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=Succulent Sirens=
Tags: My Little Pony: Equestria girls, F/F, Consensual, Non-Consensual, Roasting, Butchering, Cannibalism, Snuff.

"I can't believe you actually want to go through with this. You really are a moron aren't you Sonata?" Aria Blaze asked as she watched her fellow exile as she finished setting up the Kitchen for dinner.

"Now, now, Aria," Adagio Dazzle, the leader of the three sirens, chimed in. "You shouldn't mock Sonata just because she knows her proper place. "If being cooked and eaten is what Sonata wants, then I for one have no problems at all making that particular fantasy a reality."

Aria gave at a sulky half-glare at being chided.

"She only thinks she wants to be eaten because you made her want to be eaten," the sarcastic teenage siren replied to her orange and golden haired leader. Still, that didn't stop Aria from looking at Sonata's body as the naked blue-skinned teen practically flounced around the kitchen in excitement, cleaning surfaces and preparing vegetables and stuffing for her final performance as the night's dinner.

"Hey! I can think for myself!" Sonata replied, "Adagio wouldn't be cooking me if I didn't ask her to! You just don't understand just how sexy being turned into dinner is!" Sonata shot back, wagging her finger at the purple and green haired member of their soon to be duet. Sonata's pendulous breasts bobbed lightly with each rebuking wag as if to emphasize their agreement.

"Come now Aria, should you really be mocking Sonata for actually knowing her place?” Adagio asked. “She'll be much more enjoyable as a meal than as a companion, won't she?”

Aria blinked. That was certainly true.

“Her succulent thighs, her tender legs. Her breasts are practically large enough for a meal unto themselves…” Adagio drawled.

“And don't forget my pussy!” Sonata chimed in eagerly. “I made sure to keep it juicy for you Adagio!”

“Excellent,” Adagio smiled. “I can't wait to taste it.”

“I guess dumb girls like Sonata are best used in the kitchen. Though she'll probably taste terrible anyway.”

“What do you know about good meatgirls!?” Sonata asked indignant. “I'll have you know that I'm absolutely perfect for oven roasting! You'll be singing a different tune when you taste how great I am!”

Adagio rolled her eyes. “If your pointless posturing is over, climb up on the counter so that we can finally get to cooking you. You've already delayed our dinner more than enough, meat.”

“Sure thing, Adagio!” Sonata said practically shivering in anticipation as she climbed up on the kitchen counter.

Aria couldn't help but stare as her fellow transformed siren climbed up onto the counter, her breasts bouncing as she boosted herself up over the ledge and steadied herself on her hands and knees. Sonata's skin was smooth and unblemished, her cunt shaved completely bare in preparation for her role in tonight's dinner.

“Like what you see?” Sonata asked hopefully as she climbed into the over-sized baking tray Adagio had sent her to the store to buy last week. Aria tried to hide her attraction and hunger behind a narrowed-eyed sulk, but she couldn't quite pull it off as Sonata spread her legs so that her absolutely soaked cunt was on full display to the pair of still-clothed Sirens as she looked back at them for approval.

“I'm certainly enjoying the sight of you about to be stuffed and snuffed,” Adagio agreed, “Even if Aria won't admit it,” Adagio finished in an almost half taunt.

If Aria wasn't going to admit it before she certainly wasn't about to now that she'd been called out on it.

“I'm looking forward to it!” Sonata agreed, before picking up the big bowl of stuffing she'd prepared for the moment. “Here you go!”

“Eager little songbird aren't you?” Adagio mused, “Well, far be it from me to keep dinner waiting…”

Adagio picked up a handful of stuffing and carefully began to work it into Sonata's absolutely soaked passage. She pulled the prone girl's vulva apart with her free hand, enjoying the sound of Sonata's moans as she took the next step towards becoming food. Then, slowly, she wormed her hand inside, careful more out of a desire not to spill the stuffing than out of any desire not to damage Sonata's meat.

“Yes!” Sonata cried out as Adagio slipped her fist in past the knuckles. “Yes! Stuff me!”

Aria couldn't pull her eyes away. She nervously played with one of her purple and green pigtails as she watched their leader slowly stuff Sonata. The blue-haired girl was practically writhing in ecstasy as Adagio fisted the stuffing into her waiting and eager cunt.

Sonata's eyes were practically rolling into the back of her head as her mistress shoved stuffing into her eager cunt. She could feel it filling her, squelching inside her as her own juices permeated the mixture of breadcrumbs, onions, butter and sage. It was really happening! She was really becoming food! Just the thought had made her so hot that she'd asked Adagio to roast her for real, now that it was actually happening? Sonata couldn't control herself at all.

“Yes! More!” Sonata moaned with reckless abandon as Adagio stuffed her. Fistful after fistful of the stuffing that Sonata had prepared herself entered her. She could see the bulge it was making inside her as it settled against her cervix, accumulating until it practically tumbled out of her lower lips.

“You really are an amazing little meatslut aren't you Sonata?” Adagio marveled.

“I can't believe she's really going to waste her life like this,” Aria muttered. “Idiots like her deserve to be snuffed.”

Sonata ignored her as she enjoyed the uncomfortably full feeling between her thighs. “The carrot's… Unngh! right here, Adagio!” Sonata offered, handing her yellow-skinned leader and mistress the carrot she'd prepared to Adagio's specifications.

Adagio looked the vegetable over. It was gargantuan. Almost as wide as her own fist around, the tip had been chopped off to leave a flat surface just like she'd ordered, perfect for her plans for the tuber.

Adagio leaned in between Sonata's thighs and spread her sopping cunt once more. She wriggled the abbreviated carrot into position, her hand grasped around the knobby end while the edges of the flat surface dug slightly into the walls of Sonata's eager snatch, forcing the stuffing back inside of her.

Sonata could only pant as Adagio forced the carrot deeper and deeper into her sex. She could feel the tension as the stuffing pushed against her cervix, compressed by the carrot. Crumbs falling through her inner ring bit by bit as Adagio pushed harder, scraping the edge of the orange tuber against her innermost walls.

Aria stared, transfixed by the way her comrade's blue breasts heaved in passion, her perky nipples crowning each mound. Sonata really was into this. This wasn't just Adagio tricking her, Sonata really wanted to be meat, to be dinner! Aria couldn't wrap her head around it as she watched Adagio force the carrot as far as she could into Sonata's sex.

This was it! Sonata and Adagio could both feel it. The stuffing wouldn't compress any more. There was only one place for it to go now. Sonata gripped the edges of the roasting pan to brace herself for the next bit . Adagio grabbed Sonata's leg with one hand and then rammed her palm as hard as she could into the protruding end of the orange tuber already more than half enveloped by Sonata's snatch.

“UNGH!” Sonata groaned as the pressure hit her, forcing her cervix open with a pop that she felt as much as heard. She could feel the stuffing tumbling into her virgin womb, filling her in a way that nothing ever had before, in a way that confirmed what she and Adagio both already knew. That she was meat. Nothing more than meat, waiting to be roasted.

With the door to Sonata's womb opened, the rest of the gargantuan carrot slid easy into place, filling the entirety of Sonata's aching cunt. Adagio stepped back to admire her work.

“Quite a pretty little picture if I do say so myself,” Adagio decided as she took in Sonata's supine form, gasping and panting through the alluring mixture of pleasure and pain that Adagio had inflicted on her. There was a bulge, a small one, just beneath her belly where her womb would be. Adagio smiled. She'd stuffed Sonata full enough to actually be visible.

“But…” Sonata panted as she finally caught her breath. “I'm not a picture, I'm a roast!”

“You're not roasted yet,” Aria retorted.

“True,” Adagio mused. “Let's get you into the oven. Aria, you take that side and I'll take this one.”

Aria nodded, picking up her side of the pan. It really was heavier than she'd thought it would be, but she didn't have to carry it for long. Adagio opened the oven for them and once the heat of the already preheated oven hit them, the managed to slide Sonata right in.

“Happy feasting!” Sonata urged them as Adagio closed the door and locked it, trapping her inside.

“Are you really going to leave her there?” Aria asked, watching Sonata as she dipped her hands in the oil in the pan beneath her and began to rub it all across her body until she was nice and shiny.

“Why of course!” Adagio replied. “Sonata knows her place. She belongs in that oven. She begged me to roast her. You wouldn't deprive her of her rightful place in your belly, would you?”

There was something hard in Adagio's voice. Aria looked at the smiling form of Sonata as she basted herself without even trying to get free of the oven.

“No, of course not. I'm looking forward to eating her anyway,” Aria replied, returning to her chair to watch Sonata roast.

The two toned blue-haired siren was clearly enjoying herself as she used the massive carrot that Adagio had stuffed inside her to fuck herself, slowly and thoroughly, as she roasted for her fellow sirens' pleasure.

Aria Blaze found her fingers slipping down beneath the waistbands of her skirt and panties as she watched Sonata roast. Staring at her as she cooked for dinner, orgasm after orgasm rocking through her, her cries of passion barely audible through the locked oven door. Aria almost absent-mindedly brought herself to her own thunderous climax as she watched Sonata's blue skin darken and turn brown, her motions slow, her fucking slowly cease until she was nothing more than roasted meat.

Adagio on the other hand merely smiled as she watched both girls the entire time; enjoying herself as Sonata fulfilled her destined role as dinner, and Aria got a tiny taste of what she had planned for her…

Before Aria realized what was happening, the oven timer which Adagio had set while she was otherwise distracted went off, rousing the purple skinned girl from her self-absorbed masturbation just in time to watch Adagio open up the oven.

The delicious smell of roasted girlmeat filled the room as the sounds of roasting flesh reached Aria's ears. Sonata hadn't survived her stint in the oven, but she looked and smelled absolutely delicious.

“Well? Are you going to help me get her on the table?” Or are you just going to stand there drooling and fingering yourself?” Adagio asked, shooting a dirty look at her fellow siren.

Aria pulled her still sticky fingers free from beneath her panties faster than she ever thought possible as she realized she'd been caught. Trying to act casual, Aria hurried to the stove and picked up the first pair of oven mitts she could grab to help pull out the tray carrying Sonata's perfectly roasted flesh.

It took less than a minute to move Sonata's body from the stove to the kitchen table, but for Aria it seemed to take an eternity as she stared down at her former companion's now thoroughly roasted flesh; watching how it practically gleamed in the lights of the kitchen. The smell was hypnotizing. Hunger welled up within the purple-skinned Siren. She felt ravenous! Aria wanted nothing more than to tear into one of Sonata's juicy plump legs…

Before she could even realize what had happened it was time to set the tray down on the table.

“Go set the table, Aria. You can ogle dinner once you're done.”

There was a jolt of pleasure between Aria's thighs at that word, dinner. Sonata really was dinner now, wasn't she? Snuffed for their consumption like the dumb little meatslut she really was in the end…

The thought kept repeating in her mind as Aria set out two plates, forks, knives, and carving tools.

Adagio had gotten a large butcher's cleaver from a drawer and had grabbed hold of Sonata's ponytail, using it to straighten out her head and make her neck more available. Aria paused setting up her own plate to watch.

Carefully, Adagio aimed her cleaver at the center of Sonata's neck and then, after lifting the cleaver up, swung it back down, severing Sonata's head in one clean blow and letting it swing free, restrained only by the two-toned blue ponytail in Adagio's hand.

“What are you going to do with that?” Aria asked, curiously.

“This? I'm throwing it out. It's useless. Practically no useful meat at all, and Sonata certainly doesn't need it to fulfill her purpose. She hardly used her brain while it was still attached anyway…” Adagio explained, tossing Sonata's head into the trash, leaving Aria with nothing but the memory of the absolutely rapturous look on her roasted face to remember it by.

Adagio was already slicing Sonata's roasted tits into big meaty slices by the time Aria's focus returned to her. Each slice was practically dripping with delicious melted fat as the orange haired girl piled them high onto Aria's plate, with a few choice bits like Sonata's nipples kept back for herself.

Aria dug in, one eye focused on Adagio as she cut sonata's left breast down to the bone, exposing the former siren's ribs in her quest to get every last slice of breast meat.

FUCK! Sonata was incredible! She tasted… “MMMMmmmmmm!!!” Aria couldn't keep herself from moaning as she bit into a thick juicy slice of Sonata's tit. “She's perfect!”

“So she wasn't 'wasting her life' then?” Adagio teased. “You know you're changing your tune just like she told you you would, don't you?”

“She's free to tell me 'I told you so' if she can,” Aria joked. “Tasting like this she deserved to be roasted,” Aria continued, her mouth full of even more of Sonata's delicious tit meat.

“Quite a change of tone!” Adagio remarked with false surprise as she repositioned herself between Sonata's thighs to harvest her choicest bits for herself.

Aria, knowing she'd lose any argument she made, bit deeply into another slice of breast instead as she watched Adagio's knife sink into Sonata right between the flushed lips of her cunt and the join of her thigh.

Adagio licked her lips as she cleanly carved Sonata's roasted cunt from her body and set it on her plate, her eyes darting to Aria as she did. She looked at her plate; Sonata's girlhood filet was nestled between two beautiful slices of Sonata's roasted tits, replete with nipples. Not a particularly large dinner, but more than filling for her. Aria would take care of the rest of their former colleague if all went well… After all she'd already cleaned her plate.

Aria had indeed already polished off her plate and was now looking hungrily at Adagio's own spread.

“She really was that good? Well, if you want to keep eating, feel free, but don't expect me to serve you.” Adagio declared, passing the carving utensils to Aria to emphasize her point before turning and starting in on her own more modest meal.

Aria nodded and grabbed one of Sonata's perfectly cooked legs by the ankle and pulled, ripping it free like a turkey's so that she could get a better angle at the former siren's tender upper thigh meat.

Adagio watched, savoring her first bite of breast as Aria carved a large portion of thigh from the leg in her hand, moving her grasping fingers up Sonata's former thigh in order to brace it. Sonata really did taste incredible. She was giving Aria free reign with her meat, but privately she hoped the sullen siren didn't end up eating too much before settling down for the night.

Aria on the other hand was fully absorbed in her work, eating slice after slice, gorging herself on Sonata's delectable meat as she carved up the former siren's legs, breasts, and other parts to sate her hunger.

Adagio watched Aria indulge in her boundless hedonistic hunger as she bit into Sonata's delectables, savoring the way Sonata's clit practically burst between her teeth as she bit into it. Everything was going perfectly…

Less than an hour later, Sonata was fit to collapse. Her eyes closing, unable to even get back to her bed as she sank into a food coma. “Sonata was delicious…” Aria muttered sleepily unable to stay awake. “We should do this again, soon…”

“Oh, don't worry, Aria,” Adagio chuckled to herself. “We will.”


When Aria woke up, she couldn't move her limbs. They were restrained. She was restrained. Spread eagle. Naked. Her eyes shot open and she realized that the cool breeze that had woken her up was the air from the refrigerator opening passing over her.

“What… What's going on?” Aria asked.

“Quiet,” Adagio replied. “Meat doesn't get to speak, Aria.”

“Meat!?” Aria asked, her voice spiking in shock. “But I'm not… That was Sonata, Adagio! We ate her last night!”

“You ate her, you mean. Most of her at least. Hardly left any for me you, selfish little cow. Of course, I let you, It was all part of the plan to fatten you up for tonight's dinner. Letting you eat yourself into a food coma was more than an adequate reward for a little meatslut like yourself. Sonata even agreed when I told her my plans for you…”

Terror gripped Aria's heart as she struggled with her bonds; to no avail. She was well as truly trapped. Strapped onto the same kitchen counter as that Sonata Dusk had cheerfully accepted her end on.
“Why am I strapped down? You didn't strap Sonata down!” Aria babbled trying anything to get free.

“Sonata knew her place, you… can't even follow simple directions.” Adagio replied leaning in. “I told you, Meat doesn't get to speak,” the yellow skinned siren finished, placing one finger across Aria's lips to drive home that she wanted her to be quiet.

“Please…” Aria protested.

“No talking. Maybe if you can follow simple directions you might get some of the leeway I gave Sonata,” Adagio declared as she walked around the counter to between Aria's legs.

Aria shivered as Adagio brought her finger, the same finger the brushed across her lips, down to Aria's lower pair and poked her way inside the purple girl's cunt before easily pulling it out again.

“Wet.” Adagio pronounced, offering the finger so Aria Blaze could see it. “Your body certainly knows its place, even if you don't. Being restrained like this, knowing you're finally going to become meat… It's turning you on; even if you won't admit it. Well, that's good though. If it wasn't I would have had to let you go. Regular girls don't taste anywhere near as nice as meatsluts like you…” Adagio trailed off looking down at Aria's splayed pussy.

“What! No, You're wrong!” Aria couldn't believe this was happening! She wasn't a meatslut like that stupid bitch Sonata! Adagio was wrong! There was a mistake!

Her whole body shuddered as Adagio lowered her head to Aria's slit and blew on it, softly and gently, just enough to make her presence known. “There is one other way to tell… Lets have a little taste test.”

Aria couldn't contain herself as Adagio placed her hands on her legs and kissed her folds, her tongue worming out to taste Aria's prime filet. “Mmmm… very nice. You taste almost exactly like Sonata you know,” Adagio explained as she pulled back. “You're going to cook up perfectly.”

Adagio left her there, unfulfilled, yearning for… Aria wasn't sure what she was yearning for. Her tongue? Her fingers? An orgasm? None of them seemed quite right…

Out of the corner of her eye, Aria could see Adagio picking up the giant cleaver she'd used to behead Sonata the night before. It was still glistening, greasy with Sonata's juices.

“What…. what are you doing with that!?” Aria asked fearfully.

Adagio reached out and pinched one of Aria's nipples. HARD. “What did I tell you about talking, Meat?”

Aria closed her mouth, fearful of what was about to come, even as something lurked beneath her dread.

Adagio aimed at one of Aria's arms, just beneath the shoulder joint. “Still, I suppose if I meatslut as stupid as you seem to be can't figure it out, I should tell you…” Adagio paused before swinging the blade down, separating Aria from her left arm with a wet *thunk*. “I'm butchering you.”

“You see Aria, unlike you, a normal siren like me can't eat half an entire girl in one sitting by herself. So I'm parting you up for later. You should last me a week. Maybe even two!” Adagio explained as she measured her next cut by placing the blade on Aria's left thigh just beneath her hip.

Blood was leaking from Aria's arm. She was in shock, but even she could see that she was no longer completely held in place by her own splayed limbs anymore. She tried to use this newfound freedom to get away, but she didn't have enough Leverage! Not yet.

“Do stay still while you're being butchered, Aria.”Adagio chided, holding her free hand against the purple girl's hip to steady her as she readied her swing. “It's like you have no manners whatsoever!”

“Please! Stop!”

“This is for your own good Aria,” Adagio insisted. “I saw the way your cunt squeezed when I chopped off your arm, the way you shivered in pleasure as I explained what was going on for you. You're practically drooling down there, you know. I'm honestly not sure how you could miss it.”

That wasn't true was it?” Aria wondered. No! It couldn't be true!”

*Thunk!* Down came the cleaver, severing yet another limb. But this time, Aria could feel the sharp spike of pleasure mixed in with the pain as her cunt spasmed practically on cue.

“There, right there. You're acting even worse than Sonata did when I told her what she really was…” Adagio decided as she moved around the table to Aria's last remaining leg.

“You're lying…” Aria whispered.

“Who are you really trying to convince? Me? Or yourself?” she asked as she lined up her blade once more.

Aria could feel the bloody edge of the steel as her own life's essence marked off a line on her upper thigh identical to the one that Adagio had just used to remove her left leg. Adagio raised her cleaver and held it there.

“You really are in denial aren't you? Sonata really was the smarter of the two of you.” Adagio marveled. “Well, don't worry, it'll all be better once I have you Butchered.”

She swung the blade down, leaving Aria with just one limb remaining.

Aria, freed of all but one of her binding tried to wiggle free, using her leverage to try and pull herself off the table. A single hand from Adagio stopped her. It wasn't even particularly forceful. Just a bit of pressure on her right breast and she was stopped.

“Here, those limbs of yours are giving you ideas above your station. Let me fix that for you.”


And with that, Aria was a complete amputee. Of course, Adagio wasn't done yet. While Aria watched, Adagio unfastened her severed limbs from their bindings and one after another she packed them into the fridge.

“For later,”Adagio explained. “I'll have your best cuts now, while they're still at their freshest. The rest of you will be… well not left overs, but your meat will keep till I'm finished with them.”

Without her limbs, Aria couldn't deny that the fire that Adagio had stoked within her nethers was growing. But… She couldn't do anything about it either.

“Why are you doing this?” Aria asked.

“So slow, Aria. It's a wonder why I put up with you all this time. You're a meatslut. We both know it. This isn't anything personal, this is just how it has to be. You can't help being delicious even if you wanted to. This just happened to be as good a time as any to harvest you.” Adagio paused. “Well, I say it's nothing personal, but I can't deny you and Sonata did get on my nerves more than a little with your constant foolish bickering. Still. She saw reason, why can't you?”

Adagio busied herself in the kitchen's cabinets and drawers out of Aria's line of site.

“What now? You leave me here? A helpless, limbless little doll?” Aria asked, half pleading.

“Heavens no!” Adagio replied, seeming offended as she took her plate, silverware, and carving knife back to the table. “I couldn't possibly leave you with your most tender cuts!”

Aria's eyes widened as Adagio walked around to the side and pulled on one of Aria's nipples as hard as she could, stretching her entire massive breast upwards.

Adagio picked up her carving knife and in one long motion, she cut around the base, cutting closer, and closer, and closer to the center until the whole thing came free with a subdued *plop*.

Aria looked down at her once proud chest, now permanently altered by Adagio's butchering.

“You left me lopsided!” Aria complained.

“I'll fix that in a second,” Adagio agreed, setting the severed breast on Aria's stomach and walking around the table.

Aria only had a few seconds to wonder what Adagio meant by 'fix that' before a sharp pain hit her left breast as well, Her nipple pinched and the blade already hard at work removing it from her body.


Aria stared at her newly flattened chest, not sure what to think. Her anger was dying down now. She wasn't sure if she was in shock, or if Adagio was right, but… she couldn't help but notice that the fire in her sex was only growing the more and more that Adagio removed from her.

Adagio picked up both breasts, leaving a bloody stain on Aria's belly where she'd let them rest of a second before putting them in a much smaller tray than Sonata had used the night before and sliding them into the oven.

“That'll need to roast till dinner's ready, but your best cut should be done in time for lunch,” Adagio explained looking down at the prize at the bottom of Aria's remaining body. She smiled. “With your legs removed, It'll be much easier to harvest too…”

Aria gasped as Adagio's carving knife slid home, beginning the careful work of separating her from her treasure.

“Now stay still, you don't want to ruin my lunch now do you”? Adagio asked.

Aria could only nod. This felt… It felt incredible! She could feel the pleasure building inside her as Adagio's knife slowly circumnavigated her cunt, carving through her muscled to liberate her butcher's prize. This was… Adagio really was right wasn't she? She really was a meat slut just like Sonata!

She was getting close now! Closer! Closer!

“There!” Adagio exclaimed slicing the last bit of muscle free of Aria's body and pulling her prize away. Aria's eyes were rolled back, she was panting, shuddering. “You're cumming aren't you, you little slut? Cumming just as your cunt is taken from you… I don't know how you can say you aren't a meatslut with a straight face…”

“I… I am…” Aria admitted. “I am a meat slut. You're absolutely right… Mistress.”

Adagio smiled beatifically. “I'm glad you finally understand.”

She picked up the cleaver in one hand and held onto one of Aria's pigtails in the other. “Now, quiet. Meat doesn't talk, and I won't have you ruining my lunch.”

Aria bared her neck without asking and the blade came down, separating the sullen siren's head from her neck. Aria blinked, trying to speak, but there was no air to form words with. She watched as Adagio carried her to the trashcan and opened it, dropping her head right atop Sonata's. This really was the proper place for meatsluts like her, wasn't it?

Adagio wasted no time at all frying up her favorite treat. As she bit into Aria's succulent cunt she smiled. Life was almost perfect now. A hearty meal, and peace and quiet at last.

Idly she wondered whose meat she could try once Aria and Sonata ran out. Yellow and red hair the color of fire immediately flashed to mind, along with the sight of sunset shimmer, obediently climbing up on the table in the back yard and begging for the spit.

She'd do… She'd certainly do… But later. Right now, it was time to enjoy an absolutely delectable lunch.

The End

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