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The Case File

Melanie Holstein was the librarian at Parkview High School. From all external appearances, she was a kind, thoughtful librarian, well liked by the kids and her colleagues. It didn't hurt that despite pushing 40, she still had the energy and youthful appearance of a 25 year old. When asked what her secret was, she usually just replied with some vague comment on diet and exercise. She had a pet dog, a cactus, the usual photos of relatives and friends. She even had a social media account that she kept semi active with the occasional photo or reblog.

Melanie Holstein had a secret though. A dark little hobby. Every couple months, she would go out, obsessively study a young boy for a couple weeks, then kidnap him. She would then transport the boy to a remote cabin up in the mountains to rape, before murdering him. She believed that consuming the bodily fluids of a male virgin kept her youthful and healthy. When the authorities finally caught up to her, she admitted to having dispatched about 200 boys this way. She had kept her spree going by going as far as the southwest to find a target, and by targeting boys with severe family issues. A kid with deadbeat or abusive parents wouldn't register as disappeared, they would simply be classified as a runaway.

Her routine after kidnapping was quick and efficient. She would transport the boy (who was usually sedated, tied up, and gagged) in a false compartment in her SUV. After reaching her mountain cabin, she would undress the boy (keeping him restrained on a home made surgical table). She would then wait until the sedatives wore off and her victim was fully conscious before starting her ritual. She would strip naked, then would stimulate the boy's penis until it was semi-erect. Then she would perform fellatio until the boy achieved orgasm. She would consume the first wad of cum immediately. Then Ms. Holstein would get up on top of the boy for round 2. Ms. Holstein would then ride her victim's penis until he achieved orgasm again, usually without a condom. This process usually took about an hour and a half to complete, depending on the stamina of the boy.

Then came the butchering. After resting for an hour, Ms. Holstein would wash the boy with warm soapy water. After cleaning him, she would choose one of several methods to kill her victim. Her favorite method involved turning the table on its side and slicing open the stomach and throat. After killing her victim, she would then drink one cup of blood and consume the heart, raw. When police officers investigated the cabin, they came across everything from a guillotine to a gallows, all built into the large basement area. They also came across an archive that documented every single kidnapping and murder Ms. Holstein had committed over a 5 year period. During the trial, multiple jury members had to excuse themselves as the graphic videos of rape and murder were shown.

Melanie Holstein was sentenced to death on January 5th of this year, but her case is sure to live on as one of the most infamous serial killers of this state. There are already 4 books published on her, one of which is slated to become a major Hollywood dramatization.


Melanie's Execution

Officer Martin Velasquez cleared his throat.
"Miss, its almost time."

The woman looked up from her book.
She let out a nervous laugh.
"Ah, already? I was just getting into the story". She neatly placed the book down on her bunk and rose to her feet. Velasquez unlocked the cell door and opened it up. The prisoner slowly walked out, leaving a faint note of lavender as she presented herself to him. As the corrections officer cuffed her hands behind her back, he took the time to give her a look over. She really was a beautiful woman, he thought to himself. She wasn't particularly tall, but she was curvaceous. Her breasts seemed to strain her prison jumpsuit and her hips and waist formed an attractive coke bottle shape. Melanie's brunette hair was lustrous and glossy, although the prison had given her a not particularly glamorous pixie cut. A large firm ass rounded out the package.

"Okay, miss. Follow me", the correctional officer said. He grabbed her shoulder and firmly walked her towards the execution chamber. Melanie was silent during her last walk. Each step took her closer to her death. The woman smiled as she thought about her kills. She savored the memory of her terrified young victims crying for their mothers, the gasps they made as her blade carved through their young flesh, and the taste of their blood, cum, and sweat. Oh how they screamed as they died in agony. Melanie felt a warm dampness grow in between her legs, and blushed. Velasquez looked over and saw her smile. "Evil bitch", he thought with a grimace.

They arrived at the chamber. Two other guards flanked the entrance, and Officer Velasquez gave his ID and convict info sheet to the one on the left.
"Good morning Joe, Frank", Velasquez greeted the guards, "Fine day isn't it?" "Sure is" the rightmost guard agreed. Melanie caught the guards staring at her, and looked down at her feet. "It's a shame to waste such a fine body, isn't it Martin?" Frank said to Velasquez. "You're a damn pervert, Frank. But you know the regs. You can have your fun once she's dead", Velasquez grumbled.

The officer pushed Melanie into the chamber. The woman shivered as cool air brushed over her skin. In the center of the otherwise bare chamber was a simple wooden chopping block. A large ax was laid on the floor next to it. Its edge shone brightly.
"We sharpened it yesterday. It should cut through your neck on the very first strike." Velasquez told Melanie as he gently pushed her to her knees. "Now, just lay your head on the block and try to relax."
Melanie stiffly obeyed, her heart racing at a million miles a minute. She flexed her hands, fear rising in her breast. Her earlier cool sense of detachment was beginning to unravel. The cold air of the chamber traveled across her sweat-slickened skin, causing her to shiver.

Velasquez picked up the axe. He hefted it and gave it a few swings to gain a feel for its weight and center of balance. Satisfied with his tool, he carefully placed the blade on the nape of Melanie's neck. The woman took a deep breath in, and exhaled.
She closed her eyes as Velasquez raised the axe up high. All she heard in her final seconds was the whistle of the axe head slicing through air. Then her neck erupted in agony. Her eyes shot wide open and she tried to scream in pain. The world spun around in a dizzying blur of lights. No sound came from her mouth. Melanie found herself deeply confused for a moment, before remembering the reason why. She closed her eyes for the last time, wishing for the noise to go away.

It did.

Officer Velasquez brought the axe down with a precise swing, neatly separated Melanie's head from her neck. The head tumbled off the block and rolled for a few feet before coming to a stop. The now headless body spasmed and twitched as twin fountains of blood squirted from the neck stump. A damp spot appeared on the crotch of the jumpsuit as Melanie's muscles relaxed and released the contents of her bladder. The corpse fell on its side, its legs still jerking.


Melanie's Corpse

Velasquez was always fascinated by the movements of a freshly executed prisoner. Didn't hurt that this prisoner was a beautiful woman. He knelt down and rolled the headless body over for a closer look.
Velasquez unzipped the jumpsuit, and grabbed a handful of the prisoner's bountiful breasts. Warm and soft, although they wouldn't remain so forever. He continued at a quick pace, stripping her corpse naked. The officer fiddled with the keys, then unlocked the handcuffs. He placed her arms at her sides, then undid his belt. Perks of being the executioner meant that he had at least an hour to have some fun before he had to clean the mess up.

Melanie was a very tidy and organized woman. This extended to her personal grooming habits. Her skin was well taken care of, with nary a blemish or wrinkle to be found. "Perhaps there's something to this whole virgin soul thing", he thought to himself as he ran his hands over her soft body. Naturally, he started to focus on her lower torso region. Her pubic area had a neatly trimmed bush that lead toward a pink innie pussy. It was still wet and moist from its owner's demise. Velasquez had a raging stiffy now, and he wasn't one to wait around. With a sigh, he sank his rock hard penis into Melanie's warm slit.
The woman's flesh was still pliable, although he could tell it was definitely starting to cool down. He increased his pumping and soon began to reach his limit.
With a grunt, he pumped her dead womb full of hot cum.
He buried his face in her perky breasts, and sighed.
"I wish we got more hotties like you instead of the usual crack whores and psycho grandmas" he muttered to himself. Officer Velasquez got up and pulled up his pants. He radioed the officers outside to help him with clean up.

"Job has its perks", he thought again as he picked up Melanie's head. Velasquez looked into her dull green eyes. Her full lips were slightly parted, as if she had something to say. He grunted, and placed the head on top of her body.

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