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Women's home bathrooms each have their own unique feel to them. A personality of sorts, not always entirely matching that of the woman that cultivated them.

Kim's was a careful mess. Chaos crammed away into drawers and cabinets, kept out of sight so as not to mar the respectable outward appearance. At first glance, it was clean, orderly. Once you looked behind or within you found everything was dirty, half the products used up or dried up, but all in its own special place, following her own internal logic of order. Guy wasn't sure what that meant about her, really. All he was concerned with was where she kept the fresh razors.

Pulling open and rifling through yet another drawer, he passed over a box tampons, tarnished trimming scissors, the third makeup bag he'd found, and a bottle of dried out pink nail polish. Nowhere was a clean razor to be found.

Straightening with a grunt, he took a moment to think, rubbing slowly at his unshaven face. This was hardly the first woman's bathroom he'd visited, or the hundredth for that matter. If anyone was qualified to solve this puzzle, he was. A thousand one-night stands, some smaller number of short term relationships, and a few sharing circles meant he'd gone through some version of this predicament more times than he could really count.

He'd checked beneath the sink first, of course. That was where bulk items usually could be found, and razors were often sold so. Yet oddly, there was nothing at all there save for a single roll of toilet paper. All secondary locations were fruitless as well, every drawer, cabinet, and even the linen closet thoroughly explored. Taken together, they contained every toiletry one could wish for. Except razors.

Maybe she was just out.

He seriously considered the concept for a minute before discarding it. Her legs had been too smooth beneath his hands, a sign that spoke of frequent shaving by dint of how effectively she'd stripped her skin of every stray follicle. No one was that good unless they had a lot of practice, and a lot of practice meant going through a lot of razors. Ergo she should have some, somewhere.

Nakedness was starting to bother him as the air cooled, steam from his shower condensing and sticking to the walls and ceiling. Besides his bristly cheeks his body hair was well-kempt, trimmed to perfection. His last girl had been a hairdresser, able to adapt what she knew to give him a touch up… and more, once the stray hairs had been toweled away.

The memory caused a smile to touch his lips as he opened an small cabinet above the toilet, checking it for the second time. There were only boxes of over-the-counter medicines inside, none of them particularly interesting. Staring at the words writ on them, he spaced out briefly as he considered what a man's bathroom might be laid out like. Doubtless the razors would be in easier reach.

It was hard to know. He'd barely ever met another man, let alone spent time in one's home. The thought put him on the right track, though. For if a razor wasn't in easy reach, then there was only one place it could be…

Looking up, he saw the cabinet he'd been staring into had a flat top, though of course it was blocked from view to any on the ground. Reaching up blindly, he ran his fingers over dusty wood, finally feeling a plastic package tucked away against the wall. Triumphant, he pulled them down, satisfied to see a half-emptied 8-pack of disposable razors. Impossible to find, if you were only looking with your eyes.

Pulling one out, he put the package back and turned toward the bathroom mirror. It was still fogged over despite the cooling air, so he located the hair dryer beside the sink and gave the glassy surface a blast. It cleared instantly, letting him see his own face without obstruction. Another trick he'd learned in his years of vagrancy.

Wetting the razor, he looked at himself in the mirror, picking out the familiar features he'd lived with since puberty. It was strange to him sometimes, how his own face could seem so bizarre. Features never found on any woman jumped out at him like hideous deformities, despite the fact that he supposed they must have been quite typical for a man. Simple judgments on his own appearance eluded him, as he possessed neither the vocabulary nor the experience to describe them. How did one speak about masculine attractiveness? Women had called him pretty, but by the sheer scale of how many time he'd heard that word applied to females, he didn't feel it could be used on him. He was a wholly different creature, something carnal and strong, not like women at all.

Besides, they might have been lying. It was hard to know - there weren't enough other men to judge himself against.

Scraping away the small rough hairs from his face, he wondered about those other males. Most of them lived like him, an easy if lonely life of wandering from woman to woman, bedroom to bedroom, taking whatever offer seemed most appealing at the time. Did they know how to find the razors in a woman's bathroom without going to ask her? Or did they just not care about such things? He'd heard some of them actually let their face hair grow out, getting as long as the hair on a woman's scalp. He could never do that. It just seemed too freakish to him, too inherently unnatural. He finished shaving quickly, splashing water over his face afterward to soothe his slightly stinging skin.

When there were so few men in the world, it was hard to know what was normal for one to be like. For the most part he did what felt good, what worked. Most anything he wanted that a woman could give, he had. He was a rare and precious thing, and they vied to claim him, competing in displays that sometimes seemed ridiculous to him, and that despite how many times he'd seen such contention.

Kim had been lucky to get him, and she knew it. Merely attractive, her means were modest, personal qualities so so. He'd caught sight of her walking down the street one day while driving, on his way out of the hairdresser's life. Her generous body had intrigued him, his last few girls mostly slender, diets tightly controlled to maintain their weight. A woman that looked so naturally appealing when filled out was something he'd rarely seen. So he'd pulled up alongside her, and offered to drive her home.

Simple as that, he was her boyfriend.

Now barely a few days later, it was becoming clear to him that she was desperate to keep him for as long as possible, to milk her good fortune for every drop of prestige and pleasure that it was worth. She took him to parties to show him off, letting her friends look but not touch, draping herself across him and even seducing him into open sex in front of others just to make them jealous. He knew enough of women by now to realize how this indicated Kim's own jealous nature, a tendency towards envy and anxiety about other's perceptions.

While he didn't mind this much, he did make note of it. With so many lonely women in the world, he was never reticent about leaving one when he felt he'd given her enough of himself. Perfectly lovely girls might go their whole lives without even catching sight of a naked male in the flesh, let along getting to experience actually having sex with one. Wandering as he did was the right thing to do, to give as many as possible a taste. How some men let themselves be pinned down, practically captured by a single woman, he'd never understand. It was simply selfish.

A hesitant knock came at the bathroom door, surprising Guy out of his thoughtful reverie. Face smooth and clean, he'd been staring into the mirror at his naked body, not really even seeing it. The door cracked open and Kim's young face peeked in at him, expression mildly anxious beneath her cute smile.

"Hi…" She looked at him, eyes gravitating to his uncovered crotch before she managed to pull her gaze up to his face. Her Asian features were framed by her dark, perfectly conditioned bangs, empty glasses frames keeping any hair from falling in front of her eyes. "Sorry, I was waiting for you to come out. I didn't want to interrupt, but, um…"

He simply looked at her, starting to get dressed. Often women had trouble talking to him outside of sex or seduction, seeming unsure even how to hold a conversation with a man. While he wished he could say he didn't know why, he was aware of his sex's reputation. They were all regarded almost as wild beasts, inclined towards the carnal pleasures of life with little care for aught else. Fickle and dangerous, arrogant and strong… yet all the more alluring for those qualities, somehow. It didn't help to dispel such notions that at least some of that was objectively true. He was in fact much stronger than the average woman, and better at sex, although he considered the latter due mostly to practice. Part of what helped him feel safe entering so many stranger's homes was the knowledge that, if it came to a hand to hand struggle, he could overpower practically any woman with ease.

Kim had gone silent, seeming at a loss as she stared at his cock again. He let her look, waiting patiently. After all, it hadn't even been a week since she'd first seen one in person.

"I-I was wondering, if you could, um…" Swallowing, she closed her eyes, finally spitting it out once she couldn't be distracted by the sight of him. "My car isn't working, and I have this, um, like… Yoga class? So, uh. Since you're here, I was wondering if maybe… you could… drive me?"

Her voice rose in pitch to an almost comic squeak as she approached the end of her sentence, carefully plucked eyebrows raised nervously in entreaty. Guy pulled on his shirt, thinking it over for half a second. Of course, that was too long a time for the anxious woman's jangled nerves.

"I promise I'll do anything you want to thank you!" The offer burst from her lips, too loud, too desperate. She knew it, wincing as she tried to recover. Guy simply sat on the toilet to pull on his socks, observing her strange meltdown and comparing it others he'd 'caused'. So far, it was rather mild.

"Plus it's Yoga, so it's all like… making me sexier for you." Giggling half-convincingly, she pushed open the door a little more, giving Guy an unobstructed look at her curves. Somewhat presumptively, she had already slipped into a pair of yoga pants. Her ass squished pleasingly up against the doorframe as she swung her hips, trying to entice him.

Taking a long moment to appreciate her little show to its fullest, Guy finished dressing. Standing up, he smiled slightly at her.

"Sure, I'll take you."

Squealing in happiness, Kim rushed at him, giving him a tight squeeze of joy. From her reaction one might think she'd won the lottery, rather than a simple car ride.

However, Guy knew how it would be. Her intention wasn't really to get a ride, as she doubtless had friends she could call to take her, or a bus if all else failed. Her car probably wasn't even broken. She just wanted to show him off.

While that was starting to get tiring, he consoled himself that he was doing her one better in the area of deceit, having his own ulterior motives for taking her to her Yoga class. Motives mainly relating to the large number of fit, attractive women that tended to congregate at such places. If the mood struck him he might even give Kim a taste of her own medicine, taking one of the other women before driving her home. She could hardly complain if he did such a thing, unless she wished to risk losing him prematurely.

After the curvaceous Asian peeled herself off him, Guy went to her closet to retrieve his jacket and keys. They were two of his very few possessions, the leather garment of magnificent quality and fit. As for the keys, well… they weren't the part that cost. The brand new sports car they unlocked had been a gift, one of many cars he'd been given by women looking to hold onto him for a little longer. It hadn't worked to tie him down, but he still appreciated the vehicle. Few other things women tried to give him were useful, with his transitory lifestyle.

Kim was bustling about in her living room, the delay causing Guy to peek in on her. She was grabbing things to put into her suitcase-sized purse, plucking a catalog and display case of knives from her countertop and casually dropping them in. That more than anything confirmed his suspicions that she was going to use him to flaunt her status. In all previous instances that she'd taken him somewhere to show off, she'd also brought along a set of MLM-brand knives to try and hawk on all her friends. As far as he could tell she'd actually spent more on the company she bought the knives from than she'd made back so far, though it was her own belief that she was a 'small business owner' about to make it big. Since it didn't harm him any, Guy made no effort to inform her of her poor economic sense. Besides, with him along, she actually was making some sales.

"Let's go," he said simply, opening the door out of her apartment. Kim squeaked as if she'd pointed a gun at her, eyes widening before she quickly grabbed a few last items. Hurrying over, she gave him a peck on the mouth and another quick thanks before quickly descending down the stairs. Admiring her bouncing rear for a second, Guy closed the door behind him, starting down after her.

Walking into the yoga class was every bit the spectacle he had expected it would be. Of course, he was more or less always an object of attention regardless of where he went. It was a simple consequence of his sex's rarity, and he was used to it by this point. However, of all places in the world where one might expect to see a man, this was perhaps the lowest on the list.

Gasps sounded throughout the small gymnasium in the moments after Guy walked through the door, women with no expectation of anything more exciting than doing a King Pigeon pose suddenly finding themselves ambushed by the presence of a living, breathing male in their midst. Eyes gleaming with sudden interest looked him up and down, and two women that had been standing near the door practically stumbled away from him in their shock. He'd gone ahead of Kim as they entered the building, but she wasted no time in gluing herself to his side. Clinging to one arm and smiling at him, she gave little knowing glances to the other girls, waggling her eyebrows at them in haughty pride. Everything was still and silent for a moment as he and she walked together off to one side, taking a pair of chairs placed along the wall. No one knew what to say, how to react, when faced with such an unexpected guest in such an unexpected place.

Collectively, the unbalanced women seemed to silently agree to ignore Guy for now, though certain individuals seemed unable to keep glancing over at him as he scanned across the room. Motion and chatter resumed slowly, the energy in the room gradually increasing to a point even beyond what it had been before he entered. They were agitated by him, riled up like hens with a fox in their coop.

Playing as if she didn't care, Kim rifled through her huge handbag, pulling out a pink sweatband and sliding it on. Unzipping her hoodie, she shot a loaded glance at Guy as the tops of her breasts were exposed. Biting her lip slightly when she saw him looking, she shrugged off the outer layer to show the skimpy tanktop beneath, no bra to reign in her considerable chest. It was daring, in line with her tendency toward public display. That quality was one of the few things he really liked about her.

The rest could be seen as she stood up, stretching enticingly in front of him before swaying away to lay down her yoga mat. Few women in the room had curves to match her, and even fewer used them half so well. Despite that, Guy found his gaze wandering. Kim was a treat to look at, but he'd had her in bed more than once now, and had yet to be impressed. She was too eager to please, yet utterly unskilled at doing so. Not a crime… but he could easily have better.

The class was starting now, all the women forming rows as they stood to face their instructor. Sitting near the back, Guy had an excellent vantage to enjoy the show. His gaze absently slid from ass to ass, silently comparing and appreciating while the instructor started to speak. Glancing at her, Guy sat up a little, shifting in his seat as he realized the instructor was staring directly at him. More than that, she was boldly meeting his gaze, brown eyes boring into his own with a force like a physical connection. It was a display more confident than practically any woman he'd encountered, almost disrespectful.

Yet, he couldn't help but smile at her. Slimmer than Kim and of similar ancestry, the athletic Asian's face was as alluring as any he'd ever seen. High cheekbones and an angular jawline made her seem imperial, a queen before her subjects. Perfect petal-shaped lips showed a slight shine of gloss, her eyes half-lidded in an inviting stare as she continued to look straight at him. It was an expression he recognized well, seen before on the faces of hundreds of women like her.

If given the chance, she would steal him away in a heartbeat.

Not yet convinced, he gave her only his smile. Her almond shaped eyes returned a slow blink, accepting his challenge without ire. At once, she signaled the beginning of the routine by going to her knees. Whatever she'd been saying before as she and Guy had her their ocular spar seemed to be finished, the class ready to begin. Some thirty-odd women followed the instructor's example, settling into the starting position with varying degrees of grace.

"Let's begin by taking in breath," the woman said to her class. Her voice was deep, melodic. "Relax, and ready yourself to release all sources of stress and distraction."

Her chest rose slowly as she inhaled, eyes closing for a moment while the room filled with the soft sound of air entering lungs. Briefly checking the others in the room, Guy saw several of them noticeably relax, tense backs and shoulders spreading apart. He was no doubt one of those sources of distraction. The instructor was telling her class to ignore him, remove him from their minds. A well calculated move… despite how it irked him. No one else but her would be trying to get his attention now. A small smirk flitted over the instructor's lips when he looked back towards her, barely open eyes gauging his reactions.

"And… exhale." A sound like wind, every woman letting out her breath at once. Placing a hand lightly against her belly, the instructor murmured to them. "Continue to breathe deeply, from low… to high." Her fingers skimmed up from her navel to her cleavage as she took another breath, mirroring the rise of her chest, then reversing downward. "Keep a slow, steady rhythm as best you can." She gave her class a moment to do as she had said.

"Now, begin by spreading your knees slightly apart, but let your toes stay in contact. On your next exhale, we'll move into child's pose by draping our body forward, chest atop the thighs." She laid her upper body before her, extending her arms straight from her shoulders as she aligned her spine with the floor, legs folded beneath her. Her forehead touched the surface of her mat, and she spoke a little louder to be heard as everyone else copied her movements. "While we hold, seek calm inside yourself, and let it flow and spread through you while you hold. Let your spine relax and lengthen…"

Guy's mind soon lost the thread of her words, his attention becoming inexorably dragged towards the simply preposterous number of women presenting their asses in his direction. Soon the entire class had adopted the posture, shapely bodies supine, submissive. It was enough to make a man's heart pound, giving Guy a small taste of the erotic shock he had delivered when he'd walked into the room. To be unexpectedly faced with such sudden potential for sexual interaction was dizzying, snapping his body into readiness as if a fight or flight response had been triggered. Seeing the silhouettes of underwear through stretched yoga pants, he found himself stiffening rapidly, the inseam of his pants leg visibly shifting with each throb of his cock beneath.

Tilting her head slightly upward, the instructor locked eyes with him again the next time he turned her way. Face composed, her dark brown gaze slithered down his body, noting the shape of his shaft through his pants. Pink tip of her tongue showing, she licentiously licked along her lower lip, staring up at him again from the ground.

Voice betraying no hint of the game she was playing, the instructor called to the class, instructing them in how to round forward. Together they all unfolded themselves, straightening their legs without moving their calves, upper bodies lifting and moving forward upon the hinge of their hips. Bellies pressing to yoga mats, their breasts brushed the ground, shoulders up and upper arms perpendicular to the floor. His view from behind was still magnificent, each women's ass making a shapely swell on the way up from her legs to her head, the flattering magic of yoga pants helping to improve the sight.

Yet Guy found himself attracted elsewhere, drawn in by this bold woman. She had chosen the pose not for how it showed off others, but how it showed off her. Chest pushed forward between her arms, he could see her bosom pushing at the fabric of her tanktop, hard nipples showing slightly through her sports bra. From where he sat the smooth skin of her cleavage was visible almost to the bottom of her breasts, flawless skin lit for him by overhead lights. Her lips were parted, pink and wet. Something within him seemed to surge, to try and propel him towards her at once, to take her. Almost, he did.

Instead he simply reached down, thumb popping free the button of his jeans.

The instructor's face twitched, her body seeming to display the same sudden urge that had nearly driven him to leap at her. In an instant he saw her desire laid bare, a flash of utter need and feral determination. It was sweet to him, a reward more rare than sex. She was breaking down. Soon, he would have her completely.

For now, she was able to regain her composure. Some of the other women may have noticed, but gave no sign of it as the instructor lead them through a few slow cycles between the same two postures. Back and forth, back and forth, they rocked their bodies along the fulcrum of their unmoving knees. In turns he saw again the range of upthrust hips, asses put towards him, then the sweat-glistening valley hidden between his prey's pert breasts. In slow increments he unzipped himself, none able to see but the lone instructor.

"Bring your focus to the placement of your limbs," the instructor eventually said. Some color had come to her face, tinging the her smooth oriental skin with light shades of pink. "Let your mind run along them, and close your eyes. Keep them closed as we transition, maintaining full awareness of your position without sight. Now, on the next exhale, we'll move into Downward-facing Dog…"

Shins lifting from the mat, all the women moved into the same position in sync as they lifted on their hands and feet. Bodies making a right angle from the hips, their legs and arms were fully straight to start. Then the instructor had them bend a leg at a time, as if bicycling with their yoga mats as the pedals. One foot always stayed firmly supporting their weight, the other sliding as their knee bent, entire body tilting before returning to center. Many of the women wore faces of concentration, the position allowing them to face backwards for the first time. All eyes were closed, however, and so none saw as Guy finally let free his hardened cock.

It was a truly unique thing to him, and to any who saw it. Something so few had, and that was thus so highly sought by all those that vied for his favor. Veins showed faint beneath the slightly darker skin, stiff flesh firm and utterly rigid as his shaft pointed upwards. Shining with precum, the tip swelled slightly with each long throb as he let himself look again around the room, taking in the bounty of beautiful bodies that had been instructed to display for him.

Looking back at the instructor, Guy put a hand out, fingers loosely extended with the palm towards her. Flexing his pelvic floor, he slowly curled his digits inward, staring unblinkingly into her eyes as he tightened his grip around an invisible throat, squeezing tighter and tighter while he made his cock bounce in a slow rhythm.

In her posture, he could only see her face as she tilted it up to watch him, her slightly spread legs trembling despite all their strength. Her mouth was open in a small 'o', brown eyes smoldering while her hips slowly rocked back and forth. His hand tightened into a full fist, and she bit her lip, making a short, single nod. Then, she directed the others in one last yoga pose.

"Now class, in the next two breaths, we will go to standing rest, then I want you all to try Standing Bow Pose. Lift one leg now, take your hand to your ankle. If you need to start with your leg in front of you, that's fine. Explore your posture. Now, once we have the leg behind us, make sure your shoulder is rotated back, arm brought around."

After a moment to abandon their previous compromising posture, the women all began to follow her instructions, too intent on the difficult movements to notice Guy's exposure behind them.

Once all had their ankle in hand, arm and leg behind their back, the final set of instructions was given out. By now the instructor's voice was breathy, almost unable to hide her excitement.

"Alright now… lift your other arm up. Your chin should touch your shoulder, spine slightly twisted as you accomplish this. Keep your hips square, focus on your balance as you stretch forward and kick your leg slowly backwards. Stretch forward… keep your belly tight, chest spread…"

Staring directly at Guy as she spoke, the instructor lifted up her back leg in a magnificent display of flexibility, making a nearly 180 degree angle with her spread thighs as she demonstrated the pose to her class. All around him now women were getting the hang of the difficult task, holding onto their back leg as they bent their upper bodies forward. Stretchy yoga pants pulled tight across the crotch of each woman, highlighting the shape of their pubic mound, some few even forming noticeable camel toes across spread slits.

It was too much to resist any longer. Standing up suddenly, Guy startled some nearby women so much they toppled and lost their balance as they tried to turn to look at him. A stir of surprise ran through the room, everyone turning in his direction, everyone suddenly remembering the man in their midst. Everyone except the instructor, who was watching him come towards her with an eager, almost manic smile trembling on her lips. She swiveled her body towards him with a simple pivot upon her heel, vertically spread legs presenting him the stained spot on her yoga pants where arousal had soaked through, panties completely visible through the wet, translucent fabric.

Elegant hand still gripping her ankle to make herself available to him, she maintained the pose even as he reached her, foot skidding on her yoga mat as she was slammed back against the wall. One hand held her around her throat, squeezing lightly as he focused on tearing away the soaked layers between him and his prize. Behind him the women were gasping, buzzing with chatter and amazement. None tried to stop him as he ripped away her pants and panties, strands of stretchy fabric snapping while she moaned to him, begging.

"Do it all to me," she pleaded. Her heart was thudding, pulse rapid against the fingers he held to her throat. "Fuck me. Hurt me. Ruin me. I want it, I've wanted it so lo-oOOOHh YES." Letting out an exultant cry of pleasure as his cock slid into her, she squeezed down around him with strong inner muscles, almost crying as a blissful, stupid grin split her previously dignified features. Her shaved puffy pussy was hotter than almost any Guy had felt, something he recognized as either a sign of extreme arousal, or peak ovulation. Perhaps both.

Not wasting a single instant on such thoughts, the lone man pressed his woman harder up against the wall, pinning her in place while her uplifted leg found support upon his shoulder. She was unnaturally bent, a new position for the yoga master. Shoulders and skull flat against the wall, her spine curved a full ninety degrees towards him, one leg up and the other down while she shakily managed to keep standing. The position gave her an excellent view of her own pussy as he began to pound it, choking her in a sudden savage grip in the instant he slid himself halfway out before slamming back in.

Gasping past his strangling hand, the flexible Asian stared at his cock with a gleam of obsession in her eyes, face growing stupidly slack as she was made use of like the set of plentiful holes that she was. Almost painfully tight, she seemed to cling to him with every outward stroke, juices running down her thigh to stain what remained of her yoga pants. For a while she continued to grip her own upraised ankle, holding it as if for dear life while her body was taken, conquered willingly by the invader she had invited in.

Then Guy began to slacken his grip on her throat, the slightest mercy as he saw her face began to redden to an unhealthy degree. As quick as that she had brought her hand to his wrist, commanding gaze boring into his eyes as she put his fingers over his own, making him squeeze even harder than before. He obliged without further prompting, looking into the smiling face of the woman it grew slightly puffy, blood flow was restricted, oxygen cut off completely. The color of her skin deepened to maroon above the point where his hand held her, and her pussy seemed to grow even more slick, even more tight, heat drawing him in.

He realized what she wanted, what she really wanted, when she started to grow purple. Weakly rocking her hips against his hammering thrusts, she looked more pleasured than any woman on the brink of asphyxiation ought to, lips parted in a silent moan. Lips once so alluring, now dark and puffy on a face sluttier than any Guy had ever seen.

She came before him, a weak, short gasping noise squeaking past his obstructing hand while her eyes rolled up in pathetic pleasure. Her legs quivered, then collapsed, forcing him to hold her with his free arm cradled beneath her hip. Rhythmic contractions squeezed along his shaft, as if trying to push it out, hard nipples prominent against her tanktop while her whole body convulsed in a palsy of bliss.

Yet he didn't let up. He saw it in her eyes as she realized he wouldn't, one hand briefly scrabbling for his wrist, eyes meeting his one more time. Her face was frozen in the gape-mouthed expression of those in the throes of passion, red veins showing in her eyes, skin almost blue. Behind him, the room was utterly silent.

He started to cum then, grunting out his satisfaction for all to hear as he pushed deep, slamming home against her womb. Waves of ecstasy washed through him with each outpouring of seed, orgasm amplified by the thrill that this woman had given him, a gift bought with her life. He'd never done anything like this, never gone so far. It was amazing, beyond anything else he'd ever experienced.

With her final spark of life, the instructor smiled. Still holding his wrist, she caressed him, fingers forming a loose circle that held his hand in place. Her lids drooped slowly, not quite covering her pupils as awareness flickered, then died within her eyes. He kept holding, still riding his climax while her pulse faded, faded…

Cum dripped out of the corpse he was holding up, oozing out of her red, abused slit, sliding in sticky globs down her thigh. One limp leg was hooked over his shoulder, the other dangling from the hip he supported in one hand. Still warm, the instructor looked almost peaceful as he let go of her body, watching it slide off his cock and slump bonelessly onto her yoga mat. The imprint of his hand had been crushed into her throat, heavy bruising and divots in the skin marking the shapes of his fingers.

He'd heard of murder before. Knew it was what he had done. Yet, like the word 'pretty', was murder something that could really be applied to a man? Guy was not like the women who stabbed one another over petty problems, killed one another in quarrels. He was special, rare and prized, privileged in ways unique to his sex. No court would ever convict him of anything.

Beyond that, something about that had felt… right. Always he'd heard men described as brutal, dangerous. Why would they have such a reputation, if this was not the sort of thing that a man might do?

Even considering all that, all the arguments he could use to excuse himself if needed, there seemed to him to be one overriding, all-important factor.

She had wanted it.

Nothing could have been more clear to him. He'd given her a chance to live, to keep breathing. If she'd used that final touch to push his hand away, he would have let her go. Yet at both opportunities, she had decided to hold true to her final words. He'd ruined her, just like she wanted.

Turning slowly to face the group of gathered women, Guy looked out across their blank, shocked feminine faces. None seemed to know what to do. Half were staring at him, cock still out, the other half staring at their instructor's cooling corpse. Only one face stood out, meeting his eyes with hurt, embarrassed indignation. Seeming barely to care that he'd killed her, Kim was visibly jealous after seeing him so publicly fuck another woman when he was with her. Perhaps even moreso than she might be otherwise, considering the spectacle he'd made of it. Every woman here was sure to be talking about this for weeks, if not longer…

"Well… I g-guess we'll need a new instructor!", one of the women called out. Nervous laughs spread across the room, growing louder as Guy joined in with a grin. He realized then that it wasn't what had happened that they were afraid of - it was him. With no way to hold him back, those frightened by him were almost paralyzed, not even wanting to make noise lest he grab them too.

Yet oddly, a significant portion of the women seemed to be having the exact opposite reaction. Compared to when he had walked in they were even more overt in their interest now, nearly a full third of the class giving him shy, aroused glances. Noticing the increasing competition, Kim quickly moved to the front of the class, stepping close to Guy with a pouty expression.

"That stiff bitch couldn't have satisfied you, right?" Her fingers stroked along the top of his wet shaft as she pressed her breasts to his chest, other hand trembling as it took Guy by the wrist. It was true, in a way. With how intense it had been he was still mostly hard, arousal returning in a flash at her teasing touch. Guiding his hand up her body, Kim smiled tremulously as she pressed it to her throat. "Y-you can do me too… Just like her."

It was clear what she really wanted. She had been outdone, outperformed in front of all these women. Her instructor had seduced her man without a word, then given him something Kim had not. She had to match the display, to have her death uttered in the same breath as the instructor's when the others gossiped about today.

Heart beating faster, Guy started to tighten his hand, happy to oblige her. A tremor ran up Kim's spine, lips parting as she let out a squeaky breath, almost seeming surprised that he was so ready to do as she'd asked. Widening eyes looked at him unblinking, frozen in a state halfway between happiness and fear.

Using her throat as leverage, he pushed the curvaceous Asian down to her knees, then onto her back. A yoga mat cushioned her as he slammed her down, other hand stroking over her crotch. She was already aroused beyond dignity, his fingers feeling hot slickness even through the fabric of her stretch pants. Pathetically, the slut was wetter than any other time he'd taken her, just from watching him fuck and snuff someone else. A whimper left her as he roughly yanked off her pants and panties, tossing them away to expose her naked slit and shapely thighs to the entire room. Everyone saw what he had felt, then. Many women had left, but those that remained knew that despite her humiliation, or perhaps because of it, Kim was just as turned on by what she'd seen as they were. Titters and teasing small-talk sounded throughout the room, the gathered girls playing voyeur while they waited to see whose turn might come next.

Guy took his time, in no rush to get off once again. He was starting to warm to the spectacle of it all, appreciative of his audience as he started to constrict his fingers around Kim's elegant neck. Spread legs trembled as she silently begged for him to take her, to use her while she was given the privilege of dying for him.

Instead he teased her, pressing the head of his cock against her slit, barely not pushing in as he rubbed it across her labia and clit. Her spine arched, hips trying to push forward to get him inside, but he drew back. Smiling cruelly down at her, he felt her pussy pulse beneath him, a throb of perverse excitement. Her face was pink now, eyes leaking tears as they stared desperately up at him. She wasn't even trying to breathe, only to get him inside, growing more turned on with each moment her frustration was prolonged. This was a side of her he hadn't known, a perversion unglimpsed until now. His respect for her had crumbled away into nothing, contempt driving him to deny her while his lust urged him to push forward, to ravage her and give her the satisfaction she craved.

Sudden movement in the crowd around them drew Guy's attention away from his tormenting, some of the spectators taking a few steps forward from the sideline. His cock still threatening to penetrate Kim at any moment, he looked away from the asphyxiating slut, eyes flicking upward.

Standing patiently beside him, a dark-skinned older woman waited with a teenage girl before her, the two looking down at Kim with a shared gleam of envy in their eyes. Inspecting the pair, Guy came to the assumption that they were mother and daughter. Similar features echoed across both their faces and bodies, slender silhouettes with pert breasts, large for their frames. While the older woman was of apparently pure African ancestry, her daughter seemed mixed, cappuccino colored skin flushed across the bridge of her nose. Both of them had the same kinky hair, the girl's held back in a sporty ponytail while her mother wore it close cropped, professionally styled.

While the younger woman seemed lost in lustful fascination, the older woman soon noticed Guy's eyes upon them, a hand going to her mouth as she blushed suddenly. Gently stepping back, she tried to tug her daughter with her, into the general throng ringed at a discreet distance around Guy and Kim. A slow shake of Guy's head put a stop to that, beckoning them even further towards him.

"I'm sorry," the mother whispered once they were close. Supportive hands gently squeezed her daughter's shoulders. "She wanted to get a closer look." The teenaged girl was wide-eyed and said nothing, fascinated with the bare shape of Guy's cock. For all Guy knew, she might've been mute… but he suspected she was simply overwhelmed.

"She's welcome to," Guy said. Looking the two of them up and down, he pulled his cock away from Kim's cunt, turning it towards the mulatto teen. Pathetic choked moans of protest came from the woman on the ground, her curvaceous body writhing in need as it was held down by the throat. The teen girl's brown eyes followed the shaft as it swung towards her, two hands clutched to her chest as she wrung at her crop top.

"Oh… Oh my. Thank you, she's wanted to see one for so long," the woman breathed, starting to stare herself. "When you took the instructor, she almost fainted from excitement."

Finally, the dazed teen spoke. Her brown eyes were luminous with fervent lust, slowly pulling away from Guy's cock to look up at him directly. She seemed to be putting only now into words what she had been thinking for a good long while, confident in purpose.

"Please let me suck it, sir." Her voice was innocent, clear. Not nervous at all, she kept on. "I've wanted to taste one ever since I was seventeen, to choke on it while it was deep in my throat." She swallowed, whispering. "I've practiced on dildos, and I promise I'll make it good. You can even fuck my face as rough as you want. I won't mind. Just so long as you don't stop until I'm snuffed." Her earnest plea was capped off by a flutter of long, delicate lashes, hands shyly pulling up her shirt and bra to expose a beautiful pair of dark-nippled breasts. "Please, sir?"

Guy abandoned Kim without a second thought, lust for this new mixed woman overpowering any desire to satisfy her. Gasping for breath as he let go of her throat, the Asian beauty let out a weak whine as she was neglected for a second time. He could practically feel her hurt gaze on him as he stood up, taking the teenaged girl by the chin. Her hopeful eyes gleamed as he tilted her face towards him, breath coming quicker as he looked at her for a long moment. She was truly lovely, and he would want to remember how she'd looked before he ruined her.

"On your knees," he said simply. She dropped, a beautiful smile on her face as her chest heaved with panting breaths. The puffy peaks of her dark nipples were hard, light brown fingers slipping into her yoga pants as his cock rested across her face. She at licked it eagerly, eyelids fluttering as she moaned. Behind her the girl's mother kept a hand on her daughter's shoulder, rubbing slowly and watching with pride.

Pulling off the teen's hair-tie, Guy freed her from her ponytail, running his fingers through her beautiful kinked hair before gripping it tightly between his fingers. Eager, the girl was rapidly stroking him with her lips and tongue, suckling briefly at his cockhead like a pacifier each time she came to the tip. If he let her keep on like this he was half convinced she might start to nibble him, displaying a hunger to have cock in her throat that was ravenous beyond anything he'd ever seen.

Using her hair like handles, Guy pulled her head forward with a violent jerk, his entire shaft shoving down her throat with a surprisingly small amount of resistance. Perhaps her claims of practice had proven useful, for she barely gagged, fingering herself hard while he held himself deeply within her throat. Little jerks and gurgles signified sparks of pleasure, her happy eyes half-lidded while tears beaded in the corners. Obviously she could not breathe past the obstruction. As he held her there, Guy grew increasingly convinced she might be content to simply asphyxiate like this, to die with neither one of them moving a muscle.

He was not interested in such a passive path. Shifting his grip to the teenager's skull, Guy held it between his palms, giving him maximum ability to both push and pull. Once secure, he wasted no time before starting. His cock drew back, leaving her throat empty before violently filling it once more.

Guttural groans and cries came muffled through his dick as the girl gave sign of her enjoyment, sounding off each time his cockhead buried itself at its deepest point, her face slamming against his pelvis. He battered her with his body, thrusting against her to increase the impact each time, breaking her nose within a bare few thrusts and slowing not at all afterward. The pain must have been absolutely blinding, yet the girl kept on without recoiling, helping him put his cock as deep in her throat as she could get with every stroke. Tears poured down her cheeks unceasingly as her eyes grew glazed, her awareness focused now on the abuse of her body, the lack of oxygen in her lungs. He would hold himself within her for long moments, ensuring her slow asphyxiation while her hands almost mindlessly pleasured herself, fingers tugging her hard nipples and pumping within her slit.

Behind her, her mother watched her own daughter's slow death with lecherous appreciation, biting one lip while her dark fingers rubbed rapidly between her legs. Her mature body was upright, proud of herself and her daughter beneath the gazes of all the other women. Proud that they were good enough to entice a man away in the middle of sex, a feat impressive enough that no one here would soon forget it.

Almost the antithesis of the African mother, Kim lay abject on the ground behind Guy, crying silently at being abandoned again for another. Piteous in her dejection, she kept her legs spread wide while she tearfully masturbated, others smirking or giggling while subtly pointing at her. Red-faced and panting, the pathetic woman abused her own slit while she watched yet another woman get what she had wanted so much, too ashamed to look at anyone else, yet too desperate to run away.

Lungs starting to heave, the mulatto teen had wrapped her arms around Guy's legs, locking her body against his thighs while he punished her face with the rapid abuse of his violent thrusts. Sounds like sobbing came from her throat, blood leaking from her broken nose while drool ran down her dark red lower lip, dripping off her chin. Her face looked like the victim of abuse, bruising around the bridge of her nose, redness tinging the edges of her tearful eyes. Yet no victim could ever look so radiant as they received their blows, would never show such bliss while they were choked so cruelly.

Pushing himself in and staying deep, Guy held her face pressed up against his crotch, her saliva slick chin brushing against his balls. Lips formed a ring around the base of his cock, and he felt her frantic whimpers as vibrations through his flesh, signaling the beginning of the end. Instinct began to take hold, her body bucking and shaking as it tried to get air, his hands holding her head firmly in place. Her arms unclasped from around him, pushing at his thighs for a brief moment before she regained control. With desperate urgency, the girl rammed two fingers into her tight slit, other hand using two more fingers to rapidly circle her clit. A final drawn out scream came up from her lungs as she wasted the last of her breath, crying out her orgasm as her whole body twitched, twitched…

Then fell still.

Slowly, Guy watched the light go out of her eyes, felt the movements of her mouth cease and her muscles slacken. Her mouth popped off his cock as she collapsed like a lifeless doll, beautiful body folded unnaturally at his feet.

Despite the thrill of taking another life, despite how skillfully she had pleasured him, Guy's cock only twitched, not quite at the cusp of orgasm. Habit made him look towards the nearest woman, eyes meeting those of the girl's mother. The dark skinned woman was still playing with herself, looking back at him with a sultry gaze. Pulling down her blouse, she exposed chocolate brown breasts to him, nearly coal black nipples identical in shape and stiffness to those of her dead daughter at their feet. Kneeling down beside the corpse of her progeny, she took responsibility for the girl's unfinished business, reaching out and beginning to expertly stroke Guy's throbbing cock. Saliva eased her along, palm and fingers gliding across his skin in a delicious sensation while those mature, seductive eyes held him in their spell. Feeling the pleasure build, still riding a wave of sadistic thrill, a sudden idea took Guy as he received her expert service.

Though his eyes were enamored with her bouncing breasts, he out reached to her, taking the woman's head in his hands as he had held her daughter's. His grip firmed, holding her beneath the jaw on one side, at the temple on the other. It was clear she understood his intent, starting to stroke him faster as her other hand rubbed her clit.

"Do me too," she whispered to him. As she spoke, she came, tremors of orgasm running through her while she let out a deep, satisfied moan. He groaned with her, her blatant entreaty and expert hand pushing him past the brink. Her last act was to point his cock downward, doing so as soon as she felt the first throb of orgasm pass along his shaft.

Twisting her head sharply with both hands, Guy snapped the woman's neck as he painted her breasts with the first rope of his cum, cutting off her cries of pleasure in an instant. Wide brown eyes and a small, satisfied smile froze on her face, her body twitched slightly as he continued to paint her dark bosom white, thick droplets of seed sticking to her skin, running down her cleavage, dripping off her nipples like milk. His cock continued to throb within her dead grip, unloading everything she and her daughter had earned with their sacrifice.

When it was finally done, he let her fall, letting go of her skull and watching her drape limply across her daughter. Catching his breath, he looked across the room for the first time in a while, measuring once more the other women's reaction to his snuffing spree. Contrary to his expectation, the amount of watchers in the room had actually increased, several unfamiliar women leaning against the wall by the door. They appeared to have wandered in, perhaps catching sight or sound of the show as they passed by. Others were women who had left initially, then come back after curiosity had begun to overwhelm fear. Then, of course, were those who had never left. They were the ones masturbating, watching him with the ready eagerness of a dog hoping for its master to call it over. Any one might be ready to die for him, he thought. It was incredible that he'd never known this, never pushed to this ultimate limit of his masculine privilege. Here he thought he'd understood women, all while holding back from this most potent of pleasures.

Trembling fingers took hold of his hand, and Guy turned to see Kim by his side. Her alluring features were almost unrecognizable, misery and desperation making them into a pinkened mask of shame, a constant blush seeming to cover her entire face. She'd been utterly disgraced before everyone watching, passed over twice by the man she'd brought here. At the same time, she was as obviously aroused as the mulatto girl had been when Guy had let her taste him, her body craving more of his neglect, humiliation, and abuse. Bruises encircled her throat from when he'd begun to choke her, arousal coating her thighs from all she'd seen. She was fully nude now, having stripped for him to put her thickset figure fully on display. For the first time that day Guy felt some of the same fiery lust he'd experienced when he'd seen her on the street, her filled out curves seeming to beg for him to use her body for his pleasure.

Despite it all, it was apparent Kim was still determined to get hers, to receive the same gift Guy had given the other three girls. After her complete disgrace until this point, she wanted to go out as strong as she could. To that end, she had gone to her ridiculous purse and retrieved one of her cheap, MLM knives. Offering it now to him, she held it up like a squire giving a weapon to their knight, smiling pathetically through her tears.

"S-sweetie, won't you use this on me? I'd love it if you'd take it." Pushing it forward more insistently, her voice whined with desperation as Guy merely looked down at her, blank. "None of them would have let you cut them! Not like me, I'll let you, I'll be your snuff slut, I'll be anything you want please just take it and fucking stab me please!" Shuffling forward on her knees, fresh tears rolled down her cheeks. "Cut my belly or anywhere, I don't care. You can slit my throat, or take my insides out, whatever you want sweetie just take the knife, take it and stab me and cut my skin please please please. My guts will be pretty for you, prettier than theirs would be, prettier than any of them! Please, snuff me… please… please…"

Her shoulders shook, hunched as her eyes brimmed over. The blade shook in her hands as she began to cry in earnest, face turning downward. Almost Guy felt bad for the wretched woman, hearing her desperate nonsense for what it was. If he was not so intrigued by her offer he might have left her there, let her deal with her own snuffing if she felt so inclined.

Instead he took the knife from her, hefting in his hand as she suddenly looked back up at him. A hopeful little smile played about her lips, not quite able to stick as half-anticipated yet another humiliation, another round of watching him fuck and pleasure and snuff someone else while she watched and felt hot jealousy warm her slit from within. Her cow-eyed lust for her own turn at destruction only encouraged him more, giving Guy a fresh surge of bloodlust that lead to his hand wrapping itself around her throat, dragging her up onto her feet and pushing her up against the same wall where he'd snuffed the instructor.

Breathlessly watching, the other women had gone silent when he'd taken the knife, seemingly awed at the prospect of what might be about to happen. Kim had gone quiet too, save for a few soft little hiccups and pitiful whines. Her eyes never left him, filled with some broken kind of infatuation as he lifted the knife to her breasts.

She held still for him when he began to cut, only squeaking softly as her skin first broke, shivering against the wall as he traced slow patterns with the knifepoint. Red welled up in the path of the blade, droplets of blood dribbling down her body. The incisions were shallow, but hurt enough to make Kim begin to masturbate. She huffed weakly while she watched his face, seeming to love the sadistic glint in his eyes more than the agony itself.

The twisted cut trailed downwards in slow, meandering turns, the point of the knife finding its way to a spot a few inches below the bottom of Kim's sternum. Her body was arched, pushing out her hips and abdomen as if presenting them to her lover, offering up her body in her unquestioning willingness. Her whole body was twitching with her rapid breaths, hyperventilation making her stomach seem to flutter beneath the knifepoint, anticipation building to a fever pitch throughout the room. Kim's eyes were wide, biting her lip as she spared a glance down at herself. She was just in time to watch the knife slide in, a nearly effortless push providing the force to bury the blade several inches within her belly.

Kim's breath stopped in a sudden lurch, the feel of the cold steel within her reaching her brain before the pain. Guy's eyes did not see her smile, her silent laugh of exhilaration and joy. In that moment, she knew she'd gotten what she wanted. She was done for, had given herself to him a way no other woman he'd taken before her could boast. Not even the ones whose corpses littered the floor, cooling slowly while they awaited the next to join them.

Blood bubbled out around the blade as Guy heard a few cries of orgasm from around the room, women who'd been masturbating unable to help but climax from seeing him bury his knife in the beautiful Asian. It was a pity, he thought. They couldn't have held out for the best part.

Sliding the knife downward, he slit Kim's abdomen open as easily as one might cut through tape on a package, opening her up all the way down to her pelvis in a single slice. Intestines immediately began to bulge out, eager to be free of their long confinement, loops of the tangled organs starting to fall free from her. Kim herself seemed amazed, unable to comprehend what had done to her, only thrilled that it had been. Hyperventilating, her bloody breasts heaved as she reached down to touch her own guts. Her arms shook, hands useless except to dig into her own body as she suddenly giggled, a stupidly blissful smile on her face. Then she jerked in surprise, letting out a long gasp as her head tilted back, pleasure making her legs quiver uncontrollably. Squirt sprayed past Guy's fingers where he'd touched her, reaching past hanging guts to gently stroke Kim's clit. He felt her pussy twitch, felt the hot dribble of juices, her entire body reacting to the sharp, unexpected climax. He stabbed upward with the knife while she began to cum, driving it with all his strength below Kim's sternum and straight up into her heart.

He knew he'd made his mark when she shuddered violently, almost falling in sudden surprise. Blood poured down his forearm, buried up to the wrist within her body. The thrill of snuffing surged within him again as he watched her die from up close, her dazed face still smiling as her lifeblood rapidly ran out, pussy still quivering against his hand as her orgasm kept on. Leaning forward, he kissed her then, feeling her mouth weakly respond for a few seconds before life left her completely.

This time he set the body down slowly, cradling Kim's corpse in his arms and putting it down beside the instructor. His cock was a rod of steel before him, arousal at a fever pitch after such an incredible, passionate kill. Straightening, he looked out at the room once more, knife hanging from one bloody hand. His clothes were stained with blood, shaft sticky with the saliva and juices of the dead. In his eyes glinted a hunger he'd never known he had, the hunger that was the reason men had such a reputation in this world of women. Lust for both sex and blood were stoked within him now, and he would take his fill of both. Women around him began to approach, vying to catch his eye, to die or be used or both, as he pleased.

As he reached out to take another one, he wondered how many he would get through today, and how many he would have to keep for tomorrow.


That was super hot but it also could have done without the edgy bullshit at the beginning


I did what I could to keep the intro as cringeless as possible, but I think it might just be a rule that any attempt to do exposition in a casual snuff world comes across as incel power fantasy.

Which makes sense, I guess.


was a great story, i feel.
the intro sequence was story setting and making sure it felt properly casual for the free use/snuff


Thanks! That's more what I was going for, plus setting up for how easy it was for Kim to get cuckqueaned.

Hopefully it comes across better to others, it didn't feel very edgy when I wrote it.


mmm that's one ot he hottest things i've ever read on this site ♥ ♥ ♥


Agree, this is fucking hot


Good fucking god YES!!!
We so rarely get to enjoy some "casual" free use like this. Usually it's only with cannibalism (which I'm personally not into) so having this good old "classic" free use with simple some women begging to be snuffed in various ways is AMAZING!
Thank you.

Honestly, to me the biggest complaint I have is that I don't know how you'll top this? You already had strangulation, cock chocking and neck snap which are my top 3 anyway?

Maybe throw in some lesbianism (for his entertainment) with good old necrophilia. You didn't really have any of that yet. Also lesbian necro… too rare as is xD

I seriously hope you continue this. It was an amazing read and I'd love to see more.
The setting, of course, is a bit silly but what do you expect from a free use world? So I don't really have a problem with that. In my opinion, you don't need to justify the existence of the economy or how society can sustain itself without men. This is just for fun after all ^^.

So… please do more :D


One of THE BEST on this site.


Going to use this thread as a dumping ground for any other non-furry work I do. In hindsight I should have titled it better.

If you ever want to find my stories in one well organized location, I have a SexStories and Hentai-Foundry account that I usually update an hour or so before posting here.

Pop Party Pt. 1 - Passing On
(cons, futa, snuff, interracial, condom play, impotence, inflation, exhibitionism)

Aja looked down at the small bomb in her hand, weighing it as she waited in line.

The exterior was featureless, a plain pink sphere that dully reflected the warehouse lights overhead. In texture it felt almost like greased rubber, yet no residue remained on her fingertips as she caressed it. Squeezing it in her palm, she briefly hid it from view as her olive-skinned fingers curled tightly around it. No part of it gave in the slightest, utterly incompressible. It was surprisingly light and small, feeling almost as if she held a solid gumball, the type given out by coin-operated dispensers at malls.

A smiling employee had been making her way down the line, offering drinks to each in the queue. Aja clutched the bomb in her hand, heart starting to pound as the woman reached her. She accepted a large martini, goosebumps raising along her arm as she felt the cool stem of the glass slip between her fingers. The chill of anticipation swept over her as she braced herself, butterflies rousing in her stomach, a slight tremor taking hold of her limbs.

Taking a deep breath, Aja put the bomb into her mouth. It lingered on her tongue, mouth caressing it briefly before a substantial gulp of her martini helped it slide easily down her throat.

Huge as it was, she'd expected more trouble getting it down. Her now free left hand splayed across her bare belly, feeling the goosebumps that had now spread over her entire naked body. A wash of warmth seemed to pulse through her from that deadly pink orb, though she knew it was nowhere near time for it to detonate. Circling her own navel with gleaming manicured nails, she felt an excited smile spread over her face. This was really it. Her first and final Pop Party.

Equally enthusiastic as herself, girls up and down the line were gulping down their own little bombs, giggling to each other and sharing drinks. They weren't even in yet, already having a good time. Cute little covens of three or four huddled together in the haphazard queue, counting down before they all took their pink poppers in unison, washing it down with an entire drink apiece.

Imagining she could feel the drug-imbued coating of the bomb already at work within her, Aja looked down her brown-skinned body, inspecting her own cock. She'd been told that the pink poppers would prevent her from getting hard, and so far she'd needed no help in that regard. Smooth from a fresh waxing, her light brown dick hung snugly against her balls, scrotum pulled up tight in reaction to the slight chill from her nakedness. Precum had oozed out of her while she'd been standing, little contractions of her prostate able to be felt as she dispensed the lovely-smelling fluid in quantity over her glans and the front of her sack. Slightly stronger in scent, a trickle of feminine juices ran down her leg from her shaved slit, adding to the mess.

Touching herself briefly, she felt a thrill thinking about all the other girls that might see her, their own cocks and pussies just as wet as her own. Visions of herself through their eyes came to her, an outside perspective of a normal looking woman; Hair pinned up in a professional style, curves that were neither overly slender nor broad, her Arabic heritage writ plain in the tone of her skin and arch of her delicate brows. Just an average hermaphrodite of a type that you might happen to see anywhere… only now she was here, waiting in line with a hundred others to attend one of the biggest snuff parties there was.

Spurred on by the thought of her encroaching fate, Aja slowly began to trace a single finger down her shaft, shivering at the sparkles of pleasure that she caused by the simple stimulus. Going from her urethra all the way up her body to her breasts, the precum-wetted finger circled one nipple, teasing. Her eyes were closed as she experienced another surge of heat, feeling her nipple and cock stiffen together, strands of precum hanging from the tip of her hardening member.

"I'm going to die," she thought to herself. Her cock surged in response to the idea, and she had to suppress a shamelessly slutty moan from making its way past her lips. A fresh rope of precum pumped from her dick to splatter on the concrete floor, hot as it shot from her. It felt like her body temperature had risen, radiant arousal warming her flesh from the sources of her belly and crotch.

Despite knowing she shouldn't get too worked up too early, she couldn't help but continue to imagine. "This bomb is going to go off in my belly. It's going to swell up and stretch me till I tear in half, pour my guts out over all the other girls while I cum, cum like the fucking snuff slut I've always wanted to b-"

Her own hand squeezed around her iron hard cock, dark brown eyes snapping open as she bit her lip hard. Inside her grip her own shaft flexed in a frantic rhythm, like an animal trying to escape her hold. Just the idea of her own death had her on the brink, about to spray her load prematurely across the girls ahead of her in line, giving them the days worth of seed she'd stored up before coming here. She'd be laughed at, noticed and ridiculed by all the beautiful girls waiting with her. No, she couldn't do that, couldn't cum now.

That wasn't how a Pop Party worked.

Her last hours of life seemed like a bad time to start embarrassing herself, so she held perfectly still for a long moment, focusing on her breathing. At last the tension at the base of her shaft seemed to relax, clenched pussy relaxing with a fresh dribble of juices. She sighed in relief, gingerly taking her fingers away from her still rigid cock.

The recovery was just in time, the same employee woman coming down the line again as Aja looked back up. This time she was handing out something a little more unique to a Pop Party - Multicolored condoms. Aja handed back her glass before taking one, wearing a sheepish smile at being caught holding her own cock. The server winked at her before passing by, causing Aja to flush as she looked down at the clear-wrapped contraceptive she'd been given.

Hers was a lovely shade of light lavender, the special latex receptacle larger than most she'd worn before. She struggled to open it for a while, not wanting to risk tearing it by resorting to her teeth. It didn't help that she'd gotten her fingers all slippery, grabbing at herself as she had.

Briefly stuck, she stood perplexed for a moment before a finger tapped her shoulder from behind. Carefully turning to keep her cock from contacting anyone accidentally, Aja looked to see who it was, still feeling stupid as she held up her unopened condom.

Breath catching, she straightened up as she met the gaze of what must've been the most beautiful girl in line. Green eyes caught and held her focus with their vibrant color, standing out from the rest of the perfectly pale face. Only a tasteful smattering of faded freckles interrupted the canvas of fine features, dusted across nose and cheeks, trailing down her neck to shoulders and breasts. Peripheral vision informed Aja of delicate curves and a pert, pale bust, the beautifully proportioned body before her begging to catch her errant glance. Pink lips pursed, pulled at one corner by a smirk, the woman not unaware of the reaction she was causing. It was amazing to Aja that this radiant beauty must've been standing behind her for nearly a quarter hour without her detection, seeming as if some sort of hidden sense should have alerted her to the woman's presence.

"Need a hand?" Reaching out to her, the woman plucked the condom from Aja's motionless fingers. Her green eyes flashed in delight when Aja squeaked in surprise, brain lagging behind events.

"Oh, I could manage it," Aja finally said, watching the freckled woman open up the condom while making no motion to stop her.

"I'm sure! Still, the last thing you want to do is put it on wrong. They make these special for Pop Parties, you know. Not your typical cum catchers." Smiling at Aja's cock, the woman began to slowly roll the condom down her shaft, taking far more time than was necessary as she covered the throbbing meat in a thin tight layer of translucent latex. "See here? The ring end is special, it kind of glues itself to your skin. You want to make sure it's fully flush, with no leaks."

Peering down at her own dick, Aja saw what the woman was referring to. Where most condoms had a wide thin torus of rolled-up latex at their open end, this condom instead had a very small flat band of a different looking material, silhouettes of flexible circuitry visible between two layers of durable plastic. Pulling the ribbon wide before bringing it down around Aja's cock, the woman knelt briefly, concentrating on smoothing the stretchy band out to close any potential leaks around Aja's shaft. The flattened ring drew tight around her cock as the woman let go of it, seeming quite elastic despite the components contained within.

Bouncing up when the task was done, the freckled woman beamed.

"Perfect! I didn't even leave much air in yours." She gestured down at her own crotch, giving Aja all the invitation she needed to finally leer at all the rest of her.

First, she gave brief appraisal to the woman's cock. It was already condom-wrapped, green-tinged latex slightly baggy at the tip where some precum was starting to collect. Adorably small and already half-softened by the drug, it looked almost perfectly suckable, candy-pink glans showing bright even through the translucent condom. Her eyes then swept upward, devouring the sight of the woman's chest. Freckles coated the tops of her small breasts like a thousand tiny kisses, fading to nothing before reaching her ghostly areola. Slightly pinker, the puffy prominences of her large hardened nipples seemed slightly wet, leading Aja to briefly dream of sweet alabaster milk spraying from their surfaces.

An odd feeling occurred to Aja then, incongruous with the great beauty before her eyes. Slowly, deliciously, her cock began to descend, gradually losing rigidity while her arousal flared higher. Reversed from her normal response, the sensation was confusing, disjointed. Hanging half-hard and impotent from her crotch, her dick continued to pump precum, yet she could no longer maintain an erection even with conscious effort. It felt deeply, unsettlingly wrong… yet she couldn't help but love it.

A sly smile curved the stranger's mouth as Aja looked back up at her, the redheaded woman clearly aware of what was happening. Stepping closer to Aja, her freckled face drew close, their soft shafts brushing against each other with a sensation muted by the two layers of intervening latex. It was still enough to make Aja squeak in pleasure, frozen as the beautiful stranger whispered into her ear.

"I'll keep an eye out for your corpse on the dance floor, cutie. For now, it's your turn to help someone out. Pass it on."

White fingers lightly gripped brown shoulders, the smiling freckled face spinning away as Aja's body was turned 180 degrees, faced again towards the front of the line. Disoriented by the close contact, Aja's head kept spinning even after her body had stopped, her mind muddled with remembered sensations before a few deep breaths brought her thoughts back into order.

Pass it on… her turn to help… right.

Reaching up, Aja tapped the shoulder of the woman before her, suppressing a blush as the tiny asian woman turned curiously to face her. Pointing at the condom clutched in their hand, Aja repeated the same question she'd been asked by the redhead.

"Hey… need a hand?"

Smiling shyly, the short woman nodded, handing Aja her blue-tinted condom before thrusting out her cock. It was incongruously huge on her small, slender frame, laced with beautiful patterns of veins beneath the smooth skin. Opening the condom with much more ease than she'd had previously, Aja felt herself pump a fresh spurt of precum as she bent close to the asian girl's cock, inhaling the slight salty scent of the other woman's own leakings. Feeling suddenly bold, she turned her eyes upward toward the stranger, kneeling down and indulging herself in a slow lick across the woman's light brown cockhead. The woman shuddered, a breathy gasp pushing from between her lips. It sounded almost pained, yet Aja knew it was a sound of pure delight.

Not wanting to go too far, she took only that one taste, letting the flavor of someone else's precum linger on her tongue. It was warm, delicious more for its depraved origin than its slight saltiness. She swallowed it as she slipped the condom on, turning her focus back to the huge cock before her.

For the most part putting the condom on was easy, a ritual Aja had practiced many times before. She felt some trepidation as the time came to stretch the little ring at one end, a mild concern that she might snap the plastic band as she tried to slip it over the asian girl's significant girth. Surely the circuits within had some limit to how far they could be drawn apart…

Taking a deep breath, she simply went for it, stretching the ring like a rubber band between her fingers before using it to flip the last half of the condom onto the woman's cock. It snagged briefly, but she pulled it a little wider and kept on, relieved to realize it hadn't adhered at all to the veiny skin. With a careful motion, she relaxed the tension in the ring, watching in fascination as the circuits within it pulled together. Carefully making sure there were no bunched up arches or pinching places, she smoothed it about the base of the asian's cock, relieved to see she'd applied the condom practically perfectly. A watertight seal was in place about the shaft, securing the condom on for the rest of her life.

The woman smiled at her as Aja stood back up, lightly caressing her own newly wrapped dick.

"Thank you… Do you happen to know why they give us these condoms? Are they special?" Her head tilted slightly to one side, a childlike expression of curiosity seeming natural on her innocent face.

Aja did know, but didn't want to think about it too much, afraid of how the thoughts might set her off. A moment of internal struggle resulted as she tried to think of a way to explain it without imagining it, ending in surrender as she of course ended up envisioning the exact thing she'd been trying to keep from her mind.

"They're to collect the cum if we orgasm," Aja murmured. Starting to blush as she looked at the woman, she forced herself not to look away, staring straight in the asian's eyes as she started to imagine their condom filling, tip growing heavy with thick seed. "The poppers will make it very easy to climax, and increase the volume too… it'd get very messy very fast without them."

Nodding in understanding, the other woman started to blush as well, subtle pinkness tinging her round cheeks. Her cock was softening, the drug starting to affect her as well. Even halfway flaccid it was still bigger than Aja's would have been at full mast, smooth balls heavy beneath the drooping shaft.

"But that's not the only purpose," Aja said, breath hitching briefly. It was all so vivid in her mind. The same scene she'd fantasized about ever since she'd decided to attend this year's Pop Party, practicing her hands-free orgasms night after night. "It's a contest, too. They'll film it all, and whoever's condom held the most when they died is commemorated. Makes it easy to identify the biggest slut of the night."

Almond-shaped eyes wide as she listened, the Asian bit at her lip, a substantial amount of precum starting to fill up her fresh condom. One of her small fists flexed slightly, almost as if in determination, expressing a desire to be that very slut.

"The most important thing, though…" Aja closed her eyes, taking a deep breath before the last part. She was riding the edge, too easy to set off after all the training she'd put her body through. Without being able to see anything, it made it a little easier. A little. "They can sense when we cum, through the part at the base I'd guess. I'd never seen one up close before, so I hadn't known how they figured out when some girl got set off. I've watched the recordings of other years' Pop Parties, though. I'm sure you know how it works."

Fist pressed between her breasts, the asian's voice came in a whisper, almost sounding fearful with the nervous anticipation that filled her tone.

"Whenever someone cums… someone pops. At random." She let out an excited giggle. "Just like that, one of us dies."

Aja stood perfectly still for a moment, fighting the memories of what she'd seen, the videos she'd watched. Uncut premium episodes of Pop Parties purchased so she could pretend she was a part of them, so she could prepare herself to die in the same way as the women on her screen. There was even a downloadable app for your phone that told you when you'd 'popped', making a cheerful little noise in conjunction with a random person's climax during the video. Aja was sure she wasn't the only one here who'd indulged in such play.

"The condoms must transmit some signal," Aja mused, trying to engage the analytical part of her brain to distract herself. "Broadcast to a receiver in the same room when they detect the cum moving through the cock, then that triggers a random Popper to go off. Maybe that's why they make us soft… so they can actually detect the orgasm itself instead of some throb or twitch, or blood moving through suddenly to make the shaft swell."

"Heat," the asian murmured. Her small hand stroked along her own cock, caressing the latex wrapper. "They might detect an increase in heat, a sudden rise during orgasm that would be otherwise not present when we can't get fully erect."

Aja nodded in acknowledgment of the possibility, honestly uncaring towards the exact mechanism by which her death would be achieved. All that mattered was that it would happen. The bomb was already within her, nestling itself among her guts, primed to show everyone her hot, steamy insides.

Coming closer to the asian woman, Aja startled the stranger with a sudden kiss, feeling her cock rub up against the shorter girl's stomach. It only took a moment for them to melt into the liplock, eager tongue darting out to play against Aja's own. They broke apart before either could climax accidentally, but it was a near thing for them both, panting and looking at each other with smoldering passion behind their eyes.

"My name's Aja," Aja told her. The asian swallowed as she looked away to catch her breath, light brown nipples hard upon her small chest. A moment passed before she could manage to reply.

"Erin," she said, giving no more.

Aja smiled at the name, reaching out to touch Erin gently upon the cheek. The asian woman looked up, their eyes meeting briefly.

"I'd love to spend some time with you during the party, Erin." At their hesitantly returned smile, Aja winked. "Until one of us pops, at least. For now though, it's your turn to help someone out." She pointed down at the other woman's condom-covered cock, then forward at the next person in line. "Pass it on."

Things began to progress quickly after that, Aja observing from behind as the favor of putting on each other's condoms passed the rest of the way up the line. She'd been nearer the front end than the back, and so the wait was shorter for her than for some. Still, in the minutes while she waited it felt as though the butterflies in her belly were having their own little Pop Party, violent bubbles of anticipation bursting within her, spreading tension and heat throughout her body.

Finally, the time came. Everyone was securely wrapped, pink Poppers safely swallowed. A pair of fully female servants pulled open the double doors that had been so patiently waiting for them all, showing in the first of them to the Pop Party's pleasure studio. As the whole line began to trickle forward Erin glanced backward, smiling excitedly at Aja as her slender hips swayed, small feet almost skipping. Showing some of her own hidden eagerness, Aja returned the smile, all the while fighting the urge to also look back and catch a glimpse of that gorgeous redhead. Who knew? It might be her final chance.

Instead she focused her efforts on trying to peek past the heads and shoulders of the few women still between her and the entrance, wondering what sort of theme the decorators had gone for this year. Despite the attempt, she still hadn't figured it out by the time she had passed through the doors, in that moment experiencing for the first time the stage that would be the backdrop for her death.

The organizers had aimed for the appearance of a high class, tastefully extravagant sitting room. All about the room were rich hues of red fabric and gold trim, purple draperies hung framing false windows with a dark, simulated forest beyond the glass. It was a decor that might not have looked out of place for a billionaire's private den, or a supervillan's lair. Something of it spoke of culture, of decadence, sweet things purchased at high prices and kept private from the rabble. Rare pleasures enjoyed in rarefied surroundings.

Aja loved it. An erstwhile commenter in Pop Party fan sites, she'd personally gone to bat to defend some of the less liked themes that had been used in past events. It was her own opinion that each one was a work of art, a practice in tuning your perspective so that you could appreciate it's full beauty. Critics seemed to her stuck, unable to shift their viewpoint to the proper place required to enjoy the scene to its fullest.

This, however, was beyond reproach. Everywhere Aja looked she saw nothing less than the perfect place for her Popping, a video clip of her own corpse's creation waiting to happen at every red velvet couch, every daybed, every table and chair. It all seemed designed to be a perfect place to dump her guts while cumming out her last… which of course, it was.

Unable to stop marveling at it, Aja stepped slowly through the huge room, glancing upward at the cameras that hung at odd angles from the ceiling. Having looked through such cameras countless times in her life, she could appreciate the viewpoints that had been chosen. In fact, her appreciation only grew as she slowly grasped just how masterfully the furniture had been positioned throughout the ballroom-sized space, every angle covered for a popping in any conceivable location. It stood out to her to be the work of some of genius of fung-shei, or a mastery of perhaps an even more advanced art.

Aja blinked and looked down, pushed out of her own brief reverie as she felt a hand touch lightly upon her shoulder. Erin was looking curiously up at her, the diminutive asian seeming confused as to why Aja was staring with such fascination at the furniture.

Giving a huge sheepish grin, Aja felt herself suddenly lurch away from such silly concerns, drawn out of her old obsessions by that simple touch. The reality of the situation hit her like a kiss to the heart, a light, carefree feeling spreading out from her chest. It didn't matter what the decor was. She was here. Attending the Pop Party at last, less than an hour away from her own snuffing. Sure, it was nice that no one online was likely to argue much over the decor surrounding her death, but there were more pressing matters. After all, there was only… how long left to wait?

"Where's the clock?", Aja asked, turning her head slightly to look about. Erin helped, pointing over to one end of the room. A pair of massive picture windows showed footage of a moonlit grove, projected so well that from far away Aja almost felt it must be real. Between the two of them an oversized grandfather clock ticked away, ornate hands indicating it was a mere two minutes to midnight. Turning to grin at her new friend, Aja squealed in excitement. Smiling widely back, Erin stepped a little closer, clearly wanting to share the special moment with someone she knew. Most of the other women were clumped up as well, new friends and old chattering excitedly as the seconds ticked away.

The party was about to begin.

From her online exploits Aja knew that they were being recorded even now, their anxiousness and excitement captured for the uncut edition. Despite having dropped such cares to the lowest level of her attention, she still felt a slight prickle across her body, unable to banish the awareness of all those that would be watching. It only served to add to her anticipation, the building thrill. Everyone was waiting now, wondering the same thing.

Who would be first?

Erin's fingers squeezed tighter about her own as the final minute began, the room falling slowly silent around them. Women lounged lazily in chairs fit for royalty, laid out in appealing poses in the hopes that the cameras would soon all be upon them. Aja merely stood, holding her breath. Unsure if she even wanted the honor, yet hoping for it all the same. The excitement was so universal she could practically taste the arousal in the room, like an electric charge crackling in the air.

The moment struck, the ceremonial cry drowning out the 'pop' of whoever's bomb had begun its rapid reaction. A hundred tremulous voices cried out to the cameras, every one of the women eager for their fate to unfold as the clock chimed its amplified song.


Cheers and clapping followed, distracted as each pair of eyes swept the room, seeking out that single woman who would be the first to fall. Aja and Erin withheld their applause, finding themselves unable to let go of each one another, free hands pressed to their stomachs to feel for any sign of swelling. Both waited, barely daring to breathe lest the false rise of their belly set them off. A long, suspenseful moment passed as everyone in the room became hyper aware of their own bodies, waiting for that tiny shift that would signify the end…

Finally an exuberant cry came, signaling to all where to look. A final trepidation occurred to Aja as she swung about, a fear that it would be the redhead, that she would never get to see her again save in one last outpouring of her beautiful body across the marble floor.

It was not her however. Instead she and Erin found themselves looking at a trim, tan woman, soft Slavic face looking down at herself with a satisfied grin. Her belly had begun to round, the rapidly expanding foam within the Popper pushing with inexorable pressure against her insides, shoving them outward and stretching her body faster than it could withstand. Already the woman's faintly cherubic features were showing signs of agony, lips twitching and parting in groans as things broke inside her.

Yet despite the beautiful progression of emotion upon her features, few were looking at the woman's face. Instead a hundred gazes and countless livestreams were focused solely upon the woman's lower half, her soft thick cock positioned squarely in center frame. Above it her stomach swelled, pushed out to form a new and gorgeous curve on her body, a depraved parody of pregnancy that heralded her euphoric death. Her rising moans made those near her lean forward, everyone waiting to see in which way their party would start. It was all an established piece of the drama, the first move of the gory game they would all eventually lose. Would this be a wet start, or a dry one?

Growing now past the point the size of any normal gestation, the strong-looking woman cried out in ecstasy as her stomach began to tear, skin and muscle splitting like an overripe fruit. Head tossed back against the damask backing of her couch, her body quivered, red-painted nails gripping at the cushions as blood sprayed out across the women watching. Some giggled, others shrieked, all gasping and grinning as they got out of the way. Guts bulged through the rip in her middle, and in a sudden final burst, popped out of her like spring loaded snakes. The wound in her stomach gaped wide, ribs and offal visible in the meaty hollow within. Nestled among it all was a pure black sphere nearly a foot and a half across, the foam contained within the popper's smooth stretchy exterior having expanded at an exponential rate. The final few seconds were always the most violent and sudden increase in force, making for a lovely show for all to see.

Still alive, the broken slut slid shaky hands down her body, breath weak and ragged as she stroked past her breasts, slipping fingertips into the empty place where her organs had once lived. Teary eyed, a euphoric smile gleamed on her face, perfectly white teeth showing as she spoke just loud enough for everyone to hear.

"I didn't… cum…"

Applause broke out, sending the woman off with a standing ovation as she slumped, completing her goal of becoming a chaste corpse. Nearby women ran forward as she went limp, shoveling spilled guts out of the way to gleefully pull off her empty condom and hold it up as proof for all to see. A dry start it was after all.

Aja was impressed by the woman's restraint. If it had been her, she had no doubts that she'd have gone to her knees and loaded up her condom until her last breath, uncaring of what carnage she caused as she let the pain and euphoria send her off. Of course, a wet start was never overtly hoped for, the first to pop encouraged to try and hold back by dint of the notoriety they'd earn. Too many parties began that way, the lucky woman succumbing to masochistic pleasure and setting off a chain reaction of orgasms and deaths that might not stop until barely a fifth of the girls remained.

Still, while a far more common onset, a wet start was an exciting prospect in its own right. From that initiating orgasm, one other woman would be set to begin her own popping, often already aroused from seeing the gory sort of mess she was about to become. A few others might also cum just from sheer excitement, either immediately following the first death or shortly after the second. From there it was just a matter of who got lucky and who got luckier, condoms filling and bellies popping until an equilibrium was reached. Once such a start had wiped out the entire party in less than ten minutes, an almost exponential reaction of masochistic climax much like the kind that occurred within the Poppers themselves.

That would not be their fate, however. Their group was now on a much more gradual path to extermination, and they each would have their own part to play in determining how quickly it reached its inevitable ending. With her restraint, the blonde woman had given them all the chance to make an even greater spectacle and show of this years Pop Party, to choose the sexiest possible way to burst each other's bodies while loading up their condoms full of cum.

Turning to Erin, Aja found the asian woman already staring up at her, lips wet and parted. She was breathing hard, tiny breasts rising and falling with barely constrained lust. Aja realized she was none better, pulse pounding and skin hot all across her naked body. Eyeing each other in consideration, they shared an unspoken thought as their arousal continued to kindle.

For one, the Pop Party had already ended. For everyone else, it had hardly even begun.


Fuck yes.


I just read your Trash Tsundere Story and loved it, do you know any similar stories apart from Blowfly Girl? Filth /scentplay stuff is super hot


Pop Party Pt. 2 - Perfect Sweetness
(cons, snuff, futa, fatal inflation, condom play, hands-free, lactation, interracial, femdom, necro, bukkake)

Like ice forming from water, organized activity began to bud throughout the room. Crystallizing into groups, individual women flowed together, talking and touching one another excitedly as they made plans for their final moments. Soon the room was abuzz with giggles, gasps, moans, a dozen or so cabals moving into motion to make the most of the time they had left. If not for the drug preventing any them from getting an erection, Aja was sure that the party would have become a full-on futa orgy within minutes.

Instead reduced to their permanent half-soft state, each futa's condom wrapped cock was made overly sensitive to every touch, adding to the danger. Very soon one of those condoms would begin to fill, a random partygoer's Popper thus triggered to blow their belly wide open. One by one these women's lives would be snuffed out, happily sacrificed so they could become gory firecrackers to signal the start of the new year.

The first of them to pop had been the starting gun. Now only a corpse cooling on one of the classy couches, her impressive act of will in withholding from orgasm as she burst apart now allowed every other woman the opportunity to get creative. These groups that had formed were not merely acting in the interest of having fun, their unique displays at least partially done as attempts to attract the attention of all those watching at home, seeing every detail through the cameras hanging from the ceiling above.

There were of course many ways to go about having fun at a Pop Party, albeit most of them involving filling up your condom, or else making someone else fill theirs. Nothing was more thrilling than causing the death of another by your very act of orgasm, especially as you waited for your own snuffing via the selfsame method. Some girls opted for a more languorous approach, passively enjoying themselves up to and past the point that their Popper triggered, uncaring how quickly the end came. Others actively sought to end themselves and others, showing themselves off to the cameras in steamy sexplay as they tried to cause as many orgasms as possible before their own explosive snuffing.

Aja was undecided on which sort of participant she wanted to be. She'd watched the recordings and livestreams of the Pop Parties for so long that now what came naturally to her was to simply observe, as she was doing currently.

Beside her, Erin seemed less inclined to be so passive. The short Asian woman tugged at Aja's hand, her new friend eager to go out and take part before she popped. Letting herself be guided, Aja felt her body pulse with rapid shocks of heat, arousal unlike anything she'd ever experienced filling her up as she stood in the physical presence of so many women willing to die, just like her. Every woman that they passed would soon be just a beautiful corpse, smiling stiffly with a loaded condom hanging below their burst belly. Even Erin. Even herself.

Trembling slightly as they stopped, Aja stood beside her friend at the sidelines of a group of girls, about eight futas making a circle with their backs towards the center. Other women also thronged about this small clique, enjoying the show along with the audiences at home. At some unspoken signal each member of the circle reached to their right, gripping the soft cock of their neighbor. Laughter and gasps rang out from those taking part, arousal evident in the faces that stared outward. With the way they were arranged, no one could see anyone else within the chain. All they had was the feel of a stranger's shaft in their hand, their own dick likewise pleasured by another anonymous partner. One began to caress the cock they held, stroking it to elicit more moans, and the favor was passed on along the line until it came fully back around. As simply as that, the circlejerk began.

With as many times as Aja had heard the term used so derogatorily online, she had never expected to find the sight of a real demonstration so magnificent. Biting their lips and letting out cooing sounds of pleasure, the participating women expertly attended to each other, stroking fingers along securely wrapped cocks in a matched tempo. Not having to worry about accidentally removing the condom with any normal amount of force, they were free to play with one another in any way they wished, thumbs stroking against glans, scrotums teasingly pinched or squeezed.

Those in the audience participated as well, showing themselves off for the girls in the circle, trying to entice them to orgasm with bold, vulgar displays. Some played with their bodies, pushing together their breasts or fingering soaked pussies. One got onto her hands and knees, letting another woman spank her while she moaned for more.

It was then that Erin turned to Aja, normally narrow eyes widened with imploring. Surprising her, the smaller woman stepped suddenly close, Aja's brown breasts ending up resting atop her slight bust. Her almost childish face was tilted up towards the taller woman, pink lips parted while she gripped at Aja's upper arms.

"Kiss me," Erin hissed, almost feral in her need. "Kiss me again, so we can make them cum."

Heart pounding, Aja felt her lips come apart, panting breath spilling out. Erin's fierce little face looked up at her, waiting, not letting her play the passive part. Somehow, simply by saying it, she'd made Aja want the same thing, Erin's lust overflowing into her as their lips came ever closer.

Leaning down, Aja pressed her lips up against Erin's, a muffled moan escaping her as the shorter girl stood on tiptoes to slip her tongue that much deeper into Aja's mouth. Their half-closed eyes looked lustfully across at each other's expressions, soft wet noises coming from their conjoined lips as they moved, tongues playing against one another, saliva mixing and breath mingling. Acting almost unconsciously, Aja moved her hands to cradle the small of Erin's back, pulling her body closer to her own. She could feel her partner's huge cock brushing up against her balls, her own shaft curled against the hollow of Erin's navel.


Both women's eyes went wide, yet they did not break their kiss. Letting out a shared sound of anticipation, they continued to hold to one another, growing even wilder in their makeout than before. Erin ground her body up against Aja's cock, their hard nipples stroking over each other's breasts while the little woman ran teasing fingers along her lover's long brown back.

It was too much for Aja. Preceded with a rising string of desperate moans, she broke the kiss briefly as she lifted her face to cry out in sudden orgasm, soft cock twitching as seed began to pump through it. Feeling the condom start to fill against her belly, Erin's eyes lit up in delight. Her hands lifted to hold Aja's head, pulling her face down again so the little woman could continue to put her skilled mouth to use. Teeth tugged teasingly at Aja's lower lip while she unloaded, hips trembling with each rope of seed. Never before had she had such a strong orgasm, utterly helpless while the latex covering her cock ballooned out, pearly cupfuls of cum swirling, hot as it squished up against Erin's smooth stomach. It was amazing to her that she could even shoot so much, even despite knowing that the drug within her was enhancing the quantity, cannibalizing her gonads' long term health in exchange for a short term increase in semen output.

While she was still reveling in the sweet sensation of thick cum pumping through her impotent shaft, Aja felt a pair of lips brush up against her ear, hearing Erin's all too innocent voice murmur to her in the midst of her climax.

"You killed one, Aja." She giggled, then licked at her lips with a soft, erotic sound. "She's swelling up, just like your condom against my belly. Listen. Keep cumming, and listen for her death. I bet she'll kill another herself."

Whimpering in overwhelming arousal, Aja slumped to her knees, full condom plopping against the ground as the strength went out of her legs. Her face brushed against Erin's cock as she held to the little woman's thighs for support, ecstasy taking all pride out of her. Despite the sudden collapse, she did as she'd been told. Her ears pricked while her orgasm reached its conclusion, the last little bit of cum oozing out of her as-

A meaty pop sounded just nearby, a spray of blood coating her skin in hot moisture before soft guts splattered against her back. Her cock gave one last pulse, a tiny squirt of cum following the amazing flood that had preceded.

Erin's reaction was far more remarkable. The thick shaft pressed against Aja's face jumped, then started to pulse in rhythmic contractions. Pulling back slightly, the Arabic woman watched in muted appreciation as the blue-colored condom quickly filled. The soft brown glans disappeared within a cloud of swirling white seed, contained by the latex as it swelled, stretching out into an elongated teardrop shape that hung from the tip of Erin's shaft. Weight pulled the condom down until it rested against Aja's chest, pillowed between her breasts and making her shiver with the delicious heat that radiated from the thick semen within. It was a truly ludicrous load, even with the drug enhancing semen production past any normal human level. With just one orgasm the little Asian had pumped up her condom to be larger than one of Aja's breasts, the comparison clearly evident while it hung within her cleavage.

Struggling to catch her breath, Aja looked up at Erin, seeing the short woman's pale skin now smeared with an artistic splatter of blood and guts. Her partner was stroking her hands slowly across her own breasts, looking as contentedly pleasured as a cat before a fire. Shakily, Aja stood up, taking a helping hand as Erin came slightly out of her afterglow. Together, they turned to appreciate what had become of the circlejerk.

Of the eight that had been, only seven still stood. Four of them had filled their condoms with their first load, colorful little balloons hung gaily from the tip of their impotent cocks. At their feet lay a corpse, limbs laid out in a posture of ecstasy, face a mask of pure bliss. Yet despite having been so clearly snuffed, a single sign of life still showed, slight movement taking place between the body's legs. Amazingly, it was apparent that the woman had begun to cum after she'd died. Orgasming in the literal last seconds of her life, she had gone out in a brief flash of pleasure, death reaching her just before she could begin to unload. Triggered by nerve impulses fired out by the brain before its demise, the somewhat still living body carried out the autonomic act of ejaculation, pumping her condom full even while she lay stiff and unbreathing.

The outflow eventually slowed and stopped, the muscles having used up what little oxygen and energy was available after bloodflow had ceased. All around, women that had been watching the show began chattering excitedly, expressing their delight in learning such a thing was even possible while wondering if they could manage to do it themselves. All Aja could think was that such a unique death would surely make the highlight reel for this year, racking up millions of views online when people went to rewatch this woman's final moments.

And she had caused it.

Erin wore an impish smile as she looked over at Aja, seeming proud of what the two of them had caused. Elsewhere in the room four more would be dying as a result of their actions, perhaps even five if the dead woman's climax counted. Playfully bumping her bulging condom up against Aja's own, the little woman twisted, affectionately taking hold of Aja's arm as they began to aimlessly walk about once more.

"That was so fun," Erin murmured once they were away, out of earshot of the dissolving circlejerk. "You didn't see it, but they all came when they heard that pop. Each of them was so keyed up from getting stroked that it was almost simultaneous. And feeling you cum against my belly like that? Mmnf." The little woman bit her lip, briefly touching her stomach.

"Yeah…" Despite still feeling somewhat disoriented Aja couldn't help but agree, amazed by the part she had played in it all. Now there were sure to be at least a few girls popping at any given moment, the party starting on slow burn of snuffings that would eventually leave them all broken. Unless the chain of orgasms ended there was no way to stop it now… and with four or five initiators, that didn't seem likely. At the most, she and Erin would have about ten minutes before one of them died. Probably both.

"Let's go watch someone pop," Aja suggested, guiding Erin along with sudden urgency. "I didn't really get to see one up close, and I'd like to before I…" She trailed off, feeling her body flush with fresh arousal. Despite just cumming she felt as turned on as she had when she'd first walked in, a consequence of either the drug or the soft state of her cock or some combination of the two

Nodding her assent, Erin rested her cheek against Aja's shoulder, seeming to enjoy simply being close to the taller woman as they strolled along. Considering their circumstances, it was an oddly endearing gesture, not unwelcome. While they walked Aja found herself considering what the smaller girl might've been like as a girlfriend, living with her with more than a few minutes left to share. Someone to come home to, to do things with, to make love to before bed.

Sweet, she decided. It would have been as sweet as life could be.

Yet the death they would greet together would be even sweeter.

Walking around magnificent furnishings of every extravagant style imaginable, the pair of women came upon another small group lounging their time away upon a bed. Almost Aja drew back as the trio of them came into view, the posture they were in so intimate that she felt an instinctive desire to grant them privacy. Of course, if it was privacy they wanted, they likely would not have chosen a place so perfectly beneath the gaze of one of the cameras, showing off their intertwined bodies to all the world.

The three woman lay atop the sheets, a particularly busty brunette placed in the middle of the mattress, back propped up against pillows as she lounged between her two partners. Holding them tenderly against her sides as they nursed from her large breasts, their soft cocks hung across her hips so the tips touched the base of her own shaft. As upright as it could be with its shaft so pliably curved, the half-erect dick pointed downward, towards toes that slowly curled and uncurled as she relished the pleasures of the other women's mouths against her hard, sensitive nipples.

While those suckling her kept their eyes closed, the brunette had had hers only lightly lidded, a slight smile showing on her wide, matronly face as she saw Aja and Erin standing at the foot of her bed. Her gaze was confident, taking them each in with an unhurried sweep from face to cock. She lingered upon their condoms, a pulse of precum from her cock indicating how much she liked the sight of their contained cum.

Aja began to open her mouth, about to say something in greeting. The motherly brunette lifted a finger to her lips, shaking her head slightly with a smile. Silence. A change from the cries and laughs that were sounding elsewhere in the room. It seemed these three wanted nothing more than to enjoy a comfortable embrace as they took their final ecstasy.

Erin was fixated upon the lips of the two girls nursing, their faces mostly obscured by the other woman's breasts as they so tenderly sucked at her teats. Her hand went to her mouth suddenly, suppressing a gasp as she noticed a spill of milk from the corner of one mouth, leaking out across the cheek. Turning slightly to Aja, she whispered her observation in the quietest voice she could manage, setting the taller woman to watching as well. At the next small leak of sweet whiteness both of them licked at their lips, first Erin, then Aja, neither aware that the other had.

Seeming amused, the woman in the middle shifted her shoulders slightly, sighing contentedly as she made herself more comfortable among her pile of pillows. Blinking slowly in leisurely pleasure, she lifted one arm, unhurriedly reaching down to where the two cocks lay against her skin. Daintily extending a finger, she stroked along the shaft of one, smiling in satisfaction as it immediately began to cum.


Gripping each other tighter, Aja and Erin saw it all unfold with a shared sense of awe, silent as the singular sound reached their ears. Unmoving from her place, the brunette woman kept the same serene smile as her stomach started to swell, the girl at her left breast whimpering softly as she made her condom bloat across her partner's lower belly. Neither stopped nursing for even a moment, barely seeming to care that the woman whose breasts they suckled was a few short seconds from death.

Aja glimpsed for a final time the gratification on the brunette's face, the sheer satisfaction with all that was. Then her stomach swelled to the point that it obstructed the view from the foot of the bed, the sphere swelling within briefly outlined as it pushed violently at gut and muscle. There was a wet tearing sound, blood spraying across the entire tableau to coat all three women in speckles of red. Then intestines flung upward, the woman's legs jerking as her toes curled one final time. Silent till the end, her cock never even twitched, only a small dribble of juices escaping her pussy below her hanging balls.

Heart thumping while she waited to see what the two girls might do next, Aja was barely still aware of Erin beside her, only noticing the woman when her small hands reached out to take hold of Aja's purple-wrapped shaft. Eyelids fluttering, Aja let her partner pleasure her, uncaring for the moment who she might snuff with her rapidly approaching orgasm. Both of the little woman's hands enveloped her, Erin moving to kneel behind Aja while she worked her over, fingers even shifting to slip inside her pussy. Aja accepted the service wordlessly, unable to look away as the show kept on.

Mouths popping off the blood-smeared breasts of the woman they'd nursed from, the two girls looked at each other, milk leaking from their lips. Coming together across the corpse now between them, they kissed, sharing the last taste they'd had of her as white-tinged saliva mixed between their tongues.

With a single choked cry, Aja came, watching one of the two crawl atop the other while Erin expertly played with her cock and pussy both. Standing stock still, the silent scene played out in front of her, interrupted only by another POP that set one of the girls to swelling. The one whose orgasm had ended their matron's life quickly came again, pouring out her seed along with Aja. Kissing her for all the time she had left, their belly swelled as her partner pressed hungrily against her, bodies intimately intertwined. Aja's condom swelled even larger, slowly doubling in size as she pumped the potent contents of her balls down into it. Erin's hands lovingly cradling the latex sac of seed as it grew, her tongue lapping at Aja's slit.

Bursting directly against her partner, the girl on the bed laughed her last, lips stained with milk and blood while globs of her guts stuck to her companion's cock. Panting heavily, the surviving woman was now draped across two corpses, the stiffening bodies perpendicular to each other while she looked down upon them. Her bobbed blonde hair was sticky with blood, blue eyes almost dreamy as she smiled at her departed lovers. Thrusting her soft cock into the steamy hollow of her late makeout partner's belly, she tilted her face back, basking in ecstasy as her flesh-splattered condom began to fill up among a nest of offal and pooling blood.


Surprise and shock at the sound caused Aja to suddenly bend forward, gripping at the footboard of the bed for support. Watching in wonder, she believed herself to be witnessing something tantamount to a miracle. By cumming, the surviving woman had apparently triggered her very own Popper. It was an amazingly unlikely occurrence, even if one assumed half the party was dead by now. Yet her belly and condom now swelled together, the former a pale imitation of the other's growth as her creamy stomach stretched taut, navel pushing out and skin pressing up against the dead matron's breasts. Milk sprayed out from the pressure against the soft mounds, dribbling out on either side of the girl's expanding middle. A squirt of juices sprayed from her pussy, lightly misting Aja from where she watched. Then the blonde popped, collapsing into the pile of corpses as the support of her belly burst into a mess of organs and offal, meat mixing with that of the other snuffed members of her threesome.

Lips pulled away from Aja's slit, and the Arabian woman realized that she'd stopped cumming, her condom now twice as heavy as before. It held to her shaft by the special band at one end, unable to fall free or leak, holding in every drop of seed that he had spilled to the sights and sounds of death. Erin had let go of her, standing and stepping back with her task fulfilled.

Inhaling slowly, Aja affirmed that her legs were up to the task before trying to turn around and face the other woman, putting the bloodsoaked bed to her back. Seeing those three snuffed had been sexier than anything she'd ever seen in a porn clip… not least because she had been right there, close enough to feel the blood and pussy juice spray across her skin. So near that she could have taken part in it herself. Nothing she'd seen in her life had ever come close to turning her on as much.

At least, not until she saw Erin, smiling to herself as she cradled her swelling belly.

Stunned, Aja stood frozen for a moment, mind reeling as it tried to understand. Through a haze of dissipating dopamine, she realized what must have actually happened. The last girl on the bed hadn't triggered her own Popper - Erin had. And in return, the girl had triggered Erin's.

Staring at her friend, Aja met Erin's excited eyes as the little woman looked up at her. The Asian's huge cock was still going, condom filling further with every second as her orgasm was extended by the thrill of imminent death.

"One more kiss?" Her friend's head tilted to one side, innocent expression mocking the depravity of her heart.

Rushing forward, Aja caught Erin in a tight embrace, the two melting together in a last passionate burst of love. Holding her friend's cock in one hand and squeezing her close with the other, she poured every bit of lust and passion she had for Erin into that final kiss, an almost tender exchange compared to those before. She felt the cum continue to flow through that massive member, pumping past her caressing fingertips to feed into the condom at its tip. Erin was giving everything she had, determined to earn her recognition as the biggest slut of the night.

With her own cock pressed right up against her lover's swollen stomach, Aja felt her friend's death as a physical caress, a sudden impact of hot meat against her cock. Steaming pieces of Erin's insides stuck to and slid down the latex enveloping Aja's shaft, the little woman jerking inside her embrace as a final moan sighed past her lips. Holding on, Aja felt her go slowly still, the flow of cum through the shaft in her fingers trailing away to nothing. A moment passed as she simply stood, holding tight the corpse that had so briefly been her friend, her lover.

Twisted happiness bloomed inside her heart, lips parting from Erin's dead mouth as Aja laughed, nuzzling the dead woman's cheek before her fingertips eagerly sought out the freshly open belly. She found the expanded black sphere of the Popper, spent after swelling to its maximum. Tossing it out, she made a nice empty place in Erin's abdomen, a perfect place to plop down the dead woman's condom.

Maneuvering Erin's cock to put the loaded latex sac inside the little woman's own belly, Aja carefully slipped a finger beneath the band that had so steadfastly held the heavy payload in place. Separating it from the skin it had been attached to, she tied it deftly, assuring the loaded bag of cum wouldn't leak any of its contents while it waited within its new home.

Shining with residual cum, her friend's shaft now hung bare before her, blasted body held upright with what looked like a gallon of semen sitting in her gaping stomach. Erin's mouth still smiled faintly, little brown breasts peaked by hard, puffy nipples. Aja found the sight utterly beautiful.

"Come on," she whispered at the corpse. Stroking at the half-hard penis, she futilely tried to encourage the dead body, imploring it to aid in her unspoken desire. "Let me have her, just once… Let me ride you, Erin."

Another uneventful moment passed. In the back of her mind Aja waited, knowing that at any moment another pop might sound, that the bomb in her belly might begin its inevitable reaction. Before she became a corpse she wanted just one last thing, a final fantasy fulfilled. She had to try, at least…

It happened as if by magic, life breathed into the dead. Stood upright, the blood left in Erin's corpse was pulled down by the force of gravity, gradually pooling into the bottom half of her body. The drugs that had kept her impotent had affected muscles that were now dead, unable to withhold the influx of sanguine fluid from filling up Erin's cock. It stiffened almost completely in Aja's hand, the giddy woman giving it all the time it needed to get hard.

When it was finally satisfactory, Aja eagerly lowered the little woman's corpse down onto the floor, lust burning high as she knelt over it. Guiding the snuffed woman's dick, she spread her lower lips apart, smiling beatifically as she immediately slid the thick meatpole into her soaked, squeezing slit.

Gasping and gripping her dead lover's breasts, Aja squeezed her eyes shut, breathing quickly as she pushed more and more of the huge shaft inside herself. She'd known Erin was huge, having felt firsthand the girth and length of the woman's cock when she'd still been alive, before the drugs had made her soft. However, she quickly began to realize that knowing it, as opposed to feeling it, were two very different things. It stretched her with an agony that was a soft pale shadow of what Erin must have felt in her final moments, a mere caress compared to the destruction that was in store. All while she filled herself with the dead meat, Aja listened, anticipating that fatal pop. There would never be a more perfect time, her body ready to burst all over the beautiful Asian's corpse.

Finally, she hilted. The grotesquely swollen head of Erin's cock pressing up against her womb, Aja quivered, what felt like a foot of dick filling up her aching pussy. Breath catching, the Arabic woman reached up to her own breasts, roughly fondling them as she felt her ecstasy swell once more.

Looking down as the crest of her climax came, Aja panted out her pleasure while watching her own condom swell, a pooled latex bubble at the tip of her dick that slowly grew upon Erin's chest. Wobbling with each twitch and throb, the volume of cum flowed lazily back and forth within its bounds, indirectly lapping against the small breasts to either side like ocean waves.

Gasping as the rush faded away, Aja ran trembling hands over her sweaty body, almost delirious with the lightheadedness that came from such rapid climaxes. Vision swimming, she felt alternating chills and flashes of heat chase each other across her skin, her balls experiencing a sharp, sickening ache. It was a high of the sweetest kind, the headrush of giving up her own well-being for further bliss.

Smiling woozily, the Arabic woman stood up, lifting her condom with her as she rose up and off of Erin's cock. It remained perfectly upright behind her, sticky with juices from Aja's slightly gaping cunt. Kept warm inside her own corpse's belly, Erin's ridiculously full condom stood out among the red mess like a splotch of mismatched paint.

Walking away slowly, Aja worked some of the stiffness from her legs. Fresh exhilaration had hold of her, an emotion almost utterly unlike the snuff lust that had been her starting motivation. Already she'd had so much that her own popping could hardly compare, every depraved dream come true. Of course, her destruction wouldn't be a disappointment when it came, not at all. It could arrive at this very moment, that little pop that was as good a death sentence. Aja would simply kneel down and let it happen, let everyone watch as she was sent off in the way she'd always desired, always deserved.

However, that was only the ending that had always been planned. In the meantime, there was more to do. More pleasures to take part in.

Striding purposefully towards the few upright figures that remained in the room, Aja passed by corpse after gaping corpse, stepping over mangled bodies and squishing through spilled intestines. The Pop Party was drawing to a close, many having died while she and Erin were off having fun. It was incredibly unlikely that Aja had even made it this far - but of course, someone had to.

A muffled pair of POPs sounded as Aja closed the final distance, one of the three remaining women facing away from her as the other two went to their knees. Beautiful hands gripped both pairs of balls, mercilessly squeezing out cum from the genuflecting girls as their bellies swelled up, torturing them until they popped like two macabre confetti cannons. Displaying wondrous dexterity, the remaining girl's fingers easily repositioned to slip off the condoms of both the recently departed, smoothly yanking them free and holding them up for the cameras' appraisal. Tossing her head back, she then upended them over her body, opening her mouth as she drizzled most of one straight down into her throat.

Recognition hit Aja like a blow to the stomach, stopping her a few feet away as she stared. For a moment, she didn't trust her own eyes to tell her the truth, not when it seemed so perfect, so unbelievable. Yet, it was her.

It was the redhead.

Finishing her meal, the woman tossed away both used condoms, the wet latex splatting to the ground as she began to lick her fingers clean. A satisfied sigh reached Aja's ears, the redhead bending in a stretch that displayed both holes toward her. Between porcelain pale thighs hung a condom even more bloated than Aja's own, slightly stretching the tiny cock it was connected to with the sheer weight of seed it contained.

Popping back upright, the redhead turned about, smirking over her shoulder as her glinting green eyes found Aja at once.

"I was wondering if you'd make it," she said. Saliva-wet fingers ran back through her ginger hair, ruffling the short feathered style that she wore it in. Her freckled face was smeared with blood and cum, chest and body no better off. From her puffy nipples sprayed small fine streams of milk, pert breasts hanging voluptuously from her chest. Her perfect little cock was overshadowed by the massive gore-spattered condom it had filled, a basketball sized teardrop of pure white cum bouncing thickly against her creamy thighs.

"I was hoping you would," Aja admitted. Never in her wildest dreams had she expected to last so long, to dodge each potentially fatal orgasm that might've been her end. Yet for some reason she'd always held the expectation that the redhead would make it here, to survive until the final few. Ever since she'd laid eyes on her, she had known.

An oddly endearing smile spread on the redhead's lips, blood-reddened mouth pursing ruefully at the praise. Even covered in all the mess, even looking like every gorgeous bad girl Aja had lusted after as a teen, somehow the woman managed to look like nothing less than a freckled goddess. Some deeper characteristic of her allure was still pristine, untouched by the depravity and gore that surrounded her… or perhaps amplified by it, brought out by virtue of contrast. Like white upon black.

"Funny that it came down to a final two, huh?" The girl started to step towards Aja, perfect red-painted feet gracefully avoiding the corpses all around. Aja approached her in return, feeling awkward by comparison.

"It's beyond unlikely," Aja breathed, her nipples stiffening as the girl came within a few feet. "Someone probably won a big payout on the betting forums."

Her giggle was melodic, pure girlish delight. Finding herself smiling, Aja wondered what to do next. How to cap off this beautiful party, as well as both their own lives?

Of course, the redhead already had a plan.

"Hey… you wanna taste?" One hand came up her body, smearing blood and semen across her skin as she stroked upward and cupped her own breast, lightly squeezing it. The slight spray of milk intensified, flowing thickly. "I promise you'll like it. I always do." She winked, pushing her breast upward before lowering her face, catching the nipple in her mouth. It was barely possible, but she caught her nipple in her mouth, eyelids flickering down as she made an appreciative noise. Sucking deeply, she took a few long pulls before letting go, breast bouncing as it came back down to its natural position. Opening her mouth, she extended her tongue to show the white sheen of sweet milk that coated it, dripping down and off the pointed tip.

Aja didn't bother to answer with words. Closing the distance between them she knelt and pressed herself against the redhead's messy body, mouth enveloping one nipple entirely while that perfect puny cock pushed up between her brown breasts. Drinking deep, Aja's eyes narrowed in pleasure at the taste and sexual thrill of breastfeeding from her bloodstained goddess, remembering the two girls that had nursed in much the same way.

Long fingers slid into Aja's hair as the redhead breathed a soft sound of pleasure, holding her face there against her breast. Her slender hips thrust slowly, condom slapping lightly against Aja's belly as the little cock nestled into her cleavage moved ever so minutely back and forth.

"That's it… drink it all. No one left to save it for. Not even me. Not eveaaHhhhh… oh god…" Body twitching, the redhead's breath hitched as she brought a hand to her mouth, biting down on one knuckle as she started to cum. "Don't stop. Don't stop love, not yet… not until you hear it."

Aja felt it then, that little twitch, the climax that was the trigger for death. Between her breasts the redhead's cock shot its first rope, beginning a slow deluge of seed that pumped unceasingly through her short shaft. Almost as large as Erin's, the condom hanging against Aja's body once more began to grow, a thrill filling both women as they waited to see who would lose the coin toss. Neither moved from their position, still nursing and thrusting, held together by pure anticipation.


The sound was as clear and loud as a pair of clapping hands. With her mouth so tightly latched to the woman's freckled breast Aja couldn't help but be aware of from where it had came. She'd felt the shockwave, the slight shudder of flesh as the sound transmitted through the woman with which she had grown so quickly infatuated.

"Lucky me," the redhead breathed. Letting go of Aja's head, she pushed the woman gently away, smiling with lips and limbs trembling in excitement. Still kneeling, Aja looked up at her, watching as her smooth pale stomach slowly began to swell.

"I want you to wait," she said to Aja. Her hands moved slowly, one gripping her breast, the other stroking her still cumming cock. "Don't cum yet, love. Get as close as you can… but I want you to wait. Wait until you're covered in me." Her breath was heavy now, ragged and uneven. Green eyes bored into Aja with all the weight of a dying wish, of a mistress's decree.

Nodding mutely, Aja stared at that growing belly, the swell perfectly level with her face as she continued to kneel, to worship this mortal goddess.

Lifting her head in a pained, passionate cry, the woman started to tug both nipples harshly, abusing her flawless breasts as she bloated to ridiculous size. Within her slender body the growing Popper seemed even huger than normal, distending her stomach so that it started to tear in several places.

With only a few moments left, something desperately urgent suddenly occurred to Aja, the worst possible time to remember.

"Please," she cried, reaching out towards the swollen redhead. "What's your name?"

Panting in pleasure, the redhead looked down at Aja. A knowing expression came over her freckled features, eyes glimmering with sweet love as she spoke her final words.

"No names, love. Not now. I'm just a painslut… your own personal snuff show." Lifting milk-wetted fingers to her lips, she blew a kiss, cock cumming its last. "I hope I help your pop feel just as sweet as mine."

She burst in an explosion of gore, the final expansion of the Popper pushing out sharply at her entire midsection. Her narrow waist made it messier than any other snuffing seen that night, so much of the flesh around her middle pulled apart and flung away that her top half was separated entirely, flying a few feet away to land in a crumpled pile upon a brocade sofa. Loops of intestine and torn chunks of other organs flung in all directions, much of the mess splattering thickly across Aja's body. Warm meat steamed hot as it slid pleasurably across her breasts and cock, all the more enjoyable for knowing whose body it belonged too.

Aja squeezed her cock in both hands, utterly still. Her back twitched, stabs of pleasure threatening to set off another orgasm, the last climax of the night. It was so hard to resist, so hard not to give in to that soft, warm pleasure moving along her skin. The redhead's last caress. Her mind was filled with the perfect sight of freckled breasts, a smirking face, that pumping little cock. She could still feel its warmth between her breasts, some portion of intestine mimicking its shape as it slithered down her cleavage.

Only when she was utterly sure of her control did Aja finally allow herself to stand. Weak legs almost buckled beneath her but she forced herself to stay upright, half-stumbling over to the collapsed lower half of the redhead's body. The condom was still hanging off her cock, bloody ruin all that was left above the waistline. Aja pinched the tip firmly closed after pulling off the package of latex-wrapped cum, marveling at the weight of so much thick seed contained within.

Holding the condom out of her way, she then knelt, bending low. Pushing her face down between the redhead's limp legs she licked at the pink, perfect little cockhead, taking a taste for herself of what her goddess's cum was like. The same as any other load, of course. To her, it was ambrosia. Enveloping the entire tiny shaft within her mouth, Aja lavished it with as much skillful attention as she had to give, tongue swirling over the corpse's cock until it was spotlessly clean.

Standing once more, she swallowed, walking unhurriedly back towards the bloody bed. There was no reason to rush, now. No looming time limit. All the cameras were on her, for there was no one else who could possibly end the party but Aja. In homes all across the world, men, women, and everyone in between waited breathlessly, watching to see what she would do.

Holding the green condom in her left hand, Aja knelt down beside the cooling corpse of Erin. A smile played over lips as she touched the dead woman's face, stroking briefly. Then she reached down, pushing her hand into the crater of her friend's midsection and pulling out the condom she had stored within.

She compared the two loads that she held in her hands, holding them up side by side with the purple balloon of seed that still hung heavy from her own dick. Both green and blue were filled far beyond her own volume, almost putting her to shame with their respective amounts. Yet when it came to comparing one to the other, Aja could not decide. To her eyes, they seemed the same. Perfectly equal.

Lifting her left hand to her mouth, Aja closed her eyes as she slowly drank down the entire contents of the green condom, focused utterly upon the flavor of the thick cum pouring across her tongue. Her throat worked in needy swallows, desperation to get more of the flavor into her mouth making her spill some of it across her lips, promptly licked up by her darting tongue. As she finished it off she reflected that she felt almost… sloshy. Liquid moved within her stomach, so much that it almost felt as if she were about to pop prematurely.

It wasn't time for that yet, though.

Cradling the blue condom tightly between her breasts, Aja strode once more across the opulent room. Around her dead women lounged on chairs fit for royalty, blood and cum making spreading stains in countless ornate carpets. Some corpses piled in groups, others laying alone. All had gone to their fate with utter joy, proud and pleasured by the opportunity to pop, to burst apart and die for everyone to see.

Finding a comfortable looking daybed well positioned beneath one of the cameras, Aja slid onto it, sighing contentedly as she settled in for her finale. Lifting up her legs up she propped her thighs against the singular arm of the half-couch, half bed, elevating her hips up above her head. Her condom flopped at the tip of her soft brown cock, hanging down over her belly.

Taking one hand, she slowly began to stroke her soft shaft, building up her pleasure in a few careful caresses. With the other she kept hold of the blue condom, reaching down between her legs and pushing it into her slit. It squished without breaking, deforming to fit inside her as it flowed down deep to touch her womb. Still warm, as she'd hoped.

Breathing rapidly now, Aja got ready, placing two manicured nails just slightly apart at the place where the blue latex bulged from her overfilled pussy. Stroking herself with reckless abandon, she let out every slutty noise she'd ever held in over her entire life, gasping and moaning, crying out as she felt that sweet, fatal bliss begin to build.

Twisting her fingertips, her nails caught and snagged against the latex, the circular movement stretching a small section of the latex past its tensile strength. It ripped, popping the entire bulging condom in a sudden wash of amazingly hot cum, wet sticky semen clinging to every inch of Aja's insides. Erin's seed, filling her up from womb to clit. It infused her with joy to feel it, wishing she could have done this when she'd rode her lover's cock.

All sounds from Aja's throat choked off as climax hit her. Eyes wide, back arched, she found herself grinning in reckless desire as the first shot of seed pumped through her cock. Bloating against her belly, her condom jiggled with every additional influx, the pain in her balls acutely agonizing as they were forced to supply for a fifth, final orgasm.


In a sudden rush her belly began to swell, pushing back against the filling condom as Aja experienced at long last what she had come here to feel. Within her the little orb grew, pushing to fill her belly in a sensation far beyond anything that a condom full of cum could cause. A small wet tearing feeling as her stomach gave way, a sign of deep and troubling mutilation within her. Grinning, Aja only came harder, reaching past her balls to madly finger her cum-stuffed slit.

The rounding of her middle became truly noticeable a few short seconds after, rapidly bulging outward before her eyes. Within it felt even better than she could have wished, washes of sparkling agony lancing through muscles and connective tissue as they were stretched, strained. Notes of pain as sharp as broken violin strings, signaling that things had begun to tear. All of it throbbed to the beat of her heart, a countdown her her blissful oblivion.

Curling up as much as she could, Aja used her last moments of life to slip off her own condom, letting the loaded latex roll off her bulging stomach and fall down upon her brown, heaving chest. The purple wrapper disgorged its contents in thick gouts across her tits, glazing her breasts and cleavage in a thick coating of sticky cum. The smell of her own seed mixed with the flavor of the redhead's still in her mouth, the feeling of Erin's filling up her slit.

Feeling like the biggest slut that she could have ever hoped to be, Aja tossed her head back and moaned in masochistic ecstasy as she burst into sticky pieces. The agonizing pressure that had built up within her suddenly increased a hundred fold, then released in an instant, spewing her insides up into the air. Still lying upon the sofa, she watched herself splatter across the ceiling, pieces of her falling back down to land wetly upon cushions, upon corpses, upon carpet.

The sweet sensation of release made her smile, utterly relaxed as she listened to her heartbeat fade. Cum oozed from her naked cock, dribbling into the gaping hole in her body as if trying to fill it anew. Heat suffused her, pain so far surpassing the threshold of her body's ability to register that all she felt was the warmth. Yes, this was what she had come here for. This bliss, seen so many times through the filter of a camera's lens, a computer's screen. Now she felt it for herself.

Turning her head slightly, Aja looked up towards one of those digital eyes, meeting the gaze of millions as she smiled. With trembling fingers she made a peace sign, other hand caught up in mindlessly playing with her own cum-coated breasts. Soaked inside and out with the seed of herself and others, her belly burst apart and body festooned with the entrails of snuffed lovers, she seemed to those watching to be symbol of all a Pop Party was. Utterly depraved, masochistic to the end, and unashamed through every moment of it all.

"Hope you came along with me," she whispered, meaning in the deepest parts of her stuttering heart. "See you next year."

Lightheadedness overtook her, and Aja's last thoughts dwindled down a dark hole that had no bottom.

That's definitely going to make it onto the highlight reel…


Elevator Pitch
=(futa, cons, exhibitionism, CBT, nullo, domination, casual)

Lizzie looked up from her phone as she heard the chime of the arriving elevator, swiftly tucking the square screen into her bra. The doors slid apart to show the nearly empty compartment, only a single other occupant going up so late at night.

Smiling briefly at the other woman, Lizzie got a closer look as she stepped inside. Average height and slightly thin, something about the lady seemed off. Perhaps it was the way she looked at Lizzie, a little more interest showing in her dark eyes than was typical for such a chance meeting. Or it might've been she shifted her feet, re-adjusting the short coat she wore and tugging slightly at her skirt.

Turning to tap the button for her floor, Lizzie kept an ear perked for any funny business. Given the woman's size, she was pretty sure she couldn't be too much trouble. It might've been slightly overconfident, but coming home fresh from the gym Lizzie felt like she had more strength in one thigh than the other woman had in her whole body.

The number for the top floor lit up beneath her finger. Unassailed, Lizzie tried to resist staring at the woman as she turned back and leaned up against the opposite side of the elevator, feeling her stomach briefly lurch as the little room started upward. It would be a long trip - the elevators in her building were practically ancient, crawling up the hundreds of floors as slowly as if they were still powered by donkeys. The wooden paneling pressed against her shoulders was scuffed with the countless scars of backpack zippers and bra clasps it had accumulated in the elevator's long service, probably tens of thousands of people having leaned up against this same wall before her.

Sighing, Lizzie snuck another glance at the woman riding with her, wondering if she could pull her phone back out of her bra without them noticing. If her purse had been anything other than dead weight on her trips to the gym, Lizzie might've brought it instead and avoided this issue. Of course, there was rarely ever anyone else in the elevator at this hour. Leaving it at home had seemed a safe bet.

The woman noticed Lizzie's glance at once, her gaze having never left the lithe, athletically dressed woman. Her dark eyes bore back into Lizzie's, seeming entranced, expression oddly inviting. A slight flush crept across Lizzie's face as she continued to look at the other woman, wondering why she couldn't just glance away, why neither of them had instinctively broken eye contact in the way strangers always did after awkwardly crossing lines of sight.

"Are you bored?" The other woman spoke softly, eyes never wavering. Her lips looked very soft, a shade of red just too light for Lizzie to be confident that she was wearing lipstick.

Shrugging slightly, Lizzie managed to glance downward as she attempted to get her thoughts in order. Intending to compose some sort of response, she looked towards the other woman's skirt as she tried to think.

All notions of continuing some meaningless conversation disappeared in an instant, replaced by a hot confused rush of emotion as Lizzie laid eyes on the huge cock starting to tent the other woman's skirt. As she watched it continued to rise, pumping up rapidly in obvious tandem to the woman's high heartrate. Twitching and bouncing, its swollen head shone wet beneath the white fluorescent light, precum oozing out of the piss slit in a steady flow.

Feeling herself start to breathe harder, Lizzie looked up with wide eyes as the other woman began to unbutton her coat. Bare skin exposed itself as the two halves of the garment started to hang apart, soft creamy breasts capped with cherry red nipples shown off as the coat slipped away, falling to the ground.

"Would you like to have fun with me?" The woman's second question was no less soft, but Lizzie still noticed the faint tremor in her voice. The stranger's face was starting to get as red as her lips, puffy nipples as rock hard as her cock. "I won't make you… but I'd like if you did."

The bizarreness of the situation had been almost instantly surpassed by the urgency with which Lizzie felt pressured to decide, almost shocked at herself with how hard she was finding it to choose how she wanted to answer. It was late, and this was a strange woman and a strange situation. There was no obvious threat, but still…

She couldn't take her eyes away from the woman's face, dark eyes so hopeful, bright with a flush of arousal that Lizzie was starting to feel her own body reciprocate. Whenever she tried to look away she ended up staring instead at the stranger's cock, skin smooth and delicately veined, soft balls hanging ripe and weighty. The head was the same shade of red as the woman's lips, and Lizzie wondered if it felt as soft as her mouth had looked. Instinctively her fingers twitched, the other woman noticing the small movement at once.

"Go on… you can touch it." Her breath spilled out in soft panting, shuffling forward in her heeled shoes. The cock bobbed up and down as it drew closer to Lizzie's body, stopping well within reach. "I won't move. I promise. It's okay…" The stranger swallowed, cock giving a powerful throb as Lizzie's fingers stretched forward, her brain deciding for itself what it wanted while her logical mind was still ten steps behind the situation.

Lizzie's fingertips seemed to glide over the silky smooth skin of the shaft, a melting heat kindling within her panties as she caressed the twitching cock. The vibrations of the stranger's heartbeat could be felt like the minute ticking of a clock, little pulses transmitted through the hot, firm flesh.

Trailing her hands down towards the woman's crotch, Lizzie lifted the skirt out of the way, exploring with the fingers of one hand as she slipped them behind the stranger's balls. The air beneath the woman's slit was damp and steaming hot, radiant warmth and moisture seeming to cling to Lizzie's fingertip as she pushed it upwards, finding the small, sensitive button hiding behind her flasher's heavy balls.

A gasp of pleasure was her immediate reward, the stranger's entire body twitching, cock flexing within the grasp of Lizzie's other hand. Looking up at her new lover, Lizzie felt herself smile, a somewhat familiar sense of control starting to stoke the fires of her lust. She didn't know how this would end up, but she felt certain of the next step. It was one she'd gone to with past girlfriends, especially the ones that seemed as eager to offer up their cocks as this woman was.

"This is your fantasy, isn't it?" Lizzie cooed to the other woman, starting to stroke the huge cock. Her fingers could barely encircle it, the slight expansion of the flesh whenever it throbbed making her forefinger and thumb pull slightly apart. Precum drooled out of the red tip, and Lizzie made sure to make good use of it. Polishing it across the cockhead with her palm until the stranger's knees seemed ready to buckle from the intensity of stimulation, she'd then start to stroke, smearing the hot lubricant along the woman's member while gently playing with her clit in her other hand. Beneath her sports bra Lizzie's nipples pressed outward, hard little spots on her chest. Between her legs she could feel her pussy readying itself for this massive visitor, panties already totally soaked.

"You've wanted this for so long… but tonight was the first night it all came together. Very brave of you, to do what you did." Lizzie spoke now directly into her lover's ear, body pressed up against the other woman's. She could feel every little tremor, every breath. Nothing else existed but this elevator, the cock in her hand, and the stranger that had offered it to her. "Do you want me to reward you for that bravery? Do you want your fantasy to come true?"

"Mmuh huh!" The woman's desperate gasp was barely articulate, forced out between moans and long moments of holding her breath. Her eyes were unfocused, half-closed as she gave herself up totally to Lizzie, a woman she didn't even know.

"Well… I'm afraid it's not going to be that easy." Lizzie let go of the woman all at once, wet fingertips making sticky strands as they pulled away, sparkling strings stretching and breaking in the light. Whimpering, the other woman's hips twitched pathetically as she stared at Lizzie. Her expression was almost that of someone ready to burst into tears, saved from looking childish by the smoldering lust still present in her eyes.

"You want more?" The stranger's question was unexpected, unmistakably eager. Lizzie felt her pulse rise as she realized this might be a woman ready to match her, sub to dom. Someone that could never be truly punished, no matter how hard she tried. A true masochist. It'd been a long time since Lizzie had gotten to play with one of those.

"What I want is simple." Lizzie managed to keep her voice controlled, fighting against the urge to rip off her clothes and abandon all sense. "If you want to play ball with me, you need to show me you're in the same league." Her eyes scornfully scanned the nearly naked woman up and down. "So far, you're like something I'd crush beneath my boot… all while knowing that you'd still enjoy it."

The woman's reddened face gained a hint of some deeper exhilaration that even stripping before a stranger had not given her, an unrestrained excitement that showed there was no longer a single piece of her she held private. Nothing was sacred, nothing withheld now. The corner of Lizzie's mouth curved in a smile, anticipation peaking as she readied for the woman's next move.

Bending briefly at the knees, the woman reached into one coat pocket, pausing to look up at Lizzie. Gaze unflinching, she stood up slowly, bringing up with her the knife she'd had concealed in her clothing. Lizzie stared at the glinting steel, suddenly certain that no matter what happened next, that edge would soon be tested.

"Every night, I'd sit alone and take out this knife." The stranger's eyes fell to her weapon, turning the flat handle over and over in her fingers. "I'd watch porn… brutal, kinky stuff. The type where girls like me get mutilated, killed. And all the while, I'd have my knife. I'd hold it against myself the whole time, right here." She pressed the edge up against the base of her cock, just above the balls. Her gaze met Lizzie's once more. "I'd tell myself that once I'd cum, I would cut my cock off. I'd believe it, too. Even as I came."

Looking away, she took the knife away, hand hanging by her side.

"But I never could. No matter how much I wanted it, my hand just wouldn't do it. I'd nick myself and start to cum again, and never get any farther than that. I wanted… NEEDED someone else to do it. I wasn't sure I ever would get that. Doing this, this stunt… this was as far as I hoped to really go." She held the knife towards Lizzie, flipping it to offer her the hilt. "But this knife, that's my real fantasy." Her face had lost its blush, but her voice was practically vibrating with contained anticipation as she concluded her dialogue.

Lizzie stood, speechless. Her pussy clenched, already imagining it, knowing at some basic level what she really wanted to do. That cock was too perfect, too beautiful, too huge and delicious and utterly meant for her in every way.

Given this chance, she knew she had to have it.

Grabbing the knife, she took it from the stranger and pressed back up against her, tightly squeezing the cockhead in her hand. Precum smeared over her palm, dripping out between her fingers as the woman's body reacted to the touch. The small elevator was filled with the thick scent of sex, making Lizzie almost lightheaded as she breathed in the fumes of the naked woman's arousal. She twisted the cock, watching with relish as the weaker woman tensed and moaned, leaning in to the abuse.

"You really want it, huh?" She brought the blade up, feeling the captive cock flex in her fingers as the blade pressed against its underside. "You fucking painslut. You know how lucky you are?" She shoved the cock back against the body it extended from, compressing it painfully, then using the flat of the blade to slap the stranger's balls. The woman yelped, quivering in pleasure as her hips quivered, cock letting loose a fresh flood of precum. "I want you to thank me. I want you to tell me how grateful you are that I got on this elevator, the one woman in this building willing to entertain a pathetic pervert like you. I want to hear you say it as you cum, and not stop until your cock is on its way out of this elevator without you."

"Yeeeees!" Gasping and smiling in delirious happiness, the woman thrust herself against Lizzie's hand, starting to babble stupidly. "Thank you, thank you mistress. Thank you for taking my cock. Thank you…"

Lizzie shut her up for the time being with a savage kiss, grabbing the woman by the hand and directing her to start fingering Lizzie's slit. Her temporary pet took to the job readily, fingers sliding beneath the clinging wet fabric of Lizzie's panties and starting to pump rapidly in and out. Giving a shudder of satisfaction, Lizzie let the pleasure start to build. After so much foreplay there was a real danger she might cum too soon, so she wasted no time in returning the favor.

Still holding her knife poised at the base of the stranger's cock, Lizzie started to give the woman the final handjob she'd ever receive. For what it was worth, she put her all into it. Her fingertips stroked and teased, tracing the veins and ridge of the cockhead, then returning to a pleasurably tight grip to pump her victim a few more strokes towards its last load. The stranger moaned and panted, sandwiched tightly between Lizzie and the wall of the elevator. Her hard nipples poked into Lizzie's chest, soft breasts jiggling with the beat of both their heartbeats. Her eyes stared into Lizzie's, and Lizzie stared back, sharing an intimate moment of mutual masturbation with this utter stranger, this pathetic pervert she was about to ruin forever.

The cock in her hands gave a sudden jump, the woman gasping, stomach tensing. Inside her pussy the fingers pleasuring her suddenly crammed against her g-spot and rubbed rapidly, slamming Lizzie towards orgasm. She understood at once what it meant, even before the woman spoke, saying the words in a voice tight with relish, pure anticipation in every syllable.

"I'm gonna cum!"

Lizzie yanked the woman's cock sideways, forcing it towards her own crotch in a sudden flash of need. Startled, the stranger started to withdraw her hand, making way for the cockhead that shoved down Lizzie's shorts to press against her pussy, wrapped in the soaking wet panties while the top of it rubbed along her slit.

The stranger's body went rigid, hips forced to jolt back and forth as her body flexed in ways outside her conscious control. Face tilted upwards, mouth opened in a silent cry of utter bliss, the ecstasy of total fulfillment obvious on her expression. Her entire body jerked with each throb of her cock, Lizzie feeling herself tense up with each fresh wash of hot, thick seed that spewed out across her slit, sticking to her labia and asshole, filling up her panties and dripping deliciously down her thighs. Not quite penetrated, she nonetheless got more than one shot that seemed to squeeze straight up into her, making her pussy clench in pleasure at the sensation.

Rhythmic and regular in their coming, the end of the forceful pulses of the stranger's orgasm was easy for Lizzie to mark. At the first missed beat, she yanked her knife upward savagely, almost not needing to think as she performed the brutal penectomy. Pulling back, she held the hard rod of flesh still in her hand, bloody knife in the other while she admired her handiwork.

Both women stared down at the short, bleeding stump where the stranger's cock had once been, a small trickle of white leaking out among the blood starting to bubble from the exposed inner meat. Lizzie felt her pussy twitch, then clench in a rhythm that echoed that of the now severed cock she held in her hand. Bliss pulsed through her like liquid, the same temperature as the cum in her pussy and panties, shorts soaked and dripping with the last load of her victim. Legs trembling, she rode out her orgasm with a sadistic smile on her lips, fingers tight around her prize.

Slumping downward, the stranger fell to her knees, then sat. Her breasts heaved with every breath, excitement seeming barely dented. Given how she'd been mutilated, it was hardly surprising she was still raring to go.

Still, though Lizzie was happy to leave the pervert to play with herself, she wasn't too lost in her orgasm to forget what order she'd given. Coming down off the highest levels of her pleasure, she waved the severed cock to grab the stranger's attention, raising an eyebrow. The dark eyes met hers one final time, the infinite dumb lust they contained briefly overlaid by a spark of remembrance.

"Thank you," the stranger said, soft and utterly sincere. Her fingers pushed into her slit, one hand starting to squeeze her balls, crushing them mercilessly. "Thank you so much, thank you. Please do what you like with my worthless cock. I could never repay you." Cum started to shoot anew from the stump, staining the floor of the elevator with its pink-tinged mess. "Thank you. I could never tell you how happy I am right now." A puddle of blood and seed started to spread, the woman's body shivering from shock and pleasure. "Thank you."

A ding sounded, the elevator door opening to an empty hallway. Lizzie looked at the floor counter, then back to the stranger, smiling. Lifting the cock to her lips, she kissed the red cockhead, then waved goodbye.

"You're welcome."

Leaving the other woman slumped and bleeding in the elevator, Lizzie headed home to play with the gift she'd been given.



Really enjoyed this!


A New Body
=(cons, body swap, self-harm, masturbation, extreme insertion, crushing, brainplay)=

Robot sat within Kat's workshop, watching reverently as the angel brushed back her black bangs. Pinching an electrode between thumb and forefinger, she closed one eye as she stuck the conductive pad to one side of her forehead. Mirroring the process for the other side, she reminded him of the procedures for this experiment.

"Alright Robot. Now, when I turn this on you should be able to feel everything I'm feeling, so if it's overwhelming just say so and I'll cut the link. If you're able to handle it, I'll show you a few expressions so you can see and feel what it's like to display emotions. Hopefully with a little practice we can get your smile to be less scary than Jones's." Able to return her attention towards him after securing the second electrode, she gave a sardonic smile, letting him know the insult was not truly meant.

"I would like to improve my facial expressions very much, Kat. This program you've devised seems wondrous." Even resting within the simple metal chair, Robot felt his organic components delivering a constant stream of sensation. It was one of the many miraculous gifts his angel had given him, and this would be yet another to thank her for. Emotions of intense anticipation and excitement seemed to thrum within the living parts of him, another aspect of the organic that was unfamiliar after living his whole life within steel.

Summoning the interface of her etheric computer, Kat focused on manipulating settings for a moment. Eventually responding, she waved a free hand as if to brush away the praise.

"I can't really take much credit. All I did was adapt Reynard's body-hopping into a more limited form… kind of like a really crummy possession. Later if I can improve it there might be some really interesting applications, but that's neither here nor there. Are you ready?" Fingers hovering over the ephemeral interface, she glanced up at him.

"I'm ready, Kat." Tension coiled in his artificial muscles, as if readying to leap forward into Katarina's sensorium. Feeling almost about to overload with eagerness, Robot tried a final smile.

Wincing sympathetically at the look on his face, Kat quickly pressed the button.

A rush of sparks blinded both machine and girl as the equipment between them immediately started shorting, a surprised shout coming from Kat's mouth. Robot marveled at the noise, already able to feel the play of tongue and lips, the force of the air rushing up through a living throat. Kat's eyes squeezed shut against the light, arm raising to guard against the sparks. Experiencing it was like nothing he'd ever felt, and he immediately craved more.

Drinking in the vivid clarity of his angel's senses, he tilted back his head, unconsciously letting himself slip away from the dull body he'd lived in until now. Focused upon the way Kat's eyes felt as they widened in alarm, the way her the frequency of her heartbeat sharply spiked, he almost didn't notice as he conducted between the etheric and physical connections linking their two bodies, consciousness pulled through like electricity arcing from negative to positive.

Blackness replaced all for a time. In the nothing, Robot's mind stirred with echoes of the same intoxicating sensation that had overwhelmed him. It was all too much, too meaningless to him in his inexperience. Barely conscious, he anticipated that Kat, his angel, would pull the plug and protect him.

But she did not.

Slowly he began to make sense of the things he was feeling, the somewhat familiar pressure of a chair against his limbs. Air brushing across his skin, rich with temperature and humidity data. These things he understood, yet some other messages did not make sense to him. He wondered at this, as well as at the darkness that still covered his vision.

Sending tentative instructions back along the same channels that were feeding him this unfamiliar data, Robot felt something that he finally recognized. It was the flicker of eyelashes, an echo of what he'd felt from Kat when she'd reflexively blinked from the blinding light of the sparks. He sent more instructions, understanding dawning in the same moment he opened his eyes - Kat's eyes - and stared across at the lifeless shell of his own body sitting in the opposite chair.

Further comprehension warred against the confusing rush of every message Kat's body was sending to him, the interfaces of flesh only somewhat recognizable by his experience with his own organic components. Control of the limbs came slowly, and he lifted up an arm to stare in amazement at real skin, fine hairs upon the forearm detecting airflow in a deliciously precise report.

The use of a mouth for speech was less familiar, but he intuited some of it from what he'd felt when Kat had cried out. A few croaks and rasps came out first, then gibberish as he worked out the kinks in his understanding. Minutes later, he finally called out to his angel, coherent words only slightly slurred.

"Kat? Is this a part of the experiment?"

No answer came.

He realized that the voice he'd just used was his angel's voice, and at that observation felt new data from his forearm hairs. They prickled as they rose up, fascinating to him with the way each follicle reacted to his emotional state. Other new sensations were singled out via contrast, the unfamiliar standing out as he noticed anatomical differences between Kat's fully human body and his own.

The thump of Kat's heart in her chest was distracting, the rush of blood through her veins audible in her ears. Her hair, short by human female standards, still managed to tickle at the skin of her forehead, ears, and neck to a degree that seemed almost unbearable.

There were other standouts, too. While his body had been almost uniformly sensitive, Kat's skin varied massively in this regard. Her lips especially were incredible, overwhelming him at the smallest sensations. He made her tongue lick across them, and felt an involuntary response from the rest of the body as he enjoyed the feedback this gave. Her heartbeat increased, the temperature of her skin seeming to rise, and an uncontrolled sound came from her throat. Starting to become less and less disconnected from it all, Robot felt it as his own pleasure, his own body reacting to his own actions.

Most interesting of all were the responses from some of the other parts of Kat's body that were not present on his own. Beneath the rubbing, stroking fabric of her shirt and labcoat, two points on her chest seemed to tingle, moving slightly as if awoken by his enjoyment. Between her legs was a sudden feeling of moisture, along with an even more curious awareness of a deep orifice that had previously not been known to him.

Shakily standing up, Robot cried out at the unexpected tug of electrodes against his forehead skin. Ripping them away, he gasped at the pain, then almost fell back into the chair as the motion of his chest caused Kat's shirt to stroke against the tingling points. The sudden sensations from them stabbed into him, much more sensitive than even the lips.

It was all too much, too overwhelming. Tears leaked from his eyes as he stood shuddering, wearing his angel's body while exhilarated laughter burst from the mouth that felt like his own. Each uneven exhalation caused further waves of sensation from his fabric-wrapped skin, so much it was beginning to push him towards something like madness.

Wriggling his new body, he shrugged out of the long labcoat, immediately reaching to the hem of the shirt underneath to pull it off. Sighing in relief as the texture of fabric was lifted away, he looked down at himself, realizing this was the first time he'd been able to observe the anatomy beneath a human female's clothes. His experience until now had been enough to indicate that medical textbooks were no substitute for firsthand knowledge, further examination only reinforcing this.

Despite their comparatively small size, Kat's breasts were still the most prominent feature upon her chest. The small mounds of flesh looked much as Robot expected they might, save for the curious brown prominences of nipples at the peak of each. A simple poke was enough to confirm that these were the sensitive sources of the tingling pleasure he'd felt, the tissue that composed them seeming slightly firmer than the rest of the breast.

Pressing and kneading further at nipples and breast, Robot felt a slowly building well of pleasure within them, a secondary sensation alike to warmth yet not quite the same. Eyes closing to concentrate on this, something slowly became apparent as the feelings of flesh came to the fore of his mind.

Unlike his old body, Kat's was not androgynous. It was female in full, constructed with a womanly shape from the DNA up, and carried with it a sense of femininity that suffused him while he wore it. Whereas he had long gone by the masculine pronoun simply by default, it began to feel more and more wrong as he spent time within Kat's body. Overruling his null gender by its biology, the body forced a female value in its place.

Realizing she was panting, Robot opened her eyes, reveling in her newfound girlhood. Pinching her nipples one last time, she forced herself to take her hands away from her wonderful breasts, focusing instead on the secondary reactions she'd caused by her caresses. Her heart was pounding rapidly now, almost like a drum within her chest. The sensation of moisture had increased, oddly pleasant, the same warm sensation that had suffused her breasts also spreading down to envelop her lower belly through to her crotch.

But it wasn't her belly, her breasts, her body. It was Kat's.

Robot's hands clutched at her forehead in a moment of vertigo as she suddenly realized she hadn't spared a thought for Kat since she'd stood up, her angel still absent after the strange accident that had put Robot into her body. Inside this flesh it was so easy to get distracted, myriad sensations competing for her focus, pushing away plans to look for Kat even as Robot tried to formulate them.

Glancing at the old mechanical body she'd left behind, Robot felt her lip curl in a sneer of disgust, suddenly unable to stomach going back into the dull, primitive imitation of life she'd ignorantly inhabited until now. Kat was a genius to have given her as much as she had, but it was becoming increasingly clear to Robot just what a crude copy had resulted from her efforts. Doubtless Kat had known, and worried over her workmanship. Such concerns were part of why she so often strove to improve what she'd made, including such measures as today's experiment.

Snapping out of a distracting daydream about what she might find if she took off her shorts, Robot let out a feral growl of frustration, forcing their legs to move. Stalking through the lab, she searched for Kat in a daze, knowing in some deep logical part of her that such a physical investigation was unlikely to turn up anything of note. With each step fresh sensations clamored for her attention, the mere feeling of her feet moving within her shoes so fascinating that it was an effort not to stumble.

"Kat?!" Robot called out to her, shouting her name over and over. She checked under the desks, peeked into the adjoining rooms, even closed her eyes and tried to contact Kat telepathically. Nothing worked, and all the while she looked her body grew more and more distracting.

Robot was on the brink of losing focus when a flash of motion suddenly caught her eye. Running across the workshop towards what she'd seen, she felt an odd lurch in her heart as she caught sight of Kat at last, her angel approaching with a giddy grin on her face. Joy flashed through Robot at the same time as disappointment, mixing up her insides in a new and visceral reaction that was almost as distracting as the emotions themselves. Surely she'd have to give up this body, now that Kat was here to give it back to.

The disconnect in logic from that thought was what made Robot realize her error. Slowing and stopping in the last few feet before she reached Kat, she watched as the reflection mirrored her motions, face twisting in tandem with her own mixed reaction. Looking at her angel, at her new self, she felt a reverence that had little to do with Kat. Always she had thought Kat was beautiful, but never before had that opinion burned with such strange feelings alongside of it.

Observing herself in the mirror, Robot let thoughts of searching for Kat slip away completely, unconsciously abandoning the hunt as she stepped closer to the polished pane of glass. Her face was flushed, feeling hot while she stared at her own naked chest. Something about the expression she saw herself wearing tickled at a memory, Robot eventually realizing she was looking at Kat's body the same way Kat herself often looked at Paz.

Reaching up to touch her own lips, Robot felt herself shudder at the shock of sensation, moaning softly past her fingertips. Tracing down her throat and chest, she enjoyed the sounds of pleasure her body made nearly as much as the ecstasy itself, nearly bursting into laughter at the jolt she gave when she pulled her nipple. Pulling it again, the urge to laugh died down as she gasped instead, squeezing so hard she felt a new, even more exciting type of sensation.


The sharp ache was sweet and familiar, an old friend to Robot. She had felt it for the first time on the day she'd received her first organic component years ago, recognizing the pain as a gift given by the angel that had upgraded her. It had changed her perspective forever, a shift in reality that gave new meaning to danger, to sensation, to life itself. Almost she had forgotten the memories of how she would twist her organic limbs to the point of breaking just to revel in the pain, testing each new upgrade by the agony she could experience through it, the damage it could endure.

Like an addict approaching relapse, she felt the urge to take the same brutal action with Kat's nipple, twisting it further and further while she quivered with the increasing intensity of sensation. It was even better than it had been before, the intensity of sensation a human could feel so easily surpassing anything she'd ever experienced. Tears in her eyes as her breast started to throb around the nipple, her lips parted in a gasping grin, pure bliss plunging through her heart until she finally let go.

Feeling elastic skin return to its original shape, she stood half-naked before the mirror, staring at her own tearful face while the flesh about her nipple slowly reddened. The reflection she saw was even more beautiful to her than before, matching her own emotions in a perfection of expression that she could never have achieved before. Smiling from the agony, her angel's face looked back, blissful at what had been done to her.

Finally past the point of resisting, Robot hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts, stooping over as she pulled them down past her knees. Shimmying her legs and stepping out of them the rest of the way, she kicked the garment out of sight at once, immediately glad she'd stripped. The sensation of air upon her skin was even more lovely now, enveloping her like a caress across her whole body. It contrasted cool against the warm flesh of her abused breast, the sweaty flush that covered her face and neck. Most of all it stood out against the wetness coating her inner thighs, juices running down from the small, hot hole between her legs.

Widening her stance to spread herself apart, she looked for the first time at her pussy. Its parts were distinct to her from the anatomy she'd studied, clit hard from where it poked out of its hood, labia puffy and red. The opening that lead deeper in showed itself as she spread the lips apart, sticky wetness making them cling together briefly before parting.

Dizzy from even this small stimulus, Robot let herself become accustomed to the tingling pleasures of this new part of her anatomy, feeling how it radiated heat and lightly pulsed against her fingers. Eyes half lidded, she stared through the mirror as a droplet of liquid arousal trickled from her. It fell to make a small dark splatter against the concrete floor, a shiver passing down her legs and making her toes curl as she shifted the position of her fingers. Experimentally, she tried to touch her clit, knowing it was supposed to be quite sensitive.

The resulting convulsion sent her to her knees, eyes and mouth open wide as she breathlessly rode the bolt of pure pleasure she'd sent through her body. Her pussy contracted rhythmically against her finger as she held the digit lightly against that sensitive nub, not daring to move it lest the potency of sensation overwhelm her entirely. Not for the first time that day, she felt close to madness, nearly ready to abandon of all else but the addiction to pain and pleasure. Even now she felt her will eroding, drawn in by the fresh and overwhelming body that seemed to her to be crafted for nothing else but this.

Reaching to her breast with her free hand, Robot squeezed the nipple opposite the one she'd abused, tugging the flesh of the breast out taut. Constant low moans pushed through her throat in waves as the tension increased, clit twitching minutely against her unmoving fingertip. Pain came in like an undercurrent to the pleasure, mingling in a mixture that was sweeter than agony or ecstasy alone.

Together, the twin sensations of her fervid clit and stretched nipple rapidly seemed to amplify, growing in her awareness at a logarithmic rate that finally and forever broke her. Astounded at the meteoric rate at which she was overwhelmed, Robot's fingers slipped free of her anatomy as she almost detachedly experienced her climax. Her breast snapped back against her chest, bouncing while her heart hammered. Twitching in an instinctive movement she was unable to understand, her hips rocked back and forth while juices sprayed from her slit, darkening the ground and misting the mirror before her. The muscles of her stomach flexed in tandem with her convulsing pussy, so powerful she could feel them aching even as they strained. Strength left her legs in a wash of weakness, causing her to collapse to her knees while still cumming, hands frozen in the positions they'd been in as she stared at herself with a shocked expression.

In that moment she understood, finally and forever, that she could never return to her old body. While her mind was blanked out with a rush of red-stained bliss, while control of her body was given over to instinct and autonomic ecstasy, what was left of her programmed personality was forced to accept the animal needs that it had been grappling with. In place of everything she had once valued, overriding all controls, she now prized this rush above all else. It was the peak of existence, of sensation. It was the greatest gift she'd ever been given.

And she would do anything to experience it again.

Pain, she understood, was the key. Fading back into something like sanity as the orgasm ebbed, Robot bent forward and caught herself against the mirror, sweaty palms slapping the clear glass. Staring at herself as her panting breath steamed her reflection, she saw an entirely new expression on her face, an emotion Kat had never expressed in her presence. Tongue lolling from between her smiling lips, eyelids flickering in aftershocks of bliss.

Happy to wear it, she giggled softly to herself, breathing deep until she felt she'd regained her strength. When finally her shaky legs would once against support her weight, Robot heaved herself upright, tottering for a moment before strolling off to re-examine the lab with fresh eyes.

While she'd searched for Kat Robot's body had been nothing more than a distraction, constantly pushing at her mind with its disparate desires. Now seeking further satisfaction, she found it easy to accommodate the brush of air over her naked body, even kicking off her shoes to experience the texture of concrete on her bare soles. It was no less powerful, no less incredible for the peak of sensation she'd just achieved. It was not even dimmer by contrast, when she considered how she'd felt before as compared to now. It was simply easier to swim once you were no longer facing against the current.

Feeling as if she were plunging towards white rapids, Robot approached a table of tools. Beneath her aching breasts her heartbeat quickened as she considered instruments she'd had used upon her before, saws and ratchets, screwdrivers and knives. The memories of how they'd felt through her artificial body now seemed dim and meaningless, and she ached to refresh them, to accurately experience each one anew through the vibrant senses she now could access.

Unable to decide on any one, her gaze skipped between them, hands fluttering against her own skin in a mindless pattern of pleasure. What caught her at last was decided by one of the same memories she ached to refresh, one sharp and refined in her mind in every way save the one she craved.

Once she had sparred with Kat and Annie's friend, Parley, in a duel to practice slaying the spectre called Jeanne. Though it had been years ago she remembered it keenly, for it was the day her good friend Shadow had been cut from the ground by the edge of Coyote's tooth. Manifesting as a laughing sword, the savage blade had cleaved first through Robot herself, although she'd been so utterly mechanical at the time that she'd felt not even a twinge of pain.

Often since becoming more organic, Robot had revisited that moment in their mind, imagining what it would feel like for their artificial flesh to be split in so ruinous a fashion. Repair would have been out of the question. As far as pain went, it was simply impossible for her to guess, such an injury many orders of magnitude beyond anything she'd experienced.

Even before today, the idea of being cut again had excited her.

With trembling fingers she reached out, plucking a single small scalpel from among the many tools. Tilting it, she saw her excited expression reflected in its blade, sharp edge gleaming bright in the light.

Raising an arm, she pressed the scalpel to her skin, body tensing in anticipation of the pain. Every sense seemed to heighten as her physiology attempted to prepare for what was about to happen, dumping adrenaline into her bloodstream. Between her legs her pussy dripped, aching nipples hard as diamonds on her chest.

Pulling the blade slowly across her skin, Robot moaned as her forearm split across the thickest part, a short but deep gash gaping in her flesh. Blood bubbled out slowly, but sweeter than even the sight of it was the pure and piercing pain, sharp and present as she cut. Screaming felt almost as good, tears springing fresh from her eyes as she let out a cathartic cry. In experiencing her agony she felt as if something bright and hot were being shoved into her mind, jamming against the very core of her consciousness.

Holding the bloody scalpel tight as the cut ended, she lifted it away, savoring the throbbing afterglow that continued to emanate from the small cut. Pain never ceased from such a wound, she realized. Not until it healed. Not until her body repaired itself.

The understanding of this made her giddy, and she immediately wanted to feel even greater pain. Though slicing her arm had been sweet, she was still enamored by the way this body's skin was more sensitive in certain places, the addition of erogenous zones to her anatomy opening up options she'd never before had available to her painplay.

Again taking her nipple between her thumb and forefinger, Robot pulled it out taut, then hesitated. Some things, she knew, were beyond a human body's ability to repair. Amputation was one such permanent injury, minor mutilations such as lost fingers and ears another. Would a nipple be able to regrow?

More importantly, would she care if it could not?

In an instant she made her decision. She could never give up this body now, not even to her angel. Though she still felt faint reverence for the form that had housed Kat, this served only to amplify her current obsession, feeding the lust she felt for herself, for the beauty and sanctity she'd been given to destroy. This was her body now, and she would do with it as she pleased.

Beginning to cut at her nipple, Robot immediately opened her mouth to scream in bliss, letting out a piercing cry at the blazing, stabbing pain that seemed larger than the little incision she'd made. Hot blood dribbled from the spot, erect tissue having plenty to spare. Yet somehow the surrounding skin seemed to burn even warmer than the blood underneath, pulsing immediately with waves of agony radiating outwards from the injury. Lost in it all, amazed at how much pain she could experience, Robot continued to slowly slice.

She knew she should stop, knew now from the texture of the agony coursing through her nerves that she was indeed doing irreparable damage to her body, breaking herself in ways that couldn't be repaired. Yet she kept cutting. A bizarre excitement had her caught up in its rush, an addicting thrill she felt from doing something she knew she shouldn't, something that would cause permanent harm. It was an aspect of humanity she hadn't expected, and was powerless to resist.

Before she knew it her entire breast was throbbing with potent stabs of that delicious sensation of pain, the perfect nipple of her angelic body lying forlorn upon the ground. Blood leaked from the breast in a parody of lactation, thick red fluid running in thick rivers down the flushed flesh.

Coming seemingly from nowhere, orgasm hit Robot again as she stared at her mutilated body, rewarding her for her choice with the rush of pure dopamine to act as accelerant to her masochistic ecstasy. Hypersensitive from adrenaline, she felt each clench of her inner pelvic muscles acutely, pussy contracting as her whole body trembled. Squirt sprayed down her thighs, pleasantly hot as it trickled down to puddle around her toes.

Gasping and sobbing in utter bliss, Robot doubled over, scalpel flashing as it fell from her fingers. Her body heaved with the tensing of her inner muscles, bowed back flexing as her bare skin sweated. Staring dazedly at the dirty concrete floor, Robot smiled as she focused on the sensations of ecstasy, potent reward chemicals satisfying her in a way her old silicone mind could never emulate.

Yet mixed in with this muddled mess of meat-based feelings was something that felt not quite right. A nagging sensation, almost like the itching need she felt to wipe away the sweat trickling down over her forehead. An instinct that, in her ignorance, she had neglected.

Focused on the contractions of her fading climax, she was able to discern the source of her dissatisfaction. It heightened each time her pussy squeezed in around nothing, her body needing something within her, informing her of this on a physiological level like a program prompting for an input.

Looking around, Robot's body seemed to pulse with anticipation. Now that she'd recognized the urge it seemed even sharper, growing more intense and insistent the more she thought about shoving something inside her. Her studies of male anatomy had been less precise, given her focus on Kat and her friends, but she knew the approximate shape of what she was searching for. Something roughly cylindrical, longer than it was wide. As for size she was left to guess, coming up with her own estimation of what her new body could take.

A bright red object of about the right specifications caught her eye, Robot approaching one wall of the workshop with shaky legs. Looking more closely once she was near, she inspected the object, appreciating the way it made her arousal flush hotter as she considered shoving it inside her pussy.

Reaching out to stroked the fire extinguisher's smooth surface, she gripped the neck of it to pull it away from the wall.

Turning it around to line up the rounded top with her pussy, she began to tremble involuntarily as the handle slid up inside her, scratching over her soft wet flesh in a way that caused little stabs of pain to shoot up her belly. Excitement only increasing, she eventually fit the entire handle inside her, elastic flesh stretched taut around the irregular shape of it while the rest of the fire extinguisher loomed just beyond her labia.

Pulling the device towards herself sharply, Robot groaned as she felt the rounded tip stretch her out, loving the sensation of near-breaking. It was the perfect mix of pain and pleasure. Heart hammering hard, her determination to fill herself with the extinguisher redoubled.

Robot found herself frustrated by the flimsy strength of her new body's arms, unable to force the fire extinguisher deeper no matter how hard she tried to pull the phallic shape into her cunt. Fixated as she was on the itching need to have something inside her, it took nearly a minute's futile struggle before she finally figured out a solution.

Setting the flat bottom of the extinguisher on the ground, she smiled to herself as she simply sat down, setting her weight squarely onto the fire extinguisher's top. Bracing herself for the bliss about to come, she lifted her feet away, balancing herself over the center of the thick canister with a guiding hand on a nearby desk. Slick and relaxed from her arousal, her slit still seemed to her to take a long time to stretch appropriately, though she relished every moment that it took. Bit by bit the balance of pleasure and pain tilted towards the latter, though the euphoria and ecstasy she felt only seemed to increase the closer she came to encompassing the full diameter of the extinguisher she sat on.

It seemed to happen in an instant, all the anticipation and pain suddenly giving way to a sharp punch of pleasure as she slid halfway down the extinguisher's height. Robot cried out in surprise and bliss as the handle scraped through her to jab hard against her cervix, eyes wide and open lips quivering as she stared upward in mute amazement. Every inch of emptiness she'd felt within her had been filled to its breaking, then further, the rhythmic squeezing of her inner muscles now rewarding her with stabbing agony and strained bliss.

Breathless, she relished the moment. In her fascination it was a miracle she didn't lose her balance and topple, outstretched legs trembling and toes curling while she experienced for the first time the visceral satisfaction of being filled up by something huge. Looking down at last, she realized she could even see the shape of the fire extinguisher through her soft belly, a protruding bulge pushing out her skin in a shapely profile.

Laughing weakly, she felt the massive intruder even interfering with her breathing, a small rush running up through her with each fresh consequence of what she'd done. Slowly putting her bare feet back against the ground, Robot repositioned herself, kneeling down to more comfortably rest with the bottom of the extinguisher against the ground. As she moved she felt the object within her shift, the same sudden surge of pleasure that had accompanied each orgasm manifesting in a more minor way each time, building up slowly as long as she continued to elicit the reaction.

Recognizing the potential in this, Robot started to bounce up and down upon the fire extinguisher. Immediately she knew she was on the right track, the electric potential of pleasure slowly building throughout her overstretched pussy. Biting her lip as she rode the canister, she felt warm blood and pussy juice leak out and start to puddle between her legs, tingling warmth spreading out across her body from her missing nipple and cut arm as well as her slit.

Putting a finger against her clit, she rubbed the sensitive nub, relishing how it made her pussy contract with each pulse of pleasure it provided. The squeezing only sharpened the pain, and she used it with increasing familiarity in order to build towards the climax she could feel coming.

Idly grinning to herself as she masturbated her mutilated body, between pangs of pain Robot wondered just how much more sensitive her clit was than the rest of her body. It gave far more response than her nipple had, and in turn that had been orders of magnitude more sensitive than her arm. Pinching it experimentally, she gasped through clenched teeth, relaxing back into a slow rub soon after. It was indeed sensitive… the most sensitive place she'd found on her new body so far, seeming to pack as many pain and pleasure receptors into its tiny anatomy as her entire pussy had throughout.

Halfway to another climax, Robot's gaze glanced across the table she was holding onto. Blurred with tears of pain, it took her a moment to recognize the sleek grey shape resting near her fingers, one end connected to a flat, thin disk. Blinking and stopping the movement of her hips, she eventually understood what she was looking at, a spark of excitement bursting in her chest as she suddenly understood the potential. Though the circular motion of her fingers was nice enough, what would the electrically powered spinning of a dremel sander feel like?

Past the point of considering the long term impact on her body, she grabbed the device and flicked it on. Fresh sweat beaded on her skin as she listened to its high pitched whine, the rough surface of the disk blurring into a smooth circle. Some part of her body recognized all the damage that was being done to it, shock setting in and making her arms shake as she used both hands to lower the dremel down between her legs. Her first attempt to touch her clit rebounded against the metal of the fire extinguisher lodged inside her, making Robot shriek and giggle at the sparks that shot in all directions. On her second attempt, she hit home.

It was impossible not to scream, her arms reflexively jerking the dremel away after the first lightning bolt of pure sensation. It'd felt like the knife in her arm, only better. Ten thousand blades stabbing and slicing, shredding her apart all at once in an instant. The jolt her body had given from the intense signal slamming through her nervous system left her back aching, throat and lungs protesting from the sudden outburst. She took several deep breaths as the afterglow from the agony faded away, her clit feeling huge as it throbbed and twitched, a trickle of blood leaking from her there.

Slowly becoming able to refocus on parts of her awareness other than the fading pain in her clit, she realized that she had clamped down around the fire extinguisher, almost cramping up as she squeezed. Between the ache of being stretched and the continual fiery throb of her clit she felt very close to climax, only the surprise and tension keeping her from release.

Continuing to breathe steadily, she relaxed, a hunger building for that consciousness-consuming ecstasy, the addicting thrill of orgasm. Some small part of her wondered just how far she'd go to keep feeling it, whether she was really in control at all any more. Her fingers flexed and adjusted their grip on the still running dremel, again bringing it close to her clit. Hesitating for half a second, she decided that maybe being in control just wasn't as fun as the alternative.

Jamming the whirring bit of the dremel up against her clit, Robot gritted her teeth in a manic grin, eyes squeezed shut as a primal noise of pleasure tore from her throat. With unmatched sensitivity she experienced the absolute agony of her clit being incrementally shredded by the sanding disc, the small piece of flesh torn, stripped, and flayed while she drooled, body rocking atop the thick fire extinguisher impaled through her pussy. The handle at the apex of the cylinder stabbed at her cervix, making a bid for entry into her womb. Blood leaked from all her cuts, juices oozing past stretched pussy lips, both mingling into a pink-tinged puddle spreading over the floor around her. Little flecks of meat landed in the liquid, the shredded flesh of her clit and the surrounding labia flung away by the rotational energy of the dremel.

Fixated on the feeling of approaching climax, Robot only drove the dremel harder against herself, the firm nub of her clit almost completely gone. The energy within her was almost to the point of overwhelming its resistance, ecstasy coursing through her nerves in the form of unending pain and bliss, electric in its intensity. Nearing the breaking point, she distantly felt her bladder let go, piss joining the puddle on the ground and soaking over her claw-like grip upon the dremel.

Cumming in a rush like nothing else Robot had felt so far, she fell backwards as her pussy contracted hard around the extinguisher, feeling something inside her rip as the motion of toppling over applied leverage through the handle lodged against her cervix and womb. Lying on her back in the warm liquid she'd leaked, she kept the dremel jammed against herself as she rode out the climax, body arched taut while it jerked and twitched, hips shuddering nonstop. Orgasming seemingly without end, Robot thought she felt her heart stutter and miss a beat, bright spots dancing before her eyes while darkness crept in at the edges of her vision.

At last the pain began to fade, leaving only a numb heat and the sense of utter mutilation. Robot lay limp against the ground, legs spread slightly to accommodate the extinguisher still wedged deep inside her. Flicking off the dremel with one thumb, she panted softly in pure satisfaction, grinning upward as she basked in the afterglow of climax and self-destruction.

In that moment of clarity, her mind was free to finally focus on what must've happened, really happened, to put her in this body. Without dampening her contentment in the slightest, she realized that not only was she unwilling to give Kat back her body, she could never do so. From what she understood of Reynardine's powers, it was impossible for her to leave who she had taken possession of without killing them. The very best minds in the Court had tried and failed to circumvent this.

Instead of saddening her, she felt this understanding spread through her as an absolution, freeing her of any guilt for the damage she'd done to Kat's body. There was no way to give it back, anyway. She might as well do what she pleased with it.

Smile fading briefly, Robot experienced a very brief moment of indecision, listening to the complaints of her broken body. The chorus of pains and aches and stinging, throbbing wounds filled up her mind like a sirens song, data that told her the truth she wanted to know. Letting out a slow breath, she made up her mind.

If Kat could die, then so could Robot.

A true death, not the repairable state of a broken machine. Given this chance to be truly, irretrievably destroyed, she knew she could not pass it up. Especially not with how far she'd already gone, doing so much damage while being unable to help herself from inflicting more. If she didn't intentionally head to her own end she would meet it soon enough regardless, Robot felt sure.

What remained of her pussy squeezed weakly around the fire extinguisher, a small sign of the sudden excitement Robot felt at the prospect of her own demise. Already anticipating it, she began to plan how she would destroy herself utterly before the end, shakily making her way to her feet while she thought it over. Now that the prospect of her death had been accepted, she wanted to do it right, to ruin her angel's body utterly and squeeze every last drop of pain from this life.

Finally getting onto her feet, she experienced a moment of dizziness, pressing a hand against her head as she swayed. Seeing her reflection seem to tilt at strange angles in the mirror across the room, Robot slowly approached an insight, smile returning as she grew attached to her new idea.

Like her old CPU, Kat's brain was now the seat of Robot's consciousness, the place where all her pain and bliss was really being felt. The center of every sensation she was savoring so sweetly. So of course, she should try to amplify those feelings. It'd be a risky prospect, but the possibility of death only made it even more enticing.

Shakily taking a step back towards the tool rack, Robot marveled at how weak her legs now felt. Quivering back and forth, they barely seemed able to support her weight. It wasn't altogether unpleasant, though she was fairly certain the fire extinguisher wasn't helping. With how much it spread her open, she was forced to walk practically bowlegged.

Squatting for a second, she huffed and closed her eyes, focusing on relaxing her overstretched inner muscles. Biting her lip, Robot started to whine unconsciously as the fire extinguisher slid slowly out, leaving her feeling empty and torn inside where it'd been. Pushing it out was utter relief, painful in a new and even more soothing way as overstretched flesh started to try and pull itself back into shape.

A clonk echoed through the workshop as she finished birthing the canister onto the ground beneath her, a spatter of blood following it as her lungs heaved, dazed face staring down at her pussy. A few loops of intestine hung out from between her gaping pussy lips, inner vagina prolapsed slightly outward. She knew enough to recognize both these things as signs of serious damage done, a thrill of satisfaction running through her before she staggered the last few steps towards the tools.

Practically falling against the well organized rack of tools, she supported herself with one weak arm as her other hand traced down the rows of equipment, grabbing a power drill as soon as she'd located it. Sliding open a drawer, she fumbled through several attachments before finally grabbing a wide hole saw bit, slotting it into the tip of the drill and securing it with a twist.

Already grinning in manic anticipation, Robot wasted no more time, eagerly jamming the hole saw against her forehead and pulling the trigger at once. Ready for the pain, she greeted it with a delighted scream as her skin was sliced to shreds around the circular outline of the sawteeth spinning against her, the soft thin layer almost instantly destroyed. With that out of the way the drill began to bite into bone, a sensation which she found surprisingly muted.

Thus having difficulty judging how far she'd sawed through her own skull, Robot stopped and restarted several times, face growing increasingly bloody with each attempt. Pulling away the bit, she'd reach up and try to pry out the circular section of bone she was attempting to remove, then set the saw back in place to resume drilling. When at last her fingers were able to crack the slab of skull free her lips spread in a red-stained grin, the drill falling to the ground as she eagerly pulled away the only obstacle between her and her brain.

Prodding through the hole, she giggled quietly to herself as she touched her own grey matter, the wet and squishy flesh feeling hot and strange beneath her fingers. A minute's gentle stroking passed her bravery and lust had built up enough to try a more daring intrusion, using a single finger to penetrate her own frontal cortex, ruined pussy flexing as she felt the meat of her mind split and squish around her digit. Blood trickled down her arm as she felt the pulsing of her heartbeat inside her head, strange sensations and emotions sparking through her when she wiggled the finger sharply.

Pulling it free, she absently wiped the finger on her remaining breast, chunks of brain sticking to her skin as she staggered over towards her old body. Her thoughts had become jumbled, but as she reached the still, silent husk of her prior self, she suddenly realized why she had come over here.

Taking two wires from the device Kat had used to make the consciousness transfer, Robot stripped them with her teeth, touching them together and smiling when they made sparks. Closing her eyes, she readied herself for what was about to happen, fully peaceful with the fact that it might kill her.

Jamming both wires into her brain simultaneously, Robot fell over as every muscle in her body instantly went rigid. Stiff as a board, her head slammed into the chair on the way down, convulsing upon the ground while her eyes stared upward, unseeing. More piss sprayed from the ruins of her urethra, stinging the exposed flesh around her pussy while it clenched and dribbled in sudden climax.

The seizure went on for nearly half a minute, Robot's heart hammering, lungs unmoving as she experienced an overload of contradictory sensory input, flavors and scents and colors and sensations slamming across her consciousness as her weak body trembled upon the ground. Distantly she knew she was cumming, knew she was dying, but awash in the amazing things she was experiencing she barely cared. Only the way she had fallen ended up saving her from a quick death, her involuntary shuddering eventually causing her to move enough that one wire slipped free of her brain, breaking the circuit that had been frying her mind.

Inhaling in a series of gasps, Robot felt tears streak across the blood coating her face, every muscle in her body protesting from how hard she had just worked them. Darkness obscured the world around her, but blinking, even wiping her eyes did not restore her vision. Groping about with hands that felt half-numb, she eventually established her surroundings, yanking the second wire from her brain as she finally caught her breath.

Lying on her back for a moment as her vision slowly returned, she felt a warm glow of pleasure, happy with the results of her experiment. Ready for the finale.

The extent of the damage she'd caused became more apparent as she stood up, half of her body no longer responding nearly as well as the other. Where one arm was nearly shaky, the other was clumsy, slow to react to her commands. Walking took even more care now, though it was a short enough trip towards her ultimate destination.

Feeling a now familiar ache of anticipation start up in her belly, Robot admired the hydraulic press as she approached it in the corner of the workshop, pushing past the safety barriers while her eyes fixated on the gleaming piston. Involuntary laughter spilled from her lips, a strange scent seeming to fill the air, aftershocks of electricity dancing through her damaged brain as it began to hum with excitement. This was something she'd never thought she'd have a chance at, the final experience she could never have had as a robot. True death.

Slumping over the press, she slid herself across the stainless steel surface, centering her head beneath the piston that loomed like the sword of Damocles. Smiling and still giggling, she reached down to shove one hand into the mess of her stretched, prolapsed cunt. Intestine wrapped around her arm as she started to fist herself, the clumsiness of her brain damage making the stimulation start slow. With her more dextrous hand she reached over to the activation switch for the press, bypassing the safety by pumping the button a few extra times.

There was a whirr, then a soft pumping sound as the hydraulics began to work. Robot started racing to get off before she was crushed, drooling against the steel floor of the press as she slammed her arm over and over into her pussy, letting out pathetic grunts as the urgency ramped up. It was surprisingly difficult to get off considering how excited she felt. After so many orgasms, so much damage, she was finally coming up against the limits of the human body.

Finding the fear that she might not get off as sweet an experience as a climax itself, she began to pant and whimper, rocking her hips while her trembling legs struggled to keep her upright. Her remaining nipple stiffened up against the cold smooth surface of the press floor, doing its part to provide stimulation as she began to feel the bottom of the piston tickling the hair on her head.

Moaning wetly in need now, Robot gave everything she had into moving her nerve damaged arm, rapidly but roughly fistfucking herself as the pressure started to bear down against her skull. Electric pleasure finally began to build, rapidly increasing as pain stretched over her entire head, now firmly squeezed between the press piston and floor.

Screaming as brain began to bulge from the hole in her forehead, Robot's legs gave out, kicking and flailing as things began to break. The involuntary panic did wonders for her sensitivity, a final reserve of adrenaline dumping into her bloodstream and amplifying every sensation, letting her acutely feel every detail of the way her skull was shattering.

The crack she heard was louder than life, coming from within her own head. Immediately afterward her skull began to flex in ways it was not meant to, a foreign feeling of looseness accompanying the movement. The sudden inevitability of what was about to happen hit her then, a shock as strong as the literal one that had lanced through her minutes earlier. Death was only seconds away, her brain already beginning to squish.

She came in a muted reaction, fist sliding through her torn cervix to rest in her womb as blood and juices dribbled out around her forearm. The awkward position she'd adopted to pleasure herself became her death pose, a final grunt of satisfaction all the noise she made before being destroyed. As her brain was squashed into paste, her last thoughts were of pure happiness, having squeezed every drop of potential out of this opportunity to enjoy a real flesh and blood body.

At last there was nothing left but a cooling corpse, stiff limbs arranged across the press floor in contortions of ecstasy. Beneath the piston was the flattened remains of a skull, a red light on the machine's readout indicating a jam. Blood dripped thickly down legs limply laid out along the ground, toes curled in a final moment of bliss. Squished against the steel that was slowly leeching away the last warmth of Kat's body, her breasts marinated in a puddle of blood, the remaining nipple still firm even in death.


that last one was hot as fucking hell.
would have been nice to have a bit more of "the real kat" relizing what was going on and (the audiance at least) enjoying her death too . but spectacular story as is


File: 1562927177741.jpg (962.74 KB, 1240x838, 1562573007104.jpg)

Gunnerkrigg Roulette
(Cons, teens, guns, lesbian, suicide)

Smitty shifted in his computer chair, glancing at the clock. Parley's training would be ending soon, making this the perfect time to put his plans into motion.

Popping open a web browser, he navigated to a very particular porn site. It was his favored choice entirely due to the diversity of fetishes it catered to, as well as an option to be taken to a random page that would showcase any one of its many flavors of degeneracy. As far as he could tell it was a truly random process, though of course for him it worked very differently than for others. Whenever he used it he was invariably shown porn that perfectly suited his mood, sometimes even leading him to fetishes he hadn't consciously known he enjoyed.

This worked out well for him, particularly so since he'd begun dating Parley. While before it'd simply been an easy way to find something good to masturbate to, with the proper timing he could now count on Parley showing up to help him out, other factors influencing her to an interest in the same 'random' fetish he'd been exploring. Ignorant of how his power had influenced events, she'd pull him away from his computer and teleport them to somewhere to enjoy their new mutual interest.

At least, that was how it usually worked out. It'd become a bit of a habit, though even with his preternaturally subtle method of seduction he couldn't employ the same technique too often. Parley often acted before thinking, but that didn't make her stupid.

Clicking the 'random' button, Smitty looked over what he'd been taken to today, looking forward to imagining how Parley would want to try it. What he saw soon drove such thoughts from his head, shocking him into stunned fascination.

Instead of the usual slight variation on normal sex, he found himself for once looking at something far beyond anything he'd expected to have an interest in. The familiar smiling faces of naked women still showed on his screen, but instead of being penetrated by cocks or toys they instead sported blades stabbed into their bellies, guns pressed against breasts or into mouths. Each picture he saw told the same wordless story as he scrolled through the page, hundreds of sluts showing an erotic obsession with their own self-destruction and death.

At first he thought it was a fluke, that for once his powers hadn't worked properly and he'd ended up looking at a truly random result. Yet the more he looked, the more he realized how much he liked what he was seeing. His body began to react.

By the time he remembered Parley, it was too late.

The small 'bip' of her teleporting into the room sounded just as he turned away from the screen, his musclebound girlfriend well dressed in a vest and dress shirt after changing from her practice outfit. Unaware of the depravity he'd just discovered in himself, she smiled innocently in greeting.

"Hey babe." Leaning over Smitty, her larger body pressed intimately close as she gave him a kiss. "Just wanted to stop in and let you know, me and some of the other girls are gonna play a round of Russian roulette with some of the fairies."

"Oh? That sounds… fun." Not particularly surprised, he still couldn't help but ask. "How did you end up getting invited to something like that?"

Parley grinned, somewhat abashed.

"It was the fairies that set it all up really. They got to talking about how much they'd enjoyed getting killed to come here, then someone started explaining a few similar human customs. One thing lead to another and it turned out a gun and a few bullets were available." She shrugged her hulking shoulders. "The way they put it, I'm intrigued."

"That, uh… sounds like they must've had a pretty interesting argument for it." Conflicted, Smitty glanced away. Part of him felt he should try to stop Parley from going, yet his newfound fascination stubbornly persisted. The likelihood of an event's occurrance counted for almost nothing once his powers became involved, all possible outcomes narrowed to a far more select subset.

His eyes caught upon a video camera sitting on his desk, the old recording device left there after he'd cleaned out a closet. Reaching over, he handed it to Parley, letting go of his misgivings.

"Here. If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to see how it all goes down… I doubt anyone else will care about being recorded."

"Oh, sure thing." Turning the camera to look it over, Parley held onto it as Smitty pulled her down for another kiss.

"I'll miss you Georgie," he said simply, looking up as she straightened.

Smirking slightly, Parley reached down, free hand pressing against Smitty's crotch.

"I know babe." Caressing softly, her grin grew as she spoke. "I only agreed to join in on the condition that whoever won came back here to take care of you. You know I couldn't just leave you alone like this…" Giving him a final squeeze, she stepped back and gave a wink before disappearing.

Alone once more, Smitty sagged back in his chair, thinking about how suddenly and totally fine he felt about this situation.

Parley reappeared in a small private room hidden away inside the Court, a miniature gambling den set up with many antique card tables. All her friends had already taken their seats around one of the larger of these, some drinks set out as they'd chatted while waiting for her to arrive.

On one side of the table, the fairies Red and Ayilu had taken apart the six-shooter they'd been given. Upon Parley's arrival they quickly began to reassemble it, looking even more excited than the other members of their small party as they made ready for what was to come.

On the other side sat Kat and Paz, the Annies side by side next to them as both couples discussed the evening's plans. All four had dressed up nicely, each save for Kat wearing a different type of shoulderless dress. Draped across her lover's lap, Paz played with the lapels of Kat's suit jacket as the two talked quietly.

"I can't believe those dumb fairies talked us into this," Kat said, gaze sweeping the other occupants. "It's so crazy…"

"And exciting!" Smiling, Paz nuzzled against Kat in encouragement. "You'll see, love. It'll be fun!"

Nearby, the Annies conferred more quietly, heads together as Parley finished setting up the camera and took her seat.

"Well, this is it." Forest Annie fiddled with her jewelry, watching as Ayilu loaded the gun with a single bullet. "We knew we'd end up doing something like this eventually…"

"I guess it's our nature as fire elementals. It's either fade away like mom, or burn out like this." Court Annie glanced at her twin self, casually appreciating how good her cleavage looked in the dress. "Of course, ever since those two begged us to get squished we've kind of had a thing for 'burning out'… though I maintain it would have been just as fun to get knocked up, now that we know the consequences."

Before she could respond, Forest Annie was cut off as Red suddenly spoke up.

"Alright ya jerks, listen good." Circling around the table, the spiky-haired fairy explained matters with a characteristic lack of tact. "Here's the rules for you dummies that ain't never died before." Placing her hands on Ayilu's shoulders, she pointed at the gun as her compatriot cocked it. "We each take ONE pull of the trigger, then pass it to the next person WITHOUT spinnin' the barrel. That keeps things movin' and keeps bullets shootin', elsewise this has a chance at becoming a snorefest. When one of us bites it, reload, spin the barrel, and pass it to whosever was next. No cheatin'!"

Both fairies broke out in grins as those gathered nodded their assent, Red taking a seat to watch as Ayilu immediately placed the barrel of the gun in her mouth. Setting the barrel spinning with a flick of her finger, the brown haired girl closed her eyes as she briefly waited. Whirring quietly, the six chambers spun with slowly decreasing speed until they stopped with one aligned with the barrel, everyone leaning forward expectantly as Ayilu pulled the trigger.

With a dry click, the hammer fell forward into an empty chamber. Nervous giggles came from the group, Red looking a little disappointed as Ayilu shrugged and put the gun back onto the table.

Coming next in the clockwise rotation, Court Annie considered the gun for a second before reaching out to it, hands trembling slightly. Pursing her lips, she put the barrel below her chin and squeezed her eyes tightly shut, holding her breath for a moment before pulling the trigger.

An echo of the same empty noise as before came from the gun, causing Court Annie to gasp and giggle briefly before handing the gun to her left. Smiling huge from the exhilaration, she turned to watch her twin self try her hand at the same risk, Forest Annie humming thoughtfully as she weighed the weapon in her hand. Smiling, she pressed it to her temple, almost tilting her head towards the barrel before immediately pulling the trigger.

Another click, others at the table chuckling as the collective anticipation briefly relaxed. Forest Annie put the gun down onto the table, gaze lingering on it lovingly before flicking towards the woman to her left.

A moment of near silence passed as Parley simply looked at the gun, knowing that she was up next. Six intent pairs of eyes watched her, the collective rapid heartbeats of everyone in the room almost audible. With four chambers cycled the odds of a bullet in the chamber had gone up considerably, her chances at life or death now exactly even.

Squaring her shoulders, Parley reached out to grab the gun, pausing only for a moment with it in her hand as she bit her lip in hesitation. Unsure what had even made her stop, she completed the motion of turning the barrel towards her face and pulled the trigger without further delay.

The top half of her skull shattered and flew away, mingled with bits of brain and hair as the kinetic energy of the bullet dispersed through her head on its way through it. Everyone at the table jumped in their chairs at the crack of the gunshot, shrieking in surprise before breaking into laughter and gasps of amazement. Wide-eyed, they all watched as Parley's corpse dropped the gun and slumped, falling to the floor.

"Oh my god." Kat's murmur was just loud enough for everyone to hear, though spoken as if only to Paz. "She never saw it coming…" Beneath the table Kat's hand started to slip up Paz's thigh, straying beneath the folds of her dress. Biting her lip, Paz nodded, looking distracted for a few moments.

"Well. That was exciting!" Ayilu beamed as she took the gun once more, utterly unfazed as she reloaded the weapon with one of the five remaining bullets.

"Oh!" Paz shivered as her focus returned to her, turning away from their recently deceased friend to bury her face against Kat's neck. "It is already my turn, my heart is beating so fast! Can you feel it?"

Still staring absently at Parley's corpse, Kat smirked as she shifted her hand, sliding it down from where it had been on Paz's shoulder. Fingers slipping under the neckline of her lover's outfit, she rubbed slowly at a breast, eliciting a soft gasp.

"I can now," Kat said, looking down at Paz's blushing face.

Ayilu passed over the reloaded gun, making no comment despite how every pair of eyes was following the movements of Kat's fingertips inside Paz's dress.

"Y-you're not allowed to win without me," Paz said, mock sternness undercut by the breathy pleasure in her voice. Her face turned a deeper shade of red as Kat's other hand pushed up along her thigh, disappearing once more beneath her dress. "Promise me, Katinha…"

"Alright, alright. Take your turn first, then we'll see whether I need to keep that promise."

Shuddering in Kat's embrace, Paz panted softly as she lifted the barrel to her mouth. Eager, everyone else leaned forward to watch as the pleasured girl put her finger to the trigger, moaning sharply past the weapon as Kat suddenly pinched her nipple hard beneath the dress. Starting to quiver more powerfully, Paz pulled the trigger just as she was pushed past the point of no return.

The dry click of an empty chamber did little to stop the onrushing orgasm, Paz's entire body tensing, fingers gripping the table and revolver tight in ecstasy. Kat watched intently, looking more than a little aroused herself as her Hispanic lover whimpered through the rush of pleasure she'd triggered.

Only once Paz had slumped against Kat's body did she reach down to take the pistol from her limp fingers, gently prying it free and placing it against the side of her own head. Smiling with a hint of cockiness, Kat paused for a moment before firing.

"These are some high quality brains I might be blowing out here… wonder if they'll look any different."

With that, she pulled the trigger.

The hammer clicked, hitting another empty chamber. Shrugging at the anticlimax, Kat passed the gun over as Paz pulled her down for another kiss.

Taking the gun, Red pumped her other fist and hi-fived Ayilu, grinning with triumph.

"About time! C'mon shooty thing, I know you've got something for me…" Eagerly lifting the gun, Red gagged a little as she pushed it hard into her mouth. Ayilu leaned closer at her side, an interested smile curving her lips.

Both their faces fell as as the gun failed to fire, Red pulling the slimy barrel out from her mouth after a moment's hesitation. Grumbling in annoyance, she shoved the weapon into Ayliu's hands, the other fairy perking back up a bit as was given her own chance at death.

Slipping her finger into the trigger guard, Ayilu elbowed Red repeatedly until the other fairy stopped scowling and turned to watch. Though her spiky haired friend still looked sullen, Ayilu brightened, giving the gun a flashy twirl that ended with it aimed straight up through her skull. Smiling at her friend, she squeezed down on the trigger.

Another click sounded, both fairies' faces wrinkling in extreme displeasure. Slamming the gun onto the table, Ayilu pushed it away as if in disgust.

Glancing off a bottle as it slid, the revolver came to rest directly before Court Annie, the short haired girl blushing as she struggled to look away from Parley's blown apart skull. Her odds were now equal to those her late friend had lost, as bad as could be without becoming guaranteed. Regarding the pistol with a mix of lust and trepidation, she awkwardly lifted the heavy weapon, shooting a look over at her twin self. The other Annie smiled back at her, giving an encouraging wink.

"Here goes nothing." Eyes open and locked on the gun, she pressed the barrel to her lips in an intimate kiss, lips wrapping around the tip before pulling the trigger.

It clicked.

Body shuddering in a violent release of tension, Court Annie gasped, almost slumping over in a faint before she quickly passed the gun to her double. The fairies leaned forward together, Kat and Paz even pausing in their makeout as they all realized the inevitability of what was about to happen. Five empty chambers had been cycled. Only one remained.

Smirking at the other Annie's reaction, Forest Annie ignored the others, holding the gun casually as she brushed back a few strands of hair from her forehead. Her expression soon shifted as she looked down at the loaded revolver in her hands, eyes glinting with fatal desire. Placing the barrel above her brow, she glanced briefly at Parley's empty chair, then over to where Kat was sitting. Her friend gave a thumbs up, the gesture concealed from the others by how her arm was wrapped around Paz's shoulders.

Pulling the trigger, Forest Annie jerked in her chair as a clean hole blasted through her skull, the bullet flinging through her to embed with a thump into the wall on the other side of the room. Seeming strangely unharmed, her arm slowly lowered the smoking gun back down onto the table, exposing the small, bleeding hole in her forehead. Court Annie stared in fascination as her twin self broke into a blissful smile, soiling her dress before slumping down against the table, dead.

Laughing, Ayilu clapped before grabbing and reloading the gun with a grin. Red joined her, some of her prior disappointment melting away as she admired the peaceful corpse. Save for the blood leaking from the holes in her head Forest Annie looked almost as if she were having a pleasant dream, a faint blush still showing on her cheeks.

Having pressed back together with renewed hunger after watching their friend's death, neither Paz nor Kat looked away from each other as the revolver was passed back to them, lips locked in a constant kiss. Brushing her hand over the table, Paz blindly picked up the gun, putting it to her own head and pulling the trigger.

It clicked. Immediately re-cocking it with a thumb, Paz passed the revolver to Kat, continuing to kiss her girlfriend as she put it to her own head with equally little hesitation. A second click sounded, Kat carelessly passing the weapon over her shoulder as the passion between the pair redoubled from another round of dodging death.

Practically grabbing for the gun, Red looked maniacally eager as she cocked it and aimed, spiky hair slightly damp with sweat. The tip of the barrel quivered as the girl glanced over at her partner, Ayilu smiling happily back at her with one hand busy beneath the table.

Lustful expression intensifying, Red bit down hard on her lip as she jammed the gun against her jaw. On the other side of the table Annie smiled slightly, seeing through the ether how Ayilu was influencing her friend's mind, making her want more and more for the gun to go off while forcing her to wait to pull the trigger.

Blinking once, Ayilu relaxed her control.

The crack of gunfire came in the instant before Red's entire body jerked, eyes widening as the bullet punctured through her jaw and soft palate. Bouncing around within her skull without exiting, the soft lead so thoroughly tore her brain apart that blood began to leak from around her eyes, crimson tears creeping from the corners to stream down her cheeks. Red slumped backwards in her chair, eyes glazing over as the gun slipped from her fingers to clatter onto the table before her.

Moving quickly while everyone was distracted by the fresh corpse, Ayilu grabbed and reloaded the gun, smiling innocently as she put it against her temple.

"My turn!"

Court Annie realized that something was amiss just as the surviving fairy made to pull the trigger, her objection making it halfway past her lips before it was too late.

"Hey, you didn't spin the barr-"

Ayilu collapsed like a puppet with its strings cut as the fourth bullet of the night punched through her skull, the second gunshot in quick succession leaving everyone's ears ringing. Still smiling face first crunching against the table, the slender brown girl's body slid downward to sprawl across Red's lap, disappearing from view.

The three remaining girls spent a short while in silence after the suicide, exchanging glances and sly grins. Unwrapping herself somewhat from Kat, Paz quietly took the gun from where it had fallen, slipping one of the two remaining bullets into it and handing it over to the remaining Annie.

"I think you'd look very nice if you went with the forehead," Paz suggested, smiling as Annie took the gun. "Like the other Annie did."

Wordlessly following the suggestion, Annie took a deep breath as she prepared to risk her life again. Heart hammering as she exhaled, she stared across the table at the two entangled lovers before pulling the trigger.

Nothing happened but the same small click. Annie found herself feeling more disappointed than with her prior attempts, almost regretful as she passed the pistol over to Paz.

Accepting the weapon, Paz immediately handed it over to Kat.

"Here, love. You pull the trigger for me from now on. I'll return the favor for you, if I live so long."

Eyebrows raising in interest, Kat turned the gun, inspecting it briefly before playfully pushing the barrel against Paz's jaw. Stroking her lover's skin with the warm steel, she traced a path from jaw to temple, Paz's eyelashes fluttering in anticipation.

Closing her eyes as Kat moved her finger to the trigger, Paz gasped softly when the gun gave another click. Kat passed it back to her, the barrel ending up beneath the gypsy's jaw as her Hispanic lover pressed in for another kiss. Annie watched the two, getting a voyeuristic thrill from seeing Kat so close to death as she passionately made out with Paz. As the makeout began to get more involved Annie let her fingers wander down between her legs, starting to gently rub herself through the wet fabric of her panties.

Another click came as Paz finally pulled the trigger, the two girls barely letting up in their passion as the gun was passed back again to Annie. The subtle scent of feminine arousal began to fill the air as the two of them side-eyed her, watching with interest as they continued their shameless loveplay.

Feeling somehow more on the spot now than when there had been seven living people at the table, Annie continued to rub herself with one hand as she shakily lifted up the gun. Pressing it once more to her forehead, she watched as Paz's hands slipped beneath the lapels of Kat's suit, squeezing her breasts while Kat reciprocated beneath Paz's dress.

Feeling the heat of her body increase beneath her fingertips, Annie closed her eyes tight and pulled the trigger.

It clicked, setting her off into a dissatisfied groan before shoving the revolver away. Hiking the hem of her dress further up Annie slid a hand fully within her panties, fingering herself without shame now that her arousal had grown unbearable.

Lips pulling apart with linking strands of saliva still between them, the two lovers paused in their passion.

"It has to be one of the next two chambers," Kat said softly. "That's four missed shots."

Smiling at her sweetheart, Paz pressed the gun gently into Kat's hands. Her dress had been bunched up during their groping, the curve of her ass and the darker brown spots of her nipples now uncovered as she leaned back and submissively lifted her chin.

"You've been the best, Katinha. Now… let's see who gets splattered, si?"

Leveling the gun at her lover, Kat steeled herself, breath coming quick before she jerked back upon the trigger.

The gun clicked.

Staring at the weapon, Kat's eyes widened in realization as Paz's head tilted back to face her, expression delighted and mischievous.

"Oh, well then…" Slipping the gun free of Kat's suddenly trembling fingers, Paz reclaimed the weapon. "A shame. I was so ready, too."

Swallowing hard, Kat's anxious expression intensified as the barrel came around to face her.

"So am I," she breathed, sincere despite her nervousness.

"Good." Paz kept her eyes on her lover's face, wearing a small satisfied smile as she pushed the barrel between Kat's lips. "But I'm afraid you'll have to be a little patient, love. I want one last taste…" Popping the buttons of Kat's suit jacket and dress shirt one handed, Paz looked down as she exposed the small twin peaks of Kat's breasts, each topped by a stiff, dark nipple.

Lowering her head down to kiss and lick Kat's chest, Paz closed her eyes, cleaning the sweat from the skin and replacing it with saliva as she thoroughly pleasured Kat's breasts. For her part Kat seemed to enjoy herself far more than Annie had expected, prompting the watching girl to reach up and tweak one of her own nipples hard through her dress. The sharp twinge of pain and pleasure made her moan along with her friend, both Kat and Annie climbing towards climax as Paz took her time with this last moment of intimacy.

Despite having only Paz's lips and tongue for pleasure, Kat came first of the two. Pushing her chest forward as the suckling lips sent her over the edge, she moaned low through the metal of the gun, the breast not in Paz's mouth bouncing as she shook with pure potent ecstasy.

Nearly there with her, Annie's vision began to unfocus as her own peak approached, fingers pumping more frantically into herself as she reached for it.

The crack of the gunshot cut her off, the suddenness of the noise shocking her out of her haze of pleasure. Freezing, she blinked rapidly to clear her mind, eyes refocusing to see what had become of her friend.

Red and pink pieces of flesh were splattered across the ceiling above Kat's cratered head, the genius girl's expression gone slack and stupid below the gaping exit crater the bullet had left. Gently licking the corpse's nipples for a second more, Paz pulled back, wiping her mouth before nonchalantly beginning to reload the gun.

"Your turn, Antimony." Proffering the gun to Annie, Paz's deep brown eyes bored into her, expression unreadable.

Fingers starting to pump and play once more, Annie stared desperately at the gun, shaking her head as she began to recapture some of the progress she had made towards climax.

"Please," she begged. "Do it for me… Shoot me."

Paz obligingly pulled the trigger, lips curving in a smile as the gun clicked softly. Annie whined, watching as Paz turned the gun back upon herself, pulling the trigger once more to elicit yet another click.

The smile disappeared again as Paz pointed the weapon at Antimony's head, expression cool while the other woman panted with increasing pleasure.

"Should I let you finish?" Paz asked politely, watching Annie desperately work her fingers in and out of herself.

Annie shook her head, hissing her answer through clenched teeth.

"Just… shoot."

The gun clicked again, Annie nearly sobbing in an outburst of anticipation. Paz's tongue darted from her mouth as she watched, licking her lips in a small sign of rekindling arousal.

"The odds are getting pretty bad," the Hispanic girl observed, admiring and stroking the gun for a moment before turning it back on herself and once more pulling the trigger.

Seeming to anticipate the click this time, she quickly spun the revolver back towards Annie, grinning as she re-cocked it.

"One last chance, Antimony. Don't steal this from me."

Unable to articulate a reply, Annie only gasped with each breath as she stared down the dark barrel. Sweaty strands of short hair clung to her face, all dignity gone as she abused her pussy beneath her hiked up dress. Her eye makeup was smeared with desperate tears, body pulsing to the rapid beat of her heart as she frantically tried to reach climax before it was too late.

The gun boomed, firing the final bullet across the table. Tearing a shallow path through Annie's frontal lobe after entering through her skull, the projectile left a wide bloody furrow in her skull, exposing ripped brain as it continued on its way accompanied by shards of shattered bone. Reeling backwards, the girl gurgled and jerked in shock, not quite killed instantly. Her confused and damaged brain experienced a mild seizure, rigid, quivering fingers providing the final stimulus to elicit orgasm as her body went into convulsions. Cumming amidst her death throes, half her face went slack while the other looked utterly pleasured, tears streaming from glassy eyes.

Shaking and dying, Annie stared blankly back at Paz with brains and blood oozing from the gunshot wound in her skull, squirt spraying out around fingers still stuffed within her panties. Her seizure continued long enough to cause her to shudder straight off her chair, Paz standing and circling the table to watch until she finally fell still.

Looking around the room once the last other person within it was surely dead, Paz took stock of all her slaughtered friends. Few of those with faces still intact were not smiling, blood, juices, and other fluids puddling about and upon the table. The room smelled of gunpowder and blood, the faint tang of sex barely discernible beneath stronger scents.

Flipping open the gun, Paz checked the chambers, then went to Ayliu's corpse to rifle through her pockets. Disappointed to find no more bullets, she sighed, accepting she'd have to take the consolation prize. Returning to Kat's corpse to give it one last kiss, she left the room with unloaded gun in hand, dress still unkempt. Her only other stop before departing was to grab the video camera Parley had set up, pressing the stop button to complete the recording.

Still in his room, Smitty had decided to hit the random button once more. Though he partially hoped the simple experiment might stop the previous event he'd set in motion, he was mostly interested in what would happen now that Parley was likely dead.

It'd taken him to a page focused heavily on Hispanic raceplay porn, images of familiar Spanish beaches with brown-skinned beauties lounging naked, presenting themselves for the use of white cocks. Intrigued as always, he hummed as he clicked through the galleries, idly stroking himself as he waited for something to happen.

A knock came at the door, the sequence of sound unfamiliar. Not Parley.

"Come in," he said, not bothering to cover up.

Paz entered, seeming slightly timid as she closed the door behind herself. Still carrying the camera and gun, she walked over to Smitty, a shy smile on her lips as she gave him both gifts.

"I'm here to fulfill Parley's promise," she said simply. "I hope you enjoy me."

Smiling reassuringly as he set the objects aside, Smitty gestured her down onto her knees, directing her mouth towards his cock.

"I'm sure I will."


Wow, Gunnerkrigg Roulette was an amazing story. I was so turned on. Thanks for writing and posting it.


a lovely new addition. such eager girls, and the tinge of magic for extra spice.
beautiful work as always NPR


The Mating Habits of the Common Mantis
(cons, decapitation, /fur/, insect, futa, ruined orgasm, premature ejaculation, impregnation)

Crawling along the sides of the road with clockwork grace, multitudes of mantises move purposefully as the day approaches its end. Modified from their ancient, miniature morphology, the now sentient bipedal insects stand tall, cooperating in the countless small gestures of civilization. At crosswalks they wait for vehicles to pass, pedestrians and road traffic both following the indications of lighted signs. Bare chitin and sexual organs alike are modestly covered with clothing, currency exchanged in the shops and stores along the sidewalks. Those walking keep mostly to the ground, only occasionally detouring onto walls to pass by an obstruction.

Despite the many varied destinations of all these respectable, law-abiding mantises, there is one spot on the street that most seem to actively avoid. Standing out from the utilitarian design of neighboring buildings, the glass construction is filled with the blurred green shapes of vegetation, lightly frosted panes protecting the privacy of those within from prying eyes without. Unlike the fairly fashionable patrons of other establishments, the mantises that enter wear minimal, almost unappealing clothing. More and more of these ilk arrive as the night grows later, commerce dying down across the rest of the street.

Immediately inside, these mantises turn down a sharply turning hall that doubles back on itself, providing privacy from those walking by outside. The short entryway leads into a small foyer where two larger mantises stand guard, supervising while newcomers strip off and discard the clothing they'd worn in. Chitinous green exoskeleton is laid bare beneath the dim lights, more modest mantises briefly covering their breasts and reproductive organs from the watching bouncers.

Despite this respect paid to the rules of civilization even these most reserved of mantises are undeniably deviants, here to engage in sexual rebellion against the taboos of their society.

The purpose of the building was akin to a kind of nightclub, a place for single mantises to meet and find mates. More specifically it catered to satisfying an ancient urge that most modern mantises had resigned themselves to resisting, giving its patrons a place to privately and consensually engage in fatal coitus.

Unanimously hermaphroditic, mantises had struggled to attain civilization in large part due to the death toll their methods of intercourse engendered. An adult might chance to survive their first mating only at the cost of their partners life, albeit a life given up quite willingly. The resulting eggs would eventually make up for this, as mantises matured quickly enough that in prehistoric societies losing half their adult population every so often was not a problematic cost.

Had they been dual gendered as their ancient ancestors were, a matriarchy might've developed, knowledge and culture passing on through a ruling class of long lived females. Instead, as hermaphrodites each adult's chance to live past coitus was only 50% each mating. The incidence of sexual activity for the average mantis thus made it rare for any to live long enough to pass on complex knowledge of the sort crucial towards civilization.

Workarounds to this had been as crucial to the creation of mantis society as the development of agriculture, and such practices were still in use today. Placing a meal of fresh meat at the head of the bed was a tried and tested tradition, giving whoever ended up penetrated something to satiate their hunger besides their mate's head.

Despite its undeniable efficacy in continuing their civilization and prolonging their lives, some mantises still resented this method; this was not entirely unreasonable, given that there were quite a few legitimate drawbacks. Along with being far less effective at ensuring fertilization, deathless mating was viscerally unsatisfying, the frustration of basic instincts punishing the civilized creatures with less pleasure, orgasms that barely qualified as climax.

Thus such small, shameful establishments as this one still existed, unable to be outlawed due to a quiet but definite demand. Here, those willing to risk and quite often lose their lives would congregate, their deaths able to be borne by the greater number of more restrained adults. The prospect of true climax enticed them, or else the guarantee of successful insemination if they survived. Potential decapitation both frightened and enticed the insects, the mortal loss made erotic by deep-seated instincts that steered their sex drive.

Movements jerky and antennae wiggling with excitement, the newly naked mantises were allowed into the main atrium one by one, ready to kill or be killed in lustful release by someone they would meet tonight.

Among the dense foliage that filled most of the frosted greenhouse, a central lit clearing directly before the doors gave the mantises a place to mingle. Built around a particularly large tree trunk, a bar provided the anxious individuals a facade of normalcy, the familiar sight helping to them relax in ways not wholly related to the intoxicants it offered. Beyond the clearing shadowy shapes of mating mantises were partially obscured by vegetation, heady scents of sex and meat in the air.

Courtship was straightforward for those using the primitive method. Of the few dozen single mantises scattered about one would approach another, coming into close contact. One or the other of their phalluses would then inflate, a pale, tapering tentacle that telescoped outward from a small sheath located above their egg slit. Soft compared to their chitin, lubricant was expelled out of a small hole at the pointed tip, a thick bulge of sensitive nerves running along the underside of the shaft.

If both mantises grew erect soon after meeting, the pair would head off into the foliage to mate. After a few minutes, only one member of each couple would return. Newcomers passed these departing survivors on their way in, the expressions of contentment they saw on their faces only further bolstering their resolve in the choice they'd made.

In the more likely circumstance that one or both mantises failed to get an erection, the suitor would soon leave to try their luck with someone else, if necessary waiting for their phallus to retract before approaching a new potential mate. It was a somewhat well known quirk of mantis social dynamics that this method would eventually result in a match, no matter how small or large the group.

Experiencing this straightforward form of proposition for the first time in her life, a particularly busty mantis by the name of Marie found herself approached by two others in quick succession. Each of the other hermaphrodites had grown erect almost as soon as they laid eyes on her large breasts, beelining towards her with mandibles working in hopeful, hungry expressions of lust. Marie's own phallus stayed stubbornly retracted, each of those that had approached soon leaving to look for someone more receptive.

Trying her luck on the other side of the clearing, another mantis named Jenna was plagued by a tingle of anxiousness in her lower belly as she approached the first solitary person she'd seen, phallus inflating instantly. Lust buzzed through her, sharpening as the other mantis showed interest, making Jenna briefly think that this was going to be the one.

Coming close, she even went so far as to press herself up against the other herm, their mandibles interplaying and antennae touching in a casual kiss. Yet despite both their willingness, at the end of the encounter only Jenna's cock had showed. Seeming slightly disappointed, the other mantis left Jenna alone. Erection deflating, Jenna collected herself with enthusiasm only mildly dampened.

Having spurned several more suitors that had come to her, Marie had now taken it upon herself to try and meet others, getting close to another herm at the bar with no effect from either of their cocks. On her way away from this encounter an older mantis happened to catch her eye, the lone insect hanging back at the edge of the clearing. Curiously, she wore a severed cock from a strap around her neck, stroking it and appearing to talk to it while the disembodied phallus wiggled weakly.

Approaching this strange customer, Marie's antennae briefly twitched upward in greeting, the other herm reciprocating the gesture. Once she was in speaking range Marie covertly pointed at the cock, not sure how impolite she was being.

"That's an interesting keepsake. Did you just get it?" Partially she suspected this woman had already mated, though her egg slit was still open and body unstained by the leakings and scents of primitive sex. It didn't seem to make sense for her to have a severed cock otherwise, although holding such a macabre trophy was abnormal in any regard.

"No." The older mantis smiled, petting the shaft where it squirmed along her cleavage. "Though it was from my previous partner, they're a month long gone. I keep this little piece of her alive out of sentiment… it was a quite enjoyable mating. Easy enough to do, if you know the right nutrients to mix."

Marie's eyes fixated on the popped tip of the phallus, the pinprick hole that it had once been having violently blown open into a much wider orifice. Looking up along the base of the cock, she also noticed a small flat container affixed to where it had once been attached to its owner, half-filled with a colored liquid that she assumed was the nutrient mixture. Despite the distaste she felt for what this woman had done, Marie was faintly shocked to realize her own cock was starting to extend, dribbling juices onto the grass between the two women.

"Why is it still wiggling?" she asked stupidly, flustered by her response. Remembering the answer even as the other woman laughed, it was nonetheless too late to spare herself from the their gentle teasing.

"The nerve bundle is still there, isn't it?" Turning the shaft slightly, she showed Marie the bulging line along the underside. "It controls your cock pretty much completely, you know. Just in case you thought all that wiggling was purely random." Glancing at Marie's own waving phallus, she affectionately rubbed along her past lover's nerve bundle, the shaft responding by straightening and going still. "It's what takes over if your head gets bit off. Not as smart as a whole brain, but… well, I like to think it remembers me, and still wants more." Lifting the cock to her lips, she kissed it with an outer pair of mandibles, cooing to it as if it were a pet. "Isn't that right, little one? Knocking me up once wasn't enough for you, greedy thing."

Faintly disgusted now, Marie felt even more embarrassed by how her own cock was reacting, nerve bulge throbbing and shaft craning towards the woman. Noticing, the other mantis laughed, lowering her pet cock and teasingly waving her hips towards Marie's member.

"Maybe your own little thing is feeling jealous! You know, it's often the cocks that decide who'll end up on top when it's time for someone to lose their head. Not to mention how they pick out our mate in the first place." Looking down at her own crotch and noting her lack of response, the older mantis shrugged, looking sympathetic. "Unfortunately it looks like a nice rack isn't enough for me… My cock must not be looking to end up with me as the one chowing down. Sorry."

Sounding truly lustful at the prospect her own cock might sentence her to death, the other woman gave Marie a consoling wave of her antennae as the younger mantis turned away. Though a little flustered, Marie mostly felt relieved, unsure how she liked the idea of her cock being ripped off her corpse.

Jenna had taken a break from trying to find a match, stopping at the bar to order a drink and relax before heading back on the prowl. Already intimately aware of the limited intelligence contained in her phallus, the tickle of anxiousness she still felt didn't derive from worries about not being able to find a mate. Instead she worried about losing her nerve, a recursive problem which she fully understood the irony of.

Hoping a drink would soothe away the last of her misgivings, she was pleasantly surprised to learn that the bar didn't charge. As they made up her drink, the bartender was more than happy to explain how the business worked. By providing a safe place for deviants to mate and die the building's owners got access to a plentiful source of mantis meat, selling the corpses at high price to local restaurants to serve as a delicacy. The profit more than allowed for a few free drinks for their patrons, helping to retain their livestock and encourage more meat production.

At the end of the chat the bartender passed Jenna a drink so huge that her antennae went stiff with surprise, the glass obscured from her view until the final moment. Once her shock had worn off the nude mantis perched herself upon her barstool, holding her drink in both hands as she sipped and looked out among the crowd. More and more mantises were slipping away together, she noticed, the scents in the air growing strong and fresh.

Going to order her own drink after her ordeal, Marie leaned up against the bar beside Jenna, starting to try and attract the bartender's attention. Several others were already waiting, and she had little luck after a minute's time. Thoughts still rolling around the idea of her shaft getting torn off, she had barely even registered Jenna until the other mantis gently prodded at her shoulder, turning to see the woman's friendly expression.

"Wanna share?" Holding up her huge cup, Jenna explained, "They gave me way too much. I've only drunk a little so far."

"Oh, thanks. I'd love to." Taking the drink carefully, Marie dipped her mandibles into it and swallowed. Mixed in with the flavorings and intoxicants was the taste of Jenna's pheromones, oddly complementary to the overall mixture. Peering over either side of the glass, Marie watched as Jenna looked her over, appreciating her large bust and overall figure. After letting the other mantis get an eyeful she lowered the cup and passed it back.

"So, what's your name?" Marie asked. Sipping briefly, Jenna wiggled her antennae in a pacifying gesture while she swallowed.

"Jenna. You?"

"Marie." Leaning back against a tree beside the bar, Marie gave Jenna her own admiring glance, appreciating the size of her cock sheath and the shapely aperture of her egg slit. Thinking of the strange older mantis, she asked, "Have you ever been here before?"

"No, this is my first time, though I've mated regularly before. Both ways." Taking another long draft, Jenna passed the drink back to Marie. "It didn't feel right. I could tell that… that it could've been better."

Sipping, Marie commiserated as she handed the cup back once more, watching Jenna drink.

"When you're the one penetrating, you feel like you barely came… and when you're getting penetrated, you feel like you barely ate."

Jenna's antennae twitched in emphatic agreement as she tried to offer Marie the last few gulps of their drink. Declining, Marie spoke again as Jenna drank down the rest.

"It's a lot more uncertain when you're in the moment, I hear. When you really let go, you don't know what you'll end up doing. Biting… or getting bitten."

Swallowing, Jenna shuddered briefly, phallus starting to show signs of life. Extending out leisurely, a dribble of juice trickled from it onto her chitinous thigh, slowly getting fully erect while she stared into Marie's eyes. Setting the drink back down onto the bar, she spoke without a trace of lingering anxiety.

"Luckily I'm game for either. How about you?"

Breathing out slowly, Marie stared at Jenna's magnificent cock, antennae quivering while she admired it. So thick it swelled slightly around the opening it had pushed out of, it pointed towards Marie's slit like a compass, flawless skin gleaming pale and shiny beneath the bar's lights. Marie shuddered in happiness as she felt her own cock inflate, unable to tear her eyes away from Jenna's body.

"I'm hoping for one end over the other," she admitted. "But… I'll keep it a secret which."

Laughing softly, Jenna stood up from her bar stool and approached Marie's tree. Looking down at the other mantis's cock, she felt her excitement build as she considered how it'd feel going into her, or how her own might feel going into Marie. Coming close enough that their shafts could touch, she let out a soft sound of pleasure as the two phalluses intertwined.

"So… ready to risk it all?" Jenna asked.

Seeming hypnotized by the movement of their cocks against each other, Marie jerked briefly before responding.

"Yeah… I think I am. Especially if I'm risking it with you."

Jenna's nerve bundle pulsed, tightening around Marie's cock and spurting lubricant across her belly. Taking hold of Marie's forearm, she lead the two of them away from the bar, into the seclusion and privacy of the dark forest.

Both mantis's heartvalves were pounding in excitement as they traversed the dimness, the low light heightening their other senses. Inside their abdomens each could feel their gonads springing to life, starting to produce sperm and ready eggs for fertilization. It filled them with a sensation of warmth as they passed by headless corpses and still mating pairs, some of the latter with two heads between them, some having only one.

Soon the pair secluded themselves behind a short barrier of bushes, several other shadowy couples mating only a few feet away, one figure even pausing to watch the pair of them. Giving little care to privacy, the two pressed intimately together, mandibles playing in a deep insectile kiss. Clawing at each others' breasts, they began to stroke their cocks against each other's thighs and crotches, slowly homing in on one another's shafts until the two intertwined. Antennae waving against each other, the two started to lose themselves to passion, reason and civilization erased from their minds as instinct took over.

Particularly excited, Marie shuddered against Jenna's body as the two thrust their cocks together, nerve bulges throbbing, lubricant sticking to their chitin and skin. Lost in the kiss of their mashed together mandibles, her antennae began to vibrate in anticipation, utterly certain about what was going to happen next. The two would kiss until they couldn't take it anymore, their cocks vying to see who would end up where, Marie ending up with her cock inside Jenna's hole. They'd fuck without thought, Marie herself barely beginning to blow her load before Jenna ate her head.

The thought of being decapitated made Marie's cock throb all the harder, her thoughts continuing past the point of her own death. Once she was headless her body would begin truly inseminating Jenna, the tip of her cock bursting to let out more cum faster, her hips going haywire. A few liters of the thick seed she was producing right now in her gonads would fill up her mate to the point that conception was all but guaranteed, her nerve bundle making sure she delivered her final load before her headless body stopped moving.

Overwhelmed with arousal as she vividly envisioned her own encroaching demise, Marie shuddered in a final powerful convulsion, cock still wrapped around Jenna's as the two kissed. A wave of sudden ecstasy hit, the busty mantis crying out in surprise and bliss, unsure what was happening at first. All she knew was it was something wonderful, a pure and potent pleasure coursing through her nervous system with her pulsing phallus at the center of it. Looking down, she realized her shaft was swelling up rapidly, the tip especially engorged as high pressure squirts of white fluid sprayed from the pinhole opening.

Understanding hit right as her cock popped, the end exploding into a wide, torn hole that disgorged more semen in a thick, almost gelatinous flow. Jenna stumbled back, her own cock and abdomen suddenly coated by Marie's premature cumshot. Antennae flicking back in disgust, the other mantis watched Marie continue to unload, her ejaculation dragging on as she shot her seed straight onto the dirt between them.

"No… no…" The initial ecstasy of her orgasm fading, Marie felt panic and shame begin to set in, staring in mute horror at her own phallus. Though the feeling had been heavenly, this was a far cry from what she'd truly wanted. With her head still attached to her shoulders her orgasm felt stunted, dissatisfying. Triggered by the act of ejaculation, she experienced an itching instinct to offer Jenna her head, forcing her to bow towards the other woman. Combined with her fetish, this desire only grew more and more acute with each passing second.

Shuffling forward on her knees through a puddle of her own wasted sperm, Marie held her arms out to Jenna, pleading as she craned her head forward for her mate to take.

"Please! I… I can still do it. Let me mate Jenna, please… I'll do whatever you want, it was an accident… please…" Marie whimpered, antennae hanging dejected and limp as her mouthparts moved. Between her legs her cock shot more and more cum in a heavy flow, gonads still churning out fresh seed, ignorant of the circumstance of her orgasm.

Overcoming her initial jolt of disgust, Jenna felt faint pity at the sight of her potential mate. Glancing over at the mantis that had been watching, she felt slight surprise to notice they were still present, clearly pumping away at their own cock.

Gauging herself, Jenna realized she still felt a burning desire to mate, too turned on by their foreplay to let this opportunity slip due to Marie's mistake. Stepping back towards the busty mantis, she knelt before her and grabbed her unloading dick, feeling it pulse as it pumped out every drop of cum it could.

"Well… I'll have to penetrate, I suppose. This won't be good for much now." Jenna shook Marie's shaft as its ejaculation finally subsided, the two of them kneeling in the huge puddle made by the few liters of cum it had released. It was softening now, still everted but unable to stand straight. The blown out tip leaked leftover seed, the phallus as a whole resembling a burst balloon. By contrast Jenna's cock still looked perfect and proudly erect, ready to fill up an egg slit with its girth.

Though Jenna seemed equally content with the prospect she'd proposed, Marie frantically reacted against it.

"No!" Grabbing at Jenna's thighs, she begged with her mate, face coming ever closer as she continued to feel an overwhelming desire to be decapitated. "I wanted to be… I want you…" Looking down desperately, she scooped a handful of her cum off of the dirt, shoving it up into Jenna's egg slit. Repeating this, she tried to cram as much of the mistimed orgasm as she could into her mate, blown out cock flopping back and forth while she moved with jerky urgency. "You can still get fertilized from this, I just… I need to do it, I need to fuck you. I want it so bad, Jenna…" Staring pleadingly up at the other mantis, her huge compound eyes shone in the dim light.

Somewhat skeptical, Jenna sighed and sat back. Too turned on to deny her, she at first felt like she was only humoring Marie as she allowed the other mantis to cram more and more sticky seed into her slit. After a while though, a slight tingling from her internal gonads hinted to her that the ploy might actually be working. Hunger started to kindle in her stomach, saliva dripping from her mandibles as Marie's more delicious qualities seemed to stand out to her.

"C'mon, that's enough." Jenna stopped Marie, stroking her breasts as she pulled the woman towards her, mouthparts working as she felt the delicious weight and give of the flesh. Forcing herself to stop groping her dessert, she put her attention on the task at hand. "Let's see if you can do it. It's ok, come here." Grabbing Marie by the hips and pulling her mate's crotch against her own, she watched as her mate started trying to push her soft cock into her. Their antennae touched, Jenna's flexing slightly in pleasure while Marie finally got her shaft inside. "That's it… this might work."

Overwhelmed with relief, Marie began to thrust, the desire to have her head bitten off so prominent that it felt almost like madness. Compounded by the frustrated instincts from her orgasm, what had once been a fetish was now an all-consuming obsession, her only goal in what remained of her life. Thrusting her limp phallus in and out of Jenna's slit, Marie practically pressed her forehead against her mate's mandibles. Looking up with crossed eyes at the mandibles that would soon bite into her, she shuddered in anticipation as she felt saliva drip across her face.

Despite the decreased size from the damage it had sustained, Marie's thrusting cock still served to trigger Jenna's instincts, hunger building up slowly as she continued to quiver in mating bliss. Withholding with what was left of her conscious mind, she let her desire to devour her mate build until it was undeniable, waiting so the moment she bit down could be all the more satisfying.

Embarrassment and shame completely forgotten, Marie's whole body shuddered with increasing excitement. Pleasure built along her nerve bundle, cum slopping and squishing between them while she fucked Jenna with everything she had. Part of her realized the mating was dragging on, her body taking a long time to reach another orgasm. She didn't care, nor did she pay any mind to the way her cock barely seemed to fill Jenna in its deflated state. Nothing could bother her now so close to the fulfillment of her ultimate wish, the end every instinct was urging her towards.

Finally groaning out in orgasm, Marie's cock gave a twitch. The climax was weak, utterly dry after her gonads had completely depleted themselves. Only the throbbing of her nerve bundle served to signal to Jenna's body that she had even cum at all, the motion of her limp cock otherwise no different.

Immediately feeling her hunger surge past the point of resistance, Jenna bit down at once as instinct demanded she strike. Saliva and brain squished together as she chewed through Marie's head in a deeply satisfied glut. Dying, her mate let out a final soft gurgle, Marie's nerve bundle seizing control of her body and taking over her thrusts. Jenna swallowed the mouthfuls she'd taken, mandibles messy while she continued to feast. In short order she devoured every last piece of her lover's head, the body reduced to a decapitated rutting machine, the still living corpse continuing to pump its hips and try to make use of its flopping phallus.

Swallowing hard, Jenna gasped softly as her own minor climax hit. Nowhere near intense as Marie's premature orgasm, Jenna's instead only served as the neurological trigger that released the cum she herself had produced. Built up prior to her penetration in the event she had ended up in Marie's role, the unneeded semen spurted out blisslessly, Jenna watching while her cock shot thin strings of sticky white across the humping corpse's chest. Squeezed through the pinhole opening at the tip of her shaft, it took longer for her to ejaculate than it had for Marie, though overall she produced far less seed than her late lover.

Still ravenous, cannibalistic instinct directed Jenna to press forward and continue her meal. Soft, nutrient rich meat produced exclusively for this purpose tore into tender chunks as her mandibles mauled Marie's chest, Jenna reclaiming what resources her body had spent on producing her own sperm as she swallowed her cumshot down too. The sticky liquid made a salty glaze atop Marie's delectable breasts, Jenna making short work of the delicacy, stomach grown more and more pleasantly full with each passing bite.

At last, there was nothing left to eat. Gone still, Marie's body had given up every last drop of life to the purpose of procreation. Her head and breasts would nourish the eggs she had inseminated, almost all the sperm she had misfired now sealed within Jenna's egg slit.

Touching her slightly bulging belly, Jenna felt sure the effort hadn't been for nothing. A telltale glow of heat within her gave evidence to growing eggs, her stomach working overtime to digest all of Marie she'd eaten.

Despite the pleasureless orgasm and Marie's premature ejaculation Jenna felt deep satisfaction, for once in her life utterly satiated. Even just the pleasure and excitement she'd gotten from Marie's limp cock had made this far, far more enjoyable than any previous mating she'd had, scratching an itch that had nagged her since she'd reached sexual maturity. Looking down at Marie's corpse, she felt sure that once her egg was laid she would be back here to try her odds again.

Nearby, the shadowed mantis that had been watching their mating cried out softly in climax. Ghostly white strings of seed started to coat the bush they stood near, the fresh scent of ejaculate filling the air. Paying no mind to this, Jenna knelt down one last time over Marie's body, placing their crotches near together. Directing her attention at the still weakly squirming shaft, she reached down, intertwining the phallus with her own one last time as she spoke softly.

"I hope you got what you wanted, Marie. Sorry it wasn't perfect."

Her nerve bulge throbbed slightly in tandem with Marie's, their two soft shafts squeezing one another. Holding on more weakly, Marie's cock was forced to let go as Jenna's shaft retracted back into her body, the surviving mantis standing up after sharing a final farewell.

Once upright Jenna realized that the mantis that had been watching them had begun to approach. Curious, she observed the unfamiliar woman as they came close, noting the severed cock worn around their neck, cradled between a pair of breasts even larger than Marie's had been. A mantis's chest continued to grow as they aged, signifying to Jenna that this woman was a decade older than her at least.

"Hi there. That was a lovely mating, if I might say so." The older mantis's antennae spread in earnestness, her body painted with thin strands of her own cum. It appeared she'd pointed her phallus back at herself, intentionally covering herself as she ejaculated. Though she hardly needed any additional evidence beyond the severed cock, Jenna felt sure this was a woman even more deviant than most of the mantises here.

"Well… it had its rough patches, but I'm sure it was successful." Placing her hand over her stomach, she felt a pang of satisfaction, even more certain now that the fertilization was going swimmingly.

"Oh, it was even more beautiful for the rough patches, dear. In fact, I came over with an offer for you." Taking Jenna by the arm, the older mantis used one clawed digit to score Jenna's chitin, scratching out a string of numbers. Jenna recognized it as a phone number, glancing up at the woman inquisitively.

"Once you've laid that egg, call me." Starting to finger her own unfilled egg slit, the older mantis made herself into a picture of perversion, spattered in her own seed and masturbating uselessly. "I've been looking for a mate that can put up with a few… complications."


Excellent story!


Interspecies Diplomacy
(/f/, Star Wars, futa, masturbation, exhibitionism, handjob, xeno)

Boots rattled the grille floors of the Rebel troop transport, jovial laughs echoing into the locker room before the elite squad filed in. The six mixed members of the group were exuberant, each alien face showing the joy of a successful mission in a different way. Jostling and joking, they shared a high point of camaraderie before splitting off to their respective lockers, stripping combat uniforms off their sweaty bodies.

Catabell came in last of all, smiling to see her friends so happy. The human Jedi had been their nominal leader since the squadron was formed, and felt an almost motherly satisfaction at how well they all got along, how efficient and effective they were as a group. They boasted one of the highest mission success rates across all Rebel forces, and shared the pride of that achievement equally.

Going to her own locker nearest the door, Catabell started to peel off her battle tunic. She felt no shame in exposing her body before her fellows, as they felt no shame in exposing theirs to her. Each of them was of a different race, yet all of the same gender. It was part of what she felt made them trust each other so well, that trust being instrumental to their success.

A conversation between two of her squadmates caught the Jedi's ear as she finished undressing, the emotional energy of the words discordant with her contentment. Looking back over her shoulder, she saw her Mirialan squad member hemmed in between Tah Gi and Mabtehle, the Kaminoan and Mon Calamari united in purpose as they so often were.

"It's only a scientific curiosity," Tah Gi insisted, long thin body bent over Yumti's shorter green shape as the Mirialan looked away. Mabtehle backed up her partner, placing a stocky orange hand on her hip.

"We can show you ours too, if you're embarrassed." Bulbous eyes blinked at Yumti, the Mon Calamari woman sounding placidly reasonable. Still Yumti did not meet either of their glances, the geometric tattoos on her face obscured by shadow as she looked down, seeming embarrassed. Nearby another of their squadmates was also starting to take notice, Setrue's horned Zabrakian profile turning towards the trio.

Catabell chimed in, seeking to dispel the tension before it threatened the amicable mood in the room.

"What is it, ladies? Yumti?"

The Mirialan's green face tilted up a little, eyes peeking up at her commander through her bangs. She still seemed too shy to respond, a state that told Catabell the other squad mates must've asked about something fairly embarrassing. Her gaze flicked between the two, sternly demanding an answer. The two shared a look with each other, Mabtehle glancing back down at Yumti before giving the Jedi her attention.

"It's nothing serious, Catabell. The two of us were just interested in Yumti's anatomy is all." She gestured at the other woman, long fingers flicking towards her crotch. "We're on either side of her locker and couldn't help but notice the size of her phallus. We'd speculated together on it some, and just wanted to know why her species had such a big one. It's alright if she doesn't want to share, though."

Though she approve of their straightforward interrogation, Catabell couldn't help but share their interest. Though she was the shortest member of their squadron, Yumti's phallus was massive compared to anyone else's, a thick ridged protuberance wider and thicker than a forearm. The shape was unique as well, but of course that was to be expected of each different species.

Before Catabell could say anything further Ozala stepped close, the last of her squadmates finally taking notice of where everyone else was looking. The Togrutan inspected her squadmate's phallus with keen interest, her own utterly dissimilar bulge in full view to everyone. The Jedi could tell Setrue was looking too, although playing as if she didn't care, shooting covert glances over Ozala's shoulder while her squadmate was bent down to get a better look.

"I admit, I'm curious as well now that I notice it," Ozala said. "Not just for the size, however. The structure is strange to me, very non standard. Though it would of course be unfair to ask Yumti to show us."

A grunt came from behind, Setrue finally speaking up as she yanked off her shirt, tattooed breasts heaving free.

"We could all show off in that case. Never knew there to be any secrets in our squad. No reason to make this one now."

One by one the five pairs of alien eyes turned towards Catabell, each imploring in their own way. The Jedi woman blushed faintly beneath the pressure to make a decision for them all, startled by the speed at which the situation had turned to this. She knew that they'd still obey her if she told them to drop the matter, but she also knew there was no sense letting her human sense of propriety overrule the wishes of her squad.

"Well… if Yumti would be willing to explain if we all did the same, I don't see any problem. It'd just be a sort of… interspecies diplomacy. Sharing and learning about each other."

The squad all nodded in agreement, Yumti last of all. Though Tah Gi and Mabtehle were obviously happy with her decision, the little Mirialan still seemed tense despite her acquiescence. Catabell thought a moment, wanting all of them at ease going forward.

"Although… since Tah Gi and Mabtehle were the ones to ask, I think they should go first." Catabell smiled at her squad, happy to see Yumti relax and return the grin before looking towards the Kaminoan. For her part, Tah Gi seemed unperturbed.

"Very well, then. I'll give a full demonstration, as I wouldn't want anyone to leave out crucial details later." Fixing Yumti with a meaningful look, the towering thin woman finished undressing, stripping off a cloth cladding that had encircled her groin and belly. It exposed a raised silvery band that seemed to grow from above the subtle entryway between her legs, the long strip running up her torso almost halfway to her breasts.

Gathered in a circle now, the squad gasped in collective amazement as the band detached from Tah Gi's upper belly, showing itself to have never been connected anywhere but the typical root point for any phallus. It shifted in shape as it stood straighter, becoming thick and cylindrical where before it'd been flat and flush to her skin. Only Mabtehle seemed unsurprised, clearly already familiar with the function of her friend's cock.

"As you may know, my species has extensively adapted its own genetic code." Tah Gi stroked herself, three fingered hand acting as branches for her snakelike shaft to slither through and wrap around. "Most of the changes were out of necessity. Still, there was some allowance for pleasure, as well as convenience in achieving it."

Flexing through several different shape profiles, the Kaminoan's cock demonstrated its malleability, able to grow larger or smaller, thicker or thinner, longer or shorter, flatter or more cylindrical. It could have bulbous knots at any point of its length, form itself into a corkscrew, retract almost completely into her body, and even tie itself in a knot.

"Much like some of your tongues, we possess muscles in our members that allow us to have minute control over its movement and shape. These muscles are very small and numerous, and our control is so extensive that we do not need contraceptives as your species do. It is a simple matter for us to simply hold in our sperm upon orgasm. Like so."

The Kaminoan stroked herself a few more times, large eyes fluttering closed and long neck going perfectly straight. Her cock pulsed visibly in her grip, swelling and contracting with a small growing bulge showing at its base. Despite the obvious climax, nothing emerged from the small hole at the tip of her tentacular shaft. Once the orgasm had finished Tah Gi resumed her lecture as if nothing had happened, explaining her own cock's function with the same cool tone she used to discuss troop movements.

"It does eventually need to be released, but this gives us time to do so in a time and place more convenient to us." With no obvious effort or pleasure the Kaminoan suddenly pushed a handful of small iridescent balls through her cock, the soft orbs scattering across the ground. "As a less… utilitarian change, we also ensured that our ejaculate is quite tasty." She caught some in her palm, offering them to her squad for inspection and sampling.

Taking one, Setrue looked at the little orb suspiciously. Squishing it slightly between her fingers, she observed how the contents flexed within the thin membrane before popping it into her mouth.

"Are these eggs or something?" she asked, chewing.

"No." Tah Gi shook her head emphatically as Catabell took her share, the Jedi oddly feeling that it would be impolite not to try one. "They are sperm sacs, not eggs. In our wombs the membrane is broken down, but until they reach that point it protects the contents."

Hesitantly eating the little orb, Catabell burst it against the roof of her mouth with her tongue. The rest of her squad did likewise, sharing a moment as they all tested Tah Gi's claim. To her human palette it tasted almost like a mild soup broth, texture only somewhat more viscous as it slid down her throat. A slight aftertaste left her craving more, tongue wetting her lips as she focused on the flavor.

Remembering what she was swallowing, the Jedi flushed, small cock pulsing once as heat bloomed in her lower belly. Precum oozed from her, excitement accompanying the feeling of shame. No one seemed to notice, yet she felt even more mortified at her reaction. The display of arousal was undignified for one of her rank, the thrill she got from swallowing her squadmate's cum even moreso.

Glancing again at Tah Gi, Mabtehle swallowed her share before casually beginning to play with her breasts. Attention shifted towards her as her cock made its appearance, the dark pink spike of the shaft emerging from a tight-lipped sheath. The opening had been clamped so cleanly shut that Catabell had never noticed it before now, although admittedly she'd kept her eyes averted out of a sense of modesty.

Now she couldn't look away, enraptured as the squat phallus pushed outward. A thick membrane was wrapped around the organ, shining with a translucent fluid that seemed to ooze from the gap between it and her shaft. Its purpose puzzled her until the cock had fully come into the open, at which point the membrane fully unfurled. Now evident as a semi-rigid circular extension of skin, it formed a deep bowl with her primary shaft sticking out from the center, the anatomical arrangement bearing a distinct resemblance to something all of them had seen before.

"That's not a dick," Setrue said, laughing. "That's a fucking radio dish!"

"What signal range do you get, Mab?" Ozala's teasing was gentle, smile hidden behind her hand.

Waving them both away, Mabtehle rolled her protruding eyes and began masturbating. Seeming to barely notice her own pleasure, she shot back at them while stroking.

"Your species are the ones that festoon their spaceships with penises. Perhaps it is out of envy!" All the squadmates shared a laugh, even Yumti giggling as she watched the Mon Calamari work herself over.

"Of course, it is shaped so for good reason," Mabtehle admitted. "Our species lives in the sea, and our sperm does not benefit from contact with water. When we mate our sucker covers the hole and forms a watertight seal." Her fingers pushed back against the sucker, the act seeming to prevent her from speaking for a moment as her eyes closed in bliss. Recovering after a moment, she went on, thrusting into her hand all the while.

"There is an additional action involved, as we continue to thrust after orgasm so as to agitate our semen. It helps ensure fertilization, and also activates a property of the seminal fluid that causes it to plug the hole against water when we, ah, r-retreat."

Cumming on the last word, Mabtehle thrust back and forth seemingly out of control, hips twitching as she began to spurt. Leaning back against the lockers and looking down at herself, the aquatic woman played with her breasts, no longer needing her hands to coax free her thick, sticky cum. It poured out in an extremely extensive climax, the constant flow splattered across the floor in misaligned lines by the action of her hips over the long minutes. Together they watched her pour out every drop, silently appreciating the show.

Stepping up to her friend's side, Tah Gi addressed Yumti, meeting her eyes while idly squeezing Mabtehle's shaft.

"Are you at ease, Yumti? You see now we have no shame regarding our own anatomies. Our curiosity is innocent."

Abashedly looking down at the pool of cum on the floor, the Mirialan was silent until the climax came to an end, fidgeting with her own massive member and biting her lip. When at last Mabtehle's cock had retreated back into its tight sheath the short woman raised her face, still refusing to meet anyone's eyes as she explained.

"It's not that I am ashamed of my phallus… I understand your curiosity. It is just that I-" She closed her eyes, then whispered, "I am a virgin. It's why my cock is so… big." Her hands stroked the hulking member, extending unnaturally from her petite body. It was semi-rigid at all times, and had recently begun to hinder her at times in their missions. Catabell had never been able to muster the composure to bring up the topic with her, but now it seemed the issue would be addressed regardless.

"More than that, though," Yumti went on. "I have never even cum. Not once. I envy you all your ability to masturbate, for my race cannot. We do not react to the stimuli if it is self-enacted." She glanced back down at the sticky puddle Mabtehle had made on the floor, dipping her toes into the semen and smearing it across the tile. "I would be willing to show you how my phallus works, but… only if one of you would help."

Suddenly intense, she glanced at each of them, meeting their eyes with blazing lust. Catabell felt the force of her need when she stared back into the Miralian's face, able to imagine what it might be like to be physically unable to cum, yet constantly surrounded by those uninhibited by biology. Even more sympathetic to Yumti's earlier awkwardness now, she felt a rising urge to offer her assistance, hesitating only out of a lingering sense of decorum.

Before she could quash her qualms, Ozala stepped forward.

"It would be an honor to help you, Yumti. I could not bear to let a squadmate suffer so."

Smiling gratefully, Yumti nodded her acceptance. Taking her hands away, she thrust her monstrous member forward, letting them all see it unobstructed and in full light for the first time.

Swollen to a circumference much larger than its attachment point at her crotch, the cock seemed a kind of strange fruit ready to fall, the sectioned shape bulging along its length in regular intervals. The skin was of the same yellow-green as the rest of Yumti's humanoid physiology, though slightly thicker, stretch marks apparent on some of the foremost sections. Symmetrically lining the sides, several divots were the only orifices that could be seen, covered over with a thinner kind of skin that pulsed in and out in a rising tempo.

Directing Ozala's hands, Yumti placed them on the very tip of her cock. The final section was a flattened wedge shape that reminded Catabell of the end of a prying tool, organically rounded but still appearing intended to force something apart.

"That part is very sensitive," the Mirialan said, breathy as the Togrutan touched her. "Especially to pressure. If you want to make me cum, you'll have to squeeze it very hard."

Ozala looked uncertainly up at Yumti, fingers rubbing slightly instead.

"Won't that… hurt you?"

Yumti shook her head emphatically, visibly excited now.

"No, no. It'll feel quite amazing, I'm told. In fact… try to crush it. The more you press, the better." Her body was trembling visibly as she advised her squadmate, nipples hardening on her scant chest. "Don't hold back."

Despite the request, Ozala's first squeeze was clearly halfhearted. Pinching the firm cockhead between her palm and fingertips, she looked up at Yumti for feedback. The Mirialan showed clear pleasure, yet also frustration, shaking her head as she moaned.


Finding her resolve, Ozala firmed herself, shifting her stance and placing a palm on either side of the wedge. Compact muscles tensing, she focused on the cock before her as she used every ounce of strength to crush its head between her hands, the piece of flesh resisting for a moment before compressing with a soft crunch.

Yumti's cry of pleasure only barely preceded the explosion of cum from her cock, the thin caps over the divots running down her cock popping free like so many corks, a dozen gouts of semen squirting in parallel ropes. Some of the girls got splattered by the amazing mess, all of them too stunned to move out of the way as an amazing quantity of sweet smelling butterscotch colored cum painted the floor, covering Yumti's legs and hips with a glaze of pent up seed.

Having barely caught her breath, the wildly grinning Mirialan gasped out a warning.

"Don't be alarmed, but my cock is about to fall off."

Detaching not even a half second after she finished her sentence, Yumti's cock fell to the floor, landing with a splat in a puddle of its own excretions. Still quivering in pleasure, the slightly less virginal Mirialan didn't even look down at it, smiling at the ceiling while touching her body in a haze of happiness. Slowly getting ahold of herself, she eventually explained to her confused squad.

"My people have a muscle inside that clamps down." Small fingers stroked up from her slit, over the stump and to the middle of her belly, indicating where it was located. "It has a reflex action that squeezes powerfully on anything you stick in it. Feels heavenly from either end, as I can now attest. We can't orgasm without it. Makes sex with other species tricky, though…" Giggling, she finally looked at her own fallen cock, reaching down to pick it up and point out the holes along its sides.

"These here align with our wombs, which are along the sides inside. They each get filled quite thoroughly, as the excess seed also serves as nutrition. As you can imagine, we birth in litters." Waving the member back and forth, she splattered some of the leftover cum across her breasts, seeming to enjoy doing so. "Oh, and our cocks continue to grow until we mate, then detach to be absorbed by our partner. Don't worry though - they regrow. Mine should be back before you know it."

Winking at Ozala with uncharacteristic salaciousness, the Mirialan stroked her severed cock across her belly and down to her slit, shoving the huge shaft inside herself with casual ease. It stayed put once inside, the muscle of which Yumti had mentioned apparently holding it in place.

"That should help it along." Patting her stomach, the woman seemed deeply satisfied. All traces of her prior awkwardness were gone, replaced with an aura of sexual contentment.

Seeming pleased, Ozala licked her fingers clean of Yumti's cum before drawing the squad's attention towards her. Sliding out of the simple briefs that were all she'd had left on, she fully exposed to them the bulbous knot between her legs. Composed of corded tubes, it seemed almost to be a braided bun of some sort, symmetrical around its center.

Pushing her fingers into the tangle, she loosened it with gentle tugs, unwrapping her slender shafts from around each other. The several tentacles began to wave about once they were freed, twining themselves themselves around her hands and wrists. Their long, tapering shapes moved independently of each other, lengthening but not growing any thicker as the Togruta continued to play with them. Soon the small forest of phalluses had extended so much that each would have been brushing the floor if not held up.

"For my kind, sex is not usually something for just two people." Smiling as she caressed her slithering mass of cocks, she took two in her fingers, placing their tips together. "We exchange our sperm like this, and can do so with many at once. It is like a network, our genetic information reaching everyone we are interlinked with, even indirectly." The two swelled slightly, visibly exchanging fluid as they remained interlocked. Moaning, Ozala repeated the process with her other tentacles, seeming to grow more pleasured with each pairing.

"It feels better with others," she admitted. "And also better for each person in the mating circle with us. The most I've ever mated with at one time was… fifty, I think." She closed her eyes, remembering as she stroked one last unpaired tentacle, hands guiding it up between her breasts. "That was the day I was inducted into my community as an adult. Oh, what pleasure I felt… how beautiful all my kin looked."

Gasping sharply, Ozala's legs trembled as the flow of fluid between her tentacles redoubled. The one making its way up her torso began to spurt a heavy clear fluid, coating one breast before the Togruta took it into her mouth. Sucking its tip hard, the orange-skinned woman swallowed several times, loads of semen making visible bulges as they passed between her cocks. Not a drop was spilled save for the single shot across her chest, the orgasm running its course over the better part of a minute.

Opening her eyes as her shafts contracted back into her crotch, Ozala began to braid them back together with deft movements, not even looking at what her hands were doing as she happily addressed her squadmates.

"I am glad that I had the opportunity to do this, now. It has made me feel much closer to you all." Her simple sincerity was infectious, those that had already demonstrated themselves nodding in agreement.

Snorting derisively, Setrue stepped forward before Catabell could even consider going next.

"All you girls have made me feel so far is pity. Your species have had all the fun taken out of sex! Even yours, Yumti." Thumping a fist between her breasts, the horned woman grinned wickedly. "My kind, though… we have it good and ROUGH."

Setrue jerked her hips sharply, rolling them down and forward. Without any apparent stimulus a bony shaft sprang from her, piercing its way through skin as it descended from her abdomen, rising up afterward in a stiff erection that left it pointing straight ahead. Roaring in apparent enjoyment, Setrue pounded her chest again, eyes squeezed tight as a few droplets of blood dripped from where her cock had slid out of her.

"For us, it hurts!" Her eyes opened, wild with excitement. "And we wouldn't want it any other way!" She thrust forward, the sharp point of her phallus stabbing at the air. A small hole was visible at the very tip, making the whole bony organ resemble a roughly carved syringe needle.

"When we mate, we each stab our shafts into the other." Jerking again in demonstration, Setrue laughed. "It can get messy, and we try not to hit anything vital… luckily, we have a backup heart." Realizing something, her smile fell away, briefly replaced with a scowl. "Unfortunately, I'm not likely to get anyone to volunteer and help me demonstrate… like Yumti, I can't exactly masturbate. That means I'm gonna have to use my lunch."

Opening her locker, Setrue pulled out a container, tossing it away after removing a large, bloody cut of meat from it. Licking her lips in mixed hunger as she aligned her shaft with the thick chop, she looked around at them, seeming to enjoy the discomfort she saw on a few of their faces.

"We cum pretty quick after the stab. Of course, we don't always get it right into the womb. You ever try stabbing a specific organ when you're horny and already have six inches of dick rammed through your gut?" Yumti started to shake her head, stopping as she realized the question had been rhetorical. Setrue smiled at her, directing the rest of her dialogue at the Miralian. "Very tricky! Luckily, we don't need to be exact. Our sperm are good swimmers, they'll seek out the right spot."

Without further ado the Zabrak slammed herself through the dripping meat, roaring again as she speared it. Her face twisted in apparent rage, nothing coming from her cock until she drew back and pierced it again, leaving the first wound gaping a few inches away. This second thrust seemed to do the trick, a huge quantity of grey goo splurting from her horn-like shaft in a single gush. It poured out onto the floor, having very little velocity as it left her. Joining with the leftover sperm from her squadmates, the semen squirmed, visibly moving as the puddle flowed in a self-motivated fashion, spreading and searching for the womb it would never find.

Seeming sheepish, Yumti looked to the panting Zabrak.

"Setrue… if your species mate this way, do you not have a hole down there?" At her squadmate's shake of the head, the Mirialan seemed to grow even more confused. "But then… how do you birth?"

Grinning in amusement, Setrue slapped her ass, giving the shorter woman a wink as the rest of the squad chuckled in understanding.

Catabell felt a sudden sharp tension as the laughter faded away, becoming anxious as the eyes of her squadmates again turned towards her. Her embarrassment redoubled as she realized her cock had leaked even more precum while she'd been distracted by the demonstrations, her entire pink cockhead shining with the clear lubricant, a strand of it even sticking to her leg.

Blushing as she struggled to maintain the dignity of her order, the Jedi looked down at her own little cock, becoming very aware of her own nudity. She wondered if the rest of them had felt so aroused simply from being looked at, a thrill running through her from the attention despite how many times they'd already seen her nude body.

Hips and voice both trembling, Catabell reached down to her cock as she began to explain, fingers smearing precum while they pointed out features of her genitalia.

"M-my cock is… pretty simple, honestly. The… balls here, the gonads I mean, are a little more interesting. To keep them at the right temperature for sperm production they have to be external, so they sit in this little pouch here. That's also why the skin is so, um… wrinkly. More surface area, for better heat dissipation. Plus, if you watch, they sorta move a little on their own. They're adjusting their distance from my body to keep conditions ideal down there."

Holding her cock up and out of the way so her friends could see, Catabell's heart hammered while the five other hermaphrodites watched her balls move. Stiffening against her digits, her cock oozed more precum as it started to throb from the exhibitionist thrill. The Jedi couldn't remember a time she'd been more turned on, feeling so horny it was a struggle to even think of what to say next.

"Up here, my cooaahhh…" Breath catching as she drew back her foreskin, Catabell felt sure she was about to cum halfway through her explanation. The simple stimulus had her entire crotch feeling tense and hot, body rigid as she waited for the feeling of impending climax to pass. She continued, somewhat short of breath. "My cockhead… is shaped like… a shovel. It scoops out cum from my mate… helping to give us an edge if we have a competitor that mated with her first."

Starting to pull open her pussy lips to show them the shape of the hole her phallus was made to fit, the Jedi gasped as her fingers accidentally brushed her clit, moving blindly behind her balls. Breath catching in an unrestrained moan, Catabell collapsed against the lockers as her cock started to spurt, everyone staring amazedly at her while she whined in pure pleasure. Cum shot upwards while she gripped her shaft tight, white ropes flying up to splatter across her face as she unconsciously aimed to paint herself. Hearing the others start to laugh only made her want to cum more, arousal increasing even though her orgasm was ending.

Flushed with shame and ecstasy, Catabell sat on the floor, exhausted after the powerful climax. Her legs felt weak, thighs getting sticky as they rested in the pool of cum her squadmates had left. Between her legs her cock was still upright, the leftovers from her orgasm forming a white bead at the precipice of its pink head as they oozed out.

Containing their amazed giggles, her squad began to share their thoughts. Only staring at herself, she wasn't sure who made which comment, her mind hazy as she focused primarily on the sensation of their eyes on her, on the feeling of her cum coating her face and breasts.

"Well, your cock isn't much, but that orgasm seemed top notch!"

"I can see why the gonads are self contained, since they have to produce all that cum."

"Wow, humans really seem like natural born sluts, especially with that cockhead adaptation. On average, how many cocks do they have take per mating to make that advantageous?"

Finding herself smiling as she listened to their words, Catabell started to wipe the cum from her cheeks, collecting it into her mouth. Eyes focused on her weakly twitching member, the Jedi's thoughts were already turning towards how she might arrange some more private sessions of 'interspecies diplomacy'.

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