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Hiro was excited.

He had earned enough gold to buy a new sword, a steel one, to replace the rusty, chipped iron blade he had started with. After a busy work week, he finally had an entire weekend to make yet more progress in the new full immersion VR game he had bought just a few days ago. Aranea Online, it was called. Generic as names went but one special feature set it apart from all the rest. Where permadeath in other games meant a permanent demise of a player character, in Aranea Online permadeath meant death of the player character and the player themselves. A player could feel everything their character felt and if the damage done to the character was fatal, the headset gave a ten second warning before it sent a fatal shock to the brain that was near painless and deadly quick. As a consequence, it was one of the most popular games out on the market.

As Hiro eased himself into the game chair and lowered the headset onto his skull, he wasn't worried. There was no way he would die like all those other noobs.


Mako was excited.

She had just completed the ritual to turn her boring human rogue into a lesser succubus prior to logging off a couple of days ago. The changes were minor compared to other specializations. Her only physical change was her skin changing to be a shade of mauve and her eyes going from green to demon yellow. She didn't even have wings but the most important change was her new ability. It was a passive called Life Drain that allowed her absorb the health points of any victim she encountered by making them cum. It was an incredibly powerful ability that worked on NPCs and players of any level, from the lowest single digit to the very highest triple digits. The only drawback that prevented it from being incredibly OP was her own low level. She had been reset to level one, with only basic melee attacks in addition to any weapon she could get her hands on. Her only spell was a weak charm spell that would work on characters at her level. Any smart player of sufficiently higher level could kill her; she had to be smarter. That was the fun part.

With each victim of her Life Drain vanquished, she gained experience. If she drained enough people, she could grow her levels with no combat, crafting or trading required. She got to increase her character's power just by having sex! What other game could say the same?

As Mako eased herself into the game chair and lowered the headset onto her skull, she was ecstatic. She couldn't wait to seduce her first victim.


The cave was dark and damp, the oily stone beneath his feet jagged and uneven. Hiro had only the light from outside to guide him and even that was failing as he ventured deeper in. He summoned a floating sprite light to hover by his head and show him the way.

Normally, he wouldn't go cave-delving alone but the tip he had received from a local merchant had been too good to ignore. A treasure waited for him at the end of this cave, a treasure that would set him up for at least the next thirty or so levels. He knew a smith that could fashion him high quality gear and weapons, accoutrements that would put him ahead of nearly every noob he came across. All he had to do was survive.

Hiro gripped his sword tightly as he ventured into the darkness of the cave. He didn't see the large rock descend from the ceiling, only felt as it cracked against his skull and turned the world black.


The first thing Hiro felt upon awakening was the chill of cold iron on his wrists and ankles and the warmth and softness of a feminine hand stroking his cock. He gasped, opened his eyes and looked up to see a purple-skinned woman with short black hair and yellow eyes gazing back at him with surprise.

"Oh my! I didn't expect you to wake up so soon."

Hiro tried to flex his wrists, only to meet resistance against the shackles. He looked up to see he had been chained to a bed, spread-eagled, with this woman looming over her. He was stuck. "Who…who are you?"

"Oh me?" She giggled. "No one special. Just a lesser succubus who's gonna suck the life out of you. I see the merchant I bribed sent someone my way. Just my luck! Instead of a nice shiny treasure, you ran into me. That's just how life works, I guess."

Panic washed over him. He knew encounters with lesser succubi were fatal but he never thought he'd be trapped by one! He tried to move, to free himself from his binds, but the chains rattled and didn't budge.

"I already went ahead and got started while you were unconscious so it won't be long now." The succubus frowned at him. "Are you comfortable? I didn't want to hit you in the head with a rock but you were armed so…"

She resumed stroking his cock in a slow, teasing fashion, rubbing her thumb just below the tip as her fingers pumped up and down the shaft. A moan escaped him. Her touch was so soft and warm. He knew he should have been begging for his life but her hand felt far too good for him to want it to stop.

"Oh my. Even now, your cock is harder than before. Fuck, this is so exciting! My first drain!" She swiped a little bead of pre-cum from his tip. "About to cum? Well, it was nice meeting you, mister. Sorry the cave dwelling didn't work out. Bye!"

The succubus worked his length in that same slow and steady motion. He felt his orgasm building in his balls, shoot up the base and splatter against her supple breasts. She gasped as thick spurts of cum erupted from his cock to paint her purple skin with white. The bliss was overwhelming but brief. He felt his cock twitch, slump against his stomach and soon darkness swallowed up his vision.


Hiro came back to the real world to see the ten second warning flashing in red across his vision. He was vaguely aware that he had creamed his pants. As the seconds closed down to zero, he swiped at the tent pole his cock made and twitched from the last pulse of pleasure he would ever feel.

As the electric shock fried his brain, he died with a smile.


Wow, this is fun.

Think that Mako can have some female victims at some point? She definitely needs more victims, though I'm sure she'll eventually die, too.


This is great, I'd love to see some more stuff set in this world.

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