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She put on her brave face. The last thing she wanted to do was be an embarrassment to her friends and family.

The announcer’s voice boomed though the studio. “And now your host, Jony Ritter!”

The stage lights snapped on and the host, Jony Ritter stepped into view of the cameras. The studio audience cheered.

“As you know,” he began in his buttery-smooth, radio-worthy voice, “this week on Surprise Demise we’ve had a great group of gals, ready and willing to risk it all for fame or fortune.”

The four contestants stood each on their own pedestal—naked, bathed only in the bright studio lights.

“You’ve got a chance to meet each of our contestants tonight and watch as they competed in three rounds of grueling tasks; and now as we’ve nearly reached the end, we get to hear from you, the audience at home. It’s your time to decide. We’ll put five minutes on the clock. Text the number at the bottom of your screens to vote. We’ll keep the live vote tracker on the screen for the first four minutes, but of course our contestants and studio audience won’t be able to see it.”

The lights shifted dramatically, highlighting each of the contestants as he called out her name.

“Text TIF for Tiffany Miles, NAT for Natalie Rodriguez, MAR for Mary Jones, or KAT for Katie Parsons.”

As he said Katie’s name she felt her stomach well up into her throat. Her heart pounded hard, and she could feel her face growing red.

She hoped it was not too noticeable on camera, but she knew better than that. She had watched this show for years. She lived to see the bloodrush in the contestants’ cheeks and the tiny signs of their utter terror. She had never imagined that she would find herself here on the show.

Tiffany and Mary has both begun sobbing and Natalie was visibly trembling. Out of the four, Katie had the best control over herself. Sometimes that would play in a contestant’s favor. Or it could backfire. There really was no way for the contestants to even guess who would be chosen.

Katie found herself feeling impressed with the authenticity of the show. Sure, the phrase “ready and willing” may be a stretch, but that was just for FCC compliance. Everyone knew the truth, and no one was ever going to file a complaint.

Five minutes seemed like eternity to wait. Pounding music pulsed though speakers in the studio. Katie’s mind was racing as she tried to distract herself from whatever might happen when the countdown ended.

The tension in the air was palpable. The audience finished the countdown from ten. When they reached one, they fell silent.

Suspenseful music built. Lights flashed. Katie chanced a glance at the girls standing next to her. They looked small and vulnerable. Lit brightly against the dark.

She could barely breath as she looked back at the camera covering her. Then, she heard something moving overhead. She looked up just in time to see a machine arm with a metal cap coming down over her. It clamped onto her head. She froze. In an instant she knew she had been chosen. A mix of fear and confusion flooded her mind. Her vision was blurry. She heard the audience begin to cheer and scream with excitement.

The music cut out and she heard the electric buzz of a saw, which was followed immediately by splitting pain in her temple. She grunted, holding back a cry. There was a crack, a crunch and a squelch as metal bored into bone and brain. She could hear it all intensely in her ears.

Hot blood was running into her eyes and down the back of her throat. Piss spurted from between her legs and she could feel it streaming down her thighs.

She didn’t care, though. She wanted to care, but she couldn’t. He mind was incapable of feeling the embarrassment she had been so afraid of. Instead she was overwhelmed with a fear of the quickly-nearing end. She tried to fight the fear, but she was losing. The pain was overwhelming. She tried to swallow down a scream and choked on blood. Her breasts shook as she gagged and gasped for air. Her body convulsed. Blood and spittle sprayed from her nose and mouth across her face and and bare chest. Her hands grabbed vainly at the cold, slick metal of the apparatus latched onto her head.

She was loosing control over her body quickly. Her feet slipped on the wet floor and her neck strained under all her body weight. An explosion of pain ripped down her spine. She arched her back. Her hands balled up into fists and her toes curled. The cameraman moving in for a closeup was spattered with a spray of blood and pink chunks of brain as her skullcap separated from her head with a snap of stretched skin.

Her body hit the floor with a heavy thud and began to relax. Scrambled brains oozed out of her gaping cranial cavity. Then, with a groan and a gurgle and a slight shiver she fell limp and still.

Jony Ritter stepped back onto stage. The studio audience was on their feet. The camera panned from Katie’s body to the three surviving contestants, surrounded my their families. They waved to the camera with forced smiles. The camera then continued over to Katie’s family, who clutched each other in shock. Then, it cut back to the host.

“Wow!” He exclaimed. “I hope you enjoyed our show tonight. Tune in to the aftershow for slo-mo replays brought and a commentary and analysis by our certified coroner, Dr. Marx. Thank you for joining us, and don’t forget to come back next week for an all new—“
The audience joined in: “SURPRISE DEMISE!”


that was great shit, would love to read more from this tv show you made


WOW. Please make another one of this.

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