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(TAGS: M/F, Guro, Necrophilia, Rape, Ryona)

I decided to write an erotic guro story based on For Honor.
Highly inspired by

Unlike his stories, This is going to be one longer story, following one character.
This is my first time ever posting something like this, so feedback is welcome. Especially for text-formatting and tagging. Those have me at a loss.
Now Chapter 2 is in the works, but I can't say anything about when I'm done.
In the meantime, feel free to give me feedback and maybe help me with ideas.
Chapter 1:

I thought I was dead.

Well, since I still had the ability to think and feel pain (At least, that was what my head and chest were telling me) that probably wasn’t quite true.

So I was alive. That’s a good start at least. It takes more than that to kill a Centurio (centurion). Not that i remembered exactly what had tried to kill me, other than it almost had. In fact, i had no idea where I was. I felt… cold. I smelled bodily fluids. I felt cold wood against my back and… warm moisture against my face and my… penis? What the fuck was happening? I had to force my eyes open.

I opened my eyes and found myself staring at a woman’s nether regions. Her pussy was wet and hairy. Licking my lips, I tasted blood and pussy juices. I looked downwards across my blood-stained chest too see a naked Viking playing with my cock. She was athletic with brown hair tied into a braid and shaven at the sides. Judging by the pair of axes lying by our side she was a Berserker. She had my cock grabbed with one hand, stroking slowly while licking my tip.

I tried to move, but she had pinned my arms down with her legs, and she was too heavy to simply throw off. But she seemed to notice my struggling. She stopped licking my cock, but kept jerking it. She spoke with a thick accent.

”Ah. De Varriör is finally avake…” She stated with a malicious tone. ”I vas horny. You earn few more moments of life.”

With this she pushed her smelly crotch onto my face. I could barely breathe and I don’t know if it was some sort of survival instinct or just plain reflex, but I started eating her pussy. This drew a moan of pleasure from the viking’s lips. She was getting off from this whole situation. Filthy savage.

Apparently this was a response she wanted since she raised her hips off my face slightly. Giving me space to breathe and collect myself, while leaning forward and sloppily sucking on my now fully erect cock. I took a quick moment to look around at my surroundings. We were in a Viking house of some description. Wooden walls and floor. I didn’t get a good look at the layout from where I was lying, but I did see something somewhat worrying next to us. A pile of bodies. Not a little group of bodies like you’d see spread out after a fight. But a huge, deliberate pile of corpses. The kind you only see if you collect a whole battle’s worth of bodies and just piled them on one another. I was in trouble. I didn’t know why they’d collect bodies like that, but I knew that if I wasn’t careful, I’d end up on top of it.

My momentary inactivity annoyed the Berserker. She grunted something and shoved her cunt onto my face again. I grunted back and continued licking her. But I had made up my mind…

I wrapped my legs around her head and pushed her down on my cock. At the same time I bit down on her clit. Hard. Blood flowed all over my face as I tore into her flesh. She tried to scream but she just gagged louder around my penis, but I knew she would soon get her wits together and realize that she could return the favor. So I had to act fast.

As I had hoped, her instinctual reaction was to try to get away from what was causing her pain. Me. This meant loosening her grip on my arms in a feeble attempt to get off me. I swiftly wrapped my arms around her waist and threw myself upwards, twisting her off me.

”Incredibilis” (incredible)I shouted through my bloody, clenched teeth as i wrestled myself on top of her.

I slammed her head into the floor with as much momentum as I could. Hoping this would buy me some time I pulled my cock out of her mouth and placed my foot on her throat.

”Never should’ve messed with an imperial, savage.” I muttered as I reached out and grabbed one of her axes.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t too keen on getting slaughtered like the animal she was. She screamed and swiped her arms at my leg, sending me off balance. She then swiftly rolled sideways, grabbing her other axe and getting on her feet in one swift motion.

I straightened myself and weighed her crude axe in my hand. I’d rather have my gladius right now, but I’ll take what I can get. I looked at her and smirked as she stood wobbled on her feet, a hand carefully investigating her ruined cunt. She looked at me with teary-eyed murder in her eyes.

”Djöfullinn!” (Devil) she snarled at me.

I spat out a bloody piece of her cunt that had remained in my mouth and grinned at her.

”Alea iacta est.” (the die is cast) I said and, with a quick flourish of the axe, assumed a defensive stance.

She made the first move.

”Þú ert dauður!” (You’re dead) she shouted as she leapt forward, swinging her axe in a high arc.

Not the most subtle of moves. But what do you expect from a savage?

The attack was easily parried. I guided her axe aside with a slap from my own and rewarded her effort with a close-up inspection of the back of my hand. The punch may not have been as powerful as if I had been wearing armor, but it sent my foe staggering backwards. I followed up with a strong kick to her gut, throwing her backwards onto the pile of corpses behind her. I took a step closer and saw my opportunity. Her weapon had ended up right beneath an arm extending from the pile. If she tried to raise the weapon straight up it would get caught up in the body pile. I could not miss this chance!

”Īnfirmus!" (weakling) I yelled as I leapt at her, axe falling in a high blow, as a mockery of her own failed move.

As i had hoped, she tried to raise her axe to block, but only managed to get it caught on the dead bodies. Her eyes filled with terror as she realized she didn’t have time to do anything else to save her life.

”Móðir…” (Mother) she had time to whimper before my axe bit into her naked flesh.

The strike hit her right between her perky breasts. Despite the hard bone, the weight of the axe carried it through with a wet crack. She let out another scream as a tear rolled down her cheek. I tugged on the axe and had to use both hands to pull it out of her with another wet sound.

I looked at her. She was still alive. Barely coherent and whimpering. The wound to her chest was spurting blood and her inner thighs were already covered in red. She wouldn’t be alive for much longer. Hell, just the wound to her crotch might’ve been enough for her to bleed to death.

But that wasn’t enough for me…

I kicked her in the gut again, causing her to give out an breathless gasp as blood spurted from both her wounds. I grabbed her by the jaw and raised her head. I forced her to open her mouth and without a single word shoved the handle of her own axe down her throat. Tears were running down her eyes. She tried to struggle… she tried to scream… but she was already too weak. All she could do was gag. Cry and gag. The axe deformed her throat as i shoved it further, inch by inch. At about the halfway point, she let out her last broken breath. She shivered as her life left her body, making her bloody breasts jiggle.

I took a step back to admire my handiwork. She was lying at the edge of the body pile, her back resting against the other corpses. The other axe still rested in her limp fingers. Her dead eyes had rolled back, leaving mostly just the whites visible. Her breasts weren’t very impressive, but they were fit and perky. And covered in blood. Her crotch was ruined and bloody and was dripping out blood-mixed urine. The sight was giving me an erection.

Well, i was already naked and covered in blood. Why not?

Taking a step forwards, I thought to myself how to best make use of this sexy, if damaged, corpse. Problem was, most of her holes were ruined and besides, I didn’t have all that much time.

I looked down at her bleeding pussy and licked my lips. I had only bit off a chunk of it. It was still a wet, tight hole. It would do.

I grabbed her by her feet and dragged her onto the wooden floor. The axe clattered onto the floor and landed in the trail of blood that her body created behind it. I spread out her body on the very spot she’d been raping me and lowered myself onto her.

I rubbed my still hard cock on the bloody remains of her pussy. I decided to throw caution to the wind and put my tip right into her slit and thrust inside her with all my might. The blood, urine and pussy juices made for a good if foul-smelling lubricant. Despite it’s ruined state, it felt incredibly nice. The part I had bit off only added a unique sensation. I grabbed her firm hips and began pounding her pussy with the might of all my built up adrenaline. While furiously raping her cunt I reached up and played with her bloody breast. It was firm and round and her softening nipple gently tickled my palm. I slid my hand over to the hole between her tits. I dug my fingers into her flesh, prying at her ribcage. I complimented myself at the blow. It had split her ribcage in half and I could feel her dead heart inside the wound. Molesting her insides had turned me on even more and I increased my pace. I grabbed the axe sticking out of her mouth and pounded her harder. Her breasts bounced with each thrust. I could feel myself getting closer to orgasm. And a wicked thought crossed my mind.

I pulled out of her and stood up, a grin on my face. I grabbed her by the axe stuck in her throat. It made her neck creak as I lifted her into a sitting position, her arms hanging limply at her sides. I leaned her against the body pile again and crouched in front of her. I dug both my hands into the hole in her chest and pulled her ribcage apart a few more inches, giving me a perfect view of her still heart. I stepped forward and carefully positioned my cock into her hole. I pushed slowly into her chest at first, pressing against her heart. Having made certain no bones were in my way, i once again grabbed hold of the axe and thrust straight into her heart. I felt how the walls of her heart burst and gave way to my cock. I entered her heart and was overcome by an amazing sensation. The muscles of her heart were massaging my cock as I thrust back and forth into her heart. I reached down with my free hand to molest her breast while I pounded inside her chest. I felt myself on the verge of orgasm and steadied myself, both hands on the axe now. With a few final thrusts I released my seed right into her heart. I came hard, quickly filling her dead heart with my life seed. I felt her heart overflow and almost burst with the volume of cum. I slowly pulled out with a wet ’pop’. Looking down at my handiwork I admired her heart leaking of cum. A big blob of cum was streaming out of the hole I’d ravaged, but there were several tears in the flesh where I saw drops of cum slowly leaking out, as well as flowing out into her arteries. If she’d somehow still been alive, her heart would be pumping sperm instead of blood.

”How’s that for a heartbreak, lupa (whore)?” I told her to her dead face. I cracked my knuckles. Time to collect myself and get out of here…


Glad to see some about For Honor here. I really love this! Expecting your new work!


I like this


Do Nobushi plz


So the protagonist is a centurion? Interesting lol. It takes me sometime to figure it out what happened in the beginning. I think it will be better if you add some backstory explaination. Good work!


I like this, but some voice lines like "Īnfirmus" and "Incredibilis" make me laugh all the time. For people know the game well, those voice lines will remind them of funny game scenes and make them want to laugh. And for people don't know the game, those voice lines may cause some confusion. They just break the good atmosphere in your story lol. I personally suggest you to remove them.


Fascinating work. I have never expected something to happen between a centurion and a berserker lol. I like the details in your story, such as enviroment and body depicting. However I get confused what is going on. Since this will be a long story, I suggest you to add some backstory. And I think it will be better if the voice lines be removed. Expecting more.


Why didn't she parry him?
from a parry spammer


Awesome feedback, guys. Keep it coming, i'll probably read everything.

Will do… Eventually. Gotta get him away from the vikings first

Yeah, made the decision/mistake of moving the backstory to chapter 2 to try to give Chapter 1 a faster pace. Backstory will be in the next one.

On the one hand, i'm not against some levity, but it could definitely be better spaced out to maintain some atmosphere. Might remove, but more likely will just make it more rare.

As I said, backstory incoming, and vioce lines will be fewer (tho, i like the idea of putting in the odd latin phrase).
But is there anything specific that causes confusion? Confusion is the last thing I want to cause.

Speaking of confusion.
Yes, a funny comment, thank you. But I tried to make it clear that her axe had gotten stuck
in the pile of bodies.

As for the back story. That will likely need to give him a name. My WIP name has been "Viktorius". I know it's a liiittle bit cheesy, but anyone got thoughts on it?


Well, I think the confusion is mainly caused by lack of backstory and voice lines. First of all, who is "I"? What happened to "I"? Why did "I" show up in a Viking house? Who do those bodies belong to? However since you will do some explanation in Chapter 2, I guess those problems will all be solved. As for voice lines, I know how a centurion will attack when he shouts "Īnfirmus" or "incredibilis" out because I have played the game, but for people who don't play the game, they may get confused. For it seems no reason that a man shout something like "incredible" or "the die is cast" out in a deadly battle, right? Also I agree with those voice lines may break atmosphere in your story. Latin phrases are cool, but personally I suggest you to bring them up only when they are suitable for the story. And explanation in parentheses may interrupt rhythm of story.


Viktorius seems fine to me lol. However I think some simple name like "Centurion" will also do the job.


That was incredibilis.


Please i need a chapter 2

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