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Long-time lurker here to share my work. Enjoy.

Last Breath

(asphyxiation, necro, snuff, rape)

"Help!" Lisa yelled, but there was no one to help in the alleyway.

"Help!" Lisa shouted, trying at the locked doors, hoping one of them would open with her salvation.

"HELP!" Lisa screamed, her pitched voice driving the blood to Samson's cock.

Samson grasped her by the neck and flung her to the ground. The gasp she gave, striking the ground, put him on the edge.

Her breath came hard, frantic. Her fingers scrambled against the concrete, desperately trying to pull her away.

Samson found her ankle and put his boot over it, pressed down with all his weight and she screamed. The loveliest sort of scream. Pain mixed with fear. Lisa looked back at him for only a moment, her eyes wide and white. She screamed and she screamed. She was past the point of asking for help. She screamed because it was the only thing she had left.

Samson ground his foot deeper, pushed against the ankle until it had no room to wriggle. Her screams rose with the tension, until with a snap they went silent.

She stopped and stared, her voice leaving her as she struggled to comprehend the mangled shape of her foot.

Her mouth opened, she gulped in the air, but before she could scream again, Samson took her by the throat.

He pressed down on her, straddling her chest. One hand firmly wrapped around her neck, the other reaching for his zipper. His cock burst out of his pants, fully erect, as eager as a wolf with its meat.

Her eyes bulged at the sight of it and she squirmed under his grasp. His grip on her throat was tight, but her hands were free to swing. They came at him, slapped against his shoulder, clawed at his face. But she was only a girl, her arms so short, so frail and thin. Samson with his free hand tore at her blouse to let her breasts fall free and his cock landed between them. He could feel the beat of her heart there. The rapid rising and falling of her chest as she fought for breath worked to massage his dick.

Samson gave a groan and he tightened his grip on her neck. Her eyes popped out, her mouth parted open, tongue spilling out from her lips. Her hands rose again to push at him, to claw at him, but what little strength she had, had already evaporated.

Samson grew as she shrunk. He began to thrust with his hips. Pushing into her more than along her. She trembled each time. A little flinch she could not help even as life left her.

Her arms finally fell to the side, resigned, but she was not dead yet. Samson could feel her alive with just his cock. She shuddered with each stroke. Grew warmer the tighter he squeezed.

Her eyes had rolled up until they were nothing but whites, bubbles of drool had formed at the edge of her lips. Samson put his other hand around her throat, encircled it completely and squeezed.

Her whole body gave a spasm, shook underneath him, vibrated against his cock and pushed him over the edge. White hot spunk shot across her face, her lips, and her eyes. Her eyes fluttered closed once, twice, but that was all. They stayed parted half-open, sticky with cum.

Samson stayed like that for a long moment, until he could feel the heat ebbing away from her. Then with his cock finally softening, Samson stood up and admired his work.

The girl lay there completely still, eyes vacant, legs spread like a frog.

A beautiful sight. Samson took in a slow breath and put it to memory. Then with the image of the girl firmly in his mind, he picked the corpse up and tossed it into the dumpster.

A little treat for the garbage men tomorrow. Samson left the alley, hoping they would enjoy it as much as he had.

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