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# A hot Day

It all started with taking a bath together.

They had spent the day exploring the area, a rather hot, sunny day for that matter. She had been wearing a white t-shirt loosely covering her ample breasts and a skirt. Soon enough her t-shirt had been sticking to her skin, leaving not much to his imagination.

Ten they found the pot. A big iron pot set on stones, a fire place underneath.

"There is water in it", she said. "Come on, let's cool off!". So in they jumped. Her thin t-shirt became almost transparent. He had been walking with some boner all day, now his erection grew rock hard.

"Do I turn you on?" she teased.

"Yes" he said.

"How so?" Her eyes sparkling.

"Your tits", he said, "your big tits. Can't think of much else all day" he continued.

"So what are you thinking when you are thinking of my tits" she asked, while stroking her breasts, wetting her t-shirt.

"I am thinking of your tits being big and white, swinging freely in the sun, with some blue veins in your skin."

"How about you?" he then asked. "Does this turn you on?"

She continued stroking her breasts. Her nipples had grown hard in the cool water and she gently squeezed them.

"You staring at my tits all day turned me on" she said. "It made me all wet. I was thinking of taking off my t-shirt, letting you look at my naked breasts all day".

"Well, you might have helped yourself to some sunburn then" he offered.

She blushed, her neck and face turning red.

"What?" he inquired.

"I might have liked some sunburn" she said.

"You mean" - he hesitated - "you would have liked your tits sunburnt?"

She nodded.

"You would have liked your big white tits all getting red by sunburn?"

She nodded, cupping her breasts in her hands. "Yes", then, with a small voice: "does that turn you on?"

Again he hesitated. "Yes". He took a breath. "Yes. The idea of your big white tits getting all red does turn me on. The idea of you sitting in the sun to help yourself to some sunburn does turn me on. Especially .."


"Especially you staying in the sun even when these big white tits of yours are already red and hurting does turn me on" he continued.

"I would have liked that." She paused, looking at him. "I would have liked to stay in the sun till my tits are throbbing with heat and then even longer. Just thinking of that makes me wet".

For a while they just looked at each other. Absently she squeezed her nipples, then looked down, squeezing with more purpose.

"I would like you to squeeze my nipples".

"I would like to squeeze your nipples, till they hurt".

"Till my pain grows sharp".

"I would see that in your eyes" he said. "Then I would squeeze even more. I would be turned on to squeeze even more".

"I would get turned on by you causing me pain and not knowing when you might stop".

Again they looked at each other.

"What else?" she asked.

"Pushing a needle through your nipple" he said.



"Pushing a needle in my breast?"

"Pushing a skewer through your big white breasts."

She panted.

"Till you scream"

"Yes" she said. "Yes".

Again they paused, looking at each other.

"The water is getting a little cold", she observed after a while.

"We could warm it up", he said, "light a fire beneath the pot".

"You do that" she smiled, "I stay in here. Otherwise you might be distracted all the time .."

"You won't be distracted by my boner?"

"Of course I will" looking at his boner, "and I will rub my wet pussy looking at you and your boner while you light that fire."

Soon enough a small fire was burning, slowly warming the water.

"Before you get back in, would you like to undress for me?"

He did not hesitate a second. Back in the pot, he said: "Your turn".

She stood, pulled down her skirt and undies, revealing her smooth shaven pussy.

"You like my pussy shaven, of course?"

"I certainly do"

"I hoped so." she said. "So now for the revealing of my big white tits". She pulled off her t-shirt. Her breasts were even bigger than he had imagined, all white and with blue veins under her skin indeed.

She sat down again, swinging her tits. "You like them"?

"Very much so".

"Even without a sunburn?"

"Even without a sunburn."

"Pity I don't have one, I would like my tits throbbing now"

He kept looking at her breasts.

"I want to slap them" he said. "Pull them tight at your nipple, then slap them till they are red and hot and burning. Both of them."

Without saying a word, she offered her left tit.

He took her nipple in his fingers, first rolling it gently, then squeezing harder and harder. He dug his nails in her soft flesh and started pulling her heavy breast up. A tear rolled down her cheek. He added even more pressure, then, with a hard slap, ripped her nipple free.

Panting she looked at her breast. A red spot started to grow on her white flesh.

"Again" she said, "harder", offering him her other tit.

Soon she was screaming. Her breasts turned red. And still she kept offering him both her breasts.

Finally, with a coarse voice, she said "please stop".

He just shook his head and again she offered her breast.

Her nipples were bloody, when he stopped. Panting and sobbing she looked at them in wonder. Her breasts red all over, drops of blood oozing out around her nipples. She carefully touched one nipple with a finger, rubbing her blood. Gasping she then firmly cupped both her breasts, smearing her blood all over them.

Then she simply moved on his lap, cradling him, and pressing her breasts at his chest she lowered herself onto his cock. Firmly rubbing her red, hot, throbbing tits at his chest, she rode him, till both came.

For a while both were silent. She absently played with his cock, while he cupped her breasts, every now and then squeezing them till she gasped.

The water kept getting warmer.

She lowered her breasts in the water.

"This hurts a lot more", she observed. "They are throbbing in the warmth".

Breathing deeply, she kept them in the water. Then she sat up again.

"Punch them, will you?"

She felt his cock harden again. Using his fist, he hit her left breast, then her right one.

"Again" she said. "Harder". She grabbed his cock and he dug his fist into her breasts.

Screaming she submerged them again.

"Yes" she gasped, "yes".

Slowly the water turned hot.

Finally sitting up again she said "this certainly beats a sunburn". Her eyes sparkled.

"I am so turned on. Fuck me".

Pulling her to him, he pushed her on his cock.

"Pity", she said, riding him, "we don't have a skewer".

Clenching her breasts hard he said: "we will have to do without one".

Screaming, she came, and so did he.

"This is getting hot" she later observed. While stroking his cock with her one hand, she splashed water over her red and throbbing breasts.

Moaning she said: "I wonder how long I can take this heat." She paused. "I wonder how it would feel .. to stay in here .. till it gets unbearable hot .. and then some .."

She kept stroking his cock.

"You know I have always had this phantasy .." she hesitated ".. this phantasy to be boiling in water .." she looked at him ".. to be cooked".

"Would you?" he asked?

She kept looking at him, took his hands, pressing them at her breasts, then started to rub her clit.

"Squeeze", she said, rubbing violently, "squeeze hard till I come, then get out and get the fire going".

He dug his fingers in her flesh till she screamed, and she kept screamimg and rubbing till she exploded in another violent orgasm.

They held each other for a while, then he got out to get the fire going. She watched hom, elbows on the rim, with her teasing smile, as he chopped up firewod, putting pieces onto the flames.

"I wonder", she said, "how we prevent me just climbing out of the pot .. you know .. I need to be helpless .."

She looked at him, wiggling her breasts and smiled as she saw his cock growing again.

"I want to be utterly helpless .. nothing but heat and pain .. feeling myself cook, you know?"

"Well", he suggested, "we could bond you, like, tie your hands to your feet?"

"But then I would not be able to rub my clit" she objected.

"I could break your shins" he offered, lifting the axe, his cock growing fully erect.

"This really turns you on" she said.

"A lot .. the idea to crush your bone .. looking forward to your screams .."

".. even more pain adding to the heat .." she continued, panting, ".. yes. I want you to use your axe to crush my shins."

She lifted her leg, placing it squarely on the rim. With a wide swing he crushed the axes blunt side right on her shin. She shrieked, tears running down her cheeks. Her leg clearly was broken, pieces of bone piercing her skin, blood running down the pot.

"I can't move" she panted, "I can't .. showe my leg back in, will you? And put the other one on the rim?"

He grabbed her foot, looking into her eyes. She took a deep breath and nodded. Slowly but firmly he pushed her foot back, bone emerging her skin, blood flowing more freely.

He let go of her foot, his hand stroking up her thighs till reaching her bald pussy. He rubbed her clit till she was breathing hard, then stopped. Stroking down her thigh he grabbed her other leg, placing it on the rim.

Panting, she looked at him and nodded. With another wide swing he crashed the axe on her leg. With her piercing scream it slipped back in the water.

"Let me just check it is broken properly" he teased, grabbing her foot and pulling her leg back up. He felt her bone grinding while she kept screaming.

"Broken allright" he said, showing her foot back in. Again his hand moved up her thigh till reaching her clit. Soon she was breathing hard again.

"Keep going" she moaned, "keep going", her huge orgasm finally overrunning her.

For a while she was just holding on to the rim, her other arm and breasts submerged in the growing heat. The fire was at full blaze now, wood cracking.

"This is really .." she panted ".. really hot .. like burning pain on my skin, white hot in my shins when I move and throbbing in my tits, a throbbing pressure, like .."

She kept breathing.

"If I am careful", she said, "I can rub my clit without moving too much .. just a little .. to turn me on .."

Little bubbles of steam started forming on the pot's bottom.

"Come on, lean over", she said, "I want to give you one last blowjob".

Gasping she lifted herself up. Her breasts emerged, bright red by now, steam rising from them. Steadying herself with her arm on the hot rim, she said: "Give me a hand. Hold me, will you? Lift me up a bit? By my tits? Be careful, they are hot .."

He reached down, digging his fingers in her hot flesh, lifting her up by her breasts.

"Yes" she gasped, "yes .. squeeze them, slap them, whatever turns you on"

Her mouth closed around his rock hard cock. With her free hand she stroked him, gently massaging his balls. She sucked him slowly, very slowly, enjoying the last sex of her life, enjoying his fists clenched around her breasts, enjoying the pain and the heat.

When she felt he would come soon, she even went slower.

"Punch them" she whispered, then continuing her gentle sucking.

Holding her up by one breast, he dug his fist into her other tit. He felt her screaming with his cock deep in her mouth, then punched again, harder.

"Come on" she gasped. "I want you get off by hurting me".

While she kept sucking, he dug his fingers into her other tit, hitting the first one dangling above the rim. With each change of tits, with each time hitting her, he felt her moving and she screamed, screamed off the grinding of her shins, the heat and the incredible exciting sensation of her tits being brutally punched, and with each of her screams he felt his orgasm edging closer, till he finally, with a big spurt, came and came.

She opened her mouth, letting his semen flow into the water. For a while, he just kept holding her by her tits.

"Now let me go" she said, and he gently, slowly let her go back into the steaming water. Her breasts submerged for the last time, then her shoulders. She put her hands at her clit, rubbing away.

"It's burning" she whispered.

Small bubbles were forming on her skin, steam rising from the water. When she came, she closed her eyes and shuddered.

Later she opened her eyes again.

"It stopped hurting" she said in wonder. With some efford she lifted her steaming breast above the surface.

"Look, it's all cooked"

He took her hot nipple and pulled. It came off easily. He put it in his mouth, chewing slowly.

"It's delicious", he said.

"Promise to eat me"

"I promise" he said.

She closed her eyes again, and with a sigh she let herself go into the boiling water.


Ok. Yes. This... this is very good.

I think I needs make me a backyard contraption like the one used here.

Have you written other tales Nathan? Are they posted in places you could share links to?

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