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[hard core, werebeast, size difference, non-lethal]

Ashley jaywalked through the empty boulevard, her arms swinging merrily. She liked walking around the town at night. The dry winter air was refreshing after the grueling 10-hour shift she always had on weekends. She had taken off her coat and tucked it in her backpack, letting her sweat dry out into the cold. The town she lived in was quite small, so she was not worried about anyone seeing her on this part of the town.

She was quite proud of her body. She was easily among the most attractive on her office, with natural tan skin, dark brown long hair that she kept flowing freely, and a healthy mix of muscle and fat on her curves. Although she lack mass on her ass, her bosoms’ size and softness satisfied her and her partner, and that's enough for her. Plus, if anyone really dared touch her, her stun gun on a small pocket under her pack would keep her safe.

That said, she was shocked when she soared thirty feet across the road. She landed with a sickening crunch as bone shards shred her flesh inside out. The road below her was streaked with red. Her bag flew across the sky, landing nowhere near.

She was too stunned by the fall to do anything. Her entire body were both cold and warm at the same time. A bizarre sensation enveloped her left arm. She felt her spine crack with every movement she made. Yet her mind was oddly clear. She wanted help. She screamed, but she could only hear her own blood rushing with adrenaline inside her.

After some moments laying in confusion, she sensed a wisp of movement from behind her. Using her good arm, she propped herself up to see better. However hard she struggled, she could only manage to roll onto her left side. The blurry figure on the end of the road slowly approached, but she could not tell who’s coming for her. The world was all black and blue in her eyes.

Her attacker was getting close, and they kept growing bigger in her eyes. Bigger than a man. A vending machine. A car. Soon they were right beside her, and encompassed almost half her remaining vision. The beast was as tall as a telephone pole, as built as a bear. She could make out two pairs of furry arms, each with large claws that glinted under the moonlight. Their mouth looked like it could swallow her without problem. She wasn’t sure whether their head looked closer to a bear or a wolf, but she was sure she want to be nowhere near that face. Unfortunately, that was what happened when the werebeast lifted her by her left arm up to their face, making their eyes level with each other. Hot, rotten stench wafted from their nostrils, nauseating Ashley. She didn’t know what expression was on her own face as she held herself from puking, but she swore the beast smiled at her before lifting her higher.

Ashley’s head began to spin as she processed the sight. She was above the rooftops of the shops, hanging by her broken left arm. There’s no signs of life other than them. Not even a rumble of cars from the highway. Her pained groans would never reach anyone’s ears, and she was truly on her own against the predator. Her heart dropped at the realization, as she unconsciously mouthed “No” to herself over and over.

The beast’s fetid breath tickled Ashley once again as they closed in on her feet, sniffing and licking it to taste the soft flesh beneath her dress pants. Ashley noticed their intention and began to kick the beast’s snout as hard as she could, hitting teeth and thick fur but did absolutely zero harm. Her broken arm could not give any leverage to her attacks. One of her kicks made her shoe stuck between their teeth. Horror fell on Ashley, her screams refueled by her primal fear. “Noo! Let me go! God, someone help me- no- AAaaffffuuuuck!”

The werebeast had closed their mouth, taking her right foot off. They chewed it once, twice, before spitting the chunky mush of shoe sole and gore away. Their hunger grew with the smell of blood in the air. The beast locked gaze with Ashley again, and licked their lips. Ashley had enough, and wished for this all to be just a dream. “Oh God, please, let me go, don’t let me die… not… not like this,” she plead uselessly to the beast.

Ashley screamed once more as the beast took hold of her and twisted her to face them, partly tearing her broken arm in the process. The beast snarled as they showed their claws to her. They were unusually careful with stripping her, but the beast’s rough claws still grazed her soft skin with every claw. Now bare, Ashley felt even more vulnerable to the beast’s whims. Blood flowed on the curves of her body, arousing the twisted sense of pleasure of the werebeast.

“You're so beautiful with the blood on you,” growled the beast.

Ashley gasped in surprise. “You… talk?”

“I'm not an animal.”

“P- Please, what did I do wrong? I’m a nobody, please don’t-”

“Nobody? No, young woman, you’re quite special. See, you describe yourself as a nature girl who likes camping, travelling, and adventure.” The beast snorted. Ashley couldn’t tell whether they were from amusement or just pure arrogance. ”Studies… magic, which you crossed out, and biology…”

The beast’s words faded into noise as Ashley realized that they were reading out her dating app profile. Embarrassment flushed in her face, even as the pain of her missing feet distracted her. Here she thought the chances of her meeting a sexual predator was going to be nil, with the small town and all, yet she found a literal predator right now, ready to prey on her. She could not believe her luck.

“You’re not listening to me!” Her attention was snapped back into reality as she felt fangs digging into her knees. The beast tore her calves from her toned legs, squirting blood on the street below. Ashley screamed silently, the renewed pain consuming more of her sanity. She looked in disbelief as the werebeast chewed and hummed with delight. “Quite delicious for your age, albeit a bit stringy. Good girl, keep doing what you do,” they complimented.

Ashley was flustered and confused. How dare they said that so nonchalantly? All her workouts and balanced diet, only for her to be eaten piece by piece, by a fantastic beast nonetheless. What a waste of her lifetime, she thought. She should have done whatever she pleased if she knew her life would end like this.

Yet they said those as if she'd live after this. She won’t. At least, she didn’t want to. Imagining her life without legs or arms horrified her. Whatever outcome she’d get, it would be all torture to her. She’d rather… no, she didn’t want to die either. But she didn’t have a choice in the matters.

The werebeast let out a low growl, seemingly displeased with her lack of response. “You don’t believe me? How about a taste?” They bared their claws once more, and dug deep into Ashley’s thighs. She grunted, the feeling of her flesh parting sending another wave of dull pain washing through her body. Her lifeforce pooled under her, leaving her without enough strength for fighting. Her eyes are blurry with pained tears. The beast hung something long and red in front of her. She finally cried.

“Eat,” they growled as the meat slapped on her face, painting blood all over.

“No, don’t do this, please,” she plead, hanging on the insane hope that this would be over soon.

The beast’s growl grew louder. “No, eat.”

“I’d do whatever you want, but please-”

“Of course you will. Now, eat. Before the taste gets bad.”

Ashley never thought she’d be crying this much. Eating herself. Such an evil, forced offer. What kind of people forces a person to eat themselves? No, what kind of people that are glad to be offered their own flesh? They said human flesh tastes like pork. She found herself eager to find out. She’d never forgive herself for this.

Not that anything matters anymore, she’d be dead in a moment, right? Might as well savor the remaining pleasures.

So Ashley opened her mouth and took a small bite. The meat was tough, and she couldn’t tear it out despite her venting her emotions on it through her jaw. She hung there, flopping as the beast shook the meat away from her. They figured that Ashley was still enjoying it, and so decided to let her enjoy.

She resorted to licking the juices of her own flesh, gagging as the blood dripped down her throat. The taste of slime and metal filled her mouth. She retched, disgusted by the lingering thought that she’s actually eating herself. She didn’t even know how raw meat was supposed to taste like. The closest thing she could compare it to was a rotting undercooked chicken. Her thigh wasn’t as poisonous, but it was still horrible.

Biting down on a smaller piece, she chewed and chewed, squeezing the juice out of the tough meat. The flavor was getting bearable on her tongue, but it turned the guilt into a dizzying headache. Ashley couldn’t bear swallowing, so she spat the lump out.

“Good girl,” cooed the werebeast. “You actually tried it. Others’ meat are so much more nasty, they don’t even want to try. They taste like rubber.”

Ashley didn’t have the energy to be surprised at the answer. “You’ve eaten others? How much?”

“Uncountable. I’ve lived far longer than you, you see. Prey have such short lives. But you… are not a prey. You’re my toy now. Yet it seems like you’re losing it. Like a prey do. You're a disgrace. Farewell, then. You’ll be back tomorrow.”

The werebeast jerked Ashley with their front arms, ripping her broken arm apart. “Awwha-” she gasped briefly before her body met the road for the second time. Her legs and hips broke her fall, and she fell limp on her stomach. Giving in to the pain, Ashley rolled her head, calling out to the beast as they leapt away. “Hey, don’t leave! Please, end me…” Her words ended as her consciousness fade into a static noise.


The sun shone bright above the clear sky, waking Ashley up. She promptly stood up in panic over her nightmares, then realized that she was not where she thought she was. The alley was bathed in sunlight, but the slush and grime scattered on the path told her that she was definitely not in her room. Fortunately, the road outside was still deserted, even with the sun up that high. She hid inside the massive pile of blanket she woke up from for warmth and decency.

“The fuck happ-aah ow,” Ashley moaned as her sore legs screamed pain at her. She sat down and rubbed the pain out her legs, grimacing as the soreness washed over her body. The nightmare felt real. The feelings of claws raking over her bones. The force of a car ramming through her. She knew she lost her legs in the dream, but the pain seems familiar to her. Almost as if she’d actually experienced it. But that can’t be, right? She was still in one piece. It was only a dream. She was only grateful she didn’t get frostbite in her sleep.

She didn’t want to think about how she got here in the first place. The dream was enough.

Her clothes and bag were hidden inside one of the folds of the blanket. She was wearing her coat when her phone rang, her coworker calling. She looked at it, but decided not to answer. She’ll just go to work right now, and take some days off. She needed it.

Ashley was about to walk out of the alley when something long fell out of the blanket. Her engagement ring was on the middle finger of that arm, just like how she wore it to work.


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