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Okay, so because of Character limits and Flood protections I can't post this story all on one go even though it's finished. I'll try and get it up as soon as I can, but my suspicion is that someone needs to reply between each of my posts so I don't trigger flooding.


Mary Jane's Girlskin Lingerie Photoshoot
Tags: Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson, Ava Ayala (White Tiger), Exhibitionism, F/F, Snuff, Consensual, Romantic, Objectification, Girl leather, Fingering, Oral, Fondling, Inter-racial, Girl turned into Lingerie

Mary Jane Watson was more than a little nervous as she got ready for her time before the camera. She'd been a successful model for years now, and she'd managed to avoid anything like this in her time in the industry. It wasn't just the nudity, though she'd avoided that too of course, it was this whole trend of girl-leather clothes! Of course, what had once been a fringe fad was now much more mainstream and Mary Jane could no longer afford to avoid it, at least, not if she wanted to keep working in the fashion industry. Jobs had been drying up recently and her agent had mentioned that this could put her back on the map with a fresh new daring image. Even without that though, the company had asked for her specifically and the pay was more than generous. An offer like this usually led to even more offers in the future, especially with a growing brand like Girlskin. Refusing an offer like this was never really in the cards.

Mary Jane glanced around the room to find her co-star for this shoot, Ava Ayala. Ava was stunning, a statuesque Latina beauty with a body so gorgeous that even MJ felt a little inadequate next to her. She wondered why Ava took this job. MJ was thinking about her future career, but that couldn't possibly be the case for Ava, not with what the shoot required of her.

Was the thought of what was going to happen to her enticement enough?

MJ didn't know, and honestly she was sort of afraid to ask.

"Alright! I want everyone on set!" MJ heard the director cry out. No time left to wonder about where Ava was or what her motivations were. It was time for the first half of the shoot to begin.

MJ shrugged off her robe leaving her completely naked as she walked toward the camera set. The decoration was sparse, the entire backdrop was draped in white silk sheets that reached all the way down to the floor and covered it as well. Scattered here and there across the sheets were rose petals, red of course, to conjure up romance in the mind of anyone seeing the soon-to-be-made ad.

Mary Jane was still more than a little uncomfortable with the whole thing. It was one thing to use sex to sell a product, that wasn't anything new, and objectifying women to show them as sex objects wasn't new either, but… This was a lot more literal on both parts than MJ was really okay with.

Girlskin clothes was a relatively new company, only 5 or 6 years old, but already they'd created their own high end niche market. Bespoke boutique clothes for the affluent elite, each piece custom tailored for the woman who would end up wearing it. Each piece made from a single source of leather…

Girlskin made other clothes too; things more suitable for the mass market, made from more readily accessible types of leather, but that wasn't what earned them their mystique. It wasn't what earned them their name.

And now MJ was about to be the beneficiary of Girlskin's marketing campaign "Nothing touches my skin but girlskin…" wasn't that the slogan?

Ava walked comfortably onto the set, completely nude, just like Mary Jane, but much more at ease than the redhead felt herself. MJ wasn't sure why, given what was going to happen to her. Only one of them was going to be walking away alive from this after all, and it wasn't going to be Ms. Ayala… Still, MJ wasn't about to go looking for trouble and making more work for herself by asking the lithe almost cat-like Latina why she didn't look at all nervous about what was about to happen to her sounded exactly like the sort of thing that would do just that.

MJ noticed Ava looking around, her eyes landing on and dismissing everyone else on the set until finally they alighted onto her, and a small almost nervous smile crept onto Ava's face. It was kind of strange to see it, especially given Ava's earlier confidence, but MJ had no time to ponder the event; the director had begun to speak.

"Okay, so the theme of this shoot is sex! Hot, sweaty, lesbian sex! That's the secret to girlskin products! Nothing is sexier than wearing another girl. It's like every sex act you can imagine with every step you take. That's what we're selling here, okay? Ava, I need you to play with Mary Jane like she's never been played with before. She needs to look like she's on the verge of cumming in every single shot we take, that way it'll look just as sexy when we get to the shots where she's actually wearing you, got it?"

Ava blushed her eyes flicking to Mary Jane, and MJ couldn't help but wonder if it was due to the director's crudeness or if the blush was rooted in something else. Arousal, maybe? She did sign up to do this ad after all…

"As for you MJ, I don't know if you munch rug or not and frankly, I don't care. As long as you look like you're getting off everything'll be fine, okay? So just enjoy yourself, and if you can't? Just fake it. You were an actress right? Can you handle that much?"

MJ nodded. She wasn't totally against the idea of being with a woman, and Ava was certainly more than attractive enough to catch her eye, though she'd never dream about acting on it under normal circumstances.

"Good," the director replied. "This shouldn't be too hard on your end, this ad is all about Ava making you cum, both as a woman and as a product." The director frowned. "Speaking of which, are you sure you'll be okay doing your end of the shoot?" He asked MJ's Latina co-star. "I know you already signed the contract, but if there's gonna be an issue I'd rather get another girl right now than have to deal with any bullshit," the man explained crudely.

"No way," Ava more than eagerly reassured the director. "Mary Jane Watson is the reason I realized I was a lesbian! As long as she's the woman starring in this ad? I'm in it 100%. There's no way I'll back out. The only regret I have is I won't get to see how incredible she looks wearing me."

The director nodded, unsurprised and Mary Jane couldn't help but wonder if she was the reason Ava took the job. Was she a precondition of the shoot? Was Ava that into her that she'd allow herself to be snuffed just for a chance to pretend to fuck her on camera? Well, more than just a chance really, and closer to the truth than to pretending… but that wouldn't make her end any less fatal. It hardly seemed worth it to MJ.

The eager glint in Ava's eyes as the director walked away said something different about Ava's own feelings on the matter. "Damn, you're even sexier than I imagined, seeing you in that lingerie ad when I was 14," Ava admitted.

"How many years ago was that?" MJ couldn't stop herself from asking.

"Under ten," Ava admitted with a show of nervousness, and MJ resolved not to press her on the matter, she could always look her age up after the shoot when it wouldn't really matter anymore.

"Seeing you like this? Naked, confident and so incredibly sexy? I can't help but envy all the teenage girls who will get to see this ad once it's out. What I wouldn't have given at their age to see you naked… Hell, I'm giving up a lot to see it now!" Ava laughed, clearly at ease with what was going to happen to her.

She wasn't wrong, MJ realized. "And you're okay with that? Being turned into a set of clothes?"

"Did they tell you what they're making me into?" Ava asked. "It's a lingerie set, almost identical to the one I first saw you in," she explained when Mary Jane didn't seem to know the answer to her question. "This time tomorrow you'll be wearing my tits as a bra, and my cunt is becoming a pair of slit crotch panties with a button to keep the lips together until you want to spread them apart."

Ava grinned. "The changes were my idea actually, at least in concept. They're gonna make it look a lot better than I could ever dream of." She paused. "Girlskin isn't new you know," Ava explained with an embarrassed sort of shrug. "They started out when I was still in high school. I discovered their ads around the same time as I discovered you. This? This is a dream come true. Literally."

Ava continued speaking, accidentally cutting MJ off before she could ask what the younger girl meant.

"This was my favorite fantasy! Being with you in a photo-shoot? Getting to fuck you and then being turned into clothes for you to wear? Knowing that you'll get to enjoy the feel of my skin sliding against your most sensitive places? Doing it day after day, wearing me under a pretty dress, or just lounging about at home? Honestly there's nothing I'd like more than for that to happen…" Ava admitted with a blush. "Do you remember Girlskin's old campaign? 'Who would you give anything for?' with the naked young girls waiting by the red carpet for the models walking by and each and every model dressed in Girlskin clothes the same exact shade as the fan watching them? When I was in High School, my friends and I used to play that game. We asked each other who we'd let ourselves be snuffed for, and you Mary Jane? You were my answer every time."

MJ didn't know how to respond. She'd met fans before, she'd even met fans who had told her that they had discovered their sexuality because of her; but this was different. Ava was willing to die to be with her! In fact, it sort of sounded like the slightly shorter girl had only taken this job for the chance to be snuffed for her, or maybe that the only reason MJ had gotten this part was Ava's girlhood crush…

Honestly? Now that Ava's motivations were out in the open, this shoot felt much less like a job and much more… taboo. Mary Jane caught herself staring at her co-star, imagining what Ava would look like once she'd become the outfit she'd so eagerly described. Knowing that the Latina was here for her, to fuck her. To be worn by her, and not just by any model that Girlskin could have hired for the job? It made it much more intimate. Intimate, and arousing; MJ realized as she imagined what the other girl would feel like against her bare skin.

"Alright! That's enough dwaddling!" the director shouted from his chair. "Let's get this shoot started! Ava, MJ, I want to open up with something a little more sensual and less explicit to air in the places that we can't show the full ad in; buses, trains, certain countries, that sort of thing. They'll be able to find the full ad on the internet of course, but only if they know it's there, so let's get their interest piqued, okay?" The director explained.

"I want both of you on the floor. MJ, I want you on the ground looking content, like you were just freshly fucked and you're basking in the afterglow, okay? Ava, I want you wrapped around her, an arm covering MJ's tits and a leg draped across her just below her hips! I want you looking at her with absolute adoration. I'm thinking the tag-line for this shot'll be 'don't you deserve lingerie made just for you?' or something like that. We'll work out the details in post! Just look adoring!"

MJ was more than a little nervous now. The tone of the whole shoot had changed when Ava had aired her feelings, but MJ was nothing if not a professional, so she put on her best afterglow face and lay down on the rose-covered silk, following the director's instructions as best she could.

Ava on the other hand was clearly set on enjoying herself as much as possible before her end as she set down next to her, and Mary Jane couldn't fault her in the least. MJ shivered as she felt Ava's fingers trace a path across her skin. She'd never been touched like this by a girl before, and knowing what Ava was giving up to touch her only made the experience more enticingly erotic.

Ava's fingertips trailed across Mary Jane's sensitive nipples, sending a jolt of arousal through the redhead's being, only to intensify when Ava wrapped her leg across MJ's own. She could feel the warmth of Ava's body as it pressed against her, the blazing heat of Ava's pussy against her thigh, the damp arousal rubbing flush against her leg as Ava reached across her body to cover the front of MJ's breasts with her arm. It wasn't enough to mask them from view completely, but Ava's slender arm more than covered MJ's nipples, and with Ava's upper thigh covering the redhead's sex, that was enough to get the ad posted in public.

There was something incredibly sexually charged about the way that Ava was snuggling into her. MJ could feel her own pussy heating up from the act, and it made it more than a little hard to focus on schooling her expression into that perfect post-sex afterglow. Of course, Mary Jane wasn't a famous actress and model for nothing; despite the difficulty it took less than a minute for MJ to adopt the right expression.

The redhead could see the way that Ava was looking at her; she could see the boundless adoration and arousal behind the younger girl's bright brown eyes. There wasn't a hint of artifice in either orb. Ava worshiped her, and it sent Mary Jane's heart thudding as she realized that the girl next to her wasn't doing this for the acclaim, or the prestige, or the money (not that she'd be able to spend that after the shoot). Ava was doing this for her, to please her, to play with her, to be with her forever everywhere she went; concealed beneath her clothes as their little secret. Ava wasn't acting at all, this wasn't a job to her, this was her most lurid fantasy coming true.

They made a pretty picture, laying together on the white silk sheets, a shroud of rose petals draped around them. MJ could see the contrast between Ava's dark olive colored skin and her own barely tanned white as the other girl stared up at her with adoration. Ava would look good on her, MJ realized, and she wondered if that was part of Ava's thoughts when planning this out, or if it was just a happy coincidence?

Ava's position, wrapped around her in a clinging embrace, lent the other girl a sort of child-like vulnerability that only added to her allure. The camera was running, MJ could hear the snap of the shutter in a lightning fast rumble as the photographer took picture after picture: but Mary Jane couldn't help but gaze down at the other girl. She wasn't sure just what was in her eyes right then, appreciation? contentment? but whatever it was, the director didn't tell her to stop.

Nor was MJ's loaded gaze missed by her partner in this endeavor. Ava's eyes widened as she caught her idol looking at her, and before MJ could turn away, the shorter girl craned her neck and captured MJ's lips in a passionate kiss that sent fireworks tingling up and down the redhead's spine.

"Yes! Yes!" The director called out. "Perfect! Hold that pose!"

MJ couldn't break away. She couldn't end the kiss now even if she wanted to; and from the growing heat between her thighs, MJ was not at all sure that she wanted to.

Ava was in heaven, caught in a kiss with her first teen crush, the red head responding both physically, and from the look in her eyes, emotionally as well. Ava wouldn't be too upset if this photo shoot was the last time that Mary Jane would ever wear her; she knew the older woman hadn't grown up with the idea of girl-leather gear like she had, but the look in the redhead's deep green eyes spoke of desire, of passion! Hope kindled in Ava's heart. She'd made sure in the terms of her contract that once the shoot was over the newly-made Ava-leather lingerie would be going to her co-star instead of sold at auction as such things sometimes were. Maybe this wouldn't be the last time MJ wore her? Maybe she'd end up slipping her on when she wanted to feel sexy? Wearing her under her street clothes, or beneath a fancy cocktail gown?

Ava hoped that Mary Jane enjoyed her, relishing the knowledge that another girl found her so incredibly desirable that she was willing to give everything just to be with her. That was what had appealed to her about Girlskin as a teenager; that submission. Knowing that another girl was willing to give up everything, was willing to die just so you could have a beautiful piece of clothing… Fuck! The thought still got her hot years later. She'd wanted it, fantasizing about which of her friends would look best on her. She'd talked with them about it at sleepovers, each of them trying to entice each other into promising to give up everything once they made enough money to afford a real Girlskin piece. The rush, the taboo nature of those late night agreements still thrilled her to this day.

But more than that, Ava wanted to be on the other end of things! She wanted to make that sacrifice, to become nothing more than expensive clothing, her life ended for another girl to look good. Not just any girl of course, but this girl; this incredible woman kissing her, laying in her arms. Mary Jane Watson was everything she wanted as a girl, and knowing that other girls would see her with the vivacious redhead? See her giving everything for her and never have to wonder and imagine what lay beneath that tantalizing lingerie? Far from the trepidation Mary Jane had expected, Ava was looking forward to what would happen to her. She was subjugating her wants, her desires, her very life all so that Mary Jane Watson could have the lingerie that the redhead truly deserved!

Mary Jane was oblivious to her partner's thoughts as the kiss stretched on and on. She'd never been kissed so passionately before, it felt like Ava was trying to pour her very essence into her through her lips, like there were fireworks exploding between her legs!

Of course, no moment could last forever, and soon enough the director told them that he'd gotten enough. It was time to end the kiss and move onto the next pose.

Ava withdrew with the tenderness if a lover leaving for the final time, savoring the taste of Mary Jane's lips on her own, the strawberry flavored lip gloss that the other model wore was exactly as she'd imagined it, and though Ava wasn't disappointed, she couldn't help but regret that the kiss couldn't last forever.

The next pose was just as simple, if a little more risque. Ava lay on the sheet, waiting just long enough for new rose petals to be added to their makeshift bed. Her arms were wide, her legs were splayed and more than a few pictures, both professional and personal were taken 'just in case'. Of course, the reasoning given was so that Girlskin could show just what parts of Ava would be making the transition from girl, to Girlskin lingerie, but Mary Jane suspected that the real reason for the shots was so that the men, and not a few women, could have a memento of the vibrant Latina once she was gone.

Once those shots were done, it was MJ's turn to lay on top of the other model, to feel her soft breasts press into her back and just enjoy herself as Ava's legs entwined with hers spreading them apart to reveal MJ's pussy. She'd shown up to the shoot unshaven at Girlskin's request, and an entire half hour of the makeup process had been spent hand-trimming her unruly bush into a perfectly styled bright red landing strip, the shade an exact match for the hair on her head.

The next thing she knew Ava's hands were cupping her breasts, her thumbs hiding MJ's tender nipples as her palms cupped and supported her mounds from beneath. The message was obvious, what better way to support your tits than with another girl? What better way to display your sexuality than with the help of a female lover? It was simple, almost subtle in its execution and Mary Jane had no trouble looking incredibly aroused as Ava softly kneaded her breasts from below.

MJ couldn't help but imagine how Ava's own toffee colored mounds would look framing her own much paler tits. Ava's bigger, darker nipples would rest atop her own, concealing everything but revealing the other, soon to be former girl in more than intimate detail. She'd be supple of course, unlike most leather you didn't need to break Girlskin in, but would she be just as tender as a bra as her questing hands were now? Mary Jane wasn't sure, but she wanted to find out.

Of course, time didn't stop passing just because Mary Jane was caught in idle daydreams, and before MJ knew it, her time resting on her own personal Latina breast massager had come to an end.

Ava was in heaven and it showed. She'd feared that this might be awkward; that her idol might not get it, that the gorgeous redhead currently resting on top of her would be uncomfortable, or disgusted by her intentions, but that wasn't the case at all! Mary Jane Watson may not have completely understood her motivations, but she was, if not supportive, than at least responsive to the concept. Mary Jane hadn't said anything, but Ava could tell she was thinking about it, imagining what Ava's soft toffee skin would look like against her own, what it would feel like… She was already starting to think of Ava like an object, like an accessory. The photo shoot was only going to get more explicit as time passed, Ava would have plenty of time to drive her point home.

“Alright! That's good, but now it's time to get into the real meat of this campaign. Girlskin isn't just a fashion statement, Girlskin is sex itself. So lets get a pose that'll really get young girls' hearts racing, okay? Mary Jane, I want you to lie back with your legs spread about shoulder width apart, Ava, I want you between those legs, lips locked on MJ's cunt. The tag-line here is 'Girlskin is more than just a careless caress!' okay?” The director asked. After a second or two with no questions or objections he nodded to himself. “Well, get to it!”

MJ could immediately feel Ava's absence the second she rolled off of her. The cool air touching parts of her once warmed by Ava's skin was an immediate wake up call, but it wasn't enough to dispel the lingering arousal that Ava's hands had massaged into her breasts. She stood up, her eyes risking glances at Ava's naked form as the assistants replaced the rose petals on the white sheet with fresh ones for the next shot. Ava was staring at her with undisguised appreciation and lust, but Mary Jane couldn't quite manage to do the same to Ava. It felt… Not wrong, Ava wanted it after all, but somehow taboo to imagine Ava as she would be, as the set of lingerie she would become after this shoot.

“I hope you enjoy wearing me,” Ava offered, as if reading MJ's mind. “I've heard that real girlskin is incredibly comfortable.”

Mary Jane blushed. “I still can't believe you're okay with… with it.”

“With being snuffed?” Ava asked. “Or with you wearing me afterwards?” she offered.

“Either,” Mary Jane paused, “both.”

“I get off imagining it,” Ava admitted. “Picturing you wearing me, my breasts covering yours, my cunt concealing yours… I've been imagining it since I was a teenager, and every single night since I took this job. I'm more than okay with it,” Ava confessed. “This is like a dream for me.”

“But why?” MJ asked, trying to understand not just Ava's desires, but her own as well.

“It's the submission of it. Mostly, anyway. I… the thought of giving up everything, of even sacrificing my life just so that you can have a set of pretty lingerie? The thought of it just makes me so hot that I can barely think!” Ava explained. “Damn it, this is… I mentioned you were my high school crush, right?”

Ava didn't even pause for a confirmation. “Well, you were. I used to fantasize about it, about having my friends made into Girlskin, about wearing them, knowing that they were willing to die, that they had to die so that I could wear them. I even imagined what it would feel like to wear you like that…” Ava admitted softly.

Mary Jane's jaw dropped a little at the confession, but before she could say something Ava, not wanting to lose her momentum started speaking again.

“I fell in love with you. Seeing you on the page, reading your interviews? I wanted to be with you, I wanted to feel you beneath me, feel you against my skin… But… more than that? I wanted to worship you, to submit to you. As much as I imagined what you'd look like as the lingerie I first saw you in? I imagined the sight of you wearing me even more. I want to make that sacrifice, to cut my life and all my potential short just to become nothing more than an expensive lingerie set to make my girlhood crush, to make you, look good.”

This was more than just an explanation, Ava was spilling her heart out, and even though she was still a bit unsure, Mary Jane couldn't help but be touched by the younger girl's genuine affection and desire for her.

“You're incredible Mary Jane Watson, and knowing that other girls are going to see me with you? To see me worshiping you? It's almost electric! I… I'm looking forward to what's going to happen to me. Girls just like me are going to see these ads, they're going to see me pleasing you, see me give up everything all so that you can have the lingerie that I've been dreaming of seeing you in for years,” Ava admitted.

“But you won't be able to see me in them,” MJ replied, still uncertain what Ava saw in this but more turned on than ever.

“I know, and I wish I could!” She conceded. “But other girls will see me. They'll see you. They'll see us together and they won't have to wonder what's beneath your lingerie or what went into making it. They'll know. When they see you wearing me, they'll remember our shoot together and… I'm hoping… that when you wear me after this… that you will too?”

Seeing Mary Jane's puzzled expression Ava quickly clarified. “It's a term in my contract, normally the Girlskin clothes from shoots like these get auctioned off, but I wanted you to have them; me, I mean… I'm doing this to be with you so…. I hope you enjoy me?”

Seeing the earnest affection in Ava's eyes, Mary Jane couldn't bring herself to refuse her. “I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun wearing you Ava,” MJ assured her. “I bet you'll be incredibly comfortable.”

“Thanks,” Ava smiled, trying not to cry from how emotional Mary Jane's reply was making her. It was like a dream come true. In fact it literally was a dream come true! But before Ava could expand on her feelings, the aides finished deploying the rose petals and it was time for the next shot to begin.

“Alright,” the director began, “It's time to get into the real substance of the ad. Up till now we've done the public consumption parts, but they're just there to lead people into the stores, or to the store webpage to see the real ad, and buy the product; so we need to spice this up a lot to make that effort worth it! Mary Jane, I want you on the floor, legs spread, hands gripping the silk sheets below you. You're moaning out in pleasure, okay? You're cumming harder than you ever had in your life and it's all thanks to the girl that's gonna be your panties, got it?”

Mary Jane, despite her current state of arousal was every bit the consummate professional. She settled in on the white sheet, silk pooling between her fingers and awaited the next part of the shoot.

Ava, on the other hand, felt like a schoolgirl again. Her heart was racing, her stomach was full of butterflies as she waited for her own instructions from the director. What came before was nice; it was wonderful to hug and fondle her first crush, but this? This was what she had signed up for.

“Ava, I want you between Ms. Watson's legs, lips locked on her sex, looking up at her adoringly. Your only purpose in life is to please and serve her! She's your goddess! Got it? I want you eating her out so well that she's cumming in every frame! Now get to it.”

Ava was settled between the redhead's legs before Mary Jane could even blink, almost as if she had teleported. Mary Jane could feel the Latina's hot breath on the petals of her sex as she teased them apart with her fingers, her eyes drinking in the bounty of MJ's body.

This was it, Ava realized as she stared into Mary Jane Watson's tender folds. The last woman she'd ever taste, the last woman she'd ever be with, her idol! Ava dived with enthusiasm, her young tongue tracing its way around MJ's lower lips to slip beneath her hood and tease her tender clit. She could feel Mary Jane groaning and bucking beneath her. She wondered if it was just her performance bringing the redhead to this point, or if Mary Jane was just as turned on by the fantasy of wearing her as she was by being worn?

Mary Jane had never been with a lover so skilled. She wasn't a lesbian by inclination. Sure she'd experimented a time or two with friends, but of her few lovers the majority had been men. She loved men, and nothing could compare to the feeling of a nice hot cock filling her from the inside. Nothing, that is, until now. MJ didn't know if it was skill, Ava herself, or the knowledge of what would soon befall the little Latina sex-bomb, but she was already on the very verge of cumming.

Ava could feel MJ quiver beneath her fingers as her arms wrapped around the redhead's waist. She could hear the camera clicking away in the background, but it didn't matter anymore. Nothing mattered any more. Her whole world had narrowed to her lover's body and she played her like and instrument. Her tongue flicked across her lower lips, darting in and out of their press. Her fingers cupped the redhead's ass, softly squeezing and kneading her perfect butt. She could taste her idol on her lops, musty, but beautiful in a way she'd never imagined. Mary Jane was certainly enjoying herself at the tip of Ava's tongue, but Ava? Ava was the one in heaven.

Mary Jane could feel her pussy clench around Ava's tongue as she came, squeezing it for all it was worth. Ava didn't stop. Despite resistance she continued to lavish MJ's peach in love, licking and lapping, her tongue flicking away, her own lips catching MJ's and pilling softly, shielding her idol from the threat of her teeth. She could hear MJ shudder and moan beneath her, feel her quaking softly in her arms as Ava did everything she could to extend the redhead's pleasure past the breaking point.

Shot after shot clicked away, the director's words forgotten in the background; there, but unimportant before the majesty of Mary Jane Watson. She truly was perfect, Ava thought as she traced a circle with her tongue around the redhead's perky pink clit. She truly was worth getting snuffed for. Ava's mind dropped into a fantasy, imagining just what the girl before her would look like in her pair of caramel leather panties, wearing her, putting her on display for all to see. Her own cunt warmed at the thought as she threw herself deeper into her work, tearing pants and high-pitched moans from MJ's lips to harvest for her own dreams.

Mary Jane was lost in a wave of arousal, crashing endlessly against the shore but never really fading. She'd never been fucked like this. Not by anyone! Her head was in a haze, her eyes were clouded by desire, but she couldn't let go of her climax; Ava wouldn't let her.

Minutes ticked away, the camera clicking like a broken metronome to keep some semblance of time; butt MJ couldn't follow it. Her perception of the world had shrunk until there was only her, and Ava, and the pleasure she was giving her. The darker girl was persistent, working her over hard enough that MJ suspected that she was trying to engrave the feel of her into the back of MJ's brain. Even if that wasn't her aim, Ava was succeeding. She was unforgettable. Moments passed like hours as her tongue darted around her sex, sweeping every inch clean of any sign of her arousal; drinking her in like the last drop of water in a desert, like a last meal before her execution… which, thinking about it through the pink haze that Ava had inflicted on her, she was, wasn't she?

The dream couldn't last forever though, and even with Ava's skill, there was only so much MJ's body could take before stopping. Mary Jane's cunt clenched down, hard, but Ava's tongue had escaped, lavishing her lower lips with love. MJ's body crested the wave, crashing into the shore with a finality that left her panting and gasping for air, unable to speak or even focus her eyes. Distantly, she could hear the camera capturing her, but she couldn't see it; her eyes had whited out, leaving her alone with the aftermath of her lover's care.

Ava felt it as the dam broke beneath her, sending Mary Jane tumbling from her orgasm into a desperate wide-eyed recovers. She stopped, without the director's instruction and pulled herself up MJ's body, feeling her smooth skin beneath her own as she slid up and stole the redhead's lips with a deep and passionate kiss. She smiled as she felt MJ's arms wrap around her, holding her close and warming her in the cool studio air. The silky feeling of MJ's arms against her back sent shivers up and down her spine. Though she knew she wouldn't be able to enjoy it herself, she was looking forward to becoming clothes, to being able to provoke that feeling any time Mary Jane decided to wear her.

The director, far from heartless, gave them more than enough time to recover, letting MJ catch her breath, and Ava savor the kiss. The younger girl knew that after that it might take some time to refill MJ's tank, so breaking off their kiss, Ava sunk lower, draping her lover in her lips. From the nape of MJ's neck to the nub of her nipples, Ava kissed every inch of her bare flesh, glorying in each excited shiver as her idol rallied to the cause.

Soon enough, MJ had recovered enough for the shoot to go on.

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