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Uravity's Last Fight
F/F, Shapeshifting, Doppelganger, Oral, Fingering, Bloodplay, Snuff

Uraraka Ochako was in heaven as her lips met those of her crush, Izuku Midoriya, the hero Deku! It was the end of the school year and after dozens of trials and tribulations she'd finally worked up the courage to confess her feelings. She'd been so nervous! But she'd invited Izuku over to her house and she'd confessed right there in her living room!

And he felt the same way! Uraraka could barely believe it! Her crush! The amazing boy that had captured her heart; felt the same way about her as she did about him! It was incredible! Uraraka leaned into her crush's lips, so warm and full of life, savoring the moment. This was everything she'd ever dreamed about!

They were in her bedroom now. The first kiss led to more, and Uraraka had managed to pull Izuku towards her bedroom door and open it all without breaking the kiss. She could feel Izuku's hands reaching up beneath her shirt and feeling their way up her belly and back to where her bra was hooked together. She let Izuku unhook it without any protest, shrugging her shoulders to let it fall onto the bed beneath them. She smiled through the kiss, moaning softly until suddenly…

*Pain!* Stabbing pain hit her right between her thighs!

Uraraka stumbled back breaking the kiss to look down. Her Underwear had vanished earlier, tossed to the side on their trek toward her bedroom door, and now Uraraka was wearing only her skirt to cover her modesty. She couldn't see what was wrong…

Deku was looking at her strangely, eyeing her up like a predator staring at its prey. Uraraka didn't know what to do. She lifted her skirt, revealing her mostly untouched pussy to her friend's sight as she looked down to see what was wrong.

“Mmmm… That was a good thrust…”

“Deku… Why?” Uraraka asked, shocked as she stared at the carving knife from her kitchen's knife block now buried up to the hilt in her formerly pristine cunt. Blood was dripping in trickles down her thighs and now that it was revealed, Deku was staring at it, licking his lips.

“Why?” Uraraka asked plaintively, still not sure what had just happened.

“Because,” Deku's face curled up into a twisted smile before morphing into the shape of a familiar, sadistic blonde, “I'm not Deku.”

“Himiko!” Uraraka realized, lunging at the blonde with renewed vigor.

“Augh!” The knife shifted inside her as she moved, almost bringing her to her knees at the incredible pain in her most sensitive of spots. She knew how to take Himiko down! She'd done it before! But the knife that Himiko had stabbed into her sex was stopping her from completing the moves!

“Un un un!” Himiko Toga chided as she pulled out yet another knife stolen from Uraraka's own kitchen to face her. “You can't run yet! I'm going to need all of your blood to get what I want, so I'm not going to let you get away, no matter how pretty you look right now!” Himiko explained.

Uraraka really did look lovely, bleeding from her pussy as she was. Himiko couldn't wait to wrap her lips around Uraraka's adorable little cunt and give her the last kiss she'd ever get to enjoy.

“Why don't you just lie back and think of Deku?” Himiko urged. “Sucking your blood from that cut should be pretty enjoyable, right?” Himiko offered, her eyes still fixed at the junction between Uraraka's thighs.

Uraraka wasn't just going to let her rival kill her! Even with the pain she tried to fight back! But… there was nothing in her room that could help! She grabbed the nearest object; a teddy bear she'd dressed in a version of Deku's first costume, and swung it with all her might at her foe!

“Aww… that's really cute!” Himiko gushed. “But, it's not very effective,” Himiko continued, advancing towards her with her stolen knife held high.

Uraraka tried to back away as quickly as she could, but she stumbled as her legs hit the bed behind her, falling backwards onto it, unable to do more than try to fend off her attacker with her hands from her prone position.

Himiko smiled wickedly, as she looked at her rival. Uraraka's shirt was askew, her nipples poking through the thin material in her fear. Without a bra to protect them, her breasts looked so… vulnerable within the confines of the thin fabric of her shirt.

Of course Uraraka's perky breasts, large as they were, wasn't enough to draw Himiko's attention for long. Not when Uraraka's splayed legs revealed a greater treasure. Her bared pussy, still punctured bleeding from her initial stabbing, the knife still sheathed inside her body, was on full display since with Uraraka's legs spread apart, her skirt had hiked up to about her waist.

Uraraka's precious blood was leaking onto her bedspread, but that was fine, as long as it was absorbed by something Himiko could harvest it later, though it would take a lot more work and some specialized gear to do it, it would be worth it for Uraraka's blood. Uravity's blood would help her get Deku once and for all, after all…

Himiko stared at the white expanses of Uraraka's thighs, colored only by the thin trail of blood weeping from her virgin cunt. It was almost a shame that Deku's form wore off so quickly, it would have been nice gesture to give Uraraka a pleasant first time with her crush as a bit of thanks for the gift that Uraraka was going to give her, whether willingly or not. Of course, with Deku's blood wearing off so when it had she'd had to move her plans forward… But maybe she could still do something nice for her rival?

Smiling at her idea, Himiko Toga stepped forward, avoiding Uraraka's arms as they desperately tried to protect her face and chest to swing the knife at an easier, but no less deadly target, Uraraka's pristine inner thighs.

“There's a lot of blood vessels in your thighs, Ochako-chan… Enough that you'll probably bleed out in a few minutes now no matter what you do,” Himiko advised Uraraka as the brunette reached down between her legs to withdraw the knife that Himiko had so generously left for her.

“Pulling my knife out will only make things happen quicker,” Himiko warned, stilling Uraraka's advance towards the hilt of the weapon stuck into her most vulnerable spot.

You can't escape this now, this is your destiny. But that doesn't mean it has to be a bad memory…” Himiko declared, moving in between her rival's legs and pushing the fingers of her free hand into Ochako's blood covered snatch.

Uraraka was frantic! Why was this happening? This couldn't be happening! Everything was perfect and then… Toga! She had to be lying right!? There was no way it could end like this! Not without ever really kissing Deku! Not in her own bed!

Himiko pulled her fingers free with a muted wet *pop*, opening her mouth to suck them clean of Uraraka's blood and other juices. She could feel the transformation coming over her, morphing her into the mirror image of her wounded rival on the bed before her.

“This should do the trick, right?” Himiko asked excitedly. “The timing didn't work out for an encounter with Deku, but everyone has a secret twin fetish, and I have more than enough of your blood to give you that!” Himiko smiled caringly, happy that she could give her rival something she'd enjoy before Himiko finally finished her off.

Uraraka reached for something to throw at her assailant, but the only thing at hand was a pillow, and even with her power there was nothing she could do to make that even the least bit dangerous.

Of course that didn't stop her from throwing the pillow anyway.

Himiko laughed as it bounced off of her. “Just relax, Uraraka…” She urged as she knelt down between Uraraka's thighs. “I know it's your first time, but there's no reason we can't both enjoy your death…”

Uraraka was frantic, but as the fingers of her mirror image wrapped around the hilt of the knife that was still inside of her, her movements stilled, fear, and something else besides, paralyzing her.

“Much better…” Himiko smiled. “Now just lie back, and enjoy this, okay? My last gift to you…”

Uraraka wanted to fight! She wanted to live! But she couldn't risk the knife pulling free, or worse! The knife could tear her apart even further!

Himiko grinned as she reached up with her second knife and slid the blade into the valley between Ochako-chan's large breasts, slicing a small line of fire across her left mound with the tip of the knife as Uraraka tried to squirm out of the way before jerking the knife upward and cleaving Ochako-chan's tight fitting shirt in two, baring her victim's massive tits to the world.

“There, that's much better isn't it?” Himiko soothed. Her eyes locked directly with Uraraka's she leaned in for a long, sensuous lick.

Uraraka still couldn't quite understand what was happening as she stared into her own eyes as her own tongue licked across the wound that she had cut across the valley of her own breasts. Her brain knew, but her body, still trapped in fight or flight was confused. She couldn't do either and despite knowing Toga's plans for her her body was still flooded with endorphins and hormones from her encounter with what she had thought was Deku! She knew that this was dangerous, that Toga was deadly, was planning to kill her! But her body was ready for something much more pleasurable, and the way Himiko talked? Her low, sensuous drawl… The things she was promising… It certainly wasn't making Uraraka's body any less confused.

“I think you're at your cutest right now,” Himiko admitted. “A vulnerable maiden, helpless beneath her twin? Blood trickling from between your thighs? How could anyone resist you?”

Himiko paused. “I'm certainly hoping Deku can't,” she finished, with a happy smile, blushing at the thought of what Deku might do with her in her new disguise.

Uraraka was in shock, she tried to punch the girl on top of her, but laying flat on her back like she was she had practically no leverage. Himiko dodged her blow and frowned. “There's no need for that at all…” She complained, wriggling the hilt of the knife she'd fist stabbed between Ochako's thighs when she felt her disguise wearing off to emphasize her point. “If you hit me, the knife will get pulled free and you'll bleed out too quickly to enjoy it, Ochako-chan…”

Toga's words didn't calm Uraraka down at all, but they did stop her struggling. She couldn't stop Toga no matter what she did,all she could do was kill herself faster… Uraraka's heart raced at the realization, her face falling as the realization of just how helpless she actually was went through her. She couldn't fight. She couldn't Escape. No one was going to rescue her. Toga had won, and the only thing that Uraraka could do to prolong her life was… to go along with her.

Himiko smiled as she watched the realization play across her rival's face. “That's much better. You're wonderful Ochako-chan! And now that you're bleeding, you're soooo much cuter.”

Himiko lowered her face between Uraraka's thighs, staring at the wound she'd left with her first attack. She'd missed Ochako's pussy , barely, but that was good, since it left her rival's tender maidenly flower free for Himiko to explore. Uraraka's sex was wet with fresh blood from the wound next to it, glistening and inviting to Himiko's transformed eyes.

“You have no idea how much you're helping me right now Ochako-chan, so… just relax and enjoy my gift to you, okay?”

With that, Himiko dived in, a mirror of Uraraka's tongue sticking cutely out of the side of her mouth as she went for her first lick of her rival's treasure like a child about to enjoy a lollipop.

“Mmmm!” Himiko moaned in appreciation. “You're absolutely perfect Ochako-chan,” Himiko praised as she licked her lips free of the combined taste of her Rival's blood and lingering arousal. “I'm going to miss you when you're gone…”

Uraraka shuddered at her twin's touch, a heady mixture of fear and arousal filling her as her fight or flight instincts were overruled by her conscious mind. Unable to do anything to save herself, Uraraka's emotion's, conjured by their their fight, and halted by Himiko's threats were quickly draining into the only available place left for them… enjoyment.

She felt dirty! Wrong! But… There was nothing she could do, was there? And… it certainly didn't look like Himiko between her legs right now… Was it so wrong to give in? To enjoy what were probably her last moments alive? Uraraka wasn't sure, but… her body was already making the choice for her…

“Mmmm…” Himiko moaned in enjoyment as she lavished her rival's body with affection, her tongue bathing the area between her thighs to clean it of every last drop of blood before diving into the main event; licking and sucking on Uraraka's clit and lower lips until the other girl, her temporary doppelganger, moaned in involuntary delight.

“That's it… Just enjoy it…” Himiko urged. “I can't wait to watch the cute face you make when you cum…”

There wasn't anything left for Uraraka to do except follow her rival's advice.

Himiko dived back into her goal, savoring the taste of her rival's sex on her lips as she explored its depths with her tongue. Ochako-chan's body was eager and responsive despite her protests. Himiko wasn't surprised at all of course, that was just how a maiden in love should be!

Uraraka could feel the knife inside her move with every lick that Himiko took. Her doppelganger's cheek was pressed flush against the hilt of the knife, and even the slightest movement felt like another line of fire coursing through her veins. Uraraka wanted to scream, to yell at her to stop, but she couldn't. Toga was in control now and there was nothing she could do about it but relax and enjoy the villain's final gift to her. She was helpless, in more ways than one. Helpless to fight off Toga, certainly; but Uraraka was also helpless against the pleasure building insider her with each passing moment. Even the pain that Toga was inflicting, either knowingly or unknowingly was only adding to the pleasure of Uraraka's first, and final time.

“Ah!” with the pleasure building between her thighs, Uraraka couldn't stay silent. The cry slipped out before she could stop it.

“Cuuuute!” Himiko looked up at her from between her thighs, Uraraka's own stolen face blushing, her lips glistening with Ochako's arousal and just a tiny smudge of blood on the corner of her lips. “That's the face I want to see!” Himiko nodded smiling.

Uraraka wanted to stop, to cover her face in embarrassment, or maybe just to keep Himiko from getting what she wanted, but… Did it really matter if she did? Toga knew she was enjoying this. Hiding it wouldn't do anything but take some of that enjoyment away…

Staring down, Himiko began to toy with her plaything, inserting first one, then two, then three fingers into Uraraka's now sopping sex in her attempt to bring her rival as much pleasure as possible before the end.

Uraraka gasped and groaned. She'd never…. She'd never even inserted a single finger into her pussy before! She'd always been content to rub the outside, flicking and rolling her clit between her fingertips! This was! This was too much!

Himiko grinned as she watched Ochako-chan's body squirm from the strain of the three fingers penetrating her virginal slit. It was nice seeing her friend enjoying her gift after all that struggling earlier. Himiko was going to give Ochako-chan a beautiful sendoff for her death!

Uraraka could feel her sex stretching around Toga's fingers as the shape-shifting girl drove them in and out of her inexperienced cunt. Her breath was coming in panting gasps now as the pleasure built within her core. Uraraka couldn't even think about resisting any more! It was incredible! She could feel Toga's fingers penetrating her, fucking her as her mirror image smiled back at her from between her legs. It was… It was amazing!

“More…” Uraraka moaned, unable to help herself, the plea was as weak as a newborn kitten's but understood nevertheless.

Himiko grinned and began wriggling her fingers inside the helpless maiden currently at her mercy. Each touch moved the blade beside her slit almost imperceptibly, adding a painful spice to the pleasurable feelings Himiko was inflicting on her.

Uraraka couldn't control herself. The sight of her own body pleasing her, feeling her own fingers inside her unable to control them, unable to stop them even if she wanted to! Uraraka could feel her resolve, the dam she'd built against the pleasure Himiko was forcing on her breaking down, washing away like a sandcastle at high tide. The feelings were starting to consume her, rushing through her like fire in her veins, at times warm and comforting, but with a sharp burning edge underneath as the knife settled inside her body after each touch from her identical lover.

“More!” Uraraka pleaded, feeling the edge of her climax with the whole of her being, and Himiko was more than happy to oblige.

Himiko twisted her fingers inside her rival enjoying the panting moans it drew from her cute little mouth. Enjoying her as Deku would have been more fun, but this was almost as good! Happily, Himiko increased the pace of her thrusts, her thumb snaking out to caress Ochako-chan's clit in an effort to push her over the edge. Of course, Himiko's eyes were locked on her lover's face, watching as she threw back her head, panting, her eyes wide and unseeing as the end of their little game finally reached her.

She was almost there! Just a little more and…!

“Yes!” Uraraka screamed. “Yes!” she shouted, her face a perfect portrait of pleasure, her hips bucking hard enough to knock the knife from within her as she finally came!

Himiko grinned, wishing she had a camera. Uraraka's O-face was adorable! And with the knife knocked free from her cunt, the brunette gravity manipulator's pussy was covered once more in that incredible blood of her!

Himiko didn't want to waste a drop, but even so, she couldn't resist taking a second or two to watch as Uraraka came down from her post-coital high.

“Was it good for you too?” Himiko asked, grinning happily as she leaned over Uraraka's body and gave her a maidenly kiss on the lips.

Uraraka felt drained, and out of breath, she barely even had the strength to speak, but the blush covering her cheeks told Himiko everything she needed to know.

“I'm glad!” Himiko declared. “Since you knocked the knife free when you came, we don't really have time for another one, so it's good you enjoyed that!”

Uraraka's eyes widened in fear as she looked down and realized what she'd done. She was dead for sure now, and she'd done it to herself in her own pleasure.

Himiko, reading the fear in Uraraka's eyes did her best to reassure the cute girl she thought of as a friend. “Don't worry! I'll make sure your blood won't go to waste,” she explained, pulling out the small canister and suction device she'd brought strapped behind and just above her waistline.

Uraraka's eyes widened, she wanted to protest, but between the blood loss and just how hard she'd come from Himiko's finger fucking, the brunette was feeling much to weak to manage it.

Himiko stuck the device into Uraraka's wound in a single practiced motion. Uraraka shuddered in subdued pleasure as the tip brushed against the nerves around her sex, but she was already too weak to even try to pull it out.

“I guess I'll have to bring your body with me after we're done… It would ruin the surprise if the other heroes realized you were dead before I could use your blood…” Himiko decided. “Well, I'll figure out something fun to do with it? With breasts like yours you might make a nice body pillow?”

Uraraka was fading fast, she could barely keep her eyes open now.

“That's right, just do to sleep and relax while I take the rest of your blood. You don't have anything to worry about, I'm going to use your body to take good care of Deku after your gone,” Himiko explained trying to make her end as pleasant and care free for Ochako-chan as she could.

Struck by one last urge, Himiko, still in Uraraka's form, leaned in and gave her swiftly fading rival one last romantic kiss upon the lips. “Sleep well Uraraka, and thanks. I'll always remember you, after all, a maiden never forgets her first time…”

And with that, the hero formerly known as Uravity knew no more.

The End


This was a lot of fun!


Glad you liked it!

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