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She didn't know how she got so turned around so quickly. The young girl had been on her way home from her grandmother's after breakfast, using a little dirt road she had traveled dozens of times before when she felt nature calling her. With a large breakfast weighing on her young belly she quickly decided to head into the woods to relieve herself, but barely ten feet off the little dirt path when she lost sight of the road. Concerned she may lose her way she turned back around, hoping to have the road at least in sight as she did her business. Though somehow she had made a mistake and ended up turning the wrong way, only walking deeper into the woods. Now lost and struggling to find her way back her urges were the last thing on on her mind.

Fear began to mount as she drifted further into the woods, taking a cautious few steps before looking around, changing direction and walking once more. Everywhere she looked seemed the same, more dirt and more trees. The dull throbbing of her bladder peaked once more to a sharp pain, she hissed and gripped at her groin, bunching up her light blue dress as she looked around frantically from side to side, hoping to see something familiar or even the road. Her all too full bladder nagging against her fears of truly being lost in the woods. Distressed and fighting with the strong urge to pee she picked a direction and took off in it, dashing through the trees, hoping to find a road, any road, as she ran. Her long jet black hair billowed behind her as she ran, spilling over her shoulders and well past her young bum like a waterfall of black ink.

Without any warning, something caught her foot and yanked it forward, with a shocked yelp she was swept off of her feet and slammed onto her back, knocking the wind out of her, as well as loosening her already struggling bladder. A gush of urine erupted from her young slit, quickly soaking through the thin fabric of her panties and down between her legs, dripping onto he dress and the ground below. Yet before she could catch her breath she began to be pulled along the dirt, dragging her light blue dress through the dirt and urine soaked mud and soon up into the ther air! The young girl finally caught her breath with a ragged coughing gasp as she was hoisted up into the air, dangling by her feet.

She was nearly four feet off the ground, too far to reach the dirt with her arms, yet her extravagantly long hair managed to close the distance, a sparse few inches of jet black hair resting in the dirt. Her dress had fallen over her face exposing her meager, hardly developed chest to the open air. She quickly pushed it back down looking around in fear at an inverted world, trying to figure out how she had gotten turned upside down. In all of the rapid motion, shock and surprise she hadn’t realized she was peeing, it was only when her pee soaked through bunched up and began to trickle up her neck dribbling up her chin and onto her face that she realized she was peeing herself

“Eww Ew EWWW!” She squealed as the salty scent of urine began to assault her nose, yet all her screaming was only another mistake, allowing her own urine to trickle into her mouth.

“BLEACH!” She gagged, sputtering and spitting, sending piss and saliva sailing through the air as her urine continued to flow. She then sealed her mouth shut and tilted her head upward, trying to keep her own piss from running up her nose. She attempted a few times to stop herself from peeing, but her bladder was simply too full and the shock opened the floodgates. She could feel her dress getting more and more heavy as it soaked up more piss, only to have a good portion of it leak out and spill up her face. She groan with displeasure as she felt warm piss dribbling up her scalp and down into her her, following the long jet black strands all the way to the ground where they soaked into the earth, leaving the tips of her hair dipped in a mixture of urine and mud. A trickle of pee ran through her right eye, causing her to close it, leaving her vision blurry and further obscuring her ability to understand what exactly was happening. With a defeated whine she shut both her eyes, and just waited for her bladder to empty itself completely, leaving her upper body, dress and hair completely drenched in piss. Below her was a thick puddle of urine drenched mud, two feet in diameter.

Finally she was finished peeing, her whole body reeking or fresh urine, the relief of a emptied bladder did little to sooth the confused and frightened little girl. With a few blinks she opened her eyes once more and looked down at her herself. Her dress was soaked and gravity was keeping it bunched up under her arms, her stomach and navel exposed. Her white cotton panties were now stained yellow, the thin fabric hugging her little cooch closely, following its curves and leaving little to the imagination. And finally her feet were both bound together with a rope which hung her up from a tree. Finally she realized that she had been caught by a rope snare! A trap typically intended for rabbits or birds...yet with the thick rope that was used and the weight of the counterbalance being enough to hold up a 8 year old human girl, it was clearly intended for something much bigger.

Noxi let her head dangle back down limply and for a moment, thought about screaming for help...but stopped herself, not wanting someone to see her like that, soaked in her own pee and half naked. She simply couldn't handle the embarrassment, so she dangled there, her young mind trying to work out a solution to her issues. She first tried to reach up, and undo the rope around her legs, only finding that she lacked the core strength to even reach it. She then tried swinging violently from side to side, hoping to dislodge the rope...only to find the motion nauseating and quickly needing to stop before her made herself sick. Exhausted she slumped back into her passive dangling position. Wondering how long she might be there...Her parents would come looking for her eventually right? They had to...sooner or later. She committed to simply waiting for them to come, there was little shame in being seen by her parents like this.

Though as she lay there hanging an ominous rumble started up in her belly and a familiar pressure came to her attention

“Plffft” A little fart crackled out of Noxi’s rear and caused her to groan, her brow furrowing...She felt it deep in her gut. Another urge that needed tended to, that she knew would only grow stronger and stronger as she dangled there. She would soon need to poop.


The scent of her urine only grew stronger as she dangled there, upside down, her entire upper body drenched in her own piss. As it cooled and evaporated the salty ammonia smell flooded her senses, making her skin feel gritty and gross while offending her nose with her own scent. She looked up at her legs, catching a glimpse of her once white panties as she gazed upward, nearly every inch of the cotton fabric was now stained yellow, the fabric hugging her girlhood closely. She tried to wriggle her legs, hoping she could loosen the rope wrapped around her legs, but to no avail, she was bound by her own weight and there was little that could be done to free her short of cutting the rope. Unfortunately the girl had no too with which to do so on her and could only wriggle meekly against her binding.

Her insides bubbled and gurgled, her body now digesting the meal that she shared with her grandparents, yet dangling upside down with a full stomach cause quite a bit of discomfort. The added pressure making digestion difficult and giveing the young girl a tummy ache. She groaned, the aching in her gut adding to her many burdens. Worse than the aching in her legs, belly and stomach was a pain in her rear. She had been fighting with another urge for the past fifteen minutes, her bowels beginning to shift and squirm as the young girls body continued with its efforts to digest, despite her. She gulped, feeling a familiar sensation beginning to rise in her tummy.

Another cramp, her body’s way of demanding that she obey her urges, starting merely as a dull throb and growing into a sharp pain that gripped her whole abdomen. She let out a sharp whine, if she had been on her feet she would have doubled over in pain. Still she fought against it, hoping she could outlast the cramp and manage to get down before she ended up losing control of her bowels. Yet the cramp grew in intensity, causing her groan loudly as a shock of pain sparked all down along her intestines. As if the waste they contained had suddenly decided to ram the inner wall of her little sphincter. It pushed out, nearly too weak to withstand to pressure it contained, but Noxi responded by clenched her hole tightly, and clamping her cheeks together.

“Stop...STOP!” She whined to herself, hoping the cramp would simply pass yet it didn’t want to let up. Noxi gritted her teeth, summoning up all the strength she had left to resist, but despite it all a small fart crackled from her cheeks, opening up her hole the slightest bit and send a soft squirt of thick light brown filth spilling out between her cheeks. She gasped and clenched tighter, the filth mushing between her cheeks and smearing a small portion of the inside of her panties. She held this position for a full minute, until miraculously, her cramp passed. Leaving the young girl exhausted and panting, only the smallest bit of filth in her panties. She could feel the warm mess caked between her cheeks, sticking them together. It was gross, but she had managed to not completely poop her panties.

Yet as she dangled there, her stomach still squirmed and shifted, and the tiny fart and little bit of poop that was released had put only the tiniest dent in the mess her bowels still contained. She had the feeling that she would get another cramp soon...and didn’t know if she we have the energy to fight it off. That last one had hurt so much and she was starting to fear that no one would come to look for her anytime soon. Sure enough she felt another cramp building up in her abdomen and a heartbreaking realization struck the girl. Even if someone were to come in the next 30 seconds, she wasn’t going to be able to hold it long enough for them to get her down and to somewhere for her to poop privately. Her lip quivered as the pain in her abdomen once again grew sharper and she simply gave up before her body made it too painful for her to resist anyway.


Filth surged out of her opening sphincter with a chorus of crackling, popping farts, the seat of her panties quickly browned as a bulge of filth rapidly expanded in her panties. Her poop was soft, and light brown and came flooding out of her in a single smooth movement. The wave of intense relief that came with it rendered the young girl’s mind blank, her eyes fluttering as the sensation of finally losing such a large dump cleansed her mind of thoughts. Yet things soon took a turn for the worse, with her being upside down the mass of poop’s weight bore down on her waistband, and as the pile of poop grew and grew, the flimsy elastic waistband began to yield to the weight, opening up and allowing filth to spill up her back.

She first took notice when she felt a large goopy chunk of filth slide up her bare back, smearing it with filth before falling down into the crook of her bunched up dress. She could feel the warmth of her freshly loosed filth against her back yet could only grunt as she continued to soil herself. More large gobs of filth would rain down from her panties as they filled with poop. Some sliding down her back, falling onto her dress, others falling down into the mud below. Some even tumbling through her precious jet black hair, leaving it streaked with filth. Shen the last bit of poop finally slid from her anus her back was entire covered in her own filth. A large hanging bulge was in the seat of her panties while another pile of filth lay nestled in her dress, with gobs of shit in her hair and piled in the mud.

Yet the girl was utterly exhausted, too tired to cry, or scream or whine. She simply let her arms go limp, the dress sliding up her neck and falling into the mud, carried by the weight of her poop. The scent was utterly disgusting, and mix of urine, dirt and now feces assaulted her nose. Her only reprieve being the fact that the scents were from her own body. Dizzied from the experience, mentally and physically drained she drifted off to unconsciousness.

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