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A Beastmaster tale by Riraito
Commissioned by RedStar101


She was brought into the world by two loving parents: Alar, and Ked-rak. The two of them named their blonde bundle of joy Darla after Ked-Rak’s mother. They raised her lovingly as any farmers would their eldest daughter.

The midwives declared that she was healthy and free of defects, Alar couldn’t have hoped for anything more than to hold that beautiful baby girl in her arms. Ked-rak was proud of his wife, and while he had hoped for a son to help till the fields, he would love his daughter just the same.

Years passed and Darla grew, first into a curious toddler, then into a proper young girl of the age of 4 cycles. Her cheeks were a rosy red, and her smile could light up any farmer’s worst day. The blonde mop of loosely pigtailed hair looked like an angel’s halo in the summer light, and was the colour of fresh straw from threshing.

As she grew up, she was a very happy and social little girl. She would play games of skill with balls and her body with the other children her age, and attended class once a week at the school building, when the teacher arrived in town. The building was just an open wall-less shack with thin thatching and a hard packed dirt floor, but when the teacher was around, it transformed into a place of enlightenment and wisdom. The things she taught the girls and boys about the kingdom and foreign lands set their minds alight.

Her days out of school were largely concerned with helping her mother with chores around the house, and tending to her younger sister, Clara, who demanded a lot of love and attention, as all three year olds tend to need. Her sister could be a handful at the best of times, always getting into some trouble or another. Sometimes Darla even encouraged her to misbehave, just to see what would happen. Alar would scold them when they stole all the oat cookies from the glass jar on the to shelf of the kitchen… but somehow by the next day, a new batch would have been cooked and already filled the jar.

Life was hard for farmers in the kingdom of Aruk. The fanatics who followed Maax would often raid villages along the border. Skirmishes were not unheard of, even this far north. As a result, they lost good young men in battle far more often than the villagers would have liked.
Farmers often had their daughters betrothed to suitable boys well before marriageable age. It helped make sure that there would be enough strong men to defend the village when the time came, and enough young brides to go around after women died in childbirth.

Darla was to be wed one day in the future to her father’s friend’s son Da’neel. She was too young to really see him in a sexual manner, but she still thought he looked cute, and would often fantasize about what married life would be like with the strong man she knew he’d grow to be. Of course, Darla only knew the idea of love from the lurid bedtime stories her mother used to tell her. They were of course retellings of famous romantic trysts and scandalous news from the rest of the town of Emur that she regaled the girl with. So Darla’s idea of love was something skewed and twisted to resemble some lustful thing she was incapable of understanding yet.

On the day of her fifth birthday, she took aside Da’neel from the small, intimate party, and took him to the secluded grey wooden bridge that hung over the clear blue-green river. She wore her best yellow rags and sunhat, and rubbed her lips with Redberries like her mother had taught her to do to attract the boys. She told him what he meant to her, and how she loved him, just as she had heard in her mother’s fairy tales. Then she took his face into her hands and kissed him like she’d seen her mother do to her father. She hugged the surprised boy tightly, and refused to let go, until she felt the thing growing in his pants. He mother hadn’t warned her about this, and she was surprised, and unsure what was happening. At first she thought he was one of those strange men who talked to animals, Like that older boy Dar had done in secret when he thought no-one was looking. She thought that maybe Da’neel had a ferret in his pants, and so she tried to grab the little thing out and pet it. However, to her great surprise, the little sausage in a sheep intestine wrapper she pulled out, seemed to be firmly attached to the place between his legs and only seemed to be getting bigger. Darla laughed at the silly thing between his legs, and angered by her insult to his thing, he slapped her so hard in the face that it left a redish handprint and brought tears to her eye.

Darla cried and called him obscene names that she had learned from the rough men at the mill. Things that she knew would hurt him as badly as he’d hurt her feelings. Da’neel stormed off, and Darla was left to cry at her broken heart. By evening, her mother had heard all about the incident from the girl, and to Darla’s great chagrin, she laughed about it the entire evening with her father. Eventually though, the two embarrassed farmers, had to sit down with their daughter and explain how the sex worked with their darling daughter.
Darla refused to believe it to be the truth until her father hiked up his rags and showed the little girl what he had between his legs. Darla blushed so brightly that her mother, Alar, though she was going to turn into a redberry.
“Why do all men have to have ferrets in their pants?” She yelled, not really making sense, as young children often do.
Alar and Ked-rak’s laughter could be heard all the way across the village to the mill at the end ot the lane that night.

Soon, due to Alar’s loose lips, Darla’s misfortune was the talk of the town. Small shildren she played with started to tease her with names, calling her Darla dick denier, and little miss frigid, and worst of all - Ferret girl. She screamed, and got into fights with the other girls her age. There was hair pulling and broken noses, and plenty of crying among the kids for the longest time. Darla was often seen with a black eye, or a bleeding nose in those days… But soon she learned her lessons, and Darla started coming home unbruised, while the cases of other girls coming back with black eyes went on the increase. But in the end it was all worth it, because Da’neel forgave her and told her he loved her back., They never really did apologise to each other, but they did get to kiss a lot after that. In fact, every chance they got, the two little lovers would abscond somewhere out of sight, thinking they were discreet, and fooling no-one at all. It was a sweet first love, and all the villagers thought that it was just about the most adorable thing they’d ever seen. Alar was often found in the middle of a daydream in those days; already planning her daughter’s wedding day in her head.


It was Darla’s first day back at school after the teacher took sabbatical to teach the king’s children over the entirety of winter. The village didn’t like their only educator going away for such a long time, but they couldn’t refuse her the opportunity to make the kind of coin only a king could pay. Some of the parents were even so bold as to brag that their children were being taught by the crown educator. Alar packed food and parchment into little brown hessian bags, that she’d made herself from some scraps given to her by the mill workers. She kissed Darla and Clara goodbye, and then set about cleaning their house, which had been gathering dust from overuse during winter.

Clara burbled a song that she’d picked up from their father, as they walked to school together. It was a sweet tune about a summer frog and her children hopping about the place. Darla sang along too. Soon the school shack came into sight, and all of Darla’s friends came over to greet her. Clara hid herself shyly behind her elder sister’s legs.

“This is my sister Clara… she’s coming to school now too.”
All of Darla’s friends rushed over to talk to the new girl. They asked her all kinds of questions in a flurry.
“What is your favourite food”
“Who’s do you think is the best singer at the mill?”
“Did you help make those clothes with your mother, they’re so pretty”
“Are you really Darla’s sister, you look so different from each other with that black hair.”
Soon, despite her earlier shyness, Clara was happily joining in with the crowd, drawing on parchment with her bottle of ink and quill, and enjoying the company of a dozen newfound friends.

Darla smiled wanly at all the attention her sister was getting a part of her was happy her sister was getting along with her classmates, and another part was just jealous. She broke away from her thoughts when Miss Coates entered the room and cleared her throat loudly, signalling that children should be silent and pull out their parchments in preparation for learning.
“Today we will be learning basic arithmetic. By the end of today you should be able to have memorised the entire three times table.”
Darla sighed. Math was her least favourite subject. Why couldn’t it have been magic or farming techniques like usual? But still, being a good girl she tried her hardest.

She was interrupted halfway by somebody yanking hard on her pigtails.Darla yelped loudly.
“Darla, do you have something to say about the lesson?”
“No Miss Coates… I was just… never mind”
“Well, I would appreciate silence during my lessons… another outburst like that and I’ll have you caned in front of the entire class.”
“Yes Miss Coates, It won’t happen again, I promise.”
Miss Coates put her attention back to the board made of slate, and put her shard of chalk back up to write more numbers on it. Darla shot an evil look the the twins behind her, who had dared to tease her in the middle of the class. The twins were the bright faced terrors of Emur. If there was a dastardly deed done by children in the region, odds are that the two of them had something to do with it. Of course, when adults inquired into it, all they’d be met is with adorable twin smiles as the girls flashed their ultimate escape tool - their tandem weaponized cuteness.
They had names of course, as most children who weren’t bastards did, but nobody could ever seem to remember what they were. Everyone just called them the twins, and that was all that needed to be said, they both answered to it the same, and swapped positions and clothes enough that they became interchangeable in the village’s eyes.

“Outside - at lunch - we’ll settle this then” whispered Darla menacingly.
The twins shared a mischievous grin, the kind that said that they knew what they had done was very wrong, but at the same time protested their angelic innocence in the matter.
“I have no idea what you’re on about Darla”
“Me neither sister, I think ferret girl is going a bit soft in the head.”
Darla growled and snapped the quill she was holding, splattering ink in tiny droplets over her parchment. “I’m gonna teach you meanies a lesson you won’t forget.”

At lunch, as the children were let out to play near the school building, the twins were waiting for Darla in a corner of the playground that didn’t have line of sight back to the school building, so Miss Coates couldn’t see them from where she was enjoying the roasted chicken lunch with Redberry tea that the village provided for as part of the payment for her services.
“Right now Darla, what were you saying about ‘making us regret stuff?’”
“Yeah Darla, what are you gonna do to the two of that should make us so scared?”
Darla gritted her teeth at their defiance. “I’m gonna beat you so badly that you.. That you…. a h forget it and hold still so I can hit you.” yelled Darla, getting all the emotions off her chest. She was so sick of those two calling her names and pulling silly pranks on her.

“I don’t think so sister, do you?”
“Well, I count two of us, and one of her.”
“I’ll hold down Darla, and you hit her… what do you say dear sister?”
“That’s a fantastic idea, why I reckon we’ll make her regret ever having been born”
Darla froze in place, almost as if fearful.. Or at least it would have seemed that way if not for the maniacal grin on her face. Behind the twins stood Marabel, a girl of twice their size, with beautiful red hair that cascaded like fire down her shoulders. Last week the twins had let her family’s bull out of its pen for some fun. Marabel had spent all day chasing it down. By the time Marabel got it back in the pen, she was a mess of scratches and bruises.

“You see here twins, I told Marabel here who let that bull out of the pen the other day… and she agreed to help me out with you two the next time she had a spare moment.”
The twins looked up at, what seemed from their perspective, to be a giant angry lady with fire for hair. The teenager grabbed the two preteens by the hair and urged Darla on.
“What do you say Darla? I hold them, and you hit them?”
“That’s a fantastic idea, why I reckon we’ll make them regret ever being born Marabel.”
With that, Darla sank her fist into the soft stomach of her first harasser. The first twin vomited as she was struck.
“No.. cough cough… please.. Urghhhh!”

Darla struck her in the exact same soft spot a second time, before walking over to the second twin
“I’m sorry?” she begged, but was treated to the same violence as the bullied girl took her revenge on her. This went on for a few more strikes before Darla swapped with Marabel, and let the older girl get in a few punches and kicks of her own. By the time Miss Coates called the entire class back in from recess, Marabel and Darla had systematically worked over the twins, covering them with a variety of colourful bruises.
“Oh my, what happened to you two, she asked”
“We fell over”
“We fell over”
Came the tandem orchestrated response. The teacher, sensing that she wasn’t getting the truth out of the twins, let it go at that. However, she wasn’t lacking in shrewdness enough to fail to notice Darla and Marabel's bruised fists
“About time” she thought to herself “Those twins are snakes, it’s about time they got their comeuppance.

Darl smiled in her seat for the rest of the school day. She slept like a baby that night, a giant smile still on her face.


One day, Darla’s parents took her out on a day trip. It was an unusual thing for farmers to do, usually they were busy tending to their grain fields or animals. Darla loved to tend the family pig. She’d even named it Pork… because they were fattening it up for the Godsgiving party later in the year. The village elders had promised to share some of their special exotic spice rubbing recipes with Alar if she could procure the ingredients on the list.

So it was that on the day that the spice merchants came to town, that Darla found herself hand in hand with Alar and Ked-rak as they marched their two girls across sunlit plains to the main kingdom road. There hadn’t been a Jun raid in the area any time recently, but Ked=rak carried his work sicle on him just in case there was trouble with highwaymen. Darla and Clara danced and skipped and played as they journeyed across the blossoming spring fields filled with exquisite wildflowers that smelled of rich natural perfumes. Alar stopped every now and then to take a cutting of some plant, herb or flower to plant back in her garden back home. She was quite the amatuer botanist, worthy of the King’s arborealists… or so Ked-rak liked to brag to all his drinking buddies. Darla didn’t think he was all that far off the truth either, she was proud of her mama.

It wasn’t long before Darla’s legs tired, and she had Ked-Rak pick her up and carry her piggyback the rest of the way.
“Ked-rak, you’re going to spoil her if you do that.”
“Nonsense dear… it’s a father’s job to indulge his children once in a while. And it's been so long since I got to spend any time with them outside of the fields.”
“I suppose you’re right.. She’s getting pretty heavy these days though… been eating too many of my oat cookies from the jar even though she’s not supposed to.”
“I don’t know about that, you’re feeling pretty pudgy up there Darla”
“AM NOOOOOT!” she whined.
She sulked the rest of the trip to the merchant, propped up on her daddy’s shoulders, draped over his head like a hat.

When they finally arrived at the merchants camp, long hours later, they were pleased to see brusk business already being carried out. Their fellow villagers were already haggling over prices in the unpacked wagon circle. Mercenaries with hawk eyes, peered at Ked-rak’s sicle as he entered, but dismissed it out of hand. He was a farmer after all - sickles were a thing the peasants carried all the time.

Her father went over and inspected farming implements and seeds, while her mother perused the spice racks searching for the exotic ingredients she needed to add unique flavour to their dinners, while not blowing their budget for the necessities. Darla liked the strange wagons with their funny smells, and brightly coloured signs. She’d never seen anything that wasn’t a flower or berry painted with red or blue in her entire life, they were as alien concepts to her as a wagon was to an ant. In the back, the children watched a punch and Judy show. Punch got drunk a lot and then beat judy… The guards eventually came and locked Punch away and threw away the key. It was a pretty silly play, and Darla found herself laughing at the antics. They reminded her of old Mr Crawley, who always smelled of grain alcohol, and whose wife always seemed miserable. Seeing a guy like him get locked up made her feel good… even if it was only a puppet show. It made her feel like sometimes things worked out well in life. That was a good feeling that made her warm inside.

Later she took Clara over and bought some sweet nuts with the pieces of copper her daddy had given her to spend. She shared them with her sister, and they looked over all the strange contraptions and baubles that were being sold. They toyed and touched the magical contraptions, watching them dance to invisible puppet strings until merchant’s chased them away with a broomstick. Then they’d just move on to the next stall that caught their eye. It was

At one of the stalls, she found Marabel, trying on pretty necklaces, probably to impress that boy she liked, the one who had his eyes on another girl. The redhead was always going on about how she didn’t see what he saw in her. Darla chatted for a while with the older teenager, about school and the bullies they’d trashed together. Then they talked about boys, and jewelry, and the best ways to do makeup. They promised to hang out more together when they got back to Emur, and not only when they had some bullies to pay back. But Clara was growing hungry again, and so the two young friends waved and went their own separate ways

It was late afternoon before Darla’s family got underway on their journey home. They were all carrying backpacks loaded with the things they bought that day. Their Gold purses were significantly lighter, but that didn’t seem to make carrying their stuff any easier somehow.
Darla wanted to have another piggy back on Ked-Rak’s back, but he was too busy carrying the family’s heaviest pack. Darla pouted once again. As the Night drew over head, Darla thought they were going to have to set up camp and stay there the night, but Ked-rak pulled out his pitch and lit a creat torch, and guided them all through the night back home. The world looked so different at night. Stars dotted the sky like some god spilled glowing ink across the parchment of the night sky. It was brilliant and beautiful.

Ked-rak taught Darla all of the stars, and their signs. He showed her the Hunter, and the Housewife. He showed her the great black lion, and the Twin Ferrets Osmius and Gorak, finally he showed her the Homestar on the belt of the mighty star sign of the Beastmaster. He told her the legends of the ancient warrior that spoke to animals and fought as if he were one of them himself. Darla loved that story, there was something so empowering about it to her. She wished she could grow up to talk to animals, and wage wars, romance barbarians and rescue slavegirls from their vicious Jun captors, and defeat the evil Maax.

Eventually they arrived home, and Alar went straight to work testing out the spices for the food. Maybe she put too much in, because Darla found the food tasted strange… not bad… just unfamiliar to her palate. Ked-rak smiled as he complimented his wife’s cooking, shoveling it in as fast as he could. Darla wasn’t sure that he really meant it. But her mother looked positively glowing at the compliments, and said that there would be a special prize for him in his room that night. Darla wasn’t sure what that meant, but she knew that he went back for second helpings immediately.

As she lay awake in bed mulling over the day’s busy events, she couldn’t help but remember that great warrior made of stars in the sky, and his animal companions


It was a day like any other when Darla saw the King. She’d been playing over in the lake with Marabel and Clara. They’d stripped off their clothes and hidden them in the reeds so that any sneaky boys wouldn’t be able to steal them away when they were bathing. Clara splashed water over her big sister, and Darla used her longer arms to scoop so much water that Clara was drenched with a single splash. Maribel uncupped her loose bra and let her breasts dangle free. Darla was astounded how much they’d grown since she’d first met Marabel just months ago. That and the older teenager had a tuft of bright orange hair above her vagina. Darla was pretty jealous of the curves that her friend had. She was beginning to blossom into a real woman’s body; the kind that could have a baby.

“What’s it like having real breasts - are they heavy?” the five year old asked innocently.
Marabel just laughed at her junior’s naivety. They’re fine.. It's just the monthly bleeding that can be bad… you never know when you’re going to need to wash your underwear.
“No way… that’s not going to happen to me - that’s disgusting.”
‘Ahahaha… of course it’s going to happen to you - its how you know you’re ready to have a baby. Mother says that when you’re pregnant it goes away. So I’ve just got to find myself a husband before too long. You’ve got that sorted with your boy Da’neel anyway - why don’t you tell me more about that.”

“Well, sometimes we kiss and he touches me with his hands, but we haven’t done the sex yet… we … well were too young… and nobody has told us how it works…”
Maribel laughed at that and grew the widest evil grin on her face before leaning over to her child friend and whispering in her ear for the longest time.
“No way - that can’t be how you.. K’now - do IT”
“Of course it is, my cousin did it last fertility festival with her fiance… and she got pregnant just afterwards… it totally works that way.”
“But that’s you know.. You’re really supposed to stick it up there?”
“It gets bigger when you do it like that… if the boy likes you enough. The bigger it is, the more he likes you.”

As the girls argued and gossiped about their anatomies, there arose a great clatter on the nearby road, as carts and soldiers disembarked at the lake to refill their canteens. The head carriage was beautifully ornate. Inside it was a face that even Darla recognised. She’d seen it on the back of the copper money her daddy had given her to spend at the Merchants. It was the King himself.

Darla curtseyed immediately in the water, almost drowning her sister, and she lowered her head for her. The commotion Clara made attracted the King’s very attention.
“I’m sorry my liege, we didn’t realise you were going to be here today, or I would have had my clothes on, said Darla, still sinking into the water to hide her lack of boobs, having recently found her absence of them embarrassing by comparison to her company.. Marabel on the other hand was frozen in shock, still standing upright, her bosom and slit fully exposed to the sight of the King himself.
‘Y- your majesty… My liege… I mean King…”

“No need to bow dear.. Came the commanding voice of the king… Why I think I prefer the view of you standing than bowing.”
Indeed, young teen Marabel was quite the sight with her damp red hair hanging down and water beading off her slim virgin body. Her pert little breasts were still just growing to full size on her adolescent body. Her nipples were standing erect from the cold waters.

Her face blushed red and she put up her hands to cover her modesty.
“I’m sorry your Majesty, I should not have subjected your sight to such lewd behaviours… It won’t happen again.”
The king smiles at the peasant’s blind belief in a King’s divine;y bestowed nature.
“I’m sure it won’t… but if you wouldn’t mind, I have a war to wage today against my former advisor Maax and his vile, fanatical Jun. But when I return victorious, I would be honoured to celebrate my victory in the company of a young beautiful maiden such as yourself.
Marabel blushed harder at the compliment from royalty. Darla simply couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It was like something out of one of her mama’s bedtime stories. Clara just gurgled, Darla having forgotten to let her sister up from her bowing position under the water.

“I bestow upon you, one of my official signet rings, young miss…?”
“Marabel , sir, my name is Marabel.”
“Well isn’t that a lovely name for a lovely maiden. It suits a beauty like you”
“You are too kind, your majesty.”
“Keep the ring on you, so that you may prove to my servants that you have my permission to enter my presence when I make my return to your town. Keep it in your possession always and tell no-one of it.”
“I will, my liege… You have my promise.”

With that exchange finished, the Soldiers mounted back up onto their horses, and the carriages carried on their way to war, leaving Darla and Clara staring open mouthed at Marabel as she clutched the signet ring in her hands.
“No way… Marabel… No way… this was …. Amazing.”
Darla really just wasn’t sure what was happening… it was like living in a story. Soon she’d find that she was some kind of warrior princess, summoned to do battle with the forces of Maax, and then fall in love with an enemy prince in disguise. That was the kind of thing that always happened next in her mother’s stories.

Marabel just squealed in happiness… She giddily splashed water around and put the ring on her finger so it wouldn’t get lost until she could return to shore and hide in in her bra.
“Omigod, Omigod.. Omigod… this it like the craziest thing that has ever happened to me… we were just talking about how I didn’t have a boyfriend, and now this… a king… Pinch me Darla - because this isn’t real.”
Darla reached over and pinched Marabel on the butt. She shrieked…
“It hurt… Omigod.. It’s real - it’s all real. Wait, does this mean I’m going to be a princess… or a queen… or a concubine? Which is it? Darla, do you know whether the King has a wife?”
“I dunno”
“Oh he’s a bit old for me….. But a king… He’d have all the luxuries, the foods… I’d never have to work another day in the fields again. Not for any day of the rest of my life.”
Marabel lay out, floating on the water next to Darla, feeling its cool embrace.
“I’m so happy for you Marabel - you should go for it, no matter how old he looks… Your young enough for the both of you… And to think, your babies would be princes and princesses.”

The two excited girls nattered on about secretly it for weeks afterwards. Wondering when the King would make his return journey, and whisk the pretty girl off to a life of freedoms and palace intrigue.


Da’neel leaned over her as he kissed every part of her face inexpertly.
The two of them were canoodling in the abandoned barn at the forest side of Emur. It was a dilapidated old thing, with rotted wood, and bend rusted nails holding it together. It was cold in the winter air, and when it rained everything got soaked.. But lying in a fresh sheet of loose straw, the two kids were toasty warm in each others embrace.
“Do you want to go to the festival with me Darla? My dad says that I need to invite a girl this year”
He was of course talking about the fertility festival that Emur held every year. A time where the free maidens would be presented for potential matchups, and those that were betrothed but still without children, would show themselves off, to let everyone in the village remember that they were already taken.

It was always a spectacle, and Darla loved the feast that always accompanied it. Darla had always loved how her mother had looked as she walked down the village street, all made up, with flowers in her hair, and the sun reflecting off her dirty blonde hair. She’d always stayed under the care of the teacher, as all the children’s parents marched hand in hand down the street to reaffirm their mutual love.
“Da’neel - of course I want to. We’ll look so pretty together, thank you for asking me to.”
Da’neel smiled and then ran off excitedly to tell his parents that his girlfriend had agreed to join him this harvest cycle.

Dala lay back with an enormous grin on her tiny face. This was the best day ever… or so she thought. But she was wrong, there were going to be better things to come yet on the festival day itself.

The preparations for the festival came quickly, with Farmers and mill workers putting their skills together to decorate the town for the parade of lovers. Beautiful hand woven ribbons and fine lace, better than any clothes they wore themselves were pulled out of storage to be hung from banners put up by the lumberjacks. It was like a thousand birthdays had come at once for the young children watching. Paper lanterns were hung down the town’s only street, and all the farmers from the outskirts of the city were put up in family barns for the week. Delicious foods were cooked. Chickens were beheaded and plucked by the children, under the supervision of their parents. Darla thought that it was pretty gross… but that was the farmer’s life. And the thought of eating delicious meat, covered in sugar and fat, instead of grain porridge was very appealing to her young taste palate.

The old men in the village pulled pins and balls out from their weatherd storage bags, and treated the kids to a quick demonstration of juggling before the event itself. Old Miss Coates even gave it a go herself, surprising the crowd when she spat grain alcohol onto sticks and then set them alight, spinning them around herself in fancy patterns. Darla and Clara both clapped and laughed at the scene. It was great - she’d never seen anything so amazing in her life. Da’neel thought to himself that Darla had never looked so cute in her entire life as she did at that moment.

The day before the festival, the feast was put into a deep pit, covered with hot coals. Then sand was poured over the top to cook it slowly over the course of an entire two days. When the ripe Yams, and grains, and meats finally were dug back out, it would be the most succulent feast that the village could offer this year. The Village was often on the brink of famine.. But even then, they would save up for this one day of excess every year. It was something to look forwards to - even in bad cycles.

Darla’s mother brushed out Darla’s shoulder length hair, and pulled it all back up into pretty braided pigtails.The golden hair was straight and fine, soft and downy unlike the course hair of her mother. Alar spoke softly to her eldest daughter “You have such pretty hair Darla. Da’neel is a lucky boy to have you as his own. It won’t be too many years now before he can put a baby of your own into your belly. Oh, I’m going to have such pretty grandchildren. She placed bright wildflowers all through Darla’s hair, distracting too much from her features to really capture her beauty, but that was a mother’s smothering love for her perfect child… you could never give too much attention to your firstborn on their first festival march.

They lined up in a queue at the crack of dawn. Alar beside her husband Ked-rak, Darla beside Da’neel, and the entire village worth of fertile couples in a line. Little Clara watched from the sidelines as her big sister marched down the street at her first fertility festival. It was brisk in the morning air, and condensation came with every breath. Da’neel smiled and held hands with Darla, and in the little girls mind, everything was right with the world. The warmth from his fingertips spread throughout the rest of her body in a way that made her both embarrassed and happy.

The soft sound of the sheepherder horn playing a mournful ballad, and the children’s choir singing slightly off key was the signal to march. The set off down the dusty and dreary main street, kicking larger stones as they trod on the pavements. It took them until the sun had risen fully before they finished their round of the village. There was much cheering as all the couples entered into the barn for a speech by the village elder.

They all sat down cross legged in the barn, and listened to the old man tell them all the secrets of marriage. Of how to settle arguments properly, and how a maiden can cook delicious foods from just grains and herbs. But most important of all were what he called ‘techniques of the bed.’
Darla wasn’t really sure what that meant. But after a long instructional about correct tongue usage for the men, she found out first hand.
Da’neel was instructed by his father to put his head between Darla’s legs, and under her rag dress. He was an enthusiastic learner, and Darla felt a bit wierd as his tongue went into the place she peed from. It made her nipples harden like they did when it was cold, and made her pussy tingle like it did when she went to the toilet, or rubbed it against the bedding. Soon, she was sweating like it was a summer day. Small whorish moans excaped from the child’s mouth as she pulled his face deeper into her small crotch. He obliged by licking harder.
“Da’neel…. Whatever it is you’re doing, don’t stop it.. It’s so good”
Finally the little girl shuddered and sprayed into his face, and Da’neel’s father told him that he was a good man, and that he’d done well.
Darla was inclined to agree, as she slumped into the warm straw beside her boy and fell asleep from the morning’s exertions.

When she was awoken by her little beau, it was already afternoon feast time. The chickens and ducks were being carved up by the elders, and the yams divided up to all the families. Warm and rich beers were poured into wooden mugs for everyone, and bowls filled with thick gruel covered in sugar and preserved plums. Darla dug into the feast, and didn’t stop until her belly was as round as a playground sheep's bladder kicking ball. Her mother handed her a mug of ale as large as her face. It tasted kind of funny, but Darla had always wanted to drink one of the big adult drinks,,, so she downed the entire cup. She felt kind of funny and woozy after doing it, but in a good way, not like when she had a fever and dreamed those horrible dreams about nightmare horses with glowing red eyes..

She cuddled into her boyfriend’s warm embrace, and the two kids drunkenly fell into a stupor of sloppy kissing and simple fondling; still too young to consummate a relationship, or to understand the real implications of their arranged marriage.. The fell asleep in each others arms, and only woke with the next morning’s dawn light. Whatever it was that the two kids had, Darla wanted something like it for the rest of her life. He was her best friend in the whole world.

As she remembered it later that week, Darla really felt it had been the best day ever.


Weeks later was when the unthinkable finally happened. Darla was asleep in her large straw bed atop her sweat-stained rag sheets, her grey cloth headband over her forehead was slipped down so she could sleep a little longer than the sun’s first rays. Her tiny naked body was spread-eagled awkwardly in that way that kids like to sleep sideways across the bed, and she snored loudly. There was a small patch from where she had wet the bed the night before, already beginning to dry between her legs. Darla was a fairly solid sleeper, and would fail to get up and use the chamber pot in the middle of the night. Her mother would beat her bottom with the wooden cauldron when she realised that she would have to go down to the river and wash her sheets yet another time that week.

Her hair was long and unbraided, and fell in strands across her peaceful morning face, and her blue eyes flutter awake as the smell of cooking porridge reaches her nose. She gets up slowly and groggily, and wipes the sleep from her big eyes and yawns while scratching her bottom. She’d been having the weirdest dream about Da’neel doing things to her.. She’d have to talk about them to the soothsayer soon…. Either that or she could make the prophecy happen herself by asking Da’neel to do some of the things she had dreamed about to her. The thing where he had slipped his penis between her legs had seemed like it might be fun to try.

She put her hand between her legs as she wandered out to the breakfast table. Alar was already serving up the breakfast for her two children into their wooden bowls. She was cupping her heavily pregnant belly as she did so. Ked-rak had done his fatherly duties during last cycle’s festival, and now she was nearing birth again. Darla had only watched her mother’s last labour when she delivered Clara as a baby. But this year, she would be expected by the midwives to help out with the delivery herself. She was very excited by this all. Her younger sister, Clara, was busy playing around with her gruel as her mother spoon fed it to her. Bits of oats splashed all over Darla’s face. She loved her little sister dearly, but sometimes she just wished she could murder the evil little rat.

“Darla dear, when you’re finished with your porridge, could you take this pot of gruel out into the fields for your father. He went out early today and forgot to take some with him. Carry some ale out from the barrel too. He’ll have worked up a thirst by now if I know my beloved Ked-rak. He works so hard for us.”

“Okay mama.. I can do that. It should be easy. Can I go see Da’neel afterwards if I’ve been good” mutters Darla as she tries to scarf her breakfast down at the same time, bits of oats landing on her face..
“Sigh, sure thing honey, but be back before lunch, I’ll need your help with cooking dinner. I can’t keep track of Clara while I’m doing that”
“Thank you mama… you’re the bestest.”
Darla scrapes the bottom of her wooden bowl with her fingers to get the last of the meal into her growling belly. She reaches over and grabs the wrapped pot to carry it out the door for her father.
“I’m off mama.”
“Just wait a minute Darla” He mother berates her, as she wipes off a stray oat near Darla’s lips..
“There we go, all pretty again.”

Darla puts on her thin cork sandals, and sets off through the lush green oat fields in search of her father. The enormous green grain leaves were taller than she was, and it made it impossible to see where she was going, so the little messenger spent hours scouring the fields for her daddy.

The sun shone through the stalks and lit the dusty air with beams of early morning sun rays. They felt good against her lily white complexion and made life seem fresh and wonderful. Darla couldn’t imagine living somewhere where it was cold all the time… the sun was what made life worth living.

Eventually she stumbled on him while he was whistling a lewd ballad to himself.

“… and then he did finger that sweet lil lassie… A la dilly dally a la carrie dae…. She moaned quite sweetly as he came in her pussie.. A la dilly dally a la carrie dae… She whistled his tune as he played her like a fiddle. A Ree diddle middle cae rom liddle dae… and with his great sword did he her diddle… A Ree diddle middle… oh - I didn’t see you there dear.” Ked-rak patted his daughter on her well braided head. “You uh, didn’t hear too much of what I was singing did you? I know you had your first fertility festival, but your maidenhood hasn’t bloomed yet, so maybe that song is a little too much for you. What are you doing out here in the south field?

“Mamma told me to bring you out your lunch and something to drink.” she said as she unwrapped the tightly bound wooden handcases of ale, and gruel.

“Hmmm. looks like she packed far too much gruel and ale… y’know… I think she might have intended for you to share this with me. It would certainly explain why she sent me out without my lunch this morning. Saying I should ‘spend more time with our daughter’”
He cracked open the seal on the ale casing and handed one to Darla,
“C’mon girl, have a drink in the field with me”
Darla lifted the frothy alcohol to her lips and sipped at it. Her dad raised his too and quaffed the lot in one chug. Soon they were eating the gruel under the leaves, even as the skies turned grey with overcast clouds.
“Hmmm Darla, I always wanted a boy to help me with the fields, but you’re growing into quite the little scrapper I hear. I was thinking maybe one day you’d be interested in helping me till the fields… if you’re interested in such a big responsibility.”
“I am daddy.. I’ll be the best farmhand ever… You won’t regret this… you’ll see.”
He smiled at her earnest response
“thanks for delivering me the food Darla, But you'd better get back home soon - I don't like the look of those clouds… I think a real storm is brewing here"

Darla looks up at the ominous clouds and replies "Okay daddy" she turns about and begins the journey back towards the homely cottage at a brisk pace. The clouds boil in the sky above her as she skips back home. Darla was sure that the village soothsayer would call it a dark and dangerous omen or something of the sort.. But Darla knew that rain was good for the crops. Her daddy had told her so.

The clouds spread faster than seems natural, as if some evil god was blotting out the sky… and she could see…. Things like giant birds flying through the sky like manta rays through the ocean. And there were dozens of them, circling as if hunting for carion. Darla went goggly eyed at the strance sight. They looked like… no, it couldn’t be… they looked like winged… people.
Suddenly, it seemed like it was a good idea to be anywhere but exposed and out in the fields.
Maybe the soothsayer did have a point after all.

Soon the horrendous sound of shrieking began to rise from all over the village. It was a horrible tortured wailing. Darla wanted to be back in the cottage and tucked back up in bed already, waiting for it all to be over. As she emerged from the line of grain stalks into the open expanse between them and Emur, she could see what was causing all the ruckus. As she got closer, she could see as women and children were lifted from the ground by strange and horrific monstrosities with stretched leather wings and cruel claws. Their faces were… wrong somehow, didn’t look the way a man’s should, and they were a filthy dirty slimy brown-grey colour. The captured villagers struggle desperately against their captors, but it is futile, as they were flown away regardless, disappearing into tiny specks in the stormy skies.

Darla could see her family’s cottage on the edge of Emur, with its sturdy walls and hefty door capable of barring outside invaders from entry. It was the safest place she knew, probably in the entire town of Emur. Standing in the tall doorway was Alar, Darla’s mother. Her pregnant form was clutching the bevelling, little Carla in her arms. Their eyes met from across the field.
“Darla - get inside quickly - Please honey - RUN!”.
Darla picked up her pace, running as fast as her short little legs would carry her. However, halfway across the field, she tripped on a large jagged stone, and landed flat on her face… but she got straight back up, picking up the pace till she was a little rag clad blur with a cute pigtails trailing behind.

But before she could reach the safety of her family abode, there was a crash and a noise as one of the flying creatures smashed through the thin thatch roof. Darla’s mom whipped around to see what the commotion was, and came face to face with something tall and man-like, but with thin stretched bat wings draped down from its arms. It emerged from the darkness of the doorway. Darla’s eyes bug out of her head as she sees the thing approach her mother.
“Mama - Look out!” she tried to warn, but there was simply no time as the thing grabbed the big bellied woman and child and lifted them swiftly into the air as if they were no more heavy than pieces of parchment. She gave a short panicked scream, and then disappeared into the heavens with her toddler still in her arms.

Darla looked around, unsure what to do, now that her mama was… gone.
Her entire world was in that cottage, that now felt a million miles away from safety. Every memory she had ever made was in this village, but now she turned around and around, looking for something, anything that would keep her safe, or restore her illusion of security, but there was nothing but the sound of villagers being abducted all around her. Darla’s world had become a unique kind of hellscape. She just stood on the spot and quivered, a little piss escaping from through her underwear.

Not seeking immediate cover was a foolish mistake. One of the winged devourers, spotting the young prey, swooped down from on high and latched onto her. The ground receded quickly away from Darla as the monster lifted her into the air. She could see the buildings speed by below her, a view that made her dizzy and nauseous with vertigo just looking at it

She screamed shrillishly and cried out “Lemmegoooo!!!!” But Darla's concerns were truly out of her control. There's a hard smack on the back of her head as the creature slammed her with its smooth plated bone face… and Darkness and dizziness enveloped her as she passed out. Then there was only the infinite void for the longest time…


When Darla finally came to, she found herself packed in with dozens of other children, all naked as the day they were born, squeezed in a small bone cage. They were pushed up against one another like so much grain in a silo. She was in some kind of cavern, or lair, with high natural stone walls, and stalagmites and stalactites on the ceiling and floor. Flaming braziers lit the space artificially, and there was the smell of meat cooking in a nearby cauldron. The surfaces were slick with dripping water, and some kind of filthy yellowish slime. The ground was covered in bones from wall to wall, and not all of them were animal bones. Darla could see human skulls littered in among them, covered in slime. Some of them were small enough to belong to babies..

Her head hurt something awful from where the winged man thing had hit her. Darla sobs in fear and pain as she looks around the bone cage, and the grimy lair beyond, desperately hoping to see a glance of her mother or sister. However, she really can’t see much over the thick mass of tiny legs, arms and torsos, all trying in vain to escape. Soon she can hear screaming and an awful gurgling and sizzling sounds echoing from all around, as creatures came to her cage. They open the gate and pull out some of the little girls at the front.

Darla whimpered softly as she watched the two girls disappear out of her view. She couldn’t see what happened to them, but the vile screams they made, that then turned into a sad bubbling moaning, made her heart sink deep in her flat loli chest. It was then that she realised she was never leaving this place alive. Something horrible had happened to two of her friends. Now she knew how the cookies in mom’s jar felt.

Over the following few hours, the cage becomes less populated, as the creatures remove more and more young girls to be consumed. It makes seeing out of it easier. Darla can see that hers is just one cage out of dozens, filled to the brim with boys, girls and adults of all ages. It is then that she finds what she’s been seeking, the full bodied form of her mother, being pulled from a nearby cage. Alar screamed obscenities at the winged devourer, her ring curled hair and boobs bouncing as she fought against her attacker. It proceeded to stretch its wings around her girth, taking in her full baby bump. The winged devourers didn’t seem to care that she was pregnant… everyone seemed to be fair game to them.

Darla’s cries out “Let Mama go - Let her Gooooo!!!!!” but the thing finisher wrapping her mother in a skin bondage. She wails uncontrollably, knowing that it’s simply too late to do anything for her mother now. Alar’s screaming face is visible pushing against the wings, and her entire body can be made out, struggling and still alive. A sickly white yellow goop drips down from inside the lethal hug. It steams and sizzles lightly as it touches the lair floor. Alar’s feet twitch erratically as they are sucked up into the mass and acid melts away at them.

The thing that etches itself into Darla’s mind isn’t her mother’s screaming… It’s the moment when her wailing transforms into a tortured gargling, and then finally ceases. There’s a gross gurgling sound and then the creature opens its winds wide. A large slimy skeleton can be seen with a tiny one curled up in the area where the stomach used to be. They stuck there for a moment, before the bones tumbled out of place and clattered to the ground.. The monster stands high over Alar’s dessicated corpse, showing off its finely muscled body and erect dick. Then it outstretches its thin wings and takes to the air, swirling and twirling into the darkness at the top of the cave.

Darla stares at the empty sockets of her mother’s skull, foul slime still dripping out of them. The skull grinned with an open mouth. Bits of gristle and sinew still attached them together. To think that that was her mother was impossible, not the strong woman who had sternly raised Darla, who had taught her how to cook delicious meals, and how to sew her rags so they didn’t fall apart. Now she was just reduced to a smoking pile of bones in some kind of underground monster aviary. It couldn’t be true.

Darla;s chest was heaving as her body was wracked, unable to breathe… Her mother, dead.. It wasn’t possible. Life with her mama and daddy was all she had ever known in her short life.
In a cage nearby, her boyfriend Da’neel tried and failed to escape being selected as a meal. Soon, he too was just a pile of sloppy bones on the floor, burt Darla couldn’t bring herself to feel anything about it, she was just…. Numb. It was all too much for her to cope with.

Nearby, the young redheaded teen girl, Marabel that Darla had seen at the playground sometimes, and who had helped her with the twins, meekly obeyed her captor as he selected her, sobbing all the while. Its monster cock was throbbing as It bent her down to the floor and began to forcefully rape her. She shrieked something about not wanting monster babies. All the while it was wrapping its wings slowly around her to start the digestion process. Her energetic squirms under the wings could either have been from the sex, or the digestion, but Darla wasn’t old enough to be able to tell the difference. It didn’t matter though, the girl just ended up the same as everyone else, another soggy pile of bones on the floor.

The twins who had bullied her with the ferret name, and pulled at her hair when in class, were seperated and digested alive by a bird woman. At least Darla guessed it was a woman because of the small curved breasts that she pulled the two miscreants up to. They pleaded and begged for mercy, but the she-creature fed on them anyway. Their tortured howls took a long time to subside.

Darla just wanted it all to be over, for the nightmare to end. She just couldn’t deal with this.It was all just so awful,
“Darla”, came a cry from behind her. A high childish voice that she recognised; Clara, her sister.
“Oh, God, No, not you too Clara” Darla went wide eyed and sobbed as she turned around. But there, just three cages down was her sister, buried in a pile of toddlers and preteens, their legs kicking and grasping to right themselves.
“Darla - Get me out of here - I dun wanna be here! I’m scared”
Of course, all of her yelling for Darla had attracted the attention of a nearby Winged Devourer.
Darla panicked “Please be quiet Clara.. You’re making too much noise!” She pulled at the bone bars of her cage, hoping to dislodge them and get to her sister in time.

A boy, not much older than Darla herself, reached over and tried to cup Clara’s small mouth with his hand, desperate to keep her quiet. It was not very successful, as the little girl bit his hand to gets away. Her teeth tear at his flesh and make him jerk his arm back.
“Shut up you little bitch… You’re going to get us eaten.” he screamed at her as he cradled his bleeding hand. The creature was on them now, hauling the two of them out of the cage roughly by their hair, as its next victims.
“Nooooooooo” Clara yells loudly
“Get it off me” the boy complained right next to her as the winged devourer enveloped the two youngsters side by side in its wings.
“Noo… Let them go… Not my sister” begged Darla, but she knew that it was too late. She could see their outlines squirming as the goop poured over them. Her little sister, Clara, squealed like a pig getting its throat cut for the village spit-roast.

There's a sound like sizzling meat on a pan, then Clara and the boy’s screams died off and were replaced by a repulsive gurgling sound. Their outlines shrunk down to an emaciated state, and then only a pathetic moaning emanated from within. Darla dropped to her knees inside her cage,sniffling and hiccuping as tears rolled down her cheeks. A part of her mind just snaps under the stress, and it reduced her to a gibbering wreck. The creature finally releases what’s left of its prey: Tiny toddler bones mixed with child bones as the two sets of kids bony remains splatter onto the dirty cave floor, joining hundreds of other decrepit skeletons. Darla curled into a fetal position on the bumpy bottom of the human bone cage. She didn’t want to watch anything any more. It was just too hard to keep on feeling this way. It would have been better if she felt nothing at all. She just wished she was at home in her warm bed, where she could just stay under the covers forever.

Days passed by in a daze, one blending into another.


As the days wore on, Darla was forced to witness everyone she had ever known or loved be consumed by demon bird people. She had fallen into an almost catatonic state, from which no manner of horror seemed to be able to rouse her. The numbers of girls in her cage dwindled until there was only Darla, kneeling alone in her very own bone cage. It was the place of her nightmares, that cage was. Feces and urine lay underneath, the girls had nowhere else to go, so they had just peed and pooped through the gaps in the cage floor. It was disgusting, but they had no other options. And then, when those girls had been selected, their bones had joined the other wastes under the cages too.

Darla was covered in a thick layer of dried sweat and dirt. She hadn’t had anything to eat or drink in two days, and was feeling the first stages of exposure. She looked blankly around the expansive cavern, resigned to her inevitable fate. The monsters came in only occasionally to snack now, and as Darla looked around with exhausted eyes, she realised that she was the only one left in any of the cages. When, suddenly, she spotted movement in the gloom at the front of the lair. Somebody was moving through it, and not one of the strange bird men. The outline was distinctly human, with a fantastic hairline, and exquisite muscles. Dressed in a leather strapped skirt and not much above his waist, showing off. In his hands is a sword, like the kind that Darla’s daddy kept in the attic in case of Jun raiders, but not rusty or old like that one… the one the man held was shiny and new, and looked very sharp. Behind him slunk a black lion. Darla wanted to yell to warn him to be careful, that there was a big cat behind him readying to pounce. But as he moved carefully through the Bird-men’s lair, the sleek black feline nustled the warrior to have its head petted, and Darla realised that it must be his pet, or attack cat or something like that. He must’ve been a great warrior to have tamed a big cat like that. Darla’s teacher had said that no man could tame a black lion.

The man looked around the dark lair, moving closer to Darla’s cage. She didn’t want to make too much noise for fear of attracting the winged devourers back to her hanging prison. But hope of getting out of this place alive, was once again rising in her breast. He stared down at a cooking cauldron in the center of the expansive room, prodding the contents with a large metal spoon that was in the pot already. The ghastly sight of a decapitated head of her father rose to the surface, and once again Darla squeaked in a horrific denial. The warrior snapped to the sound of the young girl’s panic, throwing his face into sharp relief in the firelight. Darla froze, it was a face that looked familiar but different. Then it hit her, it was that Dar boy from the village - the strange one that was good with animals. He’d always been so nice to her when she was smaller. She hadn’t understood why he had to leave the village so suddenly, Now he was all grown up and he looked strong enough to fight off the Bird people.

Darla stared down at Dar from her perch on high, tears flowing down her face. But for the first time since she had been captured, they were tears of joy. “Dar… save me” She called to him. With a frown on his face, he pulled his mighty sword from its leather sheath and raised it high above his head wordlessly. It came down and severed the thick ropes that held the cage together. The door swung open, and big warm hands surrounded her in a saving hug. Darla looked up at her savior with a dirty, snotty face filled with all the thankfulness she could muster.

From within his satchel at his waist, two ferrets peaked their little heads up to look at what was going on. In a moment of joy, inappropriate to the situation she was in, Darla thought “I knew iit.. Da’neel was wrong after all - some boys did have ferrets in their pants.”

But as the two of them begin their escape from the foul place, dozens of the Winged Devourers swooped down from their perches in the ceiling, surrounding them instantly. Darla panicked, pushing at Dar’s broad chest until he put her back down on the ground. She understood deep down that she had to get out of that place… There was nowhere to run to - but she felt she had to run anyway. It was some kind of deep instinctual reaction to the all-consuming fear spreading through her. She kicked at Dar, and bit his hand till he let her free from his grasp. Her legs took her blindly as she tried to dart through the gap between the Bird men. Dar stayed put, despite his overwhelming urge to chase her. His wisdom told him that moving too much would just get the both of them killed.

Darla screamed as one of the Winged Devourers grabbed her by the shoulders. She cried for Dar to save her… but there’s nothing he could do anymore that would save her, not even with his sword could he face so many monstrous opponents. He stared, unable to take his eyes away as the toned creature lifted Darla up to its eyeline and held her against its broad muscled chest. It’s face was a warped mockery of a human male. Cruel eyes set above a bony lower section that featured neither nose of mouth. As it tightened its grip against her, she looked down to see the thing that’s brushing against her legs was the creature’s erect cock. She shuddered slightly as it spread her legs with its free handwing and lined up its thick member with her tiny virgin five year old slit. Darla struggled, trying to stop what happened to her entire family, happening to her too, but the thing’s wings were already beginning to wrap around her. Darla sobbed uncontrollably as she desperately tried to push back at then enclosing wings. “Please, don’t… I don’t want to be bones.”
It ignored her pleas, smiling wickedly, somehow without a mouth to do so. It spread her tiny pussy apart with its claws and pushed in its rock hard demon cock, sliding her down, impaling her on its entire length. It filled Darla uncomfortably, tearing her virgin hymen and ripping the ends of her too tight vagina. Blood dribbled down from her private parts. “It hurts.. It hurts so much” she cried.

Dar watched on, incapable of acting in the face of such a nightmare. His hands balled into fists, fingernails tearing the inside of his palms. He felt helpless, unable to aid the little girl as the monster ate Darla alive.

It was warm inside the wings, like being in a giant blanket, and just a little bit sticky too. But it was the revolting smell of raw meat, like the kind Darla one picked up from the local butcher for a special dinner, that made her want to throw up.. The monster lifted her up and down, thrusting deeply into her and crushing her firmly against its body. She could smell its animal musk invade her nostrils. As it raped her light body, she felt shame, and pain… and something else… she had same feeling Da’neel had given her with his tongue that one day… kind of tingly and unpleasant though.
“Not anyone but Da’neel. Stop doing this!”

Darla continued to resist her rapist, as it continued to take advantage of her weak body. It pumped its penis in and out of her vagina in a rhythmic fucking.
“Nooooooo - Please nooooo. I don’t wanna be turned into bones!”
The creature roared from beneath its smooth face, as it shot a huge load of thick white liquid up into Darla’s pussy. The hot semen filled her up and mixed with her virginal blood as it flowed out her petite ruffled opening. As the thing climaxed into her, she shuddered. She felt hot, and bothered… and somehow, shamefully good. She knew it was wrong to like it, she hated it, but her body betrayed her and made her feel contradictory emotions.

Dar could only watch on, feeling embarrassment as the underdeveloped girl was raped in front of him. Despite the horrid turn of events, he was sailing at half-mast beneath his skirt. Finished with its pleasure, the Winged Devourer slipped out of Darla, spilling seed out her freshly raped cunt. A r


A round puckered opening formed in the centre of its chest as if by dark magic. It was just millimetres away from her face. Thick white-yellow goop sprayed out onto her blonde hair and flowed down to her shouldes and flat chested kiddie body. It burned like it was boiling water, and smelled like rotten eggs.

Darla screamed “Noooooooo!!!” Even as it began to dissolve her face into an ugly pulpy red mess. It was a pain she’d only ever felt once before when she touched Alar’s cooking pot while it was still cooking. Now her skin was disintegrating and running down her front. On the outside of the wings, her outline could be seen dancing in the throes of death, her backside spasming in pain as she was digested alive. Her screaming was silenced with the great snapping sound of bone breaking as the Winged Devourer bent her arms backwards to fit better inside it. Slime started to spurt from under the leather wing cocoon in great globs.
“Aaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” she spasmed and kicked, dancing in her bondage like a little whore in bed. Her eyeballs popped in their sockets and her organs liquified in their human container. Soon her entire chest deliquesced and collapsed into her ribcage, falling down the empty cavity into her unripe womb. Darla’s feet swung from side to side, toes twitching in a convulsive motion, kicking a puddle of slippery slime on the floor, as they were smoothly drawn into the cocoon; more meat to feed the ravenous beast.
“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggghhhhh!” she moaned insensately, her entire upper body reduced to a gorey skeleton filled with half-melted guts. Unable to control herself, she pissed herself as the goop worked its way into her crotch folds. It melted her from her pussy all the way down to her toes and slurped up her juices into its chest hole and left a lifeless kiddie skeleton in Darla’s place. Then it opened its wings wide, revealing Darla’s corpse, which immediately broke apart into pieces on the slime soaked ground. Darla’s small, empty skull bounced and rolled a little, coming to rest at Dar’s sandaled feet.
The Winged Devourer roared with its mouthless face and turned its attention to its next meal.

Dar, shocked by the display of brutish barbarism, lowered his sword slightly. It was an unforgivable display to be forced to watch. He looked at his black Lion companion for agreement, and raised his weapon over his head. Tonight he would have vengeance for the death of little Darla.

This was how the adventures of Darla ended.


Wow, thanks for putting it out.


No problems - you asked - I delivered. I hope you enjoyed reading it.


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