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The old thread isn't bumping anymore. This seems to be a limitation of the new gurochan. Time for a renewal.

Old thread full of ultra hot ultra short stories can be found here:

Keep them coming!
I'll start it off with this one (repost, since I'm lazy):

=Slicing fetish=
Did you ever use an egg slicer? Those with thin wires.
Imagine I'm the egg, and those wires are a monofiliament grid.

It doesn't really hurt. If you slice me slowly, you see my boobs squeezed a bit before the wires sink into me. Feels really satisfying! They suddenly go in, like 'slurp'. Butt cheeks, too! Just slice me all the way!
The cuts are so thin, they heal up in minutes.
But until then, you can pull them wide open and look inside me. Feels so weird!
Just please don't turn the artificial gravity back on, that'd get messy!


As I approached the village, a group of native children merrily ran towards me.
"It's a white guy, he must have a revolver!" the naked kids of various ages skipped around me laughing.
Knowing what they wanted I started making random shots. The kids lucky to get them squealed with delight. After unloading the cylinder I resumed my way to the village, with the surviving children following me nudging to play more. Seeing how this toy was as popular in this village as in the others, I'll soon have most of these kids as my slaves in exchange for it.


File: 1548304618292.jpg (101.11 KB, 707x1000, sample-9d74cca97ce77a2f49b….jpg)

The man held the sword in his hand, admiring its finely crafted lines and balanced heft. He turned to the shivering slave girl, who's face turned pale. He touched her ample breast, savoring their warmth for the final time. The girl obediently lowered her head, presenting her slender neck, her raven hair falling to the side. She barely even flinched when the sword sliced through her neck, sending her head tumbling downward. Her torso dropped to the ground, quivering as bright red blood spurted out of her neck stump.


File: 1548311047948.jpg (405.86 KB, 850x991, sample_2b8e84ba979ab8d7151….jpg)

The blonde haired girl gasped as the knife sank deep into her bare chest. She jerked and squirmed, the handle of the knife waving around, hot blood squirting out from the wound with each beat of her heart. Sarah saw a damp spot grow around the crotch of the girl's jeans as she wet herself. Sarah grabbed the handle of the knife, and with one boot on the dying girl's chest, yanked it out with a wet shlup sound. A small jet of blood sprayed out of the wound before subsiding. The girl moaned, then relaxed. Her eyelids slowly drooped as she died.


Maja had always loved needles, poking through her skin, the weird sight of having metal stuck inside her.

But her new friend took it to a whole new level. He stuck them where she had never dared to. Larger than she ever could have.

"Let's try this one." He suggested and she nearly came at the sight.

He needed his full body to thrust the half inch, five foot pole into her flank, just above her hip. It impaled her, barely missed her collarbone.

She barely managed a wriggle when they had sex, kept straight by a solid metal core.


"Smash rooms" were the new hit in China, to take out your frustration.

You paid like 30 $ for 15 minutes, extra for the things you destroyed.
Chun smiled at the customer, as he picked a baseball bat and selected his set of items from the touch screen.

He was going premium. The latest flatscreen TV, a ming vase…
Suddenly her eyes went wide. "Dāngrán, yǒu yīkè, xiānshēng." She bowed, and followed him in.

She sat down and smiled.
He aimed and smashed the vase.

She even kept her smile when the bat smashed her brain all across the wall.


Girl slaughter is supposed to be "humane". We take them out with a bolt gun as soon as they arrive.
But every once in a while I have one beg me: "Please… don't kill me…" And I oblige.
Usually they change their mind. Butchering a girl without killing her is a forgotten art, much like life cooking. And it hurts. But having her completely sliced apart, heart still beating, eyes still awake, is extremely satisfying. It's a shame we need to throw brains and organs into the grinder no matter awake or not. One day I'm gonna take one home.


I tap my foot nervously,hoping it will be my turn soon.
The girl on stage lasted longer than others but her body will break anytime.There are only two more in front of me and several behind waiting to get lucky.
"99." He goes up and push the button.
The girl moans as her swollen belly tighten more but did not burst.
"100." Same result."101."My turn.
I look at the girl and slap down the button.This time she screams as her belly burst open spraying out guts like meaty confetti.I won.


File: 1549265197660.png (596.44 KB, 868x1228, 72975822_p1.png)

Luke raised his shirt, sweat beading on his forehead in the muggy summer heat. The boy winced as Ms. Harding sliced open his abdomen, exposing his innards. The anatomy teacher pointed out his large intestine, bladder, stomach and colon with her scalpel, slowly cutting each organ out of Luke's torso. Ms. Harding reached deep into his chest, her gloved hands grasping the boy's pounding heart. Luke gasped, his brown eyes rolling up in agony. She called up two of his classmates to hold him up as she sliced away. Almost triumphantly, she tore the heart out, holding it in her hands. Luke's body gave out, limply sagging in the hands of his classmates. Everyone agreed after that it was well worth the sacrifice.


File: 1554452073967.jpg (75.39 KB, 708x999, sample-a914b10b5f85a914a97….jpg)

The queen was still every bit as gorgeous as she had been 20 years ago. Nary a wrinkle marred her curvaceous, mature body, her sizable bust still firm and perky, her milky skin still smooth and flawless. The queen thanked the headsman with her posh accent as she gracefully descended to her knees. The damned woman presented her slender neck, a haughty flick of her head sending her glossy blonde tresses falling to one side. The headsman nodded, raised his axe, and brought it down. For a moment, dark red burst against pale white.


"Do it!" she told me and looked up. She took a deep breath, a hand on her breast.

My blade touched her neck. She closed her eyes and I felt her vagina tense around my cock. She bit her teeth as my knife cut her throat. Red pulsing blood gushed out.

A wet gurgle came forth as she tensed more. Her hand squeezed her own breast it looked like it'd pop. I was almost through.

Our eyes met again.

Then I severed her spine.

Her lips formed a surprised, blissful "O". As her headless body started convulsing, I came instantly.


The guests were quite amazed at the girl cooking over the coals. Even as she turned on the spit, and became a tastey golden brown, she was still twitching, and moaning in pain. Why, even though she was fully cooked, they slid her right off the pole with ease, and she gave a soft, pained moan. They carved into her, ignoring her sounds, until someone got annoyed, and stabbed her head. someone mentioned that next time they should just gag the food so she would suffer longer without annoying anyone.


It was useless to struggle. The suction cups were sucking her watermelon sized breasts, lifting her up off of the ground. With no arms, and no legs to speak of, all she could do is just dangle there in pain. Maybe one of the farmers there will pick her up and fuck her a bit, giving her breasts a bit of a break. Maybe not. Maybe she'll get lucky, and she'll be chosen to have her head cut off for meat. Either way, There was no escape.


He gagged on the cock that was thrusting down his throat. The board he was bound too, wouldn't allow him to get freed, so he was forced to suck the old cock in his throat. Just when he thought he was going to pass out from lack of air, the cock came down his throat, forcing him to swallow it. He was able to get two good breaths in when the cock came out, but another one got shoved into his mouth. Either he sucks off all of these men, or he'll suffocate.


losing her arms and legs was bad enough, but the only job she could find was being someone's dog. The dog ears were cute, but the dog muzzle gag and the tail butt plug was so uncomfortable. She thought she could handle it, but she was wrong. being forced to take a dump in a yard, and a piss at a fire hydrant was awful. What was worse, was when her mistress would hold her down, and let the dogs, real dogs, mount her from behind. What she hated the most was how much she was starting to like it.


Len was furiously masturbating watching his twin sister writhe in the noose. But he has already cummed five times before, so it was getting really challenging to achieve another orgasm. Maybe if he shoved a finger up his ass… Finally Len’s dick managed to let out a drop of semen. Panting he hurried to get his already limp sister out of the noose.
“I’ve already thought I’ve lost,” he sighed, finding her still alive. “All right then, my turn to hang now.”
“Girls can cum a lot more times than boys, you know,” Rin smirked. “You don’t stand a chance.”


I'm a first time contributor in any fashion, and this story about half again more than 100 words. Sorry if that's against the rules!
I had the phenomena of Calgary in mind as I wrote this.

Most times if you use the method I showed you to open Doors, they lead to that rotted other world. There’s a house in Rosemont though that leads to a grimy execution chamber: there’s a guillotine with a naked young lady already strapped in, along with a series of witnesses standing against a wall. They look up when you enter like they’ve been waiting for you. Nobody says a word, but the girl usually sobs and begs to be freed. She almost always tells you she doesn’t deserve to be there, funnily enough. If you the lever, the blade comes down and takes her head off with this sickening thud and gush of blood as her helpless body twitches. The observers just stand there, watching you. If you leave and come back, the scene is the same, other than it’s a different girl.

Tom told me you can come back as many times as you want. They never seem to run out.


They were forced to forget that they were once human. They were pigs, being forced to lay in the mud, which was nice and warm at least. With their arms and legs bound, or with only stumps, all they were allowed to do was eat from the troughs, and fuck each other. Their offspring would become the new generation of pigs, raised with never knowing what it was like to be human, and never knowing how their parents were slaughtered for food.


We deploy to the lockdown zone early afternoon. The usual scene: Panic, plundering, raping. Corpses.
Designed to improve lifestock, it now changes people. Chicken, this time. Beaks, wings, feathers. Their only desire: Be food.
A girl rips her feathers out as she sees me, then kneels, belly and throat exposed.
She brought her own knife. Cuts herself open, guts herself. Poses, all hollow.
With an exstatic smile she chops her own head off. I wait for her eyes to loose focus, then step over her corpse.
She might have been tasty, but carries the mutagen. We need to burn everything.


He loved working at the crematorium. As cremation became more and more popular, it was just that much easier to kill his women. He just stuffs their bodies into the oven, and turn them into ash. People would just think that he is burning yet another corpse. If he drugs them just right, he could rub one out while listening to their muffled screams as they wake up halfway through the process.


The Web Cam watched as the pretty girl arched her back as yet another orgasm was forced out of her. It hung over the crib, streaming how the limbless woman couldn't push the vibrators out of her ass and pussy because of the duct tape. how the egg vibes on her clit and nipples shook under the tape. Hours ago, she was left like this, the batteries showing no sign of stopping. she was crying at the camera, begging and sobbing for someone to come and free her. The orgasms were just painful at this time, but everyone was enjoying themselves too much to feel any pity.


I think I crossed a line with this one:

Her head was trapped on top of the box, a hole almost too tight at her throat, as she tried to free herself from the chains inside the box. The open mouth gag had a tube in it, and it was connected to a container that was filling up with seed. She watched as they brought in one animal after another, using a milking machine to pump the seed out of dogs and horses, and other beasts. When the container was full, they flipped a switch, and the liquid was forced into her mouth…


I'm undead.
I died last week. Overdose. But my boyfriend is a necromancer. Finding a fresh corpse is hard! If it's too old, all you get is a drooling zombie. He was so happy.
Now we are having hot undead sex. He took my organs out and rearranged my limbs a bit. This is so awesome.
Bummer is, he can't stop me from rotting. I've become a bit smelly. He doesn't mind, but I'm a bit worried. I can't go out like that, and I HATE flies! But most importantly…
Can I still get off when I'm only a skeleton?



File: 1558455014267.jpg (2.27 MB, 3247x4004, __kitana_mortal_kombat_dra….jpg)

Well… this one ended up being actually over 100, but I had this scene in mind and I don't know what to trim without sacrificing content.

OSHA on the set of Mortal Kombat

Ugh, practical effects… Everyone assured Kate that it was safe, but still, lying on the floor in her revealing Kitana costume two meters away from a spinning circular saw didn't [i]feel[/i] safe.

"And… action!"

The other actor grabbed her by the ankles and lifted her legs up. "No… No!" Kate pleaded, thrashing around on the floor. The man yanked her towards the wrirring saw blade, her buttocks bumped into the small wooden safety barrier, and the actress prepared to act the agony of the blade cutting her in two.

The loincloth hanging between her legs landed on the spinning saw, and her body was jerked further towards the blades, crotch-first. Blood and flesh sprayed all over the actor holding Kate by her legs, and her wild scream made the audio recording equipment max out. The saw finally came to a halt as it lodged itself in her sternum.

"Cut, god damn it!" The director yelled, sighed and walked over to the shaking, pale actor still holding the girl's legs. "Fuck. We'll have to re-cast and re-shoot everything with Kitana."


File: 1558456887822.jpg (527.51 KB, 1024x1389, myranda_by_spankingfemfata….jpg)

A night at Dreadfort


Ramsay's fingers moved down Myranda's stomach and pressed into her skin above her mound as he embraced her from behind. His naked lover smiled and lifted her bow, pulling back the string.

"Please, no," the stripped peasant girl tied to the cross in front of them sobbed, staring at them.

Ramsay pressed the palm of his hand against Myranda's lower stomach and kissed her on the neck. Her fingers released the string, and the arrow hit the girl right in the same spot, pinning her hips to the wood behind her. A blood-curdling scream resounded around the castle.


There is one thing that wearers of level3 implants need to grasp. Their body is merely a chassis. A hull. It's exchangeable in the same way their 'ghost' become exchangeable.

Not everyone grasps that. They think uploading themselves into the matrix or an artificial host is always temporary and they could always return.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

If they haven't secured their firewall, taking control, erasing their ghost and uploading myself into their bodies is a matter of seconds. They never realise. They are already deleted. Their body is mine!

Sometimes I keep a backup to play.


Finally after all of these years I have found you. You might not remember me, but I surely remember you. You raped and murdered my dear sister right in front of my eyes. She screamed and begged for mercy, but you made sure to kill her as slowly and painfully as possible. How could I ever forget that desperate look in her eyes as she pled me to save her? I still see it every night as I masturbate. It was so damn hot! I have a wife and a daughter now. And I want so see that look again.


Her Husband left her, they say. Took everything from her bank account, every single penny, and took her jewelry for his new girlfriend. Disappeared without a trace, those two did. If it wasn't for her gardening, she would had fallen deep into despair. She was so upset, she planted flowers all around the house, and they were so lovely. They asked her what she used to help them grow?

"Natural Bull shit." she would tell them. "Two good lumps of it."


They Don't Tolerate Failure at School. The second you get anything under a B-, you are taken to the kitchens, and thrown into their grinder, feet first. You won't even have a chance to argue about your grade, the teacher won't even check to see if they made some kind of mistake. Heck, the teacher might had just thought you looked good enough to eat, and flunked you just for fun.


When simple skinny-dipping in the icy water became old and dull, the twins came up with a new fun game. Allegedly, their plan was to dive into two ice holes at the separate shores of the river and try to meet underwater before running out of air. If they fail, they consider themselves to lose the game and get punished with dying trapped under the ice all alone. If they succeed, they consider themselves to win the game and get rewarded with dying the same way together. Their bodies were never found though, so we can only imagine the outcome.


“Hey, Rin, do you happen to want to die?” Len asked.
“Not really. Why?”
“It’s just that I’ve bought a guillotine and wanted to test it on someone before riding it myself.”
“You are always wasting money on silly toys,” Rin complained, “and you’ll even get to ride this one only once.”
“Look at it from the bright side,” Len suggested, “I won’t be wasting any more.”
“Not that I’ll be around to care,” Rin noted. “But fine”, she sighed, putting away the book she was reading, “as they say, any toy is okay that keeps the baby at play.”


Playing hide-and-seek at home was only fun while the twins were little. Now that every inch of the house was long thoroughly explored and with leaving it being against the rules the game turned into a boring routine of checking every hiding place one after the other. That is, until one day Rin got a better idea.
“With this Len will never find me,” she thought triumphantly, pointing a knife at her throat. “He might find my body, but there’ll be no me in it. And at the same time technically I’m not leaving the house. I’m such a genius!”


Hey, she is cheating ;)


God, how she loved her cows! She could just sit and rub her pussy for hours, watching them struggle in their clear boxes. Watching as the cruel pumps forced milk out of them, and how they struggled with the painful orgasms they had all day. but she never truely gets off, until its' time to bring down the axe on their pretty necks.


She should had asked what the price was for immortality. It was everything. Her arms and legs were gone, her body shot up with a drug that left her unbearably horny. she was encased in a clear block, made of a substance that was impossible to break through. she was put up as a display, never needing food, water or even air. Trapped forever, no relief.


Time slowed down as Cassandra breathed in deeply, tightly gripping her katana. She opened her eyes and saw the three bandit youths rushing towards her, their daggers and swords pointing straight at her breast. They moved as if they were submerged in molasses, a by product of Cassandra's hyperfocus. With a smooth, elegant motion, she unsheathed her sword and sidestepped their clumsy strikes, her blade dancing as it sliced through their slender necks. Their heads tumbled to the ground as their bodies crumpled, shivering and jerking, twitching and spurting bright red blood. Cassandra wiped the blood off her sword and slipped it back into her sheath.


I'd known this day would come, ever since I learned Master was a necrophile. So when he told me to die, I was happy to oblige. As my head descends into the basin of water, there's no need for restraints, or force. I just have to keep breathing. As the water fills my lungs, everything blurs to abstraction. My muscles burn, my chest heaves painfully, and I love every moment of it. I can't help but cum as I imagine what pleasure my drowned corpse will bring Master, my fluids splattering the floor beneath me, and then, everything goes black…


Fucking hot!


The game was rather simple to play. You are bound up, and a plastic bag is tighten over your head, blocking your air. Your partner rolls the dice, one or two, and whatever comes up, that's how many minutes you are breathless. Then, the die is rolled again, to see how much time you've recover, before the bag is put on again.

If your partner rolls double while the bag is off, the game is over, and the bound one wins.

If the parnter rolls a double while the bag is on, Then they can decide to either roll again, or keep the bag on to win the game.

Would you play?


Torturing each other has always been the twins’ favorite game.
Until one day Len went too far and accidentally injured Rin in a way that left her paralyzed. Doctors suggested it would be a mercy to just let her die.
How silly.
Just letting Rin live in such a state was a torture beyond anything the twins could previously imagine. Both for herself and for Len who now had to take care of her for the rest of their lives.
So why would the twins ever want to end it?
Their whole lives has now turned into their favorite game.


"Being twins is fun and all, but only getting half a cake each for our birthday kinda sucks…" Len complained.
"Then how about instead of cutting up this cake we cut our numbers," Rin joked, pointing the knife at her throat. "If there's only one of us, each would have the whole cake."
"Does it mean if there's none of us, each would have infinite cake?" Len supported the joke taking another knife.
The twins loved a good joke just too much.
"Yay, infinite cake!" laughed Rin.
"For none of us!" laughed Len.
And they merrily sliced their own throats.


Like it for science!


Since their fourth child, the McKenzie's had operated a strict "one in - one out" policy. After each new baby's christening, the oldest child would be served to the guests.

Today was little Josh's christening and 6yo Emma was the main course. She didn't mind being eaten but didn't like the sound of being cooked - especially as it meant having stuffing and vegetables shoved up her bottom!

Her 5yo brother Sam was excited for some roast Emma but was a bit worried too as him mum was already pregnant again and he was not looking forward to his turn on the menu - especially as his dad had recently bought a deep-fat fryer he was keen to try out!


Being tied to the post was uncomfortable but not as uncomfortable as the big axe in the Policeman's hand made Kevin feel.

When they'd been warned in Assembly that children who stuck their heads out of moving trains risked getting them knocked off, most had assumed the Policeman was talking about accidents.

His friends on the school trip had dared him to test the truth of the warning and, when the teacher had caught him, he'd proudly shown off that nothing bad had happened.

"You heard the warning as well as anyone else." His teacher chastised him. "You'll be made an example of in Assembly tomorrow then hopefully others might learn to do what they're told!"


"Mike! Come in here a minute!"

15yo Mike entered the kitchen to find his two sisters sat naked at the table playing cards. Becky, 11, was small and chubby while Carla, 17, was tall with big tits.

"What do you need me for?" He asked.

"We made a bet on the game so you have to make sure there's no cheating." Becky told him. "If I win I get to cut her tits off and if she wins she gets to roast me like a pig!"

Mike sat down to watch the game. It was a draw!

"What happens now?" Carla asked and both girls looked to Mike for his judgement.

"Well," Mike grinned, I guess we know what we're going to stuff the piggy with!" He handed Becky a sharp knife. "I'll go grab the meat-grinder and pre-heat the oven!"


The ten women shook in pure fear as they stood on the trap doors. Some still struggled to get their bound arms freed, while others just accepted the fact that the rope necklace was going to tighten.

The Executioner touched the level, the women screamed, braced themselves, as it was pulled.

Nine of the doors opened, screams cut off short. The ten girl was pissing herself.

"Good." The Executioner told her. "You were randomly selected to live. Your peers, were not. Do you still believe you can survive with only a B On your tests?"

The girl shook her head as she was let down. she was going to study harder.


When the zoo-keeper had asked for volunteers to help with feeding time at the zoo, Billy and Ann had put their hands up enthusiastically, thinking they would get to help throw the meat to the lions.

They were surprised when he told them to take off their clothes but figured it was to stop them getting messy.

Now, tied up and naked in a wheelbarrow, they felt embarassed and scared.

The other children cheered as the zoo-keeper threw first Anne then Billy into the enclosure.

"Don't forget to come back at 4!" He announced when the lions were done eating. "Anyone want to volunteer right now?" At least twenty hands flew up!


Poor Ralph. If only he hadn't ticked off the cheer-leading team. he might had still been able to keep his arms. Not to mention his legs, his eyes, his hearing, and his dick. he might had been out on the field with his teammates, not being fucked by them hard in the locker room. he might had been flashing his pretty white teeth, not have them pulled out so they had another hole to fuck. He could be home right now, getting ready for dinner, not be full up on cum and piss in his stomach. the coach would then take him home, and use him up afterwards, and get rid of him later.


The narrow strip of asphalt has been laid and the steamroller has retreated. The condemned have been laid out and their ankles spiked into the death road. The steamroller shifts gears forward and the sickening crunch of the first unfortunate is heard. Slowly it works it's way up her body pushing blood and guts forward. The pressure increases and her mouth gapes open as the first of her insides start to push outside. Soon her mouth isn't a big enough orifice and her eyes start to bulge. Moments later both eyes pop out of their sockets and brain matter starts to spurt out followed by a stream of blood and internal organs… she is now essentially a spent tube of toothpaste. The steamroller continues on…


That was great Squishy! 100 words doesn't do it justice TBH.


Thanks Squunch! I striped it down as much as I felt could and it still went a bit over 100.


I slammed my combat knife up, into the bottom of the young soldier's chin. It penetrated her palate and punched through, straight into her brain.

Her blue eyes widened, her soft lips parting in shock. I saw the glint of my blade in her mouth.

She closed her eyes and collapsed into my arms, blood pouring from her nose and mouth.


Hi Blackraven2, may I contact you privately for a story?


He looked down at the woman in the bathtub, whom had been bound down with duct tape from head to foot. He took hold of the remote, and turned on the vibrator a bit more, as the water started to cover her body. She screamed behind the tape, struggling to get freed, her body shaking from the unwelcome pleasure.

he smiled down at her, as the water washed over her face, knowing she wouldn't be able to break free. he saw her eyes roll back as her orgasm washed over her as the water did. He turned up the bullet to max, watching her useless struggle to live. Maybe she'll get lucky and have another orgasm before she runs out of air.


A lucky elf girl has found a useful artifact – a stone that vibrated when orcs were nearby. But putting it in her pocket she risked not noticing the vibration through the clothes, and always carrying it in her hand wasn’t handy either. So she had no choice but to shove it into her pussy. The closer the orcs were the stronger the stone vibrated. In the end the elf couldn’t resist the pleasure and let herself be captured. The orc warlord raped her and it revealed another function of the magical stone. If an orc touched it, the stone exploded.


never wrote anything before, lets hope i'm doing it right.

Callie turned over the coals nice and slowly, her arms tied above her head, holding onto the pole tightly. Her impaled body sliding on the pole that was ran through her pussy and out of her mouth, fucking herself to as many orgasms as she could possibly get out of this. She was a nice golden brown when she gave one last mind shattering orgasm, and drifted off. They could taste her orgasm when they ate her all up.


Tammy had no idea that heat resistance vibrators existed, however she was damn glad that they were. She was bound up like a turkey, on her arms and knees and her ass and pussy stuffed with stuffing. vibrators stuffed in her ass and pussy were sending her over the edge again and again as she smelled herself cooking. She almost regretted that she couldn't sample herself when she was done, but at least she could enjoy the process!


They brought new chairs in the classroom today. Emily sighed and pushed her panties away as she carefully centered her butthole over the spike. It was too short to reach her heart, too - her classmates who came earlier were sill alive as they wriggled on theirs, grimacing in pain. They had a long last school day ahead of them.


He was forced to choose. Either be cooked whole or alive, or let his dick and balls be cut off and be forced to eat it. he chose his cock and balls, of course, he didn't want to die. He was held down, drugged up, and was forced to feel them slice his dick and balls off. As he was being stitched up, he was made to watch his dick being cooked on a stove. When they were done, they forced him to sit at a table, with a knife and fork.

"eat up" he was told, and he took the first bite.


She was forced down onto a strange saddle. her hips, and legs were bound to it and on the floor. She couldn't get off of it. A clock, counting down from 168 hours flashed in front of her, with a knife on a plate. A sign was next to it: You'll go free when the timer runs out. Until then: One finger=One orgasm."

The saddle began to edge her. It wasn't long before she was looking at that knife…



Holy shit wow! Fuck that was a hot one. Such a good slave.


Carrie knew it had been a good idea to leave the bag of candies out in the open. Her sister kept eating every bag of candy she left out, entire bags, all in one day. She was nice and fat, and very sweet, the day after Halloween, she was absolutely unable to fight back as Carrie shoved her fat ass into the oven.


Sweat poured over Britney's body, spread eagle on the wooden bed, unable to get free of the straps. The Pendulum blade swung over her as the vibrator assaulted her pussy.

She gasped, as another orgasm hit her, and the blade dropped a little more. she could feel the air of the blade as it passed. Another orgasm, and she was a goner.


File: 1572740524176.jpg (412.33 KB, 1731x974, boyprocessing.jpg)

Peter had his enemas and stomach flush and now is the last boy on the killing floor.  His arms and legs are weak and he is pissing himself.  He doesn’t watch anymore but can hear the guttural moans and screams as the other boys from the transport truck are gutted and cleaned.

He did watch the butchers at first all reaching into the open bellies of squirming boys, massaging something that quieted them and made their small penises grow rigid to quiver and spurt pearly white loads. He’ll be next on a table to moan; ”… don't stop … please don't stop …"


File: 1572775370475.jpg (324.2 KB, 556x580, relief.jpg)

Boys get searched for weapons at the stadium gates to prevent rumbles, that’s why they picked me as smuggler; I’m the smallest girl in the gang and wore my skintight leathers.

Two boys walk beside me, their hands in my armpits to help me walk on wobbly legs.

“You okay, darlin’?”


“Gunna make it?”

“Think so. I’m leaking a bit.”

“You’re a trooper.”

Inside, in a dark corner they remove the extra weight; the shanks in my tits; knives in my belly; the machete up my arse; and that fucking pipe. There’s gunna be a rumble tonight.


He had a choice: Be castrated, or be cooked.

He wasn't ready to die for his owners yet, so he chose castration.

However, he expected his balls to be cut off. He didn't expect them to bring out a tool, a Burdizzo. A device that was clamped down on his scrotum. he shouted in his restraints, trashing at the pain as his blood vessels were crushed in his balls. Soon, his balls would wither from lack of blood, and shrink. he would be useless as a breeder. At least he bought himself a few more months, but he had to wonder if it was worth it?

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