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Lizzy had moved to the back of the bus ten minutes ago, her class was small and hardly anyone sat in the back. The back two rows of seats were completely empty with only one girl sitting in the third row from the back. It's not that Lizzy wanted to be all the way back there, she was a friendly social girl who loved to be in the group. Alas the long bus ride had her stomach doing loop the loops and she started to feel sick. It wasn't too bad...until she started farting. The first few slipping out of hee silently without much of a stink...the next two however crackled and popped as they escaped her rear end.

She had clenched her cheeks, but another one squeaked out of her, this one carrying a foul stink that had her whole class looking for the one who 'dealt' it. Lucky for her no one pegged her, and a little later she snuck off to the back of the bus, the building pressure in her gut getting more and more painful as she kept holding in her gas. Once she was safely in the back of the bus she peered over the seat to make certain no one was nearby, or paying attention to her. Luckily the rest of her class already began laughing and joking about other things. With a relieved sigh she scooched over to the window, and let loose a gnarly fart that rumbled her little cheeks as it sprayed foul air into her panties

The little girl sighed as she felt like a balloon being deflated, the large fart relieving a huge amount of pressure off of her tummy. The foul stink that followed didn't help her though, a hot nasty smell that assaulted even her own nose.

"Bleh..." Lizzy whined as she cracked a window. Her stomach grumbling as she did so. Her own smelly toot left her even more nauseated. Her insides beginning to squirm and writhe as the bus moved along an uneven, winding road. Lizzy shook her head and exhaled, feeling a different kind of pressure building up in her tummy. She took a few deep breaths, that disturbing tickling sensation coming up in her throat. She felt like she wanted to burp, but knew if she did she would probably just upchuck all over herself, so she simply tried to ignore the building pressure and focus on steadying herself.

"I'm not gonna...throw up...I'm not...gonna throw up. I'm not gonna throw up!" She chanted to herself, hoping as always, a positive attitude would get her through this. Then with no warning came another fart, bubbling and popping. Lizzy gasped and jumped up, clenching her cheeks as something hot had slipped out of her and was now mashed between her buttcheeks. A soft bit of light brown poop had forced its way out of her and with her insides squirming she had lost track of what sensations were the most pressing. One thing was clear: Something was about to come out of end or the the other. Lizzy whined quietly and grabbed her bookbag, being careful how she moved, fearful of staining her painties or freeing more mess from her rectum. She reached in and grabbed the only container she had, a tupperware with her lunch.

She pondered for a moment what she was going to do with the sandwich and snacks it contained, until a deep pressure caught her unaware, cramping her abdomen and causing her butt to bow out. She didn't have any time left, her hole opened up and began spewing forth mess despite any effort to clench her sphincter. The soft light brown mess smeared between the crack of her ass, pinched between her prepubescent buttcheeks. Acting quickly she grabbed her skirt and panties and yanked them down just enough to free her butt. She threw the open tupperware on the seat, just under an already dangling, mashed and garled turd. Without her even easing up, the shit began to flow. A smooth stream of light brown poop that stank to all hell. A couple of small popping farts ripped out of her hole until she had filled the tupperware up nearly to the brim with shit. She looked back, the crack of her ass was filthy, and her lunch was buried under a pile of her own shit.

Lizzy groaned...she didn't have anything to eat later. She snatched uo the tupperware and put the lid on before any of the other students thought the stink was any more than another fart. Lizzy had no choice but to pull her panties up and sit back down, feeling the poop that didn't make it into the tupperware squish between her cheeks. She held her ruined lunch in hee lap, it was intensely warm from her fresh dump of feces. The thought disgusted her and her expression began to sour. The tickle in her throat came back, more intense than ever, and she began to feel her stomach jump and lurch. She gagged, but quickly swallowed and tried to fight back the intense nausea, with little success. She gagged, again, this time gurgling. Some bile and half digested food coming up.

The brave little girl choked it back down and crammed her hands over her mouth, sealing it shut. Unfortunately the next gag brought up a huge surge of vomit, and with no vent to escape from, the chunky spew blasted out of her nose. Spilling all over her hands and shirt. The sensation was terrible, it burned, stunk, felt terrible and tasted awful the whole time. She couldn't take it for another instant. She threw her hands away from her mouth and began to barf.

"Blueeehhhh" she gurgled as puke spewed from her lips, splattering the back of the seat in front of her and sending a chunky mix of peas, macaroni and bile splattering to the floor. It also promptly gained the attention of her class who perked up and looked back from where the unmistakable sound of someone barfing came from. Lizzy leaned forward with a horrid gurgling belch and continued to vomit, the former contents of her stomach spilling all over her bare legs and sneakers, as a couple of her classmates walked towards the back of the bus. Lizzy tried time and time again to stop herself from vomiting, but wave after wave of vomit kept coming, until her classmates were left with the image of her panting, burping, vomit oozing out of her nose and all over her skirt and legs, her sneakers completely buried in barf.

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