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It was a frigid day and for some unholy reason Victoria's school hadn't decided to close. It was likely because the storm had gotten unexpectedly worse than the weatherman projected but Vicky was sure it was actually part of some plot to ruin her life. The young red headed girl trudged through the snow, up to her knees or higher on her way home. What was normally a 10 minute walk, had already taken her 20 minutes and she was only half way there.

Lucky for her, her parents had at least given her plenty of warm clothes to wear. She was bundled up tightly with sweatpants over her jeans a thick coat and scarf over her face, the only exposed skin was a small portion of her face around her vivid green eyes. Unfortunately for her her daily practice of waiting until she got home to use the bathroom was currently making this difficult journey all the more troublesome. The toilets at school were disgusting and she would never use them, preferring to rush straight to the bathroom when she got home for an urgent pee and poo.

The young girl hadn't even considered how difficult it might be to get home today. It wasn't a thought in her mind until now, where she realized those urgent needs of hers were reaching their limits. She stopped dead in her tracks, knee deep in snow as a cramp ripped through her body. A sharp pang in her bladder begging her to open up. She groaned, looking down at the snow that was making this journey impossible. She wasn't a dumb girl, she knew already that she wasn't going to make it home, she cursed herself for not realizing it earlier.

With no choice but to endure a desperate, failing struggle she sighed and with shockingly little hesitation she began to pee herself. Urine trickled out slowly at first, soaking her panties, the warm sensation was yet more intense in the hard cold. Spreading a pleasant heat around her young girlhood before spilling down her thighs. With the blizzard as bad as it was, no one seemed to be paying any attention to her so the shock and embarrassment that typically came from such a thing just wasn't there. All Victoria felt was relief and a pleasant warm spilling down her legs.

She sighed, quivering in the snow, her piss hardly soaking through her multiple layers of clothes as it leaked all the way down into her sock. Her toes curled as it spilled into her boots, she could feel them filling up with her urine, soaking her socks and warming her feet more and more. They had began to overflow before she was done, spilling out and yellowing the snow around her feet. She finished up looking down at herself, somewhat shocked at how amazing it just felt to piss herself. Her wet crotch loosed steam into the air and for a moment she was overcome with the bliss of relief.

At least until her other urge began to make her belly grumble ominously. There was something heavy in her belly that wanted to come out, yet this one wasn't just a simple warm gush of liquid. Victoria shook off the sensation, she was desperate and had decided on her own to pee her pants...but there was no way she was going to shit herself! Especially not on purpose. She e trudged forth, climbing through the snow, determined to make it home if only just to drop a deuce in her own toilet. The warmth from her piss soon began to fade, leaving her cold and wet. This was going to be a struggle…

Victoria pushed on through the snow and wind struggling to scramble over mounds of snow that were stacked high in corners and up against cars. She huffed and groaned, pausing as a cramp began to seize up her belly, but she knew she could make it, she was almost home she told herself. The deep pressure in her abdomen continued to grow as she moved, it didn't seem so bad when the snow was low or the wind wasn't pelting her with frost. Yet every time she struggled over a mound of snow or had to struggle through snow that was nearly to her waist she felt like she was going to lose it.

The piss that soaked her panties and pants had long since gone cold, chilling her all the way down to her soaking wet, piss drenched socks. She gulped, hoping that when she got home that she could convince her parents that it was just water from the snow and not pee. Victoria cross the the next street with ease, it had been recently plowed, close of any snow. Though the short burst of movement was halted suddenly by a full block of three foot high untouched snow on the sidewalk. She paused, her guts bubbling with gas and mess. She felt her insides churn and shift, pushing a pass deeper down, towards her rear end.

The pressure soon became more intense building up very suddenly in her little guts. It slipped quickly downward and into her rectum building and building until it felt like her little anus would burst open. She groan and fought the pain, gripping her stomach as it cramped up. "No...not so close" the little girl groaned to herself, and indeed she was, two blocks away and then a right turn onto her street. Her insides groaned, a familiar sensation that little Victoria recognized. It was gas!...she hoped. The familiar sensation had tricked her before.

Yet the brave little girl decided to risk it all, the pressure was too painful, and if she didn't try to toot, it would all come out anyway. So with a sigh she opened up her pucker and out came a low rumbling fart that bubbled out from between her little buttcheeks for nearly 6 seconds. When it was over Victoria sighed, a large amount of the pressure had been relieved and she felt so much better. A gust of wind carried the powerful stench south, either to never be smelled or perhaps assault some passing stranger. Either way Victoria continued onward, her success nearly in sight, just a little further and she could slam her behind down on her her own toilet

Minute after minute foot by foot she moved through the snow and wind, the pressure in her tummy was ever present, and ever building. She groaned as she crossed over to the next block, feeling a mass shifting within her, the pressure much more ominous now. It certainly didn't feel like gas anymore, it was distinctly solid, and filling up her little rectum to its limit. A cramp hit just as she made it to the next block, causing her to forcefully grip her tummy and double over, her knees bend and she let out a sharp pained gasp.

"Unghh...oww oww...oww" she whine, the pain much more intense than it had been before. She could feel the muscles in her anus pulse and constrict, fighting to do what came naturally despite her will to keep her little anus sealed. Her pucker twitched and pushed out, nearly opening up before the little girl clenched up tightly, her pucker snapping back shut as her buttcheeks clamped together. This went on for fullt minute, a full minute of pain, groaning and squirming in the wicked wind and snow. Yet, miraculously and with determination and sheer will the young girl outlasted the cramp

It left her exhausted and huffing, but she did it and continued on, still hopeful she could make it home yet a part of her knew that she could not make it through another cramp. The last one nearly broke her and her only hope was to make it home before another one hit her. She continued onward, scrambling over snow and over ice as fast as she could. She made it to her block, and unfortunately for her, found no reprieve from the gauntlet of snow. Her block was just like all the others, buried under 3 feet of snow with peaks and mounds stacked high thanks to the powerful winds.

The a groan she got her start, she was so close now, her house was just in the middle of the block, she just needed to get a little further. Yet she began to feel it coming, another cramp building up slowly. Starting just as she was barely five feet into her block, in a panic she pushed forward, trying to rush to her house before the cramp gripped her entirely. It was was a valiant effort, but when the cramp hit, pain seized her whole body. She gripped her tummy and tried to keep pushing onward, only managing another two steps in the snow before the pain rendered her unable to walk "Nghh!" She squealed against the cramp, clenching up with all her might.

She tightened her hole and clamped together her cheeks, the pressure causing a fresh squirt of piss to loose from her girlhood. She just need to get through this last cramp, if she could hold out she was home free. She groaned and squirmed, hee eyes watering against the pain. She was left quivering for a full minute, a minute in a half, TWO! Yet the pain would not relent, and the realization hit her. She couldn't move another step, and this cramp wasn't ever going to stop. Tears rolled down her face as her pucker began to open up, spewing filth into her already piss stained panties

Soft brown mush spilled forth from between her cheeks, hot and steaming, piling into her panties with a powerful surge. Victoria's face went blank, the shame and the relief completely cancelled each other out, leaving her feeling empty and defeated. She felt it, her own shit filling her panties, spreading her cheeks with its mass. After all her fighting and struggling through the storm she had still ended up shitting herself. The flow of shit didn't stop, her panties had began to bulge out, the space between her butt and her panties filling in the soft brown filth. More and more came, flowing out of her smoothly with little bubbling crackling farts. Just as it began to spread across her cheeks a nasty wet fart ripped out of her ass, spewing with it a squirt of softer shit that was soon buried and mixed in with yet more dense filth.

The poop didn't seem to stop, in her mind she must had stood there shitting herself for an hour. The pile of warm mess grew and grew she could feel it spreading all over her ass, from to top of crack to down between her legs and bulging outwards more and more until, even through multiple layers of clothes and thick bulge could been seen on the seat of her pants. The last bits of shit came out with another fart, this one muffled my the dense mass of shit in her panties. Causing the filth to pop with stinking gas bubbles. Finally it was over and ther Victoria stood, in the snow with tears streaming down her face having just shit herself with the largest dump to ever come out of her in her whole young life.

She was shocked and ashamed, having completely soiled herself. She knew once her parents found out that they would be pissed, she might even get punished or worse, a spanking from mom. She hated when Victoria got her clothes dirty, and this was way worse than that. With a sniffle, she began to walk again, moving slowly and awkwardly, the mass of shit in her panties weighing her down. As miserable as she was there was only one thing she could do. She needed to get home to clean herself up and despite her miserable situation she still held out a little hope...maybe...maybe if she was careful...she could get in unnoticed and find a way to hide her terrible accident from her parents.


Victoria's short journey the rest of the way home was made all the more difficult by the added heft of stool sitting in her panties. The bulge of filth mad every movement in the snow even more awkward, aswell a gross. She attempted to move slowly and carefully, in an effort to keep the filth from spreading too much, hoping to make cleaning it up a little easier, but the snowy streets and wind would not abide her wishes and the exaggerated movements needed just to make her way down the block caused shit to smear all over her pale young ass, soiling her panties further and spreading all up and down her crack.

By the time she made it to the door her poop had cooled, leaving her with a disgusting cold paste smeared all over her bum. She groaned in disgust, she knew there was an utter disaster to clean up and the messier it was the harder it would be to keep her parents from finding out. What's worse, her mom's car was in the driveway, making it all the more unlikely that she would pull this off without getting a beating. She sighed and did the only thing she could, grab the knob and step into the house with her fingers crossed. Her sopping wet boot squished and squelched as she stepped inside, cold piss sloshing around inside. Victoria cringed, the sound and the sensation was disgusting and not helpful to her attempt at sneaking in.

"Vicky!? Baby take off your boots, I don't want you tracking snow in the house" Her mother called from somewhere in the house. Victoria's heart stopped for a moment, her pants were visiable soaked from thr crotch down and the huge brown bulge made her accident very obvious...if the foul stench of shit didn't already give her away. Victoria gulped, if her mother came by to greet her she was in for a world of trouble. Luckily for her, Victoria's mother seemed occupied in the kitchen. Victoria thought for a moment and came up with inly thing that made any sense

"S-sorry mom, I need to use the bathroom!" She shouted, lying before quickly rushing into the house, taking a right and heading down the hall to the last door. She didn't try to use caution, at this point her panties and pants were already ruined with her filth, her only hope for avoiding a mean spanking was to get to the bathroom as quickly as possible. So she ran, allowing her shit to smush and squish within her panties, crawling into every crack and crevice of her pale little ass. She leapt into the bathroom and slammed the door shut, locking it quickly. Her heart slamming in her chest. She did it...she made it into the bathroom without being seen...yet the stench coming off of her was another story and she still needed to get cleaned up and discard her clothes without getting caught.

Victoria sighed and leaned against the door for a moment, gathering her thoughts as she had only just barely begun what seemed like was going to be quite the ordeal. In the small bathroom the stink of her poop was much more noticeable, and with little ventilation it was nearly sickening, even for Victoria herself. She thought it might be a good idea to get started right away, less risk of her mom wondering what was going on. Though exactly how to clean up such a large mess was a matter all its own.

She first discarded her coat and outer layers of sweaters and shirt, all the way down to a simple white t shirt that she had worn underneath. Then she tackled the matter of her boots, which proved to be a struggle. She knelt down trying to unlace her sneakers while bent over, yet all it did was smush poop up her back and out of her panties, spilling filth into her pants ash she bent. She shivered in disgust, it was cold and soft and smelled simply foul. Victoria sighed before getting a better idea. She lifted the lid of the toilet and sat down as if to use it, the bulge of poop fit in the hole of the toilet and she was able to lean over and undo her laces.

From there she tugged off her left boot, which promptly spilled a couple of ounces of dirty piss onto the bathroom floor. Victoria gasped and quickly held the boot upright, curiously peering inside to see that it held quite a bit more piss. They were quite a nice pair of boots, completely waterproof...which was useful for keeping rain and snow out, but not so good when an entire bladder is emptied into it. She was more careful with her right boot, managing not to spill but a few drops of piss. she inched back, and dumped the filthy piss between her legs and into the toilet water before setting her boots aside.

Victoria looked down at her socks, her already miserable expression darkening a bit. Her once lovely pair of white cotton socks, with adorable pink bows at the mouth along a pink stripe were now stained entirely yellow. They reeked of piss, and stinky wet feet, She leaned over to pull them off, her poopy bottom mushing a little a she moved. Hey were difficult to pull off when they were soaking wet but with a little effort she managed exposing her wrinkled, stinking piss soaked feet. Victoria groaned, her mood only getting worse by the moment. She felt absolutely disgusting, and filthy head to toe.

Only then was she struck by an idea that might actually help her buy some time and further avoid suspicion. The young girl perked up and stood, shivering as her wet bare feet touched to cold tile of the bathroom floor. She walked over to the shower, leaving little pee footprints on the tile as she walked.

"MOOOOOM I'M TAKING A SHOOOOWER!" She shouted loudly, waiting just a moment before her mother replied with a simple 'okay' before turning on the water. It wouldn't be too suspicious for her to want a bath after a long day at school and a long cold walk home. Victoria smirked, pleased with her own wit before retreating back to the toilet, leaving the water on to disguise her clean up and buy her yet more time. She slipped down her sweat pants and tossed them aside with her socks before moving to unbutton her pants. She slipped the soaking stinking pants down to the floor and left them in a crumpled pile at her feet. Standing only in a t shirt and her filthy, pee soaked, shit filled panties

Victoria lifted the toilet seat before turning around and bending over, pushing her butt out so it hovered over the mouth of the toilet. Very carefully she began to roll down the back of her panties, exposing the filthy mush of light brown shit that caked her pale ass. The first goopy chunk fell, splashing down into the toilet bowl and leaving a dirty streak along the bottom of the bowl. She wasn't worried about it, there was a toilet brush nearby and if anything she could always clean it once she was finished. She lowered her panties further, and more large chunks fell into the bowl with a splash.

Eventually she worked her panties all the way down to her thighs, a fair amount of shit still caked onto her ass as well as held within her ruined panties. Careful still she lowered them all the way down, fully exposing her girlhood and filthy rear end to the open air. She was very careful as she lifted the panties not to spill the sizable heap of filth they still contained, wrinkling her nose against her own foul stink as she turned around and overturned her oanties to spill the last large chunk of shit into the toilet. Victoria was then left with her most filthy article of clothing and after thinking briefly she realized what she needed to do to dispose of it.

Besides the toilet was a small waste bin, lined with a plastic bag leftover from grocery shopping. She dropped her panties inside, mentally making a note to pull the bag out and discard it once she was finished cleaning up. Then all that remained was to clean up her filthy rear end. She first pulled off her shirt and tossed it aside, careful to separate it from her dirtied clothes. She stood, fully nude for a moment before turning to grab the toilet paper, assuming the same position, ass out over the toilet, once again. Her skin was pale and her breasts had only barely begun to develop, little pink nipples stood atop tiny mounds on her chest. She wrapped her hand in toilet paper and took the first sweep up the crack of her ass. Pulling away a massive gob of filth that coated the bulk of the toilet paper. She promptly dropped it in the toilet and went at it again. Each time clearing less and less filth from the crack of her ass until it was mostly clean.

She took one more pieces of toilet paper to properly wipe her ass, rubbing it along her crack and pressing it against her little puckered sphincter. The very same hole that had failed her twenty minutes earlier. Once finished she took more toilet paper and began to clean the surrounding area. Her filthy ass cheeks. Thighs and between her legs. It took some time, but after a bit of effort she was finished, leaving the toilet bowl full of shit and toilet paper. With that she flushed, and to her relief the toilet swallowed it down like a champ, leaving nothing but shit streaks which she quickly attacked with a toilet brush before finally hopping in the shower.

The young girl sighed, the warm water washing away her stress as well as any remaining filth. It warmed her body and soothed her mind and after nearly five minutes of just letting the warm water wash over her, she actually grabbed the soap and began to bathe properly. Rubbing the soap along her pale buttocks, along the crack of her ass, thighs, and upt to her chest. Her little body slick wet and sudsy, sparkling with soap as she washed away the filth. With a prolonged rinse she cleaned the rest of her body off, standing in the water another few minutes entirely clean before turning off the water.

Once finished she grabbed a towel and dried off before wrapping it around her body and scooping up her clothes, careful to tuck the pissy pants and socks inside of her other cleaner garments. Content with her success she grabbed the knob and twisted heading out into the halla and straight for her room. She had had a gross accident but had gotten away with it, dropping her clothes in the wash on the way was easy, and not suspicious at all. Hands free she headed to her room to out on something clean to wear, pleased with her own quick thinking and success. She closed her room door with a smile on her face.

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