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“Alright guys–” the camera was shaky and blurry, picking up only darkness before finally settling and catching on Peter’s face.

The image was grainy and tough to see, but at this point in the live-stream, that wasn’t what mattered.

The young man talks in a hushed tone.

“Is this working– one mill already… jeezus. Okay, hey guys.” He was young and sweet, a big, doofy smile under his balaklava.
“In this room–” he motions to the door he stands next to, “– is Ivy Mitchell. It’s her first time, both being filmed and actually doing it– so go easy on her.”

The chat exploded with excited, anxious comments. They were ready to see the blossoming teen work.

“Now– she’s doing some great work, but Ryan and I think we should surprise her to a little treat. So when we get close–” he held up a shimmering knife to the camera, “–we’re gonna give her a present.”

Peter tucked the blade into his waistband just in his back.

“So without further ado, I’m going to go in there and have some fun.”

He visibly readied himself, breathing deeply before pushing open the door and waltzing in. The camera flipped, now facing Ivy.
She was young– and desperately gorgeous. Tan, clear, soft skin (which was at present dotted with beads of sweat). Her hair was beautifully wavy, loose golden locks fluffing out from her head and down past her shoulders. A small, cute, upturned nose complimented an almost mousy feature that accompanied her, what with her thin lips and chubby, rosy cheeks. Her eyes were big and green and sparkled with a glimmering life.

Best of all for the two live-streamers, she had a girth to her. Not fat or necessarily chubby, but thick and meaty enough to provide a jiggle with each thrust. Her ass was fat and round, which the chat gleamed to point out. Her breasts– now concealed by a tight and (in the cleavage area) rather revealing white tank top that had failed to come off in the heat of passion– were fat and gloriously round, practically bursting from every shirt she wore without stretching or sagging. Still somehow perfectly pert. They jiggled and bounced along with her body.

As Peter moved in closer, the audience saw Ivy’s face twisted in a sensual glee. A euphoric smile traced her tan face and her eyes closed in absolute pleasure, drool dribbling down her chin and landing on her massive bosom. She bounced up and down, her arms held up and behind her head, holding back the mass of hair that seemed to get everywhere.

She was enjoying every second of it, and so too was the chat, which exploded with glowing proclamations as Peter came in closer to her bouncing body.

Ryan’s dick was massive– girthy and fat, and filled her pussy to its entirety, which explained Ivy’s comforted moans.

“God damn, that’s good shit,” Peter muttered to himself. It was clear he wanted a piece of the action. He brought the camera up to focus in brutal detail on Ivy’s face. She bit her lip and smiled, drenched in sweat and looking into the camera with the most sultry look she could muster. But no sooner did her eyes grow smoky and sexy than they shut again in immense pleasure.
Peter stepped back once more, capturing the full picture of Ivy riding Ryan’s massive cock.

“I gotta get in on this,” Peter quietly uttered, then set the phone down on a chair facing the action. He checked the screen quickly, made sure the whole scene was being captured, then eagerly rushed to Ivy.

He unfastened his belt and unzipped his pants, sliding down the waistband to reveal a huge, floppy cock. He stood over Ryan, feet sinking into the plastic wrapped mattress, his cock right in the face of Ivy, who smiled slightly when her lolling eyes gazed upon the throbbing head.

She spat a glob of her saliva onto Peter’s dick, rubbing it in and beginning to jack him off. With a small, tender hand, she stroked his cock, sliding her hand back and forth as she bounced on Ryan. Peter’s head tilted back and he smiled. For a girl who had apparently blown one guy, she worked a cock like a pro– and Peter would know. He’d worked with professionals that had less of an idea of what they were doing than Ivy.

Ivy pressed her lips to the tip, kissing it gently as she stroked and choked. She kissed his cock repeatedly, beginning to work her way down the shaft before lickling it up and down. Now she held his penis as if she were presenting it: fondling his balls with one finger on the bottom of his head to keep it propped up. She ran her soft, pink tongue up the veiny shaft before moving her hand to support the base and pressing a kiss on the bottom of the tip. She twiddled his urethra with a pointed tongue, then looked Peter in the eyes and smiled.

Mindlessly stroking his dick, she licked her thin lips, then tossed her head to try to move her golden hair to the side. Ivy stared Peter down once more, before finally taking his head in her mouth.

She hovered around the head for some time, sucking and licking masterfully with slight deviations bringing her lips to about the neck of his cock. Ivy twisted her head and used both hands to jack him, twisting in her wrists.

At this point, Ryan had stopped pounding her pussy, and was simply staring up, watching the fantastic display of Ivy blowing the truly huge penis before her.

Ivy pulled away, a strand of spit connecting her bottom lip to his dick even still. She smiled and bit her lip, tossing her hair away once more, then hucking another glob of spit onto his dick. With both hands she stroked his cock, rubbing in the saliva to act as some kind of lubricant.

Then she took his meaty head in her mouth again.

And she pushed.

Peter’s dick reached the back of her throat before meeting resistance. Ivy’s mouth was completely full, but his cock was still half out. She bobbed her head back and forth, sliding her warm lips over him while sucking in and wrapping around the girthy shaft. Her tongue fondled the underside as her hand slid up and down the remaining exposed flesh.

“Good fuck that feels good…” Peter moaned loudly.

“Lookit that bitch go!” Ryan exclaimed.

Ivy, with a sudden burst of inspiration, opened her eyes just to look at Peter. He was enjoying it severely.

She pushed farther, and despite some push-back, began taking his cock into her throat.

Her eyes rolled back. His eyes rolled back. Half the audience at home began to cum.

It was difficult for her to swallow his dick at first, but after initial penetration, Ivy was able to slide the whole thing into her throat. Her thin, soft neck bulged with the girth of the penis that penetrated her, and instinctively her mouth began to gape open. Ivy’s lips no longer wrapped around the shaft. The only insertion going on was in her throat.

Peter grabbed her head and pushed more, until Ivy’s nose was to his stomach and his dick was in her entirely.

Ivy gargled, choked and coughed for a second, the veins in her neck bulging as she tried breathing around the massive penis, and her face turned a bright red. Her big green eyes, having rolled back, began wetting with instinctual tears. Peter moaned, and Ivy wrapped her arms around his legs, pulling him closer.

Suddenly, he pulled out of her throat, and Ivy gagged loudly. An explosion of spit and saliva burst from her open mouth and down her chin before staining her tight tank top. She fluffed her hair with a spit-covered hand and stared down the barrel of the huge cock before her. She licked her lips once more.

And within moments the cock was in her throat again, and suddenly the momentum doubled. Ivy bobbed her head back on forth, her throat engulfing his dick over and over again while Ryan began filling her pussy once more.

Ivy’s fucking filled the audience with glee. Her throat bulged extremely, and her ahegao-esc expressions betrayed the intense joy she derived from the experience.

She pulled her head away, removing Peter’s cock from her throat.

“Oh fuck daddys– that’s so fucking good!” She yelled. One hand had moved to her pussy, where she massaged her clit and moaned loudly. “I think– I’m going– to cu–”

Peter, who had been stroking his dick, suddenly exploded jizz all over Ivy.

Semen splattered on her face, painting her a glimmering white and plastering her almost entirely. The warm cum dribbled down her face where it dripped onto her bouncing tits and pooled in the cleavage. Ivy moaned loudly, squeals turning almost to screams, and with load after load of salty cum being unloaded directly on her face, she began to cum.

As if something had overtaken her, she began to arch her back forward. Her legs twitched and eyes rolled back, mouth agape with wordless pleasure and tongue being covered in semi transparent white goo. She screamed and yelled with utter joy and shook.

But even still at the end of Ivy’s intense orgasm, she found her pussy still being slammed. She shouted gleefully and played with her cum-covered tits.

Peter stepped away from the action and moved for the phone. Ivy was too engulfed in the euphoria to even notice Peter picking it up and putting a finger over his lips to the crowd watching. He slipped the blade from his waistband and showed it off to the camera, then made his way back towards Ivy.

He stood behind her, legs spread and phone positioned just over her head.

She tilted her head back when she felt Peter’s fist grip and tug on her bouncing mop of yellow hair. The eager audience at home was treated to her engrossed grin, then a quick change of expression when she saw the knife.

“What the shit–?”

Peter came down on her neck hard with the knife, plunging it deep into her throat. Her face grew wide and she gagged for a second all the sound that once came from her ground to a quick halt. He pulled his arm across her body, the blade slicing the skin open and bringing with it an explosion thick red blood in all directions.

He was getting the perfect shot. An overhead of the geyser of blood that erupted from her slashed throat while watching her face drift into blankness. Her body stopped bouncing and her shoulders slouched. As Peter removed his grip on her hair, she crashed forward, her head right next to Ryan’s, her face facing his.

Ryan laughed.

“Ouch dude… I didn’t think she was that fucking heavy.”

She spasmed violently, her body writhing in pain. She was still alive, feeling every ounce of horrid pain as blood spurted from her throat onto Ryan’s shoulder.

“Hey– hey man, get this angle. Her fuckin’ eyes are twitching. It’s gruesome.”

Peter leaned in close, bringing the camera to Ivy’s suffering face. It was already lifeless and empty, but her glossy green eyes darted from place to place across the room. Her hands were pressed against her bleeding throat and stained red as a waterfall of blood exploded outward. Her body was writhing and twisting, twitching subtly but enough to be evident. And enough to get the viewers at home excited.

“How’s it feel to be inside someone while they’re dying?” Peter pulled away and got a shot of Ivy’s spasming pussy choking the shaft of Ryan’s cock.

“Really fucking good, man– she can’t control herself.”

“Shit man– next time I get to be bottom that looks fuckin’ dope.”

“Would you get her off me? She’s getting your cum all over me.”

Peter grabbed Ivy’s hair in one large handful and pulled her limp body up.

Her voluptuous breasts were coated with thick blood, and despite the brutal pain she still pressed her hands to her open throat.

“You guys hear that?” Peter brought the phone next to her face so just her bloodied cheek filled the frame. Past the splashing and dribbling of the vast amounts of blood, Ivy could be heard quietly groaning and sputtering. “That’s fucking hot, dude.”

“Just kill ‘er, man. She’s gonna die soon– I don’t want her missing out on what decapitation feels like.”

“Alright– calm your tits. Take the phone.” He passed the phone to Ryan, who began filming Ivy’s spastic body.

“Her fucking hands are in the way–” Peter stabbed her hard in the stomach, the knife entering her body fully and a new stream of blood pouring from the wound. He swiped his arm across her tummy, slicing open the pudge and almost immediately allowing for the unfurreling of her internal organs. Ivy’s eyes bulged slightly and brow furrowed in pained fear. She removed her hands from the waterfall of gore and placed them over her stomach, pushing against her slipping small intestine.

Peter once again brought the knife to her neck and pushed into her throat. He began sawing immediately, hacking through the bone as best he could. It was a messy job– slicing through tendons and flesh with a blade as dull as this one– and came with a great deal of pain for Ivy. Her resigned gargles now turned into viciously loud bemoaning. Blood spurted from her mouth with every helpless sputter. As Peter slashed through all the meat in her neck and neared finally hacking through a disc in her spine, her eyes rolled back and she began to slouch.

“Oh shit, man– is she dead already?” Peter yelped.

“Uh– fuck.” He grabbed hold of her intestine and yanked, pulling it almost entirely out of her body. Her face exploded with brutal emotion. Her mouth opened wide to scream but she had no way to.

“Yes! Still alive!”

“Hurry up man, she doesn’t have much longer.”

“I got it– I’m almost there–”

And with that, the blade slipped through her vertebrae and out the other side of the neck, effectively decapitating poor Ivy.

Peter stumbled back, the cute cum-covered girl’s head dangling in his hands.

“Yeah, man– nice!” The chat thought so too.

“Bring it closer– bring it closer!”

Ryan handed the phone over to Peter, who aimed the camera onto Ivy’s swinging head. Her face was entirely blank now, though her eyes still twitched. Some part of her was still alive.

“How was it to die, bitch?” Peter asked, swinging her head more and more as if to accentuate the utter lack of body (which had collapsed once more unto Ryan’s chest in the commotion). Blood dribbled from the corner of her mouth, soaking the thick cum that rested on her chin a light red.

“Dude she’s still fucking alive– you gotta see this.”

Peter brought her head to Ryan’s, and the two (along with the now 4 million at home masturbating to Ivy’s demise) watched gleefully as Ivy’s last moments on earth were spent in brutal pain, with no body, soaked in cum and blood, and staring into the lense of a phone, on the other side of which millions mocked her pain.

Her eyes grew foggy and rolled back in her head, her lips stopped twitching, and the spasms in her legs, ass, and arms slowed to a halt, and now Ivy was dead.


“Sick,” the two agreed.

With the livestream over, now came the photoshoot. Various pictures of Peter standing triumphantly with Ivy’s dangling head falling from his hands in a mop of messy curled hair, using her intestines as scarves or wrapping them around dicks, Ivy’s head leaning against her corpse, the two posing with her headless body. Her corpse was mocked and ridiculed. Her massive, bouncing breasts used and abused once more. All the pictures posted to every social media they had. Soon her humiliation would be broadcasted to the whole world.

“That was a good one, dude.”

“God, yeah– did you see how much she was twitching? Even after she died her leg was still twitching on me.”

“You’re fucking covered in blood, dude.”

“What are you gonna do with her head? You wanna keep it?”

“You think I can?”

“Why not? You killed her– she belongs to you. She’s your trophy.”

“Fucking hot… Hey, Ryan?”

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“How fucked up do you think this is–?”

Peter opened Ivy’s mouth– cheeks pressed together and lips plush and soft– and crammed his cock into her.

“Scale of 1-10?”

“Yeah.” The tip of his cock was sticking out of her throat.

“Pretty fucked up.”

“More fucked up than actually killing her?”

“I think so, yeah.”


“Yeah– try masturbating with her head, dude.”

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