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So I've had this idea for a series of stories I wanted to write and never knew where I could post it, so I thought I would freewrite ideas and see if it was something you guys would be interested in. Forgive my typos, I'm on mobile and never got good at texting.

So the basic idea is that there's a society where there are, for whatever reason, two kinds of people- what we would think of as normal guys, and then a class of guys who are considered not exactly sub-human, but aren't allowed to really have jobs or own property anything. They just exist as playthings for the upper-class, and because they can't live alone, it's common for them to want to be taken in by someone. Maybe before that they're raised in schools or group homes or something, and once you take one in you have to tattoo it or something so people know it's spoken for and not free use.

Because the thing is, they're not like slaves- not like normal human people. There's something about them, maybe they were created this way through genetic engineering or something, but they're all hypersexual, and all want all the attention they can get- even if it's pain or death- I feel like they were created to fulfil some kind of desire or something but now their existence is considered self-explanatory and common. The ones that don't get sold are probably rented out on a, "You break it, you buy it." Policy.

They would probably not be allowed outsidethe house- or the law would be that one in public is free game. Maybe there would be a law about not causing permanent damage, but they could be fucked/raped/hurt. And because they want the attention it wouldn't really be considered a big deal.

Also itd have some of my specific fetishes that I don't know if anyone else would like- corsets and high heeled shoes- maybe those boots that you can't really get out of by yourself, cock cages, cbt, cross-dressing, power imbalances, edging, denial, bondage, etc.

Maybe they don't live as long either, or you're supposed to kill them after a certain age, so it looks like they're always young and sexy.

I can come up with morestuff, I just didn't know if it's something anyone would be interested in reading. Let me know, and also help me think of something to call the classes. I feel like a society like that would at least have a name for the lower class.


Well, ideas always look much better than actual results :) as I think it will be pretty hard to write a story about complex fashion stuff because this is what you have to see not read. describing mechanical contraptions using text is a pretty inefficient way too.
I am not exactly into gay things but if those guys are cute and also cross-dressing that's different. your other fetishes also look hot the more the better you can't add too many fetishes :). I wonder what you will manage to pull out from all that maybe it will be a masterpiece.
also, for me, it would be better if you made more bisexual society including both boys and girls not even so much because I prefer girls but also because that way you get more possibilities for bigger variety than with just one gender.

That society kinda reminds "the brave new world" erotic version or just modern world where everyone is brainwashed by Facebook to carve attention while being unable to find a job or live on their own LOL
it will be pretty easy to convince them to do anything as long as they get some audience. maybe there can even be some movement from upper into lower class when masters turn into pets of someone else because they also want all that attention.

of course with that kind of lifestyle, you will not survive

The most reasonable name for that class of people is "pets" that you keep at home for your amusement it is not like those sociopaths can be useful for anything else

I wonder what is relationships of those pets between each other? They probably can do something on their own too, without being told by their master, maybe rape or kill each other.

Depending on your desire for plot complexity it is also possible that those people can hurt themselves to frame someone else or to pretend to be a victim.



I'd be interested in reading it, though I much prefer girls than guys being the sub-humans.

I'm also torn - I'm rarely a fan of the "secret slut" variety of rape/torture stories. They're a dime a dozen and often boring. So I'm not sure how "want the attention" and "rape" would actually work.

By all means, do go forward. Perhaps the sub-human pets would be paired with non-human pets? Maybe the sub-humans could be treated as objects?


>>So I'm not sure how "want the attention" and "rape" would actually work.

This is slightly similar to tsundere character. you deliberately get in the situation when you get raped to become a victim to get attention and possibly use that as a form of blackmail to control the rapist.
It can be just as mild as a girl standing in front of you with your cum dripping down her legs, saying "you did it now take responsibility"
Or something serious when girl threatens to file rape claim to the police if you so not become her boyfriend or do not marry her.

In fact, this happens in real life even more frequently than in the fiction


Thanks for all the replies. If I have time I'm going to try to start writing tonight. I don't think I explained myself well because it seemed like no one100% got what I was going for- but you still might like it.


"So I'm not sure how "want the attention" and "rape" would actually work."

I thought I would clarify this because it was actually a question. Basically it's considered like they can't really consent or refuse- like it would be impossible. So they wouldn't really have a CONCEPT of rape, but it would be what we, in this universe, would call rape. They probably wouldn't even have the language to describe it.

I think I need a name so I won't be "anonymous" all the time. Do you guys have any idea what my name should be? I've not really posted here before.


I'm using the name KittyBoy because of the suggestion that I call these folks "pets". I've written out the first chapter- not a lot happens, it's mostly set-up.

Notes: I got the name "Cupcake" off a cat name generator.

Chapter 1

Cupcake was excited. He sat on his master's lap, playing with the fabric of his shirt, trying to force himself to keep his attention on the screen in front of him. He was supposed to be helping- perhaps more than helping, perhaps actually working this out himself. And he wanted to- had every intention of actually doing it- but he had already looked over all the information, and he found the review boring.

They were all cute enough, but none of them really stood out- they couldn't be expected to, really. Cupcake had experience and a bond that had taken years to form, an identity that he had carved out for himself. It was ridiculous to expect someone so young and, in his opinion, stupid, to step in and fill the niche he had created. He didn't envy them.  

His mind kept wandering to his eventual death; the thing that actually generated excitement. His master had asked him what he wanted, but he wasn't sure... All he knew was that he wanted to be immortalized, to be preserved. He wanted some part of him to stay here, in this house, so that whatever new pet his master got would know that he had been here before, that he was irreplacable, that he was the first.

He was leaning toward taxidermy, but if he did that, he wanted to be in perfect shape for it. He wanted to look so good that it would be impossible to live up to. He thought that he was already close- he had had years of tight waisting that molded him into a shape that was so nearly perfect he had come to rely on the corset for support. He couldn't even stand or support himself without it, but he never took it off because why in the world would anyone do that? The results were more than worth the negligeable trade-off.

He felt a sudden tightening around the head of his cock, where it was held prone by the cage, and arched his back, instinctively thrusting out his chest. He grabbed at the back of his chair and spread his legs to give his master better access.

"You're not paying attention," his master warned, and Cupcake giggled.

"I'm sorry, master," he sighed, and slid one hand from the back of the chair to cup his face, "I just... I feel so sorry for you."

"Why is that, pet?" His master asked as he slid his hand slowly down the shaft, caressing the skin between the straps as Cupcake's erection fought against them.

"Because," Cupcake explained, but he lost his train of thought and his whole body went rigid as his master's hand closed around his balls. They were stretched away from his body by the collar attached to the leather cock-cage, and kept extra sensitive by years of abuse, and by the fun things his master brought him- creams that you rub on, drugs that you inject or swallow- things in food or drinks that he had never even known about. Now they were swollen and beautiful, but even the slight grazing or restriction of clothing hurt- actual pressure shot through him like real electricity, and his muscles seized as if he had really been shocked.

His master chuckled deep in his chest, and squeezed.

Cupcake had never tried not to scream or cry- his master liked it. He had told him that he was allowed to beg, to ask for anything. It wouldn't always be granted, but he could always ask. Cupcake was happy that his master still loved him, still liked his reactions, still desired them enough to play with him, and thought of how well trained he had been, how close they were- and wondered if it would be possible to make his balls look swollen or bruised after he had been stuffed. He would ask about it later, after the pain was over and he could trust himself to speak again.

Eventually, the pain did stop- he was sore, but the electricity died down, and his chest unseized enough for him to breath. He took as deep a breath as he could with the comforting hold of the corset, and it came out as a sob that sounded beautiful against the jingling of his collar.

"You're gorgeous when you cry," his master said, wiping a tear from his cheek, and Cupcake smiled at him, and kissed his cheek.

"Thank you, master."

"Now, finish your sentences," His master told him, as he rested his hands on his inner thighs and held them open. Cupcake snuggled into his chest and held the position perfectly.

"Oh," he said, trying to remember what they had been talking about, and glanced at the screen. Right! All the boys- his replacement that he was supposed to find. "I was thinking about how sorry I felt for you- having to train someone new, to start all over, after you seemed so happy with me. Part of me doesn't want to leave you."

"It isn't your fault, darling," his master assured him. "I know you would stay with me forever, if you could. Believe me, I have cherished our time together. But no one can live forever. Is that what's distracting you? Guilt?"

"A little bit," Cupcake confessed, and rested his weight on his thighs, on the arms of the office chair, as his master held him by one hand around his slim waist. He heard the sound of a zipper, and giggled again.

"Maybe this will help you focus," his master suggested, and Cupcake leaned forward to open his favorite desk drawer. The lube inside wasn't his favorite- it burned more than 'heated', which is what it advertized- but he couldn't let his master go in dry. That was a good way for his master to get hurt as much as he did. So he balanced as his master held him by a waist so small his hands nearly engulfed it, and spread a thin layer on his cock. He wasn't /exactly/ finished when his master bucked up at the same time he shoved Cupcake down, but he was close enough- as close as he was going to get.

He filled him perfectly, as if he had been designed for it- and in a way, he had. He had been trained since his coming-of-age on his master's dick in particular, and now he felt empty without it. Sometimes they would just sit like this, without fucking. His master had a perfect replica made that he sometimes kept inside him for hours, until he had become accustomed, until he felt empty, naked, and unsatisfied without it. Until he had formed an addiction.

"Does that feel better, my little cumdumpster?" His master asked, moving one had from his waist to his hair, to force him backward, to cuddle the back of his head.

"So much better," Cupcake purred, "Thank you, master."

"I almost named you that," His master said, as if he had been overcome with nostalgia. "Cumdumpster."

"I remember," Cupcake giggled. He didn't like how sad his master got when he brough up memories of their early life. It made him think that he might be sad that he was going to die, that he really would miss him. Cupcake didn't want that- he wanted him to remember how good he had been, all the fun they had had together. He wanted to be a happy memory.

So he suggested, "Maybe you can name your new pet 'Cumdumpster'."

"I don't know," his master sighed, "It's kind of cliche. And not that cute." After a beat he continued, "I'm going to miss you."

"You'll feel better when you get a new pet," Cupcake promised, and ground down, trying to get as much of his master inside of him as he could.

"No one will ever replace you," his master promised, and nibbled at his ear.

Cupcake giggled.

"But I know I can't go without... if I pick one out, I'm afraid I won't take care of it. It'll wind up like a rent boy- just something for me to take my..." he was going to say 'grief out on', but it was stupid to grieve a pet. He knew when he got Cupcake that he wouldn't live forever. He knew he would have to put him down eventually. He had never really intended to like him as much as he did. "Something I might kill. If you pick it out, I think it'll have a better chance."

"Ok." Cupcake leaned forward and looked at the screen, apparently satisfied that he was as full as he was going to get. "They all just look so... stupid."

"All young pets are stupid, darling," his master reminded him, absentmindedly running a hand up and down his bound shaft, enjoying the sensation of it pulsating against his skin, feeling the blood moving through it. "They have to be trained. You weren't bought knowing everything you know now."

"I just hate for you to go through that all again," Cupcake sighed, flicking through picture after picture. He remembered the name on the top of the site he was looking at. It was the same breeding center he had come from all those years ago. He wondered how it had changed.  

He stopped on a photo of a boy with the biggest, darkest eyes he had ever seen outside of his own face. The more he looked, the more the boy looked like him. Maybe they were the same strain? If they were, it would probably help his master to have another one, someone so similar. It wouldn't be as big of an adjustment.  

The stats meant nothing to him, and pets didn't have names before their masters gave them- the breeding centers used numbers. All Cupcake really understood was the picture.

So all he could really say was, "This one looks cute."

"He really does," his master agreed. "You like him?"

"I like him more than the others," Cupcake shrugged, and brought his legs from where they rested over the arms of the chair to the floor. In this new position, he was bent over the desk with his master still buried inside him- and he was hoping his master would get the hint.

He did, and there was mock anger in his voice as he stood and began to thrust.

"Maybe I shouldn't spoil the next one."


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I might make a new thread, then. With the tags in the title.


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The reason that I wanted to find somewhere to post instead of just writing, is because I wanted feedback. I don't think anyone will see it if it's not tagged. So. That sucks.


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Wow, you surpassed my expectations.
Excellent writing style, text formatting, pretty good story and character relationships.

From your description, I expected that it will be some kind of attention carving narcissists but looks like you had quite an opposite idea at least for the first part.
It will be very interesting to read more of your work.


Yeah, I must have explained it poorly. I do that.

Tbh, your comment confused the everloving shit out of me because it's the exact opposite of how I live my life. That, "Well, ideas always look much better than actual results :)".

My ideas are shit. Nobody ever knows what the fuck I'm talking about until they read it. My results are pretty much always better than my ideas, and I mean... most writers work like that? People talk about how they do like, a basic outline and then throw it away because the story is never going to be what you wanted. Ideas are hard and awful. Results are always better. That's why it's so hard to write pitches even if the book or show is great. Because the pitch is irrevocably going to suck, even if the product doesn't. It's hard to just sit down and explain shit. It's easier and better just to do it. But I've never tried to post porn online before, especially the shit I'm into, which gets pretty dark. So I didn't want to shot in the dark it.

What I meant, and I think I figured out where I fucked up my explanation- is that they (the pets) would have been trained to treat ANY attention as GOOD attention. And human people (and other social animals) NEED attention or they'll go crazy. That's why solitary confinement is a form of torture. So when I said, "Crave any attention, even pain or death" I should have included something like, "because they've been brainwashed." I just thought I had covered that and I guess I hadn't. But that's more what I was going for. That they're completely dependent on the upper class because they've been trained to think that they have to be, and thankful for any attention they get, and see themselves as disposable.

Narcissists don't actually need or care about attention; they're self obsessed. Like... that's part of how that particular disorder is diagnosed. People with narcissistic personality disorder straight up CAN'T crave attention because the emotio/social center of their brain doesn't work properly and they are incapable of caring what other people think of them. Like, it's not that they don't, it's that they can't. They couldn't if they wanted to. They literally only care about themselves. If someone says something negative to a narcissist, they can't care. If someone says something positive to a narcissist, they can't care. It's a really lonely existence, and sometimes they'll be sad about that, because they know they should be, know it's not normal- but they just /can't/.

The pets are pretty much the opposite of this- mostly neurotically people who have been brainwashed into codependent relationships that would be, in our world, immediately be identified as abusive. But in their world it's just accepted and common. That's the reason that I didn't want to just publish it any old place. Because it's so obviously abuse and so obviously fucked up. But then I found this place and I thought, "...maybe."

I also thought about bdsm library but nobody ever comments there. And if I wanted to post without getting any feedback I'd just write for my damn self and never put it out there.


Also I am really bad at names- both for characters and for objects/places/etc. So if anyone wants to make any suggestions that would be SUPER helpful.


I'm going to post one more chapter tonight and then I have to go to bed. Life and all that shit. I probably shouldn't just write and post- probably should be editing and reading back over and shit, but honestly I'm just riding this wave of having found somewhere to actually post this shit. It's been in my head forever. I'll probably be obsessively checking after I post because seriously, I never thought I'd find anywhere.

Chapter 2

Cupcake sat on the bed trying to work the tangles out of his hair, thinking about the boy in the picture. His master's words rang true in his mind- it was possible that he was being a little too judgemental. It was entirely possible that he had everything- the caring master, the big house, the expensive clothes, the numerous toys- only because he had been lucky enough to have been given the chance to earn them. There may not be anything special about him. He was once just like all the other pets in those pictures- just a boy in a breeding center hoping that someone would choose him.

His master had been so young when they met that he had not expected to live long. No one really kept their first pet very long; first pets were experiments. Everyone had told him that his new master, who had just come of age himself, would go "too far too soon" and accidentally snuff him out, or hurt him so badly that he would need to be put down. Cupcake had had no reason not to believe them. He had never expected to live out his full legal lifespan. It consistently shocked him for about a year- but after that, he began to believe that there was something special about his master in particular. Something that made him different from the others.

But his master did have friends, and his friends did have pets, and Cupcake learned from talking with them that every pet thinks his master is special. So he tried not to think about it at all.

He tried not to think about a lot of things- and tried very hard to consistently think of others. Right now, he was thinking good thoughts- humbling thoughts- thoughts that he realized he had let slip away when they had received notification that his next birthday would be the twentieth since they left the breeding center. The notification was a cheerful bright pink, and reminded his master that if Cupcake was still alive, he needed to bring him in to be put down.

Not many pets made it long enough to get the notification, and Cupcake was /thrilled/. Only the best pets ever made it that far, and it meant that his master had loved him long enough to keep him far past the point where more pets were disposed of. It meant that he had stayed interesting and pretty for far longer than anyone had expected, that he had achieved something worth being proud of, the highest honor a pet could get. So he /was/ proud. He was proud of himself for being so good, and proud of his master for training him.

That pride may have... gone a little unchecked recently. A good pet wasn't supposed to put himself above others, and Cupcake knew that, but it was so easy to do with such a big honor coming up.

His master had gotten... weird since the notification. Cupcake wanted to have a party, and his master was absolutely willing to allow it, but he hadn't been nearly as excited as Cupcake, which worried him. He had fretted over it for days, especially while his master was gone, fearful that he had done something, some big thing, so close to the end, to make him angry, to displease him, to ruin everything he had worked for.  

One day his master had come home and showed Cupcake the website from the breeding center. Cupcake, like most pets, didn't really use the internet beyond certain sites made for pets, and wasn't immediatly sure what he was looking at. It wasn't until his master explained it that it all slotted into place, all made sense.

"I'm going to miss you," he had said- and Cupcake realized for the first time that his absence may hurt someone, so he was happy when his master continued, "I'm going to try to find a replacement," but his joy was tapered when his master continued further still, "But... I'm not sure I can. I don't..." He had sighed and began again, "I need help. You pick it out for me."

A good pet would not be more worried about his going-away party and preservation than his master's happiness, but Cupcake had just been bad at picking out new pets. It wasn't anything he had done before, and it was a big decision. Part of him thought it shouldn't have been left up to him- but he had known his master long enough to know that he would never give him a task that he thought Cupcake couldn't accomplish.

He stood and wrapped his hair into a bun. It was still a little wet, and it would create waves tomorrow when they went out. He wasn't sure where his master was taking him, but they were doing all kinds of things with his last birthday looming over them. His master had told him that he would take the last month before off of work, and they would travel. Cupcake wasn't particularly interested in traveling, but it seemed to make his master happy, so he thought he would enjoy it.

Some pets took their corsets off when they slept- the pets that Cupcake would consider 'weak'. He had never been allowed to, and never would have asked to see if his master would let him. He had loved the feeling from the first garment he put on, his training corset all those years ago. It had forced him to stand perfectly straight, aligned his spine, and held everything inside him so tightly it felt like a permanent hug. It felt like having a set of rock-hard abs that you didn't need to work for, that you could simply install from an outside source and then forget about.

Over the years he had used tightwaisting trainer to get smaller and smaller- to the point that his master said he was getting an 'addiction' and it 'wasn't healthy'- but he always gave in, and he loved the silhouette, loved the way Cupcake's body felt, and had eventually agreed that it was too beautiful to protest.

The other masters liked it too.

Cupcake had, originally, been allowed out without his master. They were both young, and like many pets, he was supposed to do certain things, like keeping the house. They had lived in a city at the time, where his master had attended university, and Cupcake had been allowed to do the weekly shopping by himself. This continued right through graduate school, when his master found out what he had been doing.

Cupcake always wore his collar, and had his ID chip implanted like any good pet. The chip's location was a secret, but he was pretty sure it was in his back, if he ever needed to look for it- though he didn't tell anyone that. But those markings of ownership did not keep him from getting into trouble.  

The law stated that you were not supposed to cause permanent damage to another person's pet- and what you could do was limited by how the person chose to dress their pet. Cupcake was not technically 'supposed' to fuck anyone, or be touched by anyone, except his master- but he gradually wore him down.

Cupcake quickly noticed that those laws were more suggestions. They never seemed to have any follow-through. He had been groped in public more than once in full pants- had been smacked on the ass so hard it knocked him forward into another master who had commented that he could feel the leather straps around his cock through the material-

So he begged his master to let him wear skirts. That particular garment seemed to be exclusively worn by pets, and was coinvent for masters, because it made it much easier to use their pets at any time, and could be worn with things like the weights that attached to the ball stretchers, and the pets would still be considered 'clothed'. At first, his master refused, but one day he came home from class with a gift.

He had given in- but warned Cupcake that he was always to wear something under it- tights, shorts, underwear, but /something/.

That didn't last long either. He had been tightwaisting the entire time, and in his skirt and boots, he liked to think that he looked irresistable. He may have been vain, or he may have been right, but it was taking him longer and longer to get his shopping done, as he drew more and more attention. He wasn't free use- and he had told a few of them that, that he had a chip and a collar, but he was having so much fun that it didn't really seem important. His master had never explicitly told him that he wasn't allowed to have other people touch him, prod him, fuck him-

Hurt him.

It just didn't seem like a big deal. He had met a group of them, in the park by the university, on his way home. They had been so nice. They had made sure all his groceries were safe before they had bent him over the table to gang-bang him, and guarded them well enough that nothing had been stolen. He remembered enjoying himself with one leg planted in the grass and the other held above his head by one of them as he mercilessly pounded into him. He remembered another in front of him on the other side of the table with a cock down his throat. He remembered that he was actually learning how to breath better, that he was proud of himself and couldn't wait to show his master- but then he remembered being wrong.

He had passed out, and woken up to a fight. His master and some of his friends were attacking the men Cupcake had been playing with, and another pet was sitting on the table with him, complaining in a jealous huff. Cupcake knew him; he belonged to one of his master's friends, and they had been in the same breeding center. The other pet was angry that Cupcake was getting so much attention, that the fight had been over him, and that he had such pretty bruises in the shape of fingers around his neck. They would last for days, as a symbol that someone had cared enough about him to leave them. The other pet felt it was a bit... braggy.

His master had picked him up when they heard sirens, and carried him back to their dorm while Cupcake tried to remember how to breath. After that, he had his first real punishment, and had never been out alone since. He was no longer allowed to fuck anyone without explicit instruction, and though he never understood why, he knew that he had upset his master, and would follow any rule to avoid ever doing it again.

But now he was leaving again, going somewhere else where his master couldn't- or shouldn't- follow. And it wasn't his fault. He knew that he had to; there was nothing either of them could do to avoid it. But sometimes, when he was alone like this, it made him feel... like he was bad. Like he had disobeyed. He didn't understand, but he hoped his master would feel better after he got a new pet. He didn't know whether the new pet was coming before or after he would be dead, and didn't really know how to feel about either option.

Part of him wanted him to come before, so he could help with his training- but another part of him, the more selfish part, was so proud of himself for making it to his expiration date, and really wanted his last time to be all about him. He wondered if it was ok to be selfish, at the end- if maybe he had earned it. He hadn't made many mistakes, hadn't needed to be punished often.

He had always tried to be a good pet.


This is exactly why ideas sound better than actual results because everyone understands them in the way they want and then get upset that it was something totally different. Fortunately even if it was different from what I expected, it still turned out great from totally another aspect.
(even If I would be also pretty interested to read about relationships between narcists psychopaths and sociopaths who instead of loving try to manipulate each other LOL)

Narcists are not that bad, they do care about the attention they just do not care about people from whom they get that attention. narcissism is "doing stings you don't like to impress people you don't care about".

It is like showing your new I phone or doing something with the message to everyone "look what I can do I"
codependency is also a form of narcism except that instead of "look at me" it is "look at my master"

Your story is not about attention but about true love when pet only thinks about the wellbeing of the master without thinking about himself at all.
maybe speaking in psychology terms your character can be borderline he just did not display dark side of that personality

Speaking about names you seem to be always much better than you imagine. You selected perfect name for your character. I could easily imagine and understand who he is from the first line of your story.
Since we don't know who is going to be your new character it is hard to suggest good names that would represent that character.

If your new character is going to be very active and playful even on the dominant side where he will make master do what he wants instead of waiting until his master will do it I would suggest to call him "Spike" if he is going to be cute and pretty passive, good name will be "Fluffy"

I guess you can take some good names from my little pony or "happy tree friends" series they did a pretty good job in naming their characters.


I've actually not watched Happy Tree Friends, and I've not seen My Little Pony since the 80s- but I'm sure that there's a name generator out there somewhere. I seem to remember that Spike was the dragon.

Yeah, I get what you mean about people being able to put their own interpretations onto pitches, but I would argue that that's what makes them worse. Like... I just don't think that miscommunication is a good thing, even if it does spur people onto their own creativity. And I think it's because we have two different ideas about the purpose of writing or any kind of art- a lot of people are in your camp, where the entire point is to spur people to have their own ideas, their own creativity. But I see the point as, "Having something to convey and conveying it properly so it can be understood." For me, authorial intent is the be-all-end-all. So if there's a good book but people are taking away a message that the author didn't intend- to a lot of people, that's a good book. To me, that's a failure.

On the subject of writing about people with various personality disorders- that might be a good story, but I'm probably not the person to write it, because I don't think I'd ever write it the way that you, and other folks, would want to read it. In meatspace, I've dedicated my professional life to helping neurodivergent people, after a lifetime of dealing with neurodivergent issues myself. So I am just unable to simplify people to their disorders. I just can't do it, because I'm so /in/ it, you know? I think that may be part of our miscommunication. We're used to using these terms to mean different things. I think this happens a LOT.

So when you talk about narcissism, you're talking about cultural, literary narcissism, and I'm talking about the DSM qualifications to be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder that you have to overcome when you seek treatment for it. The same would be true for psychopathy and sociopathy. I'd have to figure out exactly what you were talking about and cater to it, and I just don't think I'm a good enough writer to do that. Because it's going to be different from what I'm used to.

This was more about finding a place to post my dark fetishes- which is something I've had trouble with. So it's like... "I'd rather it wasn't so gay" - yeah, man, that's what literally everyone says about your life growing up in the bible belt. And that's a surface level thing that I don't even think about anymore. That's a non-issue, but people are still going to bring it up, not as a "bad" thing, but just as a "this isn't to my tastes". But there are actual, objectively "bad" things in my head. And the darker it gets, the fewer venues there are to talk about that kind of shit. I've been on the discussion forums here, even though I haven't used the site THAT much, and I know that I'm not the only person who has fantasies that they know they wouldn't live through. But I know we're not /supposed/ to talk about that shit. So... I thought this might be a place to talk about that shit. So communicating it effectively is important to me.

Also, I'm bad at names in general. I don't want the pets to be the only ones with names because I'm not a great writer- I've never tried to write creatively- but I know that it's going to get confusing and boring to be like, "Cupcake's master" "Spike's master" "Twilight Sparkle's Master" over and over. It'll get repetitive and hard to differentiate and I know I don't come here (or anywhere else) to read boring, confusing shit. I want the upper class to just have normal people names. I really liked the "pet" suggestion and thought it'd be fun to have the pets all have kind of stupid pet names.


Also, I just wanted to say that this story is not at all about love. This isn't how love works. If someone was in this kind of relationship in the real world, they would very obviously be an abuse survivor. This is codependency, isolationism, and a slew of other bullshit that makes a person like this. It doesn't have anything to do with "love". Even by some fucked up standard- if you consider love to just be having an attachment to someone rather than more complex definitions of what makes "true" love- if he had loved him he wouldn't have "cheated" on him. If he had loved him, he would have understood that he was important to him, and not put himself in danger. Love is not "dependent upon for survival", it's an emotional and intellectual connection, even at it's most basic form. This isn't "love", it's classic attention-seeking behavior. In the real world, if we wanted to put a label on it, and I don't, I'm not sure it would be neurotypical at all- but I could see someone developing a generalized anxiety disorder with attachment issues, attention-seeking behavior, and reckless endangerment behavioral outbursts associated with negative or disingenuous thought schemas and a lack of impulse control- exacerbated by intense learned helplessness, if they were raised in the environment I've set up here. Again, though, those would be normal human reactions and not at all indicative of any kind of innate neurochemical or genetic disorder- just a "healthy", normal response to the environment, as a survival mechanism. Those things would be there to preserve sanity, not crush it.

But yeah, it's not love. No one is in love. I never intended for it to read like that, so, I just wanted to clear that up. I guess it goes back to what we were talking about before, and how authorial intent is important to me, so I just wanted to let everyone know what my intent was. If you're one of those people who it doesn't matter to, you can just ignore this post, I guess.


I was reading over this because I'm obsessively checking for comments and I realized that in my last post I said "neurotypical" but I MEANT "neurodivergent" and idk how to edit posts.


It is pretty interesting that you managed to write something you not intended and it happens to be pretty good after all.
of course, nobody knows what was in your mind so we all come with our own interpretations

Not sure if you are interested in this discussion but if you don't mind I can try to explain my reasoning.
Maybe you had something else in mind, all you wrote is how Cupcake cares about his master and only thinks about his interest as even if master hurts him he only thinks if his mater feels good while hurting him He has no agenda of his own. you mentioned nothing about any fear of abandonment or any kind of discomfort or suffering it seems that he is pretty happy and will die happy regardless of all that abuse.
furthermore, your writing style itself makes fell as if everything is almost in the euphoria state with total satisfaction and peace of mind.

So yes, this is real unconditional love and it is not any kind of disorder.
I doubt if such a thing even exists in reality at all.

If you wanted to make it look like something dark you should have included something about his fears or other kind or terrible suffering which happens inside or show some contradiction between what is happening inside and outside. But then your story would be pretty sad.

Realistically if I saw such thing I would expect that this person has BPD or in anime terms he is yandere and all this may end badly for his master if he notices that there is a possibility of getting abandoned.

Again, I have no intent to complain or anything, just explained why I think so.

As for the names of the masters of those pets, giving them names is not necessary that good idea because we who read your story will need to learn those names ;). but if you want it then yes, you can just use random names.

p.s. strangely enough, I was doing RP with someone who has an extremely similar writing style and psychology, the topic was a bit different but the character was very similar.


Hey I know google is a thing, but I know that terms are subjective. And I've watched a lot of anime in my day, but I tend to watch dubs (I know, I know, break out the pitch forks- but I'm not good at JUST watching TV. I'm always watching it AND doing something else. I get real fidgety if I try to just watch.) And I'm not super familiar with the Japanese terms. Can you tell me what you mean when you use them? Because I don't know what a "yandere" or "tsundere" is. I know what a "bishoen" is because if you get something screamed at you enough at cons, you eventually look it up- but that's about as far as my Japanese goes. And to everybody who didn't like my Trunks cosplay... we have the term "Pretty Boy" in English... like... you fucking Otakus.

I'm the person who says shit like, "I was at an anime convention when this OTAKU walked in."

Goddamn why don't I just say, "I was playing D&D with this NERD."


Also like... not all fear is overt. That's part of the fantasy. Once someone has been conditioned to accept learned helplessness, the fear is morphed because of external stimuli pressure that forced the brain, particularly the amygdala, to adapt to that pressure with covert emotional responses rather than overt emotional responses. That's a big part of how brainwashing works, and a big part of my "I want to be brainwashed" fantasy. That's why it's written in what is, I am now learning, a way that people could misidentify as "love".

But in the real world, those are fear responses. You don't put someone else above yourself if you love them. That's just not what love is- that's what fear is. Like, objectively, that is an emotional "fear" response. If you're in love, you have a focus on yourself AND on your partner or child or whatever. You know that you can't love another person without a functioning sense of self.

Fear is a less complex emotion than love- which is why we have to remind people to move past "fear" and into "love" in a fearful, stressful situation. That's why planes have those, "Put your oxygen mask on before you put it on your kids" messages- because when you're AFRAID, your first response is, "I have to protect my child at my own expense." But when you're in love, you see yourself as a member of a partnership.

Fear is not a negative emotion. Sentient creatures display a range of complexity that actually begins with fear as the most simple and moves into increasingly complex emotional intelligence. Fear is a mechanism that we evolved early on during the "species preservation over self preservation" span of our societal development. Fear is often displayed in irrational (sometimes positive in the sense of like "good/happy seeming") thought schemas through periods of trauma- both short bursts like a plane crash, and extended trauma like brainwashing. So that's what you're seeing here- the same fear that leads a father to suffocate and die so that he can protect his child, when the loving thing would have been to stay alive and help his kid make it through the crash.

Covert fear that manifests like this is not something that the person who experiences it will always see as a negative emotion. When we look at survivors of human trafficking, for instance, we will often see them make this same mistake- and it takes a LOT of therapy to get past the, "When I'm 18 I'm signing myself out of here and we can be together! You people just don't understand our love!" Stage. It's a pretty common misconception.

The thing is- it's not a misconception that I have, or that I'm cool with us having as a society. That's a big part of why I wanted somewhere where I wouldn't be judged or recognized to post this shit. Because I /know/ it's wrong. I know it for what it is. And there's not a lot of places where you can be wrong like that on purpose. I'm not trying to add to the zeitgeist like, "Oh, true love can look like this." I'm trying to say that I know what it is, and I want it anyway, and I know that's wrong and I would NEVER try to find it in real life- I mean, outside of bdsm play sessions. But... sometimes fantasies go deeper than that. Sometimes you want to be this brainwashed pretty little /thing/, who never has to think, who can just do what they're told and just /exist/ and it can be enough, and you don't even have to have a self-preservation instinct, you can just be wrong about it. That's not a real thing and I know I'm not making a lot of sense. I might can explain it better when I get home, but I feel like it's this really fucked-up mindset that you either have or you don't. It's not even exactly self-destructive or suicidal because you /know/ how fucked up it is. But it's there, man. It's in there. It's in my brain and the discussion tab led me to believe the brains of a lot of other people.


Plus in the real world I'm probably too old for it anyway. I'm not young and cute anymore.


Hmm, yandere should pretty common knowledge thing on the guro board ;)

But if you don't know, this is usually the girl, who is madly in love with someone and will do absolutely anything for that person pretty much same as in your story, but if she will see that she may get abandoned or rejected this usually ends with death for the one she loves. or she may somehow imprison him turn into cripple or do whatever else necessary to prevent escape.
It is something similar to borderline/codependent. (stalker?)

I understand what you say but I still prefer to use the term love here and it is not necessary based on fear, it is something very different than that, similar to NPD. The reason why people behave that way is not that they are scared but because they are empty inside they have no personality any goals of their own so they chose someone as the meaning of life and become part of another person instead of being someone independent.

Narcists are pretty same except that instead of serving some person they serve some kind of idea, but they are also totally empty inside, narcists is just good or bad boy who is good or bad because people around him want him to be like that but otherwise he feels no pleasure from was he is doing.

If you get in the relationship with such person it is pretty interesting feeling as it feels as if you gained more power like you just got an extra body which you can use and trust as much as your own. You really keep him/her as a pet and try to take good care of it of course also using for your needs just as if you were using your own body giving nothing back. not so much because you don't want to but because of there is nothing that you can give back because that person is totally blank, his only desire is to be useful.
And it is even worse because if you stop using that person he will suffer and feel useless.

If you are interested in that topic I would recommend you to watch "Heaven's Lost Property" anime. (imagine what would happen if master threw out his pet who happens to have nearly divine powers and made it impossible to come back. That pet ends in the hands of another owner who is totally unwilling to be the owner and want her to be an independent person(spoiler alert: he gives up) In the beginning, it starts as the comedy but in the end, it becomes quite dark.

Something similar happens in the "Welcome to NHK anime" when a girl starts taking care of some loser boy and in he gets better because he is worrying about abusing her generosity wahst makes her nearly commit suicide because and does do not require her help anymore.

Even if this is fiction the same happens in really very often as this is how attraction between people works this is how religion works and this is why victims choose abusers or turn normal people into abusers.
This mindset is very common and in fact even more common than people with master mindset. When I was doing roleplay I was meeting such people all the time. People who actually want equal relationships are a big rarity.


Hey, I just got home and was sitting down to write chapter 3, but I saw this reply and figured that I should answer it.

I mean, I'm new to Guro boards- again, I was just looking for somewhere to post and this was the best place I could find. Having said that, I think that message boards should conduct their business in the language the board is presented in. In this case, that's English. So I don't think that someone should be forced to learn Japanese to interact on a message board. There's actually a whole thread dedicated to that topic. I don't think I should be expected to know Japanese terms to post here.

As for the rest of it... words, phrases and terms do have objective definitions. It isn't really something that can be argued. So it's a little frustrating to have, again, studied and practiced something for over a decade, and then have someone that you don't know, don't know the background of, come in and tell you that you're wrong about a definition that is a big part of your life. The DSM and decades of research define psychological terms based on peer-reviewed study that allows both clinicians and researchers to do their jobs. It's not up for debate outside of academia. And because those terms have agreed-upon meanings, we really need to stick to them to avoid confusion. Psychology and neuroscience are sciences- fields of study that are well understood and require specialized knowledge to practice properly. It's not something that you're going to learn from anime or role playing.

I'm really not trying to be insulting, but I'm not sure how to address this point without doing that- so if I sound aggressive, that's not my intention. But I would ask that you put yourself in my shoes, or the shoes of any person who has a job or interest that they've worked hard on, and are still paying off because it was exorbitantly expensive.

If you had done that, and a stranger came to you and tried to redefine terms that you had dedicated your life to learning the nuances of based on something they had seen on TV- would that be a good feeling that you would have? Or would it make you contemplate not returning to the site to post after all? Imagine that you hadn't been there that long, and this person was the only person giving you vocal feedback. Imagine that you were already nervous because you were finally exploring a part of yourself that was off-limits in most social spaces.

Finally, imagine reading their responses and realizing that they had a writing style very similar to the writing style of young people, and realizing that you, yourself, didn't have to even click an age verification to post here.

Imagine the fucking panic attack you had at that realization.

Here's the thing. I appreciate the suggestions- but I haven't watched anime since... probably the new Eva movies? I just don't have a lot of time. Well and I watched like two episodes of that gay ice skating thing, but the Russian guy got on ALL my nerves instantly so I didn't finish it, even though all my friends told me I would love it. I don't know WHY they thought I would love it- I dislike both romance and sports, and it was a sports romance. But my point is that I just don't have a lot of time to watch TV anymore, and I suspect if these shows are about incorrectly using psychological terms and presenting people with these disorders as the incorrect stereotypes you're presenting here, then I probably wouldn't like them- for the same reason I gave earlier about why I wouldn't be able to write stories like the ones you suggested. I was trying to be polite, but now I'm going to spell it out: I find that mindset both insulting and harmful.

I'm a real, live, crazy person, and have been my entire life. And media that portrays neurodivergent people in the light that you're suggesting here, is a big part of the reason that we face discrimination. It's a big part of the reason that people associate neurodivergence with violence- why every time there's a mass shooting, people start blaming us instead of the underlying causes of the actual violence.

This isn't an opinion thing. You're just wrong. You're factually incorrect and morally creating an environment that harms me, in particular. The real lives, in the real world, of me and others like me, are personally harmed, are worse, because of this mindset. There are factual, objective terms and definitions, and there is research backing them, reasons that they are what they are- and those reasons have to be understood to provide proper treatment plans for people. If you don't understand the disorder, you can't treat it. I'm not offended, I am simply trying to politely request that you not continue this harmful attitude, or to speak over me when I tell you the truth.

Don't look at anime- look at the peer-reviewed studies and the DSM. These things are not time-capsules riddled with cultural misunderstandings, as TV shows are, they are constantly changing consensus that grow with our understanding. Read the whole article, not just the abstract, and critically question everything. Follow the money (look who funded the research), look at the credentials of the team, check sample sizes- and to effectively communicate ideas, actively listen and then use the correct terms to mean the correct things.

Japan, in particular, is way behind the times when it comes to psychology and mental health. They are constantly under fire for it by international health organizations- there's a law on the books that people with diagnosed behavioral disorders can't even travel to Japan. Even if they've never had an outburst. Even if they've never been violent. There is no reason for this law to exist, other than the incorrect mindset that you're presenting here. My real life is limited, my real travel options are limited, because of this mindset. Japanese cultural media is perhaps the WORST source to get this information from.

Know your own strengths and weaknesses. I'm a bad writer, for example. I've never done it before, and actively need help with it. That's why I crave feedback. What I don't need, and honestly find a little insulting or aggravating, is help understanding things I'm already overwhelmingly familiar with, especially coming from such poor sources.

I'm not here to tell you how to live your life, and you will never know how much I appreciate you reading a story that turned out to be nothing like you thought it would be AND leaving feedback. I can't thank you enough for that. But I am trying to politely request that you not try to explain anything relating to psychology to me, not regarding emotional complexity or working definitions of psychological terms. I already explained that I can't keep two working definitions in my head and fuck up my professional life just to post a story. Another of my faults is that I don't do well with cognitive dissonance or multitasking. I can't even play two rpgs at the same time and keep them straight. I would rather have the correct terms, the ones I have to use everywhere else.

Again, sorry if this came off as aggressive. I absolutely didn't mean it that way, but when I'm insulted I have a difficult time regulating my tone- especially over text where emotions can't be conveyed with the help of vocal inflection, facial expression or body language. Again, I'm not a strong writer. Maybe as I practice more I'll get better.


Hey, if anyone is following this thread for story, I'm going to be posting it here instead, because this thread is tagged:

I hope you like it!


Ok, sorry for this misunderstanding. I thought you don't mind talking about that but I was wrong.
Of course, you did not convince me to believe in your philosophy and this can't happen because we have different value systems but I will not talk about that anymore and not mention anything of this topic in your other thread. Thanks for your information. It was useful to me


God, I wish I had the money, time, and energy required to have a philosophy. I barely had the resources to obtain mastery.


hey @op youre really cool



Thanks? I don't really know how to respond to such a simple, bold declaration, but thanks, man.

Let me know if you like my story? I guess?

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