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A couple of days ago I had the pleasure of dipping my dick in some sweet femboy boypussy.

Now then, I'm not a homo, I am attracted exclusively to girls, but if a dude grows his hair long and wears obviously androgynous clothes I can't help but think that he actually wants to be one. Therefore I believe it is my right, a right of every self respecting man to make them feel like one by the means of plunging our throbbing cocks dozen inches deep into their clean-shaven boyholes, teaching them a lesson in masculinity they will never forget~

Tbh I consider myself quite an athletic, handsome man in my mid 20's. I used to be a wimp, but ever since I've started hitting the gym twice to thrice a week several months ago I got significant gains. It did a whole lot for my self-confidence, whence once I've been what you might consider a beta male, nowadays I am nothing less than a chad, a dominant alpha who takes what he wants and doesn't ask for anyone's permission.

That's why I can't stand looking at the guys who can't assert themselves properly, like this little fag I've met outside train station that day….

Frankly speaking normally I don't pay attention to people that pass by me, most people are simply too ugly or average looking to warrant any significant reaction from me. I have my bros at the gym, my gf whom I love and I'd never cheat on her, my beloved god-fearing family and other people close to me that I care for and could literally die for. Everyone else is just an extra…

But this homoboi here was different. The moment I saw him sitting on that bench, a sheepish smile painted on his frog-like face,I felt something move in my guts, some deep rooted feeling of disgust and spite resurfaced from within me, screaming to be quenched and satisfied right there, right now…

Curly, well maintained shoulder length hair, so contrasting with his receded hairline. Puffy, child-like cheeks and large mouth with obvious hint of lipstick amateurishly smeared on it. Skin-tight blue ripped jeans that accented his wide, girl like hips, and pink t-shirt that was obviously not cut for hit board shoulders and narrow waistline. Was it one of these so called trannies, or just a raving homo? I had to learn I had to know. I felt like I -need- to push his boundaries, see how he reacts when I pinch the correct buttons…

The beast within me has awakened, and it was time to begin the hunt…

Pretending im not actually paying any attention to him, I sat down next to him. At first he didn't seem to notice me, he was occupied with his phone. So I took out my own smartphone, and turned on some mobage, pretending I'm actually playing the whatever random game my gf has installed there(video games are for faggot nerds, whether they are mobile or pc or console or whatever, I fucking grew up lmao).

After a while of doing just that, I sensed a slight movement to my right, on the very edge of my vision. He finally acknowledged my presence, and he was looking at me. I suddenly felt an erection mounting in my pants, my penis screaming to be released upon his faggot ass face, my cum boiling in my balls…but I suppressed that instinct, and continued playing the game. After a while of just looking at me, he turned his attention back to his phone, and started typing frantically. This was my chance, and I used that occasion to take another closer look at him now.

He was clearly consternated. He was all sweaty and shaky, sweat dripping from his forehead on his knees and the palms of his hands. His chest was going up and down as if there was an alien chestbuster there trying to get out. His heart must have been beating like mad, because at certain point he grabbed his chest as if he was some kind of old man about to get a heart attack.

I licked my mouth. There is no way I was going to stop now….I put away my phone, and continued starring at him….after a while stopped typing and glanced at me, his panicked, dilated pupils meeting my rock hard stare….he put his eyes down immediately but continued nervously glancing in my direction every now and again….clearly intimidated by my dominant stance….what was he hoping for here really?

Did he think if he just sits like that long enough, I will just walk away…..? Or perhaps…the opposite…

At this point I realized the truth, and the bulge in my pants grew even further. This faggot…his red blushing cheeks betrayed him……he knew, that I am a predator and he is my prey…he accepted his role already, didn't he? Ever since I sat down next to him, he's only been waiting for my next move, his body has been shaking not just with fear, but also with anticipation, isn't it?
He would be disappointed if nothing happened now, wouldn't he…?

I positioned myself slightly closer to him. Even thought it's such an innocent movement, he jumped up slightly, and moved to the farthest end of the bench. Trying to get away from me…? but if he really wanted to escape, he'd just stand up and leave, wouldn't he?

Hahaha. The girly red blush has all but disappeared from his face, replaced by ghastly white. Like a thot who put on too much make up, trying to get that male attention…..

I casually put my arm around his shoulders, not saying a word, but making my intention all too clear. But you know, it wasn't just a friendly gesture…at any moment, this very arm of mine could go around his neck and turn into rear naked choke….the moment he allowed me to move my arm like that, this fool made himself totally at my mercy and good will, he was mine and mine alone….

A tiny gasp escaped his lips. A little feminine “ah”. Like a whore who got more than she asked for, like a party slut when you surprise grab her tits from behind, like my gf where I slap her in the face harder than she anticipated….his eyes dropped down again, and for a moment I thought he is trying to escape to his phone, but it wasn't so…he was looking at his own crotch, and so my gaze followed his to the source of his new fixation…

A once pacific light colour of his jeans, is now painted midnight blue…a huge pool of new shade with epicentre right in between his legs spreading slowly down his thighs, his hands desperately trying to cover the source of his shame, tears dropping down his face, he started sobbing.

Yes, he pissed himself. This little faggot, this womanboy, he pissed himself just because I sat next to him….

Suddenly he jumped up and started running, crying, screaming, waving his hands left and right as if he was being swarmed by a cloud of invisible insects. I laughed out loud, and stood up. Giving the bench one final glance, I stretched out a bit and chased after him, like a hungry dog following a fluffy little rabbit…

He didn't even look away once. He didn't even notice that I'm following him. But even if he did, there's now way he could have escaped me. He moved like a frog, he was slow, too slow!

Finally, he reached his destination. It was the public bathroom at the station. But of course. Trying to clean himself up, perhaps? He didn't even realize how dirty I was planning to make him, just in a moment. My dick was calling for his flesh, and the moment of satisfaction was at hand.

I stopped right in front of the door, breathing heavily. When did I lose my breath? There is no way I got tired chasing this creature, no, it's the beast within me awakening, it's my desires letting themselves known to every inch of my muscular, well toned body…..

I entered the bathroom. There was no one there. Of course…there aren't many people at the train station early in the morning, it was convenient, all too convenient….

Out of five bathroom stalls, only one was closed. I didn't hesitate for a moment. I kicked the door. They didn't give in. So I kicked them again. And again. And again. Finally the lock broke down under the sheer power of my brutality, like a can of sardines, exposing it's delicious content.

There he was, sitting on a toilet, his arms warped around his torso, his teeth clattering, sheer terror painted on his pale white face. His pants were already down, his wet, clean shaven testicles exposed to me in all their uninspiring size and shape.

His penis was shrunken. This made me enraged. Why was his dick soft? Is he not excited to see me, to have me come for his faggot ass? Or did he already masturbate and came when I was knocking down the door? No matter. I will take what is rightfully mine regardless.

“Punishment time, boy”.

He wanted to say something. “H-hhhh” but I didn't let him, I grabbed his head and hit him in the face. A beautiful hook right in the jaw. Again, and again. The walls of bathroom echoed with loud bang after bang, as kept beating him over and over and over and over again. Soon my fist was drenched in his blood. He didn't even try to resist. What weakling, he deserves it all. I think I broke something there because there was a loud crack at certain point and his face twisted at weird angle. I didn't give a shit.

After I made sure he is docile, it was time to get down to the business. I unzipped my pants, my dick already rock hard and dripping with precum. I told him to turn around and bend over. He did that, his blacked eyes eyeing my dick with terror for the last time before he turned his round butt to me, his head hanging down closely above the toilet.

I reached to grab the back of his head, my exposed masculinity rubbing against his asshole, yet not making the entrance, not yet….I had a devilish idea cross my mind, though I am but one man, I can fuck him from two sides simultaneously…in way…

Without warning I pushed his head all the way down to shithole, his face making a loud splash sound as it made contact with dirty water. At this instant, I rammed my dick all the way deep into his boyhole. He tried screaming, squeaking, moaning, but all he did was choking on dirty toilet water, bubbles coming out of his mouth instead of sound.

And I…started laughing, laughing like maniac, laughing like I never laughed before. As his tight guts warped around my dick, as blood started dripping down on the floor, as I started rhythmically pounding his insides, I could only think of one thing.

At this moment, I was the winner and he was the loser. At this moment, I was the master, and he was my slave. At this moment, he was completely mine, and at my mercy, and I loved that feeling of absolutely humiliating another man, making him my bitch, the food for my cock.

“Hahaha, you want to call help? You want someone to save you? Here I am! I am your lord and saviour, be grateful for my gifts!”

My rhythm got faster and faster. Suddenly I couldn't stop myself anymore. Normally I can feel when I am about to cum, but not this time. This time, it happened so rappidly, almost against my will. I kept cumming and cumming, it felt like it takes forever. Finally I was done. I dropped down exhausted on his back, the boy wasn't resisting anymore. Did he finally realize his place? Baptised by my semen, he learned to obey me…I smirked at that thought. What a little faggot. It was all his fault, if only he didn't dress like a woman and provoke me.

Slowly I pulled my dick out of his asshole. It was drenched in blood and shit, the yellow-brownish colour mixed with dark red. It looked disgusting. It looked repulsive. Frankly speaking it was my first time doing anal, I didn't know it's going to look like that. It didn't look like that in porn, what the fuck what was that faggot eating, a burrito?

I pulled his head out of toilet. I wanted to make him pay, I wanted to make him pay for making my dick dirty, I wanted to make him clean my manhood, defiled with his faeces, I wanted him to clean my dick with his large, feminine mouth.

I wanted him to smear his lipstick on my scrotum, I wanted him to smell his own shit with that broken faggy nose of his…

But alas, as I pulled his head out of dirty shithole it has been submerged in all this time, I realized, it is too late for all that. His ghastly pale face expressionless, his eyeballs rolled back under his forehead, his tongue hanging out to the side…..this boy will never smell anything in his miserable life again.

Seeing that my penis started awakening again. Even now, after all that cum it exhausted, it still had the will to go on….yess, I fucked him to death, didn't I? I killed him, I made him my bitch, I broke him to pieces, I was truly the master of his life and death.
….so there's nothing to lose now….I decided to continue playing with this lifeless body while it's still warm, while it's still fresh.

I made a resolution to fuck up his body so hard, that not even his family will recognize his mangled corpse. I wanted his wounds to be so shameful, that no one will exhibit him even during the funeral…..

I started by putting my penis in his throat. His broken jaw hanging all the way down made this task all too easy. Then I started fucking. Because he was dead, I had to do all the work, controlling his head with one hand, and violently trusting the hips back and forth to make it go all the way through. When I fuck my girlfriend, it's always that annoying gag instinct that I have to look out for, but not this time, right? Not this time at all……haha, fucking corpses is so fun!! why didn't I do it before, it's like the holy grail of sex….

Back and forth, back and forth, it goes deeper and deeper with every thrust….his teeth were still kinda in a way, so I pulled out my cock, and put his head on the floor, and started kicking it. Over and over again, until there was not a single tooth left. Bang, bang bang, every time my foot met his face. When I was finished, what was once his head, looked like scrambled legs with hair mixed in them, unrecognisable, inhuman, disgusting, broken. I laughed again, and put my dick into it once more, this time it went in even more smoothly.

Again and again, I continued my holy ritual, until finally the time has come and so have I. Gallons of piss mixed with semen escaped my manhood once again, mixing with blood and stomach content of the boys mangled lifeless body…..

After I was done, I turned his corpse over. It was time to squish it a little bit. First I put my foot on his lower spine, and pulled his neck back as hard as I could. At first it didn't want to give in, but I persisted. Finally it broke with loud crack, louder than a twig, almost like a firecracker….

After that, it was time to broke every single one of his fingers. Stomp stomp stomp, crack crack crack, they gave in one after another. Good thing I was wearing heavy boots, they made things easier….maybe I should have considered a career in chiropractice? Heeehehehehe…

Once every single one of his fingers was bent in wrong direction, it was time to get to the sweetest part of the meal. To gut him like a pig, to recover all the semen that I have invested in his pathetic, plumpy body….

However, I had no tools I could use for this purpose, and I didn't want to open him up using my fingernails. This bitch isn't worthy me getting even more dirty than I already am(my hands and pants were already soaked in bodily fluids, I was definitely going to take a shower after I finished this business). So what should I do, how should I do it?

Suddenly the answer dawned on me. Why don't I make some tools out of his body…?

I stepped on his hand once again. I grabbed his forearm and pushed it in the opposite direction. It didn't give in. Damn its hard to break an arm, huh? I kept pushing, finally the arm cracked right below his elbow. Pieces of bone came out, it wasn't a clean cut, it looked nasty. Suddenly I felt nauseous, so I had to stop and take a deep breath. As I just stood there breathing heavily, suddenly the reality of what ive done dawned on me. Isn't this, like, illegal or something? I checked out his mangled corpse once again.

Man it was a mess. But if I leave my semen there, they will be able to track me down by dna test. I have to keep going, I felt my heart going faster and faster. I have to recover every tracke of my semen from his body, else I will go to jail. And…..I wanted to see, I wanted to learn, what he does look like on the inside~ Is he as ugly as he was on the outside? I wanted to learn the truth….

After my breathing calmed down, I returned to work. This time my actions were much more efficient, my hands moved almost on their own. I separated his forearm fully from the rest of his body. Careful not to splatter any more blood on any of my clothes, I don't want people to look at me weird after I leave the bathroom. I knew I had to hurry, before someone else enters…

After flailing the flesh from the upper tip of his radial bones, turned around to the grim task ahead. I begun by stabbing his underbelly, stab after stab, I dug his own bone into his flesh, first ripping apart the skin, then the underlying fat tissue, finally exposing the muscles and the guts beneath. A funny thought crossed my mind….*it's like butchering a turkey for Christmas eve*….
he even looked like one, a little bit….

Digging through muscle tissue was the hardest part, I had to stab and stab over and over again before delicious red meat finally gave in, exposing his dirty, bloody insides, still hot from the warm blood that circulated in this lifeless body not so long ago….like a pirate burst opening the locks to loot the treasure chest….i put my arms deep into the booty, grabbed his guts and pulled them as hard as I could, but just like the forearm before that, they didn't want to give in so easily…

Resilient thing, that human body, isn't it? On the other hand…if so resilient it is, why did this faggot snuff so quickly? If only he survived that assfucking, I wouldn't have to do any of that…I started getting mad again, and it gave me additional strength to continue working…


It took me several dozen more minutes to wrap this up. Honestly, don't know how long ,because I didn't check my phone at all during this time. You know how it is…when you are doing something you love, time passes by really quickly.

I flushed his insides in the toilet after cutting them into pieces. I've torn his stomach apart and emptied it's contents before flushing it as well. The shithole clogged but I was confident that not a single piece of my semen was left to trace this crime back to me.

By the time I was finished entire bathroom was overflowing with blood. Every inch of my clothes was drenched in blood, and what's worse, it already dried up. I tried cleaning it in the sink, but it just didn't go off. Fortunately, cleaning my face and arms was much easier. I calmly took my clothes off-my German t-shirt, my jeans and my shoes, and cut them into pieces, flushed them down like the rest of evidence.

I left the bathroom basically half naked, wearing only my boxers. There were a couple of people on train station, and they were looking at me weird, but no one else said anything to me. I guess they were being polite. I called taxi and got back home soon enough.

As I finish writing this story, a spark of guilt crosses my mind. What if I did something wrong?
But can't be right?

After all…our balls didn't touch.

So no gay on my side. Reassured I'll take a shower and go to sleep for some hard deserved rest….

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