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Hi. GuroChan is back (hooray!) and I’ll celebrate with a story that I plan on turning into a series. I was writing under the name Loke on the old chan, I wrote a few stories that are still on here I think.

The concept is simple; Jim operates a Snuff Truck, a mobile processing centre in an alternative reality of some sort where overpopulation is the biggest issue around and people usually die consensually or semi-consensually. The truck is kind of like a mobile home, driver seat and mini-office in the front, execution room in the back.

This is the first story. Feel free to suggest characters, scenarios and alternative execution methods. I have som rules though, to make sure writing is fun for me too. They are quite simple: No scat (mild peeing is totally ok though”, no toddlers, no male on male, no real people and no characters from anime or TV etc. The more information the better. Don’t hesitate to suggest things though, the worst that could happen is that I just don’t use it. Also, constructive feedback in general is greatly appreciated.

PS: My favourite subjects are tween and teen girls, 12-15.


Chapter 1 (f-solo, M-solo, f-snuff)

Jim looked at the black and white clock on the wall of his truck. Eager to get home he hoped no more visitors would come, but his hope shattered immediately when he heard knocking on the door. He opened, and greeted the two people standing outside. He recognized one of them, a stunning blonde English teacher named Amanda, coming to his truck for the third time that day. She was there to escort the one of them that wouldn’t leave that truck alive.

“Hi there!” Amanda said. “I’ve got one more for you today, this little rascal just got caught cheating on her exam. Enjoy!” she said with a wink as she turned around and walked back to the school.”

“Thanks!” Jim half shouted after her. Amanda never stayed around long. “I’ve got to find out if she’s single,” Jim thought to himself.

“And what’s you name, sweetie?” he asked the girl now stepping into the truck.

“Sarah Miller,” she answered. “Grade 8.”

“Nice to meet you Sarah, I’m Jim. To be honest I’ve had a long day and I’m tired. Is it alright if we get this over with quickly?”

“Sure. I was going to end up dead one way or another anyways, so I’m okay with it.” she said, quite unaffected by the situation.

“Great! Then please take off your clothes and put them in the bin over there. I would put up a screen for you but as I said I just want to get this over with and I’ll see you naked anyways. I’ll fill out the paper work in the meantime.”

Jim found her name on the class list and filled out the necessary forms as Sarah started undressing. He glanced over towards her after a minute and saw her stopping when she was down to her underwear.

“All of them,” he said.

Sarah silently complied, blushing a little as she removed the rest of her clothes. After a couple of minutes Jim had finished the most boring part of his job and could finally take a good look at the girl. She was cute, her nose was perhaps a bit too wide but she had stunning green eyes and beautiful straight, brown hair. She had a fit and quite thin body, with tiny, blooming breasts and a hairless crotch. Jim was unsure if she shaved or it just hadn’t started growing there yet but it didn’t really matter now. He decided to get on with it and led her to the far end of the truck where the action happened. He fitted straps to her feet that were attached to the ceiling and hoisted her up so that she hung upside down against the metal wall, her legs spread slight apart. From the wall he pulled a wire across her neck and secured it on the other side. With the press of a button it would retract into the wall with tremendous force, severing the girl’s head clean from her body. A drain below her would catch the blood.

“Everything okay?” Jim asked.

“Just a bit nervous,” the girl answered.

“Have you masturbated before?”

“Y-yes,” Sarah answered, a bit taken aback by the question.

“Then you know how good it feels, right?”

“Sure, but is it appropriate now?”

“Of course, it is quite normal in fact. I even have something that helps.” Jim pulled a small egg vibrator from his front pocket. “Do you want it?”

Sarah nodded.

Jim put some lube on the vibrator and carefully slid it into Sarah’s pussy, just enough to hit the g-spot. The vibrator was remote controlled, and as soon as he turned it on the young girl gasped in pleasant surprise.

“I’m supposed to tie your arms as well, but if you promise to not touch that wire around your neck, I’ll let you use them to pleasure yourself. The system detects when you have an orgasm, and will trigger after you hit the peak. Understood?”

“Yes.” The girl answered. “Thank you.”

Jim turned up the vibrator quite a bit, and Sarah a bit nervously put her right hand up to her pussy. She was not used to masturbating in front of others, but soon she was lost in the pleasure and moaned loudly, both hands rubbing her young pussy. Jim made a quick check that everything was working as it should and sat down to admire the sight. Of course his cock reacted to it even though he had seen this process many times before. He began stroking it from the outside of his pants. It grew more and he let it out of the zipper, stroking it faster.

After a while he could see Sarah getting close to orgasm, and he just had to get closer. He rose from the chair and walked over to the girl. She opened her eyes and saw him standing right by her, stroking his member. The girl didn’t even flinch, much too caught up in the heat of the moment to slow down now. Sarah was getting closer by the second, and Jim noticed she had even put her left pinky half way up her ass. Suddenly she cried out loudly, shuddering and thrusting her fingers as deep as they would go. Her cry ended abruptly when the wire around her neck tightened in a fraction of a second, slitting her neck in two. Her head landed on the floor with a thunk. The sound of her girly voice turned to a grotesque gurgle, and her arms flailed aimlessly. This sent Jim over the edge, and generous amounts of cum landed on the girl’s crotch and belly.

Jim sat down again, admiring the scene. When the stream of blood from Sarah’s neck turned into a trickle it was time to get on with the cleaning and gutting. He had to stop by the processing centre too to offload the bodies, after all his truck would have more visitors the next day.


I love it!



Awesome story! I love this concept and can't wait for more.




not a fan of underage but I love the setting, consensual casual snuff is just my fave


a girl named Sandy(26),she caters to inflation fetishish by webcamming herself inflating with a bicycle pump.
She give herself air enemas to inflate her belly.She finds out she has an incurable sickness that gives her only half a year to live.Seeing that she is going to die soon she cams herself in Jim's Snuff Truck,wanting to go out with bang as her magnum opus.


Hope you continue writing chapters! If you are still looking for suggestions how about one where a pair of girls come to the truck looking to be processed as fathers day gifts?



Totally agree!! Loved this little story, even though I had to pretend the girl was older. 8th grade is way too young for me. but casual and consensual and pleasurable snuff all the way!


What about 2 sadistic girls that bet each other that can survive getting shot with more bullets than the other. They take turns shooting themselves, trying to aim for non-vital spots (maybe the rules are it has to be somewhere in the torso though)


What about 2 sadistic girls that bet each other that can survive getting shot with more bullets than the other. They take turns shooting themselves, trying to aim for non-vital spots (maybe the rules are it has to be somewhere in the torso though)


Bump, I love this, hope for more!!


bump :)

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