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This thread will be where all of my stories will be posted.

The first one for this thread will be done in a few hours or in the morning, but I wanted to go ahead and start the thread due to how long it takes new threads to appear.


The judge skimmed the document in his hand before looking over his desk, a grimace on his face, at the young woman with should sitting across from him. Marie Myers, short and slender, with purple hair to her shoulders, watched with piercing brown eyes. Only nineteen, dressed in a grey sweater and matching sweatpants, and black sneakers, one might have assumed her to be a college student asking to drop out of a course. In his deepest subconscious, Judge Carter probably wished this to be that scenario.

"This is a rather big commitment you have agreed to for your sister. Are you fully aware of what you're giving up?"

Marie shifted her eyes. "Yes. I know," she muttered. "My life," she thought to herself; she opened her mouth to say it but only managed a puff of air.

"Your parents committed treason, and the law only requires the execution of one child. It's highly likely that Ivy assisted then in some cases, which is why she was sentenced instead of you. Now I can't stop you from taking her place, but I will point out that you are giving your life for an alleged traitor."

"Ivy's only twelve, she didn't know what she was doing. My parents brainwashed her with their fascist ideologies, just as they tried to do me. With them gone from her life she has a chance to see our parents for the demons they were. She's only a child with her whole life ahead of her, and I'd hate to see it cut short for them."

"She may be young, but you're only nineteen yourself. Seeing as you turned your family in, we can be certain that you will make for a more valuable citizen. Ivy may not see the error of her ways, and if she so much as doodles a single swastika she will be facing execution again."

"She might or might not come back here, but if I don't give her that second chance I will regret this for the rest of my life. Knowing that my sister died because I left her to the same demons I escaped from is worse than dying in my opinion."

The judge rested his face on his hand as he looked over the document for several seconds, as if trying to find some loophole or some words of persuasion.

"Very well then. Ivy's execution was scheduled for tomorrow morning, so don't expect this to be rescheduled."

"Thank you so much! I appreciate it." Marie extended her right hand access the desk; the judge shook firmly and the two sat back.

"Now, before I have you escorted to the holding cell I need to discuss some procedures."


"It is customary to grant prisoners scheduled for execution a final request. As the judge I also have the authority to grant you an additional request; I normally don't do so, but, as you're the only one I have ever witnessed who deserves it, I will make an exception. Do you understand?"

Marie nodded.

"What are your last two requests? They must be within reason, I might add."

"Uhm. If it's not too much, I'd like my sister to be given a new identity."

"I can arrange that."

"Good. Than you!"

Her eyes shifted to the side, as she wondered whether or not she wanted to make the next request. "You don't want to die a virgin, do you," Marie heard in the back of her mind. "I-I want to have sex with someone!" She said loud, and a little too fast.

"Say again?" The judge replied.

"I would like to arrange to make love to somebody before it happens." Marie looked down at her lap as the judge's eyes seemed to bore into her skull.

"That can be arranged. Male or female partner?"

Marie had to think about this. While she overwhelmingly preferred men, she has gotten herself off to fantasies of girls before. But did she want to use her only chance to get laid to try pussy? Though it occurred to her that it would be a final act against the ideology of her parents, she really wanted cock.

"Male," she replied.

"I expected as much. As we usually don't get requests for men, it may not be possible to find one in time. Though, I could always get my son to do it; he's twenty-five and is currently single. He can be a little nerdy, though."

"That's fine. If he doesn't want to, I wouldn't mind a lady. I just want to get laid tonight."

"Alright, that is all." He scanned the paperwork and sent out several emails. One phone call later, two cops transferred Marie to a cell to await her execution.

That evening Marie was awoken by a loud clasp as the door to her cell was open.

"Just tap on the door when you're done," a woman said.

"Thanks," replied the voice of a young man.

Marie sat up as the man — about twenty-five, mousy black hair, tall and skinny, wearing a white T-shirt and slacks — entered the cell. The guard closed the door behind him.

"Hello. You're Marie, I assume," he smiled.

"Uh-huh!" She smiled reached out her hand. "Are you the judg—"

"Judge Carter's son? Yes I am. You may call me Henry." He shook her hand. Then he helped her to her feet.

"I suppose we should get started!" Marie wrapped her arms around his shoulders and brought her lips up to his.

Marie closed her eyes as Henry's arms wrapped around her torso. For the first time since elementary, she locked lips with a guy. She moaned softly as he sucked on her lips. His tongue touched the her lips and she slowly opened to let it slip into her mouth. She gently suckled on his tongue as it danced around hers.

With one arm hung on his shoulder, her other slithered down his torso until she cusped the crotch of his pants in her palm. Henry groaned pleasurably as her fingers softly caressed his groin through the fabric of his pants. He thought he was going to jizz his pants right then and there when he felt her fingernails lightly prod her stiff member. To return the favor, he slid his right hand into the back of her sweatpants and slid his finger down the length of her ass crack until he felt her little rosebud. He fidgeted the tip of his finger around her asshole, and immediately Marie's moans became more high-pitched and frequent; as they kissed he could feel her warm breath blowing into his mouth with each one. Slowly both felt an orgasm build up, but Marie climaxed first.

With a loud, screeching, moan, Marie pulled away and collapsed onto the bed. Henry crouched with his hands on his knees, and both heaved and panted as they caught their breaths.

"You jump right to it. I like that," Henry spoke up after several minutes.

"Yeah. Didn't think I had that in me. My only prior experience is erotic literature."

Marie quickly noticed the wet spot on the crotch of her pants. "Looks like I came." She laughed and looked at him. "What about you?"

"Not yet, but I was close."

"I suppose I should help you, then."

Marie slid off the bed and crawled, on her knees, to him. Head leveled with his crotch, and began to fumble with his belt. He helped her unfasten his pants and pulled them, along with his underwear, to is ankles. An erect seven-inch cock sprang out and smacked her in the face.

"Oh wow," she muttered.

Marie pressed her lips against the head and stuck her tongue against the little hole. He mouth widened and enveloped the entire tip, as her tongue slid beneath the shaft. Her right hand grabbed the base of the shaft, her fingernails lightly scratching, as she sucked it down.

"This is great!" He grunted and placed a hand on the back of her head.

Marie slurped greedily as she enjoyed his cock. Though he wanted to hold it longer, six minutes after he reached his climax Henry had to release; strings of white hot jizz poured into her throat, until it overflowed. Marie gagged and a torrent of his seed spilled down her chin, and splashed onto her shirt. Still, she kept his dick in her mouth until the flow stopped. She quickly swallowed as much as possible before standing up.

Marie looked up at him with a smile before pulling her sweater off over her head, quickly followed by the pink T-shirt underneath. She raised her arms as Henry removed her bra, and exposed the large perky breasts underneath.

"Do you like 'em?"

"I love 'em!" He replied, and cusped both.

Henry lowered his lips to each, one at a time, and kissed the tips of her pink areolas. He settled on the left and enclosed his lips around her nipple, sucking on it as his tongue danced on the edge of it. Marie moaned again and threw back her head. His hands slid down the sides of her torso to her hips. He gripped the elastics of her sweatpants and the white panties beneath, and slowly lowered them to her ankles. Marie stepped out of them.

Henry moved off of her nipple and kissed the length of her stomach as he lowered his face to her crops. He kissed the light crop of fuzz on her mouth before his lips touched her labia. His tongue slipped between her slit and brushed against her clit. With both hands on her hips, he pulled her down as he laid back on the floor, until she was sitting on his face. Marie moaned as his tongue lapped her pussy, and she started to move her hips against his face; rubbing her pussy against the fuzz on his chin sent her into a frenzy. When Marie thought she had reached the height of pleasure his tongue slipped into her hole. She screeched as his tongue brought her to the edge, and then another orgasm crashed over her body; he found himself being soaked by her pussy juices, but didn't slow his stride for a second. He kept licking and suckling her cunt, and gave another two orgasms.

Marie briefly thought it was over when he gently nudged her off his face, then he guided her to his crotch. After lining it up with her pussy, she lowered herself onto the fat stick. Even though lubricated by saliva, they both grunted at the rather tight squeeze. Marie squealed when he broke through her hymen, and blood trickled down his shaft. They both thrust their pelvis in rhythm with the other, and his member plunged deeper until he reached her cervix. As her hole loosened, they moved faster and harder, until audible plops filled the cell with each thrust. Marie managed two more orgasms; Henry four, stuffing her with his seed until white sticky streams spilled from her vagina.

Marie fell asleep with Henry thrusting his member into her, and woke up several hours later when he had to leave. She was still on top of him, naked, when he woke her up.

"I gotta leave now, so I can get ready for work."

Marie nodded. As he got dressed, she grabbed her bra and panties off the floor, and threw them to Henry. "Consider those a souvenir to remember me. I won't need them, anyways," Marie said as she noticed the confused expression on his face. He nodded and stuffed both into his pocket, then left.

Marie fell back to sleep fairly quickly.

"Time to get up," a woman whispered in her ear.

Marie opened her eyes to see two female guards standing over her.

"We'll step out while you get dressed. Hurry up, you have a minute."

Marie staggered as she grabbed her sweater and sweatpants, and sat down on the bed as she put them on. She didn't bother with the undershirt, or her shoes, which she left at the foot of her bed. The guards returned minutes later and escorted her from the cell.

Tears filled her eyes during the entire walk, but Marie refused to let them see her cry. She had to be happy that her sister was being given a second chance; she let the memories of Ivy when her parents first brought her home, and the goofy toddler she became. Still, she also thought of Henry and wondered what it would be like if she could have been more than just a one-night fuck; what if they could get married and have a family? Those thoughts had to be pushed aside, she told herself, as they could no longer be in her future.

They reached a small patch of trees behind the facility. The guards stopped her in front of a rather deep hole, with a large patch of dirt in front of it. A bulldozer sat on the other side, with a middle-aged man waiting at the controls. She closed her eyes as another woman approached from building, carrying a rifle. Marie remained oblivious to her presence as she pointed the barrel less than an inch from her head.

A shot rang out as the executioner pulled the trigger. The bullet tore through her brain and exited through the front, leaving a golf-ball-sized hole where the bridge of her nose was. Brain matter sprayed the soil, and Marie's body fell forward into the hole. A new wet spot formed in the crotch of her sweatpants, as her bladder relaxed and piss sprayed from her urethra.

The bulldozer moved, and covered Marie's beautiful body with dirt as it fills the unmarked grave.

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