“Oh Gods, they are cutting her alive.” The wizard winced, as another breast was cut away, the girl’s eyes going cross from pain. The adventuress wept, tears raining on the hot coals, and slowly, drifted away. Her ass was cut as well, taken a slice from her leg and put on a table to be served. Her cook and crank turner, the dark elf smiled at them as she cut the spitted girl’s throat to put her out of her misery.

“There! Happy? No more torture than what she deserved, if she was a temple sacrifice, she would be tortured slowly before her heart was cut out. Of course, her body will now feed us. What will you girls have? There’s just normal chicken and pork too. But, you tourists came for the forbidden feast, correct?” She winked at the girls, wearing only an apron on her nude, muscular dark elf feminine body. “You know what, that black girl with the big tits would make a nice roast.”

Emiko gulped, as the girls and the couple looked at her.


“Well, the wizard looks cute too, but a bit skinny. The priestess has some nice rump but her body looks a bit less on meat. You though, well, I’d say you’d give quite a show on the coals with the spit up your ass. Big black girls take time to cook.”

“I see…” Emiko gulped, looking at her plump body. A fighter with a bit of feline blood in her, she was human by all appearances save for a bit of tough tone across her beautiful, half-black heritage. Meaty, strong and curvy, she was the smallest, yet the heaviest of them all.

“How about a whole roast? Human? Orc? Dark Elf? I can see you all want something forbidden.” She smiled, serving cuts from the now dead adventuress to a neighboring table. “Here is your girl chops!”

The neighbors, a family of goblins, thanked her politely.

“I could eat human.” The wizard girl blinked, swallowing. “Emiko? Shiri? Let’s share a human girl to eat.”

“O-ok…” The priestess mumbled. “But I can’t…I mean, poor things captured…”

“…they are criminals and adventurers killing these monsters, Shiri…” Emiko mumbled. “Nothing we can do. They even eat their own.”

“Still…” Shiri looked down.

“I’ll be back, you decide meanwhile.” The dark elf nodded, going to serve other tables. Emiko bit her lips, watching the restaurant eat, smelling like roast pork, and grasped her skirt. All were intrigued, but were too shocked to decide. The smell of cooked elf meat roused them into hunger as the Orc woman brought pink steaks in two plates, one boy and one girl, serving them to the barbarian couple.

As the couple dug in, a black masked dark elf woman entered the restaurant. Obviously an executioner from the looks of it, carried a headless, naked human woman with a skimpy armor on her back, and gave it to the orc, as well as her separated head who looked open-mouthed and open-eyed, staring to the empty space.

“Here you go Rona. One female knight, beheaded…Ninety pounds of solid meat at least…”

The orc squeezed the headless body, testing it for firmness before paying the dark elf and carried it to the kitchen, slinging her over her shoulder to deliver it to the butchers to be weighed. In minutes, the cleavers worked, knives slit, armor was stripped and she was carried back naked, sans feet, guts and hands, the woman was mounted on a grill with vegetables around her as a gutted turkey, her head cleaned, washed and her face corrected to a sleepy, closed-eyed look.

When the waitress politely returned, Emiko motioned her over.

“Yes?” The black girl whispered something in her ear, leaning from the others away.

“Since we have some condemned captures, it’s fifty gold coins, worth every penny.” She smiled and nodded, as Emiko turned to her friends and mumbled.

“OK. Let’s share a girl to eat.” Slowly the group nodded, licking their lips.

The dark elf waitress grinned. “Race? Human? Dwarf? Elf? Dwarf is double. Meat takes too long to cook. Volunteer is triple unless one of you is on the menu, then it’s just ten gold for cooking fee.”

The girls looked at each other, licking their lips. “A human. They are criminals, right?” The dark elf nodded.

“Aye. How will you have her? Alive? Butchered? I recommend turkey roast with her organs ground and mixed with rice.”

The adventurers looked at each other and nodded, the priestess looking quite pale. “Please don’t torture her.”

“We won’t.” The dark elf smiled. “I’ll be back.” The waitress rang a bell as Rona nodded, and took out a struggling, naked, fattened girl out of a cage as Emiko winced. She was carried to a table, with Rona grabbing an axe, the girl’s eyes widening.


The girl was still struggling and screaming when Rona slammed the door shut, a scream cut off by a *thwack* of an axe, reduced to garbled sounds and meat tearing until a head rolled from the sounds of it.

“At least she was quick.” Shiri gulped.

“I wonder how is it to be cooked and eaten?” Emiko was thinking.


Rona arrived with their order.

“Here you go, whole roast human girl, stuffed for five. Bon appetit!”

The orcish woman brought a large plate with a steaming body of a human girl, on her back like a turkey. Her head was mounted on a spike, she had been cut open and stuffed with rice, her stomach sewn with bacon strips, her anus and pussy stuffed with carrots. She lay like a naked prize, steaming with her own juices

“Bandit girl, age thirty, caught and fattened for slaughter. Don’t feel bad for her now, she paid the price and I don’t torture meat.” Rona smiled, serving them knives and forks.

“Emiko…do the honors?” The barbarian couple stared up from their plates of meager elf steaks, thoroughly eaten.

Emiko gulped, taking the knife and starting to cut a generous amount across her pussy, and legs, taking the large slice of human meat to her table with rice and organ stuffing. Shivering, she took the first bite.

It was heavenly, like pork with caramel, chewy and smelling of carrots.


“Don’t mind if I do.” The barbarian couple started cutting a leg from the girl’s beautiful body free, and the mage, smiling, started to cut the girl’s ass into steaks.



They all dug in like wolves as the naked, poor girl’s steaming body was taken part by part as meat, Rona smiling at them.

“Lovely, isn’t it?”

“Yes! Thanks!” The Wizard girl grinned, biting deep into the girl’s rumpsteak and chowing down a generous portion. The barbarian couple took each a leg, carefully cutting the meat into savory bites and wolfing down the girl who died for them.

The priestess shuddered to the moment she bit a nipple, savoring the rubbery taste of breast meat.

“Gods, human meat is the best! Feels sinful though.”

Rona laughed, helping them dismember the turkey-like bound form of the girl. “Please, it’s a sin to waste. If you are concerned about her, pray for her soul, but now, enjoy the meat. She died because she was condemned to die anyway. I’m quick with my axe, and fed her only the best oatmeal, fruits and cream before her body fattened up.”

“Oh?” Emiko chowed down on the pussy meat, hard and tangy.

“I feed my cattle quite well, she was all skin and bones. She ate well, wasn’t branded and had all the sex she wanted last week, her only wish when I took her as meat.”

“Amen!” The priestess smiled. “Do you breed girls in a farm or something?” The orc woman shrugged.

“No. We can’t farm humans as livestock, not that we want it. Children of slaves are put to work in foster homes or sold abroad, not killed for sins they didn’t commit against our kind. These…” She gestured to the dead human girls on spits, a muscular female knight turning on a spit, massaged with barbeque sauce. “Are adventurers fighting against us. So, you are passing through?” Rona poured some wine to their glasses.

“Yes. We aren’t fighting those that don’t raid human villages.”

“That we don’t.” Rona nodded. “They just attack us, not that we mind. The Demon God wants sacrifices, and it’s good fortune they do. Of course, I always accept volunteers for meat, or slave waitresses.” She smiled. “I pay good money for the next of kin if you bring any captives, human or monster alike, no questions asked.”

The girl’s body was half eaten by the time they drank their wine, bellies filling with girl meat. Emiko cut the rest of the body, separating the ribs with stuffing and eating one. Rona turned the roasted girl around, cutting her spine out and cutting the body in two for better cuts, juicy girl muscles separating and the adventurers taking out large cuts of steaks from the body, the girl’s stuffed breasts going to the priestess who happily ate the pleasure orbs, her arms and back divided between Emiko and the barbarian couple.

The wizard was quite happy eating the girl’s asscheeks roasted to perfection, burping cutely.

“We saw humanoid meat and leather on the marketplace along with slaves.”

“Ah, yes, our customs.” Rona nodded, sipping the wine. “We use the skin for leather, especially gloves. Well, and for Sundays, a sacrificial girl for the temple of course, lamb works but you know, human girls are the best offerings to Moloch, especially when you open a business or farm.”

“Ah, like the Desert God Hubal. I once watched the sacrifice of a young girl when I visited the Demon Caliphate last year. I think they cut her throat before the doorsteps of a new shop at Friday prayers.” The wizard girl nodded, eating the rumpsteaks greedily. “He accepts animals, but virgin blondes are to his liking I think.”

“Yes!” Rona nodded. “Like that, we too slit girls’ throats open before new businesses’ doorsteps for good fortune. But don’t shudder: It’s rare, and the worst are chosen. Poor little humans who were only unfortunate to be caught or born into slavery are mostly off-limits. No challenge in it, you know. Unless…” She took a small bite from a quickly disappearing roast girl’s meat, sitting along. “…some are willing to be accepted to Moloch’s good graces in his palace, as servants and concubines. Even men. Moloch’s succubi accept them into their arms for an eternity of pleasure if they volunteer as sacrifices.”

“Oh?” The male barbarian’s quip was silenced by a death glare by his wife, a muscular, freckled redhead, adjusting her fur bra. “I would chase you to the afterlife and rip your balls off, Kren! You are mine!”

They all laughed happily, clinking glasses when the girl before them was nearly consumed.

A naked, blonde slave girl with a leather hat and freckles like that of the barbarian girl brought more wine, happily chatting with Rona as she poured.

“Bon appetit! Are the visitors enjoying the meal?” She asked happily, cuddling with Rona.

Emiko nodded, chewing her ribs with abandon. “I feel a bit guilty, but she is delicious. Uh, miss slave, I hope she wasn’t a friend of yours.” She burped cutely when her plate was empty, greedily taking the last arm as well.

“Nah, some dumbass adventuress raiding my master’s farm.” She shrugged, filling her glass. “Killed the orc family. I was working the farm when I heard them screams.”

“And I took Shiriley in. She is a good girl who was captured and sold here as a child.” Rona kissed Shiriley’s cheek, fondling her fat breasts dangling with silver chains between her nipples, and caressing her naked ass. “Works the kitchens, doesn’t complain, fucks anyone for ten silver.”

“Mistress!” Shiriley blushed, Rona laughing.

“Why, maybe Kren here would like her for the night? The tavern is right upstairs.”

The barbarian girl’s death glare stopped him short. “Don’t you fucking try, Kren.”

The man shrugged, laughing and ignoring her glare. “Fine.”


Emiko smiled, adjusting her leather armor. “Sure. Uh, can we buy slaves to carry our gear?” Rona nodded, pointing at the market.

“Ask Kayra for a discount, she has slaves who would love to get out and be used by humans. We got tiny goblin girls can fix your armor and fit in your backpack for a quick fuck, humans can carry stuff…I think there is a centaur girl to be used for a slave mount: she broke her in nicely.”

Emiko nodded. “We could use a mount. Lot of bandits between human towns. Supplies?”

Rona looked at the spits. “Well, you CAN eat or butcher the slaves but we frown on that stuff: you are supposed to take care of them. I can give you jerky and mystery meat, whatever is ground from dead slaves, orcs and so on, cheap.”

The adventurers had eaten the poor bandit girl completely, her flesh consumed thoroughly, only bones left.

“I’ll take the bones for soup, and the head will make a nice decoration once the zombie girl janitor snacks on the brains.” She told her slavegirls to gather the remains and take them away. The restaurant was emptier as night set in, meat and remains cleaned up from the tables, the butcher orcs, men and women busy storing the meat in iceboxes and feeding the still alive livestock through tubes, a few human girls and boys gurgling as the tubes filled their bellies with sweet fodder, the boys’ cocks erect with their female orc attendants grinning. The male orc busy grinding meat for sausages filled in girl intestines grunted and chuckled when a female orc stroked a boy in a cage, uncomfortably housed, to an orgasm. She kept jerking him off with a wet towel until the boy whimpered and shuddered, ejaculating into the towel. He was wiped clean before being fed another apple, and put away for his eventual slaughter tomorrow.

Shrugging, the male orc filled the girl sausages, hanging them to be cured, and left the restaurant with his wife and hanging his cook hat to a door hook where was a naked elf girl was hung, force-fed oatmeal by a young orc girl.

“Tavern upstairs?” Emiko asked the butcher woman.

“Aye, plenty of pre-cooked food and booze, male and female sex workers for your pleasure, except for Kren, obviously.”

His wife grinned. “Except Kren. But maybe…” Seeing his look go hopeful, she chuckled. “A strong orc woman to wrestle? Winner fucks the loser. Wanna bet your ass, husband? They have strap-ons here.”

The male barbarian, his handsome, angular features with a clean shave, slammed his hand on the table. “You’re on! I win, she shares your bed. Remember the time you were the captive slave of an orc tribe? You weren’t that unhappy when their chieftess wanted to roast and eat you even before I got through.” That made his wife grunt in discomfort. “You know, Miss Rona, the tribe roasted and ate her comrades even. I took Ulrike right from the coals when she was to be roasted alive, tied to the spit with a flower and fruit decoration looking quite happy.”

Ulrike grunted angrily.

“Fine. Yes, I swing both ways, I admit, besides we weren’t dating at that time! And she wasn’t that bad, I was supposed to be centerpiece feast of celebration…pity she was cooked herself when she was beaten. She was tasty though…” Ulrike grinned.

“Ohohohohohoh-“ Rona cackled with glee. “Hey we don’t judge! I like humans myself, my kids are half-orcs. Plus I don’t judge volunteer meat girls or interbreeding. Anyway, see you upstairs.”

Thanking politely, the adventurers stood up, Ulrike leaning on Kren for support, her leather thong quite wet, her shaven blonde pussy in Emiko’s sights.


When they ascended the stairs, the tavern with the rooms looked like another monster lair, with slave white elves wearing collars serving drinks with happy laughter, naked girls roasting in spits, wild sex and curvy, replacable goblin girls fucking customers owing to their legendary fertility.

Snacks and fast food were presented on small bowls and plates, booze flowing freely, naked slaves with plates and pitchers serving booze with a pit in the middle for wrestling. All sorts of monsters were present, as well as humans, to eat and fuck, tabled decorated with severed elf heads with candles stuck to their eyes.

“Oh, baby…” Emiko gasped. “Now this looks fun.” A small goblin girl was impaled on a stake, roasting with mushrooms with the spit exiting her smiling mouth, housing marshmallows and fruits.

Games were plenty as well, a white elf female whimpering as darts stuck from her body, tied to a dart wheel. The troll waitress whirled the dart, and she would be shot at with nonlethal darts glowing with aphrodisiacs, screaming in pleasure any time her plump tits were nailed, orgasms wracking her.

Hanging by her feet around a circle of chairs, a captured adventurer woman in skimpy underwear laughed wildly, thrashing in conflicted pleasure with dark elves tickling her naked, exposed flesh, slapping her ass or softly biting her nipples and arms, playing with candles to drip on her ass and breasts. Her mewls were mixed with pain and pleasure.

Rona grinned at Emiko gawking at the spectacle: “Sparing less dangerous captives’ lives comes with a price, human. Not that dey mind…”

The female knight was coughing from laughter when the female dark elf behind her tickled her armpits, her laughter muffled when a male dark elf undid his trousers to fuck her mouth. She gave all of herself to please her captors if she wanted to live at the end of the day. Particularly in a tavern where the disobedient losers were roasted on spits and served as piglets!

Sex was cheap, little goblin girls bouncing on laps of male patrons, their little forms used as fleshlights or fucktoys, patrons kissing their big ears and lips as they fucked. In the wrestling pit, a naked male and female orc wrestled, the male pinning down the female orc with a yell and thrusting his cock into her shaven, muscular pussy.

Pinned, she grunted at the male orc’s thrusts, the patrons clapping and tossing coins as they fucked wildly, with a male dark elf dancing in a thong to the glee of human and dark elven women cheering him on.

“Whoa. Fuck stalls?” The wizard girl’s eyes were wide.

“Seems so.”

Blindfolded slave goblin, orc and human women were put in wooden stocks with their arms and necks fitted in secure wooden holes. Their mouths and asses constantly used by male patrons with coin boxes next to them, with a few empty stalls reserved for volunteers.

“They even have empty stocks for those feeling adventurous.” Lia licked her lips, one hand adjusting her wet panties.

Food was simple, fruits, bread, cheese and fried chicken, or similarly sized goblin girls whole roasted were present on the tables. Patrons either busy with sex, or drinking while being sucked off by slave human and goblin women. Emiko could see a dark elf under a table, fellating a big orc’s green penis with her sucking lips wrapped around the shaft as he drank and talked to another orc, who himself had a young human girl’s head bobbing up and down on his shaft under the table. Both women were chained by their necks to the tables securely, more women waiting quietly in other tables, with their necks chained to them until patrons sat down. Quietly the women crawled and started fellating the orcish patrons with no attention being paid to them at all under the tables.

“HOLY…” The priestess gasped breathily. “…God this is hot.”

“Sit! Table for five!” Rona bellowed, and booze was put on the tables, steins of beer. “Girls, call for whores, male or female whenever you like! Goblins girls breed fast, and plenty of volunteers to eat too like chickens.”

Three goblin girls tied to spits alive with apples in their mouths muffling their sounds attested to that, fat pouring from their bodies as they writhed, and one by one, slid and dropped to big plates, screaming in pleasure, or pain as Rona tied them up to serve as live fried chicken sized meats to hungry orcs.

They all sat to the smell of good food and drinks, and took the beer steins greedily.

Ulrike grinned nudging Kren. “Hey, wrestle the male?”

“NO. FUCKING. WAY.” He rapidly shook his head, his erection quite focused at the toned, muscled orc woman lost in pleasure and screaming as the orc male kept fucking her savagely, music drumming all along. The orc thrust faster and faster, roaring in pleasure as the woman mewled, her muscled body turned to jell-o.

The audience clapped when the orc roared victoriously, slamming a final time before thrusting her off. Handsome for an orc, his penis was a foot long, making Emiko blush when he winked at her and took a towel, sitting for a beer. The orc woman sulked, satisfied, rubbing her pussy as she lowly ambled to a table with a drink of her own, massaged by naked white elves of her soreness.

“Grakha lost! Everyone! Place bets for a challenger! WHO WANTS TO RUMBLE!” Rona bellowed, serving beer to horny patrons. “ANY CHALLENGER STEP FORWARD AND CHOOSE A RIVAL! IN THE MEANTIME, OUR TROLL DJ JOMBA WORKS THE LEATHER!”

A tall troll male with jutting tusks cheered the crowd, playing a Carib tune as dancer girls around him, troll and orc females, busted moves with their hips, dressed in fur bikinis.


“Drumjockey.” Emiko told Shiri, the priestess.

“Guys, you won’t hold against me if I try some fun?” Lia adjusted her robes and finishing her beer, looking sweaty.

“Nah, knock yourself out. What happens in monstertown seriously stays in monstertown. We ate a roasted human girl killed for us for Gods’ sake.” Shiri looked up. “Please forgive us bandit girl, you were delicious.” She burped, giggling.

They all lifted glasses. “Thank you!”

Lia was a small nerdy girl with big glasses and short cut black hair, with a small frame looking like a hobbit sans hairy feet. Walking up to Rona, she whispered something, pointing to the empty bondage stocks and mumbling. Grinning, Rona took her by the hand, and led her to the back.

The adventurers watched intensely as Rona started stripping the wizard girl nude, taking off her robes, and underwear. One by one, Lia was naked, shivering as Rona oiled her body, and poured some with a finger, bending her over, Lia’s face grunting with discomfort. Then, Lia was led, much to their surprise, to a bondage stocks, Rona fitting her neck and arms to the wooden frame before locking it.

Before she was finished, goblin and orc men were lining up, Emiko giggling as Lia gave a scream with the orc’s thrust into her fertile, sopping pussy, cut off quick with a smaller penis gagging her, men lining up to fuck her into oblivion.

“Oi, Kren, wrestling. You promised.” Ulrike nudged her. “Or afraid I’ll dump a fucked male?”


Kren walked up to the pit, discarding his equipment on the chair, and gestured to Rona.

“Rona! Any orc females left for wrestling?”

Rona nodded. “Tayu! You up for it?”


A rumbling sound made them jump as an eight foot tall, green muscled beauty stepped forward, stark naked, with large, bouncing breasts big as melons, curvy hips and a beautiful, tusked face. She had been oiled well, and from the looks of it, had fawning human male prostitutes all around her scurrying aside.

“Boy, I’ll break you. You sure?” She grinned. “I always wanted to peg a human though. My boys don’t like it and I like a real challenge.” The young men wearing shorts smiled apologetically behind her, massaging her shoulders and muscles with oils.

“Don’t be so sure.” Kren laughed, stretching. He was nearly a match for her.


“50 silver on the orc! MAKE HIM SQUEAL LIKE A PIG, TAYU!” A troll woman applauded.

“60 says human fucks her silly!” An orc male bellowed, his cock in a naked dark elf woman’s mouth giving thumbs up as well under the table. The male roared:

“BOY KNOWS THE GREEN SUGAR! FORTY SILVER SAYS YOU WIN!” Another Orc pumped his fist, his cock buried in Lia’s throat who was unconscious, swallowing every drop, her ass split open by a bellowing minotaur who thumped his chest while savagely raping her. They didn’t know if she was alive, locked in the stocks for free fucks, her belly distended with semen. At least she was breathing from the movement of her chest.


They stared each other down, the naked orc woman smiling at Kren. “You look cute. Forfeit the match, and I’ll take you to bed. No pegging, we’ll do it nice and gentle with me on top, hm? I can be sweet, and I likes you, humie.”

Kren grinned. “No way, orky. Thanks for the compliment though. You are very beautiful yourself.”

Tayu grunted in anger…and a blush appeared on her face. No one called her beautiful in her life, and the human was hitting all the right buttons, warming her heart.

“You asked for it. In the circle, human. Get ready for da fakka-fakka in your ass if ya lose.” She tossed a leg over, revealing her cunt, shaven, to the unlookers as everyone cheered, both eager to fight. She whispered in his ear in a typical display of orcish seduction.

“I’ma make you squeal like a pig, boy. But don’t worry. I’ll lube up.” She winked with a grin.

“We’ll see.” Kren flexed, his cock already erect.

Orc woman and human male circled each other, naked, patting each other’s arms for weakness.

Ulrike licked her lips. “Emiko. That orc sent the dwarven beer.” She pointed to a new, huge glass. “You think?”

“Sure.” Emiko smiled, raising the glass and standing up, walking up across the tavern to the table where the orc, now in shorts, sat with a smile on his square jawed, handsome face, his muscles rippling after a short sponge bath by a goblin girl, sitting down on a meal of a whole roasted goblin girl on a plate. The goblin massaging him wasn’t even bothered.

“Hey, humie.”

“Hey yourself, orc.” Emiko sat close to him, in her skimpy leather armor, dark brown body bare for all to see on the long divan.

“There’s black humies like you so up north den?” He took a swig from his beer, adjusting his shorts with a bulge rising. Emiko’s dreadlocked hair and her plump lips were of darkest Carib blood, and looked quite exotic to him.

“Yeah, I hang around with my adventurers, plenty of stuff to do up north.” She took a swig herself. “That’s some wild establishment.”

“Yeah.” He grinned, drinking his beer clean and filling another. “Everythin’s meat, slaves are legal, fucking’s wild. So ye’re staying?” He was clearly flexing, light green skin without blemish, chest flat and toned, with a clear erection showing in his shorts.

“Don’t know. Might keep traveling, my kind is slaves and meat here.” Emiko shrugged, quite close to the orc who laid a land on her smooth, muscled leg. She didn’t mind, his hands were gentle. They clinked glasses as the fight started.

“Not unless ye’re willing, in debt or are criminal, lass. All of us are, even men.”

Tayu swung an arm, Kren locking it and pulling down, rolling the naked orc on the ground with a flurry of naked legs, evading a counterattack, a punch. Everyone roared, as orc girl and man locked each other in a grapple and the music went on. Kren got on top, trying to bend her arm backwards, only for Tayu to roll back and crush him under her big ass, grinding as she laughed.

“GO FOR IT BOY!” A succubus waved a glass of beer. “MAKE HER SQUEAL! SQUEEE! SQUEEE!” She mimicked a pig, laughing evilly with a human slave girl in her arms who giggled and kissed her.

“I PAID MONEY FOR YE!” An orc bellowed, using a tiny, tied up goblin girl as a fleshlight, who herself, cheered in pleasure as she was propped up with the orc’s penis filling her body, her big ass wobbling with an orgasm as her arms and legs were tightly bundled behind her as a tiny fleshlight.

“WO HOOOO! OH GODS I’M COMING!” She screamed as cum burst forth from her pussy lodged with a foot long orc cock, tied to his crotch as a living sex toy, laughing and convulsing in pleasure.

For several minutes, Emiko and the orc even forgot each other, cheering like game fans in a match.

“FUCK HER!” Ulrike screamed, slamming her hand on the table and her breasts jiggling.

Kren locked Tayu’s arms, bending her over with a roar, sliding under her muscular ass and spreading her legs with a knee.

“Artless!” Tayu grunted. “Now what? In my ass?”

“No.” Kren pushed her down with one strong arm, and leaned forward. “Turn your head.”

“Fuck you!” She spat, trying to kick his legs away.

“Fine.” Kren grinned, using his weight on her back to pin her down.

“The fuck are you…hey!”

With the other hand, Kren, pinning the orc beastess down, gently caressed a breast out of place. He tried his best to be slow, giving her soft brushes with his free hand.

“S-stop…” Tayu grunted, feeling waves of pleasure weakening her. Worse…

No one was gentle like him ever. Not once. He was cupping her toned breasts and flicking the nipples in front of everyone, gently.

“What…are…you…” She turned her head in confusion.

He kissed her softly, Tayu’s eyes snapping open. His lips were gentle on the rough orcish lips.


He was kissing her, and the orcish men stopped short of cheering, looking at each other and giving cheeky grins.

“SO THAT WAS WHAT WAS ABOUT! CLEVER MAN!” An orc male clapped his hands and whistled, the music rising in tempo.

“HOLEEE SHIT!” The minotaur pulled his penis out of Lia’s abused asshole wide as her legs now, and turned around. “CLEVER!” Lia fainted, another goblin taking her ass with his puny cock, sliding in effortlessly.

“HUMANS ARE SMART MAN!” An orc nodded, turning to violate a girl in stocks, a human girl who shuddered and moaned with pleasure.

“Hey! AH! What happened? I can’t see!” She yelped, accepting his penis with delight. “What happened, master?”

“Humie seduced orc Tayu in wrestling, that’s wot happened!” The orc nodded at the blindfolded slave, fucking her gently. “Easy. I’ll go slow on humies. You’re nice and I don’t wanna break yoz…”

“Alright, thank you master…AH!” The human girl whimpered, leaning into his strong hands. He was a good fucker, that orc. Not too rough, not too gentle, by the size of his penis in her, the slave girl without name, could make out that he was a regular, fucking her every evening. Surely she’d be pregnant by now with his child.

Shiri, in the meantime, had drifted off, sitting next to a dark elf male dancer in a corner.

“Hello!” She happily smiled, happy that the handsome dark elf was separate from the crowd and walked up to her with interest in his purple eyes.

“Greetings, lovely human.” He kissed her hand, making her blush. “Enjoying the brutes?” He raised a brow, his angular elven face and eyes focused on her innocent, white dress. “You look out of place.”

“I know, I know!” She nearly squealed, happy to be noticed by a handsome man.

Tayu was in bliss, Kren taking her gently, entering with great care and starting to fuck her in the pit with slaps on her ass.

“Of course, the human male seems to be an interesting specimen, we could use a breeder studs for our slaves in Drow Undercaves. I’m Drazir.” The dark elf shook her hand and kissed it.

“Shiri!” The priestess was in a fan glee seeing a Drow next to him.

“Amaranth flower?” The dark elf raised his eyes. “Do you by any chance, have parents who have been Drow slaves? It’s a famous name for humans in Undercave, especially for pretty human girls. Not all of our kind abuse you, my family owned several dozen well-treated human girls.”

“Oh no, I am from Mara Nostrum. Creta. I never saw your people.”

“I see.” The Drow kissed her knuckles. “Wine?”


The Drow and the priestess snuggling in the corner, Emiko turned to her orc partner, munching on a small goblin girl who had been roasted whole, and laid like a small chicken on the table. Taking a small plump goblin leg to eat herself, she asked while eating the green, sweet goblin drumstick with one hand.

“Kren’s great, huh?”

“Ye look mighty fine yourself, human. I’m Garu.” He smiled, and laying a hand on her leg back, caressing softly. Emiko smiled with her plump Carib lips and snuggled close, as orc and man fucked in the pit, Ulrike grinning along, bellowing instructions to bend her over and the intensity of sex, while collecting her earnings.

Garu looked deep in Emiko’s eyes, and mimicking the human mating ritual, pulled her for a kiss.

“When in Rome…” Emiko’s eyes closed as they kissed, Garu pulling her clothes off, revealing her sweaty, curvy black body to the public and cupping her ass before ripping off her thong.

Emiko surrendered completely, locked in a kiss before her head was being pushed down, coming face to face with an erect, musky cock.

“It’s…big…” Emiko swallowed.

“Suck it.” The orc grinned, pushing the tip to Emiko’s plump black lips.

Smiling, she opened her mouth and slowly took it in, only taking it out before talking.

“So what’s your plan?”

“Ugh…I…” Garu grunted, fucking the naked Emiko’s mouth. “I could use…ugh…a gift for my wife…a humie slave girl for her birthday.”

The idea was incredibly hot for Emiko with his cock stuck in her throat. “Concubine?*slurp*” The orc nodded.

“Yah…suck it girl…” He groaned, pumping his hips. “Bed slave, housework, the works…We could use a humie…ahh..” He let her fellate him, drinking. “Wife’s been nagging me for a slave girl I could fuck when she has headaches…OH YES!” He bellowed, his cock feeling the orgasm. “SUCK IT!”

Emiko was naked, on her knees as waitresses ignored her like meat, the big green cock in her mouth. She kept sucking until the cock lodged in her throat twitched, spurting warm, salty cum in her mouth. She dutifully swallowed it all, big black breasts bouncing with glee.


“Yesss…” Garu groaned, pulling his cock lodged in Emiko’s mouth back, pulling her to his lap for a face-to-face fuck. “So let’s talk price of yer ass. How much do yer friends want me to buy you?” He sat her on his cock and started bouncing her, Emiko’s eyes going cross.

“What…do you plan? Tell me.” Emiko mumbled, embracing him as they fucked on his lap, the orc squeezing her breasts.

“I’ll keep ye as house girl slave until wife gets bored, or you get pregnant.” He grunted, his cock quickly hardening inside her warm body.


“Probably barbeque after a few births and you turn ugly. She’s gonna cook you eventually.” He grinned, lifting her to the table and splaying her legs, using her legs as support to thrust and fuck in front of everyone, Ulrike watching them with a hand on her pussy. “We don’t waste human…” He grunted, thrusting inside Emiko under her. “Ye’ll be roast, skin gets leather, mebbe make that head of yours a nice trophy. Kids could use toys made from your bones.”

“That’s hot…” Emiko gasped. “Three hundred gold. Pay Ulrike 300 and I’m yours. They need the money.”

“Two hunnerd…” Garu kept fucking her pussy as his hips sweated, slapping with wet sounds bouncing the human girl on his lap. “I’m just…buying ye to discard one day!”


“Yeah!” The orc grunted, ejaculating hard inside Emiko who gave a bestial scream, along with Tayu, who’se orcish eyes snapped open when Kren pulled out his cock and stuck it inside her tight asshole, fucking her plump ass in the pit. She completely surrendered to the anal rape, screaming like a pig.

“Tayu loses! Ulrike, she is yours for the night, no killing her! Oh, by the way your room’s ready!”

Ulrike grinned, laughing at the screaming orc musclegirl who had been totally subjugated.

“Kren, finish her off and carry her to the room, I promised you a threesome.” She stood up, taking her equipment and sauntering half naked to the bedrooms where they would sample her sex thoroughly.

So was only Shirii left alone, Lia completely lost in a sea of cocks and cum inside her in the stocks, Emiko lost in orgasm. The black girl didn’t resist when Garu tossed the passing Ulrike a bag of gold. Rona, grinning, came over and clasped Emiko’s hands, neck and feet expertly with cuffs, slinging her over Garu’s shoulder like a side of beef.

“I bought the humie as my slave.” He slapped Emiko’s ass with a flourish, carrying her home, now the girl completely his property, in body and meat. “She mine now.”

“Well, so long Emiko, I guess this is goodbye.” Ulrike shrugged, clad only in a thong as she took the gold, hanging it to her belt clinging to her toned ass.

Garu nodded, carrying Emiko, in cuffs, to her new home, squeezing her ass. Life was good.

Lia gurgled as a giant minotaur cock entered her lips on the stocks, accepting it until it hit her stomach, Rona smiling and waiting until she’d take her off the stocks, only releasing the slaves from their sex duty as night set in. The surviving goblins quickly helped her clean the tavern as everyone went to bed for sex or sleep, Tayu, Ulrike and Kren in a passionate threesome, Shiri enjoying the dark elf dancer’s attention in a vacant tavern corner, thrusting between her legs with grace.

Meanwhile, Emiko was carried naked to a red bricked home, who was opened by a matronly orc. Her tusked lips curled in a smile when she saw a chained, black girl in the orc’s arms.

“What did you bring Garu?”

“Something I picked up in a tavern.” He put Emiko to stand before the orc woman, nude.

The matronly orc, his wife, took her time examining Emiko like a piece of meat, fondling her breasts and pussy, her buttocks as Emiko lifted her arms to be examined.

“Nice. She can work the house until I’m tired of her. Fucked her already, didn’t cha?”

Garu smiled. “Clean enough to share the bed, Luxa, wife. You don’t mind, do you?” He looked quite henpecked, but Luxa chuckled.

“I suppose, if she can give us strong babies and works hard. She can sleep in our bed for now after a bath.”

Emiko smiled and bowed, as Luxa grinned, taking her by the arm to the bedroom.


The night went easily, Shiri convulsing with orgasms under the Drow who paid special attention to her breasts and face with kisses. The orc woman was taken from every hole: even Ulrike had used a strap on where Kren was tired to fuck the muscular orc’s pussy. They woke in a haze, blissfully happy.


Selling Emiko as a slave recouped some good money the adventurers realized, relaxing in the tavern with a breakfast of goblin meat cuts, fruits and bread. Shiri sat with the dark elf who was dressed in purple silk finery and a white shirt, feeding her fruit with his delicate hand. Slaves were woken up and worked around them, cooking and cleaning the tavern and the restaurant.

They had become fast friends, dark elf and humans here…When in Rome indeed.

“So, got a good price for the fighter Emiko?”

“Yeah…” Ulrike smiled. “We move tomorrow? There is a lot to explore and eat.”

“Amen.” Kren nodded, their bedmate Tayu fast asleep in her own home by the dawn came, scurrying home to sleep the booze off. “Let’s get a few slaves to carry our gear, then we can leave. Drazir, you said you name was?”

“Indeed human.” The handsome dark elf smiled. “Your friend Shiri here is quite the lady I have grown fond of. My clan…does no longer abuse humans after getting a bit…more intimate with them in our history.”

“He tells me of his Undercave cities, of places so exotic!” Shiri giggled, clearly in love. “Maybe we can go visit one day…Right?”

Ulrike giggled. The only way Shiri would be there as a house slave, though she would love the prospect, and Drazir would likely treat her kindly. Lovestruck dummy. And Ulrike had no wish to end up digging for silver with a collar on her naked body as a Drow miner slave, only to be sacrificed or tortured to death for fun when she was useless…She had a husband.

Maybe if she was single…Maybe…She would look that prospect up if Kren died. Drazir seemed to be fond of her physique as well, complimenting the barbarian woman on her rich hair and freckles, and great musculature in harmony with her beautiful body.

“You would at least fetch three thousand on an auction block, no offense intended.” Drazir smiled. “My matron is…quite interested in wrestling barbarian girls. Alone.” He smiled. “She says she…punishes them for being inferior humans, women leaving at dawn, all spent…” When he winkled, Ulrike burst in laughter.


Leaving Kren to his booze and ogling naked goblin girls, they had chatted about how Drow sacrificed beautiful, strong human women in a very erotic ceremony, Ulrike listening intently to the ritual.

“So, a hundred orgasms are guaranteed before the drugged victim’s heart is cut out and she is cut up for meat?”
“It would be cruel not to.” Drazir nodded, sipping orange juice. “Once per month, we use an unfortunate girl to please the Spider Goddess. I am afraid it is an eventuality for Shiri if she comes with me, and…perhaps, you too, but we drug ours thoroughly before that.”

“Mmm…” Ulrike thought, before changing the subject.

Lia didn’t say anything, too tired after a bath and sleep, half dead in her robes, drinking coffee. Taking hundreds of cocks on a dare had worn her out. At least she had contraceptive potions…

“Good place this is…We exchanged Emiko for a dark elf dancer that can fight, I’m not complaining.”

“Who knows, maybe we’ll end up eating her as dinner when we return.” Ulrike laughed. “I like the idea of human barbeque.”

Shiri was quite in love with her new dark elf lover, since their women were quite dismissive of their own males for no reason. And Drazir liked the idea of spending a few decades with a human lover.

They clinked glasses, drinking after a good meal and sex. Monster towns were quite the places,to eat and fuck, and meet new friends.

Except Emiko, whose new life would be reduced to endless labor, a sex toy for her new orc master, and the slave of the orc wife. They didn’t even pay attention to her as they left the town passing her new home by, Emiko laboring in the garden naked, cutting grass and carrying Luxa the female orc’s laundry on her back.

Emiko looked up, watching them leave, as a voice boomed.

“Emiko! The laundry, girl! Then we get you registered and branded! Hurry!”

“Yes mistress!” She raced to carry the basket inside, to work, give birth and have sex until her body would wear out, and she would die on a spit, cooking as meat for the orcs in a family reunion. Already Luxa had grown fond of her, planning on the family name to be branded on Emiko’s plump black ass to be a meat slave and fattening her until her eventual slaughter. In the meantime, they could be good friends.


Before the adventurers left, they had bought rations made from executed adventurer women: smoked, feminine smelling steaks with a plump, spiced and deep-fried pair of breasts, a human girl’s whole leg, and a several sides of orc girlmeat jerky. They had bought two strong slave women from the slave market to carry their equipment, dressing them with Emiko’s clothes and a spare dress. Passing by the slave market and the curiosities, each had found something valuable. Even the slave girls were quite talkative, especially with the dark elf who didn’t treat them with the typical disdain of his species. These adventurers would definitely treat them better, maybe even taking them back to human lands where they could be free when they finished carrying the adventurers’ tools.

They didn’t even pay attention to a scream cut by a gurgle when another naked, fattened girl was suspended by her feet, her head being sawn off by happy looking orc butchers, dividing her still fresh meat to be packed for the customers even as she twitched. Next to her, a squealing pig was being dismembered the same way for morning shoppers, as well as chickens next to a white elf girl’s headless body, all part of the same business, human and pig squeals adding to the savagery of the butcher shop.

Though Ulrike slowed and watched a bit when they passed an orcish household with a barbeque pit outside.

A matronly orc wearing an apron on her beautiful body turned a spit, housing an impaled, alive human woman, her plate armor stripped and folded next to her. Her body showed bruises and cuts hinting at capture, her hands tied behind her back, her ankles tied to the spit, perfectly impaled, alive and in a perfect horizontal longpig spit position. Her eyes were red as if she’d been crying quite a bit, sobbing as the flames licked her naked body, now inevitably meat for dinner. The orc woman whistled happily, pulling the knight’s hair back and oiling it, tying it in a bun before decorating her ears with cherries, and tying several pineapple slices to her nipples.

The knight gave a moan when the orc matron buttered a long carrot, and took care not to hurt her as she inserted it, rubbing the knight woman with the butter stick gently with special care around her buttocks, breasts and belly, oiling her hair with cold olive oil not to burn up.

The knight even gave a muffled giggle when the orc rubbed the butter stick on her soles and armpits. Amused, the orc decided she could at least make her relax as the knight cooked slowly, giving her gentle tickles whenever the knight felt the flames cook her insides to distract her from the pain.

“Hmph…Least I can do to meat coming to my doorstep.” She greeted the adventurers amiably when they passed by, already the smell of human meat filling their nostrils..

The “goodbye” sign was a nice touch, Ulrike had to admit. A female adventuress was stripped naked, was tied, not nailed to a cross with the town’s name hanging from her pierced breasts, with districts written all over her beautiful, toned body. They could even hear her repeated promises to the caretaking monster woman, some demon girl, never to attack again even as she watered and fed her after cleaning her body from the night’s dirt and discomfort, wiping the woman’s ass and pussy and cleaning under her of shit and piss.

To the woman’s knee, a wooden box was tied. “Donations keeps infrastructure slaves alive.”

“If you work hard giving directions and entertain them with wit, in a week they might let you go…Hang in there, talk to the newcomers if bored. Be thankful they didn’t declare you meat like the girl you just ate.” The red skinned succubus grinned finishing bottle feeding her water, turning to sweep the street with a broom, the naked knight woman whimpering and blushing when the wind tickled her nipples.

Chattering happily, they left the monster town, with its human cattle, slave markets and meat, strange customs, and savagery, the knight woman giving directions to happy newcomers in a strained voice.

“Y-yes sir. Turn to the right after the temple district…it’s written on my right breast…” She whimpered. “C-can you leave a coin as donation to the box tied to my knee? Makes sure they’ll let me go…please…”

A silver clinked inside the box tossed by a merciful, civilized ogre family of tourists, the female captive sighing in relief on the cross. “Thank you sir…I swear never to attack your kind again.” She was genuinely thankful, though being naked and bound made her blush, much to the winking succubus’ amusement.

If they ever let her go, she would open a new chapter in her life and *never* go back to the badlands.

Ever…probably…her pussy felt incredibly hot and wet.

The adventurers would return. At least Lia looked back to another fun rape night in the stocks, and Ulrike if she was single again.



One of the best


Good story. Look forward to more parts.


Goddamn, good shit, that's why i've been coming back to this site constantly. You got the dark elements of the fetish down perfect, with the horror, callous disregard for those striving to stay alive, and general hedonism.


fucking awesome <3


Holy shit this is amazing


I honestly expected, and would have preferred if the limits the monsters' claimed would have been a lie, and if every member of the party had been snuffed, butchered and eaten by the end.


Nah there's just something amazing about consensual snuff that gets you wet.


Would love to see more of this.



I have written some more from another character's perspective



Please post! We'd love to see it.

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