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He woke up in a dark musty room. To his surprise, he was completely naked. He was lying on a concrete slab, slightly angled so he was almost vertical but not quite. His hands were cuffed directly to the slab above his head. His feet were cuffed similarly so that he was spread eagle, leaving him incredibly exposed.

A slender, mid 20s, red headed female stepped out of the shadows wearing only a doctors lab coat. For a moment his panic subsided. “Oh thank god it’s you, Katie. Go get help! Where are we?” But Katie stood in silence… staring at him… hunger in her eyes. “There will be no… help.” Said Katie coldly.

She walked slowly up to Allan, who was starting to suspect it was Katie’s doing… him being in this place and this position. “K…Katie… wh… what are you doing?” Allan said.

Teaching you a lesson… “but…but what do you mean?!” Allan stammered.

She firmly grabbed his balls in her right hand and dug her nails into his scrotal skin. He let out a small yelp as she clamped down. “I wonder how many times these big beautiful balls of yours drained your cum on my face after your football games Allan…” she said slowly, her eyes drifting upward from his hardening manhood to his face. “I wonder how many times your huge cock that you’re so proud of pumped cum into some bitches cunt behind my back…”

Allan’s face went pale “I… I… would never cheat.. on…” he stammered. She pulled out her phone, made a few swipes on the screen and flipped it around to face him. He watched the screen horrified at the evidence against him. There he was, at the last frat party, with a line of freshmen Zetas kneeling naked on the couch. The room cheered him on as he went from pussy to pussy, plunging his ten inch cock into their cunts as far as it would go before they started to whimper from the size of it.

She lowered the phone. “No explanation is needed Allan… the girls have been warning me for years that you were a fucking animal.” She said very quietly. “It’s too bad really. Sex with you was incredible. It’s almost a shame I have to do this.” She said pulling her panties off underneath her lab coat. Before Allan could respond, she stuck her panties into his mouth, preventing him from talking.

Katie was a medical science major, and a damn good one at that. Her studies in cryogenic medical treatment were published worldwide. Many of her techniques were already being used in hospitals around the world. Allan on the other hand, was a tall, attractive football star. He was in his senior year at the University they attended running quarter back and had already received multiple offers for professional league teams.

Allan began to sweat as Katie slowly removed her lab coat. She stood completely naked, beautiful in every way. Despite his fear, his cock was rock hard in her presence. She moved close to him and pressed up against his chest. Her hand traced his perfect jaw line and she delicately kissed his neck. “I’ve always loved the way your sweat smelled…” she whispered into his ear. Her kisses on his neck slowly descended to his chest. She took his nipple in her mouth with a gentle bite that made him shiver. When her kisses got to his chiseled abs, she felt precum drip from his cock onto her lap.

With fire in her eyes, she placed her lips on the tip of his cock. Slowly… she began moving forward encompassing his member in her wet, warm mouth. She made it only half way down the shaft before she had to back off for air. Again she took his Cock into her mouth, and went deeper this time. Again and again, she began rhythmically moving her mouth up and down his shaft until he would hit the back of her throat.

Allan thought to himself about all the stupid bitches he’d fucked, Katie by far gave the best head. It was mind blowing. She did some wrapping thing with her tongue as she sucked him off that would get his eyes rolling in the back of his head every time.

With one more “pop” as she pulled his dick out of her mouth, she stood up and grabbed him by the throat. “Your my bitch now Allan…” She lined the opening of her pussy up with his cock, which was still dripping with precum and twitching in anticipation. With a smirk on her face, she plunged her cunt onto his throbbing cock. The both moaned out in ecstasy as her clit pressed hard against his pelvis.

She fucked him. For the next 20 minutes she gyrated herself on his massive cock. He felt her first orgasm well. Her back ached as she gasped for air, pussy contracting around his cock. He felt her juices run down his leg. He was gyrating his hips in motion with her at this point. Of every hoe he’d dominated… sex like this… with her… was incomparable. With another thrust forward he felt the muscles of her vagina contract again, shudders pulsing through her body and fluid gushing around his cock. “Almost… there..” he thought as he felt his own orgasm building. He was just about to deliver the finishing thrust when she pulled off of him.

Panting she walked over to a near by table and picked up a large glass tube with a hose connected to the end.

“Please!” He tried to say but it came out muffled due to the panties in his mouth. She slid the cylinder over his erect and pulsing cock. It was a snug fit, but she was able to get it all the way to the base of his shaft.

With that, she smirked at him again. “Never again… will you fuck a woman. I’m your last, wonder boy… your cock is going to be my toy forever…”

She flipped a switch on the machine connected to the cylinder and he immediately felt a cold, intense, sensation spreading over the tip of his cock. He began screaming. It didn’t hurt… his screams came from fear. The intensity of the sensation pushed him over the orgasmic edge. He felt his cum move from inside… throbbing… pulsing up his shaft as he began to buck on the slab he was locked to… and then… it stopped…

It did not go further than where the cold was spreading on his cock. Orgasm ruined… he whimpered as the cold creeped up his shaft. He was all too aware that he couldn’t feel the end of his cock anymore…

After a few minutes the cold reached the base of his ten inch cock… but it didn’t stop… he began feeling it trickle up the root of his cock. The sensation spread deeper and deeper till it reached a point deep inside him.

The machine switched off. Katie walked up to him and firmly grabbed the cylinder. To his horror, she pulled… and his dick pulled with it. As the base of his cock was pulled from his body, the root gently slid out through a hole where his cock once proudly stood. There was no pain. Just the look of horror on Allan’s face as Katie held his cock and root… separated from his body. He looked down to see a gaping hole… cauterized by the the cold… where his once proud cock stood. Balls dangling below… useless now other than to cause him constant sexual frustration.

He heard he giggles fade in to blackness as he passed out from shock.

It had been months since he became her slave. The humiliation never waned. She’d invite her friends over to take turns fucking him with his own cock. She’d taken the frozen member and done a rubber cellular replacement treatment on it, forever preserving it and the root in the erect state. The girls had it attached to a strap on. The root would fit up inside their pussys and the belt would hold the cock in place while he was fucked in his new cunt or his ass by his own pride and joy.

Eventually she started sleeping with other members of the football team. Swearing them to secrecy, she’d let them come down in her basement to fuck her bitch toy.

Allan never came again. He never fathered children. No one is sure what his final fate was… eventually, the police got tipped off, but Allan was gone. All they found was Katie’s realistic sex toy collection, and without evidence of kidnapping or assault, she got off Scott free.

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