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Junior Gladiators

The naked young boy shrieked in pain as the sword sliced its way through his firm stomach. He buckled to his knees, dropping his own short sword as he looked down in horrified fascination at the thick, pink loops of intestine slipping out of the bloody gash. Lora felt pity, as the child seemed no older than her own little brother, but she quickly clamped down on her emotions. With an experienced twirl of her muscular arms, she beheaded the lad in a single stroke. The head tumbled to the sand and rolled a few meters before coming to a stop. The headless body keeled over, fresh blood pumping forth from the stump of his neck.

Lora leaned over and picked up the head by its long, tangled hair. She looked her victim in the eyes, and silently prayed for forgiveness. The boy didn't respond, his eyes dulled in death and his mouth slack and open. She raised the head in the air as the audience roared in approval, bloodlust thick in the dust.

The staff came by and hurriedly removed the nude boy's corpse, sweeping fresh sand over the pool of blood left behind. Lora stumbled back to her bench and gulped from a water bottle offered by one of the staff. She stretched her arms and laid back as the announcer hyped up the next contestant. At the sound of the horns, she hopped back into the hot sand of the stadium.

Another lad, this time slightly older than the last. She took a guess that he was about 14 years of age. He crouched down and readied his sword. Lora stood still as the boy circled her, her eyes analyzing her opponent. He was muscular and tall, his blonde hair cut short. She sensed a freshness to him, a nervous newbie sent into the arena for the first time. She would make sure it would be his last.

The boy charged, youthful impatience overpowering his nerves. With a yell, he struck at Lora with a downward swipe. The gladiatrix sidestepped the clumsy attack, and counter-attacked, sinking her sword in between the ribcage of the blonde boy. He froze, his blue eyes wide. Lora savagely pushed the sword deeper, until the hilt bumped up against the boy's smooth skin. The blade punctured his left lung and plunged into his frantically beating heart. The young blonde could only open his mouth in a silent gasp, before crumpling to the sand, his eyes rolling up. Lora gripped the sword and wrenched it out of the still body. She wiped the blood off on the boy's loincloth and slipped it back into her scabbard.

Lora slumped into her chair and sighed. Over her career as a gladiatrix, she had killed about 200 people, mostly other women. But now, they had her going up against children. The face of the 12 year old boy haunted her. His brown eyes empty of life, his soft cheeks coated in his own blood and tears.
The way he had softly moaned in terror as his guts drooped out of his stomach. But soon it would be over. She only had 3 more fights before her contract expired, and she would be let free from the arena.
Lora thought about her retirement. The fights had netted her enough money to do nothing but laze around for the rest of her life, which sounded real nice to her. Perhaps a little cottage in the middle of the western range, far away from anyone or anything.


Part Two

Liam eyed the gladiatrix nervously, his slender hands gripping a tomahawk tightly. Lora stood in the center of the arena, surrounded by the disemboweled and dismembered corpses of 5 other boy gladiators. She was covered head to toe in blood and pieces of entrails, and her face was contorted in bestial savagery, giving her the appearance of some sort of pagan martial goddess.

Lora turned her head towards Liam.
She wrenched her sword out of the punctured chest of one of the corpses (Liam couldn't tell who it was, as their face was too disfigured by blunt force injury) and slowly began to lurch towards him.

The boy raised his tomahawk, his heart thundering in terror as the woman steadily closed the gap, her sword dragging along the dirt floor. Lora abruptly stopped, about 4 feet away from Liam. She swayed and fell to her knees, her sword falling limply from her hand. Liam cautiously advanced, his tomahawk raised.

Suddenly, she sprang forward, tackling Liam to the ground.

The boy's tomahawk flew out of his hands.

Liam gasped, winded by the impact. He felt Lora's large, firm breasts squish against his chest. "How old are you, boy?", she whispered in his ear, her right arm pressed against his throat, her off hand occupied with pinning his hands against the ground. "A-almost fifteen", he squeaked, his baby blue eyes bulging at the almost effortless way she had disarmed him. All the stories he had heard during training camp were true, after all. Lora was a monster in combat.

A curious look on her face, Lora suddenly looked down at his crotch. Despite his impending mortality, Liam felt his face heat up and redden. He had a raging erection, and it had pressed up against Lora's tight abdomen. The woman smiled, and began to slowly rub her muscular stomach against Liam's cock. The teenager gasped in pleasure and grabbed hold of Lora's back, his fingernails digging into her skin. She felt his penis pulse and stiffen, before a hot load of cum blasted against her sweaty six pack.

Liam exhaled and loosened his grip on Lora's back. He didn't notice her arms wrap around his neck before it was too late.

Lora slowly squeezed, her biceps flexing and rippling. Liam's eyes shot open, his arms flying up in a desperate attempt to free himself from her deadly hold. His fingers scratched and scrabbled, but Lora payed no heed. Liam's skinny legs kicked and flexed as the 14 year old slowly asphyxiated. His face turned a deep shade of red, snot and saliva dribbling down his chin as he gagged.

Lora breathed in, her nose buried in Liam's strawberry blonde hair. This was it for her. The last gladiator she would ever have to kill before retirement and a lifetime of relaxation. She inhaled the boy's fear-scent, mixed in with sweat and arousal.

"Enough playing, I'm tired", she muttered to herself. The boy found one last burst of energy, arching his back as his legs drummed against the dirt, his hands scratching at Lora's face. A guttural moan of terror arose from deep within his throat. Lora swiftly jerked her arms, snapping Liam's neck instantly.

The boy went slack. His blue eyes faded, staring up into the clear sky. Lora panted, her exertion finally catching up to her. She relaxed her arms, letting Liam's body slump over on its side. The gladiatrix lay there as the arena staff rushed to her side. She had finally made it. She had survived a career in the arena.


Nice stories. Keep up the good work.

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