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Marinette on the Menu
Tags: Miraculous Ladybug, Reluctant consent, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Girlmeat menu, persuasion, cooking, cannibalism, snuff.
All characters in this story are 18 or older.

Author's note: So, I wanted to write a story more about a girl deciding to become meat instead of the actual process of being cooked. If you Don't Know Miraculous Ladybug, it's a very fun series, but all you really need to know for this story is that there was an incident in a competition prior to this story where Marinette taunted a girl in her class and pissed her off enough to sabotage her great uncle's "Celestial Soup" and ruin him in a competition. The great uncle went sort of mad and tried to turn the classmate into "Brat Soup" (yes there's a semi-cannibalistic moment in the series, go watch it yourself if you wanna see it). Shortly thereafter Marinette fixed the madness, and got the judges to reconsider her great uncle's unsabotaged soup, and the great uncle renamed the soup from Celestial Soup to Marinette Soup in her honor. That's all you need to know. It's all in the episode "Kung Food"

Okay, so this story got stuck in my head. Some of you may have seen another version called "Marinette Soup" which ended basically at this point and only dealt with Marinette's uncle wanting to make a real batch of Marinette Soup and which ends basically as soon as Marinette agrees. This isn't that version. This story is going to run from the start set out here all the way to the end of the meal, and Marinette's getting turned into a whole dinner full of dishes. I hope you enjoy it.

Story Start

“Marinette you remember how your great uncle Wang Chen renamed his Celestial Soup 'Marinette Soup' after that whole incident at the hotel?” Marinette's mother, Sabine Cheng, asked.

“Yeah?” Marinette agreed not sure where her mom was going with this.

“Well, after that whole incident at the hotel, Uncle Cheng has been thinking about working with some new ingredients,” Sabine explained. “He's even come back to Paris just to get them!”

“That's amazing!” Marinette replied. “The soup he made was just incredible! I can't wait to try whatever Sifu Cheng has thought up next! What is he thinking about using? Do you think he'll let me help?”

Sabine smiled down at her daughter. “I don't think that will be a problem at all. In fact, your help is essential to his plans. He can't do it without you.”

Marinette blinked. “Really?”

“Really,” Sabine confirmed. “After the business at the hotel, Uncle Cheng wants to try his hand at making a whole Marinette-themed menu, including a real batch of Marinette soup, just for the family and whatever friends you wish to invite! Of course, this is only if you agree to help, first.”

Marinette blinked. “Why wouldn't I help?” she wondered. “Sifu Cheng is an amazing chef! And what's more, he's family!”

“Because the key ingredient he wants to use for his Marinette-themed menu is… Marinette,” her mom explained, trying to break the idea to her daughter softly.

Marinette's mouth dropped open in shock. “Me? Cheng Sifu wants to cook… me!?” she asked unable to quite come to grips with the information.

“He does,” Sabine Cheng replied. “Will you do it? It would really mean a lot to him if you did! Please? For me?”

“But, I wouldn't survive, would I?” Marinette asked, still uncertain.

Sabine nodded. “No, you wouldn't, but how many girls have the opportunity to be cooked by the world's greatest chef? Uncle Cheng promises that this dinner will be the greatest thing he has ever cooked.”

Marinette's heart was fluttering. She wasn't sure what to think! Her great uncle wanted her, specifically her! As the main ingredient in what he promised would be the greatest dish of his entire career! She wanted to help him! He was family, and he'd been so nice to her when he'd visited and she still felt more than a little guilty about her part in riling Chloe into sabotaging his soup in the first place even if it all worked out in the end.

But… this was fatal! If she agreed she'd be cooked! Made into soup and who knows what else! She was the Miraculous Ladybug! She wanted to be a fashion designer! She was a young girl with a bright future!

Marinette knew that Sifu Cheng wouldn't make her give that up if she didn't want to, but… she didn't want to disappoint him.

“I'm not sure…” Marinette evaded.

“Well, it's up to you,” Sabine declared with a hint of disappointment in her voice. “But I do hope you'll do it. It would make Uncle Cheng so happy. If you do agree, feel free to invite as many friends as you want to dinner. There's over a 50 kilograms of meat on you, give or take. That's plenty of Marinette-meat dishes to go around.”

Marinette saw the disappointment in her mother's eyes, she saw the way she looked at her, assessing her for her meat at a glance. “I… I need to think about this!” Marinette shouted, darting up to her room in the attic. She needed to call her friend Alya!


“He wants to what!?” Alya asked incredulously over the video chat app on Marinette's computer.

“He wants to use me to… to make a special Marinette-themed menu. Including Marinette Soup… A real batch this time, since… he wants to use real Marinette meat for it?” Marinette explained, her voice a bit high and nervous at the thought.

“That's… I don't know what to say about that!” Alya decided, still trying to wrap her head around the idea. “Are you going to do it?” she asked.

“I'm… not sure…” Marinette admitted.

“You're not?” Alya asked, a bit shocked by the answer.

“Well, Sifu Cheng is the greatest chef in the world. And… I'm still feeling kind of guilty about that whole thing with Chloe back at the hotel? What would you do? If I did it, I mean?” Marinette asked.

“What do you mean what would I do?” Alya asked, uncertainly.

“My mom said I could invite as many friends as I wanted if I went through with it, and well, you're my best friend,” Marinette explained. “I'm not going to forget to invite you.”

“To eat you?” Alya confirmed.

“If I go through with it,” Marinette agreed. “Yeah.”

“You're really thinking about this,” Alya realized.

“Yeah, I… I guess I am?” Marinette agreed.

“I'd eat you,” Alya replied.

“Just like that?” Marinette asked surprised.

“Well, your uncle is the greatest chef in the world, right? And he's planning a whole dinner menu using you as the main ingredient?” Alya confirmed.

“Yeah,” Marinette agreed. “The only dish I know for sure is Marinette soup, but… mom said he was planning a full menu.”

“So, you'd be a multi-course Marinette menu. The greatest dishes ever cooked by the greatest chef in the world? Of course I'd eat you if I had a chance! Even as an idea it sounds amazing,” Alya explained defensively. “And… it's not like I'm telling you to go for it? But if you do, it just seems a shame to waste you… I mean… You know what I mean! You're the one that's actually considering this!”

Marinette blushed. “I… That's true. Sorry for being surprised.”

“It's fine,” Alya waved the apology away. “Who else would you invite? If you did it I mean?”

“You? Alix? Rose? Sabrina? and Juleka, maybe? Nino? I would invite Manon, but she's a bit young for a party like that… Definitely not Chloe!”

“What about Adrien?” Alya drew out the boys name teasingly.

“Alya!” Marinette protested. “You think he'd go for it?” She asked.

“Well, his father is Gabriel Agreste, the famous and fabulously wealthy fashion designer. Maybe he's had girlmeat before?”

“No!” the word was out before Marinette could think. Adrien eating another girl!? He couldn't have! Could he? Did he enjoy it?

“You're jealous!” Alya replied.

“What? No!? I'm not jealous at all!” Marinette protested unconvincingly.

Alya just gave her a look.

“Alright, I am jealous,” Marinette admitted. “What gave me away?”

“Girl, I've known you for years now! I can tell when you're jealous, especially when it involves Adrien.”

“I can't believe I'm so transparent!” Marinette lamented. “I'm jealous of a dead girl that might not even exist just because Adrien might have eaten her! I'm a mess!”

“Well, even if Adrien has had girlmeat before, you can bet that she wasn't prepared by a master chef like your great uncle!” Alya replied, trying to cheer Marinette back up.

“That's right! She definitely wouldn't taste half as good as me! Especially a whole menu of me!” Marinette decided.

“Wait, what? I was just trying to cheer you up! Don't tell me you're doing it!” Alya protested, trying to tone down her best friend's enthusiasm before she ran head first into agreeing without even thinking.

“I… if Adrien's had girlmeat before, I think I will?” Marinette admitted. “It would make my mom happy, it would make what I did up to Sifu Cheng, and well… Adrien.”

“You have got it baaaad, girl!” Alya crowed. “And how will you even find out if he has? You're petrified to text the boy!”

“I am not!” Marinette protested pulling out her phone and typing out a text bolstered by her indignation. “See! There!” she trumpeted showing off the message on her phone to her best friend.

“Have you ever had girlmeat?” Alya read aloud. “You really did it,” she agreed.

“Yes I did! I- What have I done!?” Marinette panicked. “I have to unsend it! He'll think I'm some kind of weird-!”


Her phone buzzed.

“Seems like he sent a reply,” Alya observed.

Marinette stared down at her phone. “He has…”

Her stomach felt like it dropped out from under her. She knew she hadn't made her final decision, she could still back out of this regardless of what she told her best friend, but… She didn't want to.

She was jealous. And all the reasons she said before, that her mom had given her, they were still valid. And… if Sifu Cheng cooked her, she knew she'd come out perfect, she'd be the best soup that Adrien had ever tasted! Not to mention whatever else her great uncle came up with for her! He'd never forget eating her!

“I have. Why?” Three words, but with them, Adrien had unwittingly spelled her demise.

“I wanted to invite you to have some. Chef Sifu wanted to cook dinner for my family and friends.” Marinette texted back.

“Are you serious!? When! That soup he made last time was incredible!” came the immediate reply from Adrien's phone.

A thrill ran through Marinette's body, her nipple's hardening at the thought of Adrien, her not-so-secret crush enjoying the new and even more authentic version of Marinette soup.

“Soon,” Marinette texted back. “I don't know yet.”

“Tell me when you do?” Adrien replied. Then a few seconds later. “Is he cooking anyone we know?” another pause. “What's the menu?”

Marinette stared at her phone, paralyzed.

“Well? What did your little dreamboat say?” Alya teased.

Marinette turned her phone around to show her.

“Oh my god! Are you going to tell him?” Alya asked.

“I… I should, shouldn't I?” the blue haired girl replied.

“If you're really going to do this, yes! Adrien will probably have nothing but wet dreams from now till Sifu Cheng cooks you, and guess who'll be the star!” Alya declared.

“Really!?” Marinette gasped.

“Couldn't hurt to try!” Alya coached.

Marinette turned back to her phone. “He's making a whole dinner menu, starting with Marinette Soup.” She sent, before typing out the rest of the answer. “Using real Marinette.”

That was it. She was committed now. She'd put it down in text. She was really going to do this.

Her phone buzzed again in response. “OMG! You're being made into soup!” the text read, but before Marinette could ask Alya what she think it meant, another text came in. “I wouldn't miss it for the world! I'll see you there! Or, you know… not.”

“He wants me,” Marinette muttered softly in a stunned stupor.

“What was that? I couldn't hear you,” Alya asked.

“He wants me!” Marinette shouted! “He said he wouldn't miss it for the world!”

“Congratulations, Marinette!” Alya cheered. “You should go tell you mom! And make sure to score me a seat at the table okay! I don't wanna miss out on my best friend's big day!”

“I will!” Marinette agreed, pulling up the trap door to her room and heading out without even ending the call. “Thanks so much for your help Alya! I never would have been able to do this without you!”

“No problem! Just make sure to do your best to taste delicious!”

“I will!” Marinette replied, shutting the trap door after her as she climbed down the ladder out of her bedroom. She was soup now, in thought at least, if not in reality. She just hoped Adrien enjoyed her.


“You'll do it!?” Sabine Cheng replied, surprised.

“I will,” Marinette agreed. “My… friend, Adrien, convinced me.”

“Well, I'll have to thank him when he comes by for dinner. You are inviting him right?”

“Of course,” Marinette agreed. “Him and Alya both. They told me they wouldn't miss it for the world!”

“Alya too? Well, even with both of them there's plenty of room for two, or even three more people at the table if you want. You might even want to ask Alya to help you make invitations. They can be a bit of a keepsake to remember the meal by, and it never hurts to add a bit of fanciness to a dinner party, especially one as important at this one.” Marinette's mother advised.

Marinette nodded. “When will Sifu Cheng be here?”

“Tomorrow, and dinner will be the night after that,” Sabine informed her. “I'm going to go call him and tell him the wonderful news right now!”

Marinette's stomach felt like it was twisting up like a pretzel, but it was too late to back out now. Her course was set.

To Be Continued…


a great begining. very much looking forward to the rest.

you always write such deliciously sexy stories TVB.


“Thanks Alya, I know this is a bit of a rush,” Marinette thanked her friend.

“No problem, girl!” Alya replied. “It may be last minute, but you can't exactly put it off, and you know I'm always up to help a friend, and I won't say no to a little photography. So, what were you thinking in terms of invitations?”

“I… don't know?” the slender girl admitted. “I've never thrown a party before! Much less ones that needed invitations! And… certainly not one where I'm the main attraction?”

Alya laughed. “Don't you mean main course?”

“Yeah… I guess I do,” Marinette admitted with a blush. “Do you have any ideas?”

“Do I!?” Alya beamed. “Girl! I've been thinking on this non-stop since you asked last night!”

Alya set down her laptop and opened it up, moving next to Marinette so her best friend could see her plans and notes.

“Okay, so I did some research, and while it isn't super common because, you know, parties serving girlmeat aren't super common, I did find some suggestions and examples for invitations,” Alya explained.

Marinette's jaw dropped in shock. “Alya! All of the girls on these invitations are-!”

“Naked? I know, right! That surprised me too! But it makes sense right? Just hear me out,” Alya spoke quickly to head off any protests from her soon-to-be-former best friend. “When people eat girlmeat it's not just about the taste, right?”

Marinette blushed. It definitely wasn't! Girlmeat tasted good, or so she'd heard, but so did plenty of other meat too! No, the main attraction of trying girlmeat was the fact that it was girlmeat! That it came from a girl, another living, thinking, human being! And… it was almost always an attractive girl too!

Marinette knew why. It wasn't that pretty girls tasted better; though they might? At least for all she knew? But it wasn't that. It was that it was… taboo. It was sexual… There was… there was just… something about knowing that a pretty young girl was snuffed to make your meal that made it feel forbidden. It transformed a dish from a meal into an experience.

Alya was still looking at her, waiting for a response.

“R-right,” Marinette replied, still blushing heavily.

“Exactly!” Alya picked up. “It's not about the taste, it's about the girl! It's sexy! The naked girls on these invitations aren't just beautiful, they're also the menu! What you see is what you get! After all, a big part of the allure of eating girlmeat is knowing the girl that became your meal! Or, at least what she looks like,” Alya finished.

“That, makes sense,” Marinette agreed a bit nervously. “So then your idea for the invitation is…”

“You!” Alya confirmed. “Exactly! You're going to strip and we'll just take pictures until we find the perfect blend of 'Marinette' and 'meal' and then we'll just use that as the invitation graphic, okay?”

Marinette was very much not okay, she was nervous, her heart was pounding at an insane rate. This was almost worse than being cooked! At least once she was dinner she wouldn't have to worry what anyone thought about her! This was… This was basically shooting pornography!

But… Alya was right. It made sense. And since this was the only party she'd ever get to throw like this, Marinette did want it to be perfect.

“Okay,” Marinette responded with a firm nod.

“Great!” Alya beamed! “Now get undressed! I'll make sure you're so sexy on the invitation that Adrien won't be able to wait to taste you!”

“Alya!” Marinette protested, but Alya ignored her complains the same as she always did.

The next couple of hours were a whirlwind of softcore pornographic photography. Alya started slow with simple poses; Marinette standing naked, Marinette standing in thigh high stockings, Marinette turned to the side and blushing at the camera with a half-fist held cutely over her lips, Marinette sitting next to the window with her legs together surrounded by her stuffed animals, Marinette in the same position with her legs opened up to give the viewer a glimpse of her perfectly smooth pussy… Dozens of poses like those alone. But as the time moved on, Alya started to urge Marinette into much more daring poses; legs up near her head, caressing her breasts, playing with her pussy, laid out on the Dupain-Cheng breakfast nook, sitting on top of the stove, legs spread straddling the open door of the oven, crawling out of the oven, crawling into the oven, even face flushed bent over double looking back through her legs at the camera while her fingers spread her pussy apart!

Over the course of two hours, Alya photographed every single inch of Marinette; her blushingly innocent face, her long slender legs, her graceful arms, her petite breasts, her cute butt, the entrance to her perfect sex… smooth with just the barest hint of inner labia poking out to give it definition. Every bit of Marinette's body was recorded and stored digitally.

“All done!” Alya proclaimed when she finished. “Well, the truth is I ran out of space on my phone for any more pictures, so even though I'd like to take more, I can't,” the caramel-skinned girl admitted.

“You ran out of space?” Marinette asked incredulously. “What are you going to do with all the pictures you don't use?”

“Well, I thought I'd keep them as a souvenir of an amazing dinner and my BFF,” Alya touched her chin with a finger and looked upwards in thought. “Or should that be an amazing dinner of my BFF?” she teased.

“You're just keeping them?” Marinette confirmed. “Nothing else?”

“That's the plan! Why? Do you want me to send them to someone? Someone named Adrien, perhaps?” Alya teased.

Marinette went practically crimson as she looked aside, her shoulders tensing in embarrassment at the suggestion. “You can if you want to, I mean… You don't have to! But-”

“No problem, Marinette. I read you loud and clear. I'll send Adrien the whole batch after the dinner,” Alya assured her best friend.

“I- thanks,” Marinette agreed, still unable to explain just what the gesture meant to her even though she was running out of time to do so. “Do we need anything else?”

“I don't think so,” Alya reassured her. “I just need to get these pics home to my laptop and I'll have enough invitations for you to hand our tomorrow at school before your great uncle Cheng arrives and you become… well, unavailable?”

“Yeah,” Marinette agreed, her stomach doing flips at the thought. “That's, um…”

“Don't worry! You'll be great!” Alya reassured her. “I'm sure that Adrien's just drooling at the thought of tasting you!”

Marinette blushed, a wide happy grin nearly splitting her face in half at the thought. “I, well- I hope so?”

“For sure!” Alya paused as she headed towards the door. “Oh! One last thing before I leave you alone to enjoy the thought of Adrien enjoying you,” Alya paused, the innuendo plastered on her words heavily enough that they were almost visible as they hung in the air. “Who did you want to invite?”

Marinette's eyes widened. “Oh! Right! That! Well… Um… I guess I shouldn't invite the whole class? There's only so much of me to go around after all, and Sifu Cheng will want to make a few different dishes… Between him and my parents that's three already, and then you and Adrien of course! That's five. I, I know you have a crush on Nino, but… I'm… not really comfortable with another boy our age besides Adrien eating me?” Marinette explained.

“That's fine,” Alya waved her off. “This is your big party, not mine.”

“Thanks Alya!” Marinette beamed. “So, My family, you and Adrien makes five. Maybe Juleka and Rose? Mom said Sifu Cheng wanted to set up a table in my room since it was really the only space big enough and since… well… I won't be using it?”

Alya's eyes widened as she looked around the room and then back at her naked friend. “That's actually… really cool,” Alya decided. “Do your your mom and dad need help? I'd be happy to drop by early to move your stuff out? And I have a lot of sexy pics in here that would make really for good posters if they want them?” Alya asked, indicating her phone with a jaunty grin.

“You can ask her on the way down? I don't actually know what she plans to do with the room. It doesn't really scream 'sexy dinner' to me.”

“True! But it does scream 'Marinette!'” Alya retorted.

Marinette nodded. “I certainly made it my own,” she agreed. “So yeah, My parents, Sifu Cheng, You, Adrien, Rose, and Juleka. That's everyone.”

“Got it! And I'll send the pictures to Adrien after the dinner, okay?”

Marinette blushed at the thought, and nodded quickly, knowing her voice would betray her if she spoke up.

“Okay girl!” Alya waved goodbye. “Enjoy yourself! And stay tasty!” the caramel-skinned girl lifted the trap door to Marinette's room and let it close behind her with a loud resounding thump.

Marinette blushed, hugging herself. She felt like she had a million butterflies fluttering in her stomach right now. She couldn't believe she was really doing this!

Maybe Alya had the right advice? She was already naked after all… Maybe she should enjoy herself?


At school the next day Marinette was an absolute mess of competing emotions. And the four invitations with her blushing naked body on the cover in what Alya called her most 'demure schoolgirl pose' certainly weren't helping her nerves any. Marinette wasn't really sure why Alya gave her her invitation too, but her best friend just told her that she wanted to experience Marinette giving an invitation to her too. It was almost the end of the day and it was the last break between periods before it was time to go home.

Marinette knew she was just procrastinating now, but… something about the thought of actually handing out the invitations to her great uncle's Marinette-themed dinner party made it feel a lot more final. Of course, procrastination had brought around a bit of good luck too! Chloé, that wicked girl, had faked an illness the period before to leave early! Which meant that the path was completely clear for Marinette to hand out invites without the blonde-haired bully's particularly odious brand of interference.

The blue-haired girl looked around. Juleka and Rose were talking in the back and Adrien had been giving her appraising looks all day, and Alya was grinning like a loon and giving her a thumbs up. Now was… well it was as good a time as any. She waved to Alya and pointed to Rose and Juleka in the back, then nodded her head at Adrien and jerked it in the same direction.

Adrien's eyes widened as he pointed to himself and mouthed the word “Me?”

Marinette nodded quickly, trying not to blush and headed to join Alya in the back with the other two girls she'd decided to invite.

She got there just in time.

“Marinette?” Rose asked, looking up at her as Adrien slid into the seat next to them. “Alya said you had something you wanted to tell us?”

Marinette shot an annoyed glance at her bustier, duskier friend, but received only a smile in return.

“That's right,” she nodded to the petite blue-eyed blonde. “I… did you see the final episode of World's greatest chef a while back?”

Rose scrunched up her face cutely trying to remember, but before she could come to a conclusion, her best friend Juleka, the shy emo girl with the two-toned hair, spoke up.

“That's the one with the celestial soup, right? Which the chef renamed 'Marinette soup'?” she asked, the pinkish purple highlights in her almost black hair drawing Marinette's attention the same way they always did.

Marinette smiled! “Yeah! That's the one! Well…” she abruptly lost steam. “I um… That was my great uncle, Sifu Wang Cheng.”

“Wow!” Rose replied beaming. “That's really cool Marinette! But… why are you telling us this now? You're not like Chloé, name dropping famous people you know for no reason…”

“It's well,” Marinette blushed. “Alya and Adrien already know this, but Sifu Cheng is arriving in Paris again today, just after school. He had an idea for a themed menu using an ingredient that not available anywhere else?” Marinette admitted nervously.

Juleka blinked, looking at Marinette clearly waiting for her to continue.

“And?” Rose prompted.

“Well, the ingredient… is me,” Marinette confessed.

“You!?” Rose asked, stunned.

Marinette nodded. “He wants to make a whole Marinette-themed dinner menu, using real Marinette as the main ingredient,” the blue-haired girl revealed almost fretfully.

“That's… are you okay with it?” Juleka asked, not quite certain what to say.

“I… sort of?” Marinette hesitated. “I guess I sort of volunteered? I agreed to do it, anyway,” she mumbled.

“So, if you don't need help?” Rose confirmed, receiving a nod in return. “Why are you telling us?”

“Well, since I'm the main ingredient, Sifu Cheng said that I could invite whoever I wanted to the dinner party.”

“The dinner party where you're the main course?” Juleka confirmed.

“I'm sort of… every course?” Marinette replied. “He's starting out with his famous Marinette soup though, this time using real Marinette to flavor the stock.”

Juleka and Rose's gazes shifted as they looked at her. They were… appraising now. They were looking her as much as potential meat as a friend, and after the increasingly elaborate fantasies that Marinette had indulged in last night, the petite teenager couldn't deny that being looked at like that was… kind of turning her on.

She opened her bag and pulled out the invitations, each hidden in its own unsealed envelope and handed them over. “The dinner is tomorrow night, I'd really like it if you'd come?” Marinette asked, handing the two other invites to Alya and Adrien respectively, trying very hard not to think of just what sort of image was on the cover of the invite she'd given him. “All the information is in there, and on the front there's a picture of…. the menu,” Marinette only just barely managed to get the euphemism out.

“The menu?” Adrien asked. “You mean, you?”

Marinette blushed so hard that she felt like she was going to spontaneously combust. “Yes,” she admitted. “Just… keep them secret until after tomorrow, okay?”

Adrien nodded. “Of course. I'll definitely be there! What wine do you think you'd go best with? I'd like to bring a bottle as a gift.”

“I…” Marinette froze, blindsided by both the questions, and the immediate fantasies of just what else Adrien could do to her with the slender neck of a wine bottle. “Whatever you think best?” Marinette squeaked.

Adrien smiled and tucked the invitation away. “Well, I'll bring an assortment then. You're worth the extra expense.”

Marinette stood stunned, nodding for lack of ability to manage doing anything else.

“Thanks for inviting me, by the way! The last time I got to have girlmeat it was pretty unforgettable. I can't wait to taste you!” Adrien stated as he walked away.

Marinette was so stunned that she missed the look shared between the three other girls that Adrien had left behind.

“Yeah, that's exactly why she's doing it,” Alya agreed. Marinette wasn't sure what with, she'd heard Rose speaking a few seconds ago, but hadn't really paid any attention.

“Figures,” Juleka agreed.

“Sorry! I was… a bit distracted? What did I miss?” Marinette asked, looking between the three remaining girls all of whom sported knowing smiles on their faces.

“Nothing, just girl talk,” Alya assured her.

“Right well… will you come?” Marinette asked the pair. “I know it's short notice but…”

“We'll come,” Rose agreed. “A free girlmeat dinner prepared by the world's greatest chef?” Rose paused. “It sounds amazing, as long as you're okay with it, I mean.”

“I am,” Marinette assured her. “I mean, I'm super nervous about the whole thing and… other things too,” Marinette tried to evade less than deftly. “But I did volunteer. Well, kind of at least? I agreed anyway, so… you should enjoy eating me!” Marinette explained.

“If you're sure?” Juleka asked.

Marinette nodded, not trusting her already flighty mouth to respond in full sentences.

“Then we'll be there,” the emo girl declared.

“Thank you!” Marinette beamed just as the bell rang signaling the next class. It was back to work. 'At least,' Marinette thought to herself, 'this is the last class I'll ever have to take.'


Great Uncle Wang Cheng pulled Marinette into a massive bear hug when she got home. “Marinette! Thank you for agree to being main ingredient in menu! It honestly all I been thinking of months! I had whole meal planned out, but unsure if I could get main ingredient. You will make menu perfect!”

Marinette smiled, glad that her mother's uncle was happy even if it was about cooking her. It felt… nice being swept up in his powerful arms; comforting, despite his plans for her. “You're welcome Sifu Cheng. But… why me?” she asked uncertainly.

“For best menu, each dish requires best ingredients. Fresh! Natural! In good shape!” Sifu Cheng explained. “You are all these things. And more! A perfect blend of eastern and western. You are also good girl; sweet, innocent. This cooking? Good ingredient only go so far. The girl must be pretty and likable too! Only the best girls suitable for eating!”

Marinette smiled. It really was a nice compliment, even if it did lead to her getting cooked.

Marinette bowed slightly as her great uncle let her down, “Thank you Sifu Cheng, I'm honored you want to use me in your cooking.” Marinette wasn't lying, whatever else she felt about this whole thing she was honored that Sifu Cheng wanted to use her as the main ingredient for the dinner he had planned. Sifu Cheng was the greatest chef in the world! And he wanted to use her! It really was an honor.

She just… sort of wished he'd honored someone else with it.

“As good as it is to see you, Marinette, there is not much time to cook before tomorrow dinner. Do you wish to ask anything?”

Marinette blinked at the sudden shift in tempo. What was there to ask? Sifu Cheng was a world famous chef! He probably had everything about the dinner under control! And after the dinner, well, there wasn't much point in asking about that anymore? Still… There was one thing she wanted to know.

“What do you plan to make me into for tomorrow, Sifu Cheng?” Marinette asked curiously.

“Hmm… That is very good question. I have many plans, but… I will need to see which ones ingredient works best with first. If you strip, I can look at you and tell you,” Sifu Cheng explained.

Marinette's eyes widened comically at the suggestion before she realized that it really wasn't that surprising. Sifu Cheng couldn't exactly cook her naked, so she'd have ended up naked in front of her great uncle sooner or later.

“Right!” Firming her conviction, Marinette nodded before starting to undress.

Her shoes, slippers really, came off first, followed by her tight pink jeans as the half-Chinese half-French girl carefully unbuttoned and slipped them off, leaving her dressed in just her panties below the waist. She blushed a bit as she realized how young her cute white panties with the pink hearts on them made her look, but… they were her favorite pair, and the comfort they provided had helped her a lot when it was time to pass out invitations to Sifu Cheng's Marinette-themed dinner party not more than an hour beforehand.

Marinette continued when she realized that Sifu Cheng wasn't going to comment on her cute little panties. She shrugged off her long-sleeved jacket and folded it neatly atop her jeans. She probably wouldn't be using either anymore, but that was no reason not to be neat about it. And… it would make things easier on her mom, whatever she decided to do with them.

Of course, that left Marinette standing around in just her panties and her favorite flower-patterned tank top. Carefully, so as not to mess up her hair, Marinette pulled the tank top over her head and set it down in the pile with the rest of her clothes. She was mostly naked now, aside from the parts concealed by her panties and bra the rest of her body was on full display.

Sifu Cheng motioned for her to continue. That made sense. Alya had shown her the research last night, a girl's breasts and her lady parts figured prominently in most girlmeat cuisine. She carefully unhooked her plain white bra and set it on the pile, freeing her somewhat small breasts to the cold air of the room.

Marinette took in a deep breath as she slipped her fingers beneath the waistband of her panties and pushed them down enough to step out of them. They were her last remaining piece of clothing. Her last protection from the world. But… Only humans needed clothing. Meat didn't.

She looked up to see Sifu Cheng appraising her like the master chef he was. Taking her apart in his mind to figure out what dishes she'd be used best for.

“Yes. Is as I thought. You are a perfect ingredient,” Sifu Cheng smiled. “I know what to do with you.”

“Just from looking?” Marinette asked.

Sifu Cheng nodded. “I have had much practice in cooking. A good chef can tell a good ingredient on sight. This is why I picked you.”

Marinette blushed. “Then…”

“Yes, the menu. It is natural for a girl to be curious as to what the meat will be used for,” Sifu Cheng nodded. “I will go course by course.”

Marinette straightened up in expectation, hanging on every word.

“Since you are a French girl, this will be western meal. But since you are also Chinese, we will season you as such,” Sifu Cheng explained. “So, since you are a french girl, the first course should be hors d'oeuvres. Bruchetta with Marinette bacon and… crackers with brie and Marinette caviar. This will be best combination with meal. Light, but good for getting at the taste of you,” Sifu Cheng explained.

“Caviar?” Marinette asked confused. “I'm not a fish.”

“True,” Sifu Cheng agreed, “But you still have eggs.” He reached down and touched two spots right above her pubic mound. “Here and here.”

Sifu Cheng paused. “While you are butchered, I will take them out and prepare them for hors d'oeuvres. There will not be much, but it should be enough for each guest to have some. Marinette bacon bruchetta will be more plentiful.”

“How… how will it taste?” Marinette asked anxiously.

“Caviar? Good. Light. A bit of salt, a lot of flavor, but it will not stay long, just enough to introduce you to your guests. Also, the caviar is very good at setting the mood for girlmeat dinner. But the Bruchetta? Heavier. Still light though. Just enough to entice palate, make guests want more.”

Marinette nodded, not sure how she felt about people eating her eggs like caviar, but Sifu Chen was probably right about it setting the mood. As Alya pointed out, a girlmeat dinner was all about the taboo, sexual feeling of eating a girl. It made sense to start off with something like Caviar for that.

“Then… what next?” Marinette asked, a strange blend of eagerness and anxiousness mingling in her veins.

“Soup. Marinette soup of course. I have been thinking of it ever since the show at the hotel. What real Marinette soup would taste like. This is what started this whole idea,” Sifu Chen explained.

Marinette nodded. She wasn't sure how Sifu Cheng intended to make her into soup, but that wasn't really all that important. She'd certainly fantasized about the transformation more than enough. He probably wouldn't boil all of her at once in a huge pot? She'd find out when the time comes. Though, if he snuffed her before it happened, maybe she wouldn't?

“And then?” Marinette asked.

“Marinette Wellington, served with baby carrots and mashed potatoes,” the burly chef replied.

“Marinette… Wellington?” the half-French girl asked, having never encountered the dish.

“Yes. It is an English Dish, so it is not surprising you do not know it. Take meat from here,” Sifu Cheng brushed his fingers down her sides, beneath her ribs but above her pert behind, “and coat with Marinette pâté with wine and duxelles,” He paused, frowning. “Paste of minced mushrooms and other ingredients. Then wrapped in puff pastry and baked. Will use Chinese wine and Chinese mushrooms and spices for this. It will taste good, do not worry.”

Marinette wasn't worried at all, the shiver down her spine at Sifu Cheng's touch was just because her sides were a bit ticklish! That was all!

“It is a fun dish, beautiful, but a bit flaky on the outside, but with real meat within. I think it fits Marinette well,” Sifu Cheng explained.

It did sound like a fun dish; Marinette thought to herself. Though, did she really come off as flaky? She blushed, remembering how she ditched Alya last week at the last second to deal with Ladybug things… Maybe she did come off as flaky after all?

“Next dish is steak. Seasoned overnight, in soy sauce, garlic, salt, other spices too. Steak will be cut into small strips tomorrow night once roasted before serving,” Sifu Cheng outlined.

“Overnight?” Marinette asked. “I was hoping to greet my guests and say goodbye.”

Sifu Cheng's face scrunched into a sympathetic frown. “Sorry, but that will not work. Good cooking requires time. Steak needs to marinate. Bacon needs to be cured. I have secret method to cure bacon in only one night instead of over course of week, but still needs at least that much time.”

Marinette frowned. It wasn't ideal, but… there really wasn't anything she could do. Sifu Cheng was right, good cooking did need time.

Marinette's great uncle's eyes sparkled as he thought of something to distract his niece's daughter from her melancholy thoughts.

“There is of course special cut served in this course,” Sifu Cheng traced a finger down until it was pointing at Marinette's pussy. Marinette was startled to realize she was drooling from the mouth below her waist!

“Girlmeat filet, highly sought after. Yours will be served with the steak. Is there special friend you want to have yours? Otherwise will give filet to your mother as thank you for creating such wonderful ingredient.”

Her filet!? Sifu Cheng meant… Marinette's eyes followed where his fingers were pointing. Sifu Cheng meant her lady parts! That's! That was…!

“My pussy?” Marinette's jaw dropped and she quickly covered her mouth with her hands, shocked at what she'd said.

Sifu Cheng nodded. “Is widely considered best part of girl. Most fun to eat. Should go to close friend, I think.”

A close friend? Alya was her closest friend, but… She wasn't why Marinette was doing this. “Adrien,” she stated. “I want…. I want Adrien to have my… my filet,” Marinette stumbled through the words, but her will saw her through to the end. Adrien was the one whose lips she'd imagined on her pussy, though… not like this. At least… not until last night.

Sifu Cheng smiled. “Adrien? Yes, I remember! Adrien is boy who you like,” he recalled, receiving only an incandescent blush in return. “Do not worry. Is not unusual for girls to give filets to boys they like. Sometimes girls they like too…” He explained. “I will make sure your filet is perfect for your crush,” Sifu Cheng reassured her.

“Thank you,” Marinette replied, still unable to completely control her blushing.

“This is least I can do for star ingredient,” Sifu Cheng assured her. “Last dish is dessert. Sabine says you like ice cream?”

Marinette smiled. “It isn't weird is it? I know we live in a patisserie, but there's just something about ice cream on a nice spring day that's just… perfect!”

“This is fine,” Sifu Cheng reassured her. “Last dish will be Ice Cream. Strawberry, with bits of candied Marinette bacon and topped with secret Marinette sauce.”

“Sauce?” Marinette asked.

Sifu Cheng nodded. “Secret girl sauce for ice cream comes from filet,” he explained. “You must make some while I set up kitchen to cook you. Tastes good when other ingredients added. Sugar mostly. But tastes like desire and adds much to experience. Sauce is perfect farewell from meal to diners,” Sifu Cheng explained. “It is final reward for eating you.”

“Like an orgasm,” Marinette realized with a blush.

Sifu Cheng nodded unphased. “Exactly! Can you gather sauce for them? More Sauce is better.”

Could she? Marinette wondered. She wish she'd known last night. She'd practically soaked her bedspread with wasted sauce just fantasizing! Her orgasms were always pretty juicy… and thinking of Adrien did speed things up a lot. Knowing that he'd be eating her filet had only added fuel to the fires of her arousal. And… There was that ladybug-themed vibrator that Alya had gotten her for her birthday still sitting in her room hidden in the depths of her panty drawer… The 'Lady Love Bug', Marinette remembered it was called…

“I can,” Marinette nodded firmly.

“Wonderful!” Sifu Cheng beamed. “Go get what you need. If we start now, maybe this will not be such a long night after all?”

To Be Continued…


Juleka couldn't quite suppress the nervous feeling of anticipation in her stomach as she rang the doorbell to Marinette's house. Well, to the patisserie downstairs. The sign in the window declared it was closed, which made sense, considering what would be happening that night.

She hadn't heard from Marinette since they said goodbye at school yesterday. But… that made sense considering the kind of party she'd invited them to. It was… weird, knowing that Marinette was gone. That she'd let herself be used as the main ingredient for the meal they were about to eat. Juleka wasn't sure how to feel about it.

She missed her friend, certainly, but… a part of her, a large part if she was being honest with herself, was… happy.

And it wasn't just that Marinette was giving her the chance to eat a dinner prepared by the greatest chef in the world, although that was certainly part of it. No, Juleka knew in her heart that while she would have been happy to have been invited by Marinette to any dinner cooked by her great uncle, she wouldn't have been nearly as happy as she was now if it weren't for the [i]type[/i] of dinner that she and Rose were attending. The fact that it as a girlmeat dinner; that Marinette was the main ingredient? Those were [i]important[/i]! Juleka wasn't just excited for dinner, she was excited to be eating another girl! And the fact that that girl was her friend Marinette? Sweet, cute, lovely and occasionally dorky Marinette? Well, Juleka would be lying if she told anyone that that wasn't a big part of the excitement she was feeling as she rang the doorbell to her former friend's family home.

Juleka didn't really know how to feel about that realization, but the fact that Marinette was doing all of this willingly did a lot to sooth most of the guilt she felt. Not all of it; but more than enough for her to say she was looking forward to eating dinner tonight.

Juleka looked at her friend Rose and wondered if she was feeling the same way. She knew that Rose liked boys, but did she like girls too? Was she feeling the same tingling between her thighs that Juleka was at the almost sexual nature of what was about to happen? Or was this just another meal for her? Albeit one with an incredibly rare and fancy kind of menu?

Juleka couldn't tell for sure; and the emo girl didn't want to ruin their friendship by asking. Not that it would… probably at least? But… Juleka had never really felt comfortable talking about her feelings; not even to her friends.

Moments later Marinette's father hurried down the stairs in the back of the shop and opened the door to let them in.

“Juleka and Rose, right?” He asked, just to make sure he had their names right.

Juleka recognized him of course, he'd taught the occasional cooking class at their school, and of course she saw him occasionally when Marinette invited her over to visit. She nodded, letting Rose take the lead.

“That's correct,” Rose smiled. “Thank you for remembering our names!”

“Well, any friend of Marinette's is worth remembering,” Mr. Dupain confided, ushering the girls in and leading them up the stairs. “Come on in, everyone else is here, so we were just waiting on you to arrive.”

Juleka nodded, looking at Marinette's father in askance as he led them past the Dupain-Cheng family area and up the steps to Marinette's room.

“Oh, you must be wondering!” Marinette's father realized as he caught Juleka's expression. “Sifu Cheng and my wife decided to serve dinner in Marinette's room. They thought it would provide the proper atmosphere,” he explained opening the trap door at the top of the stairs and leading them into Marinette's bedroom.

The room was startlingly different. It was the first thing Juleka noticed as she walked up the stairs from below. It was still Marinette's room. Still the same pastel pallet of pinks and purples. But all of Marinette's things aside from her bed up in the loft above had been removed. Her vanity, her desk, her computer, her trunk, her divan, her dummy, even her mirror and string of origami kites. It was all gone leaving… well not bare walls? The giant red abstract peonies still hung just to the right of Marinette's window, and around the walls themselves new posters had been put up in place of the pictures Marinette had kept of Adrien; each one starring a familiar naked girl in a different pose ranging from daring, to waifishly naive. And in the middle of the room? A long table, perfectly set, with a deep red tablecloth and no centerpiece. The only other piece of furniture, aside from the chairs around the table, was a folding tray stand which was set off against the large wooden beam that stretched from floor to ceiling next to the trap door entrance to the room.

The entire atmosphere of the room had changed. It was still Marinette's room, but it was no longer a room where Marinette lived. It was… almost a monument to her, to her body… Juleka couldn't help but wonder how her own cabin back on the houseboat would look given the same treatment.

Marinette's mom stood up from the table as they entered, welcoming them in and pulling chairs out for them to sit in.

“Rose! Juleka! You made it!” Alya beamed.

“Alya was worried you might not come,” Adrien confided.

“Of [i]course[/i] we came!” Rose replied. “Marinette was our friend and she invited us! Even if this wasn't such an important dinner we would have come,” Juleka's blonde friend explained.

“Are you two as nervous as I am?” Alya asked, the excitement audible in her voice. “I'd ask Adrien, but he doesn't count. He's already eaten girlmeat before!”

“Hey! I'm plenty excited!” Adrien protested, only for Alya to ignore him.

“Actually,” Rose spoke up softly. “I have too.”

Alya blinked, and Juleka turned her head to stare at her friend with new eyes.

“You have!?” Alya gasped.

“I have,” Rose nodded. “Prince Ali treated me to some two months ago for my birthday. He had her flown in specially for the occasion. She was so beautiful, and then… he asked me if I wanted to eat her.”

“I can't believe you said yes!” Alya marveled.

“You're brave,” Juleka pronounced.

“I'm not that brave,” Rose demurred, blushing from the praise. “She was gorgeous! At first I was worried that Prince Ali was going to tell me that he wanted to date her instead of me. When he asked me if I wanted to eat her… I just got swept up in the moment!” Rose confided.

Juleka stared at her best friend trying to fit this in with what she knew of the kind-hearted blonde.

“Was it… Sexy?” Alya asked before Juleka could even get a handle on the questions she wanted to ask her.

Rose blushed and looked away, but she couldn't hide the smile on her face from anyone in the room.

“Come on girl! Dish!” Alya urged her.

“It was,” Rose admitted.

“It wasn't weird, eating another girl?” Juleka asked.

“It was… It was lovely,” Rose decided with a nod. “And… Romantic too,” Rose nodded. “I know I'll have to deal with other girls if I want to keep seeing Prince Ali… As Sultan he's expected to have more than one wife… I'm… Okay with that,” Rose confessed. “But I never really understood the allure until that night,” the blonde confided.

“Now? I'm… noticing girls a lot more. I'm even thinking of girls I can introduce him to, thinking of girls I might want to eat,” Rose blushed. “Marinette was… one of those girls.”

Juleka's heart fluttered wondering if she too was on one of Rose's lists, and if so… which one?

“Wow.” Alya spoke, stunned. “I never would have guessed!”

Juleka looked around. Marinette's parents were watching patiently with amusement, Alya was clearly curious, and Adrien was smiling as he leaned back in his chair, listening in as well. Their stomachs hadn't dropped out of their bodies in terrified hope the same way hers had at Rose's words. As Juleka took in the naked posters of the girl they were about to eat surrounding her, she thought she had an idea why.

“Juleka! You've never had girlmeat though, right?” Alya pled desperately. “It's not just me?”

“I haven't,” Juleka agreed. “I'm nervous too.”

Alya breathed a sigh of relief. “So it's not just me,” she smiled. “I'm glad [i]someone's[/i] looking forward to it as much as I am!”

“Hey! I told you I'm just as excited as you are!” Adrien insisted. “I've had girlmeat before, sure, but… Marinette's a [i]special[/i] girl! Can't you tell I'm on the edge of my seat?”

Alya smiled. “Marinette would be thrilled to hear that!”

Before anyone could respond, the trap door to the rooms below opened and in climbed the massive form of Marinette's great uncle, Sifu Wang Chen.

“Ah! Is good everyone is here!” Sifu Cheng beamed. “Dinner will now be served!”

As the massive Chinese man finished climbing the stairs, Juleka noticed a silver platter with something on it held in one hand.

“Everything tonight is cooked from the beautiful Marinette,” the famous chef explained. “The first course is of course hors d'oeuvres,” he continued bringing the platter in to set it down on the tray stand before expertly setting a small plate, each with a pair of hors d'oeuvres, in front of each guest.

“How lovely! What is it, Uncle Cheng?” Marinette's mom asked, looking just as excited as the school girls at the table surrounding her.

Juleka stole a glimpse at the tiny plate set before her. She was never really invited to fancy parties, and with her mom being her mom, her family wasn't about to start throwing formal events. Still, these dishes did look a little familiar…

“Something simple to start,” Sifu Cheng explained. “Bruchetta with Marinette bacon, and a few small crackers with Marinette caviar over brie.”

Juleka reached for one of the small savory starters, barely registering that she wasn't the only one to do so. There were only two pieces, one of each dish, so Juleka reached for the one that seemed most enticing; caviar, crackers, and brie. Juleka didn't know for sure just what Marinette caviar really was, but she could certainly wager a guess. Idly, she wondered how it was harvested. Was Marinette still alive? Did Sifu Cheng cut a slit above each ovary and fish them out one by one? Juleka could feel a jolt of arousal at the thought and she wasn't sure if she wanted to see it happen, or be the one it happened to.

If she hadn't known that this was girlmeat, Juleka wasn't sure she would have guessed. She'd seen Caviar before of course but it was usually black. This was… it was different. It was red. A deep red too! Not like anything she'd ever seen served before. And it was small. There were a lot of them but… they were almost like a paste in consistency; the individual eggs barely visible to her eye.

She could see Marinette's parents feeding each other their portion, their eyes wide with delight as the bit in and tasted their daughter. The sight was so sappy that Juleka couldn't help but smile.

Not wanting to miss the experience, Juleka lifted the hors d'oeuvre to her own lips and bit in, her eyes widening at the salty, savory taste that now filled her mouth. It was… “Amazing!”

Juleka had truly never tasted anything like it. A bit of salt. A lot of flavor. But… it faded on her tongue almost immediately, leaving an almost ephemeral introduction to the taste of Marinette. Eagerly, Juleka reached for the second hors d'oeuvre; the bruchetta with Marinette bacon.

The taste of Marinette was heavier this time. It lingered on her lips along with spices and an almost fruity undertone of peaches.

It left Juleka wanting more.

“Wow!” Alya exclaimed. “That was incredible! Is that what girlmeat tastes like all the time?” She asked, amazedly.

“No way!” Adrien replied. “Sifu Cheng's cooking is so much better than anything I've ever tasted before!”

Rose nodded along, the girlmeat she'd had before was good. But this? This was incomparable!

“Thank you,” Sifu Cheng replied. “But it is not just me. Marinette was best ingredient a chef could ask for.”

“She really was,” Rose agreed. “I can't wait for the next course!”

“This is how all of you feel?” Sifu Cheng asked, receiving eager nods all around. “Of course, then I will get next course right away.”

He nodded, bowing as he left the room with the platter, taking a tiny plate with the last two hors d'oeuvres with him. One of each type. 'They must be his portions,' Juleka realized. 'He'd put them out in case someone else wanted seconds.'

Juleka smiled softly. Sifu Cheng really was a wonderful man.

“That caviar was amazing!” Adrien gushed. “And that bacon! How did he do it?”

“He has a secret method for curing it overnight,” Marinette's mom explained. “I'm not sure how he does it, I've always been more interested in baking than cooking like Uncle Cheng does, but I do know that he smoked the bacon using peach wood. It really is delicious. There was enough that Uncle Cheng made us some for breakfast, but I think this time it was even better…”

Alya nodded. She'd stopped by this morning to say goodbye to her friend, only to find her already harvested and partially cooked. But once he found out that Alya was a friend of his grand-niece, he refused to let Alya leave without a plate of Marinette bacon and eggs. Though the latter hadn't come from her best friend.

Before the conversation could continue, the trapdoor opened once moor and Sifu Cheng entered carrying yet another large silver platter. This time it was covered, and as he set it down on the folding tray and uncovered it, the unearthly scent of Sifu Cheng's incredible Marinette soup filled the air.

The soup was purple, with a a golden swirl in the center with a purple flower and a few green leaves on top. It smelled like… Juleka wasn't sure she could describe it. Carrots, and ginger were part of it, but there was more. A subtle smell like wild grasses, and a meaty undertone which Juleka could easily identify despite never having smelling it before. Marinette. The soup was aptly named. It was thick and creamy. Delicious steam wafted from it and it looked so lovely that Juleka wasn't certain she could bring herself to ruin it by consuming it.

Sifu Cheng began passing out the bowls, handing them out person by person starting with Rose and working around the table until finally he set a bowl beside Juleka. He sat down at the empty seat at the table's head and smiled at the rest of his guests. “Please! Eat! Marinette soup is best when fresh.”

Juleka stared as he picked up a spoon and began to dig in, his lips curling into an unconscious smile as he savored his niece's contribution to his world-famous dish.

Juleka wondered what part of Marinette made it into the bowl in front of her. Was it meat from her thigh? Her arms? Did he flavor the initial broth with her bones?

Whatever it was, it was perfect, Juleka decided as she tasted the soup for the first time. It felt like… like home. It was warm and soothing, but also light and adventurous. It tasted just like Marinette! Not just her meat, but her personality. It was perky! The carrots and ginger blending to evoke the blue-haired girl's [i]joie de vivre[/i]!

“What gives it the color, if you don't mind me asking Sifu Cheng?” Adrien inquired.

“Purple carrots,” the man replied.

“It really is stunning, and the color reminds me of Marinette,” Rose chimed in, sneaking a look at the similarly colored walls of the other girl's former bedroom.

“Yes. Coincidence, I think. But a good one,” Sifu Cheng smiled back.

It really was an excellent soup. She could almost imagine it without the subtle flavors of her friend's meat. It would be very nice without them, but with them? It was perfect. Light though. It didn't feel filling. Which was probably a good thing since there was certainly more Marinette in store for all of them before the meal was over, and Juleka, for one, didn't want to miss a thing.

Would she taste anywhere near as good if she were cooked? Was it Marinette's uncle? or was it her? Juleka couldn't get the thought out of her head. She glanced at Rose. Her best friend was savoring her soup with obvious relish, smiling broadly with a look of innocent wonder in her eyes.

Was it because it was a girl that they knew on the table? Was that why Rose was so enthusiastic? Or… Did she really enjoy the experience of girlmeat that much? If Juleka confessed her feelings to her… How would Rose respond?

Juleka wasn't sure.

Alya was certainly enjoying eating her best friend, Juleka noticed as her eyes roamed around the table. She was chatting softly with Adrien.

"-was it like for you then?"

"Nowhere near as nice as this. It was at a party Chloé threw. None of us met the girl beforehand. We didn't even know Chloé was serving girlmeat until her butler pulled the cover off the platter. There was a woman in her twenties underneath it. Already fully roasted. She was laying down on her back like she was sleeping, except every inch of her was golden brown. We never even learned her name. She tasted good, and it was fun enough at the time. But nothing compared to this meal."

Juleka wondered how the girl Rose had eaten was served. Was she still identifiable? Or was she turned into delicious dishes like Marinette had been? She'd have to ask her after dinner, once they were alone.


It took a few minutes for the rest of the dinner table to finish their soup. Juleka envied them a bit as she watched them savor the flavor of it, but it wasn't as if they'd been served any more than she had. She'd just made the mistake of not paying enough attention as she ate. She hoped Marinette didn't hold it against her, wherever she was now that she'd been cooked.

Once the bowls were all emptied, Sifu Cheng gathered them up on the same platter he'd brought them out on and carried them back down the stairs into the kitchen.

"So? What do you think so far?" Rose asked quietly.

Juleka tilted her head as she tried to think of what to say.

It was sexy. Eating Marinette. Imagining what parts had gone into each dish. Even her brief thoughts of what it would be like in her place. They were all turning her on. Could she say that? Or would Rose be weirded out?

It was tasty too. This was certainly the best meal she'd ever eaten so far. There weren't even any close competitors. She could certainly say that without Rose thinking she was strange.

Of course there was also the-

"I mean, it's kind of sexy, don't you think?" Rose continued. "Marinette was so pretty. Much prettier than me, and so nice and now I'm eating her and I can't help but notice the posters on the wall as I do it. It feels-" Rose cut herself off before finishing the sentence.

"I know what you mean," Juleka agreed, thinking of the eager heat nestled between her thighs as well as how that heat had grown with each new taste of her former friend.

Rose smiled happily at her and Juleka felt her heart lurch in her chest as she responded with a dopey smile of her own. It took a while to calm down. She had to remind herself that Rose liked men, and that recent admissions aside, that probably wasn't going to change.

As soon as Juleka managed to pull her emotions into something something resembling normal, the trap door opened once more; Sifu Cheng emerging with yet another covered platter in hand.

Juleka licked her lips in anticipation as the master chef approached. Everything had been so incredible so far! She couldn't help but wonder what kind of savory delight the man would serve them next.

Sifu Cheng pulled the top off the platter to reveal what looked at first glance to be two small loaves of bread and a bowl of mashed potatoes, and a small plate full of baby carrots. Each loaf about the length of the tip of Juleka's fingers to the base of her palm, and about as wide as the widest part of her hand. Juleka frowned as she tried to figure out what the master chef had made; Marinette bread? How would that even work?

She frowned a bit deeper. No. It couldn't be Marinette bread. There was something more to this. The subtle savory scent she was coming to identify with her friend's meat was wafting up from the once-covered dish. Whatever this was, there was more to it than met the eye.

Sifu Cheng placed the platter on his folding tray and picked up the large fork and sharp carving knife her had left on the platter. He smiled widely at them, clearly happy at the way his latest dish had captured everyone's attention.

“Next course is special; Marinette Wellington,” he announced before turning his attention to the small loaves as he began to carve them.

'Marinette Wellington?' Juleka wondered to herself. She'd never heard of such a dish.

The smell of roasted Marinette got stronger as Sifu Cheng began to carve the loaves into slices. There was something about them but… Juleka couldn't quite see the details from where she was sitting.

Everyone else seemed excited. She could see the wide-eyed expressions on Alya and Adrien's faces, and even Marinette's mom seemed to be eagerly anticipating the next course. Juleka breathed in and then out, accidentally filling her nose with the luscious scent of Marinette. It was certainly alluring, but it wasn't helping her calm down at all. The anticipation was killing her, but… she could wait. Juleka shot a glance at her beautiful best-friend. She'd waited far longer for other things, after all…

The next thing Juleka knew, Sifu Cheng was serving the slices he had carved.

Juleka's eyes widened as Sifu Cheng returned her plate with some mashed potatoes, a pair of baby carrots, and two slices of… Well, it had to be Marinette Wellington, but it wasn't a dish that she had ever really seen before. She realized immediately where the savory scent of roasted girlmeat had come from. Though the outside of the dish was a flaky pastry shell, almost like a croissant, the inside was a beautiful tender slice of Marinette. It was cooked perfectly; though given the quality of the food so far that was no surprise. Juleka leaned in closer. There was something between the pastry shell and the meat, a layer of… Juleka wasn't sure what it was. It smelled delicious though!

Everyone else was already eating, Juleka realized as she looked around. Sifu Cheng had even served himself and was now partaking in the meal he'd made with them! She reached down and picked up her fork and knife and carved off a small slice, careful to get both the meat and the shell in the process as she speared it with her fork.

Juleka bit down and her world exploded in flavor! Marinette was clearly the star of the show, her flavor familiar to the purple-haired girl after the soup and hors d'oeuvres. But the supporting cast of flavors! Croissant, pâté, pepper, mushrooms, herbs she couldn't quite discern! They all blended together into a wonderful whole. Flaky on the outside with tons of substance within! It really was like eating Marinette!

Juleka blushed in embarrassment as she realized how silly that thought was. The meat inside the Marinette Wellington did come directly from her friend, after all. But… the emotion still remained. Juleka didn't think Marinette would taste as much like her personality without Sifu Cheng's choice of presentation.

The Emo girl swallowed happily, using her fork to scoop up a bit of the potatoes to follow the meat.

Her eyes widened almost comically as she tasted the fluffy white mass. “This… Tastes like Marinette!” She exclaimed softly, unable to control herself.

“You noticed,” Sifu Cheng smiled back. “Was tricky to get just right. Had to use compound butter. Garlic, herbs, and Marinette. Took fat from breasts. Were small, but had enough to make more than enough potatoes for the meal.”

Juleka looked down at the fluffy mass of mashed potatoes on her plate. She never would have guessed from seeing them that they too were made from Marinette. Her breasts. Juleka blushed faintly as she remembered the covert glances she'd snuck of those same breasts in the locker room. And now they were on her plate in a form she'd never have recognized had she not been told…

She scooped up another bite, savoring the taste as the warm mash covered her tongue. Marinette really [i]was[/i] delicious! The small sliver of guilt that Juleka had felt earlier at the thought of eating her friend was slowly transforming into… the emo girl wasn't quite sure what it was turning into! Her fingers were trembling with each bite, there was a heat between her legs both like and unlike anything she'd ever experienced before. The metaphorical feeling of weight in her stomach had turned into a literal weight, but… instead of feeling anxious it now filled her with a comforting warmth, like Marinette was there with her, hugging her. Juleka had never felt anything like it before. She didn't want it to end.

A smile tugged at the corners of her lips as she carved another slice from the Marinette wellington, savoring the taste as she chewed. 'Thank you, Marinette,' Juleka thought to herself. 'I never would have been able to enjoy this without you.'

Juleka ran her fingers nervously through her hair, smiling softly to herself as she pondered the dinner so far. She was glad Marinette agree to become girlmeat. She was glad her friend was snuffed for this. She could admit that without guilt now, at least to herself. This meal was… it was incredible! A once in a lifetime experience that wouldn't be the same without Marinette as the main ingredient. She'd miss her friend and her bubbly personality and klutzy antics, but… losing Marinette was worth it in return for this special meal. After all, without this meal, Juleka still wouldn't know about Rose's own realization regarding girls. She'd be stuck thinking she didn't have a ghost of a chance.

Juleka took another bite of Marinette's delicious meat. The girl it once belonged to was special; irreplaceable really. Her inability to admit her feelings to the guy she liked coupled with her constant determination to try anyway… Marinette was brave in a way that Juleka could only dream of! She was willing to go to any lengths to be with her crush, even agreeing to become dinner just to make him happy; a goal that she'd certainly succeeded at from the look on Adrien's face as he enjoyed his own slice of Marinette Wellington.

Juleka had always envied Marinette's bravery, but now? Eating her like this? It almost felt like she was taking a bit of that bravery for herself. Marinette was part of her now, supporting her and urging her on where otherwise Juleka would have been too shy on her own.

Beneath the table, Juleka reached for Rose's hand and clasped it in her fingers. It took a second, but slowly, Rose's fingers wound back around her own. A rush of heat shot through Juleka and she couldn't help but take a glance at the lovely girl sitting next to her. Rose was smiling back. It wasn't romantic… not yet. But… there was something to it, deeper than mere friendship. Something Rose felt too. Juleka thanked Marinette once more as she picked up the last bit of potatoes with her fork and brought it to her lips, feeling it spread across her tongue. After all, without Marinette, none of this would have been possible.


Alya was in heaven as she devoured her best friend. Marinette really had no right being this delicious! Had Alya known! Well, not much would have changed actually. She still valued her friend more as a friend than for her meat; but since it [i]was[/i] Marinette's decision to let herself be cooked, for [i]Adrien[/i] of course, Alya had absolutely no qualms about enjoying her.

It was a shame she couldn't share her with Nino though, but she understood Marinette's reluctance to let a boy eat her. Well, a boy who wasn't her super massive crush anyway, Alya thought with a smile and a glance at the blond-haired model sitting beside her.

Still, eating Marinette like this was getting to be unreasonably arousing. Was all girlmeat like this? Or Just Marinette? Alya just couldn't get the photos they'd taken the day before yesterday out of her head. Of course, having some of them up as posters on the walls wasn't helping with that at all. And maybe she shouldn't have looked through them after school before coming here?

Alya savored the taste of her last bite of Marinette Wellington. Every dish so far had been fantastic and this was no exception! Alya was already sort of dreading the meal ending, though… maybe there would be some of Marinette left over, like there was the incredible bacon she'd had that morning?

At least Marinette's plan to give Adrien the best meal of his life had paid off in spades. She'd never [i]seen[/i] the boy so honestly happy and unguarded as he looked right then!

Alya blinked as she noticed Sifu Cheng gathering up the plates. Was everyone done then? She hoped so. She couldn't wait for the next course!


Of course all good things had to come to an end, Juleka realized as Sifu Cheng returned with the next course. Juleka watched as best she could as the Chinese chef removed the top from the platter and set it aside to serve everyone, even though she still didn't have a very good view.

“This is main course now, marinated Marinette steak with roasted cauliflower, topped with butter and five spice blend.”

Rose's eyes widened as Sifu Cheng set her portion in front of her. She was on the edge of her seat with excitement, the way she was shaking her fists up near her shoulders gave it away. “Oh wow! This smells amazing! Doesn't it Juleka? I can't wait to try it!”

“Me too,” Juleka admitted, looking at the beautiful slices of steak in front of her, set next to the shiny red topped cauliflower. It certainly [i]looked[/i] as appetizing as it smelled.

Juleka looked over at her friend as Sifu Cheng finished serving the table. This seemed as good a chance as any… “How was the girl you ate with Prince Ali served?” Juleka asked in her almost mumbling monotone.

Rose cocked her head at the question. “Huh, I guess I never told you about that, did I?” she asked.

Juleka shook her head in response, cutting a piece of Marinette steak as she looked at her best friend and secret crush.


“Sorry, Sifu Cheng? I don't want to be a bother but… I think you forgot about me?” Adrien spoke up as Sifu Cheng finished serving the table. Every last place save for his was filled with a plate of Marinette steak and cauliflower, but his place was still empty. Honestly it [i]was[/i] kind of strange since given the way he was serving? In order to serve the whole table like that, Sifu Cheng would have had to deliberately skip over Adrien to do it.

“No. I remember you. You are Adrien, correct?” Sifu Cheng asked as if to confirm something.

Adrien nodded.

“You will not be eating Marinette steak today. But do not worry, I have perfect dish for you! Marinette insisted.”

Adrien blinked, not sure what was coming. What could Marinette have insisted he get that no one else could eat?

Of course, given the conspiratorial look between everyone else at the table, the answer was pretty obvious, knowing Marinette.

“For you, seasoned Marinette fillet instead!” Sifu Cheng proclaimed setting down Adrien's special dish.

Adrien's eyes went wide as he realized what it was, and he wasn't the only one either. Ayla grinned at the sight, Rose gasped, and Juleka silently raised her hand to cover her own open mouth.

There on Adrien's plate sat the perfectly preserved pussy of Marinette Dupain-Cheng. It shined in the light of her room, fully roasted and ready to eat, the same red-topped cauliflower sitting to the side.

“There… there must be a mistake?” Adrien stuttered. “Me? Isn't this meant to go to Alya? She's Marinette's best friend!”

“Marinette was very clear,” Sifu Cheng insisted. “Her filet meant for her friend Adrien. My French is not so good, but it is good enough to tell difference between Adrien and Alya.”

Alya nodded. “Marinette only agreed to be cooked because of you She'd definitely want you to have it.”

Marinette's mother agreed. “She told me that you'd convinced her when she told me that Uncle Cheng could prepare her.”

Adrien's eyes were wide with shock. “Convinced her!? She told just me she was doing it out of the blue? How could I have convinced her?” Adrien asked, puzzled.

“Well, she did have an enormous crush on you!” Rose informed him. “Maybe it was something you said?”

Alya nodded. “I was talking to her when it happened. That's it exactly.”

“But, I barely said three words to her though? What could I have said?” Adrien asked, confused.

“It was exactly three words,” Alya explained. “When she asked if you'd ever had girlmeat before, you texted back: 'I have. Why?' That's what did it.”

Adrien blinked. “That makes no sense though.”

“Well, that's what did it. I can't tell you any more, I do have to protect my BFF,” Alya replied.

Well, if she really did want me to have this then… I can't exactly refuse,” Adrien gave in happily.

“What's the matter Adrien, never eaten pussy before?” Alya leered.

“Actually no. I haven't,” Adrien blushed. “Since it was Chloé's party, she insisted on having the prime cut. And well… I haven't even seen another girl's in real life before.”

“Oh! That's So Romantic!” Rose cooed. “Marinette's your first!”

“And he's hers as well,” Juleka agreed.

Adrian's blush was practically crimson by now as he snuck glances at Marinette's privates, now displayed for his enjoyment like the piece of meat they'd become. “I guess… I guess I am,” he agreed.

“Well? Don't just stare at her! Try some!” Rose insisted.

Adrian picked up his fork and knife and carved off a slice of Marinette's delectable-looking cunt, raising it to his mouth before biting in. He shivered as her sublime flavor hit his taste buds. Marinette mixed with soy sauce and garlic which brought out a lovely undertone of what Adrien would later learn was female arousal.

“Well? What do you think, Adrien?” Alya probed.

“Miraculous! Marinette is simply the best!” Adrien gushed as he swallowed his first bite.

“She'd be absolutely delighted to hear that,” Alya beamed, starting in on her own piece of Marinette steak. “Oh my god! This is amazing! This is the best dish yet, Sifu Cheng!”

“Is all credit of Marinette,” the large man demurred. “There is no great chef without proper ingredient.”

“Oh! She's so tender!” Rose cheered as she bit into her first bite. “She's so much better than the last girl I ate! I'll have to make sure Prince Ali gets you to cook the next girl, Sifu Cheng.”

“I've never cooked for prince before,” Sifu Cheng agreed.

Juleka brought her own little slice of Marinette to her lips and began to chew. Immediately the flavor overwhelmed her! Adrien was right! This was miraculous! She needed something to temper it! Carefully, Juleka speared one of the pieces of cauliflower and bit down.

'Spicy! But pleasant all on its own,' were Juleka's first thoughts. 'Though, underneath that there's something…' The emo girl looked up. “Sifu Cheng, did you use the same butter for the cauliflower as the potatoes?”

The large Chef beamed! “I did! You have very sensitive tongue for flavor! Butter does not cling to cauliflower the same way it does potatoes. Results in much milder Marinette flavor. Not everyone realizes secret ingredient.”

Juleka blushed at the praise, realizing that everyone else was looking at her with impressed expressions on their faces, even Marinette's Mom and dad!

“Thank you, Sifu Cheng,” Juleka almost whispered before going back to her plate. She wanted to finish off her friend before she got cold.

'Eating Marinette like this really was a magical sort of experience,' Juleka decided, savoring yet another bite of her friend's delectable steak as she watched Adrien carve up Marinette's cunt across the table. 'Everyone's enjoying her! Everyone's happy.' Juleka smiled. 'Would they feel the same way eating me?' She wondered to herself. Her eyes fell on her best friend next to her, happily enjoying herself as she swallowed yet another bite of their former friend. 'Rose really does seem to enjoy eating girlmeat…'

'Was this what Marinette had felt when she volunteered?' Juleka wondered at the tinge of jealousy inside her as she watched the girl she loved devour another girl. 'Was this why Marinette volunteered?' Juleka wasn't sure. Her own cunt tingled at the thought of following in Marinette's footsteps, of being prepared by a master chef like Sifu Cheng… 'Rose had already asked him to cook girlmeat for Prince Ali… Maybe she should ask to be that girl? Judging from the pace which the seasoned Marinette steak was vanishing from her plate, Rose certainly had no issues with eating a friend.'

'Well.. that's not quite right?' Juleka realized as she thought back to Rose's reasoning when Marinette had given them their invitations. 'Rose has no issues eating a friend when it's the friend's decision,' Juleka smiled softly. 'Rose is way too caring and kind to ever ask another girl to cook for her, especially someone she was friends with…'

Juleka stabbed at her plate only to realize that she'd done it again! She'd eaten Marinette almost on auto-pilot, completely distracted by her thoughts… and if she was being honest? By Rose as well.

'Damn it! Rose was just… so distracting.' Juleka thought to herself as she snuck yet another glance at the girl next to her. 'What am I going to say to her after dinner is over?' Juleka wondered. Something had changed about their relationship. They'd shared… [i]something[/i]. But Juleka wasn't quite sure what it was. Did Rose like her like Juleka liked Rose? Or was it something else?

Juleka wasn't sure. She wanted Rose, but more than that, she wanted Rose to want [i]her.[/i] Juleka snuck another peek at the girl beside her as she gleefully devoured their friend, moaning and gasping with each bite at just how marvelous Marinette tasted. A heavy feeling built up in her chest. She recognized the feeling. She'd felt it before when Rose had started chasing after Prince Ali, and then every time after when the innocent young blonde mentioned the prince. Jealousy. She was… She was Jealous! Of Marinette!

Marinette was gone! She'd sacrificed her life for this meal. She wasn't a threat, she was a friend! A friend who went out of her way to invite both Rose and Juleka! There was nothing to be jealous of!

Was there? Juleka wondered, staring at her crush. Rose looked like she was in heaven. With each bite of Marinette it seemed like the blonde was overcome by a new wave of almost orgasmic pleasure. It was… sexual. Marinette was becoming a part of her. She'd be with her forever, and Juleka gasped almost silently as she realized why she was jealous. For Rose…. This was a night that she'd never forget. A Night of sensual pleasure fueled by the sacrifice of a beautiful young girl. And Rose wanted her! Juleka realized. She wanted Marinette the same way Juleka wanted Rose to want [i]her[/i]! Deeply, heedless of any obstacles. Rose was… not addicted to the taste of Marinette, but… she certainly craved it.

That's why she was jealous, Juleka realized. Rose craved Marinette… and not her. Well, she could certainly try and fix that, and if she couldn't? Juleka glanced at Sifu Cheng as he enjoyed his slice of Marinette steak, her eyes traveling towards the half-eaten form of Marinette's filet on Adrien's plate. There was definitely at least one way that Rose would crave her the same way as Marinette.

The emo girl watched as everyone finished their pieces of Marinette, paying careful attention to Adrien as he sliced Marinette's tender roasted lower lips apart, slowly devouring their friend's womanhood; piece by piece. Adrien had started at the bottom of Marinette's sex, slicing apart the tissue connecting the two lips and then cutting them bit by bit, slicing each lip to match it's twin after each bite until nothing remained but the final bite the front of Marinette's slit, topped with her cute little clit.

Juleka caught Rose shooting admiring and envious looks at Adrien, and she couldn't help but wonder what her own filet would look like if Sifu Cheng prepared it. It was clear that Rose had an interest…

Juleka shook her head. She needed to talk with Rose first. She shouldn't just volunteer. There could be a chance after all. Prince Ali did need several wives, right?

Sifu Cheng gathered the plates and brought them downstairs. Juleka wondered what would be next. Dessert? Marinette was much more filling that Juleka expected her to be. If the next course wasn't dessert, Juleka wasn't sure she'd have room.

“Rose,” Juleka's mouth had started working without her say-so. “I…”

Rose turned to her, her eyes open and inviting, urging her to say whatever she needed. Rose was… She was perfect, and Juleka didn't want to spoil that, but… she had to know.

“I… do you ever think that you could…. I mean I… I love you.” Juleka mumbled. “I want to be with you, forever. Can that… happen?”

Rose's eyes widened. Juleka could see the thoughts passing through them as her friend connected the dots, putting old interactions in a new light. “I never realized.” Rose admitted.

Juleka waited for her answer. The truth was out there now. There was no need to rush her friend.

“I'm… I'm dating Prince Ali now,” Rose admitted. “I know he's going to have more than one wife…” Rose confessed. “I'm okay with that. But… I'm not… that's not for me?” Rose explained. “If I'm with the prince… I was to be with just him,” the blonde informed her purple highlighted friend as gently as possible.

Rose must have seen the expression on Juleka's face because she was quick to reassure her. “It's not that you're not beautiful!” Rose rushed out. “You're lovely, Juleka. And if it weren't for Prince Ali, I'd be with you in a heartbeat! It's just… I… I'm a one person sort of girl. I can't… I'm sorry…” Rose finished at a loss for words.

Juleka nodded. “I understand.” The emo haired girl paused, looking up at her best friend. “Are you still interested in getting Sifu Cheng to cook for you and Prince Ali?” she asked, uncertainly.

Rose frowned. “I am, but… You're not suggesting…”

“I am,” Juleka nodded. “If I can't be with you romantically, then… I want to help your romance with Prince Ali,” Juleka confessed.

“Are you… sure?” Rose asked, nervously, not sure how to feel about this latest development.

Juleka felt her stomach flip at the question. Was she sure? Juleka wasn't certain. She'd much rather be with Rose normally. But… Juleka noticed Rose's eyes flick towards the posters of Marinette posing naked on the walls of what had once been the blue-haired girl's own room. The blonde was sucking in her lower lip, it was cute, but Juleka knew the real reason. Rose wanted her. Shew as imagining her. What she'd taste like. Comparing her to Marinette in her mind. Rose just… didn't want to admit it.

The purple-haired girl girl felt her nethers flush with the realization. Rose [i]wanted[/i] her. She wanted [i]her[/i]! And sure, it wasn't the way that Juleka wanted but…

Juleka snuck a look of her own at the soft-core pornographic posters lining Marinette's room.

She'd be lying if the thought of doing what Marinette did, of becoming what Marinette became didn't… appeal to her.

“I'm sure,” Juleka asserted in her usual monotone. “If you'd enjoy me… I want you to.”

Rose nodded. “I would! But… What if you change your mind?”

“I won't,” Juleka assured her friend, and to her surprise, she realized it was the truth. “But, it'll be a month your prince visits again, right? If I'm having doubts, I'll tell you.” Juleka paused. “If I do this… will you eat my…” the Emo girl blushed, embarrassed.

“Your filet!?” Rose asked, excited.

“Not so… not so loud,” Juleka hushed her friend. “But yes.”

“Of course I will!” Rose agreed. “I know Adrien's the one Marinette did this for, but… you won't [i]believe[/i] how jealous I was watching him eat hers!”

“I saw,” Juleka assured her friend. “That's why I'm giving you mine.”

Rose's eyes lit up in gratitude as she reached in to pull her best friend into a tight hug. “Thank you!” Rose expressed, and Juleka could hear the wavering in her voice which told her that Rose was on the verge of crying happy tears. “I'm sorry I can't be with you how you want me to,” Rose confessed.

“I understand,” Juleka confided. And she did understand. Rose had enough love for everyone in her life, but she was faithful, stern, and protective beneath a meek demeanor, Rose didn't waver. She expressed what she wanted and went for it. That was a large part of what Juleka loved about the blonde. But… that faithfulness meant that as long as her heart was set on Prince Ali, Rose wouldn't waver. Juleka would always be her friend, but she'd never be her girlfriend. “It's okay,” Juleka confessed. “As long as you enjoy me I'll be happy.”

Rose smiled sadly. “Thank you so much for this.”

Juleka smiled back almost wistfully, not sure what to say.

The trap door to Marinette's bedroom opened once more. Sifu Cheng had returned.


The final course was dessert after all, Juleka realized with a smile as Sifu Cheng began to distribute the dishes. “Vanilla ice cream, with special Marinette sauce, topped with bits of candied bacon.”

Sifu Cheng didn't even have to explain where the bacon came from. Everyone at the table understood, and if they didn't, then they would as soon as the treats touched their tongues. They were after all, well trained to recognize the taste of Marinette Dupain-Cheng by this point in the meal.

The ice cream was delicious, the sauce an almost clear translucent white that blended in against the white of the frozen treat. The bacon sprinkled liberally on top added a warmth and slight crunch to the dish that helped to counteract the cold.

Juleka froze, trying to place the taste of the sauce. It was different. It lacked the meaty taste of the rest of the meal, but there was still an almost undeniable note of Marinette, almost like a fragrance. It was… It was turning her on.

“Sifu Cheng, if you don't mind me asking, what exactly is this sauce?” Adrien asked curiously.

“Ah, is very special sauce,” the large man replied. “Marinette made herself before butchering. She was thinking of you.”

Juleka's eyes widened. That's why the sauce tasted so familiar! It wasn't the taste of Marinette! It was the taste of arousal! Juleka liked her fingers clean after every session of… relaxation time, that she enjoyed. That was where she recognized the taste from. They were literally enjoying the flavors created by Marinette's pussy!

Juleka had to suck in a breath to control the shivering trembling shudders of pleasure she experienced at the thought of Marinette, so turned on by Adrien, so turned on by the thought of becoming [i]Adrien's dinner[/i]! That she managed to produce enough 'sauce' to top seven scoops of ice cream! Would she be just as turned on when her time came? Juleka wondered sneaking a glance at the girl she'd be snuffed for next month. The girl with the two-toned hair had a sneaking suspicion she would be…

The Ice cream was a welcome delight as it settled in her stomach after coasting across her tongue. It was light and sweet with a heady undertone of arousal as it glided across her palate. Like a final farewell orgasm for her tongue; a fitting goodbye to Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

With only one scoop each, dessert was a much shorter course than any other, and with her thoughts now put in order and her plans in place, Juleka could just relax and enjoy the medley of tastes that Marinette had gifted her. Chef Cheng would do just as well working with her, Juleka decided. Marinette was wonderful, but she'd be a dish fit for a king, or at least a prince and his hopefully soon-to-be princess. Not necessarily better, but different. In the depths of her mind, Juleka wondered what Sifu Cheng would have in store for her.

Once everyone was done and the meals were all completed, Sifu Cheng stood up to gather the dishes one last time.

Juleka wasn't sure who started clapping, but she joined in as soon as she heard it, making the middle-aged Chinese man blush.

“Thank you, Sifu Cheng,” Adrien expressed, standing up. “This truly was the greatest meal I've ever eaten.”

The blush if anything, only deepened as the rest of the table voiced their agreement.

“It was all fault of ingredients. With good ingredient comes good Chef,” Sifu Cheng demurred. But his modesty did nothing to stop the ocean of praise that followed his way as he gathered the bowls.

“-The best filet I've ever tasted.”

“The [i]only[/i] filet-”

“you, for making this lovely dinner uncle-”

“soup was absolutely incredible! Don't you-”

The conversation mingled and engulfed her, but where normally Juleka would leave, or shy away from the noise, now she just relaxed, feeling included as one of the few who had shared this special, almost sacred experience of enjoying Marinette Dupain-Cheng the way she was meant to be enjoyed, the way that Juleka hoped [i]she[/i] was meant to be enjoyed as well. She and Rose would talk to Sifu Cheng once the dinner was over, before they left. Their future plans for her were for the future. For the rest of the night, Juleka just wanted to relax and enjoy some after dinner conversation with her friends.

[b]The End[/b]


simply glorious work

its a shame that the formatting bugged out in the final chapter, but it did not make it unreadable.

again, TVB you write the best little cooking stories. so damn good with the willing snuff and canibalism in casual worlds. delectible


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was really fun to write!


I enjoyed it, but a bit more of the cooking detail would have been wonderful. Keep up the good work!


When I wrote this particular story, the goal was to minimize the actual cooking detail as much as possible and focus on what happened before and the aftermath. I have a lot of other stories with lots of cooking detail. I wanted to try something different, and I think it came out nicely.

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