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Yo, this is just the first season of Waifu Wars, but with edited grammar shit. I don't the quality of my original work is that good, but if you wanna read it this is the place. I suppose you can think of this as the season 1 HD box set.


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Rize walked down the halls of the Diclonius Research Institute. She had her eye on one of its employees for awhile now, a young naive man dedicated to helping his community. A man that made her… hungry.


she said attempting
to sound nervous to lure out her pray


she repeated.

Suddenly she heard
footsteps behind her. Then the smell of her prey hit her. She smiled


she said turning to the footsteps.

“Miss Rize”

the guard shouted in a panic as he ran towards her

“Miss Rize what are you doing here”

the panicked Yoritaka asked as he finally reached her

“I-I wanted to see you”

she said putting on her best cute nervous girl act

“Miss Rize you gotta run there's been a”

Yoritaka started to
say but was interrupted by some unseen force ripping his head straight from his body.


Rize said as his head hit the floor. His body fail soon after. Rize frowned

“Damn I was looking forward to killing him they're no fun dead”

she said before looking up at the attacker. What she saw was a little off putting. Standing in front of her was a woman, completely naked besides an odd looking helmet. Her body was perfect. A light cream color and completely smooth besides her breasts and perky pink nipples on them. She smelled odd, she was not human nor ghoul? but whatever she…she smelled tasty.

“And who might you be”

Rize asked tilting her head to the side. Instead of responding Lucy launched an attack sending her vectors flying towards Rize but right before they hit, the ghoul seemingly vanished and appeared behind Lucy. There was a terrible crack and the helmet fall to the floor in two pieces letting Lucy's pink hair free and revealing her cold red eyes.

“you're too slow didn't even hit me once”

Rize said, but almost immediately after Rizes clothes fell to the floor in pieces as Lucy's vectors had torn them to shreds.

“Oh this is so embarrassing”

Rize said jokingly as she covered her now bare breast. She gave a sly smile before uncovering herself and slowly walking towards Lucy, her breast bounced after she let them fall and her nipples perked up from the cold.

“I usually only go after men but something about you”

she said as her pass quickened, and her eyes turned black, and red. She burst into a full on sprint her boobs jiggling up and down with her strides as the four tentacle like pieces of her kagune burst from her back

“something about you makes me Hungry!!!”

She exclaimed lunging at the nude girl


Rize stabbed at Lucy with one of her kagunes tentacles, but Lucy caught it with one of her vectors before slamming her foe into the ground behind her. Lucy attempted to grab the downed Rize, but almost as if she could sense the vectors she quickly moved out of the way.

“You’re pretty strong”

Rize said but, instead of saying anything Lucy replied by grabbing Rize by the throat with a vector and slamming her into the wall attempting to choke the life out of the naked ghoul.

“that just makes it more fun to crush you!’

Rize managed to choke out before kicking against the wall, overpowering the vector, and sending her flying towards Lucy. The Diclonius tried to save herself by catching Rize with her vectors,but was too late. The two women collided and both fell to the ground Rize on top of Lucy. For a moment all seemed calm, the two women breathed heavily together their nipples and pussys touching one another. If someone walked in on the fight at this moment they may have even mistaken it as a feisty session of lesbian love making, but that fantasy would have quickly ended as Rize bit into Lucy's shoulder. The Diclonius screamed in pain before shoving Rize off with her vectors sending the Ghoul flying back.

“S-so hungry!”

Rize exclaimed as she landed swallowing the piece of flesh before lunging at Lucy again with a burst of psychotic laughter. One of Lucy's vectors lunged forward grabbing Rizes face holding her back but the ghouls Kagune rushed forward cutting Lucy's bare sides. The Diclonius queen let out a gasp of pain before falling to her knees allowing Rize to lunge at her again this time with the intent to bite into her stomach. But before the Ghoul could sink her teeth into Lucy's belly, she performed the equivalent of a psychic uppercut sending the Gluten flying upward. Rize hit the ceiling with enough force to kill a girl her size (Though luckily for her she was a ghoul), but quickly stabbed it with her Kagune allowing her to hang from the ceiling momentarily before kicking off of it sending herself flying at the Diclonius below her. Lucy managed to stumble backwards avoiding Rizes attack, but before she could counter with her own one of the Kagunes tentacles shot out of the rumble stabbing her in the leg. She clenched her teeth in pain as another tentacle shot out hitting her in the shoulder. The Diclonius let out a small whimper of pain before the tentacles retracted returning to their owner. Rizes perfect bare body was well still just that. It seemed as if she had taken no damage whatsoever from the fight. One of the Kagunes tentacles moved in front of Rizes mouth and she licked Lucy's blood off. The ghoul let out a excited almost orgasmic grown.

“I usually don't care that much about taste that's more Shuus thing, I normally just like to eat”

She said

“but you, I really, and truly want to eat you specifically”

She said before taking another lick of Lucy's blood and moaning this time rubbing her crotch.

“So don't make this boring scream for me”

Rize ran at the Diclonius again but Lucy grabbed the back of Rizes head before slamming her face into the wall. She slide Rizes face across the wall giving it a rather charming red streak before throwing her to the ground. The ghoul tried to stand but the was quickly impaled by all four of Lucy's vectors. Two through her stomach and one for each breast

“N no”

Rize said as her eyes turned back to normal

“I-I can't die like this”

She said as Lucy removed the vectors and the Ghoul fell to the ground unmoving. Lucy stared at her fallen foe for a second not a hint of remorse in her eyes before turning to leave. But before she could Rizes laugh rang through the hall

“I can't believe you fall for that”

Rize said her wounds already healing

“It will take more than that to kill me bitch”

Rize exclaimed grinning murderously. Lucy shot all four vectors at Rize, but the Ghoul dodged with incredible speed before blitzing the Diclonius Queen. She grabbed Lucy and shoved her to the ground with her superior strength and before Lucy had time to react Rize sank her teeth into her foes beautiful and vulnerable belly. Lucy screamed in pain and tried to shove Rize off with her vectors but, was in too much pain to make it effective. The Diclonius flaid violently slamming her petty feet into Rizes body but that only managed to turn the Ghoul on. No matter how much she struggled the fight was over, the Ghoul had won, and Diclonius Queen would soon be dead. Lucy struggled as her mouth started to foam up and pain filled her body. Cum started to gush from her pussy but the orgasm was not from pleasure rather her dying body reacting erratically. Her nipples perked up and milk started to leak as her body started cleaning itself out.

“I don't want to die”

Lucy managed to say before Rize took the killing bite. Lucy's entire body tensed up as she started drooling all over herself. Her feet stiffened up, her pussy let loose one last burst of cum and milk squirted from her nipples. That's how the Diclonius Queen become the Gluttons meal.



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Linkle Vs Lightning

Linkle stopped and smirked confidently at the temple door.

“Well here it is”

she said to herself. Supposedly in the temple lay an artifact that could save Hyrule from the clutches of the evil Ganondorf. Linkle put her hand on the door, but before she could push it open a female voice behind her exclaimed


Linkle jumped and twirled, drawing and aiming her crossbow at the newcomer as she landed. In front of her a blue transparent woman stood complete motionless.


Linkle said relaxing,

“you almost made me pee myself. What are you some kind of forest fairy?”

she asked.

“This is a sacred place for warriors. No armor, clothes or non combat oriented belongings past this point only weapons”

The blue lady said.

“ahh so not one for greetings huh? Oh well, guess I can understand the only weapons thing”

Linkle said. She laid her crossbows, and unbuttoned her cloak and tossed it on the ground. She pulled her boots and stockings off revealing her smooth feet, she wiggled her tiny toes the cool air feeling good on her bare sweaty feet. She pulled her shirt of letting her small yet perky girlish breast breath. Her stomach was smooth and thin without a single scratch or scar and was just the right size not overly large yet not and unhealthily thin. She finally wiggled out of her shorts and pulled off her white panties tossing them aside. Her virgin pussy was tight and her ass small but squeezable like peaches. Her legs were slender, hairless and as flawless as her stomach, not even she could help but run her hands across them. She kneeled down grabbing her crossbows before standing with a jump her petty boobs bouncing from the motion.

“Alright time to go”

She said.

Lightning walked up to the temple door

“if I'm right whatever is in here can help me find you Serah”

She said walking over to the door.


A female voice said

from behind her. Lightning turned around to see a translucent female figure

“This is a sacred place for warriors. No armor, clothes or non combat oriented belongings past this point only weapons”

She said

“I understand”

Lightning replied. She laid her gunblade on the ground and pulled off her boots. Her feet were flawless, smooth, and balanced with neither her toes or the body of the foot to long. She slowly pulled off her shirt and her cream bra followed revealing her large womanly breast which jiggled as they fell free. She pulled her shorts down showing of her matching cream panties before pulling them of as well revealing her fine and mature bottom half and smooth yet strong legs. She stretched and let out a sexual moan.

“it's time to do this”

she said picking up her gunblade, before entering the temple.

Linkle walked through the darkness, before coming upon a large circular room with a beautiful blue blade plunged in stone in the center of the room. She let out a girly gasp of joy, but her excitement soon faded as she noticed she was not alone


She exclaimed pointing her crossbow at Lightning who was on the other side of the room.

“what are you doing here?”

She asked

“I'm here to retrieve the holy artifact of this temple”

Lightning replied

“guess that makes us rivals”

Linkle said as she started to circle the room

“I do not wish to fight you, but if I must you will not leave this room alive girl”

Lightning replied taking a fighting stance


Linkle fired a barrage of bolts at Lightning who either dodged them or cut them out of the air.

“My turn”

Lightning said firing her gun blade at Linkle who just barely managed to dodge the assault through various acrobatic maneuvers.

“Dodge this”

Linkle said firing an explosive bolt which went right between Lightning's legs, nearly hitting her pussy.

“You mi-”

Lightning started to say but was interrupted by the explosive bolt going off, sending her hurling at Linkle.

“It's over”

Linkle said firing a bolt at Lightning but, The Army of One managed to cut the bolt out of the air and somehow land on her feet inches in front of Linkle. She swung her gunblade at Linkle who ducked but the blade grazed her nose.

“Damn it”

Linkle said kicking Lightning in the chin sending her flying skyward. As she began to descend, Lightning threw a trio of fireballs at her foe who to evade the attack, but Lightning quickly fired on her with a barrage of bullets one of which managed to graze her cheek.

“Damn it Damn it”

Linkle growled as Lightning landed next to her and planted her foot firmly into her gut sending Linkle flying backwards slamming into a wall. Linkle grinned as Lightning charged again. Before the Army of One could land the decisive blow a large white projectile flew at her from the left forcing to evade with a backflip and as soon as she landed another came from the the front forcing her to bend backwards. Another one flew at her from the right and this time she got a good look at it, it looked like a….chicken. But this time she didn't have time to block or evade it. The bird slammed into her with a surprising amount of force sending her flying into the wall.

“W-what are those?”

Lightning asked standing

“They're cuckoos, strongest beast in Hyrule”

Linkle said also standing as the chicken like terrors swarmed her protectively. It was quite the sight. A young naked girl with her army of chickens.

“Time for this to end”

Linkle said as The cuckoos charged at Lightning

“Not yet”

Lightning said firing a bullet that tore through dozens of Cuckoos before striking Linkle in her bare stomach


Linkle said as she she fail to her knees. Lightning summoned three orbs of electricity that let loose bolts of lightning killing the cuckoo's, leaving the girl exposed


Linkle said in fear realizing what was about to happen. Lightning dashed forward at well, lightning speed cutting Linkle across the stomach causing her to scream in pain.

“not like this”

She managed to say before getting cut again.

“I can't…”

She said before taking another hit


She said before getting hit a dozen more times


She said weakly

before collapsing falling into a fetal position. Lightning walked over and kicked her over so she was facing her, and laid her foot on her stomach. Though the cuts were deep Linkles perfect body was still attractive, and in one piece. If she could get medical attention she could still be saved

“Please… I don't want to die …don't kill me”

Linkle said starting to tear up. Lightning decided to ignore her opponents plea and plunged her blade into the girl's belly. Linkles entire body spasmed out. Her toes squirmed and her legs kicked violently. Her hands clenched trying desperately to grab onto anything that could save her. Tears began to flow freaky as she realized there was no escape the cold embrace of death. Her nipples stiffened up as she lactated a her vagina clenched and unclenched before letting out one last orgasm. She tried to utter her last words, but ended up choking on her own blood. And suddenly all was still besides the slow drip of cum from the other hero's pussy. Linkle was dead. Lightning rubbed the girls nipple a little with her big toe before kicking her over.

“I warned you girl if you fought me and know you want walk out alive”

Lightning said walking over to the blade. She slowly drew the blade as the Master Sword Theme played. She held up the blade before leaving as the final Fantasy victory theme played,and Cuckoos pecked at Linkles corpse.



File: 1549428002031.jpg (291.77 KB, 1702x1080, PicsArt_02-02-11.44.51.jpg)

Nami grinned at the giant jungle temple door. Behind it lay the biggest pile of money known to any man or beast, ripe for the taking.

“Now, I just gotta find a way in.”

She whispered to herself.

Out of nowhere, the giant stone head above the door looked down at her, its eyes glowing bright ruby red.

“Who goes there?”

The statue exclaimed, its voice deep and booming. Nami stumbled backwards a bit taken back but she quickly regained her wits as she had seen plenty of strange things on her journey before.

“Oh, I'm just a tourist.”

She said nervously.

The statue raised an eyebrow.

“A tourist..?”

He said, clearly unconvinced.

“Yeah, I'm here to see the biggest pile of money in the world”

She replied, lying through her teeth.

“Yeah, sorry lady, no can do, I am the guardian of this gold and my job is to, you know…guard it”

The statue said.

Nami sighed, “Do it for the money” She thought to herself as she begun to undo her bikini top.

“What are you doing?”

The statue head asked, sounding skeptical.

“Oh, nothing, just really hot in here.”

She said as her bra fell to her feet. Her girls bounced with their newfound freedom, their huge size contrasting her slim belly.


The statue head said, now somehow blushing. The pirate then kicked off her sandals, making sure the statue caught a glimpse of her smooth soles, and cute tiny toes as she did.

“N-now ma’am, that's quite enough”

The statue said, clearly flustered, but Nami ignored him as she slowly, and seductively started to unzip her jeans. She slowly wiggled out of them making sure to exaggerate her hip movements as she did before finally getting free of them, and kicking them to the side. Under her jeans, she wore wore a pair of green panties which went well with her orange hair and tanned skin. She pulled them down partially before letting them fall down her smooth legs exposing her tight virgin pussy (as much as a tease she was, she had, surprisingly, never been fucked) covered by a small well kept bush of orange. She stretched and twisted, giving the head a good view of her small butt.


The statue mumbled, clearly too flustered to speak.

“Ahh, much better."

She commented stepping out of her panties making sure to give the statue another peek at her soles in the process.

“Now then”

She said putting on her best innocent girl act she could, but also making sure that every bit of her was exposed. “I really, really, really wanna see the treasure, can you make an exception for me..?” She moaned sultrily.

Jets of blood shot out of the statues nostrils.

“F-fine, but don't tell a soul!”

the statue said his voice muffled by the nose plugs he suddenly gained as the doors swung open.


Nami exclaimed, running into the temple. She stopped as she reached the center of the temple, which she could only assume was the treasure room. Piles upon piles of gold covered the room, along with priceless stones, gold, and silver cups engraved with jewels and gems, and all other manner of treasures thrown in the mix. She gasped at the loot, it was the best booty she had ever seen (besides her own, of course).


Lucy said, slamming the piece of paper on her desks,

“Supposedly, this incantation activates a spell leads to the biggest collection of riches in the world.”

She said, a fire lighting in her blue eyes.

“think of all the cool stuff we could buy with that”

Natsu said excitedly

“all the fish in the world”

Happy exclaimed we'll Happily.

“not exactly what I had in mind”

Lucy said

“Party pooper”

Happy said

“And what would you do with all that money”

Natsu pouted. Lucy clapped her hands together as her eyes become starry.

“I'd pay for 300 years of rent, and buy all the finest clothes in Fiore”

She said cheerfully

“boring things just like I thought”

Natsu said

“More like adult things”

She exclaimed angrily. She sighed

“I swear to god you're like two”

She said calming down.


She said picking up the paper.

“tomione Luze Lintning Kaloy”

She said. The wizard started glowing.

“Wow Lucy you're like a light bulb”

Happy exclaimed excitedly


Lucy replied before suddenly disappearing


Natsu said looking confused

Lucy suddenly appeared in a cave

“wait where am I”

She said looking down, and realizing she was at least 20 feet of the ground.


She exclaimed falling to the ground hitting it with a thud


She whined standing. As she whipped the dirt of. herself she realized she was buck naked (save her celestial keys and the belt they were attached to)

“Oh come on I just bought that outfit yesterday”

She exclaimed before sighing

“guess the spell disintegrated my clothes”

She said weakly. Her skin was smooth and white as she had obviously made an effort to keep it healthy. Her bosoms while not as large as the previously introduced combatants, were well above average, and her body was slender yet not to thin. Her legs ,and arms were smooth, and slender seeming rather elegant. Her pussy was tight and her blonde bush shaved leaving her vagina smooth. Both her fingernails and her toenails were painted blue and the soles of her feet were smooth and lickible.

“guess I got bigger problems to worry about, better find out where I am”

Lucy said. It was just then that the blonde noticed the vast amount of wealth she was surrounded by


Lucy exclaimed

“with this much money I replace that outfit tenfold easily”

She exclaimed.

Nami stood looking at the nude jabbering blonde in shock. She had seen plenty of things in her life but naked girls falling from the sky, that was new.

“excuses me miss who are you”

Nami said sounding a bit overwhelmed.

“oh sorry I didn't notice you”

Lucy said turning to her before making that shocked anime face (You know the one)

“ehhh why are you naked?”

Lucy asked

“oh like you're one to judge!”

Nami exclaimed angrily

“yeah you have a point”

The wizard said rubbing the back of her head

“but anyway I'm Lucy Heartfilia the girl who's gonna claim this treasure”

She said cheerfully

“well looks like we are at an impasse”

Nami said

“because I want the money too”

She said taking a fighting stance with the Cilma-Tact

“aww man can't a girl have one easy job”

Lucy pouted before grabbing a key

“but I gotta pay rent somehow”

She said taking a fighting stance of her own


Nami rushed at the Blonde thrusting the Clima-Tact at Lucy, only giving her a second to dodge


Lucy said jumping out of the way

“She's not using any magic”

Nami glared at Lucy


She exclaimed swinging the Clima-Tact at Lucy like a bat forcing her to jump back

“This chick is seriously crazy”

Lucy said stumbling backwards. But suddenly her bare foot stepped in something cold and wet. She looked down

“A puddle”

She exclaimed excitedly

“hmp a puddle won't save you now”

Nami exclaimed running at her

“Lady you might be scary, but I know someone a lot scarier”

Lucy said striking a pose that accentuated her curves.

“Open Gate of the The Water Bearer, Aquarius”

The wizard exclaimed jamming the key into the puddle. Suddenly from the puddle came forth a violent geyser knocking both women on their exceptional asses. As the mist from the geyser cleared the women saw something beautiful. A lady with bright blue hair, and a blue scaled fish tail where her legs would been. In her hands she carried what seemed to be a basin. She appeared to be stretching with her head leaned back and her giant breast exposed. She opened her eyes looking at Lucy with an “oh shit” expression.

“Umm Aquarius where are your clothes”

Lucy asked pointing at the Mermaids tata's.

“What the hell did you just summon a naked women”

Nami exclaimed pointing at Lucy a vein bulging from her forehead, and her breasts bouncing from the yelling.

“She's not always like this”

Lucy exclaimed pointing at Nami with an vein of her own bulging

“Uh me, and Scorpio were on a date and things got pretty intense”

The mermaid said starting to blush

“Well you could have at least dressed when I summoned you”

Lucy exclaimed shaking her fist, (and bosoms) in anger

“Hey you little punk you're one to talk, look at you completely naked, and what did I tell you about using a puddle to summon me”

Aquarius exclaimed angrily

“Would you two stop arguing”

Nami exclaimed starting to get annoyed at the two. Aquarius glared at her with the intensity of 12 dying suns

“oh shit”

The carrot top said with that terrified anime smile (You know the one).

The mermaid thrusted her basin into the air and river gushed from it engulfing the two women in a whirlpool along with the massive treasure hoard

“You're not supposed to attack me”

Lucy exclaimed as she was swept away up by the flood.

“Well you're not supposed to summon me with a puddle”

Aquarius exclaimed angrily.

“I thought this fight was between me, and the blonde girl”

Nami yelled before being slammed on top of a golden statue that was caught in the whirlpool.


She said standing as if it were a surfboard.

“You will never summon me from a puddle again, nor will you summon me on my date night again”

Aquarius yelled pointing at Lucy

“Ok just stop it with the whirlpool ok?”

Lucy cried

“And you!”

The mermaid exclaimed turning to Nami

“Thunderbolt Tempo”

The topless carrot top yelled pointing the Clima-Tact at the Mermaid. A bolt of lightning shot out from it striking the sprite. Aquarius screamed in pain, and shock as the blast of electricity fried her. She feel to the ground vanishing in a blast of light her water disappearing with her.


Nami exclaimed pumping her fist in the air as the golden statue landed with a thud. Lucy, who did not have the fortune of getting on something before the water disappeared, landed on her fine ass.


She said rubbing her bubble butt before a shadow covered her.


She said confused before looking up, and finding the culprit of the shadow, another golden statue on a collision course with her. The wizard let out a scream of fear before narrowly rolling out of the way.

“it's over blondey”

Nami said hoping of the statue her chest bouncing as she landed.

“Your defenseless, go home before you get hurt”

She said brandishing her Clima-Tact menacingly.


Lucy said standing and holding a new key.

“Open gate of the bull, Taurus!”

She exclaimed swinging the key downwards. There was a flash of light, and a white spotted Minotaur emerged with a intimidating moo. The cow turned to his master and suddenly jets of blood erupted from his nostrils causing him to stumble backwards. He looked back at her with hearts in his eyes, and nose plugs inexplicably in his nostrils.

“Miss Loooooocy what did I do to deserve something so wonderful?”

He asked excitedly.

“quit being a creep, and do your job”

She exclaimed waving his key around frantically. The spirit grinned resting his axe on his shoulder.

“Anything for a hot babe like y”

He started to say as he turned to his foe but was interrupted, but more jets of blood erupting from his nose pushing the nose plugs out.

“You want me to fight her? She's a hot babe. And she doesn't have any clothes on! Hell she might even have a better body than you Miss Loooocy”

Taurus said as he wiped the blood from his nose.

“First a topless mermaid, now a perverted cow. Oh boy”

Nami said with a sigh.

“What the crap is wrong with you? She's your enemy, fight her”

Lucy exclaimed shaking her fist and everything else in anger. The minotaur scuffed

“Fine, but I better get more than a smooch out of this”

Taurus said taking a fighting stance. The Minotaur charged at the carrot top swinging his axe at her. Nami rolled out of the way, and the axe slammed into the statue behind her completely shattering it.

“Holy crap”

Nami exclaimed as Taurus lifted his axe up and swung vertically. The navigator rolled out of the way, and the minotaur's axe slammed into the ground leaving a small crater. He pulled up, but the axe seemed to be stuck. The pirate took this opportunity to slam her Clima-Tact into side of his face, but it bounced harmlessly of him. Taurus gave her a “You fucked up” glare as he exhaled steam

“Sorry isn't gonna cut it is it”

Nami said backing away as Taurus freed his axe. The bull let out a battle cry, and swung at Nami again, but rolled under the attack and under his legs.

“Thunder Trap”

She said standing before spinning the Clima-tact as if she was trying to fly away. Suddenly for black clouds surrounded the fighters. Taurus seemed to acknowledge the clouds, but was to caught up in the fight to think too hard about them.

“It's over little lady”

He said as he charged at Nami, but she jumped to the side revealing the thunder cloud behind her. Taurus eyes widened as he tried to stop, but his momentum carried him into the cloud. The bull screamed in pain as electricity coursed through his body. He stumbled backwards and Nami used this to her advantage, tripping him with the Clima-tact causing him to fall into another cloud. He once again screamed in pain before exhaling a cloud of smoke and vanishing in a flash of light.

“Haha two points for Nami, zero for Blondey”

Nami proclaimed cheerfully.

“it's not over yet”

Lucy said pulling out another key

“Open Gate of the white lamb, Aries!”

Lucy exclaimed, and from the key came a blast of light. When the light faded a beautiful nude women with long pink hair, deep purple eyes, amazingly smooth cream skin and oddly enough a pair of small ram horns on her forehead. She tried to hide her body by covering her large and perky breasts with her arms though her pink nipples, and her tight innocent pussy by crossing her legs.

“M-miss Lucy”

She said sheepishly her thin body shivering and her small breasts jiggling as she did.

“Another naked lady”

Nami exclaimed angrily

“Why the hell are you naked too!?”

Lucy exclaimed pointing at the girl

“W-well Loki's birthdays coming up and I I thought he might like a few pictures”

She said nervously

“W-wow that's surprising coming from you”

Lucy said looking a bit shocked. Nami sighed

“Guess I got to stop her too”

She said before charging at the girl.

“Aries stop her”

Lucy yelled confidently as she pointed at the rapidly approaching carrot top.

“Y-yes Miss Lucy”

Aires thrusted her hand, out and a wave of cotton shot out sweeping Nami away.


Nami said sounding confused as she tried to stand in the cloud of plant fiber.


Lucy said with a cocky grin as she walked over, swaying her hips the whole way.

“Cotton doesn't conduct electricity so your attacks will be completely useless”

she said.

“We’ll see about that”

Nami replied nervously as she took a fighting stance.

“Aries finish this!”

Lucy shouted

“Yes Miss Lucy”

Aires yelled as she thrusted her hands in the air creating a storm of cotton which landed on Nami burying her.

“And that's that. There's too much cotton for her to dig her way out, and even if she manages to get rid of it with her electricity she'll burn herself to a crisp

Lucy said as she started to walk away, her hand on her hip.

“N-no I can't die her, I have to make sure I get this money to my friends. What would they do without me”

Nami said panickedly



Nami exclaimed, and a blast of wind sent the cotton everywhere.


Lucy said sounding confused as she looked at the charging Nami who she was to caught off guard to react to.


Nami said stabbing the Clima-tact at her like a spear.

“Miss Lucy”

Aries said shoving her out of the way only to stabbed through the gut herself.


She groaned looming on the verge of tears before vanishing in a flash of light.

“Damn it, Aires”

Lucy growled as she stumbled to the side.

“common bring them on I'll take out your entire naked lady collection”

Nami said with a confident grin

“Will see about that”

Lucy said pulling out another key

“Open gate of the maiden, Virgo”

Lucy exclaimed swinging her key downwards. A blast of light ruptured from the ground

When the light cleared there stood a woman only wearing Lace cap and a pair of broken shackles. She had semi short bubblegum hair and deep blue eyes that had an intimidatingly yet comedically fierce look. Her smooth skin was fair and pale. Her boobs were not as big as the other girls but their perkiness was not lacking, and her pink nipples hard as steel. Her ass was small yet firm, and squeezable, and her vag was shaved and well kept yet was a bit looser than the rest of the girls. Her feet were smooth beyond plausibility and her toenails painted to match her hair.

“You called princess”

She said turning to Lucy making no attempt to hide her body.

“Holy crap you own three naked ladies”

Nami exclaimed pointing at Virgo

“There not always like this”

Lucy replied sheepishly as she tried to wave away Namis comment.

Virgo turned to Nami with a Death glare.

“Shall I punish her princess?”

Virgo asked

“Your not helping my case!”

Lucy exclaimed. The Wizard sighed.

“Just take her out”

She said weakly.

“Yes Princess”

Virgo said before seeming to sink into the ground with the sound of a drill.


Nami said seeming a little shocked. A moment later Virgo reamegard in front of the pirate and socked her in the gut. Nami stumbled backwards her eyes widening as she coughed up blood.


she growled as she watched her nude opponent. Virgo sunk into the ground again this time reamerging to Namis side punching her in the cheek. The navigator stumbled backwards feeling as if she was going to cry. Virgo dug underground again.

‘Not this time”

Nami mumbled

“Mirage Tempo”

Nami yelled before suddenly vanishing


Lucy said looking confuses.

Virgo emerged ready to strike the pirate but her eyes widened with confusion as she realized her target was gone, but before she had the chance to realize what was happening something cold. and metal struck her gut causing her to gasp in pain. The invisible object struck her face next and that's when the maid realized that her foe hadn't vanished rather she just disappeared. Virgo reached out to grab Nami but the carrot top was already gone.

“what’s going on”

Lucy exclaimed looking both confused and terrified, but before the spirit could respond her princess was struck in the gut by the clima-tact. Lucy feel to her knees and coughed up blood. And Nami lifted the clima-tact and prepared to finish Lucy.


She exclaimed swinging her Clima-tact downwards at Lucy's skull but before it could connect the wizard vanished


Nami said looking confused

“where am I”

Lucy asked weakly as she couldn't see a thing, and was still shaky from the pain.

“Underground, are you ok princess?”

Virgo asked worriedly

“yeah I think so”

She replied pulling her maid close finding her naked body oddly comforting.

“There is a limited amount of oxygen under here and our foe is invisible, what's our plan of action”

Virgo asked

Lucy pulled out a key

“I have one more idea, I hope it works”

Lucy said sounding nervous. Virgo put her arms on Lucy's shoulders, looked her in the eyes then pressed her lips against her princesses. Lucy seemed a bit shocked at first but realized that she kinda liked it

Suddenly the ground burst open and Lucy emerged from with a backflip.

“come get me carrot top”

Lucy said posing in a rather seductive manor.


Nami said to herself as she stabbed the clima-tact at Lucy, but as the weapon struck it's target Lucy vanished in a cloud of smoke, and two small, blue, vaguely humanoid floated out of the smoke. Nami stumbled backwards shocked which caused her to lose her concentration, and to turn visible again.

“What the hell you even have a naked you”

Nami shouted.

“That's not what they are”

Lucy exclaimed as she stood up from behind her hiding spot, a pile of gold which her and Virgo emerged behind. She went wide eyed as she realized her cover was blown.


She whimpered.

“It's over”

Nami said

“Not so fast”

Nami said. The pirate looked back in confusion, only to see what appeared to be a naked clone of herself throwing a punch at her. The clones punch connected and Nami stumbled backwards.


She said sounding confused.

“You get em gemini”

Lucy cheered.

“Your weapon princess”

Virgo said offering Lucy her whip. The mage smiled taking it.


She said taking it. Virgo nodded before burrowing. Nami jabbed at the clone, but gemini stepped to the side, and kneed the pirate in the gut. Nami gasped in pain, and feel to her knees dropping the clima-tact. Suddenly Virgos top half emerged, and grabbed Namis wrist giving her a death stare.


She exclaimed looking away only to see Lucy walking towards her with a sadistic grin.

“What are you going to do”

Nami asked shakily.

“I'm going to kill you”

Lucy replied cracking her whip, but Nami could tell from her grin that the mage was going to do far worse after she was dead.

“You got her Virgo?”

Lucy asked as she stepped on Namis back.

“Yes Princess she's not going anywhere”

Virgo replied with a small grin of her own. She didn't want to die like this. She was so young, and had so much to do with her life. And just the thought of what this psycho blonde would do with her corpse terrified her.

“Please, not like this!”

Nami said tears forming in her eyes

“I have so much too live fo”

Nami started to say, but was interrupted by Lucy's whip wrapping around her neck cutting of her air supply. She choked, and instinctively tried grabbing the rope but Virgo held strong and the dying pirate couldn't move her arms an inch. The pirate struggled violently as fear, and panic took over. She lashed around doing whatever she could to possible escape, but to no avail. Lucy grinned as the once cocky navigator slowly grew weaker and weaker. Suddenly the pirate felt her bladder weakening.

“N-no I can't piss, I won't give them the satisfaction”

She thought to herself, but could feel herself fading. The last thing she felt before it went black was her bladder failing, and warm piss running out of her. Lucy grinned the the dying pirate could tell that she was pleased sense she clenched her toes. After she fell unconscious it only took a few moments for Nami to die. Nami laid on the ground sprawled out in a puddle of her own piss for Lucy and Virgo's pleasure. Her tongue hung out of her mouth and her eyes were half way open. Around her neck was a mark from where the whip choked the life out of her, and from her vagina came the occasional burst of pee. The last thing she would want is for the two survives to violate her corpse and that's exactly what they were going to do. Lucy grinned at the girls body

“Well that's over”

Lucy said turning Virgo who emerged from the ground revealing the rest of her body which Lucy had a newfound appreciation for.

“Yes princess”

The maid replied with a slight bow. Lucy looked down at Namis dead body and felt her pussy clench.

“so um what do we do with her”

The Wizard asked.

“Well with the way you're looking at her I suggest we play”

Virgo replied.


Lucy asked blushing

“Yes like this”

Virgo said getting on her knees, lifting up. head up by her chin and planting her lips on the dead girls. Lucy clenched her legs together.

“I-isn’t this a bit wrong. I mean she's already dead, I doubt she'd want you to touch her like that”

Lucy said

Virgo pulled away, and smiled at Lucy.

“Yes I'm sure the last thing she'd want is for us to get some enjoyment out of her body”

Virgo replied

“but doesn't that make it even more exciting?”

Virgo asked.

Lucy blushed

Virgo smiled then layed Nami on her back.

“then defile her, take everything from her”

Virgo said. Lucy hold herself back anymore and collapsed on top of Nami pressing lips against the. dead navigators. She moaned in pleasure as she thought of the sounds Nami made As she died. She pulled away, and grinned before scooting lower down Nami's body and placed her lips on the dead girls nipple and started sucking. Virgo soon joined her sucking on Namis other nipple. A few moments later milk ran from her tits. The two girls sucked it dry then looked back at each other smiling. They both got of Nami and walked behind her each grabbing a foot. Lucy ran her her tongue across the pirates foot making sure to savor it's slightly salty flavor. She licked her foot again making sure her tongue touched every crease and got in between the toes. She looked over, and Virgo who was doing the same thing, licking the dead girls foot as if it were an ice cream.

“Think she can still have an orgasm”

Lucy asked. Virgo grinned laying the saliva covered foot down.

“only one way to find out”

She replied. The girls spread Namis legs open got on there knees in front of her vagina and started to lap it. Her pussy tasted strangely of tangerines which was refreshing after the long and life threatening battle. After a few minutes what Lucy assumed must have been some form of reflex lingering after birth Nami had an orgasm. She squirted on the girls faces. It was the first and last orgasm Nami had and sadly she couldn't even enjoy it. The two girls smiled at each other the dead girls cum on their faces before kissing, and making love to each other on Nami's body





File: 1549513980125.jpg (230.23 KB, 1612x1080, PicsArt_02-03-11.06.02.jpg)

Lara casually stepped into the bathroom her smooth toffee colored feet gently pressing against the cold tile floor. She laid her shotgun against the wall and she started to undo the deep blue bathrobe she was wearing, but suddenly stopped as she turned to the camera, her brown eyes fixated on the viewer.

“Don't you think you see enough”

She asked in her british accent as she quickly grabbed the shotgun pointing it at the viewer.

“I know I haven't”

A charming female voice with a slight australian accent replied. Lara quickly turned pointing her gun at the newcomer. She stood in the doorway with a cocky smile wearing absolutely nothing. She had beautiful ecru skin and her decently large breast looked rather delicious in the shade. Her flat stomach lead to her shaved vagina and bubble butt. Her long slender legs where smooth as where her feet.

“Who are you, what are you doing here, and…why are you naked”

Lara asked staring aggressively at the newcomer.

“My names Chloe Frazer, and I'm here because I believe you have something I want. Does the name Excalibur ring a bell?”

Chloe said.

Lara stiffened up.

“And my third question”

Lara said.

“You see that's a funny story”

Chloe replied.

“I wanted to sneak in your mansion as you can imagine but that presented me with a problem. Your security cameras. Lucky for me I know I guy who can hack so he’d turn of your cameras etc etc. But apparently you have a contingency plan for that, senses designed to detect clothing material, and this tech was so new that my guy had no way of disabling it”

She explained. The Australian sighed.

“It's like I'm in some horny geeks fanfic”

She said sounding annoyed.

“However, I managed to bring this”

She said pulling out a PM-9mm from who knows where.

“So I'm guessing you're not leaving empty handed”

Lara asked.

“And I'm guessing you're not willing to part with the sword”

Chloe replied smiling smugly

Lara gave the treasure hunter a slight grin “Well if your not leaving empty handed I guess I can't let you leave at all”


Chloe pointed her pistol at Lara, and the tomb raider stepped to the side as the treasure hunter pulled the trigger.


The bullet hit the bathrobes knot destroying it causing the bathrobe to slip off. The tomb raiders D cup breast jiggled as the garb slide down her tone stomach and leg which besides a few scars where without mark or blemish. Her pussy was tight and shaved. Her brown eyes glared at Chloe as her muscular body tensed up. She pulled the shotguns trigger


Chloe took cover in the hall just in time to evade the spray of bullets which riddled the wall she was standing in front of just moment ago with holes.


Chloe cursed to herself. She knew she had to get out of the hallway as there was no way she could evade another barrage in such a tight space. The treasure hunter made a mad dash for the door as Lara stepped into the hall her shotgun aimed at her foe.


Another wall of lead flew at the treasure hunter who barely had time to jump through the door and take cover behind the wall.

“You can't run, and hide forever”

Lara said pumping her weapon.

“This is my mansion. I know every inch of it, ever twist, and turn, and where every weapon is stashed”

She added.

“And might I say it's rather tacky”

Chloe replied from the safety of her wall.

Lara stepped out of the hallway pointing her gun at Chloe before pulling the trigger.


The treasure hunter ducked just in time to avoid the volley of bullets, and aimed her pistol at the Tomb Raider, but Lara kicked the gun out of her hands just as she pulled the trigger.


The gun cried as it flew from Chloe's hand, and a bullet sailed from its barrel into the mansions wall embedding itself into the wood. Lara pointed her gun at Chloe, and pulled the trigger again


Chloe managed to roll out of the way of the tiny storm of projectiles, but Laras aim followed her. She went to pull the trigger again, but Chloe struck the bottom of the gun causing Lara to point it towards the ceiling.


The barrage flew harmlessly skyward. The treasure hunter throw her fist a Lara, and it collided with her face with a solid crack. The tomb raider stumbled backwards, but quickly gained her composure, and fired at Chloe

Click click.

Chloe grinned.

“Your all out rich girl now you'll have to get your hands dirty”

She said taking a fighting stance.

Lara scoffed and threw her weapon side

“don't mock me”

Lara said throwing a punch of her own which landed right on Chloes right cheek. The treasure hunter stumbled backwards grabbing her cheek.

“Guess the rich girl can punch”

She growled as Lara ran at her throwing another punch. Chloe stepped to the side, and grabbed her arm flipping her. Lara gasped in pain as the wind was knocked out of her. Chloe lifted her foot and prepared to stump her face in but Lara rolled out of the way. She stood gasping for air as Chloe ran at her, but Lara kicked upwards planting her foot into the treasure hunters vagina. Chloe gasped in pain as her legs began to shake. Lara throw another punch, but Chloe covered her face blocking her attack. The tomb raider growled in announce.

“This is going nowhere”

She said before running off.

“W-Wait I'm not done with you yet”

Chloe said chasing after her. Eventually Lara lead the treasure hunter into a hallway where she lost track of her

“Now where did she go”

Chloe muttered to herself as she slowed to a stop. Suddenly something flew at Chloe who only barely managed to dodge the projectile What seemed to be a large 4 sided hook with a rope attached to it embedded itself into the floor.

“A grappling hook?”

Chloe said a mix of shock, and confusion in her voice.

“Sorry had to grab one of my toys”

Lara said now in front of Chloe before yanking the rope causing the grappling hook to come flying back to her. She swung the hook over her head before tossing it at Chloe who managed to step to the side, and grab the rope. The treasure hunter yanked on the rope trying to pull Lara towards her, but the tomb raider only stumbled forward slightly before yanking the rope herself pulling Chloe to her. As the treasure hunter stumbled forward Lara threw a punch which hit Chloe right between the eyes. She started to stumble backwards but Lara grabbed her arms, spun her around so that they switched places then kicked her, her smooth foot sinking into Chloe's gut. The treasure hunter was knocked into the next room which was filled with weapon racks, and crates filled with weapons presumably. She fail to the ground smashing into a gun rack shattering it. Along with the wood two pistols, and a M4 landed next to her. She stood groaning in pain before looking down.

“now that's what I'm talking about”

She said picking up the M4. Lara followed her in and prepared to attack but Chloe was faster.

“It's over”

She said pulling the trigger

Klink Klink klink klink!

The gun sang as the bullets flew at the tomb raider. Lara jumped over the bullets and flipped over Chloe her breasts bouncing as she landed. She spun around, and kicked Chloe in the face the treasure hunters tongue running across her foot as she did. Chloe stumbled backwards, and Lara picked up the duel pistols. She aimed them at Chloe, and fired

Pop pop pop!

Chloe rolled out of the way behind a crate.

“It's about quality not quantity”

She said firing back from her cover. Lara performed backflip landing behind a crate. Chloe suddenly notices that her crates lid was slightly ajar and what's inside she found rather interesting.

“I'm guessing with that stiff attitude of yours that you're a virgin. So let me give you some advice, girl to girl”

Chloe said.

“What are you talking about”

Lara said sounding annoyed as she fired at Chloe but the bullets just hit her cover.

“Bigger is always better”

Chloe said pulling out a rocket launcher from the crate. Laras eyes widened as Chloe pulled the trigger. She jumped out of the way as the rocket collided with a crate.


The explosion throw Lara into the wall. She tried standing, but her legs shook, and her vision was blurry. Her body while still sexy as hell was now blooded, and burned.

“I can still win”

She said sounding desperate, smoke filling the room

Klink Klink Klink

The M4 cried as bullets flew past her. A moment later she could see the treasure hunter running at her reloading her gun. Lara ran forward colliding with Chloe. The two had a brief grappling match for the gun before Lara yanked it out of Chloe's hands. The tomb raider aimed the gun at Chloe but feel to her knees dropping the gun. She gasped in pain noticing the multiple bullet holes dotted across her gut which she failed to notice earlier most likely due to adrenaline.


she said gasped before vomiting blood.

“Looks like I won”

Chloe said picking up her M4.

“If you want to live you're going to have to take me to Excalibur”

The treasure hunter said. Lara stood but felt far too weak to fight and knew that her only chance of survival was to comply.

“O-okay, follow me”

She said before limping off. Lara lead the treasure hunter through the mansion before finally stopping at a safe.


She said weakly.

“open it”

Chloe said poking Laras butt with the M4 causing it to jiggle. The tomb raider bent down and started undoing the lock but Chloe bent down next to her and inserted two fingers into the bullet hole and started rubbing as if she was fingering the girl

“How does it feel to lose”

Chloe asked seductively. Lara gritted her teeth and worked through the pain before opening the safe, pulling out a brilliant looking sword and handed it to Chloe.

“N-now will you leave and let me live”

Lara asked weakly. Chloe admired the blade for a moment before looking at Lara

“You see I'd love to, but you've seen my face”

She said


Lara said turning to run but Chloe drew the blade swinging the blade cutting her across the chest. Lara collapsed to the ground

“Please, please don't kill me”

She begged as a yellow stream of piss ran out of her vagina, and drops of milk leaked from her tits. Her feet spasmed uncontrollable clenching, and unclenching as her legs tried to move, but could only manage a slight wiggle. Chloe stepped forward one foot in Laras warm puddle of piss the other on Laras pussy.

“I don't want to die like this, please I'll do anyth”


The bullet flew from the gun piercing poor Laras stomach. She cried in ln pain as the bullets tore holes into her belly.

“Y-you lied to me”

Lara said as her vision began to fade.

“We'll never promised you'd live just that if you wanted to live take me to Excalibur”

Chloe said.

“y-you bitch”

Lara said before vomiting up and finally succumbing to her wounds


Chloe dropping Excalibur on the floor before picking up Laras head and passionately kissing her.

“that sure was fun”.

The treasure hunter said letting Laras head fall to the floor before picking up Excalibur and leaving. And there Lara Croft, The Tomb Raider lay dead. Completely naked with holes riddling her body and her tongue hanging out. Soon after pictures of her body were leaked and she lost all respect becoming a laughing stock. In fact it become so bad that at her funeral she was not clothed,
and guest where allowed to enjoy her body.



File: 1549687701862.jpg (198.34 KB, 1627x1080, PicsArt_02-04-10.12.57.jpg)

Rika (who is at this moment 18) blushed slightly as her furry companion licked her bare breast. She smiled at her Renamon. She had sleek yellow fur on her back, sides face, muscular legs, and butt with white fur covering her hands, paws, the tips of her ears and tail, soft belly, and her C cup breast. Two pink nipples stuck out from the white fur covering her chest. Riku smiled softly.

“I never thought this would be so much fun”

She said. Her Renamon smiled back warmly

“Neither did I”

The Digimon replied

Meanwhile in the forest a wild Lopunny hopped around. But she wasn't just any Lopunny, she was a prime example of one. The kind hunters dreamed of shooting, and fucking, the kind that won pokemon computations effortlessly while giving the judges awkward boners, the kind that couldn't forget attract even if you brought it to the move forgetter. She had a glossy coat of chocolate brown fur with tufts of white on her ears, legs, hands, and nipples. The pokémons small A cup jigglypuffs bounced as she hopped from place to place though the Pokémon had no shame as tits weren't really a big deal to other pokémon. As she hopped she noticed a butterfree fluttering by and gasped in excitement. The curious bunny followed the bug. However a few moments into her chase, the pokémon disappeared. Lopunny looked around confused before noticing the sounds of moaning and gasping. The pokémon followed it finding its source, a tent. This must be where the butterfree is hiding the simple minded pokémon thought before jumping into the air and slamming her paw into the tent.

The pokémons kick completely obliterated the tent and the ground below it causing the Renamon and Rika to be blown away in an explosion of dirt and stone.
“W-what was that…”

Renamon asked herself as she sat up before noticing her blooded and broken partner next to her.


She exclaimed picking up the naked girl cradling her in her arms.

“Renamon H-help I don't w-wanna die”

She said but it was already to late as the light left her eyes moments after she finished the sentence. The explosion was to much for the girl. Renamon laid her dead partner on the ground


She said weakly tears forming in her eyes before suddenly turning her head to the pokémon


She exclaimed her voice a mix of sadness and anger.


Lopunny replied tilting her head in confusion and her ears perking up in curiosity.

“You killed her, my best friend! I'll destroy you for that”

Renamon exclaimed angrily, her tail pointing straight behind her


The digimon blitzed forward at incredible speed planting her fist into the pokémons cheek sending her tumbling backwards. The fox ran after her prey preparing to follow up with a second attack, but the Lopunny got to her feet and jumped in the air. For a moment time seemed to slow down as the pokémon flew over Renamon landing right behind her

Lopunny cried in a shrill voice as she kicked Renamon in her soft gut sending the digimon flying into a nearby tree. Renamon gasped in pain as she collided with the tree, but the pain was quickly overwhelmed by her range as she fell back to the ground.

“Diamond Storm”

Renamon said as small shards of something appeared behind the digimon before flying towards Lopunny


The pokémon cried as the shards left small cuts all over her body soaking her light brown coat in blood. The pokémon growled as one of her hands was engulfed in electricity, and the other radiated a blistering cold.


She said lunging at her target throwing a Ice Punch. The Digimon managed to dodge but just being close to the icy cold fist was enough to chill her bones and slow her down


The pokémon exclaimed slamming a Thunder Punch into the digimons soft gut. The fox slide backwards coughing up blood as she twitched.

“Y-you're not the only one with special punches”

Renamon growled glaring at Lopunny as, still recovering from the shock. The foxes fists ignited into blue flames, and the digimon ran at the pokémon faster than Lopunny could react to throwing a barrage of punches which collided with the poor bunny

“This is for Rika!!!!”

Renamon exclaimed throwing a climatic punch, the flames on her fist violently exploding into a turquoise inferno. The first connected with Lopunny's belly which twisted with Renamon's fist making cracking sounds. But once the fox fully extended her arm the pokémon poofed into a cloud of smoke, a pokémon doll flying out of it and slamming into a tree getting its head stuck in the wood


Renamon said looking as Lopunny appeared a few feet away from her completely unharmed due to her well timed Substitute.

“Diamond Storm” The fox exclaimed sending razor sharp leaves flying at the pokémon.

“Lo” The bunny replied as tiny stars appeared around her. The Swift flew into the leaves countering the attack, and creating a smoke screen. Suddenly out of the smoke Renamon emerged throwing a flaming punch.

“I will beat you!”

She exclaimed as her fist found it's target in Lopunny's cheek sending the pokémon flying hundreds of feet backwards slamming into the side of a mountain creating a crater in the side.


Lopunny said as she began to collapse but before she could she was pinned to the mountain by powerful kick from the digimon causing piss to squirt from the pokémons tight pussy. The fox pulled her leg out of the pokémons gut which was now severely bruised, before slamming her fist into the pokémons face repeatedly. Suddenly Lopunny moved out of the way ever so slightly avoiding the attack, before throwing a Dizzy Punch which stroke Renamon in the face. The fox stumbled backwards dazed as the pokémon fell asleep still standing. After a moment the Renamon regained her wits and the bunny opened her eyes, her bruise almost fully healed due to her Rest. The Renamon ran at the pokémon but Lopunny throw everything she had at the Renamon hitting her with Giga Impact sending the digimon soaring backwards. By chance the fox landed next to her partner.


She said to weak to move. She could feel her life fading.

“I'm sorry, I-I failed you”

she said taking the girls hand. She closed her eyes preparing to accept death, this was the end… No! She would crush her opponent for her fallen comrade, and, live as Rika would have wanted her to. She would destroy the bunny with a digivolution. She felt power starting to fill her body. It wasn't known by their tamers but digivolution was a very erotic process for the digimon. Her nipples stiffened up and her pussy moistened. She clenched her butt and curled her toes. This was it!


The Pokemon exclaimed as she jumped in the air and crashed into the Renamon with a kick. Renamon gasped in pain as all the power she built up left her body. She stretched her fingers and toes involuntary as blood gushed from her mouth, milk squirted from her tits, and piss shot out of her pussy.
“N-no I must a-avange R-rika”

Renamon said as the light faded from her eyes. Her tail relaxed and her ears drooped. It was over, the Renamon was dead. The Lopunny hopped off the foxes corpse and suddenly the Butterfree fluttered past her. The pokémon gasped in delight as she once again bounced after the bug leaving two more victims in her wake.



File: 1549945849891.jpg (298.41 KB, 1429x1299, PicsArt_02-06-06.43.06.jpg)

“So, Hinata. I'm guessing you're wondering why I called you”

The 5th Hokage asked folding her arms.

“Yes ma’am”

Hinata replied with a loyal nod.

“Good good”

Tsunade said her expression suddenly becoming deathly serious.

“We have found Inos killer”

The Hokage said solemnly. Hinata tensed up with an expression of shock. Tsunade nodded.

“We Believe she used a forbidden jutsu to travel to the land of the dead. On normal circumstances, I wouldn't allow pursuit. But she not only killed one of our Shinobi, but disgraced her body, displaying it for all to see. She has disgraced our village and I can not let that go unpunished”

The Hokage said firmly. Hinata nodded. She wasn't exactly sure where this was going but she had an idea.

“We have received knowledge of the jutsu from an anonymous source. We believe we can send one Shinobi along with some weaponry to the other side. The jutsu requires a scroll, which, we have acquired, however, the scroll can only be used once. I want you to be the one we send”

Tsunade said. Hinata nodded again her milky eyes filled with determination and vengeful anger.

“I'll track her down, and, defeat her. For Ino!”

Said the young Shinobi. Tsunade nodded pulling out a bag of ninja tools and a scroll from under her desk

“You will leave immediately. This is the equipment you'll take and the scroll”

Tsunade said Hinata nodded picking up the scroll reading through it.

“I won't let you done”

She said placing the scroll on the desk, making a few hand signs, slamming her hand on the paper and vanishing in a blast of smoke. When the smoke cleared she was standing on the roof of a feudal Japanese style building in what seemed to be an endless city of similar buildings. It was only when the cold night wind blew that she noticed she was completely naked. Hinata instinctively covered her D cup breast but once she realized that she was alone relaxed letting them fall jiggling slightly. Her natural beige skin had a strange almost supernatural beauty in the moonlight, her figure was slender yet slightly muscular with her small, and perky butt sticking out, her legs while thin where firm and muscular and her feet looked soft and almost creamy. The Shinobi's pussy was well shaved and tight in case…he ever decided he wanted to see.

“When they said all I could bring with me was this bag I didn't think it would go this far”

She said picking up the bag and wrapping it around her waist with a slight blush, her long black hair flowing in the nights wind.

‘Quick find the intruder again, we can't afford to lose her”

a man wearing a black Shihakusho with a katana said running as a few other similarly dressed men followed

“Careful, I heard that one that one of the members of her group is insanely strong”

Another man said. Intruder? Insanely strong? Sounded like the person she was looking for, Hinata thought to herself. She looked ahead and saw a carrot top girl running from the men. There is no way they would catch the carrot top, but she could. The ninja started to slightly follow.

When she believed she had finally lost them Orhima stopped to catch her breath. And thank God to as she had ended up in a dead end.

“ohhh this is so exhausting. Where's Ichigo, I'm tired!”

whined Orhima. Someone landed in front of her.

“Where you the one who hurt Ino? Or was that your friend”

Hinata asked coldly, her boobs jiggling from the impact of the landing.


Orhima said looking a bit confused.

“why are you naked?”

She asked pointing at the ninja.


Hinata said suddenly blushing and covering her breast, her intimidation tactic failing miserable

“I-it's not really my fault it just kinda happened”

The ninja said trying to explain herself now blushing more intensely”

“One sec”

Orihime said undoing her Shihakusho letting it fall to the ground. Her DD cup breast and her large jiggle butt both bounced as the garment fell to the ground. She kicked off her shoes and pulled her white socks of which smelled strongly of her small tasty looking feet. She unstrapped her pink bra letting her large breast breath, Her pink nipples stiffening up from the cold air, then pulled her panties down, and flinging them to the side revealing her yummy looking tight pussy that had a cute little orange bush. The carrot top stretched enjoying the night air.

“There, it's not awkward Anymore!”

Orhima exclaimed cheerfully.

“uhhh, I think it's more awkward now”

Hinata replied.

“no it's not!” Orhima pouted.

Hinata sighed

“This is getting nowhere”

She said pulling out a kunai.

“I'll get the info I want one way or another”

The ninja said taking a fighting stance


Hinata throw her kunai as Orihime tapped her hairpin. 6 orbs of light shot from It, 3 of them taking the shape of a triangle in front of her, a translucent orange light formed inside the triangle. Once the kunai collided with the light it bounced of and fell to the ground.

“some form of ninjutsu?”

Hinata said to herself sounding unsure before focusing her chakra into the soles of her smooth feet and jumping onto the alleyways wall, running along it. The Shinobi quickly ran past the carrot top. She knew that shield jutsu of hers could be problematic so she'd have to get around it. Hinata kicked off the wall, leaving a small crater in it as she flew towards Orihime throwing a chakra infused punch at her. The carrot top jumped backwards just in time to avoid the nude ninja, Hinata's punch shattering the ground below her sending debri flying everywhere.


Orihime said, and one of the lights moved forward.

“I reject”

She exclaimed and the light shot forward. Hinata bent over backwards so that the light missed her, however, it stopped right above before creating another triangle of orange light which chopped the tips of Hinata's nipples off. The orb of light returned to Orihime as blood squirted squirted from Hinata's tits. She gritted her teeth in pain before throwing another kunai.

“I reject”

Orihime exclaimed and the shield of solid orange light appeared in front of her, but, when the it and the projectile collided, the kunai exploded shrouding the arena in a smoke screen .


Hinata said. The nerves around her eyes bulged and not only could she see through the smoke, but, she had a 360 degree view of the battlefield. The ninja began to bounce from wall to wall trying to further confuse her target, however, Orihime was far from helpless. She calmed her breathing and focussed following the Shinobis spiritual pressure. Hinata kicked off the wall flying at the carrot top preparing to end her, but, Orihime focused all of her spiritual energy into her first and threw a punch. The carrot tops fist planted itself firmly into Hinata's cheek sending her flying into the wall. The Shinobi, however, didn't miss a beat, and began running at the carrot top as soon as she landed. Hinata pulled out a shuriken. Orihime seemed prepared the ninjas attack,but, to her surprise Hinata throw the shuriken skyward, Orihime watched the weapon sail upwards but then realized that it was a decoy.

“Eight Trigrams Thirty-Two Palms”

Hinata shouted, chakra engulfing her first, before, throwing a barrage of punches.

“I reject”

Orihime said, the shield forming just in time to save her from the flurry of fist. Just then something shining in the sky caught her eye. The shuriken fell back to the earth grazing Orimas cheek breaking her concentration and in turn her shield.

Twin Lion Fists” Hinata yelled the chakra on her hands shaping itself to look like twin lion heads. She threw her a punch which collided with Orihime's gut sending her flying backwards slamming into the wall. But as soon as she feel to the ground two of the lights touched the wound engulfing it in a warm yellow light. A moment later the carrot top stood with the injury completely healed.

“Both offensive, defensive, and, medical ninjutsu, along with taijutsu. Damn it”

Hinata hissed to herself.

“I reject”

Orihime exclaimed and an orb of light flew at Hinata. Hinata flipped to the side to avoid the attack, however, when the light creates the blade, it would cut completely through her vagina. To save her genitals the ninja spread her legs mid air just as the blade of light formed in mid air, however, the blade still grazed her pussy. She landed on her hands, then bounced off them landing on her feet. Suddenly the pain hit her. She grabbed her pussy as Blood trickled down and soon realized that the injury was far deeper than a graze when she lost control of her bladder, a warm yellow stream running into her hand. She swore to herself pulling out another kunai. The ninja knew she had to take down whatever was healing her foe first and that's exactly what she planned to do. The ninja threw her kunai.

“I reject”

Orihime said forming her shield but the projectile missed her lodging itself in the ground


Orihime said, only noticing the paper bomb after it was to late. The knife exploded sending Orihime flying. As soon as she landed the two orbs of light start to heal her wounds but Hinata throw two more Kunia, each hitting an orb of light which disappeared in a splash of blood. .

“Ayame, Shuno”

Orihime exclaimed tears forming in her eyes but had little time to react as Hinata throw down a smoke bomb. Orihime focused in on Hinata's spiritual pressure tracking every move.

“I reject”

Orihime exclaimed an orb of light flying towards Hinata before creating the hard light blade. For a moment, as the Shinobi fell into two pieces, it looked as if the carrot top had won, but Hinata's body exploded into smoke leaving two halves of a log behind. Orihime turned to her side sensing Hinata's spiritual pressure, but before she could react, Hinata swung a kunai, slitting Orihime's throat. The carrot top stepped backwards with a look of terror. The lights flew around her in a panic, unable to save her with their healers dead. She clenched her throat but the blood ran through her fingers. Orihime collapsed grabbing at Hinata's leg desperate for help but the Shinobi kicked her over stepping on her face.

“You and your friends shouldn't have killed Ino”

Hinata said tears of grief in her eyes. But Orihime couldn't say a thing. She couldn't tell her that neither, or, her friends knew who Ino was. That if she helped her she would help her find her friends killer. No, the only thing that came out of her mouth was the sound of gargling blood. She grabbed Hinata's ankle in a last ditch effort to try and get the girls help but the Shinobi just glared down at her with her vengeful milky eyes. Soon Orihime lost so much blood that her body started freaking out. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she voided her blatter creating a puddle of piss for her to lay in. Her soft feet twitched, curling and uncurling their toes and her tongue spasmed licking Hinata's foot (and though she'd never admit this Hinata found this deeply pleasurable). She violently spasmed a bit more before letting go of Hinata's ankle. Orihime was dead. The light bulbs surrounded the carrot top looking both broken and confused. Among them Hinata noticed a small pretty blonde one. In a mix of grief over Ino and confused sexual feelings over what she just did, she lifted her saliva covered foot and stepped on the girl. Shonou screamed in terror before dying with a satisfying “crunch”


The mist ninja watched from the rooftops as Hinata jumped away from the carrot tops corpse. She lifted up her phone, a gift from her employer's as a new message popped up.

“Bring her in alive”

It said.


She swore.

“She's cute, I would have loved to kill her. But they are paying me good money. Better do the job right”

She said before vanishing.


waifu wars is a great idea , thanks for writing these ^_^


Of course, thank you for reading them, season three is starting soon so I hope you're excited😁


File: 1550290465319.jpg (250.34 KB, 1471x1340, PicsArt_02-09-08.12.50.jpg)

Chun-Li lifted her foot out of the hot water as she lowered the rest of her body into the spring with a relaxed moan.

“Your the Chun-Li right?”

one of the younger hot spring/bath house customers asked excitedly. She was a younger girl looking to be in her early 20s with curly red hair, and green eyes that sparkled at the sight of the martial art champion.

“Now now Kelly, don't bother her. She came here to relax not commune with her poporoitse. And a Interpol member such as herself truly deserves that relaxation”

the 3rd women in the bath said. She was a blonde lady not much older than the red head, and was too relaxed too even open her eyes to look at the celebrity. The red head looked down at her breast obviously embarrassed.

“S-sorry ma’am you must be exhausted, you don't need me bothering you”

she said. Li gave her a friendly smile, her chocolate brown eyes filled with warmth.

It's no problem, I always love meeting a fan”

she said. Just then she noticed flash of light. The Asian leaped out of the water soaring at least ten feet in air moments before a rocket collided with the bath obliterating it in an fiery explosion. Li landed her natural beige skin and light brown hair still soaking wet, and, her C cup breasts bouncing from the landing. Her frame was muscular especially her powerful legs which were the definition of “juicy thighs”. Her feet were scared from all her fighting but were cute in their own right with her toenails painted light blue. Her butt was muscular and firm, and, her young tight pussy only covered by a small patch of chocolate brown fuzz. Next to her landed the body's of Kelly, and the blonde, their eyes glazed over.

“W-what happened here”

she said to herself sounding both panicked, and deeply disturbed.

“Damn. Guess I missed”

Sonya said jumping from her place from in the ceiling, tossing aside the rocket launcher, and, wiping her blonde hair out of her green eyes. The U.S Special Forces Agent had a cocky smile, was completely unharmed from the jump, and save a single bracelet was…complete naked. Her fair skinned body was lean in tone. She sported muscular arms, strong legs, a firm ass, small but perky B cup breasts, prominent abbs and a cleanly shaved pussy, and smooth feet which splashed the water as she landed.

“you just killed those people”

Li said sounding rather shocked.

“casualties of war honey, if killing them meant taking you out it would be worth it”

Sonya replied not seeming fazed. Li glared at her taking a fighting stance assuming that this wasn't going to end pretty.

“Who do you work for?”

the Asian demanded. Sonya smirked.

“Murica sweetheart”

she said. Li looked a bit taken back.

“but the Interpol and U.S are allies. Why would they want me dead.”

Li asked.

“Well according to my higher ups we’re not so looks like you gotta die”

the blonde said.

“We'll looks like I'm not getting out of this without a fight”

Li said retaking her fighting stance.

“but where are your clothes”

she asked. Sonya shrugged.

“They ordered me to take you out without clothes, something about giving em a good show”

she said.

“isn't that kinda…suspicious”
Li asked.

“Listen kid I'm not here to answer questions, I'm here to kick your ass”

Sonya said taking a fighting stance and clenching her butt


Li ran at Sonya leaping into the air performing a front flip, before descending rapidly at her foe, her muscular leg extended. Sonya stepped to the side just in time to avoid the Asians foot which crashed into the wet concrete, leaving a small crater in the floor. The blonde threw a punch her fist colliding with Lis cheek. The Asian grunted in pain before putting her hands up blocking Sonya's next few punches. Li swung her leg upwards in a front kick, her foot planting striking the blondes chin. Sonya was knocked backwards landing on her hands which she pushed off of, performing a backflip, and, landing on her feet.

“Not bad kid”

Sonya said whipping the blood of her lips. Li jumped at the blonde performing a spin kick which Sonya just barely managed to block. As soon as Li landed she throw herself at Sonya keeping her on the defensive with a barrage of kicks and punches. However the asian paused just for a moment to keep from exhausting herself, and that moment was all the blonde needed. She threw a punch which landed solidly on Lis face knocking the Tai chi master backwards. Sonya leaped in the air wrapping legs around Lis face, briefly enjoyed the feeling of the young asians lips against her pussy, before flipping her. Li collided with the hard concrete ground and gasped pain as Sonya lifted her foot. She stomped at Li attempting to crush the young asians skull in, but Li rolled out of the way just in time and jumped to her feet.

“Your strong I'll give you that”

Li said throwing roundhouse which Sonya easily blocked.

“A hell of a lot stronger than you”

the blonde said throwing a punch which the asian effortlessly dodged. Li smirked.

“I wouldn't go that far”

she said flipping, she began to spin her legs mid flip like a propeller and to Sonya's surprise that not only lifted the asian of the ground, but propelled her forward. Lis foot slammed into Sonya's face spinning her with Lis legs before flinging her, sending her flying into a wall. Sonya started to stand but coughed up blood.

“Damn, someone's not been skipping leg day”

she said raising her arm. Suddenly her bracket emitted a purple energy ring which flew at the asian who leaped out of the way, the energy colliding with the wall behind her leaving a decent sized hole.

“So that's a weapon”

Li exclaimed.

“Oh it's so much more than that kiddo”

Sonya said smirking as she pressed a button on the bracelet. A moment later a drone appeared to the side of the street fighter. A red light appeared on it.


Li said right before the drone fired a rocket. The Asian gracefully backflipped over the projectile which sailed under her colliding with the wall, and erupted into a fiery explosion leaving a massive hole in the wall opening the way to all the other baths. Dozens of naked ladies looked through the hole before screaming in fear, and confusion.

“Now it's Kombat time bitch”

Sonya said pressing a button on the bracelet. A small minigun sprouted out of the bottom of the drone and opened fire. Li evade the barrage of lead through various flips and manoviers, but the rest of the hot tub customers weren't so lucky. Dozens of young women who just wanted to soak themselves in warm water, had their naked bodies riddled with holes. Some ran and screamed, but, none could out run the bullets. The lucky died fast, but some were left on the ground painfully bleeding out and begging for help that they would never receive.


Li exclaimed at the sight of the innocents being mowed down. The Drone retracted it's minigun and fired another rocket.

“That's it”

the asian cried leaping over the missle. As soon as her feet hit the ground she leaped again lunging at the drone. The machine sprouted it's minigun again firing it at Li and managed to pierce her waist but she ignored the pain performing a spin kick. The back of Lis foot smashed into the Drone which went flying into the wall, and exploded. Sonya fired another energy ring at her foe.


Li shouted and a blast of energy blasted from her hands colliding with the energy ring, stopping both. Suddenly pain flared from from her wound and blood gushed from her vagina. The bullet must have it something serious but she couldn't let up. Sonya rushed at Li throwing punch which Li easily blocked. The Tai chi master kicked Sonya in the gut, the blondes rock hard stomach giving way to the asians muscular and powerful foot. Sonya vomited up blood and stumbled back clenching her now bruised gut and glaring at Li

“You've killed countless innocents, I won't let you get away with that”

the asian said. Sonya stood up straight though with a great deal of trouble. She knew something was ruptured.

“It's not over yet kiddo”

she growled firing another energy ring. Li rolled out of the way rushing at Sonya throwing another kick. The blonde blocked it but only barley and was knocked backwards with a feminine whimper.


the asian cried firing another blast of chi which struck Sonya solidly in the gut sending her flying backwards.

“D-damn this isn't good”

Sonya said forcing herself to stand as Li walked over with an expression of pure anger on her face, and fire in her eyes. She fired another energy ring at the asian, but Li easily dodged and closed the distance in less then a second


Li shouted and both her and the blonde where engulfed by an orb of chi. Sonya screamed in pain as her skin was seared and her bracelet disintegrated. When the orb faded Sonya fell to the ground covered in burns.

“your body is far too damaged to carry on and your weapon is gone. It's over”

Li said glaring at her fallen foe.

“N-not yet”

Sonya said suddenly standing. She placed her hands on Lis shoulder and forced her into a kiss. The asian tried to push Sonya of but as the blondes lips sucked her own she felt…weaker. Sonya finally let go and Li stumbled backwards clutching her gut before coughing up blood.

“W-what did you do to me?”

Li asked trying to sound intimidating, but only came off as scared and pathetic.

“Poison kiss honey, your not walking away from that”

Sonya said. Lis eyes widened as a constant stream of blood ran from her mouth and she lactated uncontrollable (a side effect of the poison)

“The antidote! please!”

she begged desperately as she feel to her knees.

“Wouldn’t give it to you if I had it”

Sonya replied with a confident grin. Li screamed in pain as the poison slowly killed her. She on her side still clenching her gut. She screamed more kicking her feet in pain. She began to sweat violently, her feet creating a wonderfully disgusting aroma. She rolled on her back and screamed again as she began to convolse violently. Tears formed in her eyes and began to run down her face as she screamed again.

“NO! NO! NO!”

The asian cried but each exclamation grew weaker, and weaker. Soon it was over. With one last scream of agony Chun Li died. Her corpse lay there still twitching and lactating do to the poison and with a vacant look in her eyes that matched all the other dead girls. Moments later at least 10 vans pulled up and heavily armored soldiers with the word U.M.B.R.A printed on their uniforms existed them and entered the building. The one who seemed to be the leader pulled their Helmet off revealing that she was a beautiful young women with dark brown hair. The last surviving girl (a young Mexican girl who went to the hot spring for her 18th birthday) crawled over to the women and tried to pull herself up using the women's leg.

“P-please help me”

She begged. The soldier scoffed pulling out her firearm and shooting the poor girl in the forehead. Her eyes rolled back as the bullets pierced her skull and she feel dead. Sonya who could barely stand turned to the newcomers.

“who the hell are you”

she demanded. The woman grinned.

“Your under arrest”

She said, and all the soldiers pointed their guns at Sonya.



File: 1550447267661.png (2.16 MB, 1638x1309, PicsArt_02-17-05.41.31.png)

Cupid smiled at her accomplishment. It took a lot of effort but in the end, she finally pulled it off. She had all seven Dragon Balls, and one of each emotional power ring. The journey had taken her many places including the resting place of the final Dragon Ball, a volcano where she happened to be currently. Her already slutty outfit was ripped and torn from the journey and her red hair now a mess, but that no longer mattered.

“If I combine the power of these objects I'll be so powerful that Green Arrow will have to love me”

She monologued to herself.

“And now for my wish”

she exclaimed and the seven orbs began to float and glow. There was a flash of light, and suddenly floating in front of her was a giant ,green, serpentine Dragon.


Shenron asked in a grandiose manner. Cupid grinned.

“Fuse your power with these rings”

she replied. The godly beast looked at the rings then back at the scantily clad villain.


The Dragon declared.

“Does it look like I care? Grant my wish”

the redhead demanded.


Shenron declared. All seven orbs and the seven rings were engulfed in a heavenly light, and began to float together. As the met they lost all from and began to meld together. The femme fatale began cackle, but when a red energy emitted from the glowing bulb her laughter turned to screams as she was disintegrated. The blub stopped glowing and a large multi colored orb with twenty five stars on it fell to the ground.

“Well that plan was full proof, not sure what went wrong”

The Dragon said before poofing out of existence.

Meanwhile, a few thousand miles away, Supergirl was flying over Metropolis. She paused hovering in the air, her blonde hair blowing in the wind.

“What was that…power”

She said to herself before flying off towards it. She landed in the volcano and though the power from the orb wasn't enough to damage her fair Kryptonian skin, it burned through her clothes almost immediately. Karas figure was slim, she had small soft looking B cup breasts, and a tiny yet tight ass. Her complexion was flawless and though her skin was tougher than steel, it looked soft as a pillow. Her stomach was flat at toned with a small belly button which looked rather stabable. Her pussy was tight as could be sense the young kryptonite wasn't particularly found of the idea of sex or anything relating to it. Her legs were thin giving her a prominent thigh gap and her feet liked the rest of her looked soft. They were just the right size for her. Her toenails were painted red and blue to match her outfit which was now gone. She regarded her sudden lack of clothes with a bit of shock before fixing her celestial blue eyes on the orb.

“W-what’s that”

She said to herself but had little time to contemplate this before something crashed into the ground in front of her. When the dust cleared Caulifla stood in the crater the impact left, buck naked. Her ridiculously large, and spiky black hair stood straight up, unaffected from the crash, her skin slightly darker than supergirl, but was just as smooth. She was shorter than the Kryptonian and slightly more muscular than her, With her large breast almost two sizes bigger than Supergirls. Her ass was firm, but looked as if it would give a nice jiggle If smacked. Her stomach was smooth and muscular from her intense training along with her arms and legs, between said legs was a tight little pussy with a little black spot of fuzz. Caulifla looked at her bare body and scoffed.

“Damn I just bought that outfit”

she said.

“You! You don't belong here, leave now”

Kara demanded pointing at the Saiyan. Caulifla sized up the girl with her black eyes and gave her a smirk.

“Sorry I can't do that, you see I've been hunting the Dragon Ball things for a while know and now that I've found them in one place, no pretty girl like you’s going to scare me of”

she said. Supergirl glared at her.

“Leave, Now. That’s your last warning”

she said. Caulifla took a fighting stance.

“then make me”

she said. Supergirl gave her a smirk of her own.

“Gladly, but you don't know what your getting yourself into”


Caulifla dashed at Supergirl throwing a barrage of punches which the Kryptonian easily dodged. Kara smirked.

“Your a little too slow to be trading punches with me”

she said. Caulifla glared at her.

“Don't underestimate me!”

she exclaimed throwing another punch which Kara easily evaded before uppercutting the Saiyan in the gut. Caulifla gasped in pain as she was sent flying upwards, out of the volcano. She clenched her stomach but had little time to recover as Supergirl flew upward punching her in the face sending her sailing even father in the sky. Once she regained her composer the Saiyan fired a blast of Ki at Kara who effortlessly backhanded it away sending it hurtling into an island which was destroyed in a fiery explosion.

“Your out of your league. Give up before it gets ugly”

Supergirl said putting her hands on her hips. Caulifla growled in anger.

“Shut up!”

she exclaimed firing two more balls of Ki. Kara sighed as a harsh red glow emanated from her eyes. A red blast of heat came forth from the glow destroying the balls of ki and engulfing the Saiyan who screamed in pain. When the heat faded Caulifla was gasping for air with steam coming of her skin.


she growled but before she could say or do anything else, Supergirl blitzed her slamming her fist into the Saiyans stomach. Coughed up blood as the force of the punch sent her flying further upwards till she collided with the moon. Kara launched herself at her foe.

“I'm not going down that easily”

Caulifla said. She began to scream in anger and a sudden blast of Ki erupted from her body. Her black hair turned blonde, her nipples stiffened from the energy, and from the black fuzz emerged a pointy blonde bush. When Supergirl reached her foe she through her punch, the impact from the attack causing a crater on the moon visible from earth, but when the dust cleared she saw that the Saiyan had caught her fist, and was smirking.


The Kryptonian said but instead of explaining Caulifla threw a punch of her own. Kara tried dodging but to her surprise the Saiyan was too fast for her. Cauliflas fist slammed into Supergirls cheek sending her flying back towards earth. She managed to stop herself before entering the atmosphere just in time to evade the balls of ki which Caulifla sent flying in her direction. The Saiyan flew at her at extraordinary speed. The Kryptonian fired her heat ray at Caulifla who couldn't evade do to her momentum. She cried in pain as the blast hit her in the gut, stopping her in her tracks. Supergirl flew at her again throwing a flurry of punches with the Saiyan blocked. Caulifla caught both of Karas fist and headbutted her. Supergirl let out a feminine cry of pain, and grabbed her face giving the Saiyan enough time to kick her sending her soaring backwards. A red orb of Ki formed in Cauliflas hands before she fired a blast of crimson energy. Supergirl stopped herself in mid air, and fired her heat vision. The two beams of red energy collided, and for a moment it seemed as if the where of equal power, but soon Supergirl's heat vision pushed through, overpowering Cauliflas energy blast, and engulfing her. The Saiyan screamed in pain as the heat burned her skin again and was left dazed. Supergirl used this to her advantage and rushed behind Caulifla, grabbing her by her ridiculously long her and swung her like she was in the hammer throw. The Saiyan screamed in pain, but before she could react Kara let go sending her soaring millions of light years. She collided and went straight through multiple planets before crashing into a jungle planet inhabited by blue cat girls. Kara flew after her opponent, creating a sonic boom in her wake.

“I'm not going down that easy”

Caulifla said standing. She screamed in anger again, and another blast of Ki erupted from her body. Supergirl entered the planet's atmosphere and slammed her fist into the Saiyans face. Cauliflas head cocked to the side and Supergirl stumbled backwards with a grunt of pain as she clenched her now bloodied fist.

“What the hell are you”

She asked. Caulifla spit a tooth out and grinned at her.

“Super Saiyan 2 that's what”

She replied before blitzing the Kryptonian, kicking her in the gut sending her flying backwards. Caulifla flew after her. As she flew backwards Kara fired her heat vision at the Saiyan who easily dodged and retaliated with balls of Ki. Supergirl blocked the blast but slammed into the side of a mountain. Caulifla threw a punch, flying at the Kryptonian like a bullet, but Kara huffed and puffed and blew a gust of icy cold wind at the Saiyan. Cauliflas body began to freeze but she broke free lunging at Supergirl who dodged just in time, the Saiyans punch shattering the mountain behind her. Kara throw a punch of her own which landed firmly on Cauliflas gut, the shockwave destroying the forest behind them killing many of its felline like inhabitants, the Saiyan didn't budge. Caulifla uppercutted Kara sending soaring hundreds of feet skyward before jumping after her. Supergirl stopped herself, hovering mid air. When she saw her foe approaching she fired concentrated heat vision. The Saiyan dodged but the laser went completely through the planet.
The planet itself began to crack open and drift apart. Lava spewed from the cracks covering the surface. The alien girls ran however they could. They jumped from tree to tree, rode their direhorses and even flew on the backs of the banshees, but none could escape. Some fell into the giant crevasse, others engulfed by the flowing Lava, and some trampled by animals and others of their kind in the chaos. Supergirl hovered above the planet observing the destruction with a look of utter horror.

“What have I done!”

she exclaimed. Caulifla fired a barrage of energy balls at the Kryptonian. Kara let lose a violent cry of anger and grief creating a shock wave which destroyed the balls of Ki and dazed the Saiyan. Supergirl flew forward punching Caulifla with everything she had sending the Saiyan flying and colliding into the planet crushing a few of the cat like inhabitants. The kryptonian slammed into her opponent leaving a giant crater in the dying planet and blooding Caulifla up a tad.

“This is your fault!”

Supergirl exclaimed as she repeatedly pummeled the Saiyan into the ground with a flurry of fist.

“They are going to die because of you!”

she added violently. Caulifla struck the Saiyan in the belly knocking her tumbling backwards. Both women stood.

“I don't see the big deal you threw me through several other planets”

Caulifla said her legs shaking. Kara lumbered forward ignoring the Saiyan, a red light radiating from her blue eyes. She blasted her heat vision at Caulifla who barely managed to jump to the side, but the Kryptonian was faster, blitzing the Saiyan, and uppercutting her, sending her flying upward. Supergirl launched herself from the dying planet uppercutting Caulifla again sending her even higher up. Her eyes light up red again before she unleashed an immensely powerful blast of heat vision. Caulifla put her hands together and retaliated with a beam of red Ki. The two blasts of red energy collided for a final time, and as the other time for a moment the two blasts seemed equal in power, but the Kryptonians heat vision began to win out forcing the Ki blast to recede.

“I won't lose!”

Caulifla exclaimed pouring every last bit of Ki into her blast. The Ki beam not only overpowered the heat vision but completely destroyed it engulfing Supergirl. Kara screamed in pain as the blast seared her skin. After it faded she was left exhausted from using her heat vision and severely injured from the Ki blast. She was barely able to float. Caulifla appeared behind her and put her in a choke hold.

“Let me go!”

Supergirl growled banging against the Saiyans arms in vain. Caulifla smirked.

“Sorry, can’t do that. I'm going to snap that pretty little neck of yours”

She said as Supergirl kicked and fought for freedom but to no avail. Caulifla leaned in close her smirk taking on a sadistic appearance.

“Then I'm going to do a few things to this pretty body of yours”

she said licking Karas cheek. The Kryptonians eyes widened. If she was going to die she wanted it to be an honorable, respectful death, not to be used as some toy!. She kicked and screamed but the Saiyans grip remained firm. Caulifla started twisting and Kara screamed in agony, the kind of scream that let you know it was over, that the person who it originated from was defeated and that death was close at hand for them. Tears filled Karas eyes as she clenched her fist and stretched her toes. The pain was beyond unbeatable. Normally she would want it to be over as fast as possible but the thought of what the Saiyan was going to do to her body sickened her more than the pain. Sweat covered her burnt body and tears rain down her cheeks. Her nipples stiffened up in reaction to the pain.

“I will not die here”

she thought to herself.

“I will fight her, I will win! I won't let her have my”


And with that the light faded from supergirls eyes. Her body relaxed for the last time and she let out a weak death moan. Cauliflas let go and Supergirls limp corpse began to fell to the planet below. Caulifla flew down to the surface and caught Supergirls body before it hit the ground. She smiled looking into Karas empty blue eyes, rubbing her thumb across Supergirls full wet lips and pushed her on lips onto them, because a dying planet is the perfect place for a romantic moment with an aliens corpse. She shoved her tongue into the Kryptonians mouth as she made out with the corpse, her tongue rubbing against the dead girls limp tongue. She pulled away with a smirk and layed Supergirl on the ground. She picked up her foot by the ankle, the Kryptonians toenails somehow still painted blue, and kissed Karas big toe. Slowly the kiss became more instance till Caulifla was sucking on her foes toe. Karas toe was salty from the sweat and tasted a bit burnt, but the flavor was still appealing. Caulifla pulled away and licked Supergirls soul which had a similar flavor. The Saiyan stood and rubbed Karas saliva covered foot and rubbed it against her pussy. The Saiyan moaned gently as pleaser coerced through her genital area, and she rubbed harder. Arousal gushed through her body and she could feel her climax coming, but pulled the dead girls foot away right before orgasaming.

“No, not yet”

Caulifla said grinning before kneeling down, her face inches away from Supergirls, the two girls pussys touching. The Saiyan clenched Karas tits and began to grind. She groaned softly as pleasure once again filled her body. Her face was red and sweat dripped from her body onto to the the dead Kryptonians.


she gasped throwing her head back as she began grinding faster. Her whole body felt stimulated. Her nipples were stiff and her fingers gripped Supergirls tightly, a bit of milk squirting out. Caulifla leaned down and licked the milk from Supergirls nipple.


Caulifla gasped one last time, finally orgasming. She sit there for a moment panting, her pussy still rubbing against Supergirls, her hands still on the Kryptonians breast. She stood.

“That was fun blondey”

she said before flying off, leaving Supergirls naked body on the dying planet.





File: 1550726604408.jpg (263.5 KB, 1262x1341, PicsArt_02-09-08.54.21.jpg)

Hermione let her bra fall to the floor next to her shirt letting her breast breath her nipples stiffening up due to the cold, before stretching. All the other Gryffindors were out celebrating winning the quidditch cup, but she decided to stay behind and study. But first she was going to change into something a bit more comfortable. She slipped her shoes off and pulled her stockings off allowing her to stretch her toes, then wiggled out of her skirt and finally pulling her panties off. She sat down as she did and allowed them to rest on her big toe for a moment as she grinned, proud of her fine body before flicking her undergarments of her feet with one quick motion.

     Tohsaka walked through the halls of Hogwarts annoyed as all hell.

     “There's no one in this damn building”

     she thought to herself, though little did she know all the students were out partying at the Gryffindor celebration.

    “Damn it another dead in”

     She said as she ended up in a well decorated wall only with a painting of a fat lady

      “hmph watch your language young lady”

     the painting on the wall replied much to the young mages surprise.

     At first Tohsaka was a little taken back but she quickly regained her composure (as she had seen many strange things in her life).

    “Excuse me ma’am do you happen to know where I can find the Sword of Gryffindor”

     she asked trying to mask her shock with politeness.

     “I've heard of no such thing
   ” the fat lady in the painting said folding her arms and looking away for a moment before giving Tohsaka a dirty look

     “Ahh I get it you're a student from another house trying to get a look at the Gryffindor common room well I shan't allow it”

     the fat lady said

     “The Gryffindor common room that must be where they are keeping the sword” Tohsaka thought to herself.

“I demand you let me in at once”

     the young mage exclaimed her politeness quickly fading

    “Oh such nerve why I'd never”

     the fat lady replied angrily.

Tohsaka pulled out a crystallized spell and fired ganr shot only nearly missing the painting

“Next time I'll be a bit more accurate”

     the mage said scowling at the paining.

    “Yes of course, you are always welcome”

     the painting said quickly, and fearfully before swinging open.

Hermione jumped at the boom her small breast jiggling slightly

     “what was that”

     She thought to herself before grabbing her wand

    “Better check it out”
    she said quietly trying to hide her fear if only from herself

    She quickly and quietly made her way to the commons and hid behind the corner only poking her head out. What she saw confused Her, a girl around her age in red. What was she doing here? Was she the one who caused the booming sound? Then she noticed what was in her hand. A crystallized attack spell.

    “Damn she must be an attacker probably a Death Eater or something of the lot”

     she said to herself

Hermione quickly moved from her cover pointing her wand at the girl


Tohsaka barely had time to react to the blast of fire but managed to activate a crystallized fire proof spell just in time. She leaped from the flames completely unharmed but her clothes weren't so lucky

     “What the hell! that was an expensive outfit”

    Tohsaka exclaimed in anger as her exposed boobs jiggled with her jerking movement

     “And why the hell are you naked”

     she added.

     “Who are you and why are you here”

    Hermione asked still pointing her wand at the mage

“My name is of no importance, but I'm here for the Sword of Gryffindor”

      Tohsaka replied firmly placing her hands on her now bare hips

     “I'm guessing you work for Voldemort”

      Hermione asked.

     “never heard of him”

     Tohsaka replied.

“Sorry, but I'm not that dense”

      Hermione said as a sly smile formed across her face.

    “Damn you're an idiot guess there's no convincing but I wanted the beat the crap out of you for ruining my outfit anyway”

       Tohsaka said tossing the spells she managed to save up and down.



    Hermione exclaimed sending a ball of light flying at Tohsaka who countered by activating a reinforcement spell. Glowing green lines suddenly appeared on her bare legs and she dodged to the side at blinding speed. Hermione aimed her wand at the enemy mage, but before she could do anything Tohsaka through Crystal at her, and her naked body suddenly hit the floor with a great deal of force almost as if gravity itself had turned against her. She tried standing but the force held strong. Tohsaka fired a gandr shot at the immobile witch but before the spell hit her Hermione managed apparate appearing behind Tohsaka.

“Accio sofa”

     the young witch cried and a sofa started flying her direction at an alarming speed with Tohsaka in between the two. The mage fired a gandr shot destroying the piece of furniture before turning around aiming another gnar shor at Hermione


    Hermione exclaimed knocking the crystal out of Tohsaka's hand which erupted into a blast of magic knocking her to the ground


      Hermione exclaimed firing a rather powerful blast at the downed mage who just
barely managed to roll out of the way.


      Hermione shouted shooting another blast at Tohsaka who tried rolling out of the way again, but the explosive blast sent her flying backwards. As she landed tosaka fired a gandr shot at the witch

“Protego” Hermione said and a wispy stream leaked from her wand before forming a shield in front of her saving her from the blast yet it still knocked her off balance. Tohsaka used a reinforcement crystal on her leg and, arm, before lunging at Hermione throwing a punch in the processes. The young witch apparated away in the nick of time causing Tohsaka to leave a hole in the wall behind her.

     “not this time”

     Tohsaka shouted firing three gandr shots behind her. All three missed Hermione (who appeared behind Tohsaka a moment after she fired the spells) but managed to daze her. Tohsaka used her last to reinforcement spells on a arm, and leg before lunging forward at superhuman speed. Hermione almost had time to react but before she could lift her wand Tohsaka's enhanced fist rammed into her belly sending her flying into the castle wall.

Hermione tried to stand back up but suddenly the pain big hit her, and she fall to the ground with a feminine gasp. Her vision started to darken as she let out a weak moan of pain.

    “N-no I can't die here”

     she said weakly as blood started to leak out of her mouth. Her wand landed a few feet in front of her, maybe if she could reach it she could save herself. She slowly crawled towards the magic twig scrapping her nipples and belly on the hard stone floor as she did. Her vision was almost gone but, the tip of her finger could touch her wand.

     “A-almost there”

    she said weakly trying to grasp it but right before she could Tohsaka walked over picking up the wand. She looked down at the dying teen with an expression that almost looked like pity, before snapping the stick in half, and tossing the pieces at the dying witch.


    Hermione managed to groan as tears filled her eyes. She didn't want to die here, not like this, naked on the floor of a castle killed by some bratty mage. Tohsaka flipped the dying witch over with her foot so that her tits were facing the ceiling before putting her foot on her face in a dominant manner.

A surge of pain rain through Hermione's belly and she would have screamed if her dying body would have allowed her. Her entire body convulsed. Her tongue shot out unintentionally running itself across Tohsaka's smooth sweet sole giving her the final taste she'd ever experience (her killers foot), her nipples become even harder than they already were pointing skyward, her soft feet flailed around uncontrollably her toes clenching and unclenching in a desperate attempt to cling to her rapidly fading life. She made one last weak moan as death took the pathetic girl and a thin wispy stream came out. But not from her wand this time rather from her vagina. Her dead body let loose a powerful orgasm, cum leaked from her vagina warm and fast as her body gave it's most spectacular performance. Sadly on too late for her to feel.

    “Damn it you should have been more cooperative and  you wouldn't have died”

       Tohsaka said angrily.



File: 1550726689838.jpg (330.97 KB, 1812x1198, PicsArt_02-02-11.38.46.jpg)

Katniss slowly creeped through the shrubbery. Her naked body rubbing against the plants. After the defeat of the revelation most of her friends were killed straight of, but Snow had a much darker fate planned for her. Not only was she forced to partake in a 3rd Game, but had to fight this one completely in the nude for all the Hunger Games perverted fans. But she had almost one, only four combatants were left.

      She stopped as she reached the center of the arena where a large collection of supplies had recently been dropped. But she wasn't alone. A young barely eighteen had already reached the supplies before she had. The girl was also bare and her body still petty. Katniss felt, bad but the only way to survive was to win. The Girl on Fire stood allowing the sun to act as a spotlight for her body. Her young and firm breast bounced slightly as she jumped up with her healthy butt followed suit. Her skin was delicate and was rather light. Her stomach was a healthy size not fat or thin, her legs thin yet strong with a tight shaved pussy in between them. Katniss's knocked her arrow. The girl gasped but was quickly silenced as the projectile stabbed her through the throat.

      Katniss sighed as the teen fell dead.


     A girl exclaimed running over to the dead girl. Katniss tensed up again. She must be a friend of the other girl she thought as she knocked another arrow.

      Aloy pushed through the wilderness as her bare breast jiggling with every step she took. She had no idea how she ended up in this sick game, but she was determined to survive. If the man who had been announcing the game had been truthful a stockpile of supplies should be just up ahead. She walked out of the shrubbery into the center of the arena where the sun lit up her body giving everyone watching the games at home something worth looking at. Her tan body was clean and smooth without blemish and what her boobs lacked in size they made up for with perkiness, her butt was a smooth bubbly  and her stomach strong and muscular with well defined abs, her legs were strong, and muscular yet thin and between them was her red hairy pussy.


     a girl looking to be around twenty exclaimed running at something.

      “better to get rid of her now”

     Aloy said knocking her bow and firing an arrow.

      Katniss prepared to fire her arrow, but before she could her target fell dead, and behind her she could vaguely make out a redhead. The archer's eyes meet (though they were too far away to know it), and instantly knew only one was going to leave alive.


       Aloy nocked an arrow, and the two women let their arrows fly simultaneously. The two projectiles grazed each other before continuing towards their targets. Both women evaded the attack, and Katniss shot another arrow. The projectile hit Aloy right in the shoulder and she stumbled backwards with a grunt of pain as her hot blood gushed out giving her body stripes of red. Katniss fired another arrow, but Aloy managed to dodge it before stumbling into the wilderness behind her for cover.

      “not going down that easy”

      Aloy said ripping the arrow out of her shoulder. She pulled out a fire arrow, and rested the tip on her shoulder a moment gritting her teeth as it cauterised her wound. After a moment she pulled the arrow away and knocked it. Katniss retreated to the wilderness and slowly made her way around the arenas age. It took her almost a half an hour, and night had fallen, but she finally managed to spot the redhead. However, Alloy also had spotted her. Katniss reached for an arrow but Aloy was way ahead of her.

       “let's see how you like this”

      She commented to herself before firing the flame arrow. The projectile only grazed Katniss cheek, but hit a tree behind her causing the flames quickly to spread to the nearby vegetation. The heat got intense fast causing Katniss's naked body to glisten with sweat but she still managed to keep her cool.

       “You're not the only one who can do that”

      She said knocking an incendiary arrow before firing it at Aloy. The arrow landed at the redheads feet before exploding into a blast of flame casing her to stubble back, and fall on her bare ass. The flames quickly spread making the already intense fire even worse. The two archers stumbled out of the forest just as the flames became too much for them to bare.

      Katniss fired an arrow, but Aloy easily dodged.

      “You're gonna have to do better than that”

        She said shooting a freeze arrow. The arrow cut Katniss's calf sending a cold chill up her body causing her nipples to stiffen up and her to fall to her knees. Aloy knocked another freeze arrow as she walked over to Katniss preparing to finish of her foe, but before she could Katniss grabbed a stone throwing it at Aloy scrapping her eye. The redhead stumbled back more surprised than hurt giving Katniss time to fire another arrow. The arrow penetrated her belly causing her to moan in pain as she grabbed her wound. Katniss shot an explosive arrow at her foe, but the pain from the freeze arrow caused her to miss. The projectile landed a few feet away from Alloy before exploding sending her flying. Katniss knocked her last arrow, and walked over to her downed foe preparing to finish the job, but before she can Aloy stood firing a shock arrow which pierced Katniss's belly. She only had time to look surprised before being shocked. Her body shook violently causing her breast and butt to jiggle. As Katniss stood there shaking Aloy nocked an arrow. As soon as the shock arrow wore off Aloy fired her arrow which pierced Katniss's knee cap. Katniss stumbled back with a blood curdling scream. As she stumbled backwards Aloy fired another arrow through her other knee cap causing her to stumble back with another scream now standing in front of the two dead girls (the second had fallen on top of the first after being shot). Aloy fired two more arrows which pierced her foes elbows but Katniss only managed a slight grunt as she was becoming too weak to scream. Her mouth opened and it seemed if she was going to beg for mercy, but before she could an arrow pierced her skull. As the arrow hit her, her head jolted backwards before falling back down words causing her to stare at the ground with her tongue out. She stood there a moment before losing her bladder letting out stream of pee on the ground below her before falling backwards on the dead girls. Her soft feet twitched violently, but only for a moment. Katniss Everdeen was dead. Aloy, the 76th winner of the Hunger Games stood there with her nude and bloody body light up by the forest fire the two girls made.



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