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So I've been developing a Dolcett themed universe for a bit more than a decade now on and off. I recently sat down and got a bit more organized and got to some actual writing rather than just collecting notes. This is a hastily written first draft of chapter one of a long saga. It will follow multiple over arching story lines and characters. Though chapter one is very tame the story will be very brutal and gory. The basic premise is post apocalyptic. There's a wasteland filled with poor and sick and even a few people with various mutations. There is also a Utopian police state city covered in a dome that was initially designed to protect against radiation but as that's mostly a non-issue anymore it serves to keep out the wastelanders. A Dolcett style city (which will be renamed) on the outskirts of the wasteland secretly grows powerful and easily takes over the various wasteland factions, unifying the wasteland under their control and stripping all adult women of all rights. The two primary story arcs are mutants vs the dome (which fears them and wants to destroy them) and Dolcett vs various resistance pockets.

Here's chapter 1 (italic formatting didn't carry over. Edited and formatted versions can be found at dolcettish and dolcett girls forum)

Nancy Roe Chapter 1. (dehumanization, nc fingering)

Nancy Roe knew she’d probably be raped on this business trip but that was okay, right?

She was an attractive woman even for one in her mid 50s. She frequently told clients she was 41 and none would doubt her in the least. She was a good business woman as well. Very good. Never had to suck her bosses dick for a promotion. Not that she’d never had office sex with the occasional subordinate, she had needs the same as anyone else. But she was driven by two things: More power, more money, and if this meeting went as expected her company would reduce operating costs substantially with a much cheaper type of cattle.

Nancy was a very confident woman but was on edge today as she drove to her destination in her company car. She’d heard… rumors… about the place she was headed. A place well outside the safety of the dome, in the far reaches of the wastelands. She wasn’t sure she believed the rumors until her boss explained to her the type of identification photo she’d have to carry with her. Anything for the good of the company she had to remind herself.

She hated the wasteland and her citizens. It was repulsive, they were repulsive. How could people live like such filth? The buildings were in disrepair, even the vegetation which had encroached on the neglected ruins was mostly brown and dead. Where the roads were paved they were covered in deep cracks and potholes. Where they weren’t paved they were a muddy mess. She’d have to have her car disinfected when she got back under the dome. Back to True Civilization. It was hard to believe millions lived out here like this.

Further on were the desolate plains, and hour of brown, dead nothing. It was here that she passed unknowingly into the city limits of her destination. She started to pass the occasional building. Still brown but well kept. As she kept going the buildings became more and more dense and started to resemble proper neighborhoods. New neighborhoods, as in not built into old ruins, as in not in a state of disrepair. Not that she’d ever consider living here for a second but she started to feel as though it was really possible this city would have something to offer her company.

Suddenly she noticed flashing lights in her rear view. A police officer! Nancy was surprised to find such evidence of civilization out here. She pulled over as soon as she could. Thinking of the ID photo she had on her she hoped the officer would drive past but he pulled up behind her instead. For the good of the company. Eyes on the prize. As the officer approached she quickly undid the top few buttons of her jacket and shirt giving a deep look at her slightly sagging but full DD freckled cleavage.

“Good afternoon offi…”

“Ma’am, are you aware of how many ordinances your violating right now?” the officer said firmly. “I could have you processed right here, right now.”

Nancy is slightly taken aback by the officers interruption but quickly regains composure. “I… I’m sorry officer” she says, puffing out her chest. “Was I speeding? You see I’m not from here and I haven't seen a speed limit sign in ages.”

“Ma’am I don’t need excuses. I’m going to need to see some identification.”

“Yes, of course officer”. She reaches into her purse and pulls out her drivers license from back home, hoping to god it’ll be enough and she won’t have to take out that other ID. “Here you are Sir."

The officer takes one look at the ID and tosses it back at her, landing down her cleavage. “We do not recognize foreign IDs ma’am. This is your last warning. Show me a valid ID or I WILL process you immediately.”

With the rumors she’s heard of this city Nancy has no desire to find out what the officer means by “processed”. Red in the face for what she’s about to hand to this stranger, she reaches into her purse and pulls out the other form of identification. When the officer looks at the photo he sees not a picture of her face but a close up of her naked anus and unshaven cunt. Never before has she handed a complete stranger a photo of her genitals. Sure she wore figure hugging and low cut outfits at the office but it was always a good idea make sure your bosses enjoyed having you around. But she’d never been… that type. She felt like a whore right now. The way the officer looked at her naked privates so business like made her feel… dirty, gross, humiliated to the extreme. Eyes on the prize. Suck it up buttercup. She smiled wide as the officer looked at her privates.

“Okay ma’am, I’m going to need you to step out of the vehicle for further identification.”

Nancy had feared this would happen. Dreaded it, but had prepared herself anyways. “But surely two forms of identification is enough officer?”

“You may not be from around here ma’am but need I remind you I’m an officer of the law. We may not have your fancy dome tech but you will respect me. Step out of the car immediately”

Nancy very very reluctantly steps out and faces the officer. “Okay ma’am, I need to ensure that your photo matches yourself. Turn around, spread your legs and touch your toes.”

Nancy closes her eyes, shocked at what she’s actually about to do. There better be a nice promotion after all this is done. She turns around and bends over. Her shorter than she’s comfortable with skirt sliding up, exposing the fact that she’s wearing crotchless pantihose (at the strong recommendation of her boss), her asshole and pussy now on full display. I’m going to be raped right now, I just know it. He’s going to whip out his cock and fuck me in the ass and there’s nothing I can do about it.

The officer spreads her cheeks further, holding the ID up to her butthole. He stretches it in various directions and runs a finger over it. Nancy fights back tears as she’s groped and violated. Satisfied with her anus the officer moves down to her pussy. He spreads her outer lips to get a better look at her inner labia. Not that he has to as her’s is large and protruding and, much to her shame, soaked in vaginal juices. The officer slides two fingers inside and spreads her open painfully offering the excuse he needed to “get a better look at her canal”. He slaps her on the ass and tells her to stand up straight.

“Everything checks out miss. You’re free to go. Enjoy your stay in Dolcett and keep that ID on you at all times. If you lose it or it is stolen you will not be able to get a replacement. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Is there anything else you can help me with. IS THERE ANYTHING YOU CAN HELP ME WITH?!? You were just “getting a closer look at my canal” and you want to know if you can help me? “No officer, I’m okay” she says calmly, not okay at all. “Thank you for your time Sir”. I thanked him? For what? Rubbing his dirty fingers all over my asshole?

With that the officer got in his car and drove off. Nancy sat back in her car, disheveled and in disbelief and what she just allowed that man to do to her all in the name of a possible business deal. She knew when her boss had taken that picture of her genitals she’d probably have to deal with something like this or even worse. She thought she’d prepared herself for it. She was wrong. She sat in the driver's seat shaking. The guys at the office had always tapped her on the bum or passingly grazed her breasts. She thought that kind of behavior would have prepared her at least somewhat for this. Nancy had always been completely confident in herself back at the office and with good reason. Now, for the first time in her life she felt unsure. I can’t do this. I can’t make this deal. Why did the boss send me? She turned the key and drove on towards her destination.

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