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=Tales from Omani Mei=

Just a quick story I threw together based on an idea I had last night.

Taking Apart Jaya
MtF, nc, snuff, casual, neck snap, bisection

The small group moved between the stalls of the marketplace with ease, the crowd parting around them and turning to give them furtive glances. Few here welcomed the Keyholders, but none dared to cross them, either.

Nadya, the eldest of the group at 26, strode confidently down the lane between the makeshift stalls, long black hair swaying as her power armor carried her effortlessly forward. Beside her threatening form, Onira and Tryxia seemed small, impressively built though they were. 20-year-old Onira’s spiked hair, fierce facial tattoos, and leather jacket contrasted with 18-year-old Tryxia’s neon pink hair, tight crop top, ripped thigh highs, and short skirt.

All three were trans women, members of the Keyholders, a group of outlaws that traded with the citizens of Omani Mei on a regular basis. The Keyholder women would trade their plunder for the necessities of farming and metalcraft at generous prices, leaving whatever they did not need to sell for any to take at their will.

But everything has a price in Omani Mei, and today, Nadya, Onira, and Tryxia were there to collect payment. Sometimes that price was in life, and sometimes in death; the massive sword on Nadya’s back hinted at which was on the cards today.

Their eyes scanned the crowd, Tryxia’s artificial purple irises glinting in the midday sun. She skimmed over the naked whores twirling in the square at the end of the lane; though pretty, with their bare skin and toned muscles, none of them would serve well as tribute.

It wasn’t long before they had spotted a likely target. Without speaking, Tryxia glanced at her companions, pointed, and began sprinting down the lane of market stalls, shiny pink repulsor heels kicking up gouts of red sand as she went.

Jaya Anselm had come to Omani Mei years before as a trader, but rather than ranging out into the wastes as many Omani merchants did, Jaya had built a business on brokering deals between offworlders and the other small-time businesspeople of the market. She was no native Omani, but she knew instantly what it meant when the young, pink-haired Keyholder pointed at her. She gasped, dropped the holographic programmer she had been holding, and clumsily tried to make her way through the crowd, toward the wall on the south side of the market square.

Her worn sandals were no match for Tryxia’s toned thighs at the best of times, and the repulsor heels that added as much as half a meter to every stride. Jaya was barely ten steps from her market tent when the tall, toned woman caught up with her and wrapped her muscular arm around the smaller trader’s neck.

“Now, now”, said Tryxia playfully, “you wouldn’t be running from a Keyholder, would you? Not after all we’ve done for you?”

Jaya struggled and whimpered, legs kicking. “Please, Keyholder. Don’t - ghurk!” Tryxia’s chokehold tightened and Jaya felt her feet leave the ground. Her rough tunic ripped and fell away under her assailant’s knife, and there she was, topless, tits bouncing as she struggled in the pink-haired woman’s grasp.

“Oh, we’re going to have fun with this one!” said Nadya, voice powerful as she walked past Tryxia and stood, all gleaming power armor and glittering black hair, directly in front of Jaya. “What is your name, girl?”

“Girl?” Jaya choked out between ragged breaths. “I’m a citizen of Omani Mei, you raider filth, and I won’t be treated like-”

“A shame.”, Nadya said, sounding almost uninterested. “You’re such a pretty one. Tryxia?”

At that, Tryxia’s free hand dropped the knife and began forcing down Jaya’s skirt. She kicked, hard, but Tryxia barely seemed to notice as she pulled the skirt down and off and roughly shoved her fingers between Jaya’s legs, eliciting a gasp of pain.

Jaya’s world was jumble of pain and growing pleasure. Tryxia was fingering her without lube and without mercy, and it hurt like hell, but she couldn’t deny an aspect of excitement and even pleasure at the fact that they hadn’t just killed her outright.

A crowd of onlookers was starting to form, keeping their distance but definitely interested. Seeing this, Nadya gestured to Tryxia, who abruptly let go of Jaya’s throat and pushed her down, hard. Her head slammed into a nearby trading table with a loud thump, sending gold coins and small electronics flying. Moments later, Jaya felt a hard cock pressing against her pussy.

“No, please”, she cried out, “Please!” But it was too late. Tryxia was already inside her. The crowd gasped; it was well known that nobody who felt the touch of a Keyholder cock lived to tell about it.

Tryxia began pumping in and out, slowly at first, and grabbed both of Jaya’s arms, twisting them so hard she felt a pop as her shoulder dislocated. Nadya laughed as she screamed, and a moment later, she felt hands on her face, forcing a ring gag into her mouth.

It was cold steel, but as soon as it entered her gasping mouth, it sprang to life, metal tines crawling over her lips and teeth and forcing her jaw wide open. Then she was looking straight at Onira, hand on her’s throat, forcing her head back at an awkward angle.

“How do you want to die today, bitch?” Onira said. “Sword, or suffocation?”

Oh Gods, thought Jaya, this is really happening. They’re going to snuff me.

She hesitated a moment too long, and felt a searing pain as Tryxia slid her small knife into the trader’s shapely ass. She screamed again, and as she did, Onira unzipped her shorts and thrust her cock into Jaya’s mouth.

Both Tryxia and Onira sped up, gradually, until Jaya was getting pounded hard from both ends. Her body slid slightly back and forth, splinters from the table scratching and piercing her nude belly and breasts, leaving tiny smears of blood on the cheap table.

She could breathe only in short bursts as Onira’s cock pummeled her throat, but she felt herself relaxing a little, and her body became a little less resistant. After a moment, she rocked her hips tentatively and realized that Tryxia’s cock didn’t feel half bad down there, rough though it was. She sped up, gyrating back and forth, sliding down one cock and back up the other, over and over.

Tryxia gasped as she felt the meat she was fucking start moving in time to her thrusts. “Ha! The slut enjoys it! Well, for this, she deserves a good death.” She began to fuck her Jaya even harder, gesturing to her older companion to come closer before sliding a hand up to Jaya’s small but perky tits and giving her right nipple a good pinch.

Jaya felt so good now, thrusting back and forth on the two girlcocks inside of her, that she almost didn’t notice when metal-gloved fingers grabbed her right arm. But she did notice when they began to pull, and kept pulling, until she could feel bone shattering and muscle tearing under the unrelenting machine strength of the power armor. She tried to scream, but her mouth was full of cock, and then suddenly she tasted salt and bitterness as warm cum flooded her throat from Onira’s throbbing dick.

Onira pushed further in as Nadya’s iron hand pulled Jaya’s ruined right arm out and away from her body and tossed it onto the sand. Blood pulsed from her severed arteries and her vision began to lose color, but she could still feel the two cocks inside her, choking and stinging but still feeling amazing.

Through the pain and the awful sensation of gagging on Onira’s cock and semen, Jaya felt an orgasm coming, and she heard Tryxia gasp in a way that meant she was feeling the same. Her thrusts became harder, and more errattic. That was when Nadya drew her sword.

It swung up in a wide arc, coming down toward Jaya’s defenseless back as Tryxia pumped her load into Jaya’s spasming pussy. Just as Jaya’s body arched and spasmed in orgasm, it bit into her with all the force of the power armor. She felt searing pain in her belly, but it was barely noticable through the intensity of the orgasm.

Just then, Onira pulled out, and Jaya tried to gulp down air, but her lungs filled with cum instead. She gasped and gurgled for a moment, then felt hands on her face, a sudden twist, and then nothing at all.

Nadya surveyed the scene almost impassively as she methodically wiped her sword off on the nearest stack of imported cloths.

Jaya’s head and torso lay on the trading table, neck bent at an absurd angle, mouth dripping translucent white cum and blood. Her body ended just above the bellybutton, and her lower half was gently spasming on the sand, still in the final throes of orgasm, spurting Tryxia’s cum from its twitching pussy.

The three Keyholders embraced brefly and zipped back up, then turned around and walked away briskly. Nadya flipped a single gold coin to the trader whose table they’d used. After all, with a stain like that, he’d have to replace it, and wood was expensive around here.

Thanks for reading! Suggestions and critiques are welcome.

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