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Two girls spend a rainy day outside, squishing anything unpleasant they come across.

Rainy Day Fun

 "Ugh! I am SO bored!" Jenny complained, as she threw her hands up into the air in frustration. "I wasn't supposed to rain today at all!"

 "It is pretty messed up.." Angelica sighed, as she stared morosely out of her bedroom's large window into the back yard.

 The heavy and completely unexpected downpour outside was the reason for both girls' downcast and disappointed moods. They had hoped to spend the early summer's day out in the sun, having fun. Now they instead felt trapped inside by the rain.

 "Even the weather app on my phone says it's supposed to be clear right now." Jenny protested, as she bent over her cell phone and checked it for the fifth or sixth time in the past half hour. "How can it be so wrong?"

 "Well.. we could play a video game.." Angelica began, before she was suddenly interrupted by the lights flickering on and off rapidly.

 Then the lights, along with all the rest of the power in the house, went out entirely.

 "Pshhh.." Jenny huffed out, exasperated, as she glanced around at the suddenly darkened room. "You were saying?"

 "..Poop." Angelica said. "I guess not, then.. Wanna play a board game, then? Monopoly?"

 Jenny only eyed her friend narrowly at the suggestion.

 "Okay, no Monopoly.." Angelica continued. " about Risk?"

 "The two longest, most boring, worstest board games ever invented.." Jenny replied, while shaking her head. "Thanks, but no. I'll just watch water fall out of the sky, instead. It'll be less dull."

 "Jeez, sorry." Angelica said, rolling her eyes. "What do you want to do then?"

 "I dunno.."

 Both girls fell silent after that, and returned to only stared out glumly at the incessant, heavy rain falling outside.

 "Hey, let's go for a walk." Angelica said, suddenly.

 "What?" Jenny replied, surprised. "Angie.. It's POURING out there!"

 "So what?" Angelica retorted, standing up. "We've got rain slickers and boots. We won't get too wet, and it'll be something to do, at least. Unless you want to stay in here doing nothing all day, in the dark."

 "Well, when you put it that way.." Jenny said, with a resigned sigh as she too stood up. "I suppose it is better than just sitting here."

 "After all, we might run into something interesting out in the rain."


 A few minutes later, after both girls had donned their bright yellow rain slickers and boots, they met Angelica's brother just as they were about the leave the house.

 He looked rather distracted. Apprehensive, even, as he sat there on the floor of the dark, gloomy living room, staring down at the carpet, twisting his hands together in a worried fashion.

 "Where are you two going?" he asked, looking up in surprise from his apparent deep pondering of the carpet's threads, when they entered the room.

 "We're going out for a walk in the rain, Arnold." Angelica said, as she raised her slicker's hood up over her head, being careful make sure her long, silky curls were tucked securely beneath it.

 "Oh." Arnold. "Bit wet for that, isn't it?"

 "That's the entire point of walking in the rain, silly." Jenny said, as both she and her friend strode past the sitting boy.

 "If you say so.." Angelica's brother said, before suddenly perking up and calling out to them. "Hey, have you seen my penis?"

 "..What?" Angelica asked, her voice completely flat, as she looked back over her shoulder at her sitting brother.

 Jenny only gave out a surprised, scandalized giggle at the question.

 "My penis.. Have you seen it?" Arnold asked, his eyes turning hopeful as he looked up at both girls.

 "..Thankfully, no." Angelica replied, her tone growing rather frosty even as her eyes narrowed.

 "You're such a perv, Arnie!" Jenny stated, even as she continued giggling.

 "Wha.. what? No!" Arnold said, as he seemed to realize how his question had sounded to the two girls. "No, I only meant that I.. I misplaced it.. I'm just asking if you've seen it laying around somewhere."

 "You LOST your penis?!" Jenny asked, her eyes starting to twinkle in mirth as her giggles descended into outright laughter.

 "..Yeah." Arnold admitted, sounding rather embarrassed about the fact. "My balls, too. I can't find them anywhere.. I can still feel them, though.."

 "They're someplace wet, and cold.." he finished trailing off worriedly. "Would you tell me if you find them, please? Please?!"

 "..We're leaving." Angelica stated, after staring at her brother for a moment longer.

 The girl sniffed disdainfully before turning and walking out the front door with long, purposeful strides. She dragged her still laughing friend by the arm along with her.

 "Your brother is so WEIRD!" Jenny stated, even as she allowed herself to be pulled along out into the rain. "How.. how on earth did he LOSE his penis?! Aren't they attached to boys rather securely?"

 "I've no idea.." Angelica said, shaking her head in disgust. "I'm going to pretend that conversation never happened. I'd be very, very happy if you did the same, Jenny."

 "I'll try.." Jenny replied, as she quickly pulled up her own hood to shield herself from the steadily falling rain. "..but no promises!"

 As both girls began to stroll along the sidewalk, in their matching yellow waterproof outfits, Angelica only shook her head..

 "My stupid brother.." she muttered.


 The girls came across their first worm only a few minutes later.

 The large, water logged annelid had wriggled up out of the grassy soil that was along the inside of the concrete walkway, then squirmed its slow way onto the rough surface of the sidewalk, apparently desperate to escape the rain flooding down into its earthen burrow.

 "Ugh, gross.." both girls uttered in unison, as they came to a stop and looked down on it.

 They both had identical expressions of disgust upon their cute features, with their small, pert noses scrunched up in revulsion, as they gazed down on the fat, feebly writhing purplish-pink worm.

 "I hate worms. I can't stand the sight of them.." Angelica said, shuddering slightly inside her rain slicker even as she closed her eyes. "Please, flick it back into the grass, would you Jenny?"

 "Eww! I'm not touching it, no way!" Jenny replied, with a vehement shake of her head.

 "Then.. then just squish it, or something." Angelica pleaded, as she peeked at the wiggling worm again briefly, before squeezing her eyes tightly shut and turning her head away from it entirely. "Please! It's soo gross!"

 "Eughhuck.." Jenny said, cringing a bit at the thought, before finally nodding. "Oh, I guess.. Jeez.."

 The girl raised her small foot, which was encased and protected by her rubber rain boot, then stomped down on the worm firmly.

 "Oh, I felt it squish! Yuck yuck yuck!" Jenny protested, even as she began to grind her whole foot back and forth over the worm, across the rough pavement.

 "Ahh! Don't describe it!" Angelica said, clapping her hands over her ears. "I don't wanna know how it feels!"

 "I think.. I think that's done it.." Jenny said, after another moment or two of effort. "It's.. dead."

 "Is it gone, though..?" Angelica asked, even as she cracked open an eye to peek down.

 "Err.. mostly?" Jenny said with a small shrug, as she lifted her foot off of the remains of the worm.

 All that was left of the poor thing was a slimy glaze of ooze, which coated the concrete where it had been laying.

 "Gross.." both girls said, as they huddled over the splotch of ichor and peered curiously at it.

 "I'll bet you've got some on the bottom of you boot, too.." Angelica pointed out.

 "Oh, gross! I do!" Jenny said, her voice thick with disgust and shock, as she lifted her foot up to check. "If we come across another one, you're going to be the one to squish it, not me!"

 "Mmmgh.." Angelica groaned, wincing at the suggestion but not disagreeing. "Well, I suppose that's fair.."

 "Hopefully we won't run across another, though.." she mused, even as the pair turned away from the now very squished worm and resumed their walk. "I mean, how many worms could there be out here, really?"

 The answer came in the form of another waterlogged worm, less than ten feet away from where they'd come across the first, wriggling weakly on the sidewalk.



 To say that the girls had found an inordinately large number of worms during their walk would be an understatement. They came across another worm every few feet, and sometimes there were even two or three right next to each other.

 They took turns squishing them, of course. Their initial reluctance, which was especially heavy on Angelica's part, soon gave way to spirited, even eager competitiveness, as they tried to come up with increasingly silly and energetic ways to stomp the sad, wayward worms into gooey paste.

 So, they were in high spirits, their rainy day dourness (along with any thoughts of the strange conversation they'd had with Angelica's brother, Arnold) completely evaporated in the face of their impromptu worm stomping competition, as they approached Angelica's home once again. Their walk was nearing its conclusion.

 Which was when they came across yet another worm. Absolutely the largest one they'd seen so far, in fact, too.

 "Whoa! Look at that one!" Jenny exclaimed, as both girls stopped in their tracks, shocked, at the sight that greeted them.

 The worm in front of them was (while not particularly long) much fatter and far more wrinkly than any of their previous victims had been.

 "It's huge.." Angelica muttered, as both girls hurried over to their new find.

 They stared down at it, fascinated.

 "It looks kind of.. shriveled." Jenny muttered. "Do.. do you think it's already dead, maybe?"

 "I dunno.." Angelica replied, even as she poked curiously at the strange worm with the toe of her rubber boot. "Could be.. It isn't moving."

 Even as Angelica said this, though, the worm before them seemed to twitch at her touch and come to life.

 "Wow.. what's it doing..?" Jenny asked, as both girls bent down to get a closer look.

 The worm, which had started out as an ugly, shriveled little lump of flesh, laying half in and half out of a shallow pool of water in the center of the side walk, looking really rather forlorn and pathetic, was beginning to change. In only a few short moments, it transformed almost completely. The wrinkles smoothed out, the flesh changed from a dingy pale grey tone to a vibrant, fleshy pink laced generously with purple veins, and it even grew in length and girth.

 Grew by a factor of two or three at least, in fact!

 "How.. how peculiar.." Angelica said, once the worm's strange growth spurt was apparently complete.

 "Gosh.. It's so big now.." Jenny said, biting her lip and wriggling slightly in place, as an odd expression crossed her suddenly flushed face.

 "And.. dang, it's your turn, too!" she pouted, her expression finally resolving itself as jealousy. "I totally wanted to squish this one!"

 "Jeez.. I wouldn't worry about it too much.." Angelica said, even as she stood up straight once again. "I think that I'll probably need help with it, anyway.."

 "I have a feeling that this worm is going to take a lot of squishing.." she said, even as she leaned back slightly and brought her leg up, raising her rain boot clad foot high over the waiting, helpless worm.

 The creature only lay there, seemingly unable to do so much as squirm, apparently oblivious to its impending fate.

 Angelica stomped down, as hard as she could, on what she thought might be the giant worm's head. The swollen, bulbous, and almost helmet-like end of the worm squished flat against the sidewalk, beneath the ball of her foot. Then, for good measure, the girl ground her boot firmly against the rough concrete, trying her best to smash and crush the gross thing down into slimy paste.

 Just like she had with all the previous worms she'd encountered that day.

 Unfortunately, this new worm proved to be far more resilient than any the rest had been. Not only had it not been reduced to goo by Angelica's efforts, it actually seemed hardly fazed by her attack at all. Oh, there was some scuffing and raw, chafed skin around its head, and it looked like the taut flesh around it might be starting to bruise quite badly, even. But, other than that, it was nearly as intact as it had been before. The thick body of the worm was still quite pristine too, damaged not at all yet.

 "Wow, it's a tough one, alright.." Jenny mused, even as both she and Angelica bent for a closer look once more.

 "Yeah. That stomp would have made short work of any of the others.." Angelica agreed, sounding a little put out. "I guess I was right: this one IS going to take a lot of extra stomping to get it properly squished!"

 "Try again, then." Jenny prompted, as she stepped back to give her friend more space to work. "And really give it your all, this time!"

 Angelica didn't respond, she only took a deep breath, then jumped up into the air with all the strength she could.

 She landed, heels first, dead center on the worm, her full weight coming down on the pathetic creature's long, fat, and surprisingly firm tubular body.

 Unfortunately, the momentum of the girl's slight body was not just downward, but a little forward as well, and the thick worm rolled underneath her feet as she landed. She very nearly fell over backward when this happened, but managed to catch herself, if only barely.

 "Whaagh!" Angelica cried out, as she regained her balance. "D-dang, I almost went butt first into a puddle!"

 "Stupid worm!" she growled, frowning down at the now rather less pristine looking subject of her ire. "It's not bad enough that you're gross and slimy and icky, just like all the others.. Now you're also trying to get me wet! Now you've done it!"

 With that, the girl began stamping angrily and repeatedly on the unresisting, helpless creature, clearly intent on smashing it to pieces against the concrete.

 When her fury had finally spent itself, after nearly a minute of this treatment, the worm was much the worse for wear. While still recognizable, it was lumpy and distorted now. Its turgid length was bent and swelling oddly in the middle, as if something internal had ruptured, and it was covered from head to tail in one large, continuous, rapidly darkening purple and blue bruise.

 "Gah.. It's still not dead!" Angelica huffed out, clearly irritated by the giant worm's continued existence, even as she panted heavily in reaction to her strenuous efforts.

 "Jeez.. That's almost impressive.." Jenny said, as she peered down curiously at the beat up body of the big worm. "I never would have thought that any worm could be so tough to squish.."

 "Do you mind if I try?" she asked, with a glance over to her still out of breath friend.

 "Go ahead." Angelica said, waving one hand absently in agreement. "Just try not to fall over, like I almost did."

 "Clumsy.." Jenny retorted, grinning at her friend, even as she stepped forward to take her turn.

 Angelica only stuck her tongue out and blew a quick raspberry in response.

 Jenny looked down at the worm for a moment, as if considering how she should proceed. Instead of stomping on it, she apparently chose to place just the toe of her right boot carefully on the bruised, scuffed, and now even more swollen head of the creature. Then, moving slowly in order to keep herself steady, she leaned her weight forward onto her toes, and consequently onto the worm, until nearly her entire body was balanced directly upon the animal's soft, bruised head.

 And then, with much more grace than anyone would probably expect, she began to spin in place.

 "Ooh.. You look like a ballerina!" Angelica enthused, grinning.

 Indeed she did. Slowly, but quite surely, Jenny revolved around and around, using the toes of her left foot to propel her circular rotations. And, at Angelica's words, she gave out a grin of her own, and then arched her back and brought her arms up smoothly into graceful curves, as if imitating a ballet dancer.

 The toe of the girl's rain boot pressed down steadily into the flesh pinned beneath it, remorselessly grinding the soft, tender, and vulnerable meat further and further into the rough, weathered surface of the concrete sidewalk with each consecutive spin. The girl's weight wasn't much, but it was more than enough, with all of it balanced perfectly on just one small area of the creature, to finally overcome the large worm's unusual toughness. Once she was finished, several minutes and nearly a hundred spins later, the worm lay defeated beneath her rain boot.

 The limp animal was now, in fact, nearly headless. Only a scrum of pink and red slime coating the concrete (not to mention the bottom of Jenny's boot), along with a few bare scraps and shreds of skin, were all that remained of the rounded, bulbous head of the large worm.

 "Wow, that worked really well!" Angelica said eagerly, once her friend had stepped back so they both could admire her handy(or footy)work. "I totally want to try that out, too!"

 "Go for it, then." Jenny replied. "There's plenty of this big, nasty worm left to squish, after all!"

 So, like before, each girl took it in turns to crush sections of the helpless and hapless animal. They'd each stand and spin on the ragged, rough, and red leaking end of the ever shortening worm, slowly grinding inch after inch of the sad creature into reddish mush beneath their booted toes.

 Once they'd figured out the trick, it didn't take them long to crush the whole thing almost entirely out of existence.

 "That was.. strangely satisfying, for some reason." Jenny mused, as she and Angelica gazed down on what had apparently been just an unusually large worm, and nothing more, only a short time before.

 All that was left of the odd, enormous worm after they'd finished with it was a thin, messy coating of slime smeared across the concrete (just like all the others the two girls had previously squished), along with a few errant scraps of spongy, mangled flesh. Granted, the puddle of disgusting goo their most recent had victim wound up as was significantly larger than any of the others the previous worms had created, but that didn't matter much. Even as they watched, the rain, which had been pouring down steadily the entire day, was already beginning to rinse away the last sad remnants of the now thoroughly destroyed worm.

 By the time the rain stopped, there probably wouldn't be any residue of it left on the concrete at all. It would be as if the big worm had never existed in the first place.

 "Yeah, I know what you mean." Angelica agreed. "I'm definitely glad that worm, whatever kind it was, is gone. Imagine if it bred and made more like it! Euuck!"

 The girls, proud of the accomplishment in worm smashing, then turned away and made to continue on with their walk.


 They were brought to a halt, however, only a few steps further down the sidewalk.

 "What.. what is that?!" Angelica asked, her eyes widening in surprise.

 The "that" in question was a lump, almost a ball really, of dull, wrinkly flesh. It looked almost colorless in the drab lighting of the overcast, rainy day.

 "I.. I dunno.." Jenny replied, as she squatted low and sat on her heels to examine the thing more closely, her knees held primly together. "It's not another worm, that's for sure.."

 Both girls looked at the odd bit of flesh curiously for a moment, then Angelica reached out with her toe and prodded the thing.

 "Huh.. it's soft.." she reported, as she poked and rolled whatever it was around on the wet concrete. "I think.. I think it has something inside it.. maybe two somethings.."

 "What do they feel like?" Jenny asked, her tone caught somewhere between fascination and disgust, as she squinted suspiciously down at the ugly little thing.

 "Round-ish..? Definitely rounded.. and a bit squishy.." Angelica said, as she peered down intently in the direction of the fleshy object she was testing beneath the weight of her foot. "It's hard to tell for sure, though, through the sole of my boot.."

 "Maybe they're.. eggs..?" she speculated, before pulling her foot back.

 "Ohh, eggs. I guess that makes sense." Jenny said, as she stood up. "It's an egg sack of some kind, then?"

 "Maybe.." Angelica replied, her tone thoughtful. "..maybe they're from that big, weird worm we just squished.."

 "Eww. Gross." Jenny stated, shuddering. "Worm eggs, ick!"

 "Think we should squish them? Before they have a chance to hatch?" Angelica asked. "I'd rather not see any more big, nasty worms like that last one, that's for sure!"

 "Definitely." Jenny said, with a firm nod. "There's two in the sack, right?"


 "Perfect, then." Jenny said. "One for you, one for me. Want to go first?"

 "..Yeah, okay." Angelica agreed, nodding. "They didn't feel as tough as the worm was, but I'm going to squish mine the same way, anyway."

 "Sounds like a good idea." Jenny commented, with a nod of her own.

 With that, Angelica stepped forward and placed her toe over the ugly little ball of flesh. She rolled it back and forth beneath her boot for a moment, in order to isolate just a single one of the soft orbs they suspected were worm eggs inside its thin skinned sack, then slowly began to press the weight of her body down onto the lone orb.

 The little ball offered very little resistance, and Angelica could feel it deforming easily as she leaned more and more of her body forward onto it. Finally, once she had nearly her whole weight upon it, she felt it burst. There was a quick popping sensation and accompanying sound, which was audible even over the noise of the rain, and the remaining structural integrity of the rounded orb seemed to give way completely. Angelica could feel, even though the thick rubber sole of her boot, the soft squelch of the fleshy ball collapsing underneath her toes.

 "Well, that was easy.." she observed, as she rocked her foot from side to side, feeling the curious sensations of the crushed, pulpy flesh of the ball squishing back and forth beneath her boot. "..but may as well be thorough. That worm was so ugly that I really don't want to take any chances of any more like it popping up!"

 Angelica then rose up onto her toe, causing the crushed remains of the orb to flatten completely beneath her boot, and spun herself around several times atop it. She could feel, as she ground the smashed egg-thing against the rough concrete, the pulped bits of its flesh be reduced to gooey paste within the sack that had been unable and insufficient protection for it.

 "Okay, done." Angelica declared, as she raised her foot up and stepped back casually. "You're up, Jenny!"

 "..'Kay, here I go!" Jenny replied cheerfully, as she moved forward to take her friend's place.

 The second orb proved to be no more resilient than the first. After only a moment's worth of curious toe prodding, to compare the consistency of the now goo-ified ball Angelica had destroyed to its remaining whole twin, Jenny stamped down on the second one with a quick and precise motion. The last worm egg (or whatever it was) was crushed flat beneath her small, booted foot.

 Her stomp, which had been a much more energetic movement than Angelica's slow press, had the side effect of bursting open the wrinkly little sack completely. Red goop and little meaty chunks gushed and oozed out of the torn skin of the thing, puddling on the wet sidewalk.

 "Gross.." Angelica observed, giggling slightly, as she watched her friend stand up on her toe and twist back and forth upon whatever was left inside of the now deflated sack.

 "Yep, super gross. But, I think that takes care of that." Jenny said, her tone satisfied, as she stepped off the now flattened and nearly empty sack of flesh.

 As Angelica looked on, Jenny, with an absent flick of her foot, used the toe of her boot to kick the sad little flap of ruined, hollow skin off the sidewalk and into the grass.

 Now all that was left of the thing was a slowly spreading scrum of slimy red goop, the squished remains of the odd balls that had been inside of it, which stained the concrete beneath it pink as the lessening rain began diluting the messy goo and washing it away.

 Satisfied with their work, both girls turned from the spot, and proceeded to carry on with their walk. They only had to go anther few dozen feet before they reached Angelica's driveway once more, however. They had circled several blocks of houses in the course of their worm stomping adventure, and had returned to the girl's house in the opposite direction of the one they had set out in.

 They paused by a particularly deep puddle, so they could swish their soles of their boots around in the water, to rinse off the assorted slime and ooze that had accumulated as they'd stomped their way through their little rainy day worm squishing adventure.

 "You know, it's kind of funny.." Angelica mused to herself, as they began walking up her driveway, with now squeaky clean boots.

 "What's funny?" Jenny asked, as she pulled her hood back and looked up into the sky.

 The rain was tapering off, and brilliant shafts of golden sunlight could be seen starting to poke through the receding clouds. It was rather beautiful.

 "What are the odds, huh? We walk around for nearly an hour, only seeing normal worms, and then we find that big, strange one, along with its egg sack, just right outside my house.." Angelica said, as she glanced back to where they had just squished both, only a little outside the low fence around her front yard.

 "Maybe it's an invasive species, or something.." Jenny replied, as both girls took off their rain slickers, shook the water off them, then stepped through the front door of the house.

 "Gosh, I hope not." Angelica said, with a small shudder. "I never want to see something so ugly ever again!"

 "Me, either." Jenny agreed, nodding firmly.

 "Hey, where's your brother?" she asked, as she paused just inside the front door to take off her rain boots. "I figured he'd still be sitting around in here on the floor, in the dark, moping about his lost penis.."

 "Gosh, I'd forgotten all about that.." Angelica said, before she frowned playfully at her friend. "It was rather nice, actually, but now you've gone and ruined it by reminding me of his weirdness."

 "Sorry.." Jenny replied, giggling.

 "Oh, there he is.." she said a moment later, as she strode into the living room in just her socks. "He's laying down in front of the couch, for some reason.."

 Indeed, the boy was nearly face down on the carpet before the couch, shivering and twitching slightly, curled around himself, hands clasped tightly against his crotch. His face was a mess, as if he had been crying only recently, and he seemed to be barely conscious of his surroundings at all, if the way he ignored the repeated callings of his name by both girls was anything to go by.

 "What do you think is wrong with him, anyway?" Jenny asked, right before the power flickered back on, causing her to smile in pleased relief as the interior of the house brightened up cheerfully once more.

 "Oh, who cares.." Angelica said, with a dismissive toss of her head, even as she too grinned at the return of the electrical power. "Hey, wanna watch some TV?"


 So, both girls sat down on the couch, Angelica grabbing the remote control and using it to flick the large flat-screen dominating the far wall to life.

 They then relaxed and put their feet up. On Arnold of course, since the boy was laying down right in front of them. It seemed the thing to do, and he either didn't mind it, or was simply unable to prevent it, thanks to his odd, seemingly half-conscious state of being.

 They were easily able to ignore the low, almost inaudible whimpers and moans that seemed to issue from the prone, trembling Arnold in a nearly constant stream, by the simple expedient of slightly turning up the volume of the television.

 "This is nice.." Jenny commented, as she crossed one leg over the other and leaned back into the couch, stretching herself out happily. "I like your brother like this: quiet and useful, ha ha!"

 "Yeah. Under our feet is a good place for him." Angelica agreed, grinning, as she leaned back into the soft, comfortable couch too, her small toes wriggling in pleasure inside of her socks. "It feels familiar somehow, too. Almost like that's where he's always belonged."

 It seemed that their day hadn't been spoiled by the rain after all.

END Rainy Day Fun

Author's Note:

 This story starts out with a very similar premise to Pool Party(a boy losing track of his somehow detached cock), but goes off in a slightly different direction. The total loss of control over one's most important and sensitive body parts is something that appeals greatly to me, especially when whoever eventually finds them isn't nearly as invested in keeping them healthy and whole as the original owner might be! Keep track of those silly little penises, boys, because you never know what might happen to them if they get lost!

 Rainy Day Fun, along with another story called Power Snack(which I hope to post very soon: it's very nearly done), were meant to be a part of CBT Shorts 4, but they both grew long enough that they weren't really shorts, anymore. So, I decided to post them individually instead. It's been a battle to retain enough focus to finish any of my stories lately, which is why I've been working on mostly just shorter things, but I think the effort was worth it in this case. I hope you enjoy it.



Haven't read it yet, but got excited as soon as I saw your name.



Classic Pavlovian conditioned response. Soon you'll be drooling in response to the sound of bells..

And so, my master plans continue to proceed toward fruition. World domination via mind controlling silly castration stories! Bwa ha ha!


Ha! Interesting story.

I'll admit that the 'magical separation' angle isn't a big one for me, but this sort of thing ties into what I did with The Wall - leaving people separated from their incredibly-vulnerable bits.

A similar setup for cocks & balls, or simply the 'Double-Decker Wall' I had drawn up and then posted to my blog a while back, would likely cover all bases and allow for all sorts of destructive mayhem.

Thoughts on that?

Also, I'm curious about your upcoming 'Power Snack' story...



Nice, can't wait for Power Snack




i have to admit i look out for your name when choosing stories htabdoolb. How about one wher the bits are consumed immediately after sex?

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