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Clown nurses

The day is nice and pleasant. You're walking with your mother. You're 18.
This is the first time you've been with your mother since you've moved for college. The 2 of you are just walking along, talking, enjoying each others company.

"I'm happy things are going well for you in starting higher education. Oh darling I almost forgot! I've scheduled for a doctor's visit. remember how you were bedwetting before you left and thought maybe it should be checked up on." Your mother tells you.

You're taken aback by the comment. You haven't wet my bed for at least three years now! However, you did start having some weird dreams, so you guess the visit couldn't hurt? "Yeah, haha... thanks, mom."

"Good girl." She smiles and lightly spanks you. "Ah here she is now!" A nice car pulls up to the parking lot. A young lady, just a few years older than you, steps out and shakes hands with your mother and you. "Hello hello!"

You blush up a little at the spank "Oh, mom!" but then the speed at which the situation developed weirded you out a little bit. Did she schedule the visit for right now? Here, in this parking lot? You couldn't say a word from the confusion, just meekly offered your hand to what you suppose is a doctor.

"Why Dr. Shaker, yes hello! This is my daughter I told you about!" "So you're the young girl who's bedwetting?" Some lunchgoers at a picnic table stop their conversations and grin wide eyed at each other.

"What? No, that's not.. exactly.. the problem." You answer, flustered, just standing there, not knowing what to do. The embarrassment makes you want to drop dead where you stand.

"Omg she's a bedwetter. I know her I went to school with her!"
"Really? I think she goes to the same college as my brother." You hear the cool kids whispering, not overly quietly.

"Now now. It's OK. Have you experienced any incontinence at all? Are your farts frequent or particularly smelly? How's your diet, how much do you eat and what are your favorite foods? How frequently do you defectate?"

Now starting to get a little mad at the lack of professionalism, you ask "Can't we take this somewhere private?"

"Well the examination will be sweety, unless you keep your attitude up. But it's a nice day and Janet is a friend of my secretary. You remember Alice, your babysitter." Alice was there one night you wet your bed at 15. "She actually suggested this after I spoke to my coworkers about your issue. I just want to make sure you don't pee yourself in college!"
Scattered laughter erupts from varying distances.

You're left speechless, staring at mother. This has got to be a nightmare! You should wake up from any moment now...

Your mother spanks you sharply over the middle of both buttocks. "You answer her! She's an answer to your immature issues." She turns to the doctor. "She's a frequent bedwetter and I've honestly contemplated getting her diapers. She eats fine though I'm sure." They both laugh.
Still silent, your mouth agape, wanting to say something, but nothing comes out, you're too mortified to speak.

Your mother sighs.
"I guess we'll do this the hard way." She grabs your collar and spanks you to a picnic table, then flips you over one leg, holding your belly between her thighs she smacks your clothed ass.

"OW! What are you doi...? What is wrong with you?!" Thrashing in protest, you wonder what on earth has gotten into your mom?

"You've forgotten who's in charge. I changed your diapers and fed you, and now I'm paying for your education and this is how you'll disrespect me. You're going to be a good girl, and stop being such a naughty little brat."

What the hell is going on? You think to yourself and try to wiggle out of her hold. You spot several park-goers watching the event unfold, and deeply blush from the embarrassment. This has GOT to be a nightmare!

You hear circus music playing...
A clown car drives up over a grassy spot and the doors open, as does the sunroof, and the trunk, and the engine. It's a small 2-door car. And the clowns.... they just keep coming. You notice now that upon all the balconies upon the 3 story apartments closer to the park and the towers on the other side of them- are filled with laughing classmates, crushes, and other acquaintances. they're all laughing at you!
Each leg is hoisted into the air and your ass is twisted to face your mother, your arms are gripped by 2 other clowns and your entire body is raised so that your neck, instead of your belly, is now crushed between your mother's thighs.
A particularly cute clown girl, just your age, waves her finger in your face, then unbuttons and unzips your jeans. She slowly peels them upwards and off of you, living your absurd vibrant panties on full display, as well as your reddening ass.

Simultaneously mortified and flabbergasted at the development, the pain in your ass reassures you that it's real. The clowns just keep on coming and you swear to God you can hear Entry Of The Gladiators playing in the background. (edit's note, this sentence really got me, "I swear to God I can hear Entry of The Gladiators playing in the background" ajkfhuahfyea XD)

Thankfully your shirt rides off your torso, exposing your stomach and bra and covering your face from the public, as the grinning clowness leaves you in just your panties.

You cannot see it, but you can feel some steel sliding against your legs, pressing into your skin but not cutting you...
snip snip.
Your panties are removed and you feel cold autumn winds caress your puss and asshole. Your legs are moved forward some as you're continually spanked by your mom, and perhaps a few swats from the clowns. owowow what is that? Oh that's something being sewn into the crevice of your spread bottom.
thud You shirt is held up from your eyes and you see a mirror is placed in front of you. GOOGLY EYES HAVE BEEN SEWN ABOVE YOUR PUSSY!
In fact, they're right above and by your anus, functioning as a nose! your anxiously twitching genitals and asshole mimic perfectly your actual face, wide-eyed with shock and gaping jawed.

You can feel something cold sliding up your leg before a quick relief of pressure around your waist, as your tight panties fly off, exposing your privates to the wind, the public, your classmates and at least 20+ clowns.

Suddenly light assaults your eyes as the cloth is lifted from your face, two clowns are holding up a mirror, trying to show you something. My jaw drops as I finally notice what they have done to my womanhood...

Your mother loosens her grip and the clowns raise you midair, so your shirt just falls right off, leaving you in only your bra. SMABSHPLT SPANK You're blind again. Something smashed your face before you instantly got a swift smack on the ass. You can shake some of it off, but it becomes clear that the pie of some sort has been smashed on your face. You're flipped upside, entirely nude except for your breasts, and your face covered in cream. SMASH SPANK Again. You can't see anything, only feel naked and anxiously knowing that you're going to be pied in the face and spanked. PLSHSPANK there it is.

You can just barely make out the assailants through the custard on your face "STOP! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" You scream out, desperately clutching your breasts, trying to prevent the mob from completely undressing me. And where on earth is that 'doctor'?

A mob of clowns sprint around smacking your ass and pieing your face, making no attempts to snatch your mockable bra away, at least not yet.
Then through the lemon, cherry, apple, pumpkin and pecan pies, you see the nurse with clownpaint over her face and a dustmask.
"See here, you've wet yourself already!" And indeed there is a trail of urine dripping down your legs. It's not slowing down and you can't stop it. 2 clowns each grab an arm of yours and march in opposite directions, rotating you as you're spanked and pied by the other jesters.
Once you've been rotated a full 180, you see your mother in front of you. You're spanked as you're marched up to her.
"Bad, bad girl. You should be wearing diapers. Follow me!" She snatched your bra away and you're now fully blind by the creams you cannot wipe away, and fully naked and spanked. Your googly eyes rubbing against each other create extra pain, especially with every spank, but also from friction of your marching.
You're laid onto what feel like a hospital bed, ass up, and you can feel the center of it raise in the air as the ends lower, and hear the licking of camera and sort of see the flashes of their lights. Your ankles, shoulders, and back are all strapped down. Your arms can't move much but can at least wipe away as much of the cream as needed to reveal to you your incredible predicament. piiiinch piiinch piiinch You're getting a shot in each buttock and in your anus, then your nipples, when Dr. Shaker's clowns hold you up, though you can keep pressed down when they let go, and hide your boobies.

What are they doing to you? you desperately struggle to move and squirm your way out of the restraints. You have no idea what was in those shots, but the feeling in your ass and tits slowly wanes.

The hospital bed starts rotating and you can see the pits of Hell open up below you as the apartments and hills above you erupt into violent laughter. Your body replaces all previous sensations with a new physical form of awful awareness. It's like pain, humiliation, and fear all at once. A giant rod is inserted into your anus and pussy, then your ass is spread by tight-strung wires digging into the crevice and attached at the other end to the lower part of your hospital bed. The cot rotates faster and faster, it all becomes a blur. A blur of faces, doctor masks, clowns, and acquaintances. Your ass is just the mount for a giant flag, and that is spins at the same speed as you, you can look up behind yourself and see that on it is a living picture of your horrified face.

Your try to clench your butt to push the flag out, but your muscles seem to have been numbed. You begin to cry as you bury your face into the bed, saving yourself the humiliation you are facing.

Still desperately clenching your sphincter, trying to push out the flag, it suddenly begins to move! But it's going the wrong direction! You feel a sharp pain as it penetrates your gut wall and starts making it's way toward your stomach.

A couple of clowns untie you from the bed while another lifts you upright, allowing your body to slowly slide down the pole, which is ripping up your insides.

CLUNK It's angled against some heavy large objects, then raised further into the air. The flag is raised up the pole, just below your dangling, pained legs. Your blood pours over the picture of your face.

The pole makes it's way through your stomach and into your chest, missing your heart and instead straightening out your back, forcing your tits to perk out proudly from your chest.

Finally the pole reaches your throat and begins to poke out of your mouth, as you're fully impaled. Left hanging there for a few minutes while your body goes limp, you realize this is it. This is how you die. The few clowns are still throwing pies at you, hitting both tits and pussy, giving you an improvised custard underwear.

Just as your vision fades to black you suddenly awaken in your college dorm room, thank god! It WAS just a nightmare! You remove the covers from your nude body, to go for a glass of water, as you notice a huge wet spot between your legs. You just stare at it for a few moments. After three years, you wet your bed again.


Hazel was a freshly crowned amazonian from her city state, and she had much to prove. She hadn't earned the right to wear armor yet, only sporting her tiara with her sword and shield she charged at the busty ninja. She could sense the inexperience of her foe, easily slashing twice and leaving the Nina's meat shields in two halves before making her way into the white tiled bathroom. She could smell the aroma of dried cum and piss, making her furrow her brow as she finally came face to face with the ninja.
Spitting out the cum in her mouth should've been the last thing on the ninja's mind as Hazel didn't waste any time, bashing her shield into the Ninja's massive fake breasts, the crashing causing them to implode upon themselves as silicon sprayed out of her nipples. Her screams turned to gargles as the cum in her mouth rattled around, only to stop abruptly as Hazel slashed horizontally and vertically, severing her head and cutting her body in two.

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