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A Pixiv artist named Maximignon and their fabulous Vore/Cann artwork recently caught my eye. The image below, in particular, caught my fancy and I've decided to use it as the basis for an interactive story, like the Vore House tales from DeviantArt!

Check out the attached artwork, read the intro and get ready for updates as characters are voted into the maws of the waiting critters!



It was a gloriously sunny day at the beach. People, blankets and giant umbrellas were strewn across the beach and into the water.

"This way crew! Chad, Danielle and Sasha set up the stage and speakers last night so we're ready to roll!" Called out a buxom blonde babe in a blue bikini.

"Damn straight we did Jenny!" A burly brown-haired dude grinned.

"We want the setup to be perfect for getting as many of us devoured as possible." Smiled a huge-breasted brunette.

"And with you volunteering those huge tits of yours Danielle, it's going to be a smash!" The blonde Jenny laughed.

"Hey! What about my tits?" Laughed a pink-haired babe with a full bust.

"Oh chill Sasha, you're double-dipping with your tits and cock so you have twice the appeal!" Jenny teased.

"They'll still come to me if they want a big cock." The burly Chad chuckled.

"Oh! OH! We're here!" Jenny crowed as the group reached a wooden platform, about 15' wide, 10' deep and set maybe 2' off the sandy beach.

"And are, are… Oh hell YEAH!" Barked a frizzy-haired redhead who dashed to the edge of the wooden stage and stared at the oddly empty beach beyond it.

"They still there and ready to slurp us up like strands of spaghetti Mel?" Asked a raven-haired goth babe with nipple studs straining her skimpy black bikini.

"Damn straight they are Edith! And, no footprints in the sand since the tide shift so they'll be fresh & hungry." The redheaded Mel nodded, her thick nipples straining her tight white shirt.

"Perfect timing for us to deliver the meat!" Laughed a toned crew-cut blonde babe with a firm rack and an amazing six-pack.

"Good to hear babes. Now strip down and get up on the stage with that keener Naomi!" Jenny called out, pointing at the ponytailed futa babe on stage wearing nothing but dark-rimmed glasses, a ripe set of tits, a foot-long cock, and a smug expression.

An enticing flurry of disrobing followed and shortly left the stage packed with gorgeous naked people who were, already, drawing a crowd to see what was up.

"Hellooooooooo beach people!" Jenny called into a mic that pumped her voice up through the speakers on either side of the stage.

"Today we have a fundraising party that you can take part in." Jenny continued, strutting back and forth on the stage as the crowd stared past her ripe, nubile, form to the naked beauties behind her. "We'll be doing rounds of bidding for donations to everybody's favourite local charity and the winner of each round of bidding gets to pick one of the babes on stage and send them out into that bare patch of beach right there."

At this, Jenny indicated the shockingly empty patch of beach on the far side of the stage. It was a bit sunken, but what stood out was the speckling of 2' across low dome-like things.

"What are those things?" Jenny asked rhetorically. "Well, hungry for starters. But, also, beneath those valves you see is about 8 feet of digestive system." She explained. "Once one of you lovelies wins a bid, you'll get to pick one of us lovelies to get out there and, head-first or feet-first, your call again, feed our luscious self into one of these hungry critters."

An excited buzz rippled through the crowd at this announcement and it drew closer to the stage as even more people from across the beach began piling up and growing the size of the crowd.

"Ready to start bidding?" Jenny called to the crowd, smiling as she held up a gavel.

And, at that, hands thrust skyward clutching bills and the bidding began.


The voting, links to the artist of the attached pic, and most recent rounds will be on my blog. The results will be getting posted here as replies to this thread.

FrictionByBill DOT blogspot DOT com if you're interested.


Well, damnit. Apologies for the multi-post mess on this one. I got a error when I tried to post it, tried a few other things, then went to 'Discussion' to get help only to find that, 8 hours later, ALL FOUR posts have come up.

Also, using asterisks on gurochan is not good.

So, I think I've screwed this up about as much as is possible. Amirite?

Anyway, here's ROUND 01:

"Sale made!" Jenny cried, slamming her gavel down amidst the chaos of the bidding.

"Whooo!" Cried the bid-winning busty brunette, punching a fist in the air as she bounded towards the stage.

"Congratulations on your winning bid babe," Jenny smiled as she wrapped an arm around the pretty girl in the snug leather vest & tight shorts, "which of our lovely volunteers do you want to see get devoured?" She asked, gesturing at the array of naked figures on the back of the stage.

The girl's gaze played across…

…a tall redhead shoving out her big tits…

…a tanned blonde with smoking abs doing cartwheels…

…a slender dark-haired guy on his knees with his ripe cock thrust out invitingly…

…a brown-haired beauty blowing kisses and eagerly squeezing her huge tits…

…a buff brown-haired guy stroking his great big cock…

…a pink-haired futa babe grinning as she presented her ripe tits and nice big dick…

"Ohhh… Um, I think I'd like to see…" The brunette mused, eyeballing the array. "That one!" She declared, indicating the tanned blonde.

"Evelyn? Gotcha - Evelyn!" Jenny called out waving the fit blonde over to join her and the brunette.

"Hey babes! Am I getting my toned ass turned into lean meat?" The fit blonde Evelyn asked as she stepped up to the front of the stage and struck a pose to show off her sculpted physique and nice, firm, breasts.

"You bet you are Ev babe! The only question is - do you go down head-first or feet-first?" Jenny grinned.

"Oh! Um…" The pretty brunette muttered as both Jenny and Evelyn turned to stare at her.

"Yeah girl, what's it going to be for me?" Evelyn asked.

"Well, um, is feet-first ok?" The brunette asked, blushing.

"You bought me babe, I'm yours any way you want." Evelyn replied, posing to show off her nice big, firm, bust and the fit lines of her amazing physique.

"Ok! Uhhh… feet first then, yeah! I want to see your expression as you wriggle and get eaten." The brunette said, gnawing one finger as she admired Evelyn's sculpted body.

"You heard her Ev, go get 'et feet first girl!" Jenny cried into the mic. With that she gestured at the nearby beach scattered with what looked like limpets but, beneath each round dome, was an entire 6-10' long creature capable of swallowing, and digesting, a full-size person.

"Lunchtime!" Evelyn cried, grabbing the busty brunette and giving her a ripe kiss before striding off the low wooden stage and towards the nearest 2' across creature.

Pausing to wave at the watching audience, Evelyn poked the middle of the creature with her foot. It immediately split open like it had been criss-crossed with a blade. The four panels opened up, revealing a moist inside into which Evelyn thrust her foot. Giving a moan as her foot sunk into it, the fit beauty quickly slid her second foot into the same creature and gave a whoop as it started to suck her down.

Writhing and wiggling as she started sliding into the creature, inch-by-inch her toned body vanishing into its digestive system, Evelyn beamed eagerly and ran her hands up and down her toned body. She smacked her toned ass, teasingly thrust two fingers into her dripping pussy and squeezed her pink-nippled breasts so hard they looked ready to pop.

The audience whooped wildly at Evelyn's show and Jenny wrapped one arm around the hot brunette as the busty girl stared in amazement and, to nobody's surprise, stroked and caressed her full breasts as she watched the show.

"Hot damn babe, Evelyn's going down like a champ!" Jenny declared.

"Y-y-yeeah! Oh, she's so damn hot!" The brunette moaned, squeezing her ripe tits as Evelyn sank past her rippling six-pack and the firm mounds of her breasts bulged in the mouth of the creature that was swallowing her whole.

"I love it girl!" Evelyn called as she sank. "I wanted my bod to be dinner and a show and you've made it happen!" She crowed, squeezing her breasts as they bulged, bulged and then popped into the creature. Licking her lips she took a deep breath as the rest of her swiftly sank into the creature - her shoulders going, then reaching her chin and then her face and head vanishing to leave only her arms thrusting up as they, too, sank.

"Oh yeah, she's in." Jenny declared into the mic. "Her hands won't sink down until a bunch of her is digested, but she's getting coated in stomach juices right this second and that hot babe will be running out of air in a minute or two and nothing but caloric goodness by the time we're done here."

"Oh wow…" The pretty brunette breathed a she watched Evelyn's still-protruding hands give a final thumbs-up before settling into writhing and twitching as the rest of her was slowly, and likely painfully, digested.

"There we go, I hope you enjoyed watching the gorgeous Evelyn give her all just like she volunteered to do!" Jenny cried, projecting for the cheering crowd.

"Oh, it was SO HOT to watch her!" The busty brunette enthused, clapping her hands and wriggling sexily.

"And now, the big question for you - will you join us?" Jenny asked, holding the mic up to the pretty brunette.

"J-join you? What?" The brunette asked, puzzled expression on her face.

"Absolutely! Every winning bidder gets the opportunity to join us in offering ourselves up as meals to raise money for our regular events." Jenny explained. "And, from the look of you, I'd say you'd not only make a tasty meal, but you'll also raise a lot of money too." She said, winking as she ogled the busty brunette babe's top-heavy figure.

"Oh! Umm…" The brunette gasped.

"What do you folks say, should she go for it?" Jenny called to the audience, who cheered wildly in response.

"O-o-ok! I'll, um, I'll do it!" The brunette declared, blushing fiercely at the audience's applause as she did.

"You heard her folks, she's in!" Jenny crowed. "Two things then babe - first you've gotta get naked like the rest of us."

"Oh! Um, ok then." The brunette replied, nervously tugging at the hem of her vest before taking a deep breath and, in one smooth motion, stripping it off to bare her firm, thick-nippled, globes and then the curve of her toned ass.

"Oh yeah BABE!" Jenny roared, her voice barely heard over the cheering audience. "Now that's some FINE lunch meat you're packing."

"Thanks!" The brunette grinned, blushing fiercely as she stood, naked and gorgeous, on the stage. "So, um, two things?…"

"Oh, yeah, give us a name babe - we want to know who we're going to be sending down to be nothing but lunchmeat for these wicked critters." Jenny grinned.

"Oh! Well, it's actually Jennifer." The busty brunette grinned.

"Ha-ha! Well then my namesake, go join the rest of the meaty beauties at the back of the stage and get ready for the next round of bidding!" Jenny laughed as she waved the newcomer, Jennifer, to the back of the stage.


There we go - Round 1 done, a ripe beauty swallowed whole and a new girl added to the menu.

Want to vote and add your own character(s) to the story? Go hit my blog and join the fracas!


Your blog says we'll be able to vote at the end of round 2. Does that mean we have to wait for the next chapter to put up our own characters?


Yes. But, that would be now. So, huzzah for patience?


"Ladies, gents and that guy in the corner!" Jenny called out to the excited audience surrounding the low wooden stage. "We just fed our luscious Evelyn to the first of the hungry critters over there and the deeeelightful, and likely D-cup, Jennifer has joined us as ripe and tasty meat! Now, let's get some bidding going to see which one of you lovelies can pick which of us is next to get eaten up!"

Behind Jenny, the stage was abuzz with energy with…

…a tall redhead shoving out her big tits…

…a busty brunette blushing as she showed off her naked figure…

…a slender dark-haired guy on his knees with his ripe cock thrust out invitingly…

…a brown-haired beauty blowing kisses and eagerly squeezing her huge tits…

…a buff brown-haired guy stroking his great big cock…

…a pink-haired futa babe grinning as she presented her ripe tits and nice big dick…

…a goth babe strutting around showing off her pierced nipples…

…a stern looking babe with glasses strutted about with her big tits and erect cock on display…

As the stage full of volunteer meals paraded themselves around, Jenny MC'd her way through another round of bidding until it was, finally, won by a pixie-like blonde with pigtails and a tiny, tiny, skirt wrapped around her toned rump and a ripped white shirt giving teasing glimpses of her perky boobs.

"My girl, my girl - congratulations are in order!" Jenny smiled as she beckoned the winning babe onto the stage with her and wrapped an arm around her slender waist.

"Hee-hee!" The pixie-like girl tittered, playing with her chewing gum and waving at the stage full of hotties excitedly.

"Indeed! So, which of our tasty volunteers strikes your fancy?" Jenny asked, mic in hand.

"Not sure, I wanna taste-test them!" The wriggly girl declared, dancing free of Jenny's grip and running up to the crowd of beauties.

"Oh? Uh… ok, sure." Jenny muttered, shrugging her shoulders.

"Hmmm… Too mean." The pixie-girl remarked at the stern-looking futa. "And… wow, such titties!" She blurted as she cupped the huge-boobed brunette's massive breasts.

"Are you choosing me then?" The lush-lipped brunette asked, smirking as she presented her massive melons for the pixie-girl to grope.

"Nahhh…" The pixie-girl cooed, dancing away and up to the muscular brown-haired guy with the great big cock. "Ohhh… my!"

"Like what you see?" He growled, flexing his muscles as she wrapped one hand around his thick 14" member.

"So… so, so, sooo… I can send any one of these lovely things out to be a snackaroonie?" The pixie-girl asked back to Jenny.

"You betcha, absolutely any one of them." Jenny replied.

"Even if they've got all kinds of powerful muscley-bits?" The pixie-girl asked, groping and squeezing the buff guy's pecs, arms and muscular figure. "With like… no mercy or chance for survival for them?"

"Aaabsolutely girl. Any one of them you want - head-first or feet-first, your call." Jenny replied, nodding at the girl.

"Goodie! I'll take this beefy one and his great," the pixie-girl licked her lips, "big, cock."

"Sure thing girl, how do you w-" The burly guy started with his deep voice.

"Shush! No words please." The pixie-girl interrupted, waving her hands in front of the guy's face. "I don't want to talk at you, I just want to play with your big cock while you get eaten head-first by a critter."

"You heard her Chad, that buff bod of yours is headed for a head-first trip to snackville. Go get on it big guy, I think this babe just bought some playtime with that rockstar cock of yours!" Jenny laughed, waving the burly Chad towards the cluster of limpet-like domes on the nearby beach.

Chad grunted and strode out towards the waiting cluster of person-eating creatures.

"That one there please." The pixie-girl spoke up, indicating a dome near the edge of the area and bouncing up to it herself. "And, aim your dick this way." She added, pointing a finger at her open mouth as she stood next to the dome-shaped creature.

"You got i-" Chad started to say.

"No words!" The pixie-girl blurted. "Just that ripe cock. Go on." She urged, making hurry-up motions.

Nodding, Chad knelt down and pressed his hands to the middle of the round creature. It opened up, splitting along X-lines and he grunted as he thrust his hands into the moist depths of the creature's digestive track.

The pixie-girl watched with interest, and the crowd cheered, as the muscular Chad flexed and posed to show off his powerful figure as his muscular arms sank into the maw of the creature. As his head started to sink into it he took a deep breath and flipped himself around - kicking his legs up into the air as he aimed his powerful body straight into the critter's gullet.

"Perfect!" The pixie-girl blurted as Chad's face vanished into the critter. Skipping forward she wrapped her arms and legs around Chad's slowly vanishing form and aimed his cock straight at her mouth with one hand.

Wth an eager moan the skinny pixie-girl took the head of Chad's rock-hard cock in her mouth and began swallowing it down, inch by inch, into her eager mouth and down her throat.

The crowd cheered as, to everybody's amazement, she took Chad's entire 14" member down her throat and began bobbing up-and-down on his thick shaft. As she did, his muscular body was slowly pulled deeper and deeper into the gullet of the underground critter. After only a few minutes she had to uncurl from around Chad's form and kneel down on the beach, her peachy rump thrust up to the delight of the crowd, as she followed his cock down.

Grabbing hold of his ass cheeks she gave a loud moan and pulled hard, impaling herself onto his great big cock as Chad's hips and abs began writhing and shuddering.

"Ladies and gentlemen, watch that girl go as she takes one last load for Chad-kind!" Jenny crowed to the cheering audience.

Rising up from Chad's cock, red-faced and drooling cum as she gasped for air, the pixie-girl punched both fists into the air and gave a "Whooo! Cock!" of triumph, then staggered to her feet.

Turning away from Chad as his huge cock was slowly pulled down into the critter's maw, the pixie-girl stumbled back to the stage and was supported by a grinning Jenny.

"Bra-vo girl! Way to send Chad off with a bang!" Jenny blurted as she grinned at the girl.

"W-who? Oh, was that the person with the delicious cock?" The pixie-girl asked.

"Er, yeah." Jenny replied uncertainly.

"Ok. Um. I don't care?" The pixie-girl shrugged.

"Fair enough. Chad volunteered to be meat and he definitely got what he volunteered for!" Jenny called out to the audience.

"I got that nice, big, cock. That's what I wanted." The pixie-girl grinned.

"And now, the big question for you - will you join us?" Jenny asked, holding the mic up to the pixie-girl.

"Nope." The pixie-girl replied, shaking her head.

"Not even to show off your hot body and help feed these hungry-hungry critters here on this fine day?" Jenny prompted.

"Nahhh… I'm gonna go get spitted." The pixie-girl replied, indicating a BBQ station a couple dozen yards down the beach.

"Oh? Hot damn girl - you do you!" Jenny blurted, clapping the pixie-girl on the back and waving bye-bye to her as she scampered off to go get impaled by 8' of thick steel spit.


There we go, Round 2 done. This leaves things open to voting on
another volunteer swallowed whole and voting is now happening.

Here are the volunteers that can be voted for:


1. Hythe - femme dark-haired dude with slave collar.
2. Melanie - aggressive redhead with nice big boobs.
3. Edith - raven-haired goth with pierced nipples and long black hair.
4. Sasha - giggly pink-haired futa with tattoos down her arms.
5. Naomi - ponytailed futa with 'professional' appearance and big tits.
6. Danielle - vore slut with massive boobs and long brown hair.
7. Jennifer - Top-heavy brunette, first to join from the audience

Votes can be posted to my blog.

But! Each vote will also have to come with a character who is making the vote and you'll have to give me some details on whether the character will join the volunteers on stage after their bid.

And remember, no gender is too diverse but let's stick to humans. Also, while votes will decide which character goes down and how, I get to pick which character places the winning bid.

Perks of being the author. ;)



I tried to comment on your blog, but it didn't seem to show up. I'm not sure if it just got caught in a spam filter or something, but I'm posting my vote here as well just to be sure:

My vote is for Melanie. My bidder is an expy of Kaname Madoka (from Puella Magi Madoka Magica). Pink-haired Japanese girl with an incredibly sweet and caring personality, occupies the shy-and-cute end of the sexiness spectrum. She joins the volunteers after making her bid.



Frustrating that your post was blocked. I've reviewed the settings and, aside from some sort of Blogspot error (irritatingly likely…) there's nothing that should stop posts.

If you've got a gmail account and log in with that, that should help. As long as you're ok with having your gmail tied to your post.

Otherwise, email me your post/feedback. In the meantime I'll get a few friends to test posting to see if I can figure out what's up.

Glad you're enjoying the story!




Oh, also, no underage characters.

So we're clear.

I also won't add pregnant characters on account of personal preference.

A cute, pink-haired character in their 20s though? Super legit!



Bit of a slacker here - forgot to post Round 03 so I'm going to add 2 rounds to the mix right now.


"Well, well folks - we've had two of our luscious volunteers get themselves fed to these hungry critters. Which one of our assembled lovelies do you think will be next to get devoured?!?" Jenny called out to the assembled crowd and was met with a raucous cheer.

"Will it be our resident ginger, Melanie?" Jenny indicated a busty redhead who snapped finger guns back at her and squeezed her boobs at the audience.

"Or, will you make the day for the amaaaazingly-chesty Danielle Dawson?" Jenny called out, indicating the huge-busted brunette beauty who strutted forward with her boobs thrust out.

"Come on people! Feed these giant titties to something!" Danielle called out, indicating her massive melons.

"Would you prefer the lovely Sasha?" Jenny asked, gesturing at a giggly pink-haired babe with tattoos down her arms, big pink-nippled breasts and a thick cock with a metal prince albert ring through the tip.

"This body's a cornucopia of taste sensations!" The pink-haired beauty grinned, flashing an astounding collection of pearly white teeth as she posed for the crowd.

"But, people, Sasha and Danielle are the only surviving sound techs so don't send them both down unless you know how to fix speaker problems!" Jenny laughed.

"Don't worry, it's dead-simple. We're totally expendable!" Sasha laughed as she paraded her nude bod around the stage, flaunting her big tits and long, pink, cock.

"Oh gosh, I guess I'm extra expendable then aren't I?" Jennifer, the busty brunette, muttered. "I mean, I just joined from the crowd so all I'm good for up here is *gulp* getting fed to a critter." As she thought out loud she found herself caressing her curvy figure and giving her nice, big, boobs a squeeze.

"You heard it folks, we're all fair game." Jenny grinned as she strutted her busty figure at the front of the stage. "So, get to bidding and lets raise some money as we send one of these lovely, luscious, volunteers into the gullet of our hungry critters!"

And, with that, a hand rose from the crowd and the bidding began!

A blonde beach bunny and a tanned surfer dude started out small, but faded once the bidding rose above $50.

As the bidding climbed, three people and one group of friends seemed to be the four players driving it up.

"That's right you lovely people, break $100 and I'll show you my boobies!" Jenny cooed as the bidding slowed. She laughed as it fired up again and promptly scooped her big, pink-nippled, globes out of her snug blue top.

"Nice ta-tas babe, considered accessorizing?" Purred the raven-haired Edith as the goth babe strutted up next to Jenny and shoved her large breasts out to show off her pierced nipples.

"Yeah, accessories are the best!" Giggled Sasha as the pink-haired futa babe bounced up to the pair and presented the Prince Albert ring through the head of her thick cock.

The crowd went wild and the bidding carried on, climbing higher and higher as Jenny egged it on and the sexy volunteers on the stage paraded themselves around like the tasty treats they were.

The final bidding came down to a flurry between a pink-haired beauty with rosy cheeks who seemed focused on Melanie's curly red locks, and a bronze-skinned girl with long black hair and an eager smile.

"Is it munch time for me and my ripe rack?" Melanie asked as she stepped up to the front of the stage and thrust her oversized chest out at the pink-haired girl.

"Down Mel, down!" Jenny laughed as the east indian beauty bid again, and again - increasing her bid to where the pink-haired girl pouted in frustration.

"Next time girl! I could be all yours." Melanie laughed as she strode back to the pack of posing volunteers.

"Well, well girl, it seems you've won!" Jenny crowed, pointing at the perky-boobed beauty in the crowd. "Come on up!"

The winning babe clapped her hands excitedly and bounded up onto the stage.

"Oh! Oh! OH this is so exciting!" The smiling east-indian beauty exclaimed, her fresh-face split in a brilliant smile.

"For us volunteer babes too. Because now you get to pick which one of us you'd like to watch get eaten!" Jenny grinned, gesturing at the gaggle of volunteers behind her.

"Yeah, any one of us." Purred Danielle as she strutted her huge boobs back and forth, showing off her lean body and the great, ripe, globes of her oversized breasts.

"Wow, this is so exciting. And your boobs are massive!" The dark-skinned bidding girl gushed. "But… I really like accessories."

"Ohhh?" Cooed the pink-haired Sasha, playfully skipping up with her pierced cock thrust out. "Is my accessory leaving me doomed to be lunch?" She grinned.

"Oh! Well, um, that's nice but…" The dusky-skinned girl muttered.

"But it's these she's after, isn't it girl?" Purred the busty goth Edith as she strode past Sasha, hands on her hips and full chest thrust out to present her pierced nipples.

"Yes! They're so hot!" The east indian girl blurted, beaming as Edith shoved her tits in her face. "Er, um, hi. I'm Parminder, c-can I give them a squeeze?" She stammered, eyes locked on Edith's big boobs.

"A squeeze, a bite, take your pick." The goth Edith replied. "I volunteered my bod for this, you bid like a champ and now I'm all yours. Well," she licked her lips and glanced at the array of creatures in the sand, "until you decide how you'd like me to get eaten…"

"Feet first!" Parminder replied. "Definitely feet first - I want to watch your face as you get swallowed."

"My pleasure." Edith smirked.

"And… could I, um, kiss you as you, um…" Parminder blushed and shyly reached for Edith's large breasts. To her delight, the busty goth shoved her breasts into her grip.

"You can do whatever you want to me while I'm being eaten alive." Edith smiled as Parminder eagerly massaged her full breasts and tugged on the piercings in her nipples.

At that, Edith strode into the patch of hungry creatures with the bubbly Parminder in tow. Stepping past the two creatures busily digesting her fellow volunteers, Edith found one with an open, hungry, maw and gently slid her feet in.

"Oh wow!" Parminder gushed as she watched Edith sink past her knees to her supple thighs in the voracious creature. "D-does this mean I can…"

"It means I'm nothing but this thing's lunch," Edith purred, gyrating her hips sexily as she was slowly consumed, "and your plaything." She grinned, clasping her hands behind her back and shoving her ripe tits out to offer them up.

Parminder squealed delightedly, wrapping an arm around Edith to pull the goth babe close so she could lock lips with her and eagerly grope & squeeze her full bust.

Edith purred sensually and sank into both the belly of the creature beneath her and the lips & hands of the bright-eyed east-indian beauty who continued to devour her as she was, literally, eaten alive.

"Mmm… Such treats." Parminder gushed, kissing and nibbling on Edith's breasts as she sank to her knees to keep up with the slowly vanishing goth babe.

"All for you girl…" Edith groaned, hands working her dripping pussy from behind as her hips were pulled into the creature, disappearing into its hungry maw along with a moan of lust from the goth beauty.

Shuddering with lust as an orgasm rippled through her busty form, Edith arched her back to push her full breasts into Parminder's hands.

"Mmm! Oh yum your tits and your lips are luscious!" Parminder cooed, licking her way up the curves of Edith's full globes to bite at her skull piercings.

"C-can't let those go down now can we? Better rip them out." Edith panted, shoving her pierced breasts forward as the maw of the creature started pushing against the base of her full breasts.

"Oh! Um, how do I?…" Parminder gasped, examining Edith's piercings.

"Kiss me and pull them. Hard." Edith said, licking her black lips as she stared at Parminder.

Eyes wide, Parminder did as she was told - leaned in and mashed her lips into Edith's as she grabbed the skull piercings and, with a grunt, ripped them out of Edith's nipples.

Edith howled into Parminder's kiss as her nipples were torn, then moaned lustily as her full breasts were swallowed down into the creature.

"Mmm… thank you…" Edith moaned, winking at Parminder as the creature worked past her breasts and slurped her face into its gullet - leaving nothing but a shock of black hair sticking out of its four-fold mouth.

"Wasn't she a treat?" Jenny interrupted, beaming as she wrapped an arm around Parminder and guided the perky brown-skinned beauty up on to the stage.

"W-w-WOW! Yes, she was!" Parminder blurted, eyes alight and sparkling. "That was amazing! Even tearing out her piercings was, WOW! Such a rush!" She gushed.

"And she loved it too!" Jenny crowed. "So, what do you say babe, join us on the stage and drive the crowd wild before taking the plunge yourself?"

"Oh! Oh yes! I'd love to!" Parminder gushed, smiling brightly.

Behind the dusky-skinned beauty the other volunteers cheered and applauded her eagerness.

"Then strip down to show off your gorgeous bod and join us girl!" Jenny cried, partly for Parminder, but mostly for the cheering, whooping, and clapping audience.

"Now folks, the voting resumers for another round - which of us lovely volunteers do you want to see go down next?" Jenny called to the crowd, flashing her winning smile and bouncing her big boobs around.

Behind her, on the back of the stage, the pretty new girl Parminder eagerly danced around, naked and delicious, with the other volunteer babes.


Whooo! Round 3 done, another volunteer swallowed whole and voting is now happening.

Hythe - femme dark-haired dude with slave collar.
Melanie - aggressive redhead with nice big boobs.
Sasha - giggly pink-haired futa with tattoos down her arms.
Naomi - ponytailed futa with 'professional' appearance and big tits.
Danielle - vore slut with massive boobs and long brown hair.
Jennifer - top-heavy brunette, first to join from the audience.
Parminder - cheerful east-indian babe with perky boobs and a winning smile.

A few points:
1. Each vote will also have to come with a character who is making the vote. You'll also have to give me some details on whether the character will join the volunteers on stage after their bid.

2. No gender is too diverse but let's stick to humans of legal age.

3. While votes will decide which character goes down and how, I get to pick which character places the winning bid.

4. Votes count for more if posted on my blogspot. Also, I may completely miss any votes posted here.


And, as promised, Round 4!


"Yum, yum, yum and more yum!" Jenny called out to the growing audience. "It seems we're not just eager to please, we're also delicious!" She beamed, gesturing at the gaggle of gorgeous volunteers behind her on the stage.

"And eager to raise money for a good cause." Purred Naomi, the professional-looking futa babe with long brown hair, a full 12" cock and a great, round, set of tits riding high on her chest. "Like what you see? Want to watch it get slowly devoured and digested?" She cooed, entwining her hands into her lustrous hair and posing to present her firm breasts, toned body, and erect cock. "Come on then, bid high and vote for me. I'd love to put on a show for you…"

"You want a show? Turf that tame babe and serve up some hot sauce!" Barked the freckled redhead, Melanie, as she shoved her fists under her impressive breasts and bounced her ample assets atop her knuckles. "You got that, ripe titties and an ass that won't quit!" She crowed, spinning around to cock her hips and present her ass. Grinning over her shoulder she gave her pink butt a sexy wiggle and smacked it, hard enough to leave a hand-print. "Ooh! Yeah, that's delicious!" She laughed, jiggling her ripe rump before spinning back around and sticking her tongue out at the crowd. "Go on and vote for me you wimps!"

"You want a show?" Drawled the huge-busted Danielle Dawson, shoving her massive chest out and caressing the huge, thick-nippled, globes of her oversized breasts. "These are the headliners right here. Bid away and make a feast out of these babies. If you're the big bidder and vote for me I promise to go down any way you want me to…" With a wink she gyrated on the stage, teasing the audience as she groped and squeezed her gigantic breasts.

"Oooh, yes, I'd love to give you a show…" Breathed the femme dude Hythe as he minced up to the front of the stage and dropped to his spread knees, presenting his long, pale, cock and offering up the leash attached to his slave collar. "Make me yours?" He teased.

"Well, well folks - we've had two of our luscious volunteers get themselves fed to these hungry critters. Which one of our assembled lovelies do you think will be next to get devoured?!?" Jenny called out to the assembled crowd and was met with a raucous cheer.

"Will it be our resident ginger, Melanie?" Jenny indicated a busty redhead who snapped finger guns back at her and squeezed her boobs at the audience.

"Or, will you make the day for the amaaaazingly-chesty Danielle Dawson?" Jenny called out, indicating the huge-busted brunette beauty who strutted forward with her massive boobs thrust out.

"Will the darling Hythe get to serve himself up as a snack?" Jenny asked, gesturing at the smoothly-muscled form of the kneeling stud and his erect cock presented.

All it took was one bid and a chocolate beauty eagerly obliged, eyes locked on Naomi's trim figure as she laid a bid on making a volunteer into lunch.

And so the bidding began!

A trio of drunken blondes whooped as they bid wildly and without abandon.

Two buff guys laughed and raised beers to Danielle and her huge breasts as they bid and bid and bid some more.

A slender chinese woman in a prim black one-piece bid, bid again and checked her phone before making a third, rather impressive, bid.

"Whooo! Yeah babes, throw some cash this way and make one of us hotties a snack!" Melanie whooped, beaming excitedly as she strutted her ginger locks and ripe curves around on the stage.

"MMhmm," Danielle nodded, biting her lip as she massaged her oversized hooters, "I can't wait to find out which of us gets eaten."

"Wow, this is crazy!" Gasped Jennifer, the top-heavy brunette who had joined from the crowd.

"It's fun though, right?" Chirped Parminder, the dusky-skinned beauty's eyes bright and boobs perky as she giddily bounced around on the stage.

"I sure love it!" Laughed Naomi as the pink-haired futa writhed around the stage, eagerly showing off her ripe bod, full boobs and erect cock.

The drunk girls bid again and again, leaving the trim Chinese lady in the dust and the two dudebros retiring to crack open a fresh pair of beers.

Then a mob of similarly-attired girls rolled in, chanting in unison, and holding up a massed fistful of bills.

"Oh wow, Kappa Frappe Yum girls!" Jenny gasped. "Are you babes in on this?"

"YEAH! Redheads together forever!" Cried a tall, DD-packing, babe as she ripped her hairband out to free her long, red, locks to cascade down her trim figure like rolling flames.

"Oh! Oh-ho, I think I'm lunch!" Melanie laughed as the busty redhead collected the cash from the gaggle of girls and shoved the fistful at Jenny.

"So do I babe! Ready to surrender that hot bod of yours?" Jenny grinned as she quickly counted the money and announced a bid more than twice the already impressive amount.

With the rest of the bidders defeated and no new hands being raised, the DD-redhead stepped forward from the group of sorority girls and thrust a finger at Melanie.

"There can be only one babe!" The slender newcomer declared, tossing her red locks dramatically. "And the time is up for that tasty bod of yours." She said with a twinkle in her eye.

"Well, well." Jenny cooed, slinking up to the new redhead and wrapping an arm around her. "Normally I'd ask which of us volunteers you want to send down, but I don't think that's going to be necessary."

"Damn straight! She can't keep her eyes off my titties." Melanie laughed, dancing to make her pink-nippled boobs bounce deliciously.

"Can't say I blame her." Jenny remarked, joining the redhead in staring at Melanie's gorgeous figure.

"In loving this? Ha-ha!" Melanie laughed, clasping her hands behind her ginger curls and thrusting her full bust out as she gyrated sensually. "Come on then, how are you donna do me? Bury these curls first?" She shook her head to flaunt her gorgeous ginger curls. "Or feet first so you can watch me cum before I go?"

"Feet-first, definitely feet-first." The new redhead declared. "And, ginger to ginger girl - I want to suck the freckles off that pretty face of yours as you go down like a fiery lollipop."

"Girl!" Melanie blurted. "That's hawt, I'm in and these freckles are all yours." She grinned. "Come on then buttercup, follow me out into the feeding zone and lets get the carpet and the drapes fed to one of these land-mine anemones!"

With that, Melanie turned and jumped off the stage to the sandy, critter-laced, area beyond. She cocked her hip and curled a finger at the new redhead who eagerly bounded after her.

A moment later the pair were standing in front of one of the round criss-cross-mouthed creatures and both girls were positively glistening with eagerness.

"Mmm…" Melanie moaned, caressing her ample curves. "Time to feed this beast my bod." She cooed, probing one food at its slowly-opening maw and one hand to her lightly-furred slit. "Oh yeah, that's the good stuff." She moaned as both slipped in to the moist passages.

"Attagirl." The new redhead grinned, stepping up to lock lips with Melanie.

"Damn straight! Now, gimme some of that while I get 'et!" Melanie blurted, grabbing the new girl by the back of the head and pulling her in for a fierce kiss.

"Mmphlghk!" The girl blurted, eyes bulging in shock, then she moaned and melted into the kiss - the gorgeous redheads locking lips and entwining tongues.

As the pair made out, Melanie seemingly trying to devour the new redhead's face, Melanie's shapely calves vanished into the maw of the land-mine anemone as it began to consume the gorgeous ginger.

"Mmm… weren't you taller tha-OH!" The new redhead muttered, glancing down past the slowly vanishing Melanie.

"Forget you're making out with snack food?" Melanie grinned, biting her lip and gyrating her hips as she was slowly swallowed.

"Oh wow, it's actually eating you! That's so hot!" The new redhead blurted.

"Everything here is limited-time-only so enjoy me while you can." Melanie grinned, shoving her breasts at the slender redhead and gasping in pleasure as the busty babe grabbed boobs and dug her fingers into the fleshy globes.

Dropping to her knees as Melanie sunk deeper into the creature, the new redhead slid a hand down to join Melanie's in burying fingers into the vanishing ginger's sopping pussy.

"Oh YYYYEE…" Melanie began to moan as the depths of her cunt were plumbed, then she gasped, eyes flying wide, as the new girl bit down, hard, on her ripe breasts. Wrapping one arm around the biting beauty, Melanie pulled her close and shoved her tender tits between the girl's pearly-white teeth. "Hard as you want babe, eat these titties before they're swallowed whole!" She growled as her mammaries and thick nipples were enthusiastically masticated.

Melanie's lusty growling grew as she sank past her knees and her toned thighs began sinking into the creature.

"MMm… Fuck yeah girl, getting eaten alive feels fucking AMAZING!" Melanie exclaimed, writhing and grabbing the new redhead by a fistful of hair on the back of her head. "Work my puss girl," she snarled, rocking her hips against the girl's hand as she pulled the pale girl's lips to hers, "work it while I eat your face!" And, with that, she mashed her lips against the redhead's and kissed her furiously.

The pair writhed and moaned together as Melanie continued to slide into the hungry creature's stomach. The slender redhead's nimble fingers stroked Melanie's cunt for all they were worth and, as her pussy sank into the creature's maw, Melanie gave a low rolling growl that grew into a hip-shuddering orgasmic cry.

The new redhead squealed in delight and panic, struggling to free her hand as Melanie bucked and shuddered, sinking rapidly into the creature and taking the slender redhead with her, arm-first.

"AaaAAUAUGH!" The slender redhead cried, releasing her other arm from gripping Melanie's boobs and grabbing her trapped arm to desperately try to pull it free.

"Unnnh… What's the matter babe, afraid you'll come down with tasty 'ole me?" Melanie cooed, voice low and slurring as she still twitched woozily from the rolling orgasm.

"Ohgodohgodohgod! My ARM!" The new redhead blurted, rising from her knees and planting her feet as she frantically tried to free her arm before it sank past her elbow.

"Mmmh… Yeah, Kegels much buttercup?" Melanie cooed mischievously.

"Wh-whaAUGH!" The new redhead exclaimed as, suddenly, her arm slid free and she tumbled back onto the sand.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha!" Melanie chortled as she continued to sink and her bite-marked boobs pillowed atop the creature's maw.

"S-seriously?!?" The new redhead asked, staring at the two fingers of her glistening right arm then to Melanie and back. "That was YOU?"

"Me and my wicked cooch!" Melanie laughed. "Mmm… girl, you rocked me so good. Give me one last kiss before I go?" She purred, curling a finger at the new redhead then giving a grunt of pleasure as her ripe boobs slipped into the maw of the creature that was swallowing her whole.

"Oh… you mean goddamn ginger you." The new redhead moaned, shaking her head as she test-flexed her arm and gave her fingers a wiggle. Dropping to her knees in front of Melanie she leaned down and locked lips with her as Melanie's shoulders slid into the creature.

The audience cheered as the pair continued to kiss hungrily until the four panels of the creature slowly, almost sensually, folded closed aroun Melanie's pretty face, leaving nothing but a shock of ginger hair sticking up to show where the beauty had gone.

"Ohhh…" The remaining redhead moaned, sitting up and blinking as she looked around and noticed the audience again for the first time in years.

"Have fun girl?" Jenny called from atop the stage.

"Oh yes, that was so fucking good!" The spry beauty declared as she bounded up onto the stage next to Jenny with her eyes bright, nipples stiff and a smile on her lush lips.

"So girl, are you a voyeur or do you want to join us hotties on the stage and offer yourself up for a shot at the incredible experience Melanie just had?" Jenny cooed, waggling her eyebrows as she enticed the girl to volunteer.

"Oh Jen, babe, I am so ready to offer up my bod as a snack." The redhead purred, wriggling her hips as she swiftly stripped herself nude - revealing her crimson-nippled, DD rack in all its glory, lean body and the glistening slit of her hairless and positively gushing cunt. "The name's Luna people." She called out to the audience as she stepped up to the front of the stage and twirled to show off her delicious physique. "Want to feed me to a critter? Bid big and I'll be happy to be lunch!"

"Girl! God you've got titties - go stand with Danielle over there and compare racks while I try to get this crowd fired up for another round of bidding you hotties into the belly of these beasts!" Jenny crowed, motioning Luna over to where Danielle and her even bigger boobs stood.


Whooo! Round 4 done, another volunteer swallowed whole and the voting keeps on happening.

Hythe - femme dark-haired dude with slave collar.
Sasha - giggly pink-haired futa with tattoos down her arms.
Naomi - ponytailed futa with 'professional' appearance and big tits.
Danielle - vore slut with massive boobs and long brown hair.
Jennifer - top-heavy brunette, first to join from the audience.
Parminder - cheerful east-indian babe with perky boobs and a winning smile.
Luna - eager redhead with a DD-cup bust and a posse of friends in the audience.

A few points…
1. Each vote also needs to come with a character who is making the vote. You'll also have to give me some details on whether the character will join the volunteers on stage after their bid.

2. No gender is too diverse but let's stick to humans of legal age. Also, while votes will decide which character goes down and how, I get to pick which character places the winning bid.

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