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I have been writing more recently, and I wanted to make one thread for all of my stuff. I like affectionate and well endowed executioners, I like pullups, I like gentle flirting and snuggles, and mostly semi-con situations. So my stuff will have these things a good bit of the time.. Not always. I made a new thread because the Nobles stuff wasn't getting the creative juices flowing but I did have ideas. This will be assorted stuff, there will be some Nobles and Clones, but there will also be other setups, and one-shots. if you don't like one, you might like the next. If you like it, definitely let me know! :) the first couple posts will be my stuff from other threads.


Sorry about the double post (hoping this one doesn't do it)

Nobles and Clones


It was the year 3000. Mankind had brought itself to the edge of extinction some centuries earlier, by way of nuclear war. In the wake of the devastation, most of the surviving population was left unable to produce offspring, with only a few hundred bloodlines left able to procreate. These families had inherited all of the wealth of planet Earth, and when the war had ended, they had made changes. Society was divided into two groups, aristocrats, those of the stable bloodlines, and slaves, those grown in cloning facilities to cater to the every whim and want of the nobles. Cloning had been perfected in the wake of the wars, it was cheap and easy, and with the cheapness of cloning came the cheapness of cloned life. Clones were grown of past celebrities or designed from scratch, on the whim of the creator. The nobles grew hundreds or thousands of slaves for each of them, then had to deal with overpopulation. The result was that clones were killed as a regular part of life.

Schools were established for the Clones, and those who proved themselves more intelligent could rise through the ranks and hold respectable positions, although they would always be subservient to even the lowest noble, but they comprised less than five percent at high school graduation. College graduates were perhaps ten percent of these. The staggering numbers of clones meant that every day at school, any infraction, any failing, would be answered with immediate termination, with their meat being used to feed the rest of the world. And that was just the ones who got to attend school, the majority of clones were created not by the communal government, but by slaughterhouses growing them only for their meat, or by individual families. These families would use them for food, entertainment, even love. It was the requirement of nobles to produce offspring, but they didn’t marry, they didn’t often commit to each other, children were raised by clones, and it was a cold society for the highest of the elite, living only to indulge every craving over a lifespan that with new science would last centuries. It was not uncommon for lower or younger nobles to take a clone as a short-term romantic interest, or for them to take some career, it was not needed by society, but a decade in any profession would provide a fun distraction for any noble who had grown bored. Such was the case for Luna.


‘Morning Luna!’ called Fred cheerfully. Luna smiled and waved back. The people at the termination facility were so friendly, that was, she decided, one of the best perks of the new society. All of the workers here were Nobles, not employees. They came to work here when it suited them, and as a result everyone was happy to be here and around each other. Walking away and doing something else meant nothing to them, and the result was a very pleasant and cheerful work environment…for them. The same could not be said for some of the Clones brought to the facility. This was a government facility, not enough girls failed in school to feed the remainder, and although the Nobles would kill a girl or two for food as needed (or for any other reason or whim), the rest of the Clones had to eat. This facility was the slaughterhouse to accompany a massive cloning facility, one of more than a dozen in this city alone, the cloners produced a huge number of Clones, and these slaughterhouses were equipped for Nobles to kill them however they pleased.

Luna patted the sliver of midriff she left exposed in this outfit while they waited for the first clones to arrive. She was, like everyone else in a society where cloning and cosmetic surgery had reached a level where it was art instead of science, objectively pretty. Tall, with large breasts, jet black hair and pale skin, she closely resembled the old Earth actress Kat Dennings. This was not an accident, even though she was not a clone, cosmetic science before and after birth allowed any Noble to look how they liked. Her parents had arranged before birth for her to have her remarkable figure, and Luna had had her facial structure tweaked to more closely resemble the woman she found so funny and engaging in old Earth videos. As Luna admired her body, she heard the beeping of trucks outside, the first group of Clones had arrived.

Meeting the Meat

Luna and the other Nobles smiled in anticipation as the doors opened and the Clones to be killed that day were ushered in. Ranging in physical appearance from 10 to 25 years old, the clones were all actually only a few weeks out of the growth tanks. Each was programmed with any knowledge that they might need in various duties, then as they were designed, computers randomly assigned each one a personality. As a result, not every Clone would have the same reaction to their circumstances. Some were scared of course, but others were bored, curious, or in a few cases excited or even highly aroused. Some of the Nobles held back, while the majority went over to the group of girls and started lining them up, rubbing, squeezing, kissing, and talking to the Clones. Most Nobles were perfectly happy just picking a few girls to play with and kill over the course of the day, selecting the ones who caught their eye. Of course, this was food production, the Nobles were outnumbered dozens to one by the Clone girls, any who didn’t get picked by the first group of Nobles would go to the second, those who wanted to work off anger or other bad emotions, those who wanted exercise, or those who just wanted to watch girls die, they would take the remaining Clones and simply massacre them.

Luna joined the first group, feeling up a few of the Clones. She only liked to take two or three per day, and she really enjoyed finding fun ‘playmates’. Her choices depended on her mood, but Luna had been feeling under the weather and wanted just one quiet cuddle buddy today. She moved into the group, greeting a few of the Clones, feeling some up and seeing how they reacted. She saw one who immediately drew her attention. The girl was a clone of the 21st century actress Ellen Page, five feet tall, small breasts, baby face…..and since it was Ellen, Luna couldn’t tell if she was supposed to be aged to 13 or 30. The small girl was standing at the very edge of the crowd, looking down and trying not to be noticed, even though she knew that it couldn’t possibly save her. Luna smiled fondly at the cute girl and adjusted her top as she started over. Clones were grown to be sexually and romantically attracted to any Noble, it might take a bit of effort to crack the shell of an especially shy or feisty one, but Ellen WOULD want her, even if Luna hadn’t been stunning. Luna’s smile grew, she had her prey, now came the fun bit.


She strolled over and rested a hand on the munchkin’s shoulder ‘hello honey. I’m Luna. Let me guess…they named you Ellen, right? Those cloners aren’t real creative naming girls.’ The tiny young lady looked at Luna, eyes wide with nervousness and open excitement ‘yes ma’am, I’m Ellen…’s nice to meet you ma’am’ Luna laughed ‘oh sweetheart, just call me Luna. Here, let’s sit on one of these couches.’ She pulled the girl into a gentle hug as they sat. ‘so we both know it’s not real, but tell me a bit about yourself? About the memories and such that they gave you, what makes you…you honey?’

Ellen took a moment to consider the question, subconsciously snuggling up closer to Luna, bringing her back in contact with the Noble’s large breasts. She hadn’t been thinking about the movement, but Luna couldn’t help noticing that Ellen’s nipples had visibly stiffened, poking against her thin t-shirt. Luna smirked, then her attention was drawn back when Ellen started talking ‘Well, the memories they gave me don’t really matter, but I like reading and snuggling, and…..’ the two chatted for a while, Ellen was as cute as she looked, she loved puppies and candy, and all things fluffy. She was afraid of death, but more than that she was afraid of not being loved. She wanted more than anything to feel loved and protected, even when she was being killed, and she wanted the people around her to be happy. Like most Clones, she was a pleaser at heart. Luna could work with that. She was going to watch Ellen die and she would enjoy it immensely, but Luna enjoyed forming bonds with the girls, Ellen would believe that Luna cared because the Noble would ACTUALLY care about her.

As they talked, Luna caught Ellen looking at her breasts several times, envious and a little hungry, Ellen wanted to play with those tits and she wore her heart on her sleeve about it. Luna pushed her chest forward a bit, in her hugs she made sure Ellen came in contact with them, she teased the kid while they talked. After about half an hour, Ellen could hardly contain herself, she was breathing fast, she had gotten a bit sweaty, and she was fidgeting with the effort to not start touching herself or the brunette bombshell. She rubbed her arm and looked almost panicked. Luna burst out laughing ‘Alright kiddo, you did good, I’ll stop teasing you’ She pulled her top off, slowly, seductively. Not that Ellen needed seduction, sedation would have been more appropriate. As Luna’s shirt went up and was pulled over her head, her 34DD breasts popped free, bouncing into place. Ellen forgot how to breathe or blink for several moments, then looked Luna in the eyes, pulling her gaze up with difficulty. She raised one tentative hand and Luna chuckled, ‘Not yet sweetie, your turn’.

Ellen was more of a timid girl, but she was so worked up that she would have done ANYTHING Luna asked of her, and her shirt was off in half a heartbeat. Her perky A-cup breasts were high and firm and her nipples were almost painfully erect, but almost as soon as she removed her shirt, Ellen was hit with a wave of paranoia and inadequacy, her breasts were tiny like the rest of her, but next to Luna the difference became comical. Her cheeks turned bright red, and she looked down, praying that Luna wouldn’t be disappointed. Luna was silent for a moment….and then burst into fresh laughter, pulling the smaller girl close ‘Oh my goodness, you little tits, the look on your face…you are SO CUTE!’ She kissed the little girl full on the lips. Ellen eagerly returned the kiss, moaning as Luna bit her lip, then squeaking in surprise and delight when Luna reached to Ellen’s little breast and gave her nipple a solid pinch. Luna smiled as she took advantage of Ellen’s surprise, leaning the smaller girl back to be flat on her back, with Luna straddling her. Ellen squealed with joy and reached out to finally lay hands on those magnificent breasts, rubbing and squeezing the soft mounds, sitting up to kiss them, then she pulled Luna down for the main event.

Three hours later, the two young women were still on the couch. They were completely naked, drenched in sweat, utterly exhausted, and both basking in the glow of countless orgasms. They simply lay there, spooning, Luna behind with her hands on Ellen’s cute tummy and Ellen with her head between Luna’s tits, better natural pillows than anything all of the technology in the world could ever create. Her face was streaked from tears of joy and utter bliss, and she was pleasantly sleepy. Ellen knew that her fun and her life were nearly over, but she was at peace. She had enjoyed almost an entire day of Heaven with the woman that she had come to love and she was loved in return. It almost felt like a mercy that she was going to die, because she would be going out on the highest of notes, if she lived for centuries like the Nobles, there would never be a day as perfect as this.

It was good that Ellen was not worried about her short future, because the crowd of girls to be dispatched had thinned considerably, and the facility would close for the day before too long. “You ready?’ asked Luna. Ellen nodded with a sleepy half smile as she stood up, Luna gave her little bottom a pat before standing as well. They went to the back of the room where the ‘terminal toys’ were located. There were only two Nobles left. A pretty blonde Luna didn’t know, looking at the body of a 2016 Miley Cyrus Clone, suspended by a noose, her usually pale face a lovely shade of purple, and her tongue pushed out. Conforming to facility policies, she was wearing a pull-up, the front a light blue and swelled, showing that she had not gone to her death with an empty bladder. The Clones were given a drink before being brought to the slaughterhouse, some Nobles liked for them to piss at the point of no return. If the Noble didn’t want that or didn’t want the Clone to have to wear the pull-up, they would simply be instructed to use the bathroom before termination.

The other Noble present was Fred, the friendly guy who had greeted Luna that morning. As with everyone else, he had shed his clothing over the course of the day. He had been playing with a young Asian girl Clone. She was not a Clone of any celebrity Luna recognized, but that was not unusual. Any technician in any cloning facility could design a new one in just a handful of minutes of boredom, then send the new design to be grown in a tank. This particular girl was aged to maybe 12 years. She had bright eyes and short hair that was basically a pixie cut, and she was just cute as a button. She was locked in a Lopper, the device resembled a large paper cutter, the girl would be put on her back, so her breasts were accessible and her face could be seen, then her hands were cuffed at her sides, and a strap went across her torso, just below the little girl’s cute budding breasts.

Fred smiled ‘Hello ladies! Seems like you’ve been having a nice time, I was just about to see Lily here off. I know you’re probably pretty much set for today Luna, but if your little friend has any interest in playing with Lily for a moment, I wouldn’t object.’ Ellen looked to Luna, who nodded encouragingly, then she stepped to stand next to the little Asian, who was watching her with wide eyes. Ellen stroked Lily’s hair, then leaned down to kiss her gently. The younger girl eagerly accepted the distraction, whimpering into Ellen’s lips. Ellen stepped aside so she would be out of the path of the blade, then looked at Fred and indicated the sharp metal with her eyes. Fred grinned and placing his hand on Lily’s little chest and budding tits, took the handle, pulling it toward the child’s soft, pale throat. Ellen pulled her tongue in just before the blade made contact, but didn’t break the kiss, just using her lips. Lily jumped as she felt the cold touch, but kept kissing until Ellen stepped back to avoid getting bloody. The Lopper was pushed down manually, combined with the fact that face-up meant that the spine wasn’t hit first, beheading with this device could go more slowly and the victim would feel more of it. Lily kicked feebly, but didn’t give into darkness until the blade was nearly halfway through her neck. Fred pushed the blade through and added her head to his little pile as her body twitched and bled. Fred grinned ‘Well that was fun! Ellen, it’s been a pleasure meeting you, I hope you have a nice death, and Luna, until next time’ he walks away whistling, stopping only to grab and slip on pants before heading home.
Luna turns to little Ellen, who is still shaky tired from their afternoon of indulgence. Luna smiles ‘So, the blonde lady left, it’s just you and me and Miley’ she smirks and looks at the cold body in the air, rope still around her neck. ‘Ready for lights out?’ Ellen nods, stifling a yawn. She really is worn right out, an endless rest doesn’t sound bad at all. Luna passes Ellen a pull-up ‘alright then honey, how about you just slip that right on. I was thinking I might hang you. Smaller girls are so cute in a soft noose. It takes a couple minutes, but it really doesn’t hurt too bad. It’s uncomfortable, but the nooses here just slowly move and tighten to cut off blood to your brain, you’ll get dizzy and dance a bit looking for the ground, but it’s not a bad way to go. Do you have any strong objections?’ Ellen’s face lit up a little bit as she was adjusting the pull-up, she kind of liked how it felt, ‘No, that actually sounds beautiful!’

Luna smiled and took the little sweetheart over to the row of nooses hanging on winches. Ellen went over to one of the sinfully soft reinforced crushed velvet nooses and rubbed it against her cheek. Luna couldn’t hold it in, the munchkin was just too cute ‘Aww! You like that one honey?’ Ellen nodded, still stroking the luxurious material. Smiling, Luna got up behind the little girl and put the noose around her soft throat like a pretty black necklace. She stepped around to Ellen’s front again, adjusting and getting the noose just right. “Okay baby, how’s that? Are you all set?’ without a word, Ellen just wrapped her arms around Luna, hugging her and resting her head on those squishy bits of heaven. She looked up at Luna, her eyes brimming with tears and full of love ‘I’m ready, thank you for making today so wonderful Luna…..I love you.’ Luna returned the hug, rubbing Ellen’s little back, and she kissed her before stepping back to the control panel ‘I love you too Ellen, see you on the other side in a few hundred years’. Then she pressed the button.

Ellen heard the whirring of the winch, and a moment later the noose began to rise. She stood on her toes, but it was not going to stop until she could not find the ground. The velvet tightened on her pretty throat, and the next thing Ellen knew, she was airborne, she couldn’t see it, but Luna had adjusted her winch to put the two girls at a height where Ellen could look her in the eye, meaning that the smaller girl was several inches off the ground. Ellen instinctively kicked and stretched, her body looking for the ground that her brain knew she would never feel again. Her cute, soft feet arced, her toes pointed, but it was no use. The started kicking, not a wild dance, more of a slow walk, but her tiny breasts wiggled with each movement. The noose was growing tighter, the pressure on her throat forced her tongue out. Worse than the relatively minor pain in her neck and jaw, worse than the difficult but not impossible task of breathing, Ellen was getting dizzy, blood was not reaching her head nearly as well as she needed, and it was like the worst vertigo ever…or not unlike some trippy drug, Ellen decided that she actually didn’t mind the interesting feeling. She didn’t mind much….she didn’t FEEL much of anything, she realized. So this was what dying felt like, this wasn’t bad at all. Ellen felt her diaper get warm, then there was a growing light that filled her vision, a rushing sound…then silence.

Luna watched the beautiful dance; she watched Ellen’s face turn red, then purple. She watched the pull-up turn yellow and swell a little, and she watched as all traces of life left her. And when it was over, she saw that Ellen still had a smile on her face. She got up, brushed Ellen’s cheek, already cooling in the chilly room. She kissed those soft lips one more time, then got dressed and left for home. Ellen had been exactly what she needed to break out of her depression, and Luna was grateful, but Ellen was one Clone, there would be more and Luna looked forward to playing with them.


Looking forwards to reading more!


part two!


Luna got back to her home, following a gym detour to work off her arousal from the hanging, and she was exhausted, every muscle in her body was sore, most were knotted. With a deep sigh, she pulled off her top, went to the fridge for a beer, and sat on the couch, mentally kicking herself for not stretching before her workout, especially after an already long and physically intense day. She downed the beer in moments, then heard soft footsteps behind her. Luna smiled as petite hands found her shoulders, working them with a gentle and talented touch of someone who had worked sore muscles many time, and knew exactly what her patient and lover enjoyed.

Luna leaned back, and Emma kissed her upside down. The slender girl was a Clone of Emma Watson, physically aged 25. She wasn’t a Noble, but Emma had been able to graduate from university, and had met Luna shortly after. She had been looking for employment as the personal assistant of a Noble, as this was a highly sought-after job, with benefits like a reliable home, and that no Noble would be so rude as to kill the household employee of another, at least without permission. Luna had agreed to give Emma a shot, warning her that if she wasn’t satisfied, Emma would wish she had never knocked on the door. As it happened, Emma was an exceptionally talented assistant, and Luna wasn’t very demanding at all as far as Nobles went. Luna just wanted Emma to have dinner ready when she got home every night, and to plan small dinner parties Luna hosted from time to time for other Nobles. This arrangement left Emma with a lot of time, so she had also taken up a position teaching math at a local school.

They had gradually fallen in love, Emma in a more submissive and devoted sense, and Luna in a protective ‘you won’t last forever, but for now, you are mine and you are dear to me’ sort of way. Luna would have Emma killed at some point, but the Noble had grown fond of her and was in no hurry. Emma had lived with Luna for nearly five years, and in that time she had made only one request that she had felt REALLY strongly about. As a Clone, Emma had no right to demand anything, and Luna had absolute power, but her death mattered to her. When her time came, Emma had asked that Luna do it herself, with her own hands. But for now, none of these things mattered. Emma was here, the lights were off, and Luna just wanted the quiet, unconditional love that the younger girl provided.

Emma came around to the front of the couch, and Luna tugged her hand, pulling the smiling girl onto the couch and into her arms. They kissed, and Luna squeezed Emma’s smallish, incredibly perky breasts a little bit, but she was too tired to be horny. Her muscles were unwinding nicely, Emma had that effect, it was hard to be tense when she was there. Luna pulled off Emma’s shirt so their bare torsos could touch, then she wrapped the two of them in in a blanket and just held her lover in her arms until sleep claimed her.

Emma was gone when Luna woke the next morning, she had left a bowl of freshly cut fruit on the table, Luna’s favorite breakfast, she felt that it was better to leave meat for the later meals, it didn’t sit well in her stomach first thing in the morning. Luna smiled as she read the note next to the bowl

I’m off to work, you looked to peaceful there on the couch, I didn’t want to wake you up to say goodbye.
Don’t forget, you have that lunch with the Robertson’s at 3. Their daughter Susan failed her Full Citizenship exam and lost her Noble status, so they are hanging and grilling her, so don’t be late! I’ll see you when that is over.
Love you!

Luna sighed, she had forgotten. Nobles were usually safe from culling, but at 16, each was required to take a test, pass and you were a Noble in full, fail and you were an Omega, a former Noble with basically the status of a Clone. Most families opted to kill Omegas soon after the test, as punishment and to remove the stain from the family reputation. Luna wanted nothing more than to watch a mindless action movie, but she did like Ira and Glen Robertson. She went to get cleaned up, idly wondering if they would give Susan a quick death or cut her one bite sized slice at a time.

Across town, Emma was teaching her class. They were 4th year students, all female, all Clones. The growth tank meant that they could be aged to any point before they were ‘born’, so while the students were all in their fourth year of education, they varied in physical age from 11 to 24 years old, some Clones of celebrities, some designed, and some randomly generated. Emma had just finished teaching them about Ellen, Gimli, and Nixon, the woman who had perfected cloning, and the first two presidents of the reformed society, more than 600 years previously. As she wrapped up the lesson, Emma took a stack of papers from her desk, and the room grew quiet. Every Friday, the students took a test on the lessons of the week, Emma graded them over the weekend, and on Monday, the students with the three lowest scores on the Friday quiz were culled.

Around the room, there were a spit, a guillotine, which the school felt presented a better image than Loppers, and a spit. Emma would announce the three condemned students from highest failing score to lowest, and the students would choose the method of their deaths in that order. The spit was slow, and exceptionally painful, the girl who was subjected to it would often need to be almost fully impaled, dying from internal bleeding before her heart gave out. Unsurprisingly, Emma in three years at the school had only seen a girl who did not have the absolute lowest score choose the spit twice, once because it was the student’s greatest fetish, and once by the #2, who knew her best friend was #3 and wanted to spare her from that.

Emma looked at her gradebook, girls who frequently had failing grades were very tense. Only the three lowest would be terminated today, having a failing grade wasn’t an automatic death sentence, they had until the end of the quarter to be passing overall, but it wasn’t a good sign. Emma consulted her grade book, then informed the class ‘The student with the 3rd lowest score, the lowest who will be killed today is…..Brianna H, with a score of 52%, stand on up Brianna. You know the drill, come up to the front of the room, strip down, fold you uniform neatly and put them in the box to be assigned to another girl next year, if you didn’t use the bathroom before class, put on one of the pull-ups on my desk, then go stand by the device you choose to die at.’

Emma smiled throughout her instructions, she wasn’t upset with her student, someone had to be the lowest. Death came meaninglessly for most Clones, this was just practical, hardly even considered a punishment by society. Only the spit was a punishment, it was deliberately more painful than the other methods to motivate students to not be THE lowest, it discouraged laziness. Society taught them that they had plenty of resources, the world would always improve as long as people tried, even if there were setbacks. Failure was another chance to learn, or have your death teach others, it was only an unwillingness to try that was considered unacceptable. If a student left a question blank on a test, they would not be one of the three, they would be thrown into a cell and left to starve. They made no effort for society, and society made no effort for them…….it very rarely happened, Emma had never had a student leave a question blank.

Price of Failure

Upon hearing her name, Brianna started to tremble. A Clone of Brianna Hildebrand from the 21st century Deadpool movie, Brianna was 5’2, 110 pounds, with 34B tits and dark brown hair that she kept just barely longer than a buzz cut. She had tried to act tough and cool throughout school, but right at that moment, she was just another scared little girl. She stood on shaky legs, biting her lip, her mind racing

‘oh shit, oh shit, oh shit….pull yourself together Brianna! Ok, deep breath. You knew that graduation wasn’t going to happen, you barely passed last year. Besides, it could be so much worse, Miss Emma is nice. She’s letting you pick how you die, and she usually gives the girls at least a kiss before termination. Never seen her torment anyone…..ok, just gotta keep it together for a couple minutes and nobody will ever have seen you cry.’

Brianna made her way to the front of the room, fighting to control her trembling…and feeling a bit tingly. She realized as she unbuttoned her school shirt that once she had accepted her fate, the idea on her class seeing her die naked had really started to turn her on. She removed the white shirt, standing there in a red sport bra. The school uniform was the top layer of clothing, underneath was up to the girls. Being a runner without much interest in getting attention, and with precious little cleavage for drawing attention no matter WHAT she wore, Brianna had opted for the soft and breathable sports bra, it felt good for her. She folded the shirt and placed it in the box Miss Emma had provided. She pulled the bra over her head and placed it in the box as well, only then realizing that she was now topless in front of her class, with VERY hard nipples. A moment ago, the idea of being nude here had aroused her, now she was terrified. If a classmate laughed at her, Brianna didn’t know what it would do to her composure.
Seeing the distress of her student, Emma cleared her throat

‘Brianna is clearly highly aroused and conflicted right now. I have seen more girls die than I could possibly count, and I assure you Brianna, and the rest of you when your time comes, whatever you find yourself feeling in this position is COMPLETELY natural, no matter what you felt about death before or how it matches who you think you are, and if anyone feels the urge to shame Brianna, go right ahead….it’s really very easy to set up the spitting machine for multiple consecutive impalings. Please continue Brianna, we have some time right now, but there ARE at least 2 other girls who will be terminated after yourself’

Brianna nodded, still scared to die, but less concerned about her other worries ‘thank you Miss’ she said softly as she shed and folded the rest of her clothes. Her pussy was wet with arousal, and she blushed crimson, but none of her classmates commented. None of them knew who had the lowest grade, and even if the other girls who were going to die had a decent idea who they were, none of even those were willing to needlessly go to the chair. Brianna considered slipping on the pull-up, it offered some shred of covering, if not dignity, but she really didn’t care for how it had looked on other girls, so she opted not to, she HAD used the restroom. She went to stand by the guillotine.

Emma came on over, grabbing the plank from its spot leaning on the wall. She set it in position and motioned for Brianna to lie on it, face up. Brianna looked at the plank and started to cry, she couldn’t help it, but she didn’t resist. She turned around, quiet tears running down her cheeks, and she allowed Emma to position her on the plank and get her strapped in. The heavy leather straps and steel buckles over her ankles and just below her breasts carried an awful weight and finality to them. Emma produced a pair of handcuffs, locking them on the little girl before sliding her into place, closing the lunette. Brianna’s chest was heaving at this point, she was quiet except for her heavy breathing, but she was definitely quietly sobbing.

Emma knelt down, rubbing Brianna’s toned belly, speaking softly ‘shh, honey just relax. You don’t need to worry, maybe you should have worried while you studied for the quiz, but it’s simple now. One quick click, the blade comes down, and your life is just over. It hurts for less than a minute.’

Brianna cried out in horror ‘a MINUTE????? I thought it would just be immediate, what do you mean a….swishh!!’

As the child was having her panic attack, Emma triggered the device. The heavy blade was unlocked and slid quickly down the track. Brianna’s tender neck provided no obstacle at all. There was a heavy thunk as the blade came to rest, then a softer thump as Brianna’s head landed in the basket. Her now roughly 4’6 corpse jerked hard. The plank slid back and tilted down automatically, allowing the blood to flow out the stump of her neck and down the grate under the guillotine. Her body continued to shiver and twitch for several seconds, fingers and toes wiggling, the movement intensified my pills schoolgirls were given to improve the show during terminations.

In the basket, Brianna’s head was still alert. The pain in her neck was intense, but it paled to her panic. Brianna blinked, tried to scream, but she couldn’t work her mouth, and she no longer had her lungs or vocal cords. Without lungs….one thought flooded her mind ‘OH GOD, I CAN’T BREATHE! OH GOD, MOMMY!’ Brianna was so consumed with the horror of realizing that she might asphyxiate, that she hardly noticed the darkness at the edge of her vision. Her thoughts became unfocused, which was itself deeply unsettling and scary, and if Brianna had noticed, her death nearly a minute after her head came off, and the oblivion it brought would have come as salvation.
Emma looked through her gradebook.

‘Okay, who is up next?’


Something new, never posted before! :)

Last Day at Last Chance

“And……Erin, you kiss Lacey!” The children giggled, the crush between those two was well known. There was blushing from both girls, and then eager smooching. There were three girls in the room.
Tiny Asian Erin, brown skin, flat chest, skinny, with a shy exterior hiding a true masochist beneath. She was adorable, even to her peers. Her walking into a classroom often prompted a squeal similar to that earned by a puppy, or a hug to the bosom of a more developed classmate. She was a submissive pleaser, she was perfectly content with all of this, she liked making people smile, but her true happy place was when she was being hurt. Choking, spanking, cutting. It was forbidden to leave a permanent injury beyond a faint scar on a classmate not slated for death, but she embraced her cuts and bruises, always hoping for more.
Lacey, curly blonde hair, retaining a good bit of baby fat and sporting C cup tits despite the three girls only being 13 years old. She acted all flirty with other girls, but was a total tease. She was very reluctant regarding anything more than kissing or cuddling. She was a virgin, likely the ONLY teen virgin at their school. She had been naked around her peers many times. A model for science class and art, both culinary and sketching. Many gym activities were in the nude, and boys frequently popped her shirt open in the hall. She was no stranger to nudity, but she could not be compelled to engage in sex acts, and she had so far refused. She had caused more cases of blue balls than any other student, and most of her peers would NOT miss her. She and Erin had an unspoken but in no way secret love for each other. Lacey had terrible nightmares, Erin was happy to play her teddy bear. And Lacey was a pro with paddle and riding crop, which absolutely delighted the smaller girl.
And Andrea, the tallest of the three, red hair, freckles, and super cute and perky A cup boobies. She was the class nympho, always looking to fuck, suck, lick, hump, whatever. She was well liked in their grade, she would take any lover for a night. No matter how shy or awkward, funny looking or unpopular, male or female, they just had to ask. She had been dubbed the ‘welcoming committee’ for new students. She was insatiable. Any act, and kink or fetish, and position or place, any hole. There was no desire her partner or partners might have that was too odd or dark or unspeakable for Andrea to be perfectly comfortable with it, she had no limits. And she would get off on all of it. Andrea prided herself in never having had an encounter without all parties having achieved orgasm. She always craved another. She bragged about one party the year before where there had been 6 people, she had personally brought each of the other 5 to climax at least twice apiece, and cum 14 times herself before the marathon fuck ended. One of her partners had been hospitalized after dropping from exhaustion and dehydration.
The three girls were students at Last Chance Correctional School. If a girl under 28 committed a crime, any crime right down to jaywalking or littering, they were given a choice. Time at Last Chance, 5 years if they were under 18, and until they turned 28 if they were 18 or older….or immediate execution. The catch was that they roomed with 2 other girls at Last Chance, and if one girl broke the rules, all three were put to death. It was meant to teach responsibility and help them emerge as productive members of society, accustomed to being part of a team. The reality was just a high mortality rate.
Lacey was the only one of the three girls to retain any fear of death, she was also the one who had broken the TV. It had been an accident, but she had spent the past year refusing sexual favors to various staff members, so it had been written up as deliberate destruction of school property. No appeal, no way out, three terminations set for the following morning. The perpetrator in cases like this had no say over the method of death or what was done with her before. The other two technically didn’t either, but it was well known that the staff didn’t usually care very much and would humor special requests a lot of the time, especially for well-behaved students like Erin and Andrea.
Lacey had been beside herself with remorse, apologizing over and over again to her friends, begging for forgiveness. Neither of them had any meaningful fear of death in a society where seeing a friend hanging from a traffic light was just a fact of life and the odds of surviving through high school were only as good as 50/50 if you were really gifted. Neither of them had ever seriously intended to survive through their sentence, they had only come here because more time meant more sex than a quick walk to a death facility, they truly didn’t mind. They had gone back to their room, used ‘Brownie Points’ for good behavior to get more blankets and pillows and snacks from the school store, and set up a fun little slumber party to relax and play until the executioner came for them.
A little after midnight, Lacey decided to unwind, push her boundaries. There wouldn’t be another chance, and it’s not like she would have to live anything down. She pulled her shirt off and exposed her beautiful tits. She pounced at Lin, who was just giddy. They kissed and groped and rubbed and panted. Andrea wasn’t quite sure what to do at first, wasn’t sure if they wanted her to play, which was fine, she was happy to masturbate, but the two lovebirds weren’t having any of it. Lin grabbed her and pulled her into what quickly became a rough, noisy, sweaty pile of happy, horny munchkin flesh. A few hours later as the sun was coming up, they all snuggled in the corner. Drenched in sweat, trembling with exhaustion, and basking in an afterglow they figured would see them through their deaths.
At 8AM, the executioner opened the door and smiled fondly at the sight in front of her. Lin was sleeping with her head on Lacey’s chest, and Lacey in turn was little spoon to Andrea, all sleeping soundly. The room smelled like an orgy. Good, Sarah the executioner thought to herself, she was very compassionate, if not merciful, she liked it when her little ‘playmates’ found comfort in each other before coming with her. They were her only assignments today, and she had an exciting day planned for them. She went from one to the next, stroking cheeks, gently shaking shoulders, offering soft words to rouse them from their dreams.
The three doomed girls rubbed their eyes, yawning and taking stock of the woman tasked with ending their lives. She was young, mid to late twenties,and she was BEAUTIFUL. nearly 6 feet tall, golden hair nearly waist length, a very athletic physique, a picture perfect ass, and toned muscles head to toe. Her abs were firm and defined without being too hard to be an inviting place for a young girl warming her bed to rest her head and feel comforted. And her tits, mouthwatering, stretching her crop top. Firm and heavy and just a pair no girl could help feeling jealous of. The children didn’t know it, but Sarah had had a pheromone chip implanted under her collarbone. She had taken seduction and romances classes and excelled at them, and her looks alone could win over almost anyone in a society that had abandoned uch simple concepts as sexuality and just loved freely, but she wanted everyone to love her. She wanted every one of her little victims to want her, and the pheromone chip really gave them very little choice in the matter.
“Hello ladies, I’m Sarah, I’ll be killing you today!” she said brightly, with a little laugh. Sarah loved her job. The kids were so cute, she got to express her creative artistic side, she appreciated the beauty of a girl transitioning from life to death, she was a productive member of society, and the job had certain other perks. She was exempted from involuntary termination, meaning that she could keep this job and live a long life if she pleased. The bored her deeply, Sarah planned to train a successor and have that girl subject her to the breaking wheel on her 30th birthday. The wheel wasn’t something Sarah used much as it was incredibly cruel, but something about it she couldn’t express aroused her beyond words, and she often dreamt about how badly she wanted to die upon it. The other perk was that she could have one condemned slave at any given time. Any girl who was subject to her mercies, Sarah could give them a stay of execution and take them as a slave. They were still condemned to death and would be executed when Sarah was done with them, but she could take them, use them as a sex toy, or treat them like a proper girlfriend if she wished. Any activity, of any intensity, for any length of time. She could take any girl for this, no questions asked. The only condition was that she could only have one at a time. If she took a second, one was required to be dead within 24 hours. So there were definitely perks. Sarah loved her job and made no effort to hide it.
The girls were now all properly awake, and openly admiring her. She smiled again, tousled their hair “Okay honies, let’s go play”. She led them down the hall, let each use the bathroom, then took them to her playroom. She had every imaginable instrument of torture and death, from simple nooses and knives to a Jessica 3000, electric chair, guillotine and a bronze bull. The girls looked around with wide eyes “Okay, regulation is that since Lacey is our little troublemaker, she has to die last, watch you two go. I read all of your files and personalized your deaths. Erin, your death with take a while, so Andrea is gonna go first”. The girls were okay with that, Erin was visibly excited.
Sarah strapped Andrea into a large wooden chair, like an electric chair with no wires, which Andrea commented on, Sarah smiled “That’s actually exactly what it is. It was the electric chair of the girl who trained me. She wanted to go out riding the lightning, and she also wanted to be the LAST person zapped by Little Shocker. So I hooked up some special upgrades, strapped her in, and gave her a super real shocking. We actually blew out the electricity to the whole building. She was long dead at that point, you couldn’t even recognize her, but I wanted it to be memorable. So I upped the volts until the wiring caught fire, that’s the cool dark lines all over. After that was over, I just pulled everything off. It can’t shock you, but it’s still great for restraining people. There, too tight?” Andrea should her head, the only bit of her not strapped right in. She felt so helpless, so powerless…this was awesome!!!
Sarah patted her head again and produced two pills and a glass of water. “I think you’re gonna like this sweetie. Red one weakens your heart to a dangerous degree, that one is going to hurt a bit, but not terribly, kind of like getting the wind knocked out of you. The green one…..that’s more fun. It raises sexual sensitivity and libido through the roof. Ten minutes after you take that, I can have you squirting with a little nipple tweak. It also makes multiple orgasms not just easy, inevitable, and they kind of feed into the next. It doesn’t have any really practical use because once they get going, the orgasms usually don’t stop until you’re sedated……but with that other pill, they build until your heart gives out. You literally orgasm to death. How does that sound?” Andrea squealed and wiggled, panting and really bearing a strong resemblance to a puppy. She had rubbed her thighs together and triggered a small climax just during the explanation. Sarah smirked “Thought so”. She gave the eager girl the two pills, as well as inserting a vibrator so powerful it frightened a lot of girls. It would read her pulse and brain waves, kicking in as soon as the pills were properly in her system. Sarah finished her work and settled back, waiting for them to kick in and the show to start.
Andrea squirmed, any residual fear of pain or death swept away by anticipation for what would be by definition the most intense sexual experience of her life. She was wet and every nerve was lit up. The large sex toy stretched her cute sex nicely. A few minutes after she took the pills, Andrea felt tightness in her chest, like a small child was sitting on her. A couple minutes after that, it felt like a grown man…but the other pill was ALSO kicking in, and every breath, every squirm sent erotic tingles through her body. She felt something building, and then the vibrator activated. It was like getting punched in the pussy, and with the pills, it triggered an orgasm like nothing she had ever known. She arched her back as much as the restraints would allow. Her vision was stars and red, she tried to scream, but nothing came out. Before she could begin to process, ANOTHER wave hit her. The toy was still buzzing like mad, every heartbeat felt like she was getting kicked in the chest, but she wouldn’t have traded it for anything. There was a vague feeling that her thrashing may have dislocated a shoulder, but it was distant, there was only the orgasm. She felt liquid, she must have squirted, she couldn’t remember. Couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe, although one joyous scream did escape, all she could do was ride.
Her audience watched in amazement, all three masturbating furiously. Sarah had just gotten the pills a few weeks before, and it still stunned her to watch this. It was not artistic or subtle in any way. There was none of the quiet beauty she loved, both in the girls she fell for and in the prettiest deaths. It was raw, animalistic, unrestrained. Here was a girl taken over by the most basic urge, but most natural pursuit of all things. They had aid different things in the past, but the modern hierarchy of needs puts sexual gratification above all things. Above love or confidence or survival itself. And when Andrea finally expired, it was as savage as the rest of the experience. Her heart popped, ruptured, with a wet crunch that could be heard from several feet away. She tensed, arched her back one last time. Blood came up, out her mouth and nose, running down her cheeks and neck, then she slumped, every inch of her skin flushed as red as her hair, soaked in sweat. Her party was over.
The three viewers to this spectacle sat in absolute silence for a moment, until Erin gasped for air, reminding the other two that they had forgotten to breathe. They were just silent, catching their breath, collecting their thoughts, then unrehearsed, a collective and shaky “wow”. Sarah recovered first, she stood up and walked over behind adorable, tiny little Erin sitting on a bench and kissed the top of her head “Well that was amazing. Are you ready baby?” The kid nodded, her brown, almond shaped eyes not leaving the corpse in the chair. Sarah scooped her up, Erin may have been 13, but she looked 10 and weighed nothing. Sarah sat her in another chair “I love Asian lolis with super short hair, I’m just gonna give you a pixie cut real quick.” It was a statement, not a request, Erin didn’t get a say, but she didn’t care, she’d have said yes to pretty much anything that HAD been requested of her in that moment, and she just smiled and nodded agreeably.
Sarah smiled and hummed as she got the scissors and started snipping. Erin shivered as the cold scissors touched her neck, Sarah rubbed her skinny little arm. Her shoulder-length hair fell away until she only had about half an inch left. Erin felt her head, the nex texture was odd, and strangely exhilerating. Sarah rubbed her head and laughed “Okay, maybe a bit more than a pixie, SO cute!!!” They went back to the middle of the room, Sarah rolled out a strange rack, Erin studied it. From the position of the straps, it was like nothing she had seen in Bondage 101. It seemed like the occupant would not be upside down, but….on their stomach?
Sarah patted it “This is my go-to toy for girls who like pain. It for something they don’t teach in class, the blood eagle. I’m not going to tell you about it, they say things hurt more if you aren’t ready. What I will say is this, I PROMISE even you, a little pain slut who has never me her limit, you’ll have all the pain you could ever want” she pointed at a previously unnoticed camera in the corner “And that catches everything, then puts the videos on the school site for purchase, so you three will help fund the school, and be famous!” Erin was feeling VERY warm and tingly by this point. Sarah got her strapped down, the redwood feeling sticky against the flat chest of the loli. Not redwood she realized, bloody wood. She was so overwhelmed by the stimulus of this day already, that thought was just exciting.
Sarah rolled out a cart with a number of tools on top. Knives and a small hatchet, an electric cauterizing iron….Erin was a total masochist, but looking at these evil goodies over the top of the rack, she wondered if perhaps this was going to prove to be too much. She had taken beatings and cuts and a broken arm and loved it all, but her heart was racing, this stuff looked….intense. Sarah called over to Lacey ‘Hey Lacey, come here cutie, we’re going to play a game. You know how to play tic-tac-toe?” Lacey replied affirmatively. “Well we’re going to play….but with these. Just let me get the board set up real quick.” Erin REALLY wished she wasn’t stuck staring at the floor, her imagination was running wild, trying to figure out why the game would be relevant right now. “One more thing” said Sarah “open up”. Erin obediently opened her mouth, and Sarah inserted a large green ball gag. Erin bit down, and Sarah fastened the strap behind her head. The tiny Asian actually relaxed a bit, she loved being gagged, it was familiar and comfortable.
“Okay,now we’re all set, here comes the board”. Erin felt a sudden cold and intense pain by her shoulder, moving down her back, Sarah was carving a tic-tac-toe grid into her back with a knife! Erin grinned intensely around her gag, even as she tensed and groaned in pain. This was intense, but it was just cutting, she liked cutting, this was hot! She didn’t try not to scream, screaming was a way to let the torturer know she was doing a good job. They had always been taught that everyone screamed under the right torture, the mark of a true masochist was if they would beg for it to end or not, if when given the choice between having her throat sliced or being whipped again, would she choose the lash or the blade? Erin was instinctively trying to pull free of her bonds, every instinct was to flee, but her deepest core loved it, she would NEVER plead for death to release her from this.
Once the board was set up, a three by three grid, Sarah grabbed a hose and used a powerful blast of icy cold saltwater to clean the excess blood. Erin howled in pain, strained at her bonds….and came right then and there. Sarah handed Lacey the knife “Alright honey, you go first. Pick X’s or O’s and carve out your first square!” Erin braced herself, she knew Lacey didn’t have much practice with knives, so this would probably be slower and more painful than when Sarah did the cutting. A moment later she was proven right, it felt more like tearing than cutting, Erin was pretty sure it was O in the center square. 10 minutes later, the game was over, ending in a draw, and Erin was struggling to catch her breath. Her back was a mass of red, broken pretty much only by the spots where bone was visible. The little girl had cum twice more, and she was finally satisfied, her desire for pain satiated….but it was FAR from over.
Sarah rubbed her head again “That was fun! …..Time for the part that’s gonna really hurt”. Erin tensed, ooh boy. Sarah took the knife again and there was more pain. “There, you can’t see it, but I exposed your rib back here, so I can do this…..”. Erin didn’t see Sarah heft the beefy gardening shears, but the pain as the blades powered through her rib was truly blinding. The loli tried to scream, but she couldn’t, she couldn’t even breathe. She lost track of what was going on, but she was able to see when Sarah held the rib in front of her face. Sarah smiled broadly and said “that was so cool to see it come out like that! Six of those on each side, woohoo!” Erin finally felt true terror. She was a masochist, but not like this! She screamed into her ball gag, trying to beg, shaking her head.
To her shock and confusion, Sarah actually stopped. The older girl touched her hand, then gently removed the ball gag “Do you want me to stop honey? I thought you liked pain?” she looked genuinely confused. Erin nodded, completely exhausted “Please, I’ll do anything…no more”. Sarah hugged Erins head between her tits “I am so sorry baby. For most death cases, my job isn’t to make you beg, it’s to give you a death that’s not too easy, but I try to make it play to what you like. Your file said you had never found your limit….I’m really sorry”. Erin shook hr head as Sarah stepped back “No…not your fault. I always loved pain, that tic-tac-toe was the greatest thing ever…..I just didn’t know pain like the next part could exist. I LOVED the game”. Sarah smiled and patted her head one last time “Alright, I feel better about that, let’s get you checked out of here”. She showed Erin the knife, dripping with blood, and Erin smiled and exposed her neck. A line of cold fire traced across her throat, but it was the level of pain that was an old friend. Erin closed her eyes and moved on.
Sarah sighed as Erin went limp, and walked over to Lacey, hugging her from behind. “That….was pretty emotionally draining” she squeezed the blondes plump tits, teasing her nips in slow circles. “Lacey, I’m gonna level with you, I don’t have another creative snuff in me right now. I actually had to kill my pet girl last night, we were drinking with my friend Jessie Adams, the Algebra teacher, you know her, right? Well my pet got drunk, called Jessie a vindictive idiot for failing her in that class last semester. So I hanged her. Now my bed was gonna be empty tonight, but a cutie with a bit of padding and such nice boobies, I’d kind of like to take you back with me. It’s your choice, I could just drown you now, but if you’d rather have maybe a week, I could really use some company?” Lacey had tears still running down her face from the emotions of this day, but she turned and hugged Sarah back, feeling a profound calm “I’d like that”.


Coming from your first thread, are you still looking for someone to play a noble? Because I'd be happy to do that. Send me an email if you feel like it ;D


I'd love that! What's a good email to reach you? :)


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Nurse Alex walked through the medical ward. A clone of Ariel Winter, without the breast reduction, she was one of the very few Clones to have survived secondary education and the other hurdles to end up with a real job. Clones were technically allowed to become second class citizens if they met certain requirements, but very few did. Alex had survived 12 years of standard school, the aptitude test to qualify for higher education, and 2 more years of intensive medical school. Even of the Clones who GOT into medical school, maybe 5% survived. To still be alive after a full year as a nurse as Alex currently had was a minor miracle. Aside from the academic requirements being FAR more intensive than what a Noble was subjected to, nurses of any status were subjected to beauty and fitness requirements.

Alex worked out several hours a day, kept a carefully engineered diet, and was gifted with the kind of figure that would make an nun in the World That Was break her vows. And she STILL accepted the fact that any given day on the job could very easily be her last. Complaints about performance were counted as strikes, three strikes meant retirement. Any malpractice meant retirement. Any property damage she could pay out of her modest salary meant retirement. Any slip below the standards of fitness, or failure to obey any order from ANY free Noble meant retirement. That didn’t sound terrible, but ‘retirement’ for a Clone in this hospital meant a live gutting at a staff picnic.

The facility Alex worked in was for ‘Beta Noble Dependants’. The medical technology existed for no Noble to actually have to die. This obviously wasn’t sustainable even with the near godlike advances in technology and resource production, so a solution had been found. The children of Nobles were already considered reasonably expendable. The government offered various levels of insurance for Noble students of the various schools. For parents who would live hundreds or thousands of years and could have as many children as they pleased, it often wasn’t worth it to them to buy good insurance, especially since many Nobles didn’t bother with in-utero medical care and disabilities and chronic issues were not unheard of. Good insurance and such in-utero care were available and very affordable for all Nobles, but usually only preferred by those who had lived a few centuries already and wanted to actually be parents and have a family, instead of just having a child, which most regarded as little more than a novelty.

The low end insurance only covered a certain expenditure of money or other resources, after which point the insured COULD be released from the plan to move on and make a choice from there, but the more standard plans specified that they were to be euthanized at that point. Alex worked at a lower-end hospital, and that was one of her duties. She would tend to the youngsters who were still covered, in whatever way she could, and she would terminate the ones who were no longer covered. Alex loved her job. Her contact lenses showed the wristbands of each patient in either red or green. Green meant they were covered, red meant that Alex or any other staff member was free to terminate the wearer as they saw fit. Loss of insurance didn’t mean that they had to be terminated immediately, it just meant that in the absence of a ‘release clause’ in their policy, they were to be given no further treatment, they were property of the facility, and they could not leave the hospital alive. The patients were not aware when their armbands changed.

Today Alex was targeting one she had waited to go red for a while. The girl was 11 years old, skinny as anything, although not anorexic, she just had a host of issues that kept her from having much appetite or putting on any weight. She had migraines and seizures and nightmares and aches and pains and fevers. Alex loved her job, but sometimes she hated these policies. The girl had gone red because her treatment had exceeded the budget. But she had been a lost cause from the first day, the tech existed to fix her, but without hefty premiums, it was only available to free and full Citizens. She had been destined to die here since before she arrived, but the insurance company insisted on running out the clock to avoid parents suing for wrongful termination. If Alex had her way, the girl would have been euthanized weeks ago, saving her what Alex calculated had been hundreds of hours of JUST crying because she hurt too much to sleep. Now her armband was red, and Alex could help her find peace.

Alex put together a cart of things for this particular visit and pushed it down the hall. She stopped at the door and knocked before walking in. Little Jill appeared to be having a rare painless moment, lying on her bed, reading a picture book on her Low-VR headset. She hadn’t been able to play much with her peers over the years, which left her somewhat emotionally stunted. She was a friendly enough girl, but her hobbies and interests were largely those of someone a few years younger, not at the very cusp of puberty. She heard Alex come in, and shut off the headset.

The adorable munchkin, who was not a Clone, but still bore a very strong resemblance to Miley Cyrus at that age, propped herself more upright against her pillows and her face split in a wide smile “Alex!” she squealed happily. The two had formed a special bond, with Jill viewing Alex as very close to a big sister, and Alex having a similar affection for the girl she referred to as her ‘sidekick’. Alex wasn’t able to get in every day, sometimes a week or more would go by waiting for the stars to align for Alex to have a free moment and Jill to not be in serious pain. Alex had been at her side for a lot of the worst days, but her being there for a light pain day was a rare and special thing that never failed to delight her little buddy.

Alex closed the door, all smiles “Hey! How’s my big girl doing?” Jill blushed, Alex could never figure it out, but she seemed to like that opening “Better now” she replied happily. Her shirt was soaked in sweat, clinging to her scrawny frame. Alex felt a moment of sadness, but pushed it aside. Jill loved her, she loved Jill, and the pain stopped today. The time for sadness was over “Wasn’t all an easy day, huh?” The munchkin shook her head “They think it was a little heart attack, and I got some aftershocks. Those are the little ones after, right? It’s what the doctor said, but it’s fine now”. If Alex hadn’t resolved to make the pain stop, her heart would have broken again.

“ You’re right, it’s okay now. Everything is going to be okay now. Hey, what do you say we get that sweaty thing off of you?” Jill giggled “only if you do it too!” This was a part of their special little bond. The day they met, the doctor had been looking to hear Jills heartbeat. Medically there was no reason, but to amuse the doctors, hospital policy was that any procedure or checkup involving the torso be conducted with the patient being topless. Jill was not a very confident girl, she had been hesitant. Alex had been bringing medicine and noticed, so she whipped off her own shirt and teased the loli that nobody was going to be paying enough attention to judge her body now. It had eventually become routine, Jill thought almost nothing of her nakedness around the doctors, but they still kept up the game. If Alex was around and Jill had to take her shirt off, Alex did the same. Alex didn’t care, she was a Clone, she didn’t mind as long as her tits stayed attached to her body. And Jill saw Alex as more of a sister than a romantic interest, but she was still open about liking the view. She did have a pulse after all….for the time being.

Alex laughed and tousled her hair “You know it!”. The little girl grinned mischievously, she knew Alex would be happy to display her boobs at any time for any reason or none, but Jill never asked without her own shirt needing to be off. Keeping it a little special and a little bit of a game many it feel like a tiny coup every time. Jill pulled off her shirt, exposing her flat chest. Alex touched her chest gently, circling her little ant bite nipple on the left with one finger, coaxing a smile and shiver out of her patient, then felt the heartbeat slightly to the other side. It was erratic, and Jill visibly winced, she was still sore from the multiple heart attacks. Her insurance had run out as they stabilized her, but before she had been given proper painkillers. Alex had expected this, and took an ice pack from her cart “Lay down cutie, put this on your chest, It will help….no I haven’t forgotten, little punk” Alex laughed and booped Jill on the nose, then unbuttoned her own shirt. Jill’s heart sped up painfully, but she didn’t care. Those 32F tits made her forget her problems, every single time.

Alex had brought candy, Jill had a real weakness for chocolate, but the hospital staff hadn’t been allowed to give her anything sugary since she came here, over concerns about what it would do to her fragile system. They were lying in bed, spooning when Alex reached to her cart and produced the wonderful treats. Jill squealed in delight, then paused “So I guess this means oday is the day I get snuffed?” Alex nodded, never having it cross her mind to deny it. “Yeah, I’m sorry kiddo”. Jill shrugged and popped a fun-sized Andromeda bar in her mouth, chewing with relish “So boobies, candy, and now you tell me no more pain? Why would you be sorry? This is the best day I’ve had in months!!” Her smile was completely genuine. Jill had never told Alex because she didn’t want to upset her buddy any more, but she had spent many sleepless nights contemplating suicide. She was in the arms of her beautiful best friend, she was eating candy, and she was going to be free. She wasn’t putting on a brave face, she was actually happy.

Jill snuggled back, so she had her head in between Alex’s tits, and she flashed the older girl an upside down smile “So how will you do it? ……you WILL do it, right?” Alex rubbed her belly reassuringly. That was another discussion they’d had. Jill was a very affectionate, very emotional little girl. She wasn’t afraid of death, but just like with undressing for unknown doctors, she WAS very afraid of the cold and impersonal side of the hospital. She dreaded being killed by an anonymous doctor who just saw it as a job, so she had begged Alex to make every effort to at least be present for her death, if not the one to do it. Alex gave her an extra tight squeeze “Of course I’m going to do it, silly goose. I have a whole cart full of neat toys, but I will do this a bunch of times before they retire or just kill me. You only get to do it once, how would YOU like to do it? I can pick if you like, but we only ever talked about you being ready for it, not what sounded the least bad to you.”

Jill thought about it, Alex handed her another piece of candy. She spoke hesitantly “I….you know, I used to like some pain, it made me feel kind of tingly” her voice caught, tears in her eyes “but now….I’m so sore, and so tired just all the time. Even on a good day when nothing bad happens, I feel it from other days, and I’m afraid of the next one. I’m worn out….I just want it to be over Alex!” she burst into tears, and Alex tightened her hug, feeling very protective. Jill had been so happy to see her, but day in and day out suffering had taken a toll. “It’s okay, you’re okay. You don’t have to be afraid anymore. I’ve got an IV bag with some really good painkillers. You don’t mind an IV, right? No big deal. So I’ll prick you just once, then pump you full of stuff that makes you feel good, then sends you to the long sleep. Does that sound good?” Jill nodded “Will you hold me while I go?” At this point if Alex hugged the little girl any closer, Jill wouldn’t be injected because she would suffocate between pillowy tits “You know I will”.

Alex got things going quickly from there. She hooked up the IV bag of muscle relaxers and sedatives from the local zoo, meant for use in small doses on large animals, she was going to give a large dose to a small animal. She got Jill a full shipping box of chocolate bars to keep her busy, and the little one lit into them with gusto. Alex smiled fondly, if the loli lived much longer, the stomach ache alone would make her wish she hadn’t. Then she sat Jill in her lap to insert the tube. Jill squeezed her wrist a bit, but didn’t make a sound. Alex taped it down and set a short timer. “All done, you’re my good brave girl” and kissed Jill on the top of her head. “There we go, just finish up your candy bar and lay right on me, we’ll just take a nap, just go to sleep.” Jill finished her candy and did just that. Alex lay flat on the bed, and Jill lay on her, Alex’s hands resting on Jill’s belly, and Jill’s head on Alex’s left breast.

There was a quiet click as the drugs started to trickle in. Jill squeezed Alex’s hand, getting a gentle stroke back “It’s okay, I’m here. Just close your eyes”. Jill obeyed, trembling a little. She had embraced the idea of death this morning, but with the lethal drugs in her veins and no way out, it was all starting to seem very real. Alex started humming, then softly singing ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’, the older girl knew it was her favorite. Jill took another deep breath and just enjoyed the gentle melody. Her whole body felt heavy, and she was tired. The drugs were definitely kicking in. Somewhere in the midst of lemon drops and little bluebirds, Jill fell asleep, still sucking on a chocolate bar.

Alex didn’t know when it happened, but before the end of her song, she became aware that the little girl in her arms had stopped breathing. She finished singing just in case some part of Jill somewhere could still hear and take comfort…..then unhooked the IV, clutched the tiny corpse kissed her forehead, and had a good cry. Tomorrow would be work as usual. Alex knew Jill was better off now, and she still loved this job……but there were days she wished she’d never had to go through. Such was life at Beta Noble Medical.


I like your writing style. Very emotional characters and interaction. Makes it feel real.

I've been mostly posting in the 100 word ultra short stories thread. There's barely the space to include these, just super condensed kinky ideas.

This is the opposite. And I like it :-) Keep it going please :-)


thank you BlackRaven, I'm so happy you are liking them! I actually do want to do some shorter stuff, maybe a paragraph, I might try 100 words just to see if I can, but I am REALLY bad at it so far


I’m trying to write something shorter, but I’m just not good at it. I want every detail to make some kind of sense. I’m gonna do some short stuff at some point, but for now, just enjoy my vindictive little Airbender story :)

Earthbenders still need air

“Toph Beifong, you have been charged with twenty-three counts of gambling fraud, three counts of highway robbery, eleven counts of destruction of property, four counts of assault, and one count of conspiracy to overthrow the government, and been found guilty on all counts. In accordance with the laws of the Colonies, you have been sentenced to hang by the neck until you are dead. The appointed witnesses will now hear your final words, and your sentence will be carried out as written. You may now give your final statement.”

Toph squeezed her eyes shut, trying to control her breathing, trying not to cry. When the Gaang had come through the colonies, she hadn’t thought much of her crimes, they were at war. When the war ended, she hadn’t thought much of it either, assuming the colonies would become part of the Fire Nation legally, or go back to the Earth Kingdom, or be ruled jointly, any one of which would have been fine because the leaders of the nations had issued blanket pardons for those who had fought the Fire Lord, and those Fire Nation loyalists who threw down their weapons and submitted to the new leadership and laws. Choosing to start the new age with forgiveness and reconciliation and a fresh start had made more sense than years of trials to determine which crimes were unacceptable in wartime. Unfortunately for Toph, the Colonies had declared independence, and they did NOT take kindly to those who had caused so much destruction during the war. She had traveled back there, she had been recognized from her crime spree, and now the luck of the Blind Bandit had run out.

It had been a year and half since the war ended, Toph was a teenager now, actually just a couple months from her fourteenth birthday. She had grown an inch or so, but she would probably have grown up pretty tiny. But other parts of her had started to develop. Her hips and butt were still childish, but a bit fuller than they had been. Her chest was no longer as flat as her toned abs, still very small, but coming in, pale, with dark nipples topping them. Her pussy had plumped up just a little, and Toph had recently discovered the pleasures of masturbation. She was overall still a completely adorable little girl, the same at first glance and in her travel outfit as she had been during the war, but on closer examination, she had finally begun to blossom. And now it would be cut short, made even worse because as a supposed ‘security precaution’ she had been stripped nude, and stood on full display to the witnesses.

Last words? Oh she hd some last words for them all right “If you kill me, my friends will hear about it, and they will come here and kill you. You got lucky catching me, but you WON’T get lucky with them.” The magistrate chuckled, they were in a wooden room, and her wrists were tied with rope so Toph couldn’t see him, but she imagined from his voice that he looked very much like the spymaster from Ba Sing Se, the one who had killed Jet. “Oh little hellion, you insult us. We did not get ‘lucky’ catching you. We are a changed society since your last visit. We have now developed the tools and techniques to capture and subdue ANY criminal, no matter their nation or abilities, who wanders into our domain. Even the Avatar could not overcome our new techniques. And if any of your accomplice friends come to avenge you….well, they are guilty of nearly as many crimes against us as you are, we’ll hang them right here in this same room. Drop her.” Those last words were no longer full of amusement, they were curt, and not directed at Toph. This only processed in her mind a moment before the trapdoor opened underneath her feet.

The little blind girl was shocked, horrified, TERRIFIED. She had held out a hope, even a small one, that they would not do it. That they would rather let her go than incur the risk of her famous friends. She had been wrong. During the war, Toph had never really had TIME to be afraid to die. When they were on the move, it had been a distant thought, a possibility, but one she rarely seriously considered. When she was fighting and in actual danger, adrenaline and arrogance had kept it from her mind. She had felt it on the last day of the war, when she thought she and Sokka were about to fall from the airship. Surviving that day had INCREASED her feeling of invulnerability. But now, with no way out, no realistic means of escape, with her goose well and truly cooked, she was feeling the fear any other tween with a rope around their throat, she just wanted her mommy.

The trapdoor opened, and Toph was momentarily weightless. But she only fell about a foot, they wanted her to strangle, not break her neck. She felt weightless, but only for a moment. The helpless child hit the end of that foot of rope, and as it slammed tight around her neck, she became ACUTELY aware of every single ounce of her weight, few as they were. Toph was a strong girl, even without her bending, she could choke out an opponent with her thighs and have very little chance of them being able to remove her. She could lift and carry any of the Gaang off of a battlefield, even Zuko with difficulty. But her neck…..her neck was the same as any other teeny tiny 13 year old girl would have. Soft and pale and delicate, and not remotely suited to holding her entire weight or be squeezed by a coarse rope.

The noose dug in, immediately leaving bruises that promised to be deep and angry, and the impact of the knot hitting the side of her head nearly knocked Toph out cold, although she was not so lucky. The squeezing was wildly painful enough, but that was something Toph could handle….on her arm or leg. She felt the cartilage crushing under that merciless embrace, and the tugging, the skin under the rope being pinched and stretched. It was a sickening sensation, Toph felt like she would have vomited…again, if her specific situation hadn’t prevented that. She strained her arms, but the ropes they tied her with were strong, and she couldn’t get much leverage. Her lungs had started to ache at this point. In her other assorted agonies, oxygen had been forgotten for a few moments, but she was being painfully reminded now. Desperate for air, Toph started dancing.

She started slowly, nothing impressive. Wiggling, rocking to and fro, then a few powerful swings, to no avail. Then she drew up her legs and kicked off, bunny hopping, with the results being a mixed bag. Her legs were powerful, and she was light, so she actually did get some lift. She was able to nearly fill her lungs, and that was nice. But then she fell that inch or so again, and when she hit the end, the knot sucker-punched her again, and her throat was under even more pressure than before. She started kicking her legs, almost like she was trying to walk. She didn’t get any air from it, but for whatever reason it seemed to relieve some of the blinding pressure, so she did that. But eventually the air became her biggest concern, so she jumped again.

On and on, the cycle repeated. Jump to get air, then waste the air kicking to reduce the pain, rinse and repeat. Toph was not quite 80 pounds, and she was in INCREDIBLE shape. Outside of her budding little titties and a bit in her firm rump, there really wasn’t an ounce of fat on her. She worked out daily, she fought pretty regularly, and her time traveling with her friends had been both physically taxing, and frequently light on food. She had also trained her body to maximize every breath during a fight and increased her endurance through running several miles daily. Basically what this all meant was that she couldn’t have been custom designed any better to deliver a long and energetic noose dance. Her brand new baby breasts wiggled a bit with each hop and kick, and her stretching legs offered many uninterrupted looks at her tight and tiny pink slit. The room was warm (they were right at the edge of the Fire Nation after all) and she was fighting harder than she ever had in her life. She had already been crying for most of the ordeal, but now her taut body was soaked in sweat. It rolled down her, dripping off her feet, her nose, her nipples.

On top of ALL of that, Toph had never felt more alone. Even on her worst days, even when she was ABSOLUTELY sure she was going to die before, she’d always at least had the ground. Toph had never actually seen anything in her life. When she was told Aang had a blue arrow on his head, she knew what an arrow was, but ‘blue’ was a complete mystery. And she had rarely been upset by this, because the ground gave her all the sight she needed. She was more aware of her surroundings than any of her friends. And by this point, her feet had not touched the ground in half and hour. That more than anything else left her feeling completely alone, it broke her heart and shattered her confidence.

Every minute it became harder and harder to carry on. Her limbs felt like lead, her strength was gone, and her lungs weren’t even on fire, she was past that, they were just full of some unique and miserable pain. She finally gave up, she couldn’t do it anymore. She stopped fighting and simply hung there, twitching sometimes, but her fight was over. She felt her bladder release down her legs, she was too exhausted to care. She had two final thoughts, that she had never gotten around to asking Zuko on a date or confessed that her love for him was not at all platonic (and consequently had never had sex). And a fervent prayer that her friends would stay away. No avenging her, no visit to this place, nothing that would lead to them being in this spot. With that last prayer, Toph felt herself slip into merciful oblivion, and the story of the Blind Bandit came to an end.

Despite her prayer, the Gaang DID come. When they heard that Toph had been taken, they rushed to her rescue. Zuko could not leave his duties as Fire Lord, and he could not interfere with another nation, not without starting a war, which he wouldn’t do, not under any circumstances, no matter how much his heart screamed for him to lead army down there and burn the colonies to the ground until Toph was safe, he couldn’t do that to his people. But Aang, Sokka, Katara and Suki all left as soon as they heard about the arrest. They mounted Appa…only to arrive the day after the hanging. Upon seeing the naked corpse of their friend displayed above the gate, the group had gone into vengeful attack mode. All except Aang and Appa, they had hesitated just for a moment….and the crossbows on the walls had fired a dozen huge bolts, killing them both. The rest were taken alive, and promptly hanged just the same as Toph had been. Aang had been posthumously hanged and all of their naked bodies set over the gate, as a message.

It was not all in vain, the other nations had blockaded the Colonies, Zuko had insisted that it would NOT be lifted, not under any circumstances. Nobody would trade with them, and the Colonies were not suited for food production. Every man, woman and child starved to death without a shot being fired, and THEN Zuko had his forces burn it all to the ground.



I love this


TYSM Executioner! <3

I tried a new style with this one

Lucky Girl

Christy was a lucky girl.

Normally a girl who go her two front teeth knocked out in gym class would not be fit to be cooked in the way girls were supposed to aspire to. Normally, that girl would be taken to the butcher, had her head removed, and been cut up for parts after death. Not Christy.

The butcher was feeling generous. Christy was strapped into a heavy oak chair. Pliers were located, and the teeth below those knocked out were pulled. Christy screamed and wept. She was injected with Jessica Serum, which kept her alive until her head or heart was removed, or she suffocated.

A girl who had her front teeth knocked out would have died quick and painless, and been forgotten and served anonymously right next to the parts of those who graded B- or less, not Christy.

She was strapped into a special gutting rack. A small knife sawed open her toned belly, and her intestines were removed. She was kept awake and alert, and she sobbed through this as well. Everything that was not fit to eat was removed, and the space filled with vegetables. Then weeping Christy was sewn back up.

A girl without her two front teeth would have been placed on the guillotine, and after a single ‘whoosh, thunk’ her head would be tossed in a bin with the rest. Her family would have gotten a small sum, and that would be the last time anyone really thought about her. Not Christy.

She was held down by four strong men. The spit was pushed into her cute pink slit. Christy howled as the cold steel lover ruptured her cervix, her womb, her liver, and her vocal chords on the way through her body. She vomited blood, and hallucinated vividly before the bloody tip came out her mouth. The spit was thicker than normal, because the missing teeth gave it a bit more room.

An A-Grade girl with her two front teeth would have been treated much the same as Christy to this point, minus the tooth pulling. But her head would have been carefully removed at this time, pulled off the spit (ending her life) to be arranged into a smile showing all her teeth, and been displayed next to her roasted body. Not Christy.

Christy was placed in the dark as they locked a fireproof helmet around her head, tucking her hair inside. She felt the heat of the flames as her spit was carried over. She was placed over the coals, and Christy squirmed and writhed as the heat washed over her body. It was like setting her hand on a stovetop, but she couldn’t flinch away. Her vocal cords were shot, so she couldn’t scream. All she could do was weep, her tears steaming against the helmet and turning it into a tiny sauna.

An A-Grade girl would have been long past any pain or fear by this point. She would have been taken off the fire, and the headless body would have been presented to the diners to much polite applause. She would have been carved and served. Everyone would have eaten their fill and retired to the yard for entertainment. Any meat left on the bones would be removed for sandwiches or gravy or a hundred other things. The guests would all agree that the meal had been delicious. But they were used to such things, and even that girl would have been forgotten in a few short days or weeks. Her head might be kept as a memento….. One among many. Not Christy.

Christy was taken off the fire. She was delirious, feeling the worst heat stroke imaginable. She was medium rare, but didn’t know it. The extra thick spit had air holes for her to breathe, so she lived, but her muscles were mostly dead, with only small twitches, and the ruins of her vocal cords barely able to produce a whimper. She felt relief at being taken off the fire, but fresh pain when she was brought to the table and they started carving her alive.

A regular girl would generally not be harvested until high school or even later. Her body would pick up years of bruises and bumps, small scars or burns. Broken bones that had not set quite right. There would be years of illnesses and sleepless nights. Of fears and anxiety and stress. Of hard work, of hopes and dreams that would only be dashed when her grades or physical came in too low for citizenship and she was taken to the butcher. Not Christy.

Christy was 13, in 7th grade. She loved playing soccer more than anything in the world, so she was in excellent physical shape, toned all over. But she had the baby face, and the soft and pale budding boobies. She had taken her fair share of scrapes and bumps, but never suffered the broken ribs from the boys football team practicing tackling the girls. She had not reached the age where bad grades meant death, so she hadn’t found herself crying from the stress. She had never had to deal with her own wild children, or had to answer to an employer. She had not had the heartbreak of her first crush leaving her. And in the two hours between that first slice on the table, and her being allowed to die, as her ribcage was cracked open, and her pussy carved out, Christy helped pioneer a new serving style and became famous forever.

Christy was a lucky girl indeed.



You are awesome


These, are truly fantastic! I hope you will continue with the Nobels and Clones stories I love the setting, and you have rare taste in girls for a guy! I approve! Is, "Last Chance," set in the same universe? Also these stories would be perfect for , some of them could even work at you post there?)


Thank you Executioner! <3

Thanks Janny! I DEFINITLY intend to do more with Nobles and Clones, those are just a bit more plot-dense, it takes less time to do a bunch of the one-offs, but I do have more half-finished work set in that one. I didn't imagine Last Chance as the same universe (not saying it isn't, it doesn't break any of the rules, and it works just fine there, just that it was a happy accident. But the hospital one is :)

As far as my taste in girls 'for a guy'…….check out my screen name ;)

I don't like Dolcettish because they are sticklers about age and I like to write what I feel at the moment, but I'll check out the other one!


You are way better than 88% of every post on but there are a few jems, and you would stand out!

Second: OOPS! Now your taste makes more seance. Not enough of us actually get to writing in this genera. Thank Gods your hear! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MORE! :-*


TYSM! <3

Here's another one, my goal I might have mentioned is to post something every weekend. it might be short, but SOMETHING :)

Vanessa Addams pleaded “Please Daddy? I’m a good girl, I suck you good, I’m a good fuck, I eat my broccoli, I get good grades and keep my room clean, please give me one more chance?” Her father smiled, patted her head. The chubby 4th grader was bound tightly to a chair with no bottom “Oh sweetie, normally I would, I don’t really CARE if you break a bowl. But you and your sisters have all been good girls, this isn’t a punishment, you just made it easy to choose who would ring in the new year for us. I still love you. Ready folks?” he called that last bit to their friends, gathered in the backyard for the festivities. It was one minute to midnight, one minute to the new year “ Let’s hear it for Vanessa, giving her all to entertain us!” The group erupted into good-natured laughter

“And here…we…go!!” her father leaned down and with 36 seconds to go, lit the 30 second fuse. Vanessa screamed and strained and wept, begging her beloved daddy not to do this, but it was WAY too late. The neighborhood parties were hosted at a different home each time, and each host was expected to do something to make it memorable. They had spent the afternoon packing the loli with fireworks, some big, some small, all types. Modern explosives had moved past gunpowder, it didn’t produce enough of a bang. The new stuff was more power in a smaller area. The fuse snaked up, burning her plump thighs, then diverging in two, one each protruding from her ass and pussy. “10..9…8…7..” her friends and neighbors gleefully counted down as Vanessa wailed “3…2…1…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!” and the burning ends of the fuses retreated into her body.

The sparklers ignited first, they had been placed at the enterances to her little body to keep the reaction going. They seared the delicate pink flesh they found, and that hurt like hell, but that was nothing to the Roman candles. The popping inside her colon was clearly audible to the group watching in entranced silence. Then the firecrackers, the explosions visibly pushing her belly and sides out when they went off. Then the big rocets, one after another. Vanessa screamed one more time, and a fireball came up her throat and burst agaisnt the roof of her mouth, giving her a moment of ‘dragon breath’. Another and another, the largest rockets eventually ignited, she had really been PACKED with fireworks, they couldn’t have gotten it all out without cutting her open even if her father had relented.

The neighbors had all been instructed to wear ponchos. When the largest rockets burst with nowhere to go, they blew chunks out of her. Bits of seared loli meat splattered the guests, and the popping continued. Her eyes vanished, the sockets suddenly full of fire, her belly burst, her innards fried down to charcoal. Her leg was actually blown off by one too close to her hip. Only when another rocket went up along her spinal column and blasted her skull apart did the explosions stop and the remains of the child go still. None could say for sure when poor little Vanessa had died, which explosion had finished her, and it was a subject of discusion and debate at many gatherings to come. One thing they DID agree on was that it had been a remarkable and memorable party, well worth the cost of one life….and that they wanted to see if the Jacobsons could top it. Easter was not the next party, but it was one of the big ones, and Aaron Jacobson was looking forward to the challenge. His daughter Suzie was not.


nothing fancy, been a busy week, but I wanted to upload SOMETHING.

Be a PSA

Ashley had put on a great show as could be expected from a varsity cheerleader, but she was about done. The blonde twitched at the end of the rope, but the high and energetic kicks, the powerful thrusts and hops, they were largely over. Her face was purple, her tongue bulged out, a bit of drool fell from her lips and rolled between her big firm tits, down onto her tight stomach. A bit of urine snaked down from under her skirt, down her strong, tanned legs.

The gym teacher stepped up, wrapped her arms around the girl, and jumped into the trapdoor. Here was a snap, Ashley’s neck bent at a funny angle. The gym teacher hopped down, and the health teacher touched the microphone “So as you can see, smoking DOES in fact kill. Ah there’s the bell, you all have a nice weekend, and I had better not see any cigarettes next week”.


LOL Love it.


Thanks! :)


Please ma'm can I have some…


This is set in a kingdom with near modern technology, but still clinging to old school aesthetic. Tbh, a friend called another friend King Tittyfucker during a game (don’t ask) and I just rolled with it ;) hope you enjoy!

The Invention

The king was victorious. The war had been long and terrible, but the rebels had been defeated and peace had been restored to the land. But a return to the way things had been was not enough after so much suffering, the king had broken the terms on which the rebels had thrown down their weapons. Every single rebel was arrested and locked in dungeons across the realm to await royal retribution. The king would brook no dissent, women might have the right to wear a top one day, might even be considered proper humans with OTHER rights, but it would NOT be during the reign of King Tittyfucker, and if he had to execute every one of the 10,000 females who had revolted and protested to make that point, so be it. He had made a royal proclamation, the crown needed a new device to kill these traitors. It had to be public, it had to be painful and humiliating, and the one who brought it to him had to supply their own test subject, but the inventor who brought him the device he ended up choosing would be a wealthy man, and the torturers and executioners of the kingdom could see the rest, so there were more chances for sudden wealth.

The inventors came from far and wide, even from other kingdoms. King Tittyfucker watched them demonstrate a huge array of brilliant/terrifying devices on pigs, watermelons, dummies, anything they could get their hands on. The royal dungeon master took a liking to a few, the king had his right hand get contact information for a few who stood out a bit above the rest, but there were none who really grabbed his attention, none that were ‘this is the one!!’ That is, not until Harold and Melinda.

It was the end of a long day, the king had seen probably 20 inventions (none of them especially exciting) and had to deal with endless matters of state. Ending the rebellion had been expensive, keeping the rebels locked up cost more money, and his finane minister was worried, they needed to kill the prisoners, release them, or just stop feeding them, but they needed to do it quickly, and they needed to raise taxes or there would be more trouble. King Tittyfucker was hesitant, raising taxes right after taking a good percentage of the women in the kingdom and indirectly denying many of his subjects sex……that could cause another uprising right there. He would give it more thought after the last inventor of the day.

The man was announced and entered with a large covered wagon and a young girl. He approached the throne and bowed before the king “ M’lord, I am Harold, and this is my daughter Melinda, she is 14. I had three other daughters, but after the testing of my invention, she is my last, and she will be my demonstration subject today, if it please your highness”. The king nodded, eyeing the girl. She had a pretty face, sprinkled with freckles, with big green eyes, bright red hair, and an adorable button nose. She was reasonably tall for her age, and a skinny girl, but not painfully so, with a trimmed patch of ginger fuzz above her sex, and super perky breasts, upturned and firm, and dashed with the same freckles all across them, obviously still developing. She was nude as the law required, and she knew enough to look directly at the king as was proper, but she was biting her lip, obviously scared of whatever was coming for her.

The king openly leered at her, Melinda squirmed a bit, but did not cover herself in any way. Her father needed this contract, he would remarry and have more children when this was over, and he needed to be able to support them if the kingdom was going to be repopulated. Her father used the moments of distraction to pull the tarp off of his creation and get it on the ground, unfolding the steel frame. It had a solid base and what appeared to be a bicycle seat with a metal bit in the center, between two upright sections extending ten feet straight up, and ending in a bulky metal ring. “ If it please your grace” said Harold with a small bow, he took his daughter by the hand and led the now trembling girl to the contraption. He sat her on the bicycle seat and secured her with a number of straps and bars until it resembled nothing so much as the seat on a roller coaster. Melinda was crying, hot tears running down her cheeks. She opened her mouth, maybe to plead for her life, and her father shoved a rag in, gagging her.

“ As your grace can see, my daughter is unable to free herself. Now with a press of a button, the matal you noticed on the seat will slide back, revealing a spit. It will slide up into her vaginal passage, about a foot before it locks in. Then small claws will extend and sink into her flesh from the inside. To take her off would tear her apart, at least until the machine reaches the last part of the cycle and retracts the blades. I only explain this because from out here, we will only see her reaction to the pain, and blood from her crotch”. The king nodded “Interesting, proceed”. Harold pressed the button, there were a series of clicks, then ripping noises. Melinda was screaming, thrashing like an animal as blood began to drip down. Then the seat began to rise slowly.

The king watched with interest, Harold held up a finger and lowered a small funnel on the side that Tittyfucker hadn’t noticed before. It was connected to a pipe that went to a small tank on the bottom. Harold took a small copper coin and dropped it in. The set stopped rising for a moment, and Melinda screamed, then it continued “ It gave her a decent electric shock my lord. There is a scanner inside, the more valuable the coin, the greater the shock and the longer the pause. The machines are not cheap because of what I have in them, but with the number of rebels, they should turn a profit before long”. Tittyfucker was watching with great interest at this point, he took a few coins from his own pock (gold and silver, Harold noticed) and tossed them in, one at a time. Melinda WAILED through her gag and pissed herself from the silver ones, the gold ones resulted in her being shocked senseless, with the seat stopping for a full minute, rising again just as she uncrossed her eyes. Tittyfucker was THRILLED, he had his servants fetch more coins.

Finally after Melinda had been up there for nearly an hour, she was approaching the top of the contraption. Tittyfucker had thrown more than Harold make in a year into the contraption, Melinda was dehydrated and weak from blood loss, seeing double, and Harold was grinning openly, he had a really good feeling about this. Finally Tittyfucker wanted to see how it ended. He stopped throwing coins, and Melinda eventually reached the top, her head passing through the circle up top, and the seat coming to a stop when her neck was placed in the ring. There was a click, a beep, and blades concealed in the bulky ring slipped shut, slicing neatly through her neck. The seat lowered back down, the headless body convulsing and geysering blood. Tittyfucker didn’t even think, he just found himself on his feet, applauding “Bravo, magnificent!!”

Harold was delighted “Thank you my liege! I’m sure Melinda would be very happy to know that her death pleased you. Also, I know my lord is fond of psychological torment, so my lord will notice that the blades have not opened up top, and her head is still up there. They can be opened with the press of this button, or they open automatically when the cycle starts again, he head would fall and hit whoever is sitting there next. If a victim were to have a mother or daughter or sister who could go next, the reaction might be….amusing”. Tittyfucker was just giddy at this point, Harold had very clearly won the competition, they got the royal bankers and lawyers out to take care of the details, every meaningful town would have at least one of these, and heads were going to roll. Tittyfucker arranged for a number of rebels to be moved to palace cells for his own personal use. Harold was allowed to keep the money in the box, he was made mayor of his town, the debts of the crown disappeared in weeks, and the crowds demanded harsher laws to ensure more deaths on this wonderful machine. Everybody won….if you didn’t count the females who would die by the thousands on these machines, and somehow nobody ever counted them.


I wonder how Jade of Jackie Chan Adventures noose dance would be


It's been a bit, and this is short. Life got in the way and I have had writers block, but I think I am back on track to be posting regularly. enjoy! :)

Expecting……something else

Katie sat with her family at the table, enjoying her sister Daphne. Her twin was on her back, apple in her mouth. Daphne was golden brown, with her eyes glazed over, and steam still rising from her carcass. Her father carved portions, and every single bite was a gift from the culinary gods. Her skin had a bit of a crackle to it, but the meat underneath dissolved on the tongue. Every bite was juicy, full of salt and spice and the delicious flavors that you could only get eating a girl who had enjoyed countless orgasms in the day and hours leading up to her slow death.

Daphne had recently been accepted to college, and Katie had been slated to be the Thanksgiving feast. Daphne had been 18, two years older than Katie, and Katie had been on the menu for Daphne’s high school graduation dinner since the day she was born. Katie had fantasized about this day. Had dreamed about it being HER flesh melting in the mouths of all the guests to the graduation party. Had dreamed of HER holes being filled with extra large carrots. Had dreamed of the heat in the oven as she wiggled and screamed around her shiny red apple. It was the dream of every girl, it should have been hers, it wasn’t FAIR! She should get to be on the table, with Daphne having to go off to college and get a job and live a long life, never getting to die young and pretty. Daddy should have been cramming HER pussy full of fistfuls of stuffing, filling her up until she felt like she would burst, and her belly bulging…..

Katie sighed, she had managed that much at least. She looked down, gave her 5 months pregnant belly a rub. Her boyfriend Dylan looked guiltily at Katie, then her father. He had been STRICTLY instructed to always finish in her mouth or ass. He had been too stupid to pull out and let her swallow, and Katie suddenly found herself ineligible to get roasted until after she gave birth. Her father had been all for roasting DYLAN alive, but everyone knew boy meat was tough. There were still all the guests to feed, so Daphne had volunteered herself, had gotten the thing Katie wanted most.

Oh well, Katie helped herself to more of her sister. Her due date was just a couple days before Easter, and her mother assured her that nothing was more delicious than the upper ribs that had just been cooked under swollen and milk filled breasts. Boobs themselves weren’t any good as food, but the milk and fat slow cooking in would make the rib meat fall off the bones. Katie smiled, feeling a little better, the slow cooker was plenty hot and painful, the plan had changed, but she would still get to be a meatgirl. And in a decade and change, now so would her daughter!


I did a couple things I don't usually do. just branching out, seeing what I end up liking :)

Meatgirl Destiny

Rebecca fidgeted nervously as her lawyer looked over the paperwork the DA had just left them with. She had been at a high school party when the police showed up. She didn’t know how many of her friends had gotten away, but she was more conditioned to fuck the entire baseball team than to run from cops and she hadn’t made it out of the backyard. Her BAC was more than triple the legal limit for a minor, so she was arrested on the spot. This was not good, the mayor had recently announced that the town was going to punish underage drinking more harshly. Too many drunk drivers had damaged young meat, which was a terrible waste.

Rebecca was stressed, she had recently been accepted to Whore University. While not as prestigious a school or a career as Spitmuffin University, it was still Cann-Ivy League. If she lost her spot there over this, she would never be a high class Companion or Escort, she might have to be…..gasp!……a worker! Humanity still needed all the other jobs to get done, and people had to do them, but not Rebecca. She was BETTER than that! She was 5’7, raven hair, perky C-cups, and a slender build, aside from her meaty thighs that rubbed together deliciously in her Daisy Dukes. With her toned body and those thighs that could very clearly leave a lover gasping and spent, it was clear that she had dedicated her life to meeting the Certified Whore standards. She was meant to be the best of the best, famous and desired until the day came for her to be cooked and served to her final clients, that was her DESTINY!!

Her lawyer sighed and pushed the files away, Rebecca looked at him hopefully ‘Well it’s not good’. Rebecca tensed ‘Am I losing my acceptance to WU?’. Her lawyer blinked, hesitated, then burst out laughing until he had to wipe away tears. ‘Oh young lady, we are WAY past that. They only managed to catch two other students from the party. Those two had powerful relatives, so their names will be kept out of the papers….but they are already dead’. Rebecca paled, her eyes got huge. This was bad, this was really, really bad. To ride the spit now, before getting her certification, that would be so humiliating! Her lawyer was talking again, Rebecca tuned back in “Sorry, I missed that last bit” her lawyer repeated “ I was saying I’m afraid it actually gets worse. When they said they laws were getting tougher, they were NOT joking”.

Rebecca waited, too afraid to ask. Her lawyer took a deep breath, his client would have a hard time with this. “Since you are the only one they caught who is able to stand trial, all the crimes from the party are being laid on you. Drinking, property damage, resisting arrest, drug use, use of a condom without Population Management permits, possession of stolen property. I know it wasn’t all you, but those are the new rules, those caught at parties with underage drinking are liable for all crimes committed there. As things stand, they are looking at grinding you for dog food”.

Rebecca froze. She had no awareness of squeezing the arms of her chair, but the wood was creaking it her hands. She forgot how to breathe, she was aware of every beat of her heart, it was like a drum, every surge of the blood in her veins threw off her equilibrium. She was dizzy, the world was spinning, her mouth was bone dry. She heard a noise, felt warmth at her crotch, she had peed herself. She rose numbly, walked to the attached bathroom, knelt and gripped the toilet. Her system began to violently empty itself, and she came back into herself. She sat there, retching and sobbing, the overwhelming, chest crushing, helpless sobs of a girl who’d had everything the day before and whose happy world had just turned into Hell. Dog food was the worst possible fate. Usually only the bit humans didn’t eat were used for that, NEVER a whole person, NEVER. Rebecca had heard of serial killers and terrorists who got better ends than that. She was a Grade A, even the D or F grade girls, those who were too unattractive by too many criteria to even be raped at a frat party were turned into burgers or hot dogs, at least they were eaten by PEOPLE!

Rebecca didn’t know how long she laid there. Her stomach was empty, she was out of tears, her throat was raw from sobbing, and her shaking had left every muscle limp and throbbing. She heard a noise, painfully rolled over, and saw her lawyer coming back in. She hadn’t even noticed him leaving. He seemed vaguely surprised, “Huh, I didn’t know if you would still be alive. If you had gotten up while I was gone, you’d have seen that I left a knife on the table. No matter, come over here, I just from spoke to the judge and the DA, and you might be interested in the results”. Rebecca slowly, painfully crawled over. She hauled herself up to the chair, her lawyer said “The prosecutor offered you a choice, you can take your chances with a trial. If they go to the expense of a trial and they find you guilty, you are going to the slowest grinder they can find and you are dog food, or they find you not guilty and you go free. That’s option A. Option B is a plea bargain, you confess to all of the crimes, then you are butchered and sold for parts, just exactly the same as a C grade. No picture on the label, no audience, nobody will ever know they are eating you, only the people closest to you are likely to remember you, but you’ll be eaten by people”.

Rebecca thought about it “What are my odds in a trial?” her lawyer shook his head “Don’t do it, just don’t. It won’t be a ‘trial’ so much as them making an example”. Rebecca took a deep breath “Well I guess I don’t have much choice, I’ll take the plea”. Her lawyer nodded “I figured you would. You need to sign this full confession, then get undressed. Once we file the papers, they won’t take too long before they come for you” Rebecca nodded and complied, signing at the bottom of the paper and removing her clothes. Her lawyer handed off the confession, then came back and stood behind her. He reached down and slipped two fingers in her tight snatch, Rebecca jumped ‘What are you doing??” She grunted as he bent her over hard, pushing her face down on the table. He leaned down, his breath loud and warm in her ear “Taking my fee”.

Twenty minutes later, Rebecca was embarrassed, her anus ached from paying her lawyer, and she was strapped to a large slab of wood. A doctor came in and gave her an injection. Her body had quickly gone largely numb, and her head was in the clouds. She had tried to protest, a Grade A meat girl like herself was supposed to die in pain! But she had been ignored. She was not a Grade A, she was a felon, sentenced to the exact same death as any other parts girl, and she should be damn thankful. Parts girls got heavy painkillers before butchering, so Vanessa did as well.

Vanessa was TRIPPING BALLS, these drugs were really good. If felt like her spirit was floating, only held down by this heavy body. The room was spinning and she saw three times as many people as were actually present, but it wasn’t a bad feeling, just surreal. Her tongue felt huge, she couldn’t form words, it was like novacaine all through her body.

The butcher stepped up to her with a knife, large and gleaming. Vanessa was too bombed to tense up. She felt pressure on her belly, it seemed to catch for a moment, then dragged down, from ribs to her bikini line. The butcher pulled a bin over and there were some unpleasant sounds. Vanessa suddenly felt hollow, and WONDERFUL. The only thing keeping her from feeling like she was flying was the weight of her body, and that was nearly GONE! Vanessa felt like she was full of clouds, light and happy. Why had she wanted to be a Grade A, to die in pain, when this was what parts girls got? She truly couldn’t understand it, this was so much nicer. When the butcher got other knives and came for her limbs, she got even lighter!

Vanessa didn’t notice when she died, she just flew higher into her trippy vision of soaring and never came back down. She was forgotten in a few months by all but her family and some close friends. Her meat was higher quality than any of the other packages around it, but the guy who bought it in the store couldn’t taste the difference, girl sausage was girl sausage once his grinder was done, neither he nor his dog really cared.


I have like a dozen half finished stories, not sure what to work on next. anyone have any thoughts? you can kind of get a sense for what i like, but I am open to maybe trying some other stuff. I always love feedback <3


Maybe something interspecies like such as fantasy humanoid creatures like orcs,elves or animal people butchering humans for meal or vice versa.


Or sifi like aliens doing it.


oh great! I might have to do elf/orc at some point, but I do have a vampire one and a Star Wars one I have half started, I'll finish one of those next! <3


Kanna Queen of Darkness

Kobayashi was hurrying home from school, cursing her night class as she did every Wednesday and Friday. Her apartment was only a few blocks from campus and the overall crime rate for the city was pretty low, but her path home took her through a park that got very dark at night. Kobayashi was tall and very thin, very small breasts that she was very insecure about and generally wore a hoodie to obscure, no ass to speak of, and large glasses. She wouldn’t be the target of the average rapist, she didn’t think of herself as the type a serial killer would be overly interested in, she knew it was silly, but she still felt a cold fear down her neck until she got home. She would have walked home with a friend, but she was very shy and didn’t really have any.

She entered the park, heard the wind in the leaves, and shivered. It was a nice place in the day, but she HATED it at night. She picked up the pace. A stick broke, she whirled around “Who’s there?” she demanded in a shaky voice, no response. Kobayashi broke into a jog, she thought she heard footsteps and her jog became a run. She darted between two tree when her foot caught on a root, she fell, hard. She tried to collect her books and keep going, but a shadow moved in the corner of her eye, that was no illusion, something was there! Kobayashi opened her mouth to scream, and the shadow darted her way, it was FAST. A hand went over her mouth before she could exhale, and she was pushed against a tree, pinned there. The shape seemed to be smaller than her, but much stronger.

Kobayashi hit the tree hard enough to knock her glasses off of her head, and it felt like she might be bruised. She grunted in shock and pain, and the small shape, and she could tell now that it was barely five feet tall, it stopped. A very young sounding voice spoke, with what sounded like concern “Oh damn, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I’m really sorry about that. If i take my hand off of your mouth, do you promise not to scream?” Kobayashi didn’t really have a lot of options, so she nodded. The small hand came away, the shadow bent down, handed her glasses back, and Kobayashi got a good look at the thing that had grabbed her.

The shadows fell away from the small figure in a way that even though her logical mind laughed, Kobayashi knew it was some kind of spell. What was left behind was a girl, looking no older than 12, with a little odd looking pink dress. She was very pale, with big, expressive eyes. She should have been adorable, but Kobayashi felt her heart pounding like a jackhammer, this was no little girl. The apparent loli spoke in the cutest soft little voice “ My name is Kanna. To answer your question, when i was alive I was a dragon…don’t ask, long story. But I have been dead for a long time, I’m a couple hundred years older than you. You see, I’m a vampire. And I’m REALLY sorry, I usually look for a rapist or a murderer, I hang out in this park and i am the reason the crime rate is so low, nobody notices if a rapist or drug dealer goes missing, but I can’t find any….and I’m afraid I have to kill you”.

Kobayashi needed to process, her mind was racing, had this tiny loli with the huge eyes just matter-of-factly saod that she had killed a lot of people and Kobayashi was next? This was surreal. “Kobayashi took a deep breath “Okay, let’s slow down. You look nice enough, WHY exactly do you have to kill me?” she wasn’t even freaking out, things were moving too quickly for her to even be properly scared. Kanna nodded “Right, sorry. I’m used to just grabbing a bad person, I don’t bother explaining to them. Okay, so I have been a vampire for about 200 years. Most of the time, I go to the butcher shop for my meals. The butcher is a friend, he doesn’t know exactly what my deal is, but he used to have to throw the blood away, he doesn’t care WHAT I am doing with it, I show up with a few gallon jugs and a little wagon, he lets me have as much as I want. But once a month, it needs to be human blood, it needs to be from a living person, and I have to drink enough to kill them. If I don’t, I turn into a were-vampire. You don’t want to know exactly what that is, and you DON’T want one in your town. I really did try to find a bad person, but it’s the last night of the month, and I am out of options, I feel terrible about this”.

Kobayashi sank and sat with her back against the tree, she let out a long breath “Huh” a sense of sadness came over her. Kanna misread it “I promise, it’s not very painful, I can make it quick”. Kobayashi shrugged “No, that’s fine. I know I should be scared, but I don’t have any friends, I’m deep in debt, I have chronic depression, and I found myself looking at my sleeping pills the other night, wondering if i should just call it quits. Dying isn’t the problem, it’s just the stuff I won’t get to do. I’m in my third year of university and I’m still a virgin! I was working up the courage to talk to Mary, she’s in my Literature class and I have a crush, but I was going to wait until finals, and now…..” Kanna sat next to Kobayashi, held her hand “Back when i was alive, it was a bad time, people said to sieze the day because any day could start the war that killed us all. I wish I had lived in a time of peace like this, I would have done a lot of things differently, I probably wouldn’t be a vampire. But I died a virgin too. That’s one of the many things to change since then……if you like, I could help you change that, we have until sunrise”.

Kobayashi was startled by that “But..but you’re a kid, i couldn’t do that!” Kanna raised a hand “Hey, no pressure, I’m not a rapist. But I’m not 12, I’m a couple hundred years older than you, and i am good, I am VERY good.” Kobayashi tugged at the sleeve of her hoodie “ I’m not what most people think of as pretty…” Kanna cut her off, placed a hand on her belly, felt the firm abs under the gray hoodie, Kobayashi DID really enjoy cardio “ I don’t care what ‘most’ people thing is pretty. What gets me hot is girls with abs, and not to be morbid, but a nice neck. You feel like you do a lot of crunches, and if nobody has every mentioned it to you before, you have a really nice neck. And even if you didn’t, it’s really the least I can do”. Kobayashi blushed, shuffled her feet. “Okay, yeah, that sounds nice…..thanks Kanna. Only thing is….I’m not ENTIRELY sure what to do?” Kanna kissed her cheek “Don’t worry, being the top, being in charge, it’s my style”.

Before Kobayashi could do much, Kanna pulled her down and kissed her. Kobayashi gasped as Kanna grabbed the front of the hoodie and ripped it right open, tearing it off of the taller geek and leaving her torso with only a sports bra. The vampire loli was so strong, so confident! Kobayashi’s sweatpants were next, getting the same treatment, torn away so smoothly that Kobayashi barely felt any pressure, kanna treated them like movie prop tear aways! Kobayashi wore simple, unremarkable beige panties, she felt her cheeks get red, if she had kown how this day was going to go, she would have worn something pretty, but Kanna didn’t seem to notice or care at all. Kanna leaned down and gave Kobayashi’s firm abs a lick, Kobayashi shuddered and the vampire grinned ferally “Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!”

Kanna started pulling off her own clothes. What Kobayashi had taken for an odd pink dress with long sleeves and a short skirt bottom was actually a full pink and white outfit. The skirt came off, leaving her in cute pink panties, then the sweater top. She wore no bra, it looked like her breasts had just been starting to bud when she became undead. Her belly was soft and white and adorable. Kanna kicked off her pink and white striped panties and stood there for a moment, looking for all the world like a naked 10 year old….with some kind of odd tail with a ball at the end? Kobayashi mentally shrugged, like this night was really going to get any stranger.

Kanna reached for Kobayashi’s bra, the tall geek flinched, Kanna lowered her hand “ What is it?” Kobayashi shook her head “ It’s nothing, I just don’t like my tits, if you can even call them that. They’re…..they always say love your body, but I just don’t. I was going to reward myself with a boob job when I graduated, until…yeah”. Kanna just looked at her with an odd expression “Kobayashi, I have wandered the world for over 200 years I have had lots of sexual partners, I prefer girls, and I never saw a set of boobs that didn’t make me smile, show me”. Her tone was soft, she seemed to always speak like she was shy and disinterested, but there was an edge in it that made it clear that she was telling, not asking.

Kobayashi took a deep breath and pulled off her sports bra, bracing herself for Kanna to be disappointed. Her breasts came free, they were very small, she was 5’9 and could wear a training bra or nothing, they were visibly not the same size, her areolas were not symmetrical in size, shape or placement. They were dotted with small scars and red marks, she liked to abuse them with clamps and needles and knives. She wanted to hurt them, not because she liked pain, but because it felt like she could punish them for not looking like what she saw in the locker room or online, she felt ashamed. Kanna examined them, touching, rubbing, brushing each little injury with a tiny, gentle finger. Kobayashi trembled, however he felt about them, her breasts were very sensitive . Kanna didn’t fail to notice, she got an impish grin on her face, gave one nipple a quick tweak, Kobayashi yelped. Kanna decided to go for it, she picked the slightly smaller breast, bent down, gave it a long lick, and gave the nipple a love bite. The sound Kobayshi made was a new one to Kanna, and loud enough that someone outside of the park probably heard it. Kanna looked at Kobayashi carefully, the taller girl looked like she may have experienced a small orgasm. Kanna said quietly “you know how I said I had never seen a set of boobs I didn’t like?” Kobayashi nodded, closed her eyes, prepared for the actual brightest point in her life to be taken away and for her dark misery to return. Kanna rubbed the slightly larger breast “I definitely still haven’t”.

It was impossible to tell who moved first, one second Kanna loved what she saw, the next, they were entangled and kissing, then making love like the world was about to end. Hands and tongues and all other bits went to all kinds of places. Kobayashi had no idea what she was doing, but her enthusiasm compensated nicely, and either way she spent more than half of the encounter pinned down or pressed against a tree, or some other situation where she just went where Kanna steered her. They enjoyed each other for a couple hours, until both of them were slick with sweat and drained from the exertions and climaxes. Then as they lay cuddling, Kanna shifted and kissed Kobayashi’s throat “The sun is coming up, it’s time” she whispered gently.

Kobayashi took it in, wondering for a moment if she was afraid. She decided on not being afraid, she had, after a fashion, checked many things off of her bucket list tonight, and this was a really high note to go out on. It may have been the raging hormones talking, but she had also come to deeply love Kanna in the last few hours. She wasn’t safe, but Kanna made her secure. There was no mystery, no lie, Kanna was very direct. Kobayashi nodded and extended her neck to the only lover she would ever have. They didn’t reaffirm their love, both knew it, they didn’t want to cheapen the moment. Kanna gave no further warning, she bit down and started drinking. It was not a pleasant experience, Kobayashi felt the stings of the teeth entering her neck, then felt dizzy and experienced the worst headache of her life. It was nauseating and painful and disconcerting…..but Kanna reached with the hand not steadying her lover/meal and held her hand, and with her last lucid thought, Kobayashi figured, there was no ‘ it’s not so bad’, it did suck, but no worse than plenty of other times in her life, and it seemed a fair price for the night they had enjoyed together. Kobayashi thought she felt liquid come back down from Kanna onto her neck, but that and everything else quickly went away as darkness took her.

Kanna felt Kobayashi fading, only when she figured her friend was no longer aware did she let the first tears fall. She drank and wept, and took every drop of blood, determined not to waste this sacrifice. The gods had punished her when she chose to become a vampire. The very first person she had killed had been her own original Kobayashi, the sweet computer tech who had come to be like a mother to her. And that was how it always played out. Every few years, Kanna would come across another, always like looking at a ghost, she knew how it would end, how it had to end, every time. She would never meet Kobayashi days in advance, there was never another way. They crossed paths when Kanna found no bad people who deserved it, and only when she was out of time. Kanna had sinned, and now the gods would break her heart, making her kill the person who had meant most to her in all of these years, over and over until Judgement Day.


Just a Job

Everyone had thought that when society turned to cannibalism and state sponsored snuff, it would be because the population exploded and needed to be controlled. They thought that females would outnumber males by orders of magnitude. They thought it would be a casual thing where very few human lives meant anything, and those few could snuff the rest with wild abandon. When the end of traditional society came, these were all proven very wrong. The previous war had been fought with nuclear weapons, but the last war of humanity was waged with blades and stones and fists.

In the end, wisdom prevailed. The few remaining leaders looked around and saw the crops burning, the oceans running red with blood, and truly every human left on the planet being able to fit in one skyscraper from the Golden Age. So they called a truce, and they set about rebuilding. Homes were restored, electricity rediscovered. Crops planted, rivers cleaned, the worst of the hunger went away. Eight generations later, times were still relatively lean, but nobody went hungry. Everyone had enough, and the population was slowly recovering, because every citizen contributed their share, in food and offspring.

The laws changed with an eye towards pragmatism. Careers in the arts disappeared. If you were a writer, a painter, a philosopher, all of these things were fine, but you did them AFTER the work in the fields was done. Everyone, man, woman and child worked to plant, tend, and harvest crops. The climate of Australia, the only habitable continent left had grown moderate year round. They rotated crops and in this way, farming was carried out every day of the year. The new society had leaders, those leaders worked right next to everyone else, and they met the same quotas. If you couldn’t meet your quota, you were deemed ‘insufficiently valuable to society’ and put to death. The only time you were nt required to meet a farming quota was the last 4 months of pregnancy and the first 2 after giving birth. The stability of the population was deemed more important than even their contribution to the food supply.

The same applied to offspring. Starting at 14 years old, every person was required to produce a child every two years until they were 24, and every 5 after that until 41 for females and and 51 for males. If a child lived to see the day after their 15th birthday, it meant that they had produced a child before that point, and they had produced another after that 15th birthday if they lived to see the day after their 17th. This applied equally to males and females. If a girl and boy were born on the same day and she did not give birth, DNA testing did not prove his fathering of a child, their 15th birthday would be marked with two little corpses swinging next to each other. They were also given a preliminary test at 12 to determine the odds of their being able to create a child once they were more solidly into puberty. Less than 50% and their 12th birthday would be their very last day. Homosexuality was not frowned upon even a little bit, there was no reason to care. But that didn’t change the rules. A boy or girl could do whatever they liked as many times as they liked with their same sex associate on their own time, but they were still required to produce the same number of children. If you LIKED having sex with the opposite gender, that was just great, but to the society as a whole, it was completely irrelevant, you just had to do it. As often and with as many people as you needed to increase the population.

This was the world in which Timmy and Alice found themselves. They were 15 as of just a few hours ago. Both had engaged in sex many times, trying many different partners, but to look at them, anyone could have told you they were long shots. They stood on their stools, each with a rope already around their neck. They wore nothing but boxers, both of them….and with their hair cut short to not impede the rope, a stranger would have been hard pressed to tell you which was the boy and which was the girl, and neither looked a day over 12. They were ‘late bloomers’ in pre-war terms. These days, they had not properly entered puberty and would never live to do so, mankind was in a better place than it had been, but food was still too valuable to waste on those who would not be able to contribute their share to the future of humanity.

They were both gagged so they wouldn’t bite their tongues off. There would be no decadent feasts on their flesh by a few wealthy citizens, they would be cut up and distributed just like old world farm animals, to supplement the vegetable based diets that had become the new norm, they had stopped raising farm animals, and even human flesh was just extra calories, including cuts one would think of as delicacies, like the tongue.

They had been given deep enemas to clean them out, there would be no messes and they would be ready to cook without excessive work. The butcher was prepping some things, she was an attractive redhead who was very good at her job. There was no reading of sentences, no coroner, no doctor to confirm death. This was not an execution, this was two citizens doing their duty to society. Alana was very good at her job, and she was well respected for that, she would prep them, kill them, clean them out, and take them apart. She needed no help, no supervision, she got the job done. This also meant that if she wanted to have some fun, do some things that weren’t technically allowed, the leaders of the community looked the other way.

Alana dug through her bag and produced two butt plugs. Electronics were not exactly rare, but these two toys had still cost her quite a bit in trade, and Alana felt that they had been more than worth it. The plugs were large and rubber, and they vibrated. Start low, increase to max pulsing, which you would be able to hear if the recipient spoke, then back down, like a wave. She went to Timmy, the little boy. He had tears in his eyes, Alana adjusted his noose so he would die faster, then kissed the top of his head “It’s okay buddy, take a deep breath, there you go”. She brushed his cheek, he was so cute, big blue eyes, effeminate features. Skinny and soft and little. She wanted to keep him, but knew she couldn’t, but she could still make this easier on the kids.

She stepped behind him, lowered the back of his boxers a bit. He made a little noise of protest, he gave his thigh a quick rub “Easy there, this won’t hurt, and you’ll be glad to have it in a minute. She squeezed his cute pale little butt cheek, then lubed and lined up the plug. His next noise around the gag was alarm, she shushed him gently, then started to push it in. His breath quickened immediately, he squirmed, but he seemed less upset than before. He slumped a little once it was seated in him. Alana had seen this a few times, his face was flushed red, pupils dilated, and there was a very faint smile on his lips. She chuckled “Aww! That’s adorable! Let me guess kiddo, you like the guys a bit better?” He nodded bashfully, she gave him a hug “ I wish I’d known, I could have gotten Frank in here. Sorry buddy.” One more hug, and she moved to Alice.

Alice and Alana did know each other, their families were close. Alana didn’t hug the girl, she knew Alice didn’t like getting intimate, she was a very withdrawn child, and she wanted to put on a brave and indifferent face. She was a wannabe goth, jet black hair, and her makeup had been removed, this was really the first time Alana had seen her not deathly pale in years, and now it was Alana’s job to make that cold, dead look more than an illusion. Alice didn’t want hugs or affection, well maybe she did, but that was the front she put on, and Alana saw no point in taking that from her. The face she put on was a horny little slut with a taste for a bit of pain, Alana couldn’t figure out how she hadn’t gotten knocked up multiple times, the girl took anyone who looked at her with interest and dragged them into the nearest room to bang. Alana did know what WOULD make Alice more comfortable.

Alana grabbed her charge’s nipples and twisted them both, hard. Alice gasped, and Alana silenced her with a kiss. It was not gentle or loving or affectionate, or any of the things Alana would have preferred. She was a nurturing individual, but that wasn’t what would make dying easier for the girl. This kiss was hungry and heavy and demanding. Alice tensed in shock, then responded in kind. For Alana, she was happiest when kissing didn’t feel like a competition, but for this kid, Alana had her by 15 years, 6 inches, and a LOT of kisses, she was going to WIN. Lots of lip biting, lots of backing off and pursuing, it really did look a lot like a fight. While they were occupied in this way, Alana squeezed Alice’s butt cheeks, enjoying the feel of teen flesh, then inserted the second butt plug that she’d pulled sleight of hand to get back there without the girl noticing. She didn’t lube it, she didn’t ease it in, Alana just lined it up and drove it home. Alice froze, groaned, her knees buckled and she fell against Alana, causing the noose to squeeze her a bit. She bit her lip and shuddered, a wet spot appearing on her underwear “Thank you” she mumbled breathlessly.

Alana kissed her on the top of the head, she couldn’t help it. She pressed the first remote and Alice cried out as the powerful buzzing started. Alana replaced the gag, then gave her maybe half a minute to enjoy it. She stepped up, put on her best husky voice, and whisperd “Die for me slut” and pulled the chair out from under Alice. She pressed the second remote and Timmy let out a long happy sigh as his plug got to work, then Alana turned her attention back to Alice.

The cute goth struggled against the rope. Her chest was flat, basically boyish, but her nipples still stuck out nicely. Her wet little tongue had been forced out a bit by the rope, and her face was turning a bright, painful red. She didn’t do a graceful dance, Alana had only seen something like that a few times. Her legs were moving in a wildly varying tempo, sometimes halting, almost cautious, sometimes jittery and frantic, never coordinated. Alana masturbated, wanting Alice to know that she appreciated the show. At long last, Alice twisted in such a way that the knot cut off blood flow, and her struggles subsided shortly after.

As Alice was going still, Alana heard an odd little gurgle from Timmy. She looked over, the boy was flushed, breathing harder than he had been, and there was a new dark spot on his underwear. He saw that she had seen, and he looked absolutely mortified, humiliated. He tried to shift it out of view, but she laughed playfully “ It’s okay buddy. I’ve had 4 kids, I’ve killed a hundred more, that is NOTHING new, and it’s EXACTLY what the plug was supposed to do for you. Feel more relaxed now?” He attempted to say something around his gagged, then settled for nodding thoughtfully. She hugged him gently “ I’m glad little guy, you sleep well, okay?” he looked at her quizzically, she answered his unspoken question by pulling the chair out from under him. She had placed his knot differently, he wasn’t a pain slut like Alice, he wouldn’t enjoy an extended hanging, so she made it quick. The knot squeezed his carotid artery, and even though his eyes stayed open, they went unfocused almost immediately, Timmy wasn’t home anymore. Alana touched his flat chest, felt no heartbeat, collected her butt plugs, and got both children down.

Next was butchering. Now that the kids were gone and had no emotions, she was just a professional. Her kindness wasn’t an act, she really was extremely fond of everyone who came to ‘visit’, but now they were just meat. Their tender young flesh yielded effortlessly to her antique knives. She hung them up by the feet and opened them up, taking out all organs and draining them of blood (she couldn’t help noting that this returned Alice to her preferred coloration) and reducing them to a pile of different cuts.They were skinny kids, but they still produced enough meat for enough stew that the entire community would get to sample it. Their tongues came out, but she was allowed to keep the rest of the heads. She would preserve them, add them to the rest in her display, she liked sleeping with one in her arms if she didn’t have an actual lover. Alana was proud to serve her community, and she hoped Alice and Timmy had been as well.


I love your writing! The last story is an interesting take on a dolcett themed world. Well done! I wouldn't mind more stories in that setting, if that's something you'd be interested in. Anyway, keep up the good work!


Thank you so much!! I don't get a lot of comments on here, I love to hear if people like this stuff! I have a couple other things closer to done that will probably be posted first, but I would DEFINITELY like to come back to that setting, I have been meaning to have a pregnant girl feature again, I love them, so for sure coming back to the world! <3


Something short and cute, aimed at the tastes of a friend <3

Sunday Breakfast

The clone of Gal Gadot woke to the heavenly scent of girl ham, Sunday mornings really were the best. She had fallen asleep with a loli in her arms, she kissed the girl on the cheek, gently rousing her “good morning pretty girl” she whispered fondly. They were not a couple, lolis had such a short life expectancy that it wasn’t worth it, but Gal had just broken up with a romantic interest and held felt like hugging a squishy little teddy bear. The adorable ginger rolled over and looked at Gal, blushing, she and every other kid in the harem had a crush on Gal (and most of the other counselors). Gal laughed “Oh all right” and kissed her.

They made out for a few minutes, the loli not taking much notice of Gal’s hands shifting on her jaw. Gal broke the kiss, the loli looked flushed, very happy, and a bit dazed. Gal smiled, and then in a quick twist and snap, the munchkin tensed for just a moment, then slumped, her eyes blank, her neck at an odd angle. Gal had cried after sex last night, and she didn’t want that getting around, she had been emotional since the breakup. The life of a non-counselor harem girl counted for effectively nothing, and it was so easy for an adult as fit as Gal to snap a neck. The kid had been adorable and made a cute corpse, but the act of taking her life meant less to Gal than stubbing her toe.

With that taken care of and her post-orgasmic breakdown a secret again, Gal eagerly started her day. She washed up, admired her beautiful, strong body in the full length mirror, then wrapped her hair in a towel, threw on a bathrobe and went down for breakfast. She got hugs and kisses from a number of girls, both on the stairs and as she entered the kitchen. The harem was a happy, affectionate place. Gal knew she would eventually be snuffed, probably in the next year or two as she was one of the oldest girls, there was still nowhere she would rather be.

The wonderful smells of breakfast were much stronger in here. Biscuits with girl butter, eggs cooked in tit fat, and among other things, platters of girl ham that had been a tween the previous day. Everything was so much fresher here. There was no question about where the food came from or if the meat had been treated humanely. On any given Sunday morning, the ham Gal so enjoyed, she had probably fucked it in the last few weeks.

Gal filled her plate with fruits and biscuits, and of course, ham and eggs. She set her plate at an open seat, walked to the orange juice, and reconsidered. She took her glass back to the table and waved to Tegan. The hugely well endowed girl with the baby face that did not at all match her G cups came over eagerly. She was on hormones that caused her to lactate constantly, and produce serious quantities of milk. She unhooked her expansive nursing bra, looking forward to this.

Gal smiled and rubbed the big beautiful tits presented to her. Tegan hadn’t been milked during the night, and her boobs ached. They were heavy and sore and felt ready to burst. Daddies Gimli and Nixon had implanted small pumps in her mammary glands so she wouldn’t leak, milk would only come out from milking. Tegan was one of several girls modified for this duty, they all prayed that they would be milked at breakfast, being forced to wait for making after dinner milkshakes was agonizing.
Gal rubbed Tegan’s breasts, admiring, weighing, openly teasing her with the promise of relief. Tegan whined pitifully, and looked at Gal with big puppy dog eyes “Please Gal?”. The counselor relented “Oh Tegan, you know I can’t say no to the eyes”. She looked the blonde in the eye and smiled as she leaned down and took that first sip right from the boob. Tegan sighed happily, that was the kind of thing she liked even when it wasn’t letting off pressure. Then Gal tugged her nipples and filled two glasses with the best milk in the world. Tegan still had plenty to give, but she was feeling so much better. They hugged, Gal handed her one of the glasses and instructed her to stay hydrated, which was a concern with the milker hormones. Then Gal attacked her breakfast with the appetite of a young woman who had spent half the night having sex. Her brain was swimming in serotonin, the price of living here would eventually be her life, but the Sunday breakfasts alone made it worth it.




I was working on a sequel to 'Just a Job', but this came more easily. I love feedback! :)

Do I Have a Destiny?

Kimmy got home from school “Finally, I thought we would NEVER get that bus running!” she griped. The school bus had broken down on the other side of town, and as a result the sun was nearly set. Kimmy dropped her backpack and pulled her sundress off before unclipping her little training bra and letting it fall to the ground “That’s better” she sighed happily. As an active student, Kimmy had minimal rights, and was required to wear clothes during school hours, but was safe from snuffing except for actual infractions. She had to wear clothes at school, but she HATED them and stripped every day as soon as she got home.

Kimmy was a good student, she got the honor roll every semester, she turned in all of her work, the teachers liked her. And Kimmy didn’t hate school, but it wasn’t where her interests were. She liked spending time with her classmates, reading in the library, she really did find learning engaging. But Kimmy wanted to be a Milker. Human milk was delicious and expensive, and the females who completed the rigorous tests and got to undergo the procedures and get certified were celebrities, at least until they ran dry. Kimmy had a picture of her favorite Milker in her room. Lactatia was everything Kimmy wanted to be, tall, beautiful, with a set of MAGNIFICENT tits that seemed to always leak in every picture. She was the star of countless commercials, the object of lust in a number of movies. She was confident, wealthy, awesome, and Kimmy REALLY wanted to be like her!

Kimmy….was not ready to be a Milker yet. She looked at her own body in the mirror and sighed. She was small, skinny, with her breasts JUST starting to bud. She was only 13, but she still worried. To even apply to be a Milker, you had to have natural C-cups, they wouldn’t give you the test, much less the supplements to transform her chest into the ludicrous display of flesh Lactacia and other Milkers sported unless that happened, Kimmy couldn’t even TRY if her body didn’t start filling out a lot more.

Kimmy went to the backyard, dropped her panties and stretched out on the grass, thinking about the difficulties between her and her dream was depressing, masturbating always cheered her up, her parents were at a dinner party and would be out late. She closed her eyes, enjoying the pleasant sensations coming from her loins, savoring the feel of the grass, the smells and sounds of the yard at night, the footsteps coming up…..footsteps?

Before the little girl could react, a baseball bat clocked her over the head. She saw stars, felt a searing pain in her skull, it felt like it had been cracked. The bat came down again, this time on her belly. Her whole body convulsed, she couldn’t curl up, couldn’t escape, could only scream. And scream she did, wailing and struggling until a firm stomp to the face stunned her. Her assailant walked around to stare at her and she recognized her neighbor Mr. Emerson, holding the bat and a knife. He had always been good to her, always had treats when he came over, let her swim in his pool, Kimmy with her now swelling brain could not process why this was happening.

Mr. Emerson knelt down, pinned the girl with one hand as she sobbed and struggled as best she could, hot tears and blood on her angelic little face, and drew his knife across her belly. Kimmy hadn’t thought that even a knife would hurt worse than the bat, but she had been very wrong. The cliché was that it felf like fire. Kimmy had felt fire, she had collected burns before. That would have been a mercy. Her belly split before the knife and as he grasped and pulled it open and Kimmy coughed blood, she forgot her own name. Her mind broke, she was going into shock. The only thought she could cling to was “Now I can never be like Lacticia” although in her state, with a swelling brain, shock, and pain that all she wanted to do was curl up and die, she couldn’t remember who that was. She saw her killer, not the kindly neighbor, just her killer, reaching around inside her body, producing the most horrifying sounds. Kimmy felt something give, he pulled his hand out. And just before Kimmy slipped into a death where the pain mercifully stopped, Mr. Emerson showed Kimmy her own heart, still beating, moments from realizing she was dead.

Frank Emerson stood, wiping his hands on the grass before he pulled his phone and called Kimmy’s father “Hey Greg, so you know today is the first day of hunting season, right? Well Kimmy was out of the house, all naked, and I thought about calling you first, but you know if she had gone back inside, my permit would have been no good, I hope you don’t mind, but….oh, you planned dinner without her because you hoped that would happen? Yeah, that new knife I showed you, worked real nice. Of course you and Janet can come over when I cook her! Perfect, alright buddy, well I just wanted to let you know. Alright, I’ll clean up here, you two enjoy dinner, see you Saturday”. He hung up and got to work, Greg really was a good buddy…although Frank had a feeling his own daughter might not survive hunting season now. Oh well, it wasn’t the first time. After he had finished up out here, he wanted to celebrate the kill with a piece of pie….and a nice glass of girl milk.


I got writers block on a few projects, but this one just came as fast as I could type. I hope people enjoy, I love feedback!

Do I have a destiny?

Kimmy got home from school “Finally, I thought we would NEVER get that bus running!” she griped. The school bus had broken down on the other side of town, and as a result the sun was nearly set. Kimmy dropped her backpack and pulled her sundress off before unclipping her little training bra and letting it fall to the ground “That’s better” she sighed happily. As an active student, Kimmy had minimal rights, and was required to wear clothes during school hours, but was safe from snuffing except for actual infractions. She had to wear clothes at school, but she HATED them and stripped every day as soon as she got home.

Kimmy was a good student, she got the honor roll every semester, she turned in all of her work, the teachers liked her. And Kimmy didn’t hate school, but it wasn’t where her interests were. She liked spending time with her classmates, reading in the library, she really did find learning engaging. But Kimmy wanted to be a Milker. Human milk was delicious and expensive, and the females who completed the rigorous tests and got to undergo the procedures and get certified were celebrities, at least until they ran dry. Kimmy had a picture of her favorite Milker in her room. Lactatia was everything Kimmy wanted to be, tall, beautiful, with a set of MAGNIFICENT tits that seemed to always leak in every picture. She was the star of countless commercials, the object of lust in a number of movies. She was confident, wealthy, awesome, and Kimmy REALLY wanted to be like her!

Kimmy….was not ready to be a Milker yet. She looked at her own body in the mirror and sighed. She was small, skinny, with her breasts JUST starting to bud. She was only 13, but she still worried. To even apply to be a Milker, you had to have natural C-cups, they wouldn’t give you the test, much less the supplements to transform her chest into the ludicrous display of flesh Lactacia and other Milkers sported unless that happened, Kimmy couldn’t even TRY if her body didn’t start filling out a lot more.

Kimmy went to the backyard, dropped her panties and stretched out on the grass, thinking about the difficulties between her and her dream was depressing, masturbating always cheered her up, her parents were at a dinner party and would be out late. She closed her eyes, enjoying the pleasant sensations coming from her loins, savoring the feel of the grass, the smells and sounds of the yard at night, the footsteps coming up…..footsteps?

Before the little girl could react, a baseball bat clocked her over the head. She saw stars, felt a searing pain in her skull, it felt like it had been cracked. The bat came down again, this time on her belly. Her whole body convulsed, she couldn’t curl up, couldn’t escape, could only scream. And scream she did, wailing and struggling until a firm stomp to the face stunned her. Her assailant walked around to stare at her and she recognized her neighbor Mr. Emerson, holding the bat and a knife. He had always been good to her, always had treats when he came over, let her swim in his pool, Kimmy with her now swelling brain could not process why this was happening.

Mr. Emerson knelt down, pinned the girl with one hand as she sobbed and struggled as best she could, hot tears and blood on her angelic little face, and drew his knife across her belly. Kimmy hadn’t thought that even a knife would hurt worse than the bat, but she had been very wrong. The cliché was that it felf like fire. Kimmy had felt fire, she had collected burns before. That would have been a mercy. Her belly split before the knife and as he grasped and pulled it open and Kimmy coughed blood, she forgot her own name. Her mind broke, she was going into shock. The only thought she could cling to was “Now I can never be like Lacticia” although in her state, with a swelling brain, shock, and pain that all she wanted to do was curl up and die, she couldn’t remember who that was. She saw her killer, not the kindly neighbor, just her killer, reaching around inside her body, producing the most horrifying sounds. Kimmy felt something give, he pulled his hand out. And just before Kimmy slipped into a death where the pain mercifully stopped, Mr. Emerson showed Kimmy her own heart, still beating, moments from realizing she was dead.

Frank Emerson stood, wiping his hands on the grass before he pulled his phone and called Kimmy’s father “Hey Greg, so you know today is the first day of hunting season, right? Well Kimmy was out of the house, all naked, and I thought about calling you first, but you know if she had gone back inside, my permit would have been no good, I hope you don’t mind, but….oh, you planned dinner without her because you hoped that would happen? Yeah, that new knife I showed you, worked real nice. Of course you and Janet can come over when I cook her! Perfect, alright buddy, well I just wanted to let you know. Alright, I’ll clean up here, you two enjoy dinner, see you Saturday”. He hung up and got to work, Greg really was a good buddy…although Frank had a feeling his own daughter might not survive hunting season now. Oh well, it wasn’t the first time. After he had finished up out here, he wanted to celebrate the kill with a piece of pie….and a nice glass of girl milk.


This was getting way too long to post all at once. Part 1 is mostly nonfatal, I am planning a part 2 with some more snuff oriented stuff. If people show some interest, i will finish that and share it. If nobody cares, I probably won't bother. Enjoy! :)

Cold And Hungry

Jack looked out his window, watching the rain. He always loved the rain. Warm and safe in his home, with a roaring fire and a hot drink, it was calming to see the water falling down, the clouds casting the city in an odd light. The whole thing was very soothing.

Two blocks away, and a dozen stories below, huddled in a cardboard box, with newspapers for a blanket, Zoe absolutely did NOT love the rain. It was cold and miserable and it soaked through her cardboard front door, she would need to find a new box to keep the rats and bugs away when she slept. But she was no stranger to discomfort, she could handle the cold, even as she shivered and cry, so cold that it hurt. She could get a new box, she would blow the man who owned the appliance store and he would give her a big refrigerator box and she even got a bit of protein in her diet. All of that could be dealt with. But when it rained, the dumpsters automatically locked so they didn’t fill with water. Zoe had been carrying her box, checking dumpsters for scraps, trying to find something, anything to eat before the rain started. Her last score had been some bread that was not even moldy, just too hard to chew before it was soaked in water. Zoe had plenty of water, that had been a good day. That bread had lasted her for two days…..and run out 4 days ago

Zoe hadn’t found anything before the rain started, all she could do now was shiver and cry from the hunger and cold and pray that it stopped soon. She couldn’t go another day, she couldn’t go another mile. If she didn’t find food at the Cyprus Street dumpster, Zoe didn’t think she would have the energy to get to Founder Avenue.

The rain continued all night and into the next morning. Zoe was too cold and hungry to sleep, her stomach hurt so badly, she daydreamed of the hot meals she saw other people eating, Zoe remembered her last hot meal. She’d only had a handful, each one stood out as a major event in her life, far more important than a birthday. Zoe couldn’t remember a time before the streets, or a parent. She’d never had a reason to care about Christmas or Thanksgiving. Halloween was good, she would make a pirate hat from a newspaper and people would just give her candy. Hot Meal Days were her biggest holidays. The last one had been two years before, when she was ten. She had let the cook at a cheap diner do her in the butt and he had given her bacon and eggs.

She still remembered him fondly. Ever since women had lost all rights before she was born, he could have done that without asking, and certainly without payment. Zoe was skinny and dirty and sad, and STILL ended up being fucked without being asked a few times a month. Some men still liked to get consent, but one who would feed her for it, and a hot meal at that, he was a good man. Thinking of the hot meal and the kind stranger made Zoe feel warmer for a short while. Then she came back to reality and waited for the rain to stop, or her own death. Zoe didn’t actively want to die, she wouldn’t jump in front of a car, but if one hit her and ended the hunger forever, she wouldn’t object.

Hours later, the rain let up, and the dumpsters unlocked. Zoe left the ruined shreds of her box and hurried to Cyprus Street as quickly as her sleep and sustenance starved body was able. The clouds were still dark, it could rain again at any moment. More importantly, the other homeless children were likely doing the same thing she was. If they got to Cyprus first and ate all the food, Zoe would not have the strength to get to the dumpster on the next block. It was life or death.

When she reached Cyprus, Zoe was ready to drop, to lay down and quit. She saw other kids there, and wished she had never come, that she had climbed a building and jumped to the merciful death below. Those were Badgers, a local gang. They offered protection for a price, and terrorized those who didn’t pay. Justice was merciless in this nation, and they would be hanged the same as anyone else if the were caught during a burglary or such. But nobody turned them in. If you didn’t pay them, they might rob you from time to time. If you were the reason the limp corpse of one of their own was displayed from a streetlight, they would burn your store and home.

They were powerful and feared, but the shop owners tolerated them because the Badgers would never rob or tax so heavily that a store went under, and they kept out other gangs who would be worse.. So they were homeles by choice, and they ate fresh food. They didn’t need the dumpster, they were holding it to charge a toll. On one hand, Zoe knew there would be food in there. On the other hand, she had nothing to pay with. Public nudity was not prohibited or even discouraged, and she would gladly have given them the clothes on her back, but her clothes were rags, torn and worn thin. She owned nothing else, she had nothing else, and she couldn’t even promise them anything. Zoe hadn’t had anything to her name except dumpster scraps and her box since the bacon and eggs, and she would have died a few times over before giving them that meal. To make matters worse, they had seen her.

A few of the bigger kids came her way. Zoe was too weak to run, she couldn’t have outrun them even after sleep and a proper meal, so she didn’t try. She recognized Mike, the one up front. He had been her peer for a couple years, before he had been accepted into the gang. They’d had sex a few times and then spent the night huddled together for warmth, but Zoe had never felt much of anything for him, and he had never displayed anything for her. They were just acquaintances. That was before he was a Badger, NOW he seemed to have thoughts, unkind thoughts.

“Well well well, little Zoe, it’s been a while” Mike said, grinning widely. His tone was friendly, but the look in his eyes scared her. “What two years?” Zoe nodded “Sounds about right. You’re looking healthier than last time” he nodded “Yeah, being a Badger has perks….two years since I had that tight little snatch of yours”. Zoe had a REALLY bad feeling now, darker than the gathering clouds, but it was not hopeless. She had no objection to fucking Mike for food, she’d done more for less.“So I think I’ll go first, then when everyone here has had a turn, you can go ahead and have the dumpster” he continued with a wicked grin. Zoe backpedaled, there had to be a dozen of them, too many, and if they fucked like Mike….”Please….don’t do this to me” and they were on her.

The entire group moved in at once. Zoe felt her rags torn off of her, ripped away to expose her scrawny, bruised and battered, dirty body. Four of them pinned her four limbs to the fround, and she felt Mike spread her thighs and thrust into her. She cried out, he pounded mercilessly, his lips pulled back, giving him a feral look. Then they turned her, he pulled out, only to violate his place. One of the girls came up with a strap-on, which was shoved down her throat. They went at her for over an hour, an hour filled with screaming and begging and pounding and more than one donkey punch. They kept rotating, all three holes occupied at all times. They had gone in dry, before long her blood provided lubrication. They spit on her, hit her, Zoe was pretty sure one shoulder was dislocated, and she knew she was concussed. Zoe didn’t realize it at the time, but they also damaged her womb, she would never bear children. When their stamina started to fade, Mike retrieved a carrot from the dumpster and used that for a bit. Finally, it started to rain again. Zoe was dimly aware of the dumpster locking. They finished with her shortly after, and Mike tossed the carrot on the ground next to her “Alright Zoe, the dumpster is yours when the rain stops, see you next time!” he said it cheerfully, like it had been another one of their unimportant ‘fuck and stay warm’ nights from years ago, not an act of violence that was shocking even by modern standards, one that had left Zoe with clear internal bleeding. Then he wandered off, leaving Zoe bleeding in the rain, Zoe blacked out, praying to not wake up.

Zoe was hardly aware for what felt like forever. She would remember disjointed moments as she slipped in and out of the waking world. She remembered waking long enough to eat the carrot, tasting herself on it. That took all of her strength, and her head hurt so badly, it felt like it was on fire before she slipped under. She remembered a large figure over her, a hand on her neck. She had thought how grateful she would be if that hand strangled her or snapped her neck, but it seemed to check the strength of her pulse. She remembered the voice, which to her would become the voice of God “Would you like to come to my harem? You will belong to me, but it is warm, and we have food.” and she had agreed, hardly aware, feeling like she was floating, watching her suffering. She remembered being scooped up in strong arms, arms that carried her through the rain, to somewhere dry, then she faded again. She remembered waking at some sharp pain in her arm, and a hand on her forehead. She felt…..could that be a blanket? And then Zoe simply slept

It was getting pretty long, ending it here. Part 2 coming soon


I like it! Part 2 would be awesome. Poor Zoe, she deserves a bit of comfort, even though her demise might not be far off…


Thank you Loke! Part 2 is probably coming today, and it definitely foes better for the munchkin <3


Just read the first two while I was having my dinner and really enjoyed them! :D Gonna work a bit more on my own story now - wish me luck! lol


Part 2! More light and fun than the first part, good things happening for Zoe. this was originally going to be 2 parts total, but things happened and 3 is well on the way :)

Zoe woke up, and thought she must have died. The light was gentle, and she was on something soft, it must be a cloud, she had slept in her box for so long, and it was not soft. But heaven was supposed to be painless, and as nice as her cloud felt, she was still in some pain. Her head, between her legs, her ribs. Zoe was so confused, so she forced her eyes open to figure it out. She saw the ceiling and the soft lights, the cream colored walls. She turned her head, it hurt, but not as bad as before. She was in a bed, a real bed, with pillows and a blanket and everything. Zoe saw the IV stand next to the bed, the line wound down, it was in her wrist. Memories were coming back, the rape, the rain, the stranger…this must be the harem.

Zoe heard a friendly, soft voice “Hey sleepy head. We weren’t sure if you were going to wake up at all for a while there” a hand touched her arm, she turned her head. The girl standing by the bed was older, early twenties. She was chubby but not fat, well fed, with round cheeks and happy eyes, wearing not a stitch of clothing, save only a slave collar identifying her as Tiffany. Zoe was suddenly aware that she was also naked under the blanket, except for a pullup. The old Zoe would have been mortified by the last bit. The new Zoe was warm and almost comfortable and seemed to be safe, and the older girl wasn’t teasing her, so she couldn’t seem to mind.

“How long was I out?” her voice was soft, she couldn’t seem to manage above a whisper. This did concern her, she tried to sit up. The older girl pushed her gently back down “Easy, easy. You’re on a lot of medication, it will wear off. You’ve been sleeping for almost two weeks, the swelling in your brain was pretty bad for a while, I think you’re going to have to live with some balance problems. We fixed most of the rest and got it safe to wake you, but you’re definitely still healing. That street gang did a number on you” Zoe felt sadness “The leader, I used to think he was my friend”. Tiffany patted her arm “We saw it all on the city security cameras, that’s not a friend. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore, your life got better as soon as Daddy picked you up off the street”.

That brought Zoe back to her questions, she had a lot of them. “I was out for so much, I only remember bits. Where am I? What’s the deal here?” Tiffany laughed “Oh yeah, I guess nobody explained it while you were in your little coma. So, this is one of those harems they started letting the mega-wealthy run a few years ago. I’m sure you’ve heard, lots of taxes, but they are like micronations, regular laws don’t apply. Most of the time they are for gladiator fights or drug selling. This one is mostly just sex and entertainment. Gimli and Nixon own this place, they are the Daddies of the harem. They want us all to get chubby and just enjoy our time here. Eventually every girl ends up on the table, but we all came out of much worse”. That all sounded good to Zoe. She was warm and comfortable and Tiffany was friendly, and….her stomach grumbled. “I heard something about there being food, even getting chubby?” she asked hopefully. Tiffany laughed again, Zoe loved her laugh, it came easily and seemed genuine “Oh baby, you have no idea”.

Tiffany adjusted the IV line and bag so that it was all wrapped around Zoe’s arm, allowing her to move. Zoe wanted to walk, but Tiffany insisted on a wheelchair “You took a lot of damage in your lower body, and you’ve been down and drugged for two weeks. We’ll get you some physical therapy, but if you stand right now, you’ll just fall. It’s just for a couple days” Zoe was just so excited about what was to come, she agreed pretty readily. Tiffany wouldn’t let her lose the pullup, but did help her get black gym shorts over it “The other girls will know, a few have been there themselves, but it makes newbies feel better. In a year, you’ll be amazed that you cared, because you’ll spend most of that time naked”. Zoe asked about a shirt, Tiffany laughed “No shirts here baby, even the shorts are just because of the pullup. Come on, let’s go meet your new sisters. It’s all good, you’ll see”. Tiffany loaded the little girl into the chair, and they went out the door and into her new life.

Tiffany got her into the elevator and downstairs, Zoe gasped when the door opened. There were dozens of naked girls out there. All shapes and sizes and ages from about ten to late twenties. Some were thin or average, but the majority, especially of the older girls, were plump, padded…and all smiling. Tiffany pushed the wheelchair out of the elevator and they all came to greet Zoe, there were hugs and cuddles, cheek and forehead kisses, much aww’ing about how cute she was, basically more affection in just a few minutes than Zoe had experienced in her entire life. The chubby girls were warm and soft and called her ‘little sister’ and Zoe quickly decided that she loved them very much. The loli couldn’t get enough of her new friends, learning names, chatting, hugging, lots and lots of hugging. Then the dinner bell rang.

Tiffany was back at her side, smiling widely as she rolled Zoe outside. She loved when the hungry ones got adopted, their reactions to that first harem dinner were always so cute. They got outside and Zoe nearly fell out of the chair. The smells washed over her, wonderful, delicious smells. Meat and roasted vegetables, bread and casseroles and sauces and so many other things that Zoe had never tasted and wanted to. There were tables set up, loaded down with a feast, each one with more food than Zoe had eaten in a year, total she was looking at more food than she had eaten in her entire life. The centerpiece of each table was a girl, whole and roasted golden, seasoned and drizzled with sauce. Zoe had never eaten human meat before, she had only heard about it because it was illegal outside of harems. She had doubts about it at first, but as Zoe rolled her closer and the aroma got stronger, those reservations melted away.

Tiffany parked Zoe at the end of one of the tables. Everyone was seated and started loading plates. The girls at her table got one for Zoe and put a little bit of everything on it, topping it off with a thick slice of thigh, medium rare with golden brown skin cracking at the cut. It was dripping with juices and Zoe found herself trembling with excitement. She cut the first bite of meat and as it melted in her mouth, hot and flavorful and absurdly tender, Zoe felt tears in her eyes, although she couldn’t place why. A tall black girl with big tits and plenty of padding to her left gave the munchkin a quick one-armed hug “You’re home now baby”

The meal continued for a long time, several hours into the night. Zoe ate some of everything. She tried every dish, and enjoyed each of them. She did get a couple more slices of girl before the bones were picked clean and had that same confused euphoria with each bite. She ate several plates, the girl meat ran out, but everything else just kept getting replenished….except for the veggies. Zoe had savored them, but had noticed that she was eating more of them than anyone else, she worried about being rude. The other girls found this DEEPLY funny. The black girl who had hugged her, Tasha, explained how things worked. Zoe was welcome to eat whatever she wanted for a couple weeks, to get her off of being malnourished. For the rest of the girls, and Zoe when she got there, the target in this harem was 5’5 and 260lbs, scaled for height. Veggies in the diet were needed for health, but they were not provided in the same quantity because they did not help girls get to ‘table weight’.

Desserts on the other hand….Zoe had tasted meat and veggies and bread before, but rarely sugary foods, and never chocolate. The variety of sweet treats laid out was staggering. Cakes and cupcakes and cookies and a hundred other things Zoe could not identify. She had felt reasonably full at the end of the main meal, but now her body seemed to remember that as far as Zoe could recall, she’d NEVER not been hungry, and she’d taken in nothing solid at all during her 2 week coma. She lit into the junk food with the same energy as the meats previously. So many wonderful flavors and textures, and just so much of it. By the time she stopped, her belly hurt, not the hungry ache she knew so well, but a surrender, she was full, for the first time in her life, she was really and truly, uncomfortably full. Zoe looked down, she had a very visible food baby. She was also exhausted. It was very late, she was not recovered, and feasting like that took a lot out of a loli. She felt warm and gentle arms lift her up, she was settled in a soft lap, with her head between big heavy breasts, and her last thought before drifting off was a realization of what the meat had made her feel, contentment. That was what she wanted in life, to greet other girl coming here in need of a hug, and to give her life to provide another disoriented kid the same religious experience. Zoe slept, dreaming happy dreams. It was the safest, warmest, best sleep of her life.


How heartwarming! It sets things up nicely for part 3. I'm looking forward to it, it's always a joy to read your stories.


thank you so much Loke! <3 I am debating between 3 being the end of it or having a shorter part 4, but it really does make my day to know that someone is enjoying it!


You know, I don't normally haunt this place for the warm and fuzzys but this was fantastic. Fantastic enough to get me to post in this thread even though I've been reading just about every story you've posted to this point.


This is the conclusion of my 'Zoe in the Harem' story. It's the longest section because I didn't want it to turn into another one. I am really happy with how this turned out, this last segment is one of my favorite things I have written, and i do hope you all enjoy <3 <3

Zoe didn’t remember falling asleep, having her IV unhooked, or being carried upstairs, nor anything after dinner, but that seemed to be what had happened. She woke up in a nice soft bed, still wearing the gym shorts and pullup from the previous day.

Zoe glanced on either side and saw that she was snuggled between two of her new sisters, Tina and Shauna, a pair of half black, half Asian actual twin sisters. Both were comfortably ‘table weight’ and didn’t expect to live out the year, a fact that hadn’t seemed to bother either of them. Tina had eagerly described to her new loli buddy how she wanted to be stuffed and oven roasted with vibrators in both holes, cumming the entire time she was going. Shauna was more of a romantic, wanting one last night of gentle lovemaking before going to the guillotine. Zoe had only encountered Gimli and Nixon briefly the night before and was told they didn’t spend much time here, but the two sisters seemed confident they would get their wishes, the harem daddies were nice like that.

The girls had been awake but not motivated to get up. When they noticed Zoe waking, she was immediate squeezed tight between her squishy new sisters, and showered with affectionate kisses and flirty whispers. The skinny loli relished in all of this. She had been ignored and neglected or abused for almost every day of her short life to this point, the closest she could remember to affection in all of her years on the streets was the man who had sodomized her and then given her bacon and eggs. He had tousled her hair as he left. Before arriving here, Zoe thought that might have been the closest to being loved that she ever got, and now affection was her drug. Her drug would kill her, it would land her on the table, and Zoe didn’t mind. She was going to pack as much living as possible into every day between her rebirth in that medical ward and her death in the kitchen.

It took some coaxing to get Zoe out of bed, but one mention of hot biscuits and gravy turned out to be pretty good motivation. The older girls led her into the bathroom and stripped their loli, telling her that even though she was allowed the gym shorts a bit longer, it was more in the spirit of the harem for her to be nude, something Zoe didn’t really object to. The pullup was discarded, she didn’t need it now that she wasn’t drugged. She was still unsteady on her feet, the rape really had done damage, but when the twins got her in the shower they put her on a seat built into it. Tina cranked up the water and the three girls spent almost an hour rubbing and kissing and scrubbing each other. Each ate both of the other two to orgasm, a delightful experience. The older girls tasted different from the girls Zoe had gotten intimate with on the street, a savory taste, meaty and flavorful, which she was informed came from supplements in the food to improve flavor after cooking. At this, she had looked up from her position beneath Shauna and grinned ‘Well it’s not just good cooked!’, which got some laughs, then went back to making Shauna moan. Tina went to work on the loli, and by the time they got out and wrapped her in large, obscenely fluffy towels that felt like being wrapped in a cloud, Zoe wasn’t the only one with unsteady legs.

They went downstairs, Zoe could smell good things. She had been painfully full the night before, but her body was trying to make up for lost time and she was famished again. The other girls greeted the three of them warmly, they still seemed legitimately happy to see Zoe. There were lots of hugs and kisses and head pats all over again, Zoe was hugged tight against lots of massive tits, which was downright intoxicating. Zoe had never thought about her sexuality much on the streets, very few encounters were really for pleasure, and even most of those were ‘do these things in this order to get an orgasm’ regardless of the gender or bits the other person had, but she quickly decided that she was very, very gay and she loved it.

Eventually they steered her to the kitchen, where once again, Zoe was confronted with more food than she had eaten in her entire life. There was fresh fruit in bowls, and Zoe very much wanted to have some of that, but the rest of the spread was more clearly geared to weight gain. Bacon, hot and greasy and crispy, next to sausage and sausage gravy. Rolls and croissants with butter and hazelnut spread, Eggs cooked in pans greased with girl fat, whole milk and sugary juices and pancakes and French toast and so many other wonderful things. The kind man who sodomized her had bought Zoe low-end diner eggs and bacon, the overcooked pork type. The girl bacon looked and smelled SO good! The older girls helped Zoe load up her plate. She sat and made a little sandwich of bacon and eggs on a fluffy buttered biscuit. Zoe bit into her creation and was pretty sure there was a tiny orgasm mixed into that rush of endorphins. She ate every bite on her plate, then Tiffany came back around, Zoe was so happy to see her friend again, she’d been surprised to wake up with someone other than her guardian angel from her days asleep.

Tiffany hugged her enthusiastically, she had come to really care for the baby, and insisted on refilling her plate, smiling widely “You’ll never hit table weight on one plate a meal” she teased, tickling Zoe on her clearly visible ribs, Zoe giggled happily. She cleared her second plate and did get another although the third was a bit lighter, with the fruit she had been drawn to. As she was leaning back and already starting to feel the belly ache, Tiffany leaned over “Oh, and Daddies arranged a little surprise for you after breakfast!” The meal lasted almost another hour, Zoe talked and played with a number of the girls, but she was so full, she spent a good bit of that time cuddled up against Tiffany, feeling sluggish. Tiffany told her that new girls usually weren’t able to keep up with the eating here and needed frequent naps. She would adjust before too long.

After breakfast, all the girls went to the backyard to see what the surprise for Zoe might be. Zoe stopped in her tracks when she saw the Badgers. Mike and Emma and all of the other members who had raped her, who had killed the old Zoe. Tiffany was holding her hand for support on account of Zoe still being unsteady, and she would have fallen right then if not for the older girl. Her blood froze, she remembered every detail of the attack, of the gang members forcing themselves on her. She remembered the tearing and cracking as they broke her little body, her spine still hurt from their kicks, she could still taste the blood in her mouth. She paled, but these Badgers were not a danger today. Each one stood on a stool, each one had their hands tied, and each one had a rope around their neck.

Tiffany read a note that Gimli had given her. They could not be around, something came up at a harem in another town, but the police had given Gimli and Nixon the traffic camera recording of that night. They had nabbed everyone involved that night, and Zoe was free to hang them. She could also let them go if she wanted, but there was no obligation. Zoe looked at Tiffany with doubt in her eyes. The older girl whispered “It’s not a trap, it’s not a test. They actually did this for another girl last year. Her attackers put her in a wheelchair, she didn’t last long, but our Daddies have a real sense of justice. And don’t worry about the rest of them, the gang tried to retaliate last year as well, security killed them all. It’s all just entirely up to you.”

Zoe nodded and hugged her new sister, then whispered a request in her ear. Tiffany smirked “I’d love to”. The two of them went up to the group, all of whom were gagged. Emma was first, an athletic type with abs and a big rack. She looked at Zoe with fear. Most of the street kids shed their fear of death, it came too randomly and too easily out there. The Badgers were different, they became immune from some of the worst danger when they died, and too many forgot how little they were worth. Zoe saw many scared faces in this bunch. She nodded at Tiffany and the older girl pulled the stool for her, helping Zoe sit down on it as Emma started her dance of death

Emma was tall and strong and very fit. She had been an enforcer for the Badgers, and before and since joining, she had beaten Zoe more than once before the day the old Zoe had died. Reborn Zoe couldn’t be bothered to pity her. She watched the bully kick and hop, her large breasts bouncing, her firm abs fluttering, strong legs flailing. Zoe sat on the stool and watched Emma die, watched her face turn purple, watched bloody drool slide down her protruding and swollen tongue, watched a drop of blood trickle from her nose, and finally watched Emma’s movements slow until one of her worst tormentors hung limp in the rope, no longer able to hurt Zoe or anyone else, and hopefully burning in Hell. Zoe felt a weight slide off of her as Emma’s bladder relaxed.

Zoe and Tiffany went up and down the line, hanging one Badger after another. Some cried, some begged, some cursed and threatened her, all died in miserable agony. Mike was left for last, shaking as Zoe as Tiffany approached him. He was only a couple years older than the loli, in another era, he would have been ‘too young to die’. Zoe brought a stool and sat right in front of him “Hi Mike” she said calmly, her voice not giving away the emotion burning under the surface. He opened his mouth, Zoe cut him off “ Don’t speak, just listen.”

“You were one of the closest people I had to a friend out there. We were never close, but before you were a Badger, my days with you usually involved reasonable sex and a night where neither of us were as cold when we tried to sleep. A lot of times we could even make a meal between us. There were no good days out there, but those days were better. I smiled when I saw you……and then you joined a gang, and the next time you saw me, you and your friends raped and beat me within an inch of my life. I would have died on that street if I hadn’t been brought here”. Zoe stood, leaning on Tiffany to steady her “Well? What do you have to say for yourself?” Mike was as white as a sheet, and he stammered “ I….I’m so sorry Zoe, I shouldn’t have done that, none of us should have, it was wrong” he looked up and down the line at the purple faced lumps of meat that had been his friends “P…please don’t do this to me”. Zoe’s face twisted in an odd mix of rage and humor, she let go of Tiffany and took a few painful steps until she could lean against Mike, whispering for his ears only “Fate is funny sometimes. You probably don’t remember, but those exact words are the last thing I said before you and your friends put me in a coma”. His eyes went wide, just before Zoe pulled that last stool herself and sat, spending the next 15 minutes watching him die. Her legs hurt so badly after those few steps that Tiffany had to carry her back inside, but Zoe was happy.

No more nightmares.

15 years later

Zoe was surrounded by her family, she had spent more than half of her 27 years here, and it was not ‘the harem’ and her ‘harem family’ anymore, she hadn’t thought that way in many years. This was home, and this was her family, these were her sisters. She still had a picture of herself and Tiffany on her wall, Tiffany had been slaughtered and cooked just a few weeks after she helped Zoe hang her bullies. Zoe still kept a lock of her hair, and the memories from those few weeks were some of her most treasured. Zoe had held her hand as Tiffany had died, without fear, without regret. Tina and Shauna had been right in their predictions, they had been slaughtered together for Christmas the year Zoe arrived, in the ways they had hoped for. Zoe had seen so many sisters come and go over the years, dined on so many dear friends, and it never felt like a loss. She missed them sometimes, but they were still part of her home, part of her family. They had fed the family, and soon Zoe would join them, would do the same. When she had come here, Zoe hadn’t feared death, but she hadn’t actively welcomed it, she just hadn’t really cared. Now, after seeing how beautiful a thing it was, she looked forward to feeding the family.

Zoe had grown into a woman. The scrawny, underfed loli was gone. Zoe was definitely table weight now, she was all curves. She could look in the mirror and see in her own flesh the steaks that had nourished her so well. She could see the bacon, her rump would feed many hungry girls. And she had gained the huge and heavy breasts that on Tiffany had been her first real exposure to this wonderful happy world. Her own were actually larger, soft and warm and welcoming. They had taken in many cold lolis from the streets over the years, and Zoe took a special joy in holding them, in keeping them warm and letting them know they were safe. There was a loli in her arms right now in fact.

Zoe smiled fondly at the girl. Sarah was 14 and had just come a few weeks ago. She was still skinny enough for Zoe to feel her heart break, for the older girls to be extremely protective and take great pleasure in spoiling her whenever they could. She held Zoe’s hand, leaned into her warm embrace and asked “Do you have to?” with big puppy dog eyes. Zoe remembered feeling that way for Tiffany, she couldn’t understand how the older girl was so at peace, she understood now. Zoe kissed Sarah on the forehead “ You’ll see one day honey, this is not a bad thing. This is what allows the next girl, the next Zoe to have the same wonderful life I’ve had. I told you about the bad days before I came here, but I wouldn’t change them. If I hadn’t been attacked that day, I might not be here, and I want to play my part in making this as happy a place for you as it has been for me. I want this”.

Zoe stood up, Sarah still holding her hand, and they walked to the kitchen, stopping for Zoe to hug and kiss every single sister on the way there. By the time they had hugged the last and gotten to the kitchen, Zoe could hardly stand. She had never recovered properly from that night in the alley and couldn’t stand without pain for more than a couple minutes, but she didn’t mind. Daddy Gimli was there, he embraced her lovingly and helped get her up on the counter. Zoe laid back, felt Sarah squeeze her hand. Zoe felt the cold knife on her neck and took one last breath. As she felt the cold bite of her throat being opened, and then almost immediately felt numbness and her world went dark, Zoe was happy, and at the end, what she had told Sarah was true, she wouldn’t change a thing.

Zoe was delicious


Wow! Just read all three parts of your Zoe story and thought it was amazing! The first part made me very sad but I loved the cosy new home she got and almost cheered when she got her revenge on the bullies! They system in the harem sounds so sweet too, with girls happily giving up their meat to feed the next generation of waifs and strays! A really lovely story :D


This story turned out surprisingly wholesome in the end! A surprise for sure, but a welcome one. Well done.


thank you guys so much!! <3

Edward, yeah, I had at least those elements in mind from the start. most people (myself included) usually write the girl in the hours or days leading up to death, with her mind and attitude about it fully formed, I wanted to show how she got there. Add that with me being a softie who loves nothing more than a nice snuggle….that and getting bullies back. I'm so glad you liked it! <3

Thank you Loke! I've done so many where the girl dies sad or lonely or whatever. you saw my last one? a brutal murder of a sweet loli with a bright future, in her own home. that was about as dark as I get, I needed something a lot more wholesome as a palate cleanser, so I gave Zoe a version of my fantasy for myself <3

thanks for the comments guys, it really does mean a lot! <3


Mmmm I want to write some execution stories now ;)


Oh my… I think the Christy story has been my favourite so far!


I had a couple that were meant to be short and silly. feeling down, so I'm gonna finish some of them, see if that helps

“And CUT!” called the director. Cameras immediately stopped rolling, lights were adjusted, and Chloe Moretz exhaled in relief, getting down from the uncomfortable ‘evil lair’ bondage frame. She walked off set, patting the tripod mounted machine gun as she passed it “Bring in the double!” called the director.

The blonde who had been standing in the corner struggling to control her excitement ran over. Like Chloe, she was naked except for the Hit-Girl wig and mask, showing off her exceptionally similar figure. Her eyes were the wrong color, and there was a couple inch height difference, but it didn’t matter. They were filming the penultimate fight of Kick-Ass 3, the long awaited and final installment in the series and this girl who had been a huge fan since the first one had won the drawing to be the double for Chloe in this incredibly important scene.

The double (Chloe had not bothered to learn her name) ran up to her idol “I Love you Chloe, I’m a huge fan!” Two stagehands helped get the girl locked into the frame Chloe had just occupied, she was beaming and called out “Good luck in your next roll!” Chloe gave her a thumbs up and an encouraging smile, while mentally rolling her eyes, groupies. The director yelled “Places! And…action!”

As the machine gun opened fire, the noise was louder than stunt double Mindy (not her birth name, she had legally changed it after the first movie) would have believed. The bullets slammed into her flesh. She didn’t have instructions, anything she was supposed to try to do, they wanted a real reaction. So she grunted at the first impacts, then screamed in pain as the first burst stopped. The second burst tore open her pale belly and turned her vision red with pain. She was losing a lot of blood. The third burst was longer, shredding her tits and blowing her head to bits. The mutilated corpse slumped in the restraints.

As the gun stopped firing, Aaron Taylor-Johnson ran into the room, screaming and swearing. He fell to his knees, weeping for Hit-Girl, wishing he had beaten the villain sooner, had saved her. It was a heartrending performance, the best of his career. As the director called a wrap and announced that they had gotten in, he went and high-fived Chloe, then they went and got pizza, laughing about the noises the girl had made, and how eager she had been for some reason to go through that when she would only be credited with the rest of the stunt doubles, they didn’t understand super-fans. Oh well, the stunt double had been happy, and they were both going to make a ton of money, everybody won.


NICE! Been a Chloe fan since "My Name is Earl" where even Earl tells her 8 or 9yo character she needs to show a lot more skin! Wish there'd been a scene like this in the first Kick-Ass ;)

It kinda reminds me of a story I read a while back about Mary Jane Watson being a snuff-double for Kirsten Dunst and Peter going along to watch her big moment - was that one of yours too?


Alice in Wonderland:Alice Shrinks

Alice stood with her head brushing the ceiling, 50 feet tall, berating the queen who had just been calling for her death. “As for you, your Majesty. Majesty indeed”

Alice was more like 40 feet now, but she hadn’t noticed the change, “why you’re not a queen.” 30 feet, and shrinking with each word

“You’re just a fat” 25ft

“Pompous” 20

bad tempered 15

old ty…..” 10, and Alice had noticed, she trailed off

….tyrant” Alice had now shrunk back to her original 4’10 and the 12 year old had now started to grasp that she had a very real problem

Evil chuckle ‘and uh…what were you saying dear?’

Alice turns to run, but she was just a kid, and not an athletic one. The playing cards didn’t waste time with some big showy display of jumping around that would give her time to escape, they grabbed the little golden haired girl and dragged her back before the Queen. The Queen grinned wickedly. “I will say this one more time, you have had a trial, you have insulted me again. No loophole, no stalling….OFF WITH HER HEAD!!!”

Alice screamed as two playing cards dragged her back a few feet, then held a flamingo like scissors and used the beak to snip away at her dress until she was exposed to the waist. Alice was adorable, there was no other word. Her chest was not entirely flat, her breasts had started to come in, but they were no more than very gentle swells, A-cup would be generous,with areolas so light they almost blended in with her unblemished alabaster skin. Her body was thin and pale, with a bit of baby fat lingering around her belly. With her big blue eyes, she would have softened the heart of anyone who had one….but the Queen did not.

Alice was pleading and sobbing “I’m sorry your Majesty, it was the mushroom, I didn’t mean it! You are the Queen, you are my queen. Please your Majesty” she hardly seemed to note as two playing cards carried a wooden chopping block and dropped it between her and the Queen, although her pleas grew more frantic, tears filled her huge blue eyes and dripped off of her chin “Please your Majesty, I’ll do anything!” A huge card approached, far bigger than the rest, with a black hood and a huge axe, gleaming with a dark and cruel gleam on the edge, and specked with what had once been blood closer to the haft

The Queen was unmoved by the precious little angel pleading for her life, she raised her hand very dramatically and gave a thumbs down. One of the cards came up behind Alice, pushing her to the block….and tweaking her tiny nipples while doing so, earning much laughter, especially from the Queen. There was a drumroll, and then Alice felt a blinding, crushing pain in her neck, a dreadful impact. She realized that the executioner must have failed with the first stroke, oh the horror!! Alice tried to cry out, but her spine was broken, she was completely paralyzed. Two more monstrous impact and she felt her head fall away.

Alice was now 4’2

She stayed awake far longer than she would have in the mundane world, finally being allowed to die, to escape the face of the Queen, twisted in malicious glee, to escape the cruel laughter. The Queen had her roasted, found her flesh to be the most delicious she had tasted, and so started the tradition of kidnapping children from the waking world and carrying them away for royal feasts.


Ooh that was fun! Have you thought about doing something with the White Witch from Narnia? I'm sure she and her demonic minions would have had some fun with children who accidentally stumbled through the various portals ;)


I have now officially read everything you have posted - The Kobayashi one made me think a little of "Let the Right One In" :)


Oh and forgot to say - it's all awesome :D


Here's a link to my "sequel" to your fireworks story! Thanks for the permission x


Part 2 is well underway. I'm probably taking a hiatus after this story, but I hope you enjoy <3

Set 7 years after Just a Job. Crop failures and disease have forced humanity closer than ever to the brink of extinction. In a bid to fend off the specter of dying out as a race, harsh measures have been taken. Most important among these, mandatory breeding ages have been dropped by a year, all residents of the new order must have become pregnant or impregnated another by their 14th birthday to be allowed to remain. All children were raised by adopted parents who had passed mandatory breeding ages and finished school, very rarely their biological parents. Experiments shortly after the Final War meant that the population reached sexual maturity around 11 years old in most cases, so the majority were able to meet this requirement…. but not all.

Just a Job 2; Chapter 1- Happy Birthday

Dinner at the Anderson home was a very quiet affair that night. Mr and Mrs Anderson and their two children sat, three of them eating quietly, and the son Ryan poking disinterestedly at his food. He had eaten very little, and although his parents loved and cared for him very much, they didn’t pressure him to eat. A cupcake was in front of him with a number in icing, 14.

His family sat around him, sporadically squeezing his hand or shoulder, giving his leg a reassuring rub. They played a quiet game, they shared fond memories, happy stories. They watched an episode of Firefly, his favorite show. Ryan tried to put on a brave face, but as the clock struck midnight, he paled and started to tremble. It was now his birthday, and his fate was sealed. His family came in around him for a group hug, but there was nothing they could do to help him. His 11yo sister Andi was already pregnant, and she had suggested claiming that it was his baby, but that wouldn’t do, they tested, and if she was caught lying, she would be allowed to give birth, and she would die as well.

Another round of hugs and Ryan went into the bedroom he shared with his sister, feeling hollow. He lay in bed, facing the wall and trembling, silent tears running down his cheeks. Ryan was a pretty boy. He was not cute or handsome or adorable (okay, maybe adorable), he was PRETTY. Fully dressed, he’d been mistaken for a little girl many times, once by a girl he’d later fucked, trying to save them both. He was skinny, with very soft, delicate features. He had big eyes and hair dyed bright pink, with a dye that smelled distinctly like cherries, and looked even younger than he actually was. He liked painting his nails, he liked a bit of makeup, he liked coloring his hair, and to the surprise of nobody who thought about him for more than a moment, he liked boys.

He’d never been in a relationship for more than a few weeks, but a number of guys, and even a few girls with strap-ons had had their fun with him. He didn’t mind. He’d never been raped or abused, and most had given him little tokens of appreciation. Snacks, small items needed around the house, or just a kiss on the forehead. Ryan was so young, and a late bloomer, sex had never meant much to him. It felt kinda nice, although none of his partners had been skilled, the forehead kisses meant a lot more, they were a weakness. He’d had sex with plenty of girls in an attempt to avoid the position he now found himself in, but he really had wanted just once to have a kindly grown man, with strong, safe arms. Unfortunately the only person he really had left to see at this point was Alana, the executrix. She was very kind the couple times they had met, but she certainly wasn’t the Thor type man Ryan deeply regretted had never really noticed him.

Ryan lay there and shivered and cried and tried to control his fear. He knew it had to happen, he wasn’t mad at anyone, and his feelings were more regret than fear, but he was still terrified, he was too young for this. It would hurt, and then he would just be over, and there was so much he still wanted to do. As he sniffled in his quiet misery, he almost missed the sound of his sister entering the room. He tried to stop crying, to feign sleep so that she might just go to bed, but even at 11, Andi wasn’t a fool, she knew the odds of her beloved older brother sleeping tonight.

She came up behind him and sat on the edge of his bed, touching his shoulder. Ryan sighed and rolled over, he hadn’t wanted her to see him with red eyes and tears on his cheeks, but there was no avoiding it. Andi sat there in the soft light of a lamp, her eyes full of sad love. She was so cute to Ryan, she was his precious little sister. Even with her baby bump already visible under her shirt, and her breasts coming in early and staining the fabric with leaking milk, she was a pure and innocent being in his eyes, with soft curls and blue eyes and rosy little cheeks. She had hit puberty and probably had sex with more boys and more people overall than Ryan had, but she was a child, in her eyes, in her face, in her thoughts, and in her sweet soul.

She hugged him gently “Talk to me” she said quietly. Ryan had hardly spoken all night, a few words here and there. He had so many bubbling under the surface, but he didn’t know how to express all of it. So many thoughts, so many emotions. Then his mind supplied an image of the noose that would squeeze his tender throat in the morning, would turn his face a more interesting color than his hair, and would turn him from the cute little twink who just wanted to know romantic love, into another lifeless piece of meat and he had one thought, one emotion above the rest “ I’m scared” he confessed in a fragile whisper. Andi held his hand “ It’s gonna be okay. Alana is nice, she will be gentle. Mommy said that there used to be stories about Heaven, a good place after we die. You’ll be there, you’ll see”. Then she stood on the bed and kissed his forehead. She didn’t quite get why Ryan liked it so much, but he did, and that was good enough for her. Ryan felt some of the tension leave him, he didn’t know what he believed, but Andi sounded so sure about Heaven, maybe she was right, there was a chance. He hugged her, and they fell asleep. No sex, fully clothed, just a doomed boy and the sister who made it easier.

`Part 2- The big day

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson woke up early the next morning and peeked in to check on the children. Andi was not in her bed, she was with Ryan, embraced like a teddy bear, both of them fast asleep. Their parents just stood around and watched the cuteness. The kids were both so innocent, Ryan had never had a real relationship, but he’d had many friends, many parties, he was so enthusiastic, always ready to explore or swim or watch a movie. He made friends wherever he went. This whole situation broke his parents hearts. It was fair, there was no corruption in the new society, everything was perfectly mathematically fair, but that didn’t make it right that in a few hours, all of that enthusiasm, that eagerness to try new things, that warm spark that made people like their son so much would all be gone. They didn’t wake the kids, Ryan didn’t have to report to Alana for a few more hours, he would be stressed and upset this morning, and there was no reason he couldn’t sleep and avoid that until it was time to go.

Ryan and Andi slept late, waking fresh and rested. Andi was first, snuggling closer to her brother, with Ryan not long after. Ryan rubbed his sister’s belly, feeling the baby bump, and the love in his heart overwhelmed even his fear. Andi rolled over and smiled at him, placing his hand back on “Mommy says he will start kicking in a couple months” Ryan smiled sadly “I wish I was going to meet him” Andi couldn’t help a little giggle “Silly goose, even I won’t really meet him, at least that I know. He’ll go to his new family, and we will both get to meet him in Heaven!” Ryan thought for a moment that this was a very sad thought, but Andi was giggling and seemed to find it really funny for whatever reason. Her enthusiasm was infectious and Ryan found himself giggling right there with her. Soon they were laughing and tickling each other and just having a good time and neither of them knew or cared why. Their parents on the other side of the door were happy to hear it. They didn’t know if the kids were playing doctor or telling dirty jokes or even having sex, anything that helped put off sadness for Ryan as long as possible was good in their book.

Eventually, after a tickle fight and laughing until they cried, Ryan and Andi ventured out of their room. Disheveled and happy. Their parents didn’t ask, just hugged them both and set out breakfast. Ryan got through three pancakes with strawberries before he happened to see the clock and his appetite was gone, with the fear returning, less than an hour until he had to report to Alana. His parents noticed the change and were immediately at his side. “Let’s go to the market” his mom suggested. Ryan always liked it there, all the vendors with colorful wares were fun to see. More trade and less essential work had popped up since the food situation had been largely solved through technology. Food still wasn’t wasted and the population crisis had actually gotten worse, but as long as everyone allowed to live was able to procreate, humanity would endure and the next generation would have it better.

The family grabbed their stuff and headed to the market, Andi and Ryan still in their pajamas. They wandered the stalls, greeted friends. Ryan tried to distract himself, looking at all the pretty stuff here. He stopped at a clothing stall when something caught his eye. It was just a pair of socks, nothing fancy, but he loved them immediately. They were silly fluffy, and the same pink as his hair. Ryan touched them, wishing he had seen them a week ago, he could have cherished them for a week, now it was too late. His mother walked up with a smile “See anything you like?” she asked, looking at the socks in his hands. Ryan set them down, shaking his head “There’s no point” Mrs. Anderson tousled his hair “Nonsense, they’re socks, it’s not a big thing. Even right now you’ll get more use out of them than Andi got out of the candy she just wanted.” and five minutes later, Ryan was wearing the socks. They were so cute, and so comfortable, he felt bad that Mom had spent money on clothes he would wear for less than an hour, but they DID make him happy, even if they were now walking to Alana and he had lost his smile at the edge of the market.

Ryan was feeling weak as the office Alana used came into view. She met them at the door, cupped his cheek “Hey cutie” she looked down and smiled “Nice socks”. She stepped back to let Ryan say his final goodbyes. He hugged each of his family members, leaving Andi for last. The siblings hugged, not needing words, then Andi stood on her toes and pulled her brother down a bit to give him a little kiss on the forehead. One last squeeze and Ryan was on his way, Alana leading him on one last walk.

I hope people enjoyed this, it’s been one of my favorite bits to write in a long time <3


Aww this really is super cute! Shotas aren't my thing but I'm loving this story x


Your stories are so romantic that when reading them I can't decide if I have to play with my dick or cry from emotional overload LOL
It is just too cute.

Executions like hangings are not the main preference for me on their own, but I will try to replicate that mood on at least one of my stories as well.

I actually came here by Edwards reference to your fireworks story, which lacks any sign of romantic mood but happens to be very graphic and intense;)

I hope I will be able to combine those aspects into one ;)


aww, hank you guys!

Onix, I want to try for a number of different moods, but soft romantic is where my heart is <3


File: 1565382713516.jpg (29.78 KB, 480x573, 958f431a154741b1dcf1388ac3….jpg)

Part 2! Part 3 will be the last one, and also come quicker. I meant to attach it to part one, but this is basically the closest to how I picture Ryan <3

Alana led Ryan through the door, into the back room of the offices. She was gentle and friendly, but firm, Ryan definitely got the impression that if he tried to run, she would do something about it. She had him by a foot, and was very athletic next to his delicate little build, it wouldn’t be an issue for her. Alana knew he was thinking about it and hoped the kid wouldn’t run. She would have to make this worse for him…..and it would ruin her little treat.

Ryan blinked as Alana led him into a much darker room. There were candles and a mattress and a few odd tables and things Ryan wasn’t quite sure about, including what looked like a crate with instructions to assemble a guillotine on the side. He did see the noose dangling near the back of the room and felt a chill, but the rest of the room was so different from what he had expected that he was distracted. He had expected bright lights and white walls and a room bare except for the rope. He came to a stop, was that….soft jazz music? Alana winked and walked away, back to the door “You two have fun” she called over her shoulder, leaving Ryan very confused. He opened his mouth to ask, and heard someone behind him. He turned and saw Frank stepping out from behind the guillotine crate “Hey little buddy”.

Ryan was very confused, but Frank was in a tight shirt and the view was certainly nice. Frank was 6’2, and when he wasn’t helping Alana, mostly working on construction. He had abs that could have been carved of wood or stone. His arms were big and strong, he looked like he could break Ryan in half. He actually had a strong resemblance to pre-apocalypse actor Jason Momoa, but kept his dark hair cut fairly short. Now that he was smiling, Ryan couldn’t help noting that despite his reputation from working with Alana and doing his bit for general law enforcement, he had an easy smile and cheerful eyes. He was, Ryan suddenly thought, very attractive.

Frank walked over, patted his shoulder “Alana said you liked guys, she asked me to take care of you today, we figured you wouldn’t be too upset at getting me instead of her” he touched the tips of Ryan’s pink hair “Damn you’re cute” Ryan found his tongue, managed words “Oh, I definitely don’t mind” and then his cheeks flushed, that sounded so stupid! He stammered “I mean, thanks…I …I… like boys?” Ryan looked down, mortified at his babbling. Frank burst out laughing “Boys, girls, I like tweens. Alana and I split it up sometimes if we know a irl is straight or a boy is gay. Unless they tell us or make it obvious, she just handles them, and buddy, you did NOT need to tell us! Anyway, I am ahead on my work, and nobody else is getting sent my way, so we have time for some fun”.

Frank guided Ryan to a table with a hole cut in one end then leaned down to kiss the shotas neck, moving to unbutton his flannel pajama shirt “Let’s okay loosen you up a little first” Ryan nodded, arching his back at the touch of the man who would soon be his executioner, it was like warm electric tingles shot from his fingers, and the kiss on his neck made his knees unsteady. Frank pulled the pajama shirt away and touched Ryan’s nipples, earning a happy squeak. Frank pushed the boy onto the table, face in the hole. Ryan jumped as something was drizzled on his back, but it was just warm massage oil. Frank had strong hands, and as he rubbed the oil in, Ryan felt small, small and soft underneath those strong hands and brawny arms that could snap his neck as easily as knead tense muscles, and being a romantic sub who just wanted to be taken advantage of by someone who knew what he was doing, Ryan felt like he was already in Heaven.

Frank smiled as he rubbed the munchkin, feeling the boy unwind. When his back was gleaming, Frank moved on. Ryan still had boxers, Frank slipped them off, exposing the cute shota butt in front of him. Ryan tensed for just a moment, then relaxed as he figured Frank wasn’t going to do anything back there that he minded. Frank rubbed the soft young meat, gave one butt cheek a squeeze, then leaned to whisper in Ryan’s ear “Tell me if it gets to be too much, I want your rump to match your hair” and the first swat connected. Ryan yelped in surprise, but after a few more spanks decided that he liked it. Frank’s big hand came down again and again, and Ryan’s butt wiggled with each hit, one cheek, then the other. Ryan felt butterflies in his belly, his cheeks on his face flushed, his breathing quickened and by the time Frank was satisfied that his ass was bright pink and settled for rubbing it, Ryan was squirming, fighting his need for more than this teasing!

Frank didn’t make him wait long, Ryan was as loosened up as he was going to be for the short remainder of his life. Frank went for something and then Ryan felt more of that warm oil on his butt, then tried to twist around as he felt Frank work one oiled finger in there. Frank held him down with his free hand “Easy buddy, you’ll like this” then he slid Ryan back. The little boy gripped the edges of the table as he felt Frank enter him. There was stretching, and then a wonderful sense of fullness. Frank was quite a lot bigger than any previous fuck-buddy Ryan had been with, and it quickly became clear that he was much more skilled.

He thrust a few times while simultaneously lifting Ryan and moving to the bed. Ryan was choked and spanked and tied up and teased with ice and hot wax. His nipples were rubbed and pinched, he was kissed all over, and his butthole got stretched and filled and pounded in ways he had never imagined. Ryan was exhausted before long,having climaxed twice, but Frank had greater stamina and just wanted to give. Time moved strangely, it felt like their passion went on for hours, but as Frank finally used up his stamina and pulled out, to just lie there and hug his pet, it felt like it had lasted no time at all. Ryan snuggled into those strong arms, trying to stall, to freeze time right there. Frank was in no hurry to let go, he would miss this cute fruit-scented kid, but Frank couldn’t keep him. They both knew what was next. The fun was over, and after what amounted to a one-night stand, Ryan had a date, a date with a rope and gravity.


Aww Ryan is too adorable! I bet he sees dying as almost worth it under the circumstances? ;)


Hey Ellen, did you get locked out of your email again? :)


It's so shrt it's almost not worth poting, and I am not sure if anyone actually cares, but I wanted to finish this story, I hope someone enjoys. I'm gonna see if a few short one-shots help me get excited to write again, suggestions for one of those ar more than welcome :)

Just a Job 2- Finale

Frank and Ryan cuddled for a little while, neither in any hurry to get to the unpleasantness ahead. Frank was just taking his time and enjoying the moment, Ryan was hoping against hope that there might be a reprieve, that Frank might keep him as a pet or helper. Ryan didn’t know it, but Frank had hanged two of his OWN offspring over the years, it wasn’t going to happen.

The mail tube in the corner shuddered and thunked, delivering a letter canister and startling Ryan. Frank sighed and rolled over to go retrieve it, reading it as he came back and sat with Ryan. Another deep sigh “Hey little buddy, they need me to help on a project in just a bit. I hate to do it, but we need to get this show on the road”.

Ryan felt a brief spike of fear that dried his mouth and constricted his breathing. Frank stroked his pink hair and the feeling was replaced by resignation and sadness. Hot tears filled his eyes and ran down his cheeks, but he didn’t protest as Frank led him to the noose.

Frank tousled Ryan’s pink hair affectionately, then cupped his cheek and told the trembling kid “Okay Ryan, just look into my eyes okay. I’m right here, I’m not leaving you” Ryan nodded glumly as Frank pulled the knot down and got it snug. He helped Ryan step up on a chair, then retracted the noose so the boy was on his toes. Frank stood behind his trembling playmate and in one motion, pulled the chair out from under him.

Ryan felt the noose pull tight, but he was so light, it didn’t start as the crushing agony he had feared. It was more than enough to leave bruises, but Frank had choked him hard enough to do that during their lovemaking, and it reminded Ryan of that feeling, a peaceful thought

Frank held Ryan’s hand, using grip strength, facial expressions, and body language to tell how the cutie pie was holding up. Ryan tightened his grip after about 30 seconds, and his face showed the start of real pain. Frank took that as his cue, he hugged Ryan, wrapping his arms against those skinny shoulders “Almost done buddy” he whispered. Then Frank jumped up, putting his full weight on Ryan. There was an ugly cracking sound and the boy stopped struggling. Frank lowered his legs again, standing on solid ground. He smelled that fruity scented hair one more time and left to get to the other job, pausing only to recover the fluffy pink socks.

After Frank had finished his other work, and after Ryan had been butchered, Frank paid a visit to the Anderson home, returning the socks. Andi found herself only able to conceive a single time, so she went to the rope on her 16th birthday, and when she reported for her hanging, she wore the socks. And as her fear and pain faded, Andi saw her beloved brother again.


Great to see you back.
Some more semi-con stories like this would be nice, I enjoy them and I'm usually the kind that only goes for noncon stuff.


Aww that was so sweet - I especially loved Frank holding Ryan's hand while he hanged and his sister wearing the socks in tribute! x


(9th is the youngest grade that kills people, but the majority of dying is done by munchkins. if anyone wants to steal this world, be my guest! <3 )

Just a one-shot, I don't have any active plans to follow Alyssa

Executrix Academy

Headmistress Higgins Executrix Preparatory School for Girls, Noon Seminar for 9th Grade.

The bell rang and the class filed in from the hallway. Mistress Dorna watched her students carefully. Today was a very special class and the Headmistress of the school was sitting in the back of the room to observe, but the girls were not to look at her. Any failure of discipline would result in the offender being ‘volunteered’ for a future demonstration. There were ten 9th grade classes, with girls about 14 years old, roughly 500 in this school in 9th grade alone. It was the only executrix school in the country. Executrix was a good job, and life was cheap, so even though of the nearly 16,000 students enrolled at any given time, only 30 would live to graduate each year, the school never had a shortage of applicants.

As the students took their seats, Mistress Dorna stood in the front to address her pupils. “Good morning class, and welcome to the first day of 9th Grade. In previous years, you have learned to handle axes and swords, to tie a noose, set up an electric chair, and last year you showed that you were each capable of properly hanging or beheading a cadaver. As I am sure you know, in 9th grade, you will start to use live targets, from former students in the younger classes who have not met school standards. Executions should very rarely be simply about death, they are a show. 30 girls in your grade will survive to graduation, and then when they are hired, the clients will expect to be entertained. To demonstrate, we have senior Alyssa Bigman, and her victim and sister, 11 year old and until she was late to her first class this morning, 6th grader Jenny. I expect you all to take notes as there will be a discussion and quiz. Alyssa, please come in, start when you are ready”.

The class watched attentively as Alyssa came in. She had a reputation in the school as one of the best students to come through in years. Half of the seniors would die before graduation, but her survival was virtually assured, and she would be a credit to the school. Several girls in the class felt their nether regions tingle as she entered. 5’8, D-cups, stunning green eyes, and an athletic build all displayed in a leather dominatrix outfit and fishnet stockings, she could have any girl she wanted with one smoldering look.

Her sister was a different story. Alyssa led Jenny on a leash, hands cuffed behind her back. Jenny was small, not five feet, skinny, with frizzy hair, big glasses, and just the start of tits under her frilly training bra. A good portion of the class felt bad, Jenny had probably wanted to follow her sister in this path, but she never had a chance, the glasses alone would have meant she couldn’t pass the physical at the start of 9th grade. Despite her death having been assured since she enrolled, Jenny didn’t seem upset, just curious, looking around the room, at the 50 older girls, at the execution devices around the room, at the swaying hips of her big sister, her eyes wide behind the comical lenses.

Alyssa led her sister front and center, smiling. “Thank you for having me Mistress Dorna, and I would like to congratulate the freshman class on making it this far. My sister Jenny wasn’t so lucky, but she’s going to help me with a demonstration today. Never forget, even snuff bunnies make a valuable contribution to your education, isn’t that right Jenny?” the small girl nodded, then smirked “Just be careful with me sis, I only get to do this once!” Alyssa chuckled, a couple other girls took this as a sign that it would be safe to giggle as well, and their Mistress didn’t mark anyone for it, the whole room relaxed a bit.

Alyssa went to the tool cabinet and pulled out a dao, a curved Chinese broadsword. She spun it around her hand a few times as she walked back “So you all have learned to handle a sword, right?”, the girls all nodded, Alyssa smiled “Good! Now, the dao is very well suited for beheading, but there is more to a good beheading than simply removing the head. It’s a show for the audience, and the connection between executioner and victim is more intimate and powerful than sex can ever be. A good executioner should be able to bring their subject to the edge of orgasm. A very good executioner should be able to take them over that edge”. Jenny was smiling broadly at that for sure.

Alyssa produced a blindfold and kissed her sister on the cheek as she took the comically large glasses and tied it “A good executioner should be able to remove the head while her victim is sitting, standing, or kneeling, all without it making any real difference. We’re going to start Jenny off standing, but that may change. The only position that is not allowed is for the subject to be lying down when their head is taken. It isn’t more difficult, but it’s poor form, because in a crowded room, it may be harder for some clients to see. So if the subject ever goes down during the show, it is on the executioner to remedy that, whatever it takes”.

Alyssa started circling her sister, who was visibly trembling with nervous energy. She touched the girl with the blunt side, causing her to jump badly. Jenny and half the class gasped on the next pass around when Alyssa reversed the blade, leaving her sister with a small cut on her upper arm. The third pass left her shoulder bleeding and one bra strap parted. One more rotation, this time with two quick motions of the razor sharp blade and little Jenny was topless, her adorable budding breasts fully exposed, and her nipples, hard as little diamonds, giving some indication to her feelings. She gasped with every touch of the blade, and her breathing had become rapid and shaky. Alyssa pinched one of her pale nips, Jenny whined in horny frustration and discomfort as Alyssa tugged it, leading Jenny by the nipple until she was standing on her tiptoes.

The older girl let go, continuing her circling. She touched to flat of the blade to nipples, buttocks, throat, and every other erogenous zone (which the girls learned to the same tune and at the same time they would have learned ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ in the old days), brushing the unsharpened back against her visibly damp panties. Jenny was biting her lips and trying not to squirm as the sensations wracked her skinny body. She was no virgin, but her sister had been right, this was MUCH more intimate and erotic than sex!

Eventually it got to be too much, and Jenny sank onto her knees. Alyssa kept pacing, touching her with the cold blade, opening shallow cuts. Jenny looked like she had gotten into a fight with a box of razor blades, but Alyssa had such a gentle touch and the blade was so sharp, and she was so aroused that she didn’t experience most of it as pain, just electricity in every fiber of her being. That was, until without warning, Alyssa flicked the blade and Jenny was minus one nipple. It was pain like she had never experienced, but it also pushed her over the edge. Alyssa held her upright as her baby sister screamed and rode the most intense orgasm of her life. Alyssa could feel every one of her little muscles fluttering. The older girl was hiding it well, but after this demonstration, she was going to need to grab the nearest thing with a pulse and fuck their brains out.

Jenny was weak from blood loss, Alyssa was wearing boots to keep her from slipping. The little girl was also dizzy from the pain and orgasm. As her big sister flicked the sword and removed her other nipple, Jenny felt that overwhelming surge of sensations all over again. Alyssa could see that her sister wasn’t going to be able to stay upright much longer, and didn’t want to have to torture her to keep her up. So as the sweet girl was in the throes of her second orgasm, Alyssa grabbed her hair with one hand and swung with the other, cleanly decapitating her sister and holding the head high, presenting it to her audience. She gazed at the students, seeing more than half of the class biting their lips hard enough to draw blood, or grasping tables and desks harder than they normally could, in valiant attempts to ride out their own orgasms in silence.

They were absolutely quiet for a few moments, the only sounds being heavy breathing and blood still dripping from either of the two pieces that had been Jenny. Mistress Dorna broke the silence “Well class, I’m sure you would all agree when I congratulate Miss Bigman on a remarkable demonstration. I have seen many executrixes who have been graduated for a decade and couldn’t handle a sword well enough to put on that show. A round of applause for our performer and her subject I think?” the applause was deafening, Alyssa held the head high and took a bow.

Mistress Dorna covered a few key points before the bell rang for lunch and she dismissed her class. Alyssa hung back as they filed out. She had seen a redhead in the back of the room, with big glasses that would be the death of her, it seemed fitting. The pigtailed ginger was the last one to the door, and Alyssa put a hand on her shoulder, causing the girl to look up at her with impossibly wide eyes “How would you feel about skipping lunch and finding a nice quiet corner?” Alyssa asked her. The girl’s eyes got even BIGGER, like the human version of a pug. She squeaked and nodded furiously, too excited to form words. Alyssa led her to a classroom that would be unoccupied, set Jenny’s head on a desk to watch, and the two girls worked off some energy before the next class.


DAMN! That was hot! Gonna have to read it again in private ;-)


May I ask for Chris Thorndyke being hung and fucked as he slowly dies?


I'm sorry Executioner, I am happy to write characters I know, but I am not familiar with that one and don't really have the time to watch his show. I don't like to write established characters if I don't know them well enough to make them different from generic snuff toys :P



Thats okay, can I ask for Tails of Sonic fame then


I can't speak for Ellen, I could be wrong, but since those two are the same universe, wouldn't it probably be the same answer?

"could you do one about Luke Skywalker?"

"Sorry, I don't know Luke because I don't watch Star Wars"

"No problem….how about Darth Vader?"


True but Chris is only from the Sonic X anime while Tails is in most of the media save for the first game.

So it would be like if she said she doesnt know Starkiller of Force Unleashed so I mention C3PO

But if Tails is unfamiliar… Conan Edogawa?


File: 1569422508963.jpg (765.16 KB, 1440x920, 1327645 - Hit-Girl Juyan16….jpg)

(Takes place during the first Kick-Ass movie, opening seconds before Kick-Ass shows up with the bazooka)

Frank D’Amico looked down at the bloody and beaten Hit-Girl on the floor of his office. She was good, she was very good, but Frank had 3 black belts and was about 4 times her size, she never had a chance. Part of Frank didn’t want to kill her, part of him wanted to keep her, break her defiance, and turn her into his own elite muscle. But she had killed too many of his guys, that warehouse fight had been seen by too many people. She had to die or he would look weak. And he couldn’t deny, part of him wanted to kill her, to turn this feisty child into a lump of cold meat, killing always gave him such a feeling of power.

“I wish I had a son like you” he said, absolutely meaning it. “But” he cocked his gun “time for a family reunion”. He raised his hand to pull the trigger and send the tiny ninja to Hell, until he heard footsteps behind him. He turned and saw the deadweight sidekick his son had been fighting, Kick-Ass, if Frank remembered correctly. The young man hefted the bazooka one of Frank’s guys had been carrying and said “Hey! Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” and pulled the trigger.

Unfortunately for Kick-Ass, Frank was not an idiot, and he had excellent reflexes, as demonstrated in his fight with Mindy. He did not stand there with a dumb look on his face, he moved, diving to his left. The rocket flew across the office and out the window, exploding somewhere over the street. Kick-Ass had never been very bright, and he DID stand there trying to understand why his plan hadn’t worked, still puzzling as Frank stood and fired, painting the wall with the brains of the would-be hero.

Frank turned, and Hit-Girl was on him again, screaming in hatred, swinging a letter opener. She gave Frank a pretty good cut on his arm, but it didn’t matter. She had already fought a lot of guys, her style was very high energy, and Frank had hit her a lot of times, including a few hard punches in the face, she was exhausted and concussed. She stumbled and his counterpunch knocked out at least one of her teeth. He grabbed her by the wrist and elbow, swinging her face first into the nearest wall, producing two nasty crunches and a scream as her nose and arm both broke. He threw her to the ground, then hauled her up by the other arm, grabbed her in the same way, and slammed her to the opposite wall, breaking her other arm and concussing her so badly that the adorable badass didn’t even really know where she was. Still, she tried to get in a kick. Frank just took it and knocked her down, before dropping on her leg, snapping her femur.

Mindy hadn’t eaten anything that day, which was good. She felt the snap in her leg, heard it like a branch breaking, and her stomach flipped, would have emptied itself if there had been anything. She inadvertently glanced at it and saw the bone, long and white, red with her blood, with the dark marrow visible, all sticking out of her leg. Mindy felt herself convulsing, every muscle tightening, the ones in her limbs being sliced on the shards of broken bones. Her tortured breathing sounded like broken sobs, even if her pain was fading. Her chattering teeth slammed down on her tongue, she swallowed the tip in her shaking, and tasted the blood filling her mouth. She was cold, so cold, as she saw Frank stand over her with a knife. That was a blessing….or more likely a curse, Mindy reflected…..of the pain, for whatever reason it seemed to clear her head from the multiple concussions.

Frank looked at the brutalized child. She was so little, so helpless, so scared. She should have been in 5th grade, learning decimals and long division, building a volcano, playing with friends at recess, not taking lives and nearing the very end of her own. She should have been home with her mother and father, watching a movie and eating junk food and being loved, not turned into a living weapon, avenging the deaths of everyone she had ever loved, with nothing but an apartment full of weapons and empty of love to go back to even if she somehow won now. A better man than Frank would have felt pity, a man even APPROACHING decency might have taken the girl and raised her as his own, as an enforcer perhaps, but letting her live. But no part of Frank was a good man.

He knelt at her side, stroking her cheek, feeling the silky softness to her skin that was usually faded by the teen years. Her cheeks were wet with blood and sweat and tears, but they still had that delightful feel. She halfheartedly tried to bite him, which resulted in Frank knocking out a couple more teeth. He got a knife and cut at her costume, leaving her naked above the waist. Her torso was reasonably toned, and her chest was completely flat, her areolas so pale they were hardly present. Then Frank slipped a hand inside her pants, and as much as even breathing hurt, as cold and tired as she was, and as much as she would have thought herself emotionally dead, Mindy still found tears to let fall, she would have not one shred of mercy.

Frank ripped away her cosplay pants and Hello Kitty panties, one of the few childish things she had still cherished. He flipped her over, wanting to sodomize the child.He touched her nearly flat ass, gave a few swats, then spit and tried to push himself inside. Mind cried out and Frank grunted. She was too small, too tight. He retrieved the proper lube from his desk and tried again, it just wasn’t happening. She was too tense, her muscles were too tense, there was only one solution. He propped Mindy up against his knee and took either side of her head in his hands. Mindy felt her jaw break as he started to twist, but her shock had gone so far that it hurt less than being punched. She did feel a dull, sickening sensation and her neck was slowly turned too far. At last, the was a distant ‘pop’, and to Mindy in her absolute last moments, it was the most beautiful sound she’d ever heard. She was dead long before Frank used brute force to twist her blonde little head off of her body.

A few days later, Colonel Star and Stripes and his crew of aspiring heroes got a large package. Inside were the clearly raped remains of Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass. Both had obviously been used repeatedly in all available holes. Kick-Ass was returned in his entirety, Hit-Girl…..her stuffed head remained a prized toy and trophy that Frank kept in his office for many years to come.


Oh my…!


>Around the room, there were a spit, a guillotine, which the school felt presented a better image than Loppers, and a spit. Emma would announce the three condemned students from highest failing score to lowest, and the students would choose the method of their deaths in that order. The spit was slow, and exceptionally painful, the girl who was subjected to it would often need to be almost fully impaled, dying from internal bleeding before her heart gave out. Unsurprisingly, Emma in three years at the school had only seen a girl who did not have the absolute lowest score choose the spit twice, once because it was the student’s greatest fetish, and once by the #2, who knew her best friend was #3 and wanted to spare her from that.
>and once by the #2, who knew her best friend was #3 and wanted to spare her from that.
Wouldn't that require that #1 also pick the spit, since there are two spits? Is that likely?


It was just a typo, I forget what device it was supposed to be because it was one of my first stories, but there is only one spit :)

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