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Hello all. I felt inspired by the recent Network test for SC6 and wanted to finally create and share something. I hope you enjoy it!

Narrator: The winner is the last man standing…

Sophitia had backed Kilik into a corner, having knocked Kali-Yuga from his hands and approaching with sword and shield drawn. She must have Soul Edge, no matter what it takes. But Kilik too, must destroy Soul Edge—no matter what it takes. Reluctantly, he tears the protective talisman from his chest. He had been warned by Edge Master to never remove the bracelet as it was the only thing preventing Kilik from being consumed by Soul Edge’s corruption. However, he was confident that he could control the power and use it destroy the cursed blade and free himself from the curse.

Kilik was wrong.

Immediately, the cursed swords power overtook him. In a violent explosion of dark energy, Sophitia is thrown back and separated from her weapons. She slams against a wall, and then slides to the ground. When she recovers, she looks up to see her opponent covered in red markings and his hair flailing violently. She quickly scampers towards her weapons, but she is intercepted by her imposing opponent. Kilik violently snatches her by the neck and lifts her up, gazing psychotically into her frightened eyes. A mass of dark energy accumulates in his free hand, and at its apex he slams it into Sophitia’s core. Her body wanted to fly back from the force, but Kilik’s grip was too strong and instead the energy disperses all over her body. She screams out in pain as the corruption of Soul Edge reaches inside of her, and as the energy shreds her clothing to tatters. She is left completely exposed by the attack, with her generously sized breasts shaking violently from the attack. Her mind is overwhelmed with pain, and at a loss for control over her body. She is completely exposed and completely vulnerable.

With his opponent crippled, Kilik shoves her to the ground hard enough to crack the earth beneath her, and in an instant he mounts the woman. Sophitia now finds herself staring at the corrupted man’s member, itself clearly having been engorged beyond normal means by the blade. She had been with men before of course, and the throbbing phallus she now was corned by was at least twice the size of any of those men. She knew what was coming and tried to brace herself for the pain and humiliation she was too experience. Alas, when Kilik pressed down on her arms and thrusted himself inside her just as he roughly as he had thrusted his staff, she screams in agony as her vaginal walls were torn asunder. She could not believe that his cock had even fit, but now it filled her cavity completely and fully. Obviously, she had not been anticipating any entry into that place so the pain of his size was made worse by her own dryness. He seemed unaffected though, as he violently pounded the head of his cock against her sensitive cervix. She could feel it, or maybe just the evil inside it, pulsing as it tore and broke her internal walls.

As her raping continued, Kilik’s iron grip moved from her wrists to her beautiful, bouncing tits. His hands latched on like vices, crushing her small pink nipples and creamy vanilla fleshbags under his weight. She felt as if they were balloons ready to pop at any moment. Tears had overtaken her pretty face, and pain drove her eyes nearly into the back of her head. She could feel his thrusting getting faster and more aggressive, with his cock now only entering her vagina but her womb as well. She screamed and begged for him to stop, but ultimately his cock planted itself firmly inside her womb and shot hot, thick cum inside her violated organs. She could feel every inch of her reproductive organs being covered in and filled with man milk. As his climaxing continued, he tore himself away from her chest and screamed out in dominance. Unfortunately, he did not release his grip of her mammories and those too, in all of their glory, were torn away from her chest. Sophitia was horrified at the sight of her own breasts, detached from her body, and dripping blood from the hands of the man who just inseminated her. She began to convulse violently from the pain and shock, until she reached what might be considered the opposite of an orgasm and released all of the urine from her kidneys onto the grass beneath her.

Kilik, having finished his orgasm and stood himself up, found himself with two fatty masses in his hands as he had squeezed out most of their contents. With nothing else to do with them, he tore the nipples from each with his teeth, swallowed them, and threw the once-glorious girls to the ground. His sword was still as solid as his staff, and the evil inside demanded more. He lifted Sophitia by the leg, and moved his mouth to her battered pussy. Like he had done with her pink nipples, he caught Sophitia’s engorged clitoris between his two most powerful teeth and yanked his head backwards. A trail of blood followed his head as it recoiled, and with another agonizing scream from the nearly-dead woman, her entire clitoris hung from the man’s mouth. Still unsatisfied, he bent down to retrieve her short sword and ran it between her legs several times to further destroy her maidenhood. When he was satisfied with the cutting, he lifted the sword and thrust it down into her baby maker, forcing his cum out and out with each thrust. Sophitia had since fainted from the pain, and when he finally dropped her to the ground her vagina was well blended and no longer usable. Red and white pooled from her destroyed hole, and Kilik began his final attempt to satisfy the perverted lust streaming in from his member.

He retrieved Kali Yuga and thrust it deep into the ground so that even the mightiest wind from the Talim woman he battled would not move it. He picked Sophitia’s body up from the ground by her sides, and then lifted her well above the blessed staff. He slammed her onto the staff, which entered straight through her well-mixed cavity, pushing even deeper than the sword could and destroying more of her insides. He repeated this two, three, six, ten times in an attempt to see the staff exit from her mouth. Though the woman was surely dead now from the internal damage, he could not force the staff out through her mouth. Luckily, she had another hole that was perfect.

He sat the woman’s corpse upon the staff once again, and proceeded to take her tight anus with her raging member. He took her until completion, leaving her asshole gaping and pouring cum, and leaving him placid and hung. For the final time, he lifted her body and plunged it, asshole first, upon the bloodied staff with all his might. With one precise motion, the golden tip of the staff poked its way out of Sophitia’s mouth—having penetrated her in the most full way possible.

Kilik no longer needed the staff anyway, he had become more powerful than the weapon could possibly endure. He would advance upon the resting place of Soul Edge, and take it by his own hand

Days later, Sophitia’s sister Cassandra would stumble upon her mutilated and staked body and fall to her knees in despair, lamenting her inability to save her foolish sister. Unfortunately for Cassandra, she would soon experience her own Nightmare.


Great work! I really enjoyed it!

Also, that last line... are you planning a sequel? I'd love to see Cassandra meet Nightmare.


Cassandra’s Nightmare

After discovering the raped and neutered corpse of her sister, Sohpitia, impaled upon the staff known as Kali-Yuga, Cassandra knew who she must seek out. She tracked the man known as Kilik to the top of the evil tower that had erected itself from the core of earth, only to find him already defeated. The young woman stood and watched as the Azure Knight drained the evil essence from Kilik, growing in strength every second. When the Nightmare noticed her presence, it threw Kilik from the ground and from the swirling core of its own body it retrieved a massive blade—Soul Edge.

With her own blessed sword and shield, she stood ready to face the Azure Knight. Her dexterity allowed to repel the gigantic sword several times, landing her own sword strikes. But how was one to kill a living suit of armor? As they fought, she took several glancing blows from the mighty weapon, leaving her clothing tattered and nearly falling to pieces. Small amounts of blood crept from the gaps in cloth, staining the blue material into a dark black. She learned the monster’s fighting style as they battled, and began incorporating more quick spins, ducks, and leaps into her movements to give her the advantage. But the monster was learning too, and waited for her to spin horizontally. Cassandra spun herself to the left of a sword thrust, and expected to land behind the slow moving beast. But with a sudden burst of speed, Nightmare pulled back his blade and throw it upwards and away from himself. Cassandra felt a searing pain in her chest as her spun was brought to a sudden stop, and the sudden removal of significant weight from her front caused her to fall backwards onto her ass. She couldn’t stop herself from screaming out in agony. Blood and some sort of yellow, fatty substance coated the ground where she had just stood. Horrified, she stared dead ahead at the sight of her breasts lying on the floor and seeping blood.

She looked down at the bloodied chest just to be sure, and for the first time in her adult life she could see her own lower body—sight unhindered by her large mammories. Desperate and not in her right mind, she began crawling towards the precious globes and their perfect pink nipples leaving a smeared trail of blood in her wake. Amused, the monstrous Nightmare plunged its blade into Cassandra’s back, pinning her to the ground. She nearly lost her voice screaming, as the evil weapon severed her spine. It’s prey trapped, Nightmare walked over to her severed tits and lifted its heavy, armored leg. She screamed and begged for it to stop, only to watch helplessly as the first of her gifts was flattened by the sharp boot. There was a grotesque splattering sound as red blood, cream skin, and yellow fat flew out in every direction. Some of it hit Cassandra right in the face, and she even received an unwelcome taste of her own womanhoods. Without wasting another moment, Nightmare smashed the remaining breast into a sticky paste that clung to its boot.

Tears had begun streaming down Cassandra’s face as reality set in. Her fate would be as violent and painful as her sisters, if not more so. At least, she thought, the monster could not possibly wish to or even hope to rape her. There was no man left inside the armor, and god’s willing no manhood to take her virginity. She did not know that her maidenhood was in for much worse than an unwanted member.

Nightmare returned to the wounded woman’s side and pulled the sword from her back. It saw that her ass was as large and healthy as her breasts were, and with a precise and low-angled strike, removed Cassandra’s ass cheeks. The woman screamed out again, hoping desperately that her body would pass out or that she would simply bleed out so her pain could end. Nightmare’s bladework had been so precise, both cheeks rested now on the other side of Soul Edge, bleeding profusely. It pushed her cheeks to the ground and proceeded to crush them as it had her breasts.

Now it lifted the blade once more, and struck the ground. The evil seed now jutted out from the ground at a 45 degree incline. Confused and scared, Cassandra begged for mercy. Then it lifted her by the legs, spun her around, and slammed her cushionless ass to the floor. Once again it gripped her smooth legs, and now began to pull her crotch slowly into the blade. Though she resisted, what little strength she had left was not enough to save her. She felt the warm, malicious steel on her panties and then felt it part her secret lips. With a solid yank, the weapon tore into her underwear and flesh. Nightmare seemed to enjoy it itself, as it slid the poor woman’s pussy up and down on the edge of its weapon—cutting deeper and deeper into her each motion. At some point in the bloody destruction of her womanhood, she lost consciousness. Her last conscious moments would be in pain, but at least with some of her dignity still in tact.

Once the monster had cut a sufficient hole in the young warrior’s venus, it lifted her by the leg with its massive arm. Her free leg hung much lower than it should have now that much of her connective muscle and bone had been destroyed, leaving her with a large hole in the groin. Nightmare then plunged his human hand deep into the woman’s wound, and began rummaging around inside her genitalia. When it had found its mark, it yanked its arm back out carrying with it the woman’s womb. In fact, upon a second yank, what remained of Cassandra’s entire reproductive system was torn from her body. Her vagina, split in two, and her ovaries hung from her pink womb until Nightmare tore each from it one by one. Her ovaries were small and feeble enough to be crushed simultaneously its human hand, while her vagina was left to rot on the floor. As if it were a power source for the evil beast, it fed the woman’s womb to its evil mouth in its torso, allowing it to be consumed by the mysterious force holding the beast together.

Cassandra has come to avenge her sister, but now her own corpse lie before the beast she fought to kill having been even more thoroughly destroyed. What remained of her corpse would later be found by a young, traveling Wind Priestess who buried the young woman. The Wind Princess would soon meet a brutal end herself, brought about by the massive axe-wielding creation that stalked her.


oh, damn! Didn't expect to see the continuation of this after gurochan vanished. Loved it!

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